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Charger Pressure (Hour 4)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb
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December 5, 2022 10:08 pm

Charger Pressure (Hour 4)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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December 5, 2022 10:08 pm

How much pressure is on the Chargers to make the playoffs? l Onsides/Offsides l Closing Bell


We're coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios.

Need to know what it takes for a home to fit your budget, Emily? Well, Rocket can. You can find the poll question today on Twitter, at Zach Gill, that's CBS Sports Radio. And the poll question today asks about the teams in the AFC. Who goes to the Super Bowl out of the AFC? Is it the Bengals, Chiefs, Bills, or other?

And right now, 14.8% say other. You do have 18.7% with the Bengals, 25.8% with the Chiefs, and the Bills at 40.7%. Hickey, who would even be your other teams? Like Miami yesterday, I know that Miami has defeated the Ravens. I know that Miami has defeated the Buffalo Bills.

The Bengals, they beat the Dolphins, but they lost two in that game. But when you look at the other teams, like I'm not expecting Miami to go to the Super Bowl. And I don't want to say that I'm like panicking over Miami after yesterday, because everyone's entitled to a bad game. And I know the 49ers are a good team, but when you get that first touchdown right out of the gate for 75 yards, then Jimmy Garoppolo goes down. You just have to win that game. I think that puts Miami, unfortunately, in the good conversation. And I'm not ready to elevate them right back into the great conversation. I mean, I'm not going to panic up to one game and have a tough stretch where they have the touchdown game this week against the Chargers, go to Buffalo next week. So when we get back in the good graces, they have two big opportunities on big stages to do so really quickly. So for me, look, two have played awful, but also like I said, you're telling one bad game and that's so far through what, nine games now?

Eight and one that he's played and finished. Now, to be fair, their offensive line was also completely banged up. Right, missing both tackles, but it wasn't also like pressure is the issue. I'll get the line credit that actually the dolphins did a pretty good job.

It's just, he just, whatever reason was inaccurate as hell. But I will trust that that will come back pretty quickly on Sunday night. You know what that was a little reminiscent of?

Now I'm not saying it's going to this level because I think Tua is a good quarterback. It reminded me a little bit of DJ Hungul away. I think it was up against Syracuse where you go, Oh yeah, DJ's back. Yo, he's looking good. He's looking great. And then a few signs of what transpired the year before pop up in a game that everyone was watching.

That's the comparison that I'll use. Now I'm not going to the extent that Tua he's going to want to enter, enter the transfer portal now. And then he's going to get traded for the Miami dolphins.

Like I'm not going there. I think he is the quarterback for the Miami dolphins. And he also suffered an injury in that game too. And, and the durability part has been a big concern with Tua. You know, like take the concussions out of it. That's a little bit different than suffering other injuries, like a hip injury and a foot injury, leg injury, shoulder, all that. But he was banged up yesterday as it was reported on during the game. But thankfully it sounds like he'll be fine for Sunday. So I mean, how much, I don't know how much of an ankle injury it was, how much was the score when he got pulled for Skylar Thompson. I don't know how much that's going to affect him. Well, we'll see on Sunday. We'll see, you know, well, no hiding there.

And Sunday night football against the Chargers gets a defense that in LA it's not been very good whatsoever. You should have a field day. Should.

You should. Operative word. Isn't that a game the Chargers are going to win? Whenever you think the Chargers are going to lose, they win. Whenever you think they're going to win, they lose. But these next two games, they're massive for the dolphins. You win both of them, people will be backing on the dolphins. You beat the Chargers and then the Bills beat you up pretty good after the Bills choked away that first one.

I think people are going to then start to do a 180 on this team from where they were a few weeks ago. What's their record after those two games? You think they beat the Chargers this week? Yes. You think they beat the Bills after that?

No, I do not. In Buffalo. Cold.

I hate warm weather going to cold weather. Don't like that whatsoever. I think they're going to lose both games.

Really? They didn't go 0-3 in this big three-game stretch? Well, the level of desperation for the Chargers, and I know I shouldn't be basing that off of it because they should have been desperate against the Raiders. I thought the Raiders were going to win, though.

I did. I picked the Raiders. I thought the Raiders were going to win. At 6-6, I think the Dolphins coming off a loss. I think everyone's going to bet the Miami Dolphins.

I think the Chargers are going to end up finding a way to pull out the victory. I wonder, what do you think the early line is on that game if I take a look at it right now? Take a guess.

Early line in the betting world of that game. I would say Dolphins minus two. It's the Dolphins minus three.

