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Trevor Lawrence Gets PAID (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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June 14, 2024 4:10 pm

Trevor Lawrence Gets PAID (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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June 14, 2024 4:10 pm

Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence inks a massive extension l What will the QB market look like now?

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Exclusions apply. See site for details. Live from the police show, yet not overly ostentatious, studios of the Infinity Sports Network here in beautiful New York City. Sitting on top of the 10th floor of 345 Hudson Street, welcome on in to a Friday edition of the Zach Gelb show across all of our great local Infinity Sports Network affiliates.

Sirius XM, Channel 158, the free Odyssey app, but of course streaming live on YouTube. 855-212-4227 is the number to jump on in. 855-212-4227. You could always get at me on Instagram where I'm straight flexing or via the good ol' cesspool of Twitter X at Zach Gelb.

That's Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. I got Moist Mike. I got Chris Hess. We are rocking and rolling with you all the way up until 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 p.m. Pacific. Aaron Bronstedter, MMA reporter for Sportsnet. He is going to stop by an hour 20 from now as we will react to the least surprising news on the planet that did break late last night. Conor McGregor, Michael Chandler, as I predicted, was not going to happen at UFC 303 once that press conference was canceled. That was supposed to come your way two weeks from now on June 29th. That is postponed because reportedly Conor McGregor suffered an injury and he's going to be out for a bare minimum of two months.

So we will hold our breath. We will wait and we will see when that will get rescheduled. And Dana White has to reschedule it because of how long Chandler was waiting and then the triumphant return of Conor McGregor.

But I will say this right out of the gate. I'll believe that Conor McGregor makes his return to the Octagon when he is actually in the Octagon and they are ready to get that fight underway. And he's walking out to get into the Octagon and fight Michael Chandler.

So we'll chat a little UFC coming up in an hour 20 from now. But let's start with the biggest news of the day. And we turn our attention to the gridiron where Trevor Lawrence, he got the bag.

And let me just say this right out of the gate. Good for Trevor Lawrence. I'm extremely jealous of Trevor Lawrence. I would love to be Trevor Lawrence today for many reasons. Number one, the hair. Number two, he just signed a five year contract worth two hundred and seventy five million dollars and two hundred million of that is guaranteed.

Holy smokes. Like we knew Trevor Lawrence was going to get a lucrative deal. But if you look based off merit, it's not really deserved. But a lot of times in the NFL, you don't have to be great.

You don't have to be proven. You don't have to have an ample amount of success to get paid as if you're the best quarterback in the league, which we know Trevor Lawrence is not. And I'm not even that out on Trevor Lawrence like some people are. But the fact is, with Trevor Lawrence, year one, you could chalk it up to Urban Meyer being a bozo in the NFL.

I'll give you that. Then in year two, he gets a competent coach in Doug Peterson and Trevor Lawrence looked like he was going to be the player that was advertised. But then last year he regressed.

He also got hurt. And the Jaguars were a severely disappointing team that underachieved. We thought the Jaguars were going to be able to take that next step. I thought the Jaguars could have been a dark horse to get to an AFC Championship game, be a dark horse to be the number one overall seed in the AFC.

And they didn't even make the playoffs. So that's a Jacksonville team and a Jacksonville organization. I get why they made this move today, because it's the Jaguars. What are you going to do if Trevor Lawrence fails?

Like, this is your guy. This is your number one overall pick. He has been fine, but he has not been anywhere close to this transcendent generational quarterback that we've been told he was going to be for two to three years when he was in college. And all I'm saying the Jaguars should have done, like I get why they do this today, but what is the harm in waiting? Why not see if he could replicate what he did two years ago and last year was an outlier this season? He's only three years into the league. You didn't have to give him this deal right now, even if you are the Jacksonville Jaguars.

You could have waited, and even if that means the price goes up another million to three million a year, so be it. You would be thrilled if Trevor Lawrence didn't get this contract extension and Trevor Lawrence goes out there this year and tosses, I don't know, 35 touchdowns to 10 interceptions and the price goes up a little bit. Instead, you paid him now when this is a player who the first year in the league, once again chalk it up to Urban Meyer, but he did not play well. The second year in the league, he was a really good quarterback, and last year they underachieved.

