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No Huddle Offense (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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October 31, 2022 9:24 pm

No Huddle Offense (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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October 31, 2022 9:24 pm

No Huddle Offense: Week 8 l Problems with the Cardinals l 2021 QB draft class has struggled


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Need to know what it takes for a home to fit your budget and your family? Well, Rocket Canada, this is Zach Gilbchow, Coast to Coast on CBS Sports Radio, and it's time to get to a week eight edition of Know How to Lawfence. Touchdowns, sacks, upsets, and last-minute heroics.

Another NFL Sunday is in the books, and we've got you covered with the biggest plays and sound bites from another wild week in the National Football League. It's time for Know How to Lawfence from the Zach Gilbchow. We are a show of honesty. I need to know.

I want you to be honest with me. Did you wake up on time for Broncos Jaguars 930 a.m. Eastern time kick? I actually did. Were you able to find the game right away? It took me 10 minutes.

I had no clue that the game was on ESPN Plus. I woke up at 9 a.m. Eastern, made myself a cup of tea, sat down. My parents were in on Saturday, so Mom brought me some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

So at about 905 a.m. Eastern time, I said, let's have a gluttonous Sunday, had a few oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I sat down and I go to NFL Network and I'm seeing that there's no game. And I'm like, where the heck is the game? And I start to search and it's on ESPN Plus. Now, I don't pay for ESPN Plus, but I know someone that works there. So I have their account on my one of my TVs in my apartment. So I eventually I made kick off at 930 a.m. Eastern.

How about yourself? I do not have ESPN Plus. Didn't bother. Didn't watch the game till this morning.

How'd you watch the game this morning? I have an effort plus count so you can watch every game. You do. So I figured, all right, I'll use that, but I'm not going to expense. No. Really?

Yeah. This company is not paying for not paying for me to rewatch games. I can tell you right now they pay for mine. Must be nice, must be nice.

So this company does pay for that. Anyway, I did watch the game. Woof, Trevor Lawrence looks terrible. Remember when they were two and one and then they were 14 to nothing against the Eagles and then lost that game. They haven't won a game since they peaked in week three.

Latavius Murray, we have to have a highlight in this game, had a two yard touchdown to make it 21 to 17 late in the fourth quarter. Oh, now hold on. You didn't listen to a friend of show. You couldn't watch the game. Westwood one operates us and JP Shadrach was on the call in London and you didn't say, Oh, listen to our guy, JP. I was unaware. That job better be your producer.

She must've know these things anyway, instead of dumping on Hickey. Let's hear Latavius Murray put the nail in the coffin for the Jaguars in this one. JP Shadrach on Westwood one under center and the snap and off straight ahead. And Murray finds the end zone. Touchdown Denver. The Broncos have the lead 143 to play in the fourth quarter. Denver 20 Jacksonville 17.

Now take a little bit behind the scenes. JP Shadrach is a team reporter for the Jacksonville Jaguars. That's a very good call figuring that his team is about to lose. You'd have no clue that he's a team reporter for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He's got a great voice. That guy should be doing consistent play by play already in the NFL.

Like we play some cuts from some of these other announcers. He should be one of the 32 guys that do play by play in the national football league. Russell Wilson, Mr. Unlimited 18 of 30, 252 yards, a touchdown and a pick. And after the game, he did say Broncos country.

Let's ride. Who's that Laura Rutledge? I think he did that too. She wanted no part of that clip going viral and I don't blame her because she was, you know what that was.

I don't actually, I'll take that back. I don't think she didn't want to be part of the viral moment. She wanted to laugh. She wanted to run away and laugh and she probably didn't want to embarrass Russ right in front of his face, but she knew how embarrassing that was.

So she quickly turned around and then ran away to probably just laugh and cry in tears of laughter. That's what I had to be. True professional. Very true pro right there.