Fair. I love the Chargers. Where have the Chargers, I guess, given you this reason to believe this year? Nothing.

I would agree. They've not really even won a game where you're like, oh wow, they should have won that game. They haven't really impressed. Honestly, their most impressive games have been losses. Like the way that they've played Kansas City the first time.

Even the second time. Like Alabama of the NFL. Yeah. We're talking about their losses as the biggest. Maybe Brandon Staley should start getting on the television and saying, hey, we deserve to be in the playoffs this year because it's about how you play at the end of the season.

Forget the records and that's what gets you. We need to commit it aside and look at our losses, man. No one loses like we do. You know, I need to coach better.

Don't hold us out because of me. That's what Brandon Staley should do. But you're not wrong. The 49ers game where they lost was probably one of their more impressive performances where they were down to three defensive linemen. They were missing both their tackles. They were without Mike Williams, without Keenan Allen. Their most impressive performances this year have been the two performances against Kansas City, more so the first one.

The second one you lose again. I can't really give you a credit for that. So the first performance against Kansas City and then the loss to the 49ers. I can't give them credit for being in the Raiders when Derek Carr throws you three interceptions in week one. I can't give you credit for being in the Texans nor the Browns, nor the Broncos, nor the Falcons or the Cardinals. Yeah.

You look at that resume. It is putrid. And then some of those games are closer than they should have been like the Falcons game. They need a walk off field goal for not mistaken. The Cardinals game.

You needed to pull a rabbit out of that. Two point conversion. Go your way.

Congratulations. You made the drive. But we're talking about bad teams here. You should be for with all the talent they have. Should be one of these games easily.

All right. Charges rest of the way. Going to give you a win loss here because they're six and six. They play the dolphin while you're already going loss loss. Tennessee the week after that. Where? Game is in. Well, it doesn't matter.

It's at SoFi stadium, but there's no home field advantage. No, I know. But I don't think they're going to Tennessee and winning. Okay. I will say. Oh man, I will say that the charters win that game. Okay.

So one on one, one on one. You know, they play after that. Oh, I know. And you know, yeah. Yeah. You look at the date, buddy. Look at the date.

You're laughing. And is that Monday night football, Monday night football Colts have two more prime time games, by the way, just for everyone. What's the other one. Saturday Vikings.

One o'clock. Not that it's prime time, but it's more standalone Christmas Eve. No, the 17th, the weekend before. Oh, they're starting to do the Saturday games. They have three games. The Ravens play the Browns. And I think that's Bill's dolphins. I believe I got Bill's dolphins is the night game. And Ravens appetizer is going to be Colts Vikings.

So let's go folks. Two of the final four Colts games are in a standalone window. Oh, geez. That is bad. The Colts should be banned from playing prime time games for the next year.

I would agree. Unless Bryce Young's there. The Colts and the no. I just threw my hat at Hickey. Jim Harbaugh, head coach, Bryce Young at quarterback.

They are on Sunday night. Stop. Stop. You keep on mentioning Bryce Young. You have no shot of getting Bryce Young. Oh, there's a path.

No, there's not. The Texans are going to take him. Don't worry. I'm in spamming their email. Stop. Will Levis highlights. I'm going to walk over there.

Anthony Richardson, the measurables, some CJ Stroud throws and tight windows. But anyway, go back to conversation. You're not wrong that you're a moron. No, the culture should not be on prime time games. So the call, I hate it just as much as you Colts. They'll win that game. Who the Colts? The chargers. Okay.

Just making sure. Well, that would be one, one game. The Colts win. Rams.

Oh boy. Battle of LA. I will go chargers. And then the Broncos.

Oh, in Denver, cold matter. You score a touchdown. You win the game. Yeah, you're probably right.

Okay. That's already quit. Imagine how, how much the Broncos are going to quit at the end.

So what is that? Three wins. You gave them four, four Colts Broncos Rams Rams Tennessee. So four and two have to split these next to 10 and seven. You have to split the next two dolphins in Tennessee bare minimum.

You have to split. And if you split those games, you, you get to seven wins, you're seven and seven and down the stretch, you have to beat the Colts, the Rams and the Broncos. If they don't make the playoffs this year, this gotta be one of the worst coaching jobs I've ever seen. If they miss the playoffs with that schedule down the stretch outside of the dolphins, you play the Colts, the Rams and the Broncos. You just can't, you cannot get outscored by Matt Ryan, by Matthew, well, Matthew Stafford's out.

