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All-Time Great Press Conference Moments (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 10, 2024 5:10 pm

All-Time Great Press Conference Moments (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 10, 2024 5:10 pm

Next QB to win a Super Bowl Draft I Ryan Hollins, Former NBA Player I Favorite Press Conference Moment

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With an awesome network and great savings, there's never been a better time to join T-Mobile. Visit your neighborhood store to make the switch today. Alrighty, and away we go. Hour number two of our radio program on this Friday. It is the Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network coming up 20 minutes from now. Former NBA player, currently a Rockets TV analyst Ryan Hollins, is going to stop by.

But I want to do this exercise first. I want to do a draft. Stu, Samter, yours truly. We're going to make five picks each. The next 15 quarterbacks to win Super Bowls.

Now let me be clear. Patrick Mahomes is eligible. Like guys that have already won are still eligible.

It's just the next 15 quarterbacks to win Super Bowls. So whenever Stu is ready, queue up the NFL music and we will get underway. Samter and Stu, heads or tails? Who wants to call it?

Alrighty. If it's heads, we give the call to Samter. If it's tails, we give the call to Stu.

It is heads. What pick do you want? First pick. You want the first pick.

Alrighty. Stu, heads or tails? Heads.

It is tails. Hmm. I'll take the second pick. I want to be smacked right in the middle here. And then Stu will go third. Alrighty.

Samter, fire away. Who are you going with? I mean, do you even have to ask?

No, I'm going to ask anyway. Patrick Mahizzles. Who? Patrick Mahizzles or Holmesies. Who?

The quarterback of the greatest team in the history of football, the... Oh, Tom Brady's coming back? City Jeeves. So you're taking Patrick Mahizzles? Mahizzlesles. Okay. So I'll take Patrick Mahomes with the second pick.

Alright. So Samter goes Patrick Mahomes. I will go Joe Burrow. Stu? I will go Josh Allen. Okie dokie.

Now Stu, this is a snake. We go back to you. Back to me.

I will go C.J. Stroud. Good job. Good job. Good job. Good job.

Good job. Alrighty. So my next pick with already having Mahomes off the board, then having Joe Burrow off the board, Josh Allen and C.J. Stroud. So the next pick that I'm going to go with... Jalen Hurts. I will take Jalen Hurts. Samter?

Alright. So I got snake. I'm going Brock Purdy because those 49ers are on the verge and I'm going... I consider Brock.

Yeah and I'm going two-time. Now the only issue with Brock Purdy, this is the question, is if they don't win it this year, there's a lot of contract questions coming up. So will that roster continue to be as dominant as it's been?

That's fair. But I still think that Brock Purdy has a great chance. I'm going Lamar Jackson two-time MVP after that. You will go with Lamar Jackson.

So now we go back to your boy. Considering Matthew Stafford, I'm not going to go with him. You know who I'm going to go with here?

I'm going to take... I'll take Jordan Love. I'll go with Jordan Love here. The Packers usually find a way to get a Hall of Fame quarterback and a Super Bowl champion. Stu, who's your next pick? My next pick is Jared Goff. I think the Lions are up and coming.

I could see them winning a Super Bowl in the next few years. So that's my first pick. My second pick is Kirk Cousins.

It's going to have to be quick. It's going to have to be probably the next two years. Kirk Cousins? But the Falcons in the NFC, I could see that being a thing this year or next year. Kirk Cousins?

Holy smokes! I want to take Justin Herbert here. And you have Jim Harbaugh. But are the Chargers really ever going to get over the hump?

Are they really ever going to get over the hump? I'll go Chidor. No, I'm just kidding.

So this is my last... Oh no, this is my... I have two more picks. So Herbert would be good value here.

You know what? I'm thinking of someone else. I'm going to rely that he's still going to be there. So I will hold off.

I will go Justin Herbert just based off the value here with the talent. I don't know if you saw when you were asking, oh, will the Chargers ever get over the hump? I'm like shaking my head, no, there's no chance. Because I wanted to take Justin Herbert here. That was your poker face.

Alright, Lady Gaga, you're getting a little poker face. So do this, Samter. Give me one pick here. I know you're giving two, but just give me one pick because I probably want to react to it. I'm going Caleb Williams. Caleb Williams, Chicago Bears.

Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams. I didn't think he was going to get taken by you. Because just when you first get in the league, I know this is the next 15 quarterbacks, I didn't think Samter was going to have that foresight. So then I elected not to pick him on that one. So that's a good pick. That would have been my next pick. You would have taken Herbert, you said?

I would have. In the snake, I would have gone Herbert-Caleb. Unless you went Caleb, I would have gone Herbert with somebody else. Okay, so at least I did take one of your guys away. Alright, who's the next guy? And real quickly, before we all make our last pick so far, Mahomes, Brock Purdy, Lamar Jackson, Caleb Williams to Samter.

I have Joe Burrow, Jalen Hurts, Jordan Love, Justin Herbert, Stu Has, Josh Allen, CJ Stroud, Jared Goff, and Kirk Cousins. Who doesn't belong on that list? You like that? You like that? Alrighty, Samter, take us home here.

So I'm battling between a few, right? There's a guy who has maybe a year to make a splash. I don't think it's going to happen. You got a guy who's a regular season champ but can never do it in the playoffs. I'm not confident in him. Got another guy who's really old but his team seems to maybe be on the rise but also maybe not be. I'm not going to take him. I'm not going to take him.

I'm going to go a little bit off the board here. Here's a guy who, when he's healthy, I think is an elite level quarterback but he's just never healthy. If he can stay healthy, I like their coach. I love the receiver they just gave him.

They have a chance of being very good. I'm going Kyler Murray of the Arizona Football Cardinals. I had him and another name that I was going to throw out there. I thought you were going Tua Tunga Veloa.

I'm not going to lie there. I wasn't going Tua. I don't have faith yet in Tua. There's another name I wanted to throw out there but I'm just not confident in his team enough yet. I am going to throw out a player that most of us have never seen actually play but he is talked about a lot and he's not even in the NFL yet.

And he hasn't even started a full season yet in college. I am going to go with the lineage. The Manning lineage. And for my last pick, because I do not trust Dak Prescott to get the job done, there's one name that I'll see if Stu takes it and I'm fascinated by if Stu will take it or not. So I will not throw that name out there but I will go with Horns Up, not Horns Down.

I don't want to offend anyone with Texas. Brian Jones will be on the line ready to punch me through the face through the phone. I will take Arch Manning. That's actually a smart pick, especially doing it over Quinn Ewers.

Very interesting. And also, we're talking about the next 15 quarterbacks to win. Brady Kidd, does he play football? Maybe we'll draft him. Alright Stu, who's your final pick here?

Alright, a few options here. I will go with Tua. I think if he is healthy, if he... I kind of like the coach, I like the team, the receivers that are around him.

The health is really the only concern. Obviously you want to see him do it in the playoffs but of all the guys left, I trust Tua in that system more than the others. So here are the picks in the order. Sampter goes Mahomes, I go Burrow. Stu goes Josh Allen. Then Stu takes CJ Stroud.

I go Jalen Hurts. Sampter goes Brock Purdy, Lamar Jackson. I then take Jordan Love. Stu then takes Jared Goff and Kirk Cousins. I then go Justin Herbert. Sampter then goes Caleb Williams and Kyler Murray. I then go Arch Manning.

And then Stu wraps it up with Tua Tunga-Viloa. Let me just throw out two names here. Did anyone consider, yes or no, Trevor Lawrence?

Yes. From my last pick he was one of the two guys I considered. Sampter, did that ever cross your mind? I had him on my list but not above any of the names that were picked. Maybe above Cousins I would have taken him but no other name would I have taken him above. And isn't that funny just where the stock is of Trevor Lawrence right now?

Where it's a great unknown. Where if we did this like three years ago, I think someone would have taken Trevor Lawrence because he was hyped up to be that guy. Year one was a disaster with Urban Meyer. Then year two they got to the second round of the playoffs in year one of Doug Peterson. And then last year he got hurt. I really did contemplate Trevor Lawrence.

I did. Because you have a Super Bowl winning coach and you still have a quarterback that I think will end up playing better. But that division is getting very good inside the AFC South. Now the other name, and I think this is very telling too, could be going to a new team after this year or it could be signing a long term extension. Where was the consideration for Dak Prescott?

I'll start with Sampter. I considered Dak over Kyler but for me at the end it was either going to be Kyler, Dak or Jayden Daniels. But I just don't have faith in the commanders as a franchise but I think Jayden Daniels will be very good. Even with Snyder out? Yeah because even with Snyder out they seem to be making a lot of very odd decisions or weird moves and there's a lot of question marks still there.