No doubt about that. Falcons Panthers, the game of the day, maybe the game of the year so far in the NFL, if you take out the chiefs of the bills, but Falcons, they went in overtime, 37 to 34. Let's hear DJ Moore catch that 62 yard touchdown from PJ Walker to tie the game at 34 with 12 seconds left. There was a miss extra point because DJ Moore took his helmet off that 15 yards onto that extra kick. It was no good on the extra point. And then in overtime, here is young way coup on the 41 yard game winning field goal. Let's listen up to both the Panthers radio network and then the Falcons radio network. Three man rush, takes the snap, drops back, rolls to his left, he's flush, loads up, airs it deep downfield for DJ Moore behind his man, caught the ball, DJ Moore caught the ball. How did that happen? Oh my goodness.

This is amazing. This will be a 48 yard extra point. Jansen to snap, Hecker to hold the snap, the hole, Pinheiro drives his leg through the kick is up and no good.

This game has had everything, every emotion. Wow. 41 will be the number here. Snap spot. Two for the win, kick is away and drive home safely. Young way coup from 41 yards wins the ball game. I don't know if that was the way that it was recorded or distributed because the first call that we played you, the Panther call sounded like they weren't even in the stadium.

And then this is a Falcons home game. So we know West Durham is there, but that sounded like he wasn't in the stadium either. Do you have any clue how we record those things? That sounds off to you. It sounded like we were in an ocean a little bit to me. Oh, it's not a fine to me.

I don't know. That just didn't sound good. By the way, that Hail Mary call, I need a, I need a little bit more from the announcers. The extra point, the Miss extra point was a better call than the Hail Mary call.

That's a problem in the game. Marcus, Mario to 20, 28, 253 yards, three touchdowns, two interceptions, Kyle Pitts, five receptions, radiards, and a touchdown, PJ Walker going to start again next week. T for temple you baby 19 to 36 or 17 yards, a touchdown to pick Deontay Foreman, 26 carries for 118 yards and three touchdowns.

And DJ Moore, six for a buck 52. And that score that you just heard Falcons, they go to four and four and they're in first place in the NFC South. And the NFC South is the only division without a team having a winning record sitting in first place. Cowboys, Bears. Ezekiel Elliott did not play.

No problem. Tony Pollard may be showing that he's better 14 carries for 131 yards and three touchdowns. Dak Prescott 21 to 27 for 250 yards, two touchdowns and a pick Cowboys blow out the Bears. Tony Pollard, a 54 yard touchdown run his third of the game.

Here's Brad Sham on the Cowboys radio network. Handoff Pollard coming left foot in the ground, first down and more 50 good block from the tight end sideline, touchdown Tony Pollard. Let's go to the dolphins and lions, the lions at first all week. I'm looking at that number Hickey. And I'm saying the dolphins are only a three and a half point favorite. What does Vegas know that I don't know? So I'm staying away.

Not going to touch that number. Dolphins end up winning by four, but they were down 14 to nothing and then down 21 to 20. But good teams just find the way to get the job done. And that's what the dolphins did. Here is Mike Gosecki, an 11 yard touchdown reception to make it 31 to 27 in the third quarter.

Here's the dolphins radio network as the dolphins move to five and three. Two out of the shotgun, back to throw now, looking, throws it, touchdown Miami, Mike Gosecki. The dolphins have their first lead in this football game. And to a tongue of my lowest showing that he is a legit starting quarterback in the NFL. Every game he started this year, the dolphins have won.

He's five and Owen games that he starts and finishes the way that we should say it. And two of 29 to 36, 382 yards and three touchdowns. And he's the first dolphins QB in history to have 350 plus yards, three plus touchdowns and no interceptions while completing at least 80% of his passes. Tyree kill on historical rate, 12 catches for a buck 88. He's on pace to get well over 2000 yards, Jalen waddle eight catches for 106 yards. And he did have two touchdowns in the contest as he waddled like a penguin in the end zone two times. And right now, Tyree kill leads the NFL with 961 receiving yards, Jalen waddles fourth. The NFL was 727 receiving yards per field Yates. They have now combined for 1688 receiving yards through eight games. The most by any teammates through eight games in the Super Bowl era, we next go to a game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Cardinals, Kirk cousins, five yard touchdown pass the friend to show KJ Osborne.