So John Wolford or Bryce Perkins or Russell Wilson. If the Chargers miss the playoffs, it's embarrassing. But if they do, they'll only have themselves to blame because they lost to the Jaguars. They had two leads against Kansas City, couldn't get the job done and they lost to the Raiders.

They only have themselves to blame. It's 10 and seven. I'm trying to see some of the tiebreakers. It's a little tough here. I don't know if even 10 and seven might be good enough for them, but it's not a lock, right? Like you got, they should get to 10. You're right.

That, that might not be enough. And then you, you all look back on some missed opportunities early in the year, but yeah. So you like right now the bills will be in the dolphins will be in the Bengals will be in Tennessee will be in and the chiefs will be in. Other than that, who are the team, the charger, you have two teams left Ravens Ravens are fighting more right at that injury is going to be, they did yesterday.

They didn't know it wasn't great. You have the Ravens jets, the Patriots and the chargers fighting for those final two. And the Ravens have two wins right now more. They have eight wins compared to the six for the chargers.

That's a nice little, yeah, that's a good start for you. Yeah. Right. The jets. I mean, just on the Patriots, at least one of those teams should knock each other out considering that, you know, they'll still have kind of a, an AFC's battle going down the stretch. I know they already played twice, but I should have scheduled on the stretch.

Sure. Buffalo L that's a loss. Detroit should be win, but toss up. Detroit could score.

It's looking like white. It's got to take care of the ball, but yeah. Well, can he score for both halves? We'll see.

Yeah. Can you stop at this? We'll see stuff. You've been saying we'll see too much tonight on this show.

You asked a question with Kenny's going to ask. I just told you, I think Mike, Mike, we'll see tonight. Jaguars Seattle and Miami. It's not an easy schedule, but when you already got one more win than the chargers again, you're in a good spot. You think, but look at the talent.

You look at the town. I'm not telling you to charge you to make the playoffs, but if they don't make the playoffs, that coach got to go. You can even make the case that they do make the playoffs. The coach still got to go. If Sean paid him, wants the job. He's got to go. I agree. If Jim Harbaugh wants that job, more Brandon Staley got to go.

And that's probably it. And within reason out of the reasonable candidates, would you agree? If hard bond paid him, want the job. Those are the two guys that you say, okay, Stanley's got to go regardless. I'm trying to think if there's any third option, I think you're right. So far without like, I personally, I think D'Amico Ryan's going to be a heck of a coach in this league. I don't think you're, you, you're definitely getting rid of Brandon Staley. If you make the playoffs for D'Amico rides just because he hasn't done it yet. Yeah. I don't think like, yeah, I think you're probably like Bruce, Aaron's not coming out of retirement again.

Stop. But again, he's done a one to four LA lifestyle for meal next. How about Jimmy Johnson? He looks good on the set.

Looks like he's ready to come back. You really are. Okay. So let's go big boy. Don't get me a, we'll see who are your seven playoff teams in the, in the AFC.

Who are you going to mush? I think the top six in no order. Bill's chiefs, Ravens, Titans.

Hold on. Do it by division. Do it by division. How many of the AFCs? I will go two in the AFC. Well, do it.

Do it this way. Bills are in the AFC East. Dolphins are in, right? Dolphins are in. Chiefs are in. Chiefs are in. Titans are in.

Say that again. Titans are in. All right. Just making sure the Bengals are in. Okay. Then who are your other? I think the Ravens will be in.

Okay. And that's, now we're down to one team left. And that's between then the seven and five jets, the six and six Patriots, and then the six and six Los Angeles Chargers.

You know what? I'm going to go to the Jets. Of course you are. Because you hate the Patriots.

You hate Brandon Staley. And you're okay with it. I cannot trust the Chargers. I can't trust them. Fair. Because we talked about the three games they should win down the stretch.

Would I truly be shocked? Whether it's the Colts, Rams, or Broncos. If they lose one of those three games, can't say to pretend I'm shocked. They just lost to the Raiders. I know the Raiders have turned around a little bit. That's a game you should win. So I can't, I'll trust Mike White, maybe Zach Wilson, maybe Joe Flacco, whoever the hell's playing quarterback the next five games. I'll trust the Jets. You're right. Anyway, the poll question tonight, who goes to the Super Bowl out of the AFC?

At Zach Gelb, at CBS Sports Radio. Isn't that what we started this conversation on? I totally forgot that's how we got started with trying to find if there's even a fourth. And actually now here we are talking about the Chargers and the Jets for the seventh wildcard. So I think it's three teams. And right now I go Bills 1, Bengals 2, Chiefs 3.

