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Top 10 College Football Coaches (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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October 26, 2023 6:42 pm

Top 10 College Football Coaches (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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October 26, 2023 6:42 pm

Top 10 College Football Coaches I Which teams should buy or sell at the deadline? I Bucs vs. Bills


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You could be debt-free in as little as 24 to 48 months. Visit to learn more and get started. Alrighty, our number three of our radio program. That's right, it is the Zach Gelb show, coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio. What a quick show this has been. Crazy, there's only 60 minutes remaining, but we appreciate you listening to us today across all of our great local CBS Sports Radio affiliates, Sirius XM, Channel 158, the Free Odyssey app, and of course, streaming on YouTube.

You could always hit us up, 855-212-4CBS, 855-212-4227, or give me a follow on Instagram and Twitter, at Zach Gelb, that's Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. So we were talking about real quickly the disdain that the Miami Dolphins have for being on the in-season hard knocks, and I see a few people in the YouTube chat have changed their name because of Michael Santer's hatred for the word moist, so they have changed their names to usually Jeff Howell, he is now Moister Howell inside the YouTube chat, which I find funny. So Moister Howell says if there was a CBS Sports Radio hard knocks, he would actually want to see Ryan Hickey, which Hickey could be intriguing if he has a few drinks in his system. Outside of that, he's pretty much a boring guy, but he is very quirky, and I guess if you want to see him freak out and kind of believe, Hickey's the kind of guy that always thinks the big fella on Christmas is always real, like he could be 50 years old and I think he'll still believe in the big fella on Christmas, and I'm saying it that way so I don't ruin anything for certain kids that may be listening to this show, and that's the way that Hickey treats his sports teams, which even knowing they're not real or they're not going to be great, he always talks them up to be great, and that's why every year he pumps up Penn State and gets disappointed. Pumps up the Mets and then gets disappointed, and it's the same cycle each and every year, but it is fun to see him suffer and it is fun to see him frustrated. So Stu, you've been around here a long time. If we had to look at all the on-air talent at CBS Sports Radio, whether that's a talk show host, a producer, who would you want to see an in-season Hard Knocks On featuring a CBS Sports Radio personality?

Wow that's a really good question. I would say, how about Decel? I think Decel's an interesting guy to see what he's like. I know what Decel's like at work, I don't know what Decel's like outside of work. I love Decel. Decel's one of my favorite people in this office building and he does a tremendous job producing Righter Than You on CBS Sports Radio, but I don't know if Decel has a lot of fun. I feel like he could scream like a maniac when Miami is going on, but Decel is a pretty mild-manner human being. I want someone crazy, I want someone intriguing, I want someone polarizing. I love Decel, but I don't think there's going to be a whole lot of craziness away from the office.

I think the Decel that you see here is pretty much a Decel that you see at home. Alright, let's go to Big Mike CBS. Moist Mike as the cool kids call him, and he loves that so much.

Who is someone that you would love to see Hard Knocks follow on CBS Sports Radio? You gonna give me an answer here? Oh, you're talking to me? Yes, Moist Mike. I don't know who Moist Mike is, so I don't respond to that. Oh, sorry. Your feelings are hurt.

Go get a moist towel and wipe those tears off, alright? The obvious answer is Mr. Jim Rome, because he is the legend of legends. The franchise.

He's the franchise. But I feel like Jim Rome at this point in his life is probably a little less interesting than he was maybe 10 years ago, and he was maybe on his way up and not sitting atop the pedestal. I mean, he still lives an interesting life out in LA, he's got the horses and he does a lot of very cool things. I would like to go on a trip with him to Wisconsin, I'll tell you that. Yeah, he's got kids in Wisconsin, so I'm sure there's a lot of fun, cool stuff, but you know, I'd like to see like a Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous with Jim Rome.

You see like a Cribs with Jim Rome. Yeah. But as far as like actually following around from a day-to-day lifestyle, sneaky, interesting guy I think is Bill Reiter. That was my answer.

Right? Out in LA, he does a lot of NBA stuff, travels for the NBA games, knows a lot of guys within the league, does his HQ stuff, and Bill's an interesting character, so I think Bill would be the guy. So two things, let me first touch on Jim.