This made the game 34 to 26 in the fourth quarter. Let's listen up to Paul Allen on the Vikings radio network, Madison heads to the backfield cousin shotgun, short drop throws right and touchdown KJ Osborne has given the Minnesota Vikings a 34 26 lead. The Vikings defense is the story to me here. Zadaria Smith had three sacks in the game. They picked off Kyler Murray twice. Patrick Peterson had a great game up against his old team and then was looking for Steve Kym after the game and was wondering why Steve keeps on ducking him.

That was a great social media clip. Kyle and Mary and Cliff Kingsbury, they'll just continue to disappoint 31 to 44 for three into 26 yards, three touchdowns, two picks. And we'd mentioned the Vikings defense, their offense we know is so good.

Kirk's a really good quarterback, not great, but really good. 24 36 and 32 yards and two passing touchdowns, but they could just beat you so many different ways. Dalvin cook on the ground had 111 yards and a score.

Justin Jefferson six receptions for 98 yards. You have feeling you have KJ Osborne Alexander Madison did have a touchdown Vikings. They are a top three team in the NFC. The Eagles clearly the best team in the NFC and they blew out the Vikings when they played them and the Eagles are seven and oh you get in that conversation. Who is the second best Vikings are right there at six and one. We'll see what the 49ers are also like at the end of the year. They're four and four with a lot of talent as well. It's in Raiders.

I have a buddy of mine Hickey good college friend my buddy Michael. He's a huge Raiders fan like dresses up his fiance knew that he was a huge Raiders fan. But when they first started dating didn't tell her that he dresses up like that now since they're engaged gonna get married in September on Labor Day weekend. He wears all the crazy gear when he goes to these Raiders games. They made the trip together to New Orleans which is a great place to go.

No one's one of the best cities in America. Imagine paying all that money tickets hotel airfare food drinks and your team doesn't even score a point and they never even make it a game in a game that was winnable on paper for you going up against a banged up Saints team. I think I should leave the stadium. You take it all off you throw it in the trash and at least leave it changed in the field as you go to Bourbon Street after the game dressed in like the black hole garb you can't be doing that.

That's the one place you probably fit in. You got to make a quick change in the hotel a little bit early for Mardi Gras probably what they thought Saints win 24 to nothing Alvin Kamara 36 yard touchdown reception to make it 24 zip. Here is Mike Haas on the Saints radio network Kamara in the game at 158 total yards. He led the Saints in receiving and rushing at three total touchdowns. Listen up long count Dalton to throw looking looking comes in across the middle career is kind of 25 20 15 10 near side and he will scoop into the end zone. Alvin Kamara does it again.

Three for three three TV's for a cave that was actually his best call of the season Mike Haas. I'm usually down and I give him some craze there praise there. I am very fair. Let's just say Devontae added to this game one reception for three yards had a rush for negative one yard Derek Carr got bench only at 101 passing yards and the Raiders didn't cross midfield until 315 remaining in the fourth quarter Patriots and the Jets Zach is back.

All right. Not in a good way. Zach Wilson three interceptions but let's listen up to Bob Sosie and Scott Zolak.

I wonder what sound effects Scott Zolak has here. This was on fourth down on third down. They went third and one. They didn't run the football. They went five wide. They spread him out once again. I'm screaming at the TV run the ball run the ball run the ball.

They didn't listen. Jacoby Myers finds the end zone this made it 13 to 10 fourth and one from the five Jones again in the gun Myers to his left trips to the left including Stevenson wires motions to the right wing snap loaded Jones he throws a right to come in with the catch first down to the end zone touchdown Patriots. He was very calm Zolak. He kind of went all Roma on us predicting the plays pointing everything out.

That was very calm for Scott Zolak. Maybe when you win 12 should be 13 or over the Jets. There's no reason to let the emotions out in a game like that. Come on. It's a lack. That's true.

Remind me. Even the Lions coaches. You're right.

