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Brady Says Goodbye (Hour 2)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb
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February 1, 2023 8:09 pm

Brady Says Goodbye (Hour 2)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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February 1, 2023 8:09 pm

News Brief l Tony Romo, NFL on CBS broadcaster l Will the Ravens & Lamar Jackson agree to a deal this offseason?


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Learn more at today. Yo, yo, our number two of already a program. That's right, it is Zach O coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio. Coming up 20 minutes from now, Tony Romo will join us. Just a quick note on that conversation with Tony Romo. We had to record it yesterday. There was something silly with the brand that he was promoting, where it was under embargo, which I never get when people do this as part of campaigns.

Like interview the guy on Tuesday, but you can't play it until Wednesday because our campaign starts then. So it was after the interview that we did, we already had the Sean Payton news, we already had the D'Amico Ryan's news, but clearly we did not have the Tom Brady news. So in that 10-minute conversation with Tony Romo, most of it is about D'Amico Ryan's. It's about Sean Payton. It's about the Dallas Cowboys. So we still want to play that for you. But if you hear the interview, you go, Zach, on the day that Tom Brady retires, how did you not ask Tony Romo about the retirement of the greatest quarterback ever? It's not because we didn't want to ask him that.

We didn't know what was coming. So I never get why these PR people, they do these tours a day before you're allowed to even air it, but I'm just being fully transparent with everyone on that front. Alrighty, let's update you on the biggest stories of the world of sports with some audio. We call this segment The News Brief. Time for your Daily News Brief. We get you caught up on the rumors, reports, and reconnaissance from the day in sports.

Talking about that Tommy Brady, let's hear from Tom Brady's Twitter account from the GOAT himself. TB12 officially announces his retirement. Good morning, guys.

I'll get to the point right away. I'm retiring for good. I know the process was a pretty big deal last time, so when I woke up this morning, I figured I'd just press record and let you guys know first, so I won't be long-winded. You only get one super emotional retirement essay, and I used mine up last year, so I really thank you guys so much to every single one of you for supporting me. My family, my friends, teammates, my competitors. I could go on forever.

There's too many. Thank you guys for allowing me to live my absolute dream. I wouldn't change a thing.

Love you all. You watch that video, and it's one thing to hear it, but when you watch it, you see the look on his face that I have to do this, but I don't want to do this. I just know that the time is right, and this is a guy that never, I don't think, like actually thought about retirement until the last two years or so, like three years or so max, because he kept on setting this goal of play to 45, play to 45, play to 45, and then he does play to 45, and I do think some of this is a tad surprising because we believed that he is going to come back, right? We believed it up until today that he was gonna be playing next year. The question was just where, and when you hear the emotion and how he's barely able to basically speak, and it's only 50 seconds, and he's about to just burst out into tears, and you hear him getting choked up, that is for me, seeing that tells me that this is like 99.9% it for Tom Brady, because last year you could see why, or this was my theory even before the divorce, that Gisele didn't want him to play, and he just did that to buy himself some more time, and then he was gonna figure out where to go, like right now, from what we know, and who knows what's happening behind the scenes, but their divorce, Gisele is not in the picture, so he could have easily played if he wanted to, but for whatever the reasons were, something was telling him that it was time to walk away.

So you get that announcement today, and Hickey, you hear that emotion, and you see him barely be able to speak to the 50 seconds, like I just don't see what would the benefit be this time around after going through it last year and coming back, when you go to a video which is a lot more powerful, and I'm not thinking those tears were fake, like sounded pretty real to me, they sounded pretty genuine to me, I don't think this is something where like it was last year in a month, just kidding, gotcha, I'm coming on back. I know obviously last year would basically contradict what I'm about to say, but he's not someone who's wishy-washy. Tom Brady's very decisive what he wants to do, whether it's playing, whether it's not playing, whether it's where he wants to play when he's leaving New England, there's already signs he's leaving, there wasn't like I'll just stay, do I go, there wasn't many leaks of he's gonna stay, oh he's gonna go, where is he gonna go, it's just he's leaving, boom it's Tampa Bay.

So I know last year again, I think there's a lot of extenuating circumstances as to why. There weren't leaks though last year, if you recall before that, the playoff game, people were talking about how this could be his final game or his final postseason run, and there were some reports there, and then Schefter, who if you have the story you got to go with it, I don't blame Schefter for putting the story out there, but I think Brady was annoyed, not that that was the reason why he came back, but that it got leaked out, that someone in his inner circle leaked it out, and right there could be two reasons, but like there's there's three reasons, I don't know how realistic or not they are, that he came back last year. One, he felt like he had to retire and walk away to get Bruce Arians out, and then eventually the Bucks, whether you want to think that there was friction or not between them, Bruce Arians elects to retire, and maybe there was a little bit more to that behind the scenes. Two, maybe it was just to appease Giselle in the interim and then figure out where you were to go from there. Or three, he just really damn missed it, and he thought to himself, I just had 45 touchdown passes or or whatever it was, the most touchdowns of the league, and the most passing yards of the league that year, why would I walk away?