I think if we did like a Hard Knocks on Tom Brady or Bill Belichick like the legends, everyone would be interested in that. Jim Rome is the franchise, Jim Rome knows how to have a good time, Jim Rome is a great dude from every time I've met him, and just going on all those vacations and right, seeing his sons play baseball or going to Wisconsin or going to Colorado where his son is at now, I do think would be really fun and you just get a better understanding of what makes Jim, Jim and the incredible work ethic. So Jim is a great answer and definitely the most intriguing answer, but Bill may be the best answer. And I think we could all agree that we've all been out with Bill Reiter before and Bill Reiter, when he gets a drink in his system, he has good conversations, he has good stories, he's a good time. And also, Bill, I sometimes get these vibes from him that like if you told me one CBS Sports radio host got arrested and it was for like a crazy bar fight, which was just like a legendary night, I could see it being Bill Reiter. Bill is a star, Bill has good stories, Bill has a good personality, and Bill is just a fun time. So yes, hard knocks with Bill Reiter would definitely be fun. I also think JR would be very intriguing as well.

Outside of that, I think those would be my three answers, Rome, well Reiter one, Rome two, and then JR three, because like we've worked with JR in Vegas at the draft or at the Super Bowls and JR could always be like a little mysterious. Like he comes to the show and then once the show leaves, he leaves. Like he wasn't hanging out with us at that burger joint that we went out to where the waiter was berating hot take Hickey for his like child order of that burger and asked him if he wanted a toy for the kitty menu type of burger that he ordered.

Well Hickey is basically a child. Here's a question I have for you though. What would a hard knocks of Zach Gelb look like? I heard Nobu sushi.

Yeah, Nobu was good, man. It would be a big ball of brand. That's what it would be like. I'd be like the LeVar Ball here of CBS Sports Radio.

A lot of glitz and glamour, fun, big stops, big food, sporting events, and it would be very energetic. Perloff two is fascinating because Perloff is one of the more interesting human beings I've ever been around. Perloff could have a story for everything and assuming Perloff is there, Sully is there, and then Sully takes it up to a different lifestyle. I feel like a camera following Perloff around would just be a lot of weird food and pickleball. And missed basketball shots.

A lot of missed basketball shots and broken glasses. Alrighty, let's hear from Urban Meyer. Urban Meyer lauds Kyle Whittingham.

They used to work together for a long time. Urban Meyer makes it clear that he believes Kyle Whittingham is currently the best coach in college football. This is on Urban's take with Tim May on three sports. I've said many times Kyle Whittingham is one of the best coaches in college football.

No, he's the best. He's the best coach in college football. What he is, he's culture and discipline. If you sat in, he's tough.

He's tough as hell. I can go on and on about Kyle Whittingham and what he's got. He's not one of the best. He's the best coach in college football. Okay, I love Kyle Whittingham. I said before the start of the season, Kyle Whittingham easily is a top 10 coach in college football and he's one of the more underrated coaches in college football.

Really the last few years, the two guys that I've been saying don't get enough credit nationally. Kyle Whittingham at Utah, who's won back-to-back Pac-12 champions and off to a six and one start without Cam Rising, and then also Mark Stoops. Now, Mark Stoops is not in my top 10 currently, but Mark Stoops has made Kentucky football matter. Where remember when John Calipari last year was like, oh, we're a basketball school? The fact that John Calipari had to apologize for saying, oh, we're a basketball school shows the dent and the impact that Mark Stoops has brought to Kentucky. Because Mark Stoops could get a bigger job than Kentucky. And John Calipari isn't wrong when he says Kentucky is a basketball school. But you see the power of football and you see the power of a guy like Mark Stoops where he could basically, because he was annoyed, force John Calipari, who is the king at that school to have to bend the knee and apologize to Mark Stoops.

So here are my top 10 currently. In at number 10, some people may say this is premature, but everywhere this guy has gone he's won. And now this is his first big time job and he's only lost two games the first two years on the job. And he is stuck, well not stuck, but those two losses that he had were eight points or lower. In at number 10 is the current head coach of the Washington Huskies in Kaitlyn DeBoer. Number nine, this guy has won a lot of games, has only lost six games in his college coaching career, but the last two years lost to Michigan. The last two years, hasn't won a Big Ten championship. Saved his image a little bit, but in a loss against Georgia, it is Ryan Day in at nine.

Eight, this guy got off to a bad start this season. He got off to a bad start last season, still found the way into the SEC championship game. But with that being said, this year it's different because you already have two losses.

You're probably not going to the college football playoff barring something crazy happen because no two loss team has ever made it to the college football playoff. But that is the head coach at LSU, a part of the Tiger family. And that of course is Brian Kelly.