It's Peter Sire. It's not what it was but there's still a lot of smoke around that commanders franchise. But Dak and Jayden were kind of in that same zone for me. So let me just ask you guys this. Let's just do Dak or this QB real quickly. For this exercise would you have rather gone with Dak or Aaron Rodgers?

Sampter. Rodgers. Rodgers.

Snoop, I agree as well. Which is crazy. An impossible task to win a Super Bowl with the Jets. But it's also an impossible task to win a Super Bowl with the Cowboys. It's absolutely going to happen now that I'm not a Jets fan anymore.

Like after 40 years of being a fan they're absolutely going to win it the year that I'm rooting for the Chiefs. Drake May or Dak? Dak. Dak. You guys think I'm going with Dak? You guys think I'm going with Dak? I mean I think your fandom tinfoil hat will convince you to go with Drake May but you should go with Dak. No I would go with Dak. But I've been listening to a lot of Drake May interviews. I like what I'm here.

I like what I'm here. Deshaun Watson or Dak? Dak.

I think Dak too yeah. I'm taking Aiden O'Connell over Deshaun Watson. I have zero faith in Deshaun Watson. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I have zero faith in Deshaun Watson.

That's really dumb. He hasn't been an elite level quarterback in four years. I know but Aiden O'Connell will never have one season that Deshaun Watson like worst season is. Deshaun Watson might have better seasons statistically than Aiden O'Connell. At least for the Raiders dude. I just don't have faith in Deshaun Watson and that Browns team is built to win now and they don't win in the next year or two.

Like eventually the Piper is going to come for the payment and they're not going to be able to afford the rest of that roster. I think the upside is higher for Watson over Dak so I would go Watson. Even though I've been very critical of Watson. Pittsburgh. Russell Wilson or Dak? Dak. Well you already gave the answer. Stu?

That's a good one. I think Dak. I think Dak. I don't trust Russ. Russ could get benched by week 9 for Justin Fields if he's not returning kicks. The Steelers are making the playoffs with like Mason Rudolph and Kenny Pickett. If Russell Wilson is at least a shell of what those guys... They've got like two years left of being a solid quarterback. Yeah but a solid quarterback with that defensive. TJ Watt is healthy with that defense and obviously like the talent they have on the offensive side of the ball now. That's a team that could do something.

To be clear this is long term this exercise as well. No but we're saying like who's going to win the Super Bowl next? I understand that but I'm just saying like you've also got to think long term too. Like hey we just all said Rogers over Dak. Dak's going to play longer than Rogers. Right but we also know Dak might be off the cob.

Can you let me finish the thought? I'm setting it up for the next team and the next team. I'm just saying with Dak. It's the Colts. I would go Anthony Richardson his future over Dak. Santa. Dak. Stu? Richardson. Davis or Dak? I will go Dak. Dak.

We're not even getting... we can't even give the Raiders like some high school kids. It's Dak. Bo Nix or Dak? Dak. Dak I agree.

I'm just going guys that we did not pick because obviously we know the ones that... I'm not going to do Daniel Jones or Dak. It's Dak. Jayden Daniels or Dak? Jayden. Jayden Daniels. I would go Jayden Daniels too. JJ McCarthy or Dak to win a Super Bowl?

The Vikings are set up and I really like O'Connell. I'm going to go JJ. I'll go Dak.

I will go JJ as well. Baker Mayfield or Dak to win a Super Bowl? Dak.

That's a good one. Man Dak with the Cowboys I would go Dak but again Dak might be playing for like... Just the player. Yeah I think it's going to be... I'm going to go Baker.

Interesting. I will go Dak. Saints don't have a long term quarterback right now. It's so funny that we gloss over Derek Carr so quickly. This guy was almost an MVP before we got hurt. Derek Carr would love to be Dak.

It's so funny though. We threw out Bo Nix's name but we won't even throw Derek Carr's name into the mix. Michael Pennix Jr. or Dak? Michael Pennix Jr. over Kirk Cousins that's for sure. If Kirk Cousins were the Super Bowl, Pennix is too.

Yeah that's true. Does that count? Can you be the backup? We should have taken Carson Wentz. He's the backup of the Chiefs. Yeah seriously.