You ain't like nerds morons. I love some reminder Steven said hundred forty three yards of total offense. Mack Jones twenty four thirty five hundred ninety four yards a touchdown and a pick Zach Wilson three interception three hundred fifty five passing yards to passing touchdowns that is thirteen straight wins like he said for the Patriots over the Jets. Do you remember? The last time the Jets beat the Patriots. You'll remember the play if you don't know it wasn't Eric Decker in overtime.

Yeah. From Ryan Fitzpatrick December of 2015. I was at that game. Good times. Oh no.

It was actually a terrible day. That feels like forever ago. Bill Belichick pass George Alice for second most wins in NFL history 325 including the playoffs Eagles Steelers A.J. Brown A.J. Brown A.J. Brown three total touchdowns.

Here is Meryl Rees and Mike Quick on the Eagles radio network powered by PNC for the achiever and you I probably should have given him a free ad read but that's how Meryl Rees sounds. Hurts looks fakes still looking. He is going deep down the far side and it is A.J. Brown again another touchdown.

Twenty nine yards boom six receptions for a buck fifty six and three touchdowns Jalen Hurts nineteen to twenty eight two hundred eighty four five yards and four touchdowns Eagles have tied a team record for best start in franchise history Titans Texans for the angry board up in the morning Pete the bossy baladi geez. He was all upset with me today Pete take it easy now Hickey you are dressed up like Dwayne the Rock Johnson. Maybe we should keep you there and in the morning you should just be at the board and give a signature Dwayne the Rock Johnson phase when Pete the bossy baladi starts to speak. Do you have any idea what that phrase would be. No clue as a big rock fan as you can see that I am shut up and then a word that rhymes with it.

Interesting. I think I may get fired so I will not do that. I'm not sure if I can actually say that on the radio loose standards around here these days. I think I could have but it better to be safe and sorry. You know I don't want friendly friendly.

I don't want Pete the body baladi to be mad at me again. How could I survive with my day Titans Titans Titans Titans Titans Titans Titans Titans happy Derek Henry twenty nine yard touchdown run to make it seven to three in the second quarter Mike Keith on the Tennessee Titans radio network give it to Henry twenty five twenty fifteen outside of the ten puts a move on to the five stiff arm dives over the pile on touchdown Titans that was a man sized run by the man Derek Henry Derek Henry thirty two carries for two hundred and nineteen yards and two touchdowns four straight games of two hundred plus rushing yards versus the Texans. That's the craziest out of them all. You know how I say that the team that plays in Tennessee is your football team's daddy. Well Derek Henry is the father of the Texans to commanders and Colts. I was Texas there in this game and you said you wanted to see your Indianapolis Colts lose. Well Taylor Ham Heinecke came up in the clutch to Terry McClurean a thirty yard grab got it down to the one yard line and then you did have the one yard touchdown run from Taylor Ham Heinecke. This made it seventeen to sixteen with twenty two seconds left and got me a cover.

Here is the commander's radio network. Here's Heinecke with the snap three wide receivers to the left Colts break for Heinecke steps up now he pucks steps back throws one down deep down the center of the field and that is towards Terry McClurean to fight for it at the one and he's got it at the one yard line what a catch by McClurean. One motion camp Sims Heinecke keeps it goes for the end zone. What's the call touchdown touchdown touchdown Washington a one yard run by Heinecke.

How about that Carson Wentz Taylor Heinecke twenty three thirty one for two hundred seventy nine yards and a touchdown Terry McClurean scary Terry six receptions for one hundred and thirteen yards Sam Ellinger seventy to twenty three for two hundred and one yards and did lose a fumble. Forty Niners and Rams. This is a fourteen ten game in favor of the Rams at halftime. The 49ers end up blanking them in the second half. They win thirty one to fourteen Christian McCaffrey have yourself a day.