So two out of the three years, he hasn't been all that. Two out of the three years, he's made you question and wonder if Trevor Lawrence is ever going to come anywhere close to meeting the hype and the expectations were around him. So this deal to me, and this is not anti Trevor Lawrence, I like Trevor Lawrence. Trevor Lawrence has come on the show twice in the last two years. I think his conversations, whenever he's on the air, are very good, and I was just talking to Ricky Ricardo, who works there, who's the play-by-play, Spanish play-by-play voice of the Yankees, and also does the Spanish play-by-play for the Philadelphia Eagles. And he saw like a gift that I put out last night where Trevor Lawrence with his luscious locks is flipping his hair all through the air, and it was like slow-mo when he was joining us on the show two years ago, and he was like, oh, how was Trevor Lawrence when you talked to him?

And I said, consummate professional, good dude, always enjoy my conversations with him. So I'm happy for Trevor Lawrence, but it's not going to prevent me from saying that the Jaguars should not have done this right now. And Santer, this is the crazy part to me with a lot of these quarterbacks, and this is not foreign territory, this is not uncharted territory where a guy who's been good at times gets great money, but usually there is more success from those quarterbacks than what we've seen from Trevor Lawrence.

Trevor Lawrence, three years in the league, has had one good season, and you're seeing this now from NFL quarterbacks and NFL organizations that they make the decisions very early on quarterbacks. We had a lot of quarterbacks that go in the first round that within a year, two, three years, they're off the team that drafted them, and a lot of times it feels like that occurs for quarterbacks that are in the top 15 picks of the draft. But then on the flip side, because of how lucrative these deals are, it's almost as if the teams tell you that if we think you can be good, even if we haven't seen it on the field for a sustained amount of time, and we think you could be our guy, we're going to get ahead of the curve and we're going to pay you record-breaking money now. So we save a few million dollars a few years from now, and we've seen teams give out these big, enormous contracts to players of all different ages, and then they're taking some of the largest dead cap hits we've ever seen.

Look at recent memory. You know, Jared Goff, I know they ended up working for the Lions, but the Rams, and it worked for the Rams too, the Rams got rid of them and had to eat so much money. Carson Wentz, Russell Wilson didn't even hit his extension with the Denver Broncos. So it's not just younger quarterbacks, it's also older quarterbacks that are getting some of these crazy dollars.

And that's the word to me, Santer, that I'll use is unnecessary. Like, teams think it's necessary to pay quarterbacks that are unproven a ridiculous amount of money because if they hit, they have the contract squared away and they save a few million dollars a season. But wouldn't you rather pay a few million dollars a season more instead of having the problem where a year or two from now, if Lawrence, unfortunately, is more the quarterback that he's displayed the first three years of his career to have been more bad than good, then you have to eat all this money when you're trying to get him off your roster. So this is the Jaguars telling you that this is our guy, and we believe that he's going to be more of the Trevor Lawrence that we saw in year two, rather than what's been bookend by that year two with year one and year three.

And that's been my take with Lawrence, Mike, from the start. And I've sat here many times in this offseason, and when we've brought up and we'll talk about guys like Tua and we'll talk about Jordan Love and guys like that later, I sat here and said, let me see more from these guys before we go give them this king ransom offer. But Jacksonville told you they were confident they were going to get a deal done. Like Peterson said it two weeks ago, he wasn't lying because Trent Balke, Doug Peterson and the Khan family, they gave out 200 million guaranteed to Trevor Lawrence on a five-year contract extension worth $275 million. Yeah, I think just in general, we kind of talk, you mentioned it, but just generally speaking, I don't love this idea of paying a guy $55 million. The salary cap is 255. That's 22% of your salary cap going to one player, right?

You have 55 guys on your roster plus practice squad guys that you have to fill in that other $200 million. It's too much money to go to one guy, and if he is not elite of the elite, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow, those guys who can literally carry a team on their shoulders no matter what kind of talent you have around them. Name the four that you just named again, Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, who were the other two? Allen and Burrow. Allen and Burrow, and only one of those guys has a Super Bowl, and that's Mahomes with three. Right, but those are the four guys I think can probably carry a team on their shoulders. Justin Herbert's close but not quite there. Justin Herbert has to show a lot more.