Like I don't suck right now, so I got to come back. Like those are the three things to me that it could have been why he did it last year. And I would say the least likely is the fact of him just saying, I want to retire, and then waking up saying, actually I really want to play. Remember like, I don't remember the exact timeline, but he retires, and like it was definitely less than a week. He's already talking and opening the door of a possible return, so it wasn't even like he retired, then it was like already doing it, and by the time he returned, it was almost like an open secret of just like, okay yeah, like not a shock whatsoever. So I just think he's someone who does is decisive, and last year I would say just kind of a one-off where he retired, and I would say he didn't have the intention of action never playing again. Like I said, it's one of those behind-the-scenes things to appease Giselle, get Bruce Arians out, try to go the Dolphins.

I think this is real. Oh yeah, the Dolphins part of it too, because that's been well documented. Right, him and Sean Payton. We'll throw that fourth thing in there too. There was, yeah. So this time around though, I also think it was to make it even more believable, like he brings up last year, and I thought that was actually a good move in the video to bring up last year, and not that it may have come off this way as like poking fun at last year, but like that's the way that I at least interpreted like, guys, I know it's like the little boy who cried wolf, but this is actually, this time it is for real. Last year's a statement, this year's a video, I think it also has something to do with it as well.

There's a lot of different things you could point to saying this is real. Also, could you imagine, and I don't think that video was taped today, I know it made it seem that way, but some things came out that, some reporters said that it was taped like a few days ago or something, so his circle actually kept their mouth shut this time around, but could you imagine if you were on that beach walking by and it's like, oh my god, there's Tom Brady. Oh, Tom's really going through it right now, he's crying. It's like, what was it, the liquor store employee who broke the Patrick Mahomes contract extension news because Brad Veach is there buying champagne and goes, oh, is this for a big celebration? That'd be, I can't imagine just Joe Blow walking on the beach like his family or his dog and there's Tom Brady and you like hear him like, this is it, oh my god, Tom, this is the retirement video. Or, because this happens a lot of times, right, with fans, they get excited when they see someone of the stature of Tom Brady, Tom's doing this video, Tom, sorry to interrupt you, but can I get a quick selfie? Oh my god, it's Tom Brady, Tom, Tom.

It was really depressing, that video. He was very emotional on that beach, it was, it was like he went to the beach to just get with his thoughts there and say, okay, this is where it's gonna happen. Weirdly though, that feels like satisfactory for me as just a general NFL fan, because it just feels like it's heartfelt, whereas last year you put your statement out, it's just like, you just felt like he's gone, like, okay, I guess he's gone. I thought you meant when you first said that since you're like a Colts fan, I hate this guy so much, I'm glad he had to go through some pain to finally retire.

But it's like, it's nice to see that this is a decision where it's like, okay, this actually feels like he put some thought in, it's real, rather than again, it was leaked out, so he didn't get to do on his own a quarter, timing-wise, and like, then you put out a statement of, hey guys, I'm done. And also, if you remember last year, that letter was more of, and I didn't get all caught up in like, oh, he didn't thank the Patriots and all that nonsense from last year, but that's, and I even made fun of people that were saying that last year, but that seemed like last year, now looking back, it's more of a goodbye to the Bucks, and they were like, hints, okay, I'm gonna come back, but probably go somewhere else, and then a lot of things fell through, or what he thought was gonna happen just didn't come to fruition, and he went back to Tampa Bay. Let's go to John Lynch. John Lynch shows his appreciation for what Tom Brady meant to the game of football. Respect, appreciation to one of the greatest players to ever play this game, and you know, I'm always humbled by the fact that, you know, we work for an organization that, I think, touts some guys who fit into that category with Ronnie and Steve, or Ronnie, Steve, Joe, Jerry, obviously, you know, that are in that conversation as well, but that's that's rarefied air, and you know, I got to compete against them as a player, I got to broadcast games as a broadcaster, and now to see that he's still going, it just blows my mind what he's done.

It's unparalleled, and I think he's one of the greats ever to do it, so respect and appreciation and admiration for an unbelievable career. And we know John Lynch was doing a killer job with Fox before getting the 49ers job as their general manager. Brady now has this deal, and he's supposed to be in the number one team the moment he retires. I don't think Brady will be a part of the Super Bowl coverage, but maybe that's gonna change.