I don't know if that counts. I'll go Michael Pennix Jr. Bryce Young or Dak? Dak. Yeah I just don't trust the Panthers franchise so I'll go Dak. Matthew Stafford to win another Super Bowl or Dak. I will go Stafford.

Me too. Stafford. Stu? I mean Santer?

Sorry. Stafford but the Aaron Donald thing really scares me away. That team is so on the rise. But they have so many other young defensive linemen that kind of broke out that maybe they can fill that hole a little bit. But man Stafford's one of those guys. I think he's got one or two more years left and they don't do it right now. I don't know if they're ready.

They might be but the Donald thing really screws them. I think there's a better chance that Stafford wins another Super Bowl in the next two years than if Dak plays another eight years he wins a Super Bowl. If he goes to a different team. I look at the Rams now. The Rams are not as good as they were and Stafford is three years older than he was the last time. So like I guess but I'm not.

I still think Dak maybe. Alrighty we'll take a time out here on the Zach Gelb Show on the Infinity Sports Network. Ryan Hollins will join us next as we'll chat a little NBA postseason with him. Then where's his concern level for the Boston Celtics live nation presents concert week. Now through May 14th get twenty five dollar tickets to over 5000 shows. That's up to 75 percent off a summer full of your favorite artists like 21 Savage Alanis Morissette cage the elephant Celeste Barber.

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S.I.P.C. We will get to Ryan Hollins in just a second. It is a Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network. But I want to play this Jason Tatum audio from last night once again because I want Ryan's reaction on it. Here is Jason Tatum after the Celtics did drop game two to the Cavs the series all tied up at one of Pete. I mean that's the narrative that you might see on TV the idea that we have a super team twofold right. We didn't have a coach of the year. We didn't have MVP. We only had two all stars. So say we're a super team but you know we didn't get rewarded like we are.

We know we got a good team. We're not perfect. We played the right way more often than not and we know we got to be better. But you know for I guess saying people that are spoiled from our success you know we don't pay attention to those things.

We just go out there and control what we can't control. So that was Jason Tatum last night as the Celtics did drop game two and they'll have this series over the weekend go back to Cleveland. Now joining us is Ryan Hollins. Ryan appreciate the time as always. How you been my man? I'm good brother.

Well thanks so much for coming on. So you heard that audio that we just played from Jason Tatum. How did you react to it because a lot of people have opinions about it today. I have a problem with it. You got to keep a little bit of that chip on your shoulder to say hey we got looked over. I thought we were better than that.

We got work to do. I don't have any issue with this mindset and in all reality man the Celtics were so good this year and they should be frustrated with losing to Cleveland. I don't think it's the end of things but this is the challenge that we've had with Boston the whole season. They have moments where they look untouchable. You know you almost want to hand them the NBA championship and then they have moments where they don't shoot the ball well from three. They struggle to create one on one and Jason Tatum as great as he is he can even look uninterested you know and be pedestrian at ballgames.

But when he is brown and white you know play at a high level man it's almost untouchable and he's right. They do play off of the team game. They do you know drive and kick offense.

You know the one on one drive leads to open shot. They lead themselves defensively. You know they can really get out and switch screens and you know have versatility in their lineup. So they didn't play the part but we've seen that all season long. And let's see how they meet the challenge. But it's really hard and it's like we've been saying this for a couple of years now with Boston right when you want to jump on the bandwagon and say like they're going to be champs we're in.

We believe in them. They do not come and play the standard and finish well. Yeah that's why I don't get what he's so mad about. I know there's so many like press availabilities like Brad Stevens that when executive the year I don't think he should have this season. I thought it should have gone to either Sam Presti or Leon Rose like Missoula should have been coach of the year. Tatum shouldn't have been MVP and everyone with the Celtics Ryan.

You even said it at this point. I don't really care what they do in the regular season because it's about getting back to the NBA Finals and hoisting that Larry O'Brien trophy. And I looked last night last night doesn't change my opinion about them. They're still going to the NBA Finals out of the Eastern Conference. But I can't sit here and say that I'm all that confident that whoever comes out of the West that they're going to find a way to beat them four times in a seven game series.

It's up in the air and the reason I can I can assume you have your hesitations that can correct me if I'm wrong. We all had Denver and right now pound for pound. The Timberwolves are looking at like that team and the challenge that we have with the Timberwolves correct me if you feel the same way or you don't is that they struggle offensively. They don't fit all those pieces to the puzzle. They're not perfect pieces. Now they're done. They're perfect defensively.