For sure. Jalen Hurst, there's a couple guys who have that Jordan Love could potentially be those guys, CJ Stroud, but for right now there's four guys who we have seen carry a team. And Rodgers. Yeah, but Rodgers, probably his last year, we don't know who he's going to be.

Year or two max. Sure, Rodgers, but really there's those four guys, and maybe Rodgers four and a half. Outside of that, to give a guy this kind of money to me is just, it's insane in the sense that you're putting everything on this one guy, and if he can't carry your team, you're going to debilitate your chance to do anything. This is what the Cowboys are doing with Dak, and I think it's brilliant. They're refusing to give Dak this 55 because they realize that the only way that Dak can succeed is if he has talent around him.

I think that's a little misleading when you sell it that way. I think that's what the Cowboys are doing. We have seen the Cowboys go through these negotiations before with Dak Prescott, and they made him wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Dak got hurt and then still got the crazy extension. I think this is, I think Dak, why Dak doesn't have a deal, I think it's more so on Dak than it is the Dallas Cowboys, where I think Dak's saying, I have all the leverage here. You guys want to pay me, you guys believe in me, and I have a no-tag clause, so I can get to free agency regardless this year, and it may benefit me to leave the organization. But we'll get back to Dak in a bit. I want to circle back on what you said on the front part of your statement. I don't have a problem, let me be clear.

Like, Sampd and I, we have a disconnect on this in one way. Like, yes, would I want my quarterback to take less money? Of course.

Do I think it's going to happen? No, no one ever does it, but Tom Brady. But I don't have an issue paying the quarterback, the franchise quarterback, a fat contract that takes up a heavy percentage of your salary cap, because it's up to the GM to number crunch and figure out a way, like a lot of great GMs do, to move around and restructure other people's contracts.

I don't have a problem with that part. My problem is when you give out the Godfather offer. And it seems like we give out the Godfather offer now to these quarterbacks when it's not based off merit, it's based off potential, it's based off of hope. And I understand paying a player for the future, but what had the Jaguars seen that would suggest through three years of his career that Trevor Lawrence needs to get this offer right now and needs to sign this right now? All I wanted the Jaguars to do, and I understand you could have waited two more years because you do have the fifth year option, but he's going into year number four.

All I wanted them to do is reevaluate and figure out if they wanted to give this offer and maybe have to tack on a few more million a year, a year from now. Because once again, year one, Urban Meyer's fault, but Trevor Lawrence wasn't good. Year two, he was very damn good under Doug Peterson. And last year they regressed. I know he wasn't 100 percent healthy, but all I'm simply asking is Trevor Lawrence, go out there and reassure me that you could be what you were in year two. And I would have happily, if I was the Khan family, then gave you this offer a year from now, even if it ended up costing me more money. That's all I'm saying.

There was no need to rush to get this deal done. And I get it, the Jaguars are kind of an obscure franchise. The Jaguars, you know, this could be their face to the franchise guy. But if Trevor Lawrence is more like the player in year one and year three than he was in year two, they're going to regret this in short order. I hope he's very successful. I hope he ends up being sensational.

But he was marketed as a generational talent, a transcendent player. And so far on the football field in his NFL career, not talking Clemson, his NFL career, I haven't seen the Trevor Lawrence that we were told he was going to be all that. And it's not because I'm a Jaguar hater. It's not that I'm a Trevor Lawrence hater. I like Trevor Lawrence. But I thought this year they were going to take that next step and they didn't move in the right direction.

They moved in the wrong direction. It is the Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network. Do you think this was a smart decision by the Jaguars right now through three years? What you've seen by Trevor Lawrence to give him a five year contract extension worth two hundred and seventy five million dollars with two hundred million guaranteed. We talked a little bit about Dak. We will talk more about Tua. We'll talk more about Dak.

And also, what do the Packers do now with Jordan Love after this Trevor Lawrence news? Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. You can always find me Instagram and Twitter at Zach Gelb. That's ZACH GELB.

We're coming on back. One, two, three, four. Those are numbers.

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They're still here. And at the end of the day, it's my job as a mother to keep my child safe. Talk to your child's doctor and learn more at Brought to you by Merck. All right. He's talking about the Trevor Lawrence contract right out of the gate. We'll tell you what that means for Tuatunga, Vailoa, Dak Prescott and Jordan Love in just a second. Also, during the break, I looked up who the top 10 highest paid quarterbacks are in the NFL with their average annual salary.