Greg Olsen, though, has done a phenomenal job. Where did you really need to pay Brady all that money when you had Greg Olsen, and you promoted from the two team to the one team, and he's done a superb job with Kevin Burkhardt. So maybe they don't put Brady in the booth right away, or they just say this is the decision we made. Greg, you're back on the two team, you'll still be calling Gaines, we'll put Brady in the one team, or here's something I think could actually happen, and this is not with any information or sourcing, this is just maybe a gut feel. Maybe they wait to put Brady in the booth a little bit, and they just put him as part of the studio show.

Because you think about it, not that studio show has lost its luster at all on Fox, like it's still one of the best studio shows there is, those guys have been around for a long time doing it. With Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long, and I know they put Gronk in there recently, like maybe you go in a newer era where you move Terry Bradshaw into a different role. Like Sean Payton isn't coming back, and maybe you do something with Gronk, Strahan, Brady, you keep Glazer as your insider.

Menifee continues to be your studio host, and like you add one more name in there. Like maybe Brady goes to the studio show before going to the booth there, Hickey. Potentially, because I think it's a good suggestion, because especially with Fox having the Super Bowl, if Greg Olsen kills it, and so far he's done a great job.

He's been wonderful. Not that there's gonna be an uproar Greg Olsen's getting demoted, but it just makes it like, people appreciate good broadcasting, and I think it just makes it tougher to either demote Greg Olsen or maybe do a three man booth. Not that that would be a good idea, but. To be fair, I would not go the three man booth route. I just think, I hate when people do that, when they put so many people.

It's tough. A play-by-play guy, and a color commentator, I don't need more than that. Especially when you get later into the year they have a rules analyst, and they have a kicking analyst. Two sideline reporters you got to go down to.

It's like an eight man crew now, all of a sudden. It gets insufferable, but what I will say is, and I think Greg Olsen is phenomenal, but a lot of people, and I know Tony Romo, we prerecorded this interview, he's gonna join us coming up in a few moments. We'll play that for you, but people love Romo a few years ago, and now like people are like 50-50 on Romo. So is that just the nature of the business? Is that maybe, I don't want to say, it sounds so weird to say broadcasting skills declining, but I do wonder like does the luster maybe wear off a little bit on Greg Olsen a few years from now?

Or I think we've also realized that people don't care about names anymore. Drew Brees, look big name right? One and done, and not a lot of people liked him as a broadcaster in the studio. When he did the one playoff game, he was terrible. A lot, everyone let you know he was terrible. I actually like Brees in the studio.

You are then? Well that's different than the booth when he did the game. Right, and he was not very good in people again, so it's not like it's oh my god it's Drew Brees so I gotta like him no matter what. Tom Brady could be great at, we have no idea. He also could not be great at it, and if he's not great at it, it's not gonna be like oh it's still okay it's Tom Brady.

People will be like oh he's not good, get him out. I will say I feel like the last few years you've seen Brady not become totally unfiltered, but you've seen like a different side of Brady. If he brings that to a broadcasting booth, I do think he'll be good. I would agree if he's honest and not too nice because he still knows everyone, I think he would be good, you're right. But if it if it's Brady like LeBron, like LeBron these days, all he does is he compliments everyone in the NBA, and it's different when you're a player, but if that's Brady as a broadcaster which is complimentary and him not being critical, then it's not really worth it.

Part of the analyst's role is to be critical. So tell what's on your mind. There's also business relationships, bringing in a Brady, right, extra sponsorship opportunities, things like that behind the scenes, so I don't think they're just bringing him in just to broadcast the games, there's gonna be some other responsibilities with it as well. Let's hear Robert Kraft, he says Tom Brady's the greatest player in NFL history via Tommy's announcement today, it just made me pause and think how lucky we were and are at the New England Patriots to be part of something that's been in existence for over 100 years, and whether it's 50,000 or 100,000 players who have played the game, we have had the number one player in the history of the game. Robert Kraft on his first interaction with Tom Brady. The great memories that I have at this moment with Tommy, I was thinking on the field and off the field, well there are six great ones on the field, when he met me and told me he was the best decision this organization has ever made, I really felt he was right.

That's such a boss move by the way. You're the 199 pick overall, you're walking into an NFL franchise, there's an owner there, Robert Kraft, you walk up to him, I'm the best decision this organization's ever made, and usually whenever someone says that it doesn't actually happen. For Brady saying that to Kraft, it ended up being something that was extremely truthful and then some compared to a lie. Alright, let's go back to San Francisco. Kyle Shanahan was asked about Jimmy G if he'll be back on the team next season.