They can get after you. They got bodies to throw at your best player. They got bodies of thought. Nicola Jokic and he's a three time MVP but they can struggle offensively. We've seen different Timberwolves teams but like pound for pound. They're a lot more physical and you know it's interesting. The NBA had been a game of skill when you look at Golden State and the way that they've won and they've had a lot of success. But lately it's been the teams that can just out out physical you out match you look at Denver success. If you see in Boston this year they're just bigger all the way around and with results for Zingis when he's healthy they're a different team and a lot is going to hinge on him being healthy. Maybe they can afford to kind of let him sit out and rest Denver Denver to beat the crap out of L.A. then they're just bigger.

They call a yellow pitch and Porter Junior and Gordon man. They were just much more physical so it looks like that's where the team success is lying. So I think there are more questions than answers and I think there's still parity in the NBA. I don't think we can just crowd Boston. I don't think we can crown clearly not the Nuggets being down 0 2 in the Timberwolves. We still got to believe in who they are but I think I'm loving the Timberwolves more than anybody right now. Yeah I'm with you and I love what Anthony Edwards has been able to do in a win that game too without go bear and to still put on that defensive clinic was absolutely phenomenal and amazing to watch Ryan Hollins is here with us. With all that being said you had the game three tonight now going back to Minnesota. How much of a chance do you give Denver of coming back and maybe winning this series.

I give him a huge chance. At the end of the day world champs are going to go away. Now the struggle is they don't have a chance without Jamal Murray. So with Jamal Murray they're going to go back this thing is going to go seven games there's no question but without a man this could be easy for one could be down three one going into this next game at least at a minimum.

And here's the thing. The reason Jamal Murray is important in this series Minnesota can do what they can match up with the color yellow because they can throw bodies at them their physical and they don't find the mismatches normally you get a mismatch with Aaron Gordon. Aaron Gordon's posting up your guard as the third option the you know the third option the offense. You don't get that against the nuggets. So you need Jamal Murray to open the floor up for Nicole a yogurt so that he can get a hit open threes and he can make plays or Jamal Murray who may have to be super and over aggressive down the stretch.

But if that angle is bad and he can't go and excuse me the calf is bad he can't go and he's a shell of himself and the series is as good as over. Did you think it was a mistake by the NBA to not suspend Jamal Murray after he threw a towel at a ref and then threw the heating pad on the court while the game was going on. I think the NBA got this absolutely correct. And the reason I think they got it right is this is the first time we've seen something like this from Jamal Murray. Now I think that the second time he's going to be missing a handful of games if he does it again. I think right now it was frustration that set in.

You don't want to look back. And this is the keys that we said this before. I've heard you on the show say you don't want the referees to determine a game and you in the same breath. You don't want the NBA to determine a series. So allowing him to play I think he's been embarrassing now. And if it happens again he's going to miss a lot of time on top of the money. And I think the NBA got it right. And I think Jamal will be first to tell you that he made a really silly mistake. And you can say somebody wouldn't have gotten hurt but all it takes is a wrong slip or step and somebody could have gotten hurt. So hopefully Jamal can grow and learn from this. And it's shown to be silly enough to not happen again.

And I want to be clear here Ryan Hollins. I thought he should have been suspended for a game. I never during the playoffs advocate for players to be suspended.

Because like you said I don't want to see that impact series. But when you do the money signed to the refs you throw a towel at the officials and a heating pad on the court. That was just too much for me.

But the NBA elected not to suspend him and they ended up finding him one hundred thousand dollars. Let me say this. Let me say this.

Mike Malone ran in the face of an official not wrong. Here's the thing. Here's the thing what I like about the league right now. There's a lot of emotions. The competitive level is high. We've got great series. We're going to have a new champ crowned this year.

When I say new I say new territory. So I'm the color. Jokic wins a second NBA championship. He's going to be in these conversations. He's going to be spoken about in a completely different light. If it's Anthony Edwards he's going to have a fast track to be in the face of the league. If it's Jason Tatum this is the only thing that Jason Tatum hasn't done. So we're going to have a new champ that we can get behind. And this is so important Zach.

I've heard you. You've been spitting about this on the show. Who's going to be the face of the league. Who's going to take the torch from the bronze. So we're going to get that step this year in the right direction. It's not Steph Curry coming out and doing something again.