Are we playing all three of these. He had a passing touchdown a rushing touchdown and a receiving touchdown. Let's listen up to Greg Poppa and Tim Ryan on the 49ers radio network. Kettle in sees inside of IU right they motion McCaffrey backwards pass to McCaffrey and he's going to throw down to be a wide open break at IU touchdown San Fran Sisko he can run he can catch fire Christian McCaffrey can throw it is Garoppolo looking Garoppolo under pressure throws to the back of the end zone caught by Christian McCaffrey touchdown CMC I know my Garoppolo in the shotgun McCaffrey do is right they're going to give it a McCaffrey coming left McCaffrey touchdown San Fran Sisko he has thrown one he has caught one he has run one he can do it all. Wow move Greg Poppa and Tim Ryan up the rankings McCaffrey first player with a rushing passing and receiving touchdown since LT Ladanian Tomlinson in 2005 Giants and Seahawks a little redemption time for Tyler Lockett droplet would have been a touchdown early in the game fumble the ball inside the five yard line and then he caught this touchdown it's a thirty three yard snag to make it twenty to thirteen in the fourth quarter here Steve Rabel on the Seahawks radio network as Geno Smith leads the league in completion percentage he was twenty three thirty four two hundred and twelve yards and two touchdowns Tyler Lockett five receptions for sixty three yards in this touchdown. Geno going to throw again on first down pump fake going to throw deep got a man in the corner he didn't block it touchdown Seahawks what a drive led by Geno Smith. The Seahawks just like how we all predicted are five and three the Giants just like how we all predicted are six and two finally bills and Packers Stefan Diggs have yourself a day here is his twenty six yard touchdown reception to make it fourteen to nothing in the second quarter digs in the contest six catches for hundred and eight yards and a score Josh Allen thirteen to twenty five two hundred eight yards two touchdowns two picks Aaron Rodgers nineteen to thirty two hundred three yards two touchdowns and interception here is Stefan Diggs now the bills have the ball second and one at the Green Bay twenty six Josh takes the stamp going to throw goes to the end zone and this one is caught caught for a touchdown let's see it is Stefan Diggs it is a Buffalo touchdown it is the Zach Yelp show on CBS Sports Radio Packers fall to three and five bills six and one that is no huddle offense. 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other parts for all your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts you want to talk about a scary situation hot take icky on Halloween if I'm a fan of the Arizona Cardinals Kyler Murray got paid Steve Kime got paid Cliff Kingsbury got paid and do you feel any better about the Cardinals this year than you did last year I feel worse last year they got off to that blazing hot start and they crumbled down the stretch this year off to a bad start now if Hopkins back we know how good DeAndre Hopkins is but that team is just not that good that coach is overrated and the quarterback they ask him to do everything but I just think Kyler Murray is a good quarterback sometimes a very very good quarterback I don't see him being an elite quarterback in the NFL and you're and it just goes to show you the Cardinals organization how mismanaged it was when this offseason they got bullied by their quarterback that's why Kylie got paid he had that whole entire fit starting right around Super Bowl week and social media was kind of putting some reports out there you didn't do yourself any favors and you pay the GM and head coach but it's like you reward them for what well I think the quarterback was going to get paid regardless in due time because he's a good quarterback he's not a great quarterback and we've seen this story over and over again in the NFL good quarterback to get great quarterback money so has he shown you enough in the first few years where you're going to give him another contract I thought I think he would have but the unnecessary move where you are right where they expedited that process and maybe could have had a little bit more of a fight or maybe could have put her off another year was really when they gave Kaim and Kingsbury extensions going into their final year of the deal through 2027 they could have just given Kaim and Kingsbury a two-year extension you don't have to give them extensions through 2027 there's a way to not make them a lame duck GM and lame duck head coach optically without giving them all those guaranteed years at all those pictures be big-time years through 2027 that's what never made sense to me they could have just extended them both through 2024 if they wanted to well this they ran in their final year of the deal give them two-year extension seven through 2023 seven through 2024 and at least that makes it manageable because I don't know about you do I think they're gonna show me enough where they deserve to come back next year Kaim and Kingsbury no but I think because both of those both the coach and the GM is is tied together through 2027 I think they're gonna get another year and I would say right now it's a wasted year like it looks 2022 is you're gonna be a waste and you're gonna regress 2023 is gonna get much better like if you want to talk about