So Kaitlyn DeBoer ten, Ryan Day nine, Brian Kelly eight. In at number seven, someone that I've been critical of, and I do think he's an overrated coach because he doesn't win the big games, but he has produced multiple Heisman Trophy winners, whether it's Baker Bayfield, whether it is Kyler Murray, and then also Caleb Williams, and then had a Heisman Trophy finalist in Jalen Hurts, it's Lincoln Riley. But Lincoln Riley has won a ton of packed Big 12 championships, and then he lost all three of those college football playoff games with two Heisman Trophy winners and a Heisman Trophy finalist. And even though I love my conversation with Brendan Rice and I thought his response to Emmanuel Acho was very good, yeah, it's not likely and it's not expected that USC now gets to the college football playoff with already having two losses on the resume and they haven't even played their toughest games of the season yet. So that's going to be two years where Kyle Whittingham has owned you, which Utah beat you twice last year.

They beat you one time so far this season, and you're not going to be going to a college football playoff appearance with the best player in college football right now. In at number six, I go with Kyle Whittingham. Back to Backpack 12 championships, could win a third straight one this year, and this one would be the most impressive because he's doing it without his best player in Cam Rising. In at number five, and he was very close to being in the sixth spot, but I put him at five because he got to a college football playoff. Now I got to see what he's going to do at his biggest job in Wisconsin, and there's been some ups and downs so far, but when Luke Fickle takes Cincinnati to the college football playoff, he's a damn good coach and now has more resources at Wisconsin. Number four, this guy has fallen off, he is arrogant, he is insufferable, and I don't know how much longer he's going to be in the top five if he doesn't adapt with the times, and he needs to embrace NIL, he needs to embrace the transfer portal, and he needs to stop putting his foot in his mouth when he talks to the media, but the results are the results with Dabo Swinney, and I'll put him in at number four.

Three, a few years ago this guy was considered a disappointment. Yeah, he got Michigan to a better spot, but he did not take them over the hump. The last two years, he's done that, taking care of Ohio State, winning two Big Ten championships, and now is really thrown right into a scandal and cheating allegations, but he has a team this year that in my opinion is the best team in the country, and it would be a disappointment of Michigan, and it would be a failure of Michigan, does not win the national championship this year.

Number two, this guy was king for the longest times, but then his student started to get the best out of him after he owned his student for so many years. That is Nick Saban, who has saved his season with that performance up against Tennessee, where in the second quarter, it looked like their season was done, so they were about to go get their second loss, and then the next thing you know, boom, big third quarter performance, they get that lead up against Tennessee, and they didn't look back, and right now the king of college football, King Kirby, Kirby Smart over at Georgia. So my top ten coaches currently in college football, Kaelin DeBoer Ten, Ryan Day Nine, Brian Kelly with the LSU family in at number eight, Lincoln Riley Seven, Kyle Whittingham Six, Luke Fickle Five, Dabo Sweeney Four, Jim Harbaugh Three, Nick Saban Two, and Kirby Smart in at one. Real quickly, just because I brought up Nick Saban, I want to play you Nick Saban's thoughts on the whole Michigan sign stealing scandal.

This was courtesy of the Pat McAfee show. There's no reason that you just can't tell the quarterback what the play is rather than having signs and signals and three people signaling and all this stuff to try to get the play, which is more difficult for the players, incidentally, because they all got to get the sign because everybody's going no-huddle. And for the defensive players who are going against the fastball team, all eleven guys got to know the signals, all eleven guys got to know the signs because they're going fast and you can't communicate it, rather than just being able to tell somebody this is the call.

So that would clean up all this. He's a hundred percent right. And that rule also said earlier in the week, like in high school, they have the headset technology. In the pros, they have the headset technology.

I sound very old when I say that. The headset technology. In college football, you have all these dopey signs.

Makes no sense. Just put a headset inside the quarterback's helmet, put a headset inside the defensive player on the field that's calling or that's getting the signs from the defensive coordinator, usually the linebacker. That's what you need to do.

And then all this sign stealing and changing your signs and having this marine scout things out, it all goes away and it's all avoided. Real quickly, I just want to go around the room, back to the hard knocks conversation of CBS Sports Radio hosts. If you had to do weekend hosts only, we get a lot of big weekend hosts from other networks. Who is the weekend host that you would like to see maybe do an in-season hard knocks to get them a little bit more publicity with the CBS Sports Radio family?

Go ahead. Stu, you got one? I know he doesn't host every weekend anymore, but for me, it'd be Ken Karman from Cleveland.