And we'll see if Santer is in or out on those QBs coming up in just a moment. But first eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. A five year contract extension. Two hundred and seventy five million dollars.

Two hundred million guaranteed for Trevor Lawrence. Oliver and Philly wants to chat about that. Oliver, what do you got cooking today, pal? Hey, how are you doing?

Doing great, Oliver. Here's my thing. The thing is, how do you sit there and prioritize or empathize with a contracted or sorry, a contracted contract? What's your point? My point is, I feel like a lot of the time we sit here and we take, you know, long term contracts and we can it's very convenient for us being somewhere where I am.

Discurrently at Western University trying to be a university, you know, trying to be someone like you that gal trying to be a forecaster. Right. And someone that's trying to do that. It's kind of it kind of gets frustrating when certain people say that certain ideologies should be prioritized. And I think that.

I don't know if you agree with me that gal, but. I'll tell you, I don't think that news exactly is going to be. Exactly. The way that we get. Information out there.

Do you have a point, Oliver? Right. I don't think that that's the way that we just like shove information out there.

I think it's more of a collective group. You know that the news broke that he got the contract and we're reacting to it. You understand that, right? Yeah. And that's why I call you. So I have a job and I have to respond to what's out there.

So you're calling this show and responding. I'm waiting for, like, the punch line here. Like, is there a joke? Is this is there like a gotcha moment here to deliver the punch line? If you want.

Well, I wouldn't. I kind of apologize because I wouldn't exactly call it a punch line or a joke. I would kind of call it the first way of just saying that I have a lot to say within within the.

I don't know what it would even be called. You have no point. Thank you. That I've taken a lot of bad phone calls. That's maybe the worst phone call I've ever taken.

I was given him a chance. I sat there for three, four minutes. And there is still. No point that was being made. Now, I think there could be two things there.

One, that was a prank phone call. And that's someone that was just trying to deliver a punch line. And then once I say, oh, deliver the punch line, they got got and they got nervous or two. It sounded like he was saying he was in some college. And if that's the case and he's aspiring to be a media member, you know, God bless.

You know, good luck to you in your career. And maybe he just got nervous. But either one of the either that's someone that's got no time on their hands and they're just trying to prank us, which just deliver the punch line and keep it moving. And then I'll react to that.

That's fine. Or that was just someone that thought they had a point. And then they just kind of froze on the spot when they were given the opportunity to state their case after. What did he say when he called in? I don't know. I wasn't in the room.

This was not screened by me. Oh, hold on. Do you hear that noise? I'm backing up the bus. Oh, you listen, listen, you are backing up the bus and you're just throwing Chris Hess under the bus. Well, you asked me a question. What did he say? I don't know. You were backing up the Hess truck.

Oh, yes. So Chris has let me ask you then, what was his point? Oliver and Philly just wanted to talk about the Trevor Lawrence contract. And if I remember correctly, early on, he said, I don't think he's worth that kind of money.

And anyone who thinks he's like deserves that type of money is out of their mind, basically. So he says that to me, but then doesn't portray it to you. And I was thinking, OK, like, that's his point.

That's fine. But I wasn't expecting a soliloquy. I don't even know if there was whatever the heck that was. I thought I was in the weekend overnight days again when I would talk to people that would be, you know, way too much intoxicated. I was like, huh, what are you trying to say?

I don't know. The one thing I will say is I know that you called into Bart's show and pranked Shep one time. That almost sounded like Shep in a prank sense.

Let me tell you this. And I love Shep. Shep wouldn't have the stones to prank phone call me. It would Shep thinks that kind of radio.

I actually wouldn't say he doesn't have the stones. Shep thinks that kind of radio that I did when I called Bart and I was trying to prank Bart at first. But then I was whoever, Alex in Milwaukee or whatever, and I was getting under Shep's skin for saying that he could coach the Lakers. Shep thinks that is not appropriate radio.

You know, he has told me that he thinks he's above that type of juvenile behavior on the on the good old radio. So Oliver and Philly, I feel like I've taken a call, though, before from Oliver and Philly, I have recognized that name before. Now, there could be many Oliver's in Philly, but that was a call that I just don't understand what the heck was trying to be said. And I and I wasn't being a jerk like I could totally understand their times or someone calls in, says something so stupid.