No, I don't see any scenario of that. I think that is so funny. Now it's accurate, but remember this was the guy two years ago, like I don't know who's playing quarterback, we could all drop dead tomorrow. How he just quickly throws that out there, yeah it's time to move on from Jimmy G, you got Brock Purdy in the roster, you got Trey Lance, now Brady's retiring, so that's out of the picture. One of your starting quarterbacks next year, it's either going to be Purdy or Lance unless this team goes out there and trades for Aaron Rodgers. Sounds like someone who learned from the draft in 2020 where the more ambiguous you leave it, the more questions, more headaches you get.

He realized and learned, so you know I'm just gonna be as direct as possible. No Jimmy G, so that's the last question he'll get. My follow-up would be like, but coach could we still all drop dead tomorrow? Jason and Travis Kelce on their podcast, the new heights podcast, discuss the Kelsey Bowl and how they're a little bit sick already of the Kelsey Bowl discussion. I don't know if you guys know this, but there's two brothers playing in the Super Bowl and it's Jason and Travis Kelce.

If the world hasn't force-fed you this already. Yeah, if you're not tired of it yet, which we are. We're gonna talk about the Kelsey Bowl now. I kind of don't like that we're calling it the Kelsey Bowl. A lot of guys involved in this, a lot of teammates. We're gonna get asked about this question non-stop from here till the end of the game and I'm already over it. I guess you have to say that, but when the emotions, I think they overtake both of them a little bit at the start of that game. Because you can downplay it and I get why you want to downplay because you don't want to be an distraction especially when you're a leader of the team, but this is a major storyline and you're gonna feel real human emotions here, Ry. When these two guys go up against one another with Kelsey on the Chiefs, Travis Kelsey and then Jason Kelsey on the Philadelphia Eagles.

I think the Kelsey brothers and you could both be right. Like I think you could be sick of talking about it now because it's the game still far away. It's still a week and a half so you're like you're still like not in the game mode. But then when the national anthem plays and you're looking across the field and you see your brother and it's like wow. We're both all pros. We've both been to countless Pro Bowls. We both won Super Bowls. Like we grew up in the backyard playing football dreaming of winning a Super Bowl. Like maybe together now we're going up against one another.

Like that has to play a human role in this. And I think that's when it's like I said really gonna hit like wow this is cool. You'd appreciate it in the moment when you're warming up on the field and you look across the sideline you see your brother there. That's cool. But right now I get why they're kind of sick of talking about it already and we're still what eight, nine, ten days out.

I think ten days out. I get it. It's gonna be awkward by the way after the game.

Very. Because you're that you want to be there for your brother but then also being there for your brother you're celebrating winning a Super Bowl. What would you do? Like if you were the losing brother. Would you go congratulate him or would you kind of run off the field? I have no problem if you run off the field. But I think it's up to the winning brother to go run over to losing brother.

Give him a hug. They walk away and then you start your your crazy celebration. Okay I was gonna say who has to seek out who? The winning the winner has to seek out.

I probably agree with that. Yeah and then the parents one has to go with one one has to go with the other. You have to go like.

No I'm being. For the loser but. No for the loser. Loser's gonna go locker room.

Like obviously the parents are gonna go right into locker room. I was being a little facetious. Not being serious. I don't know.

I don't know. He got down to Kelsey holding Travis Kelsey's hand walking off the field after he lost. Does the loser go to the winner's party? No no no no.

So let's just say for the Eagles win. Does Travis Kelsey, his mom go hang out with his brother? Well no I think both parents. I think you got to split your time up.

You know? You gotta split your time up kind of evenly. And that's what I think will will happen. But I think if you're the winning brother you just go you hug your brother.

Say you love you blah blah blah. And then at like Thanksgiving in future years. Hey remember that time at beach in the Super Bowl? Ask the horror boss how they handled it. You know if you lose yeah you go ask Jim.

If you win you go ask Jon. Alright we'll take a break. We'll come on back.

We have Tony Romo next. Just to remind you we had to pre-record this interview yesterday. It has all the Sean Payton stuff. It has all the D'Amico Ryan stuff. Because of some embargo we couldn't play it until today. So it does not have anything about Tom Brady because we didn't know TB12 was gonna walk away this morning from the NFL. Coming on back Zach Hilbstrom CBS Sports Radio. The biggest game of the year the Super Bowl is on Odyssey. And Westwood One brings it to you.

Streaming live for free Sunday February 12th on the Odyssey app. The Eagles have been the NFC's best team. Touchdown Travis Kelce. It's the Eagles versus the Chiefs. The Kansas City Chiefs.

The Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl again. Catch all the action from Westwood One. Your Super Bowl your Odyssey. Get in the game and download the free Odyssey app today. The biggest game of the year the Super Bowl is on Odyssey. And Westwood One brings it to you.

Streaming live for free Sunday February 12th on the Odyssey app. The Eagles have been the NFC's best team. Touchdown Travis Kelce. It's the Eagles versus the Chiefs. The Kansas City Chiefs.

The Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl again. Catch all the action from Westwood One. Your Super Bowl your Odyssey. Get in the game and download the free Odyssey app today. The biggest game of the year the Super Bowl is on Odyssey. And Westwood One brings it to you.

Streaming live for free Sunday February 12th on the Odyssey app. The Eagles have been the NFC's best team. Touchdown Travis Kelce. It's the Eagles versus the Chiefs. The Kansas City Chiefs.

The Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl again. Catch all the action from Westwood One. Your Super Bowl your Odyssey.

Get in the game and download the free Odyssey app today. On holiday there's nothing like doing nothing. As an Expedia member you can save up to 30 percent when you add a hotel to your flight. So you can go out there with great ambition to do absolutely nothing for less. Expedia.

Made to travel. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. It is the Zach Gelb show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio. Now joining us from CBS Sports is the former quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. You can catch him in football season calling games with Jim Nantz fresh off the AFC title game.

That is Tony Romo on behalf of Michelob Ultra. Tony how you been? I've been good Zach. How you been?

Well I've been fantastic and I appreciate you coming on. So very busy day in the football world. We find out Sean Payton is going to be the next head football coach of the Broncos. Your first reaction Tony?

I wouldn't say I was shocked but it was it was definitely not what I expected to hear today. But I think that's a home run hire for Denver. I really feel like he was the top candidate out there. I mean just through all the years of you know his success basically that's number one.

But I also was with him. He coached me when I first got in the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys. He was on the offensive staff there with Bill Parcells and he's gonna be demanding.