But these are all close. And I would have told you last week Kansas City is going to the Super Bowl. But when you lose to both the Bills and the Bengals, resets it a little bit. But right now the Twitter results say Bills 1, Kansas City 2, Bengals 3, and then other four. So you're 14 there as Miami to go to the Super Bowl? I would go to the Dolphins, yes. Yeah, it is Miami. But you would agree there's a big, even though the Dolphins have had success this year and they beat the Bills, you would say there's a big separation, right?

Right now I'll not say big. I think we can enlarge the gap depending on how next week or next Saturday night in Buffalo goes. What do you make, and don't get me a we'll see, what do you make of the defense for Miami? It's a little, I mean, the thing for me that I don't like is that it's a little turnover heavy. Like those defenses usually, if you're not going to turn over, you're not going to stop, which is concerning, especially when you look in the AFC, the quarterback town you're going against.

So not great. It's kind of the way that we expected this to go this year. McDaniel comes in, the offense gets a big boost.

But defensively, I feel like they have not been as good as they've been the last few years on the defensive side of the ball. And Brian Flores was a wizard. And how many clips on Twitter were going out of him just confusing quarterbacks? He was a wizard on defense, offense.

He had four coordinators in three years. That's very true. Right. Defensive wizard. Thank you for clarifying. And never supported Tua. No, hated him for whatever reason.

Maybe it's because he's a lefty. It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. We'll come on back. Five questions, five answers next for onsides offside. We will do that when we return. Sports Radio.

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Oh, my. I don't know what happened. I just took a deep breath in and it's like this show is a mess right now. Started coughing. I'm losing my I've been losing my voice for four weeks.

I'm just wondering when it's going to come back. And you you can't even speak. Can't speak, which for some is probably a good thing.

Putting Adam Ritchie out there in Toronto and some you've been for yours truly. But hey, I digress. You're so sensitive. No, not sensitive.

Just pointing out what other people are saying. Sensitive. That's all sensitive, Hickey.

No, that's no. No, I'd rather be hot Hickey than sensitive. A sensitive guy would be annoyed with me calling you sensitive. Because I don't feel any emotions, I'm going to move on here and talk about the 49ers because they suffered. Speaking of sensitive, Hickey right now is red. He just gave me the finger.

He said, oh, my, that is so I would never. By the way, this season, for the first time, you get every Westwood 1 NFL broadcast stream live for free Mondays, Thursdays, Sunday nights, the international series holiday triple headers at every postseason game gets all the action on the Odyssey app at The Westwood 1 station streams are by asking Alexa to open Westwood 1 Sports, all sponsored by AutoZone.

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The reason why we threw in the read right there was Hickey just needed about 30 seconds to cool down because he was getting so sensitive. Anyway, continue. Mr. Sensitive. The 49ers suffered a brutal blow as Jimmy Garoppolo will miss the remainder of the season after getting hurt on the first drive of the game on Sunday. Brock Purdy did feel an admirably, though, throwing two touchdown passes and helping San Francisco to a 33-17 win over the Dolphins. Now, the 49ers currently sit at eight and four, which is right now third in the NFC. They are tops in the NFC West. Onsides are offside, Zach, despite losing Jimmy G. The 49ers, in your mind, are still a threat in the NFC. A threat to do what? Go to the Super Bowl? Yes. Offside.

Offside. To win a playoff game? Yeah, they could win a playoff game. I don't see how they're going to win three playoff games of Brock Purdy as quarterback, even with how talented that roster is, to go to a Super Bowl. The Eagles are going to the Super Bowl this year. I've never been more confident about something than since I predicted that Tampa Bay Buccaneers, after week one, were going to be going to the Super Bowl. I'm extremely confident with the Philadelphia Eagles going to the Super Bowl this year. As long as Jalen Hurts is healthy, they'll have two games at the link, home field advantage, a great roster. The Eagles are going to the Super Bowl. You know what I'd love to see?

Sure. NFC title game. Eagles, drama, Dallas Cowboys. I think that would be the best NFC title game this year. What's the best AFC title game? I feel like we all want to see Chiefs and Bills, but the Bengals own the Chiefs. I would say Bengals, Chiefs. So did we then go Bengals, Bills?

Which we see in a few weeks. That'd be fun. Just toss the Chiefs out of it. You lost the Buffalo.

You lost the Cincinnati. Let's see Bengals and Bills. That'd be a fun one.

Yeah. I like that one. Bengals, Bills, Orchard Park. Let's go.