He is the guy that I just know has a really interesting life outside of work and I'd love to see him behind the scenes. Ken Karman is America's favorite uncle, especially when he's singing that song. And I said, here we go again. It's the Cleveland Browns and it's first and 10 when he's drinking some vodka and his wife is running away saying, oh, there's drunk Uncle Ken again. We got to get away from that crazy guy. You know who will also be fun? Imagine a little camera on Jodie Mac with all those betting slips and all the coffin and all the personality. Billy Jack, we're ready to rock. That's a legend there in Jodie Mac. I feel as if the listeners would love to see Jodie Mac behind the scenes.

So that's where I would go as well. Carrington Harrison would also be very underrated. We went out with Carrington in Kansas City. He lives a pretty cool lifestyle as well. All right.

He does the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. We'll take a break. Buyers and sellers next. NFL trade deadline quickly approaching. Who should be buying? Who should be selling?

We discussed on the other side. And you can stream the NFL and Westin One for free. Sponsored by AutoZone all season long. You can listen to every Westin One broadcast of the NFL live on the NFL app by asking Alexa to open Westin One Sports or on the Odyssey app.

Get in the zone AutoZone AutoZone's free battery testing and charging is available for free at your local AutoZone. Get in the zone AutoZone restrictions apply. All righty. Cue me up a little NFL music por favor. Whoa, what was that in the beginning? That sounded like a little remix version of the NFL music with that beat drop. I thought we were about to hear like some It's the NFL mix only on the Zach Gelb show.

DJ Stu spin that you know what? All righty. I see you son.

All right. Give me the teams here. I'll tell you if they should be a buyer or a seller. The New York Jets. The New York Jets. I guess I would lean more buyer than seller because I do think this team can contend next season as long as Aaron Rodgers is back.

So you don't want to trade off too much where then you hurt yourself for next season. And I do believe that this is a team that they have an opportunity to make the playoffs. I don't think they will because ultimately Zach Wilson will be bad, but that's a kickass defense and that's a great wide receiver in Garrett Wilson. You have Breece Hall who is a very good running back.

I would lean more buyer than seller because it'd be more so out of fear of selling too many pieces that you may need for next season. Los Angeles Rams. The Rams should be sellers. I just don't think the Rams really have a window of being a really good team for even this season.

Like the Steelers last week is a humbling loss. The Steelers have a good defense. I don't really have much on offense. I know they have Pickens firing me with his banged up.

Najee Harris, I know he had a big touchdown late, but he's been up and down. I look at a team like the Rams and I say, where are you going towards? And if it's just to make the playoffs, that's not the standard.

You have some good pieces. You don't have a lot of draft picks the last few years because Les needs to f those draft picks. You got valuable pieces that are getting towards the end of their career like an Aaron Donald.

I would look to try to get something back now and reset your organization. So the Rams should be sellers. Los Angeles Chargers. They should be sellers, but they have to be buyers because of who's running that team. Tom Telesco and also Brandon Staley can't get too comfortable. So those guys aren't in a position right now to sell. So even though they probably should sell, they have to be buyers because if you sell, I think your fate is already solidified if you're Brandon Staley. But notice how no one's talking about Tom Telesco because pretty much everyone acknowledges, oh yeah, the coach is the problem. The roster's actually pretty damn good. The New England Patriots sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell tank. I'm actually annoyed. I can't do a gritty, but I would have been grittying over the weekend if they would have actually lost that game because you have to tank, tank, tank, tank, tank.

You know that song Twerk where it's like twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk. You got to tank, tank, tank, tank, tank. That's what the Patriots need to do.

They need to try to get this ship back moving in the right direction. You can't do that with the way that this roster is currently constructed. I don't really know what they have to sell, but I want this team to be as bad as possible so they can get the best draft pick.

Sell. This team's not good. You have some good defensive pieces too.

I know you're trying to evaluate what Jordan Love is, but I think there's legitimate questions about Matt Lafleur and also Jordan Love too. I would sell maybe a piece or two and try to get some better draft capital to go get some more talent on this team and younger talent on this team when Jordan Love's in a make or break year a year from now. Las Vegas Raiders. Oh, this is the easiest sell ever. But just like the Chargers, can they sell? Because David Zeigler and also Josh McDaniels, they shouldn't have security with their job, but with the way that Mark Davis runs things, which is usually back leap crazy, maybe they do have assurance. But I would sell if I'm the Raiders. Josh Jacobs should no longer be there. Devante Adams, we need to free Devante Adams, but he also has to catch the football too because there was a fade last week where he should have caught it after all the bitching and complaining that he's done about, oh, I only got two receptions in a win, blah, blah, blah.

Like play the small violin. You're not wrong, but it's not a good look to complain in a win. And then you're wide open and they hit you right in the hands and you drop it.