He's gonna have accountability. He's gonna do great with scheme and I just feel like they're really gonna make this conference but really this division a monster. We all talked about it going into this year but you saw when you have to go against the Chiefs and you have to go I mean this is probably as well coached and as well from a skilled position talented division I've seen in a while and it just improved and everyone expected Denver to be good this year. And that didn't play out but you're also going against the Chiefs who are in the AFC champs game every year basically seems like the last five and then you have you know another generational quarterback I believe in Herbert and then the Raiders went and hired what I thought was one of the best coaches I've been around in any of the meetings and Josh McDaniels and now you're throwing Sean Payton in here you know with a great defense last year it's like oh my goodness this is gonna be a battle and you're gonna have a great team in that division go eight and nine. With all that being said you just wonder even with Sean's brilliant coaching career how fixable is Russ how confident are you that Russell has some good football left in him? I'm very confident I mean the biggest thing is this you know Sean's gifts one of them and all great coaches I feel like do this it's your ability to adapt and to understand the player and put him in the best position possible I think Sean's done that well for a long time you got to remember New Orleans wasn't New Orleans and we got to give Brees a ton of credit right well somebody evaluated Drew Brees and brought him in I think Sean Payton was right at the top of that list because they came in I believe in oh six together first year they go to the NFC Championship if memory serves me correct yeah and you sit there and you look at it and nobody would have predicted that I mean that's not with the Saints they were a nice solid team a little bit here in there but he's gonna come in and make the game simple he's gonna make it easier for Russ on the way he thinks he's also gonna come in and fit this offense to him and so now Russ is gonna have to you know do things correctly and blah blah blah cuz Sean's gonna hold everyone accountable he's gonna walk in there day one he's like everyone's starting over from scratch we're evaluating everyone from coaches you know two players everybody from trainers equipment room guys and he's gonna go in there and find out who's willing to put the time and who's willing to commit and who's gonna actually run this stuff but he's not gonna try and beat his offense from New Orleans and go bring that there he's gonna take parts of it he's gonna see what Russ does well and then that he's gonna go ahead and more for some other things from Seattle plus what he did last year and look at the trends in the league this year and I think you'll find that he'll turn that around pretty quickly Tony Romo here with thoughts you also had D'Amico Ryan's landing in Houston with the Texans the former Texans linebacker this is the first time in three years Tony you look at a hire the Texans make and you go okay I could see the coach lasting more than a year or a few years in Houston yeah you're a little harsher than I am I feel like so like lovey Smith was a great coach okay he was there last year correct and so love he's there and Houston that doesn't mean he can't cover it's just certain guys have certain abilities and we're always looking at I mean everyone wants the young scheme Sean McVay that's the number one thing but there's also guys who have an encyclopedia of a long time like a Sean Payton and then you're like well what do we want we want these are two very different ones first year guy and then the history of Sean you go get D'Amico you're taking what he did on tape from San Francisco and you're saying we're gonna get that now we'll see what talent level but I believe certain systems and certain guys have a system that can carry regardless of personnel you may not be quite as down it but I think what I saw with D'Amico Ryan's was a system that is very hard to deal with they're gonna get in a wide nine and they're gonna box everything in and they're gonna let these guys tee off on their front four and they're gonna have vision on the quarterback and then he also changes it up more than other guys I've seen in the past with this system and I think that's his secret and you know being a head coach there's more to it than just that but I always feel like that the number one thing is I'm getting a guy who's giving us an advantage before he shows up then from there it's culture you know how do you get these guys to play hard every week how do you get these guys to commit how do you get them to practice every how do you get them to be tough how do you get them to you know believe in themselves and million other things get stronger what's the technique you know you have for you know many things then how do you have synergy with the front office to draft guys for my system how do you communicate with them so I think D'Amico handles all that stuff I think it's a great hire like you said two more with Tony Romo's here with us on behalf of Michelob ultra I got to ask you about the Cowboys they made seven changes in the coaching staff previous coaches not coming back one being Kellen Moore has already landed with the Chargers when you make seven staff changes some people wonder well should the head coach have been changed what are your thoughts on that with McCarthy no you're not changing head coach I mean look what he did the last two years I know everyone always feels like you know NFC championship or bust right and I mean the fact their staff changes means there's a part of that there in the fact that you know you're changing after I thought Dallas was the only other team when we had championship weekend in the Final Four I thought Dallas you know and Buffalo so there's six teams I thought could win a championship this year and it was Buffalo and Dallas with the two that weren't playing and that's a testament to the coaching staff when you lose a big game you know that is huge and it just everyone's feelings and emotions are there and especially when it happens multiple years in a row because then you got a question everything and then you got to look at it closely however let's not forget I mean the cow has been very successful the last two years in the regular season under McCarthy and on top of it their offense has been very good so you know I know Mike's background is in you know offensive football and he's always called plays for the most part of his career except for a little spot in Green Bay and then Dallas but I do believe it's almost like to only evaluate them on that game always seems silly to me you just have to keep getting there over and over and it's just been so long for Dallas it doesn't feel that way she can't fire a guy who's had the success he's had the biggest thing is you got to figure out how to win those games and the problem is they're hard when you have to go into sandwich I don't think anybody goes into San Francisco and wins I think you needed to play San Francisco on the road and Brock Purdy went down so things like that happen and that makes things easier as well but I thought all four teams could win a championship this year San Francisco wasn't losing at home Philly's probably the favorite has been for about ten weeks for me because