Dodger Hopkins if there are people out there defending Kyle and Murray you don't pay your quarterback 240 million dollars and then all of a sudden all he needs his number one receiver and you know he needs all this help around him you pay the quarterback because they're good enough to lift others around him not needing help so now you can't get out of that contract for the quarterback you can't get out of the head coach contract and now you're sitting there looking at a few wasted years well everyone needs help in order to win no one wins on their own but we've seen people like Tom Brady for example I know that's that's the goat so maybe that's an unfair comparison but a guy like Tom Brady if you want to go back to 2006 had reshape Caldwell and Doug Gabriel as his two best receivers those are not good wide receivers and they got to an AFC championship game now I know that's the goat but you look for your franchise quarterback to find a way to win with less and there's enough there in Arizona with De'Andre Hopkins being out for the first six games of the season now he's back for these last two games where they should have been able to weather the storm and you've seen the most valuable player on that team is De'Andre Hopkins and Kyle Murray I got to treat him to the same standards as the way that I talked about Rodgers where I don't want to hear from Aaron Rodgers that you didn't have Devonta Adams this year you're gonna pay 50 million dollars Kyle Murray wanted the money he got the money now you got to be great or there's gonna be questions about you and I do really believe right that you're gonna see Kingsbury and kind back and I'm with you I don't see how this gets better I don't see how this improves because Steve kind doesn't get my trust Cliff Kingsbury does it like even if Cliff Kingsbury got out to a 5-0 start next year what makes me think that next year is going to be the year we're down the stretch he's gonna be able be able to finish I got nothing tangibly that I could hold on to that makes me think that Cliff Kingsbury is going to be a Super Bowl winning coach or even a coach that wins multiple playoff games in this league how about a playoff game like I'm like I mean you can make the argument there's a first playoff game you know we could point to Lamar struggles but I mean that Kyler Cliff debut last year against the Rams was brutal it was a pantsing it was embarrassing they have a chance on that field and the body language of the quarterback was also terrible awful and you're at home it was bad all around really bad all around they play Seattle net this weekend I trust Seattle more in this game I agree and you know I'm not sold on Seattle and Stan Seattle playoff team but I'm with you I feel more confident in Gino Smith out doing doing enough to win compared to Kyle Murray let me ask you this they're three and five this is ugly the next five weeks they play Seattle when their loss I must be picking the Seahawks right now then the week after that they're in LA against the Rams loss then their home against San Francisco on Monday Night Football loss then Thanksgiving weekend they are home against the Chargers loss by week and the bye week well something they play the Patriots on Monday Night Football the game is in Arizona I'll say should be a win okay so that is in five games you have them going one and four that is nine losses when you go into what would be the final four games of the season not great now all those guaranteed losses no but right now with what I'm seeing from Arizona I would pick Seattle and I've killed the Rams I told you I don't think the Rams gonna make the playoffs I would pick the Rams I would definitely pick San Francisco charges are a toss-up because I just can't trust the charge they have more talent but the charges are so tough to trust and yes I would say that the Cardinals should be able to defeat the Patriots but it surprised you of Bill Belichick I know he's not done great against mobile quarterbacks recently but it surprised you Belichick devises up a game plan to contain Kyle Murray wouldn't surprise me so still two and three talking about eight losses going into the month of December which they've been awful in historical last two years and they go two and three that's that it's it was not only playoff or bus going into this year it's been a playoff game I totally agree to show me that they were taking a step in the right direction but the problem is they extended all these guys you're not going to get rid of Kyman Kingsbury when their contracts are through 2027 so they're gonna get another year I would think but if they lose like six or seven games more the rest of the way maybe Michael Bidwell just says I'm gonna eat the money now and do you see a pass them even get out of fourth place no but we just I mean we're talking about best-case scenario the next five games which are should be all winnable right now if I can predict the NFC West I'll go 49ers win it Seahawks second best team in that in that division could win the division but I'll put the Seahawks in at number two right now I would then go Rams 3 and then the Cardinals 4 I think this would be like a 6-1 team I think they're only maybe seven I only see maybe three to four more wins at most on this schedule I have zero reason to believe in this team and it's a talented team on paper