Let's go. Well, one person who will not be in Orchard Park or in the playoffs or the Super Bowl will be former Panthers quarterback Baker Mayfield as his season just continues to get worse. By the way, Hickey said that Baker Mayfield was a top five quarterback in the NFC this year.

That's right. Before the season started. Did not go very well there. And by the way, I looked back and read those tweets today that you were getting. And I wrote underneath your tweet that Baker Mayfield, top five quarterback, the views of hot take Hickey did not reflect the views of the Zach Kelp show on CBS Sports Radio. At the time, I thought it was a logical take. Now with the benefit of 12 games of hindsight, not so much.

Yeah. Not so much whatsoever as he has been brutal this year and the Panthers formally announced they are splitting ways with the former number one overall pick. Baker Mayfield wanted a release and they are granting it. Baker went one and five in Carolina, posted an NFL low 16.8 QBR. Now that he'll be about to be on the open market, there are some teams that possibly could be interested in his services.

Ravens and 49ers both suffered injuries at the quarter acquisition on Sunday. And maybe just maybe they'll get Baker Mayfield a shot. So odds are off sides.

Baker Mayfield will start at least one game this season. Yeah. On sides. Now you're going to ask me for whom, correct Amundo? For who? The 49ers. Aren't they going to claim him?

Now, another teammate claim him. But if you're the 49ers and you're Kyle Shanahan, and you've gotten a lot out of quarterbacks, not that I can really expect much out of Baker, or don't you just claim him at bare minimum as an insurance policy? If Brock Purdy gets hurt or next week, the Brock Purdy magic goes away. I'm not saying Brock Purdy is the answer or even Josh Johnson for that matter. We saw Baker Mayfield's stock be really low in the off season. Like no one wanted him basically to pawn him off to the Panthers.

And he did, if anything, made it even somehow worse than his status in, let's say March. I don't know. He'll probably get claimed because Josh Rosen continues to get claimed. I don't know how much he's starting.

I don't know. Okay. So from top five quarterback of the NFC from Hickey to I don't know about started. So you don't think he's going to start?

I don't think he's going to start. Okay. I'd be shocked. Okay. It's a big fall.

Big fall. Now what happens tomorrow when you find that he gets claimed by the 49ers? I still think Brock Purdy will start. Okay.

But for the entire season? I would think so. Okay. I'd be very surprised on that one.

Anyway, next one. College football playoff. They have determined there are four teams that will compete to win a national championship this season. Georgia, no surprise, got the number one seed followed by Michigan sitting there at number two.

TCU will make their college football playoff debut and become the first school from the state of Texas to make the playoff. They are at number three and Ohio state did grab the fourth and final slot. USC had the number four spot going into the final weekend of the regular season or of the, uh, of the season in general, but they did lose 47, 24 to Utah in the practical title game. And that dropped them from four all the way down to 10. So you have Georgia, Michigan, TCU, and Ohio state are the four teams onto their offside. Zach, the committee got it right.

Yeah. The committee got it right. Cause my question is what else should the committee have done? And some people may say, Alabama, Alabama. They didn't have the resume this year. The best Alabama win is what Ole miss. Is that the best Alabama win this year? Ole miss Ole miss or maybe even Texas, honestly, Texas, got hurt in that game.

Yeah. I mean, you're not wrong. I mean, one by one point you had the great play by Will Anderson Jr. The great play by Bryce young. Not that Ohio state's this creme de la creme football team. You know, not that Penn state's this creme de la creme football team, but that's what got Ohio state in.

That's what did. And USC goes down. So we knew they were out. You can't beat Utah once. You don't deserve to get in.

So I have no problem with the committee. Did we know Georgia deserve to be, I mean, you know, Michigan deserve to be in TCU gets their first loss when their coach was stupid at the one yard line, not giving the ball to max Duggan, who was winning the game for you. First loss of the year in overtime. I'm not keeping you out because of that. And I don't have a problem with Ohio state back in their way in. It was one of those years.

Everyone fell by the wayside. So yeah, I think the committee got it right on sides. The bangles beat the chiefs for the third straight time in the year of 2022. You know, Dave Lapham was screaming that after that big third down completion, Joe burrow was tremendous through two touch on passes and a one yard line.

Two touch on passes and after that third and 11 passes to Higgins to ice the game, there was Dan or Dave Lapham saying bam, bam, bam. The Cincinnati defense did another great job limiting Patrick Holmes. They held the best court in the NFL to a season low in passing yards of just 223. Don't look now the bangles are eight and four, one game behind both the chiefs and bills for the top spot in the AFC. Onsides are also exact with five games left in the regular season. The bangles are contenders for the number one seed in the AFC. Yeah, they're contenders.