their scheme is brand-new they're ahead of it Dallas needed to get San Francisco at home playing there and they still had a chance do you know that DAC even with that being said if they were home because two years ago you were calling the game they lost that home to San Francisco that he is the quarterback that could get the job done well he's shown that he can play at a high level consistently over and over again I mean but we're all evaluated on how the season ends there's only one winner like everyone feels great right now Philadelphia and Kansas City but next week and a half from now someone's not gonna feel like they had the most successful season it's like if Kansas City loses in the Super Bowl it's gonna feel like they didn't quite get the job done where Philly they might be like that's a great year but they feel like they should want it like everyone's gonna be Cincinnati feels like they didn't finish their season they expected to beat so there's only one winner everyone's gonna feel like that from an organization just with the Cowboys was like steps right it's just they haven't quite got to the championship game like if they got to the championship game it almost be like they they got to the Super Bowl or they almost won it because everyone from a fan base you know wants to see that next step and you know that there's nothing wrong with that that's why we evaluate coaches and players and go from there but yeah all right tell me what you're doing with Michelob Ultra oh that's right that's why we're here today yeah no uh Michelob Ultra can a couple months ago and we're talking about doing a spot couple commercials and you know I was like well and then I read it I was like yes I like Michelob Ultra in general so I'm like like Michelob Ultra they got like nothing yeah exactly it's like you know it's always like joyful it's like everything's fun they're always having some perfect time and you're like I like that you know I can I can actually have that much fun too if I just be with them but now I think the biggest thing was the commercials about Caddyshack it's awesome good yeah they got these commercials with I get to play the Bill Murray role and I just thought it was gonna be really fun it was almost like I was an actor that was a role I've always wanted which I'd never think about but you know they are a company that you really more I get to know them and everything you want to be around I mean they centered this these spots on golf and I got to act silly like Bill Murray and Caddyshack which is a movie I loved and I just feel you know fortunate because they turned out really good they did such a good job I mean they're silly but they're awesome and I think you'll see it kind of play out it's almost like a story in some ways but you also got to look at them and you you know when I dug deeper it was like you know these people have spent a lot of money and resources on female athletes and trying to you know push you know the visibility of that and you'll see that in these spots I mean they've got the same number of you know female athletes as male and I just thought it was great because they spent a lot of money on trying to do this and help you know push that along so I just think these are great people and you want to be a part of it with them well it's awesome stuff and we're looking forward to seeing it I feel like you're going Philadelphia in the Super Bowl I don't just have a hunch well I told you it's gonna be really hard to win because their scheme is rare and it's gonna take an offseason to study them for everyone in the league however I'm not necessarily going Philadelphia there's a guy number 15 who has a way of showing up and when he walks out in that field it's different he's gonna be there and when he's there if he's healthy he has a way to overcome odds in my opinion that are just different goalie gummies get you so close to your goals you can actually taste them the trick simply start with bite-sized steps like goalies apple cider vinegar gummies with added B vitamins for daily health or goalie ashwagandha gummies to help you relax restore and unwind mmm tastes like wellness just got a whole lot better and when goals taste this good it's easy to achieve them goalie taste your goals learn more at goalie calm today the biggest game of the year the Super Bowl is on Odyssey and Westwood one brings it to you streaming live for free Sunday February 12th on the Odyssey app NFC's best team it's the Eagles versus the Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl catch all the action from Westwood one your Super Bowl your Odyssey get in the game and download the free Odyssey app today the biggest game of the year the Super Bowl is on Odyssey and Westwood one brings it to you streaming live for free Sunday February 12th on the Odyssey app it's the Eagles versus the Chiefs the Kansas City Chiefs Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl catch all the action from Westwood one your Super Bowl your Odyssey get in the game and download the free Odyssey app today you're listening to the Zach Gelb show Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio so there's a report out there that Lamar Jackson is going to get the exclusive franchise tag this offseason and when you get into that you know it is pretty significant even though we knew he was gonna get franchise tagged but the reason why the the wording of that is very important that he's gonna get the exclusive franchise tag was because if he got an on exclusive franchise tag other teams could sign him to an offer sheet and they could if they wanted to actually get him the Ravens would have to get compensated with two first-round picks so I look at this this offseason hickey that when they franchise tag him and it's the exclusive franchise tag which prevents another team from signing him that it's one of those things that this is the last probably effort that Baltimore can make this offseason and getting a long-term deal done because I operate under the belief and I know that they could sign him to they could franchise tag him again after this year but if you then go three off seasons in a row and you don't get a deal done why would I then believe you a fourth offseason and one offseason from now that that's gonna be the time to actually get the deal done I still think is a really good chance he's gonna get traded I think this the exclusive franchise tag to me just doesn't sure I guess it could be an olive branch if you will towards Lamar and saying hey we want to keep you on the in the exclusive or the exclusive franchise tag is a little bit more money than the non-exclusive would be but at least now the Ravens have can control the price so I'm not gonna tell you that you're crazy for saying that he's still gonna get traded because I've been pushing this narrative since the NFL draft but if you only got two first-round picks for Lamar Jackson that does seem like you would think you would get more even with the health concerns the last two years now but I know it's a totally different situation with totally different circumstances but the Shawn Watson doesn't have unanimous MVP he had all those charges or all those allegations against him and the Browns gave up three first-round picks oh yeah and by the way gave him a fully guaranteed contract so if just for starters that's the bare minimum that to Shawn Watson is getting Lamar Jackson you would think would net you a return of