And I'll lose my mind and I'll go walk. I was giving him a chance to say something. I don't know just the way he was saying my name, like, oh, Zach Gelb, Zach Gelb, you know, I don't know.

My antenna was up. I think there was there was just something bizarre in that one. He didn't say anything stupid. He just didn't say anything at all.

Yeah, it was. Oh, it's like Billy Madison. Everything you just said has made everyone in this room dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points. I may God have mercy on your soul.

Thank you. I usually have to look that up before I recite that. So I'm very impressed that Samter has that right right on the team. He is cultured. My goodness, I love that. That's a great movie. Nobody's ever called the Billy Madison fan culture.

That is the least cultured movie in the history of movies. But you still pulled the quote out and that was perfect for the time being. You came up with it like that. Perfect.

I hate to inform everybody. The reason why Samter was out for three weeks wasn't because he had covid wasn't because his car wasn't working. Wasn't because a tree fell down in front of his house. It wasn't because he was moving. It's because he was practicing for that moment. He got up every day. He recited that in front of the mirror.

And he said, next time Zach needs that line, I'm going to ace it. Don't tell anyone that Samter doesn't put the show first. You want the truth?

You can't handle the truth. Anyway, Samter, yes or no? Is this player worth it? Just at the top 10 average annual value salaries in the NFL for quarterbacks. Joe Burrow, 55 million.

I'm taking Trevor Lawrence out of this, by the way. Yes. Jared Goff, 53 million. No.

Ooh. I actually push back on Jared Goff because the organization has a chance to go win a Super Bowl this year. Like, do I think Jared Goff should be, you know, up until yesterday, the second highest paid quarterback in the NFL?

No. But he's done a very good job there. And I thought they had to get that deal done even if they had to pay more because they have an opportunity to go win their first ever championship.

It smells of desperation from a desperate franchise. At the end of the day, they're not going to regret it if they hold up a Lombardi trophy. But he's not worth that money.

Okay. Well, if he holds up a Lombardi trophy, he's definitely worth that money. Justin Herbert at $52.5 million. He's one of those guys that's tough.

I'm going to say yes. I agree. Because I think he has the talent to be that guy. But there's something missing with Justin Herbert that he should be able to do more with what he has. Even with bad coaching. 114 touchdowns, the 42 interceptions his first four years in the league. Here's what I'll say about Justin Herbert.

He needs to be better in the fourth quarter. But I think the last few years was more of a reflection on Brandon Staley rather than Justin Herbert. Lamar Jackson at $52 million. 100%. Jalen Hurts at $51 million.

Guy who played Mahomes in the Super Bowl. If you had asked me halfway through last year, I would have said absolutely. I think so, yes. I think that he's right on that cusp of that top of the tier two. He just needs to be a little bit more consistent.

Yes, yes. It's a big year for Hurts. Two years ago, he was an MVP kind of player.

Last year, took a step back after getting a 10-1 start. This is a big year for Jalen Hurts, and there's not a lot of weaknesses on that roster. Kyler Murray, $46.1 million. No, but I think he has the potential to be the guy, but no, he doesn't deserve that money. Actually, I don't know why this... Oh, $46.1 million, that's why.

Deshaun Watson, $46 million. Not in any way, shape, or form. After 2020, I would have said yes. You know, but 2021, no.

2022, no. One of the worst contracts ever. A guy going through those legal problems who hasn't played football in a year and a half. You give a fully guaranteed deal.

It was just idiotic by the Bronx. It's a desperate franchise that thought they could get their guy, even if they had to give up all those picks. I can't even say they got him at a bargain.

And they thought, okay, this is our best chance to go get our guy. And so far, he has not been healthy. Kirk Cousins, $45 million. He's a good quarterback.

He's all right. The best bargain in the NFL, Patrick Mahomes, $45 million. That age as one of the greatest, maybe the greatest contract in the history of the NFL.