I don't think they're going to get it. Um, the chief schedule. I know that the chiefs just lost home field advantage yesterday.

They had the same record as the bills and the bills already beat them, but the chief schedule, if the chiefs lose the game, the rest of the, you know what I'm going to use Marco here, Marco, the chiefs, the rest of the season, they played Denver, Houston, Seattle, Denver, Las Vegas. Do they lose the game? No. Okay. Now I will give you the Buffalo bill schedule here.

The Buffalo bills play the jets, the dolphins, the bears, the bangles and the Patriots. So they lose another game. Yes.

Okay. So there you go. The chiefs get the number one seed. Now, just for fun here, I will give you the bangles schedule. They play the Browns, the bucks, the pats, the bills and the Ravens. They lose another game. Yep.

All right. So there you go. I think the chiefs will then get a number one seed. Maybe, maybe even if Kansas city loses one game, they could still get the number one overall seed, but the bangles, they are a contender because Kansas city, they did lose to the Colts. Maybe they have another stinker in them like that this year, but I would think Kansas city is going to win it. But yeah, no, the bills, the bangles are intended for the number one seed because they beat the, uh, the chiefs and they still have the bills on the schedule.

So they control their own destiny and some extent. And finally, after completing a perfect 13 and O regular season, beating Ohio state and winning the big 10 for the second straight year in a row, Michigan head coach, Jim Harbaugh's name has been thrown back in the NFL mix and fun networks in Rapport and Tom Pellissero released a report on Sunday morning saying that teams are doing their due diligence on the former 49ers head coach with a source stating that they believed Harbaugh would consider a return to the NFL. And if we go back to last year, the Michigan head coach did interview for the Vikings opening last year. And when he didn't get the job valid, that that'd be the last time he considered the NFL. Onto your offside Zach, Jim Harbaugh will be on an NFL sideline in 2023.

Subject to change. If you get blown out in the college football playoff, maybe he goes to the NFL. I said right after the Colts fired Frank Reich, that the Colts will be making a big push for Jim Harbaugh. Unless he's the coach of the chargers next year. I don't see a job out there that you would leave for right now.

Panthers, Colts, Cardinals, Texans. I would stay in college. You got something rolling for you right now. It's your school. You beat Ohio State twice. You got to the college football playoff twice. I would stay right now if I'm Jim Harbaugh.

So when you ask me, will Jim Harbaugh be on the NFL sideline in 2023? I'm going to say offside. I don't know.

That's offside. It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. Come on back. We will ring the closing bell, tell you whose stock is booming, whose stock is dooming. Real quickly though, Marco Belletti, let me get your thoughts on the poll question today, which you can always find at Zach Gelb at CBS Sports Radio.

And then I got to run by a crazy hickey take for you too. Who goes to the Super Bowl out of the AFC? Bengals, Chiefs, Bills, or other? Who are you going with number one right now? Chiefs.

Still Kansas City. Yep. Okay.

And then hickey, do you think he believes the 49ers who he picked to go to the Super Bowl are still going to the Super Bowl after the Jimmy Garoppolo news? I can't do that. I can't. No, no, no.

Look, I kind of, I've been saying for, I don't even know how long. I felt there were two teams in the NFC and this is a little bit of a disrespect to the Cowboys. I just, I got to see it to believe it. To me, it was the Eagles and the 49ers. Those are the two best teams in the NFC.

I felt like they were headed for a collision course. They're going to see them in the championship game as long as the seeds, you know, shook out the right way. And those were the two best teams without Garoppolo, whether it's Purdy, whether it's Josh, John, like whatever it is, I know no, Matt, Ryan, forcing a release, like whatever the situation comes up, I know doesn't excite you. I know Drew Brees getting struck by lightning. I love rivers.

I'm aware of how good they are. How about Andrew Luck? Yeah. Like that four or five games. Andrew Luck comes out of retirement for the 49ers.

Isn't that the perfect scenario? I'm not kidding. I will quit this industry if Andrew Luck comes out of retirement and plays for the 49ers this season.

If you're listening, please go to the 49ers. By the way, last time I saw him, he got interviewed by Robert Griffin. He was very thin.

I don't, I don't think he, I don't know if he could take a hit anymore. No, very. So that's why I feel good about my career being on the line here. Yeah. Again, with all that, no, I just, as good as they are, like, no, you're not going to be able to make up for that loss. I'm sorry.