they got talent on this team does that mean something that doesn't mean something has to change again maybe it's not the head coach maybe it's a bad look if I had to prioritize it I don't like Steve Kime but if I had to prioritize it I would say Kingsbury is the biggest problem then Kyle and Murray then Steve Kime and I don't I'm not a believer in Steve Kime but this is not a roster that should be three and five right now with the way that they're built so that tells me that's more on the coach or the quarterback throughout the 60s and 70s the listening you love is on the free Odyssey app your trusted local radio stations coverage of your favorite teams live news from your hometown and millions of podcasts on demand best of all you can completely customize your listening experience follow topics you care about like leagues and teams pause or rewind your local sports and news and add shows to your queue to catch up later there's a lot to listen to so get started and download the free Odyssey app today the listening you love is on the free Odyssey app your trusted local radio stations coverage of your favorite teams live news from your hometown and millions of podcasts on demand best of all you can completely customize your listening experience follow topics you care about like leagues and teams pause or rewind your local sports and news and add shows to your queue to catch up later there's a lot to listen to so get started and download the free Odyssey app today if you love to travel you love cool experiences I think you're gonna love Viator if you haven't heard Viator is the world's leading travel experience marketplace they've got everything from simple 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trying in the Halloween spirit still it's not cuz Zach Wilson may have pulled the Sam Donald yesterday and saw ghosts up against the Patriots defense well that too okay that too he stinks that Wilson if I'm a Jets fan I think the Jets have a good roster and it stinks because they lost Breece Hall for the season Elijah Vera Tucker as well two young players that I have enjoyed watching the last two years for Elijah Vera Tucker and then so far the early stages of the Breece Hall campaign in the NFL as he was on pace it looked like to win the offensive rookie of the year the one difference though between Sam Donald and then Zach Wilson Sam Donald had all the excuses like he wasn't good but he had all the excuses there's no excuses here for Zach Wilson he's got to show me something by the end of the year I would think that he's back next year regardless as a starting quarterback but there would be an enormous amount of pressure on him if he doesn't start giving you enough moments like four or five moments where you say okay he's made four or five plays that make you think he could be the guy because right now he's showing you why he probably isn't the guy with the way that he's played and now he's had a few weeks to get acclimated coming back off the injury he lost them that game yes it is no other way around it I mean he's playing in the NFL the same way you played in his founding year BYU which is run around run out of pocket throw the ball up BYU competition that year in the COVID year was horrendous you had great wide receivers and they would win the battle he's doing the same thing you're throwing the ball up there and guess what it's not working you can't be doing that in the NFL and it's very concerning like I said he was terrible three picks changed the game and it's a reason why the Jets lost you know I'm also starting to get concerned about because not that they have a ton of talent but they have Travis ATN Christian Kirk's a solid receiver maybe not a number one but he's a solid receiver in this league Trevor Lawrence he gave the Broncos all the life that they needed that interception at the goal line was just terrible and you don't have the excuse of Oh Urban Myers there and he was an incompetent NFL coach you've got to win a Super Bowl with Nick Foles there in Doug Peterson that Jaguars team they peaked they peaked when they were 14 to nothing with the two in one record up against the Philadelphia Eagles and ever since they have now lost five games in a row Trevor Lawrence got to start showing me more too because that was the guy that was touted as the next Savior right as hyped as luck as hyped as Peyton Manning big time praise big time hype his college career ended a little bit with the raised eyebrow but he was so good he's already know into this the guy and you look at him so far this year I thought he was going to take a step he is not taking that step yet for the Jacksonville Jaguars he's got to show me more it's tough because you're right he's very inconsistent he'll show flashes once in a while which makes the most almost more manning because you see it in there like he's a lot of talent just can't do on a consistent basis I guess I still view so far him in like eight games in his career like I just I'm gonna pretend 2021 just didn't happen to where it's almost like he's still behind April which is still like his rookie year fair night that's just how great on these right now you look back at that draft class through the first two rounds you see Trevor Lawrence struggling Zach Wilson struggling Justin Fields played a good game yesterday now I got to give him credit but