We're going to have a new base in which we can rally behind. Nikola Jokic won his third MVP the other night. I would have liked to have seen SGA or Jalen Brunson win the award. Who do you think should have been the MVP this year. My heart was with SGA but my head and my logic was with Nikola Jokic.

Now here's the tough thing for Nikola Jokic in the league. Nikola could give a darn if he wins the MVP or not. He's not going to be in tears. He's not going to be thanking his mother on the platform. He's not going to be shouting out his high school coach and everything. He's going to get right back to playing basketball.

It is tough. But statistically what he does is important to Denver. He's the center of the shot block of the point guard. There are moments where he leads the Nuggets in every statistical category on top of them having an incredibly successful year. So he deserved it by the numbers. Now the challenge is with coming into play and where the Jokic haters are coming and believe me believe you me I've been one of them. Is that is it good for the game. What's the criteria of the MVP.

You know where does it go. But if you've seen what he does and what he means to the team. There's no other player in the league that does what he does. It's unbelievable.

And it's just it's the oddest thing. He's built like a sack of potatoes but the guy goes out and falls and he just absolutely dominates. So he absolutely deserves the award. But I would have been excited because it would have been big for Shea and you could have got behind them and the excitement would have been there but he wasn't the MVP over Jokic. But you've been a Nicole Jokic hater before. Did I catch that right.

Of course I was teaming B and B. How are you. Until MVP. He can't. He got hurt. He has been available. That's the best ability is availability.

I was teaming B. Gotcha. Ryan Hollins here with us talking about availability. Luca Doncic just playing game one that nice brain clearly impacted him last night. Not so much. When you look at Thunder and Mavericks is it the health of Lucas need that will ultimately determine this or is it something else.

You know it's funny man. Before we saw over in Houston before we saw Dallas it was a big game is actually the game that really knocked the Rockets out of the play in because the Rockets came on like wildfire. Zach you everyone saw what my guys were doing and Luca was questionable into the game. His knee was sore. We didn't know if Luca was going to play and Luca goes on to just drop off. No I don't know if it was 50 maybe 47 that could have been 50 it's 47 like 10 minutes to go. He shoots a shot off the off of the jumbotron that went in.

I can't make it up. I'm sure everyone saw it. And to say what I'm saying is that he's been sore for a long time. Yeah.

OK. I'm worried about the knee. I expect him to play. And if he sits out. Yeah of course the Mavericks are toast.

There's no question there. But I bring that up to say I don't expect this dude to sit out. He won't play through whatever it is.

I don't think he's going to sit out. But it's just how effective can he still be. You know he plays in slow motion.

You know he's going to be a little sore like hey you know I'm saying like you're not asking a guy this guy moves in slow motion. Him and Jokic could play on a sword knee and drop a 50 ball because they don't even they don't jump hired. He's a young fella has some balance. He's not Jokic but these guys do not depend on their their their athleticism. They play just at their own pace at their own speed and they don't even jump in moments.

I've seen Luca just shoot grandpa shots at the rim sometimes. You know so he can still be very effective and to say no from the other side. These are the things we're saying in the locker room. Go test him officially. See how that knee feels. How does he feel pushing off going to his left to beat him. Put him in place where you have to try that knee out and attack him and make him have to work.

So that would be the game plan on the other end. Wrapping up with Ryan Hollins Pacers and Knicks OG and Adobe out tonight Knicks are up to well in this series. How much of a chance you give the Pacers to take the two on their home court and send this back to MSG for a game five all tied up at two apiece. I think the Pacers get another one that means Pascal Siakam is going to have a field day. He matches up excellent with Pascal Siakam and OG has been playing career basketball man. He has been tearing things up and he's been a real X Factor for the Knicks. If you got a chance to really watch New York this year.

He was a piece that they missed that big defender who can hit a corner three and doesn't need the basketball in his hand. So I think Indy takes this one. So you think they win tonight.

But do they take both three and 40. You think one one. Oh no. Oh no.

Hit the Buffalo Wild Wings man. We need seven out of this one. Last thing I'll ask you next coach of the Lakers. I think it's going to be J.J. Redick.

How about you. Yeah I think there's a strong chance. I think everybody's laughing and he he and I'm at the idea J.J. Redick two words and I'm sure you're fond of this name that Steve Kerr the equipment very successful stickler for the game knows how to talk. I played with J.J. I think you've been excellent candidate and that's the way that the league is trending towards so hats off to J.J. would not surprise me at all.