I can't, I can't buy it. And the Eagles are for real. It's not like they're a bad team. I think the Eagles are going to Superbowl now. Like I said, now they're only competition is the Cowboys and I feel like they're better than Dallas.

Yeah. And we'll see that in a few weeks and they'll have Dak. They didn't have Dak the first matchup, but I get it.

And look at it. You didn't have to beat them twice too. Again, to me, though, like I said, Philly now with the Garoppolo injury, I know this is a little bit unfair, but anything less than a Superbowl appearance to me would be a complete and total failure for the Eagles. Yeah, I'm with you on that.

I'm a hundred percent with you. It feels like there's three teams this year in the NFL that if, well two, if they don't win the Superbowl, it's a failure. One, if they don't get to the Superbowl, it's a failure.

It's the Eagles. They don't get to the Superbowl, it's a failure. And then for the Bills and the Chiefs, if they don't win the Superbowl, it's a failure this year.

I can't really argue that. I mean, the Bills put everything into it. This was supposed to be the year. The Chiefs at every year, if they don't win a Superbowl, it's a, it's a bit of a disappointment because you're that good. And we all know, talk to Aaron Rodgers, that window closes faster than you realize. So if you don't capitalize on the window, when you have it, you can look around and go, Oh no, no, no. Well next year, next year, all of a sudden you look around four years later and you're like, whoops.

You know, cause I mean, it's hard. See NFL rosters change over a lot faster than people realize because guys get older, they get beat up, they get hurt or they get paid. It is Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. We'll come on back to the closing bell. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. Another day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world. It's time to find out who's up and who's down. Let's end the day, right? And hit the closing bell.

Only on the Zach Gelb show. Stetson Bennett in the SEC title game, 23 or 29 for 274 yards, four passing touchdowns. Give him a stock up. Donovan Edwards in the big 10 championship as the Wolverines go back to back, beating Purdue 43 to 22. Donovan Edwards replacing Blake Corum, no problem. 25 carries for 185 yards.

Give Donovan Edwards a stock up. Ohio State, you lost to Michigan. You got embarrassed in that fourth quarter, but you backed your way into the college football playoff.

Give the Ohio State Buckeyes, who have a date with Georgia, a stock up. Christian Watson, two touchdowns yesterday, one through the air, one on the ground, one through the air, one through the air, one on the ground. That is now eight touchdowns in his last four games. He's been on fire.

Give Christian Watson out of North Dakota State a stock up. I love what I'm seeing out of the Lions lately. Lions 40, Jaguars 14, another dub for Dan Campbell, the Detroit Lions, but give credit to Amon Ross saying Brown 11 catches for 114 yards and two touchdowns.

Hickey, I don't mean to be a jerk here when I ask you this question. How'd you watch that fourth quarter last night between the Colts and the Cowboys? I mean, I watched it. I was kind of numb to it. I was rooting for a running clock, so fortunately they didn't get it. Was it tough though to watch?

Honestly, not really. Did you feel like Jimmy Fallon in fever pitch when he's stuck on the couch and he's just watching the highlights of everything that went wrong for the Red Sox? In a weird way, getting beat down early in the season kind of left me at this point just numb where I felt honestly no pain. Did you ever think you're gonna win the game last night? There was a point, yes, like the second quarter. Like after the pick by Stefan Gimel, like, oh my god, the Colts actually win this game. And they're down at one point going to the fourth quarter, two points. You shouldn't think you should beat anyone this year.

You shouldn't think you should beat anyone this year. This would have been a game the Colts won. Yeah.

Would have been, but. Well, I'm giving a stock up to the Dallas Cowboys because they outscored Indianapolis 33 to nothing in that fourth quarter. Gotta love it.

Stock up. Davante Adams. Oh, he's an absolute freak for the Las Vegas Raiders. Eight catches for 177 yards and two touchdowns.

He was unbelievable. Give him a stock up. Trey Turner. Going to the Phillies. That's an 11-year deal right for 300 million. And the Mets get Justin Verlander two for 86 with an option. Give a stock up to the Phillies and the Mets.

Make it moves. Caleb Williams. I think he'll win the Heisman Trophy. He played well pretty much on one leg in the SEC, in the Pac-12 title game, but they lost to Utah again.

Hickey, I don't get why he wrote on his fingernails bleep Utah. That I don't like that for my quarterback. If I was a fan of USC, it's just so unnecessary. There's no need to do it. It could only be a negative outcome.