does anyone think Justin Fields is really going to work in Chicago maybe some do but they got to get him more talent and I wonder if they slowly build this thing the next two years if they just say yeah we have no attachment let's go get our next quarterback let's go get another guy so I'm still curious what Justin Fields is gonna be Mack Jones he didn't really show me anything yesterday with that being said though Matt Patricia Joe judge are calling the plays and he's got nothing at wide receiver so it's tough for me to evaluate Mack Jones I would like to see the Patriots this offseason do what the Dolphins did do what the Eagles did and really invest on that offensive side of the ball so we can actually get an answer if Mack Jones is the answer or not Trey Lance we'll see him finally maybe play next year who knows he has he he hasn't either been on the field or not being a starter or he's been hurt so that's gonna be tough to evaluate Trey Lance and really coming off that injury I kind of think next year is a wash year because he won't even be maybe 100% physically but he won't be 100% mentally when you go through an injury that he did go through and Davis Mills all that bull crap in the summer Davis Mills maybe could be the guy he's clearly not the guy with the Houston Texans I know it's early and you don't want to give up so quickly but that's the nature of this league with the with the way that that hype was for that draft class that 2021 quarterback draft class no one's really taken the baton in and running with it so far and serves as reminder again we can watch all the college film we can talk in the office about how great these quarterbacks are going to be no one truly knows no one truly has any idea who will pan out who will develop to what their you know their potential supposed to be and who will just struggle under the the scrutiny the pressure the faster speed that is the NFL well look at Baker Mayfield draft class Baker was the first quarterback off the board PJ Walker is now starting in Carolina he's the backup Sam Darnell by the way was the was the second quarterback third overall pick in that draft he is not healthy right now but he would be the third string quarterback in Carolina drafted after those guys Josh Allen may be the best quarterback in the league you then also had Josh Rosen drafted he's been a boss and then Lamar Jackson fell to 32 you're right we really don't know and look at Baker Mayfield and Carson Wentz guys that were drafted early Baker number one Carson number two Carson Wentz almost had MVP season Carson Wentz out commanders have been better without Carson Wentz not the Taylor Heineck he's been sensational but he's winning games they're now four and four and you look at Carolina they finally had some life in their offense with PJ Walker who I watched at Temple more than anybody I could have never predicted this guy would be making plays like this in the NFL it's the toughest it's the most important position in the NFL it's the most important position in sports it's the most difficult one to really understand if you have the guy or not when you're in the scouting process and this year we're gonna go through a new classic last year it was it was all perceived that there weren't great quarterbacks we'll see what kettie pickett turns into we'll see what Malik Willis turns into like Sam Howell Desmond rid of those guys I don't know how many of those guys are even gonna get a chance but this year we're told this big time quarterbacks go look at it right CJ Stroud Bryce young I guess you throw Hendon Hooker into the conversation Anthony Richardson like is he gonna be a first round pick what the will let this we'll see what the conversation we're gonna have but look at the quarterback draft class with Borough Tua and Herbert Herbert at one time was thought to be number one overall pick he didn't fail to be the third quarterback in that draft he's been great Joe Burrow came out of nowhere and then ended up being the number one overall pick and Tua is starting to show why at one time he was believed to be a number one pick before the injury and then he fell to five with what he's doing this year there's no formula for this stuff Ryan none whatsoever and a lot of it is dependent on the team the culture what you got around him like again it's to your point when you invest on the offense you give weapons to quarterbacks for them to succeed it's no it's not a shock that JL hurts into a tongue of all over having career years is here why well could you get him a number one wide receiver like it look how much better look how much easier their job is compared to what Justin Fields is working with when you have no offense to Darnell moonie but Darnell moonie is basically the only threat outside for the Bears is a reason why Justin Fields so far through two years has been nowhere near consistent has been nowhere near kind of showing you he's a franchise guy so far this season for the first time you can hear every Westwood one NFL broadcast stream live for free Mondays Thursdays Sunday nights the international series holiday triple headers and every postseason game catch all the action on the Odyssey app on Westwood one sports dot com via Westwood one station streams are basking Alexa to open Westwood one sports all 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