And I think he's ready for a moment like this man. I'll give you two words LeBron James. Let's just be real right. LeBron James wants J.J. Redick at the coach will probably be the next coach. That's the way I think about it. Yeah.

And you know what they may do. They may match up J.J.'s contract with the bronze contract and a LeBron has played at a high enough level that he still definitely has that type of say. But I think J.J. Redick deserves his flowers too.

So I think it can be much more than a LeBron move but it doesn't hurt to have someone advocating for you that is one of the greatest if not the greatest ever. We'll have that debate later Zach. He is Ryan Hollins. Ryan have a great weekend. We appreciate it. Thanks so much.

Anytime brother. There you go. Ryan Hollins joining us on the Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network. We will take a break when we come on back. You've got to hear this sound from the Luca Doncic press conference last night. I've never heard anything like this at a press conference. Just absolutely wild.

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Denny Hamlin leads all active drivers with four wins and twelve top fives at Darlington. Alrighty, I gotta play you this audio. I thought it was fake when I first heard it, but this was actually live at the press conference last night. Here is Luka Doncic and some others at the podium.

Just our sharing the ball and our energy was great. So you can hear it faintly in the background. He gets ready to do the press conference and then there is some moaning going on in the background. Now, I think we've all been in that like juvenile state kind of or pranking your friends and you may make a noise like that like when you were in high school.

When someone's trying to speak or do something. If that was like a player doing that to distract Luka, we would have known about it. Someone would have seen the player. But as crazy as this sounds, I don't know if there's some Bluetooth setting at the podium. Maybe someone in the media or someone in the tech department there was just watching a little pornography. Trying to see how we were going to make that clean for the radio.

They were watching a little porn and the next thing you know, somehow their device got connected to whatever Bluetooth is at the podium. Like that's the only thing I could think of, Samter, if it wasn't necessarily just someone making those noises in the background and just kind of pull like a prank on Luka Doncic. I was kind of hoping that it was some fans who snuck down into the underbelly of the arena and were just kind of enjoying themselves. Oh, you thought it was that way?

That's right, I was kind of hoping like hey, get at it. Thunder fans lose that game. They're trying to blow off some steam so have a little nookie time in the back of the press conference room. Why not, baby? Well, we had someone prank call us like a few weeks ago, remember? There's some jackass kid that was just making those noises and I go, that's what you're pranking in the year of 2024. Like out of all the things you can do to prank, that's a level you're going to go to.

You could do a lot better prank than that. But anyway, it got me thinking. Not that that's like an all-time great press conference moment.

It's just funny. But what's your favorite press conference moment? For me, it's the former Colorado coach Dan Hawkins.

This is my favorite rant at a press conference and really this was amplified. Remember that show, Best Damn Sports Show Period, with Chris Rose and John Salley and a few other people that were on that show? Dibble I think was one of the guys. Yeah, Rob Dibble was definitely on that. But this was Dan Hawkins and you can't find the original audio anywhere. It's always on Best Damn Sports Show Period so you hear them laughing a little bit in the background. They were playing it on their show all those years ago. I got an anonymous letter from a parent that said, you know, we just kind of bummed out this year that the boys only get two weeks off before they start their summer conditioning program.

Okay. It's Division I football! It's the Big 12! It ain't intramurals! You got two weeks after finals, you got a week of July 4th and you got a week before camp starts. That's a month! That's probably more vacation than you guys get. And we're a little bummed out that we don't get three weeks. Go play intramurals, brother!

Go play intramurals! So that's my favorite press conference moment of just a coach losing his mind or a player losing his mind. Dan Hawkins back when he coached Colorado. Santer, what's yours? I mean, I was deciding between two and as Stu and I were kind of, you know, figuring it out, I asked Stu what his was and he took one of my two. So it was a pretty easy selection for mine.

And this is one of the classics and it was just such a great rant, passionate and empowering at the same time. So this guy right here, Mr. Mike Gundy. If you want to go after an athlete, one of my athletes, you go after one that doesn't do the right things.

You don't downgrade him because he does everything right and may not play as well on Saturday. And you let us make that decision. That's why I don't read the newspaper. Because it's garbage.

And the editor that let it come out is garbage. Attacking an amateur athlete for doing everything right. Are you kidding me? Where are we at in society today? Come after me. I'm a man. I'm 40. I'm not a kid. Write something about me.