You lose the game. Everyone's going to talk about it. I did not like it personally.

You? I didn't mind it. Again, if you win, I think you're like, it's kind of who he is. It's kind of like, you know, a cocky, not cocky, but like he's someone who's confident, kind of like Joe Burrow. Now maybe Joe Burrow's a little more subtle. You shouldn't be writing F the other team on your fingernails.

That's so if I show up to the studio tomorrow bleep hot take kicky on my fingernails. We're not enemies. We're not going against each other in a game. It's not different. Yes, it is.

It's not different at all. It's disrespectful. Give a stock down to kill Williams Baker Mayfield. I have to apologize to Baker Mayfield. You were doomed to fail before the season started because my producer hot take Kiki said that you were a top five quarterback in the NFC. So Baker, you were doomed from the start now waived by the Carolina Panthers.

I give Baker Mayfield a stock down. Do you think he asked for that release? Yes.

But wasn't it? I heard DJ Moore say today, and I would agree with that. I thought he asked for the release.

Why would you want to be there anymore? You're not starting, but I heard DJ Moore say today that Baker Mayfield was really upset when he was talking to him about getting waived by the Carolina Panthers. Like that gives off the impression. He didn't want to get released, but we don't know at the end of the day, he wanted to get released. Well, I believe Steve Wilkes even just said it like out, like rightfully so he asked for it and then they granted it. So I may be just upset about, you know, how everything he's got, like he got to this point where it's like, I'm so bad.

I got to ask for a lease and this year is not gone. Do I envision it? And that reality said it like, wow, I'm so bad right now. I can't be enough Sam Darnell. Like, Hey, that's when it kind of hit him. Got to give a stock down to the 49ers.

You win yesterday, heck of a victory. But after the game, you find out that Jimmy Garoppolo now has done so for the season with the fractured foot, no Jimmy G, no Trey Lance, Super Bowl or bus. You were kind of looking at it with the way the NFC was shaking on out. I can't see how they get to the Super Bowl this year. So give a stock down to the 49ers. Brandon Staley. Oops.

He did it again. They lose to the Raiders. And they don't have a good win on their schedule this year, the Los Angeles Chargers.

This is a dead man walking. I don't see how he's back next year as the head football coach of that team. Their wins this year, you beat the Raiders, you lost, you beat the Texans, you beat the Browns, you beat the Broncos, you beat the Falcons, you beat the Cardinals. Nothing really screams impressive. I got to have that guy in Brandon Staley. Give him a stock down. And finally, the Titans.

They have a pulse. And not only did they not even have a pulse against the Philadelphia Eagles, the guy that you inexcusably traded because he didn't want to pay him and AJ Brown took your lunch, flipped you upside down, took your underwear and put it over your head and he embarrassed you with his two touchdowns in the game. And Tennessee, even though they're having a good season, you got what you deserve because there is no reason why you shouldn't have paid AJ Brown this offseason.

And he should still be a member of that football team and he embarrassed you when he had eight catches for 119 yards and two touchdowns and the Eagles beat the Tennessee Titans 35 to 10. So I'm giving a stock down to Tennessee. And that's the Zach Guilp show on CBS Sports, radio, college football. Play off real quickly before we leave. I just want to play you Nick Saban one more time.

This was from Fox as he was trying to advocate Alabama's case to get in. The committee or anyone else is if we played any of these teams that are on the edge or getting in, would we be the underdog or would we be the favorite? And I think if you can answer that question and the goal is to get the best teams in, then you would say they belong in there. We lost two games on the road in a tough league, the top 10 teams. We weren't 100%.

Bryce Young was not 100%. You know, you show vulnerability when you get beat badly at the end of the season. Our team has played better at the end of the season. So that's kind of my reasoning.

Here's all I'll say. If you want to say that you're the better team and maybe you have an argument to do so, you got to be able to give me facts. And your resume does not suggest that you're a top 14 this year. Like I could think my team's going to win, but if my team has two losses and my team doesn't have the resume, you don't belong. And you didn't belong this year. And the only one you have to blame in a year when they left it so open to lose and then get in was not lose that game against LSU, which by the way, you were a 14 and a half point favorite. You all win that game and you lost that game.

Alabama did not deserve to go this year. Hot take Keke, thank you very much. Big thanks each and every one of you for calling, listening, and tweeting.

Always give me a follow on Twitter where we pump a bunch of videos out at Zach, Yelp, Twitter, and Instagram. Joe Montana will join us tomorrow. We out. Bye-bye. Peace.
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