Tom Brady, for years, part of the reason why the Patriots had longevity with winning was that he was taking below-market value contracts, and he was getting back-end money in other ways as well. But they were still short deals. This was a long deal for Mahomes. Well, so that was part of it was, so he went long-term with a high total guaranteed, high total amount, but a smaller per-year average that, of course, he was going to rework over time. But it was a brilliant deal. And he's restructured a few times. And it was a brilliant deal for Mahomes, a brilliant deal for the team. It was 10 for 450.

Yes. Like, brilliant deal for everybody. And, of course, he's going to restructure it over time and get a little bit more here and there.

And he already has. But it was such a brilliant move because he got the big money guaranteed, but also the low average annual salary that helped the team build around him. This is why guys like Mahomes, guys like Brady are going to win long-term because the teams will consistently be able to be built around them. But when a guy like Trevor Lawrence takes $55 million, eventually the team is going to have to get rid of star, all-pro caliber players that they can't afford, and then he won't be able to carry them. And isn't it funny with both Brady and Mahomes? You think with them taking less, they'll go out there and they'll have these rock stars at wide receivers, and they don't.

But they invest in the line, they invest in the defense and other areas, knowing you could cut corners at the wide receiver position because of who you have thrown in the football. You want to take a guess when Mahomes becomes a free agent, according to Spotrack, how old he will be? Was it 2032? Yeah.

He'd be 37 years old, it says in Spotrack. He'll get another drill after that, if he wants to play. Oh, yeah. He'll go to the Jets.

Okay. 100 percent. That's exactly the Jets' type of quarterback. And then finally, ooh, here's another good bargain, $43 million. Josh Allen. Yeah, of course, that's worth it.

All right. The next three guys, all $40 million a year. Matthew Stafford. Yes.

Worth it. Dak Prescott. At $40 million, just based on the market, no, but I'm not up in arms about it. But $40 million, that's a pretty, even though I don't think Dak's a great quarterback, that's kind of a steal. In the market that they're in, but just generally speaking, giving that percentage of a deal to a guy who you don't think can carry your team and falls in the biggest moment, $40 million is a bargain compared to the rest of the guys, but just percentage-wise, that's still 20 percent of the cap, I would say no. You want to know who also is a $40 million a year guy?

Tell me. Danny freaking Dimes, Daniel Jones. That one is absolutely worth it, because that means that the team is going to be so bad for so long that they're going to get number one pick after number one pick after number one pick, and they'll build for the future. $37.5 million.

Aaron Rodgers. All right. It is the Zach Gelb Show on the Infinity Sports Network. We'll take a break. We'll come on back. We will follow through on what the Trevor Lawrence deal means, if anything at all, for Tua Tunga Vailoa, for Dak Prescott, and also Jordan Love.

All right. It is the Infinity Sports Network, and it is the Zach Gelb Show. It's time to ask the pros, where you, the listener, get to ask us a question. It's brought to you by our dear friends at O'Reilly Auto Parts. Simply tweet your question at INF Sportsnet or at Zach Gelb using the hashtag AskThePros. Be listening later in the show, when we might answer your question. Think O'Reilly Auto Parts for all your car care needs.

Get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. What does this mean for Tua? What does this mean for Dak?

And what does this mean for Jordan Love? If I'm running the Miami Dolphins, if I'm running the Green Bay Packers, and if I'm running the Dallas Cowboys, I am not getting a deal done this offseason with Tua Dak or Jordan Love. If I was going to get a long-term extension done with Dak Prescott, it would have been before free agency started. And I know that they lowered his cap hit this year by 5 million.

I think it was 60, and they trimmed it down to 55. But that was well after free agency started. And it was a foregone conclusion that Dak was going to get an extension before the start of free agency because they wanted to move out or move around the salary cap number of this final year of the contract. But now, with that not being the case, everyone is of the understanding that Dak and the Cowboys, it would be a shock if they get a deal done before week one. It's almost like Dak's kind of saying, I have the power here. I've done this before, where I've waited, waited, waited, waited, waited franchise tags and then had the terrible injury.

And I still got the bag. If you don't want to give me what I want on my terms, then I could go somewhere else and get that deal done at the end of the season because he has no tag clause in the contract. And he could go anywhere he wants next year if he chooses to do so personally. Like if I was Dak, I would consider leaving the Cowboys this offseason. I don't think he's going to do that. I think there's a chance. But if I was a betting man, you put a gun to my head, will Dak sign a future contract extension with the Cowboys?