of three first-round picks or even if it's not three first-round picks at least two and then other things where if it is a non-exclusive franchise tag and another team signs him all you're gonna get back is two first-round picks right so you can get more of a return you can control the market yourself and it also does lessen some of the drama where I mean look we're talking a lot about the Ravens and Lamar Jackson going forward if they say I were going to do the non-exclusive basically open up what would be a bidding window into Lamar Jackson services at least with the exclusive now it makes it a little bit less of a story until I think he's inevitably traded at some point this offseason so at least you save yourself some of the questions and the headaches that you would incur by leaving the door open and just again making it sort of obvious that you plan on moving on I don't know if it's inevitable that he gets traded this offseason I do think it's inevitable that he eventually gets traded at some time I'm not saying it's directly this offseason but it wouldn't surprise me if he plays this year on the franchise tag and then after this year they don't get a deal done and then they say okay I know you could franchise tag someone up to three times of the price just so big it it never really happens but if you don't get a deal done after the second franchise tag you don't want to run that risk of him walking for a compensatory third-round pick and I know he's coming off an injury so it's not exactly you know the best time to trade if you're the Ravens but it's like especially if you go year by year with a player of his style but you know I think that's overblown I know that we all sit here in the medium we go oh he's coming off an injury so it's not the most ideal time to trade him you know desperate teams are for for quarterbacks you're telling me a team like the Raiders or a team like the commanders like whoever it is that hasn't had a quarterback in forever like a great quarterback in forever that it's gonna matter that he got injured no I'm not gonna say this there's not gonna be interest I think it lowers the price though if you get hurt again next year if we're going year by year if you're the Ravens and you're trying to get the most possible back for Lamar look I would say that probably this offseason is the time to do it for again his play style I know the year more wear and tear God forbid he gets injured it's just tougher to get let's say what we're talking about three first-round picks or I don't know to win a few players like whatever whatever machinations you want to make for the best trade possible I think makes it harder for the Ravens to get that back if they wait another year and he does you know suffer an injury but would you agree like let's just say he suffers an ankle injury and misses the last six games of the season or something like that you still think he's going for two first-round picks for starters if he gets traded a year from that right I mean I guess I don't I honestly don't know I don't know because I don't think he gets three years in a row a season ending injury where he can't play in the biggest games I don't know if it teams giving off two first-round picks I think that'd be a lot of interest I'm just not sure I'll tell you that would that price it seems I would the Jets the Jets would absolutely do what you tell me what he Johnson wouldn't give up three first round picks for Lamar Jackson to bring a start in New York yeah if we're talking about three years in a row that he suffered leg injuries that kept him out of December January football I don't I I think it's a tough sell like it's tough so you may not think it's a smart thing to do but there would still be a team with the guy that's one of unanimous MVP before in the past that would pay the price well that's another way I know it was an injury related but to Sean Watson was out for an entire season had what almost 30 ala 30 accusations against them and he still went for three first-round picks and got a guaranteed deal now I know you're gonna say well that was an injury related but it shows you how desperate teams are just to get someone that they think can be a guy that can be their franchise quarterback and when there's 32 teams in the league you take one out of it because the Ravens will be trading him you got to think one of those 31 teams but there would be at least five that would be interested and that's how you create a bidding war and then you got to think at least one would go to the extreme of three first-round picks for Lamar Jackson now I will say this he should hire an agent because I would think the agent would say we either get the deal done and we forced to trade before the start of this season because how much a lot like the first year three years ago made sense to wait see what Lamar what Josh Allen got you see if Baker Mayfield got a contract he sends you know that didn't end up happening last season thought it was time to get a deal done for whatever the reasons were Ravens fault Lamar's fault we still don't know we sold no clarity on that but now this is a third go-around there's no reason not to get a deal done unless Lamar doesn't want to get a deal done or the Ravens don't want to get a deal done like now is the time to get a deal done and I would say if you have a traditional agent I think the agent says we had to get the deal done and we force a trade but without having that actual agent there you can make that decision on his own but I think you need someone to guide you through some of those conversations in any field and make someone else be the bad guy just like Kyler agent Kyler Murray's agent although we still got a lot on Kyler so it's not like he was you know skated by but when Eric Burkhart is out there you know making demands and putting their contracts out there but you know what Kyler got what he wanted he didn't he didn't we we dragged Kyler Murray through the mud but guess what he's laughing to the bank now so even if you get some blowback doesn't matter if you get the deal you get the deal all right he's at kelp show CBS Sports Radio Larry Izzo former teammate of Tom Brady they won three Super Bowls together he's gonna join us coming up on the other side the biggest game of the year the Super Bowl is on Odyssey and Westwood one brings it to you streaming live for free Sunday February 12th on the Odyssey app it's the Eagles versus the Chiefs the Kansas City Chiefs Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl catch all the action from Westwood one your Super Bowl your Odyssey get in the game and download the free Odyssey app today the biggest game of the year the Super Bowl is on Odyssey and Westwood one brings it to you streaming live for free Sunday February 12th on the Odyssey app it's the Eagles versus the Chiefs the Kansas City Chiefs Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl catch all the action from Westwood one your Super Bowl your Odyssey get in the game and download the free Odyssey app today the biggest game of the year the Super Bowl is on Odyssey and Westwood one brings it to you streaming live for free Sunday February 12th on the Odyssey app it's the Eagles versus the Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl catch all the action from Westwood one your Super Bowl your Odyssey get in the game and download the free Odyssey app today
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