I'm writing about a kid that does everything right. That heart's broken. And then say that the coaches said he was scared. That ain't true. And then to say that we made that decision because Donovan Woods, because he threatened to transfer.

That's not true. That's an all-timer. Those are honestly my two favorite. I was between Gundy or I was between Dan Hawkins. I thought the Hawkins one was a little bit more obscure. And my favorite part about it is, just go play intramurals, brother.

Go play intramurals. But the I'm a man, I'm 40 is an all-time moment. Stu, yours isn't John Chaney, correct Amundo?

It is not. Okay, because Largent Park does bring up a great one in the YouTube chat. He thought mine was going to be John Chaney when he literally attacked Calipari. And he's like, I'm going to kick your ass. I asked Chaney about that all those years later before he passed away. And they actually became very close friends later on in life, Chaney and Calipari. And Chaney made the joke how he just waited for him after a game one night in a dark alley, kicked his ass.

And that's how they became friends, which clearly he was joking, but wouldn't surprise anybody if John Chaney actually did that. So who's yours, Stu? Mine is from 2006 after the Cardinals blew a huge lead. We could not have done a better exercise of this. Because I know some people say, playoffs? You're going to make up playoffs? I just hope we win a game. Like some people will say that, but these are, I said, my two favorite that was ever between the Denny Green would have been the third.

One, I am very proud of us right here. The Bears are what we thought they were. What we thought they were. We played them in preseason. Who the hell takes a third game in a preseason like it's bullshit. We played them the third game.

Everybody played three quarters. The Bears are who we thought they were. And that's why we took the damn field.

Now, if you want to crown them, then crown their ass. But they are who we thought they were. And we let them off the hook. I haven't heard that in a while. You know, when Denny Green passed away, obviously you heard it, but my favorite part about that.

It's not just the Bears are who we thought they were. He's like smacks the mic and he goes, if we're going to crown them, then crown their asses. If you want to crown them, then crown their ass. That is, that is awesome. Absolutely awesome. Uh, Tommy Lasorda and his, we would have, Samter would have to use every bleep in America, but he's had some all time great rants too.

Like 500 F bombs in about a minute. Hal McCray had a good one. If you remember the Royals manager, where he went off and started throwing phones at reporters.

But just an interesting note about the Denny Green one. I almost went with it because I was at that game. That was preseason, right?

No. It wasn't preseason? No, that was like, it was like week five, week six. The Bears were like, the Bears were like 5-0 and they were rolling in that season. And the Cardinals had like a three touchdown lead with Matt Leiner at the quarterback. And they blew this huge lead, including like a terrible fumble return for a touchdown. And this was like this Bears team with Rex Grossman. They ended up going to the Super Bowl that year, the Bears. But like, they started the season as like this dominant team that everyone was comparing to be one of the best all time teams and no one could beat them.

And the Cardinals were destroying them. Oh no, he mentions the preseason in the rant. That's why my brain went to preseason. Yeah, because I think they played in the preseason that year too. But that game was incredible and the Cardinals blew it on Monday Night Football with Matt Leiner, their newly annointed top ten quarterback.

That was supposed to change the entire franchise. And you were there? I was at that game and I remember actually watching that press conference on the big screen because I actually had to stay late after the game because I worked for the team. And I'm watching that press conference on the big screen while I was out down on the field. It's crazy.

You're getting roasted in this YouTube chat, by the way. Uh oh, about what? Two-Tone Tony said, yeah, Sam through was there. He was the mascot. That's not nice. The mascot? They thought you were dressed up as the mascot. Well, that's why you were always at these Cardinals.

I'd be very happy to be. Do you know how much money mascots make for professional sports teams? Do they make good money?

Oh my goodness, like stupid kinds of money. Every time I look down today, I feel like you're getting roasted in this YouTube chat. They can roast me all they want. If they want me to be a mascot, I'm too short to be a mascot, but those guys make bank. Well, some thought you were the jockey for Secretariat too. That I could do. I'm too young for that, but I'll be a jockey. All right, we will take a time out.

Well, come on back when we do return. The EA Sports College Football Cover is here. Who are the most five intriguing names for college football this season? Get your quote today at to join the over 28 million drivers who trust Progressive. Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates.

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They're still here. And at the end of the day, it's my job as a mother to keep my child safe. Talk to your child's doctor and learn more at Brought to you by Merck.
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