I would say yes. But Tua and Love are more fascinating because Tua last year statistically had a top five season. I did not watch Tua, though, and see a top five quarterback. I saw Tua beat up on a lot of bad teams. And then when he had to go up against the very good or great teams, I did not see a great Tua Tunga Vailoa.

And here's the thing with Tua. Early on in his career, Brian Flores didn't support Tua Tunga Vailoa. Then Mike McDaniel comes to town, goes to that charity event, like right away as the coach to his charity event, and Tua received more support from Mike McDaniel in a week than he ever received from Brian Flores. I think Brian Flores did a really good job in Miami.

But the one problem was his biggest flaw, and that was he could never get on the same page and never have a good relationship with his quarterback. I don't care if Brian Flores got more to that team than people were capable of and thought he was capable of, right? They were supposed to be the first pick of the draft the year they got Tua, and they were supposed to be tanking for Tua, and Tua was supposed to be the number one pick. Then you had the emergence of Joe Burrow, and then you got to see the Dolphins fall to the fifth spot. That was a good season for Miami that year with the lack of talent that they had.

The Dolphins did a solid job under Brian Flores, but when you fail to have a connection and a relationship with the fifth overall pick in the draft, that's going to derail your head coaching career. So when I look at Tua, since most of the career, he hasn't been that, he hasn't been that dude. He's had one good year, and before that, we had this big discussion about concussions and how he's one more concussion away where everyone's going to be saying, take Tua off the field, and he has to sit out longer than everybody else. You know, he did get healthy. He got through the entire season last year healthy, in terms of the head injuries, and he didn't have to miss games. But Tua now goes into year five, and I still don't know if he's that dude.

I think his apex in this league for someone that was supposed to be transcendent, someone that was supposed to be generational, someone that was supposed to be great, I don't think he's going to be any of those three classifications. So I think Tua at his best is just very good. Now will Tua probably get a deal from the Dolphins? I'm going to say no before the start of the season.

Now obviously these deals can get done. Look at Trevor Lawrence, but if the Tua deal does not get done in the next two, three weeks, I think this is going to be the Dolphins who believe in Tua, like Chris Greer believes in Tua, even when Flores was there. Mike McDaniel has, you know, attached himself to the hip to a tongue of Iloa. But this is a Dolphins team that has a heck of an offensive roster. You know, Odell Beckham Jr., I know he's no longer a star, he's your third wide receiver right now. You got Jalen Waddle, he'd be a one in a lot of other teams, and you got, you know, arguably the best wide receiver in football in Tyreek Hill.

And you have a quarterback that I question if he could be great in the big game, and I know what he did in college, Alabama fans, but I'm talking about the NFL, and if this guy could stay healthy. So what I said about Trevor Lawrence is the same thing I'll say about Tua, it doesn't mean teams are going to listen. I would wait if I am the Miami Dolphins, I'm paying him. But Santa, Tua, I think it's fair to argue what he did last year, and I know he didn't win a playoff game, and Trevor Lawrence has won a playoff game before, but what he did last year is a good year, and what Trevor Lawrence did in year two was a good year, and that was sandwiched in between a bad year and a bad year.

Like if I'm to a tongue of Iloa, I'm calling my agent, and I'm saying, I know that he'll take the field even if he doesn't have a deal, but I would threaten, I'm not taking the field until I get this contract squared away, because if Trevor Lawrence gets that, $275 million over five years and 200 million guaranteed, why can't I get that? That's what I would be saying, Samter, if I'm Tua and his agency right now, and I would put the pressure on the Miami Dolphins. Yeah, I mean, I guess if I'm Tua, I'm doing that too, but at the end of the day, Tua has an injury history that Trevor Lawrence doesn't really have.

Trevor was banged up last year. Yeah, but Tua has missed significant time from college to now that I understand a little bit more hesitancy, and the Dolphins can get away with being like, listen, it's not your play on the field, it's just we have to make sure that we can invest in new long term. So they have a little bit more of an out, but yeah, of course, if I'm Tua, I- But do they really have an out?

We think they have an out, but then what do they do? Like if they get rid of Tua, what are they doing? Could you find someone that's better than Tua? I'm sure you can, but that's still a complicated process for a team that's ready to go win double digit games. So if this is Tua's last year and you're planning on moving on, you got to find that next plan right away in this off season, and it's not going to be through the draft.

So it would be via trade, or it'd be free agency a year from now. Well the Dolphins also have a team that feels young enough. I know Tyreek Hill is a veteran, but you got A-Chan, you got that run game, and you've got Waddle. They're young on offense, young enough, and there is youth on that defense. There's also some veterans there too, but there's enough youth on that defense where- The defense is the concern. You got guys coming back from injury too.

Sure. Phillips and Chubb. We've just seen this around the NFL. If a team likes a guy but doesn't love a guy- They still pay him. They don't, well, not necessarily.

They do. They only seem to pay the guys that they love. We're seeing it more and more now where it seemed like when Andy Dalton was getting big deals from the Bengals, it just seemed like if you had a guy, you just paid him whatever the market was. We're seeing teams, whether you draft a guy in the top 10 or you have a guy who's been good but you're not sure about, they're getting rid of him. But Tua has all the leverage here, and here's why. Because the guy that you will say that Tua could get replaced by in Miami next year is Dak. Am I jumping through hula hoops to go get Dak Prescott? Do I need Dak Prescott? If you had a choice between Tua and Dak, if you're the Dolphins, who are you taking? I think I'd rather have Tua, and here's why. Interesting.

Here's why. Who's the better quarterback right now? Dak. But Dak's ceiling is clearly just being a good quarterback. I think Tua's ceiling is just being a good quarterback, but there's not been enough time yet, when he's been on the field, to fully display that. So I would rather have Tua over Dak.

It's not a ringing endorsement for Tua, I get that, but I would personally rather go Tua than Dak. Now, how about Jordan Love? He enters the final year of his deal. You know who should represent Jordan Love?

Mike Tannenbaum. Mike Tannenbaum, the former general manager, should represent Jordan Love because he said two weeks ago on the Dan Patrick show that if you're drafting players for the future in the NFL, clearly Mahomes is one, but then the next player is Jordan Love in at two. But the Jordan Love one, to me, is fascinating because the Packers said he was their guy the moment they drafted him to eventually replace Aaron Rodgers.

Now, last year was the first year we saw Jordan Love actually play an entire season, and it was a slow start with a strong finish, and it's a small sample size, but you are running out of time. Now, I don't know the particulars of when they renegotiated his contract, but I'm assuming they could still tag him. And he's a free agent after this year, so they could technically tag him twice. But for a guy that Gudekunz moved on from Rodgers for, what leverage does Gudekunz and the Packers have? They gotta pay Jordan Love. And I get that it sounds hypocritical when I said, oh, the Jaguars should wait for Trevor Lawrence.

They didn't. The Dolphins should wait on Tua. We'll see if they do so. I would say, sure, the Packers should wait as well, but you know whether it's this year or a year from now or two years from now when you want to go to the tag game or not, they're going to be paying Jordan Love because if you don't pay Jordan Love, Gudekunz, your ass is right out the door because you were the guy that drafted him and ran Aaron Rodgers out of town.

So you want to talk about no leverage, and I think a lot of these teams don't have leverage in this situation. The Packers really have no leverage because it's not only, yes, it's a small sample size, but because of how well Love played at the end of the year, people are raving about him and think he's going to be a great quarterback in the NFL. So I'll make the predictions. Week one, Dak won't get a deal by week one. Two, I think he'll be close. He won't get a new deal.

I think Love will get a new deal, and I'm not going to say it's a team-friendly deal, but I don't think it's going to be $55 million a year like what we saw Trevor Lawrence get the other day. All right, it is the Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network. We will take a time out. When we come on back, who is the QB under the most pressure entering this season? If we did this topic like three weeks ago, I think I would have like five quarterbacks. I can't do a top five list for this. I know the quarterback that's under the most pressure.

Pressure is a very ambiguous term, so we'll see how everyone defines it, but there's like at least eight to 10 quarterbacks that I have that are under legitimate pressure entering this season. We'll get into all those on the other side. Also Aaron Bronstetter, who does a great job as an MMA reporter for Sportsnet, will join us 25 minutes from now to talk about Chandler and McGregor getting postponed.

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