Yeah, sorry. That's a bad look for Devante Adams, but they could get a king's ransom for Devante Adams. And we've seen how rich the price tags have been for wide receivers. Well, if you're like Tyree kill, I thought the Raiders would have had to give up a little bit more for Devante Adams and what they actually did.

But you know what I'm saying? Where receivers are really hot item now. So the Raiders should sell because they're nowhere close to winning and they do have some talented pieces. The New York Giants sell. They should trade Saquon Barkley and I wouldn't even hesitate about it.

And maybe you kind of cut bait with Darren Waller as well because he struggles to stay on the field and he could still be productive when he is on the field. But this giant team is not good. They were not as good as what their record indicated a year ago. You knew they were going to regress. I didn't think they would fall flat on their face. Let's not get all nuts after one win up against the commanders. This team should still sell.

The Houston Texans. Can I say stay put? Like they shouldn't sell. I don't think you have to buy just for the sake of buying. Now, if you could go get a young wide receiver or a wide receiver to complement what you have, which is just like Nikko Collins is having a good season.

I get it, but I don't think they have to do anything because they did a lot this offseason. So I would lean more towards buying than selling. If it is a young piece like you don't have to feel desperate to buy, but you could be talked into buying something that maybe you don't think was available. Don't just do a rental.

Make sure that it's for a two, three year long term security. The Cleveland Browns. The Cleveland Browns should be buying because the Browns have a great defense offensively. Nick Chubb is out and he's out for the season, which stinks. You have solid wide receivers. Amari Cooper's good.

Elijah Moore needs to figure out what's going on all the way up here. You have a solid offensive line. Watson can't be trusted. You know, we talk about running backs. Derrick Henry would look pretty damn good in a Cleveland Browns uniform. Taequann Barkley would look good in a Cleveland Browns uniform, especially with how nasty this injury is for Nick Chubb, even though you paid him.

He's now had two nasty injuries and you don't know what he's ever going to be like again. This AFC North is open. This AFC North is the best division in football and the AFC is not as strong as what we thought. Yeah, the Cleveland Browns should be buyers, especially because the last two weeks they won games against the Colts that could have gone either way and the 49ers that could have gone either way. But you want them to take advantage of that and buy the Washington commanders sell. And even if that means the guys that are calling the shots right now in the in the roles that are traditional in terms of trading for a football team, they're not really calling the shots. This is a Josh Harris Magic Johnson and a cetera operation. I think you sell some of those defensive names. I know they declined the 50 year option on Chase Young, so he's in the final year of his deal.

I've been reading some stuff about Montez Sweat. Maybe you do Jonathan Allen a favor after all the disappointments that he's been through and you just trade him and he had a fiery rant and it was filled with a bunch of expletives as well after that loss to the Giants. I would start to trade some of those defensive pieces because it looks like we're going to a rebuild with the commanders right after this season. The Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings a week ago, I would have said sell. But after this past win against the 49ers and how their schedule is not that tough, I would buy if I'm Minnesota and I give credit to Brian Flores. The defense for Minnesota has done a nice job offensively. You're going to get Justin Jefferson back. Jordan Addison has been a really good young addition outside of just stupidly speeding right before the start of the season and the offseason. He's only 150 miles an hour.

That was just dumb. But he's been a big time factor as you've seen. Hockinson as well. You could probably use a running back because Alexander Madison who I had high expectations for has not popped and they're still looking for someone to replace Dalvin Cook who's now disgruntled with the New York Jets. So yeah, I would say they could use a running back.

They could use probably another defensive piece and I would go buy because the NFC for the wildcard spots are pretty much wide open and maybe you could turn this thing around after the dreadful start. So there are some teams that we are looking at that could buy or sell that are 50-50 right at the deadline and we try to push them over the goal line to make the decision a little bit easier. Alrighty, this is Zach Gelb's show on CBS Sports Radio. We will take a break. We'll come on back. We will preview the football game tonight that kicks off week 8 in the National Football League between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers visiting the Buffalo Bills who has more pressure on them tonight. We'll discuss on the other side. Plus you'll hear from Jerry Jones and we'll get his thoughts on the Dallas drama Chokin' Cowboys after the first six, seven games of their season.

So we'll do that all on the other side. But first up, standing by for the latest CBS Sports Radio update, here he is, the act man, Rich Ackerman. Today's Memorable Moment is sponsored by Prevagen.

Prevagen is the most recommended memory support brand by pharmacists. The last time the Bills and Bucks squared off was in December of 2021. Tampa Bay led 24-3 at halftime but Josh Allen and company scored three second half touchdowns to force overtime and in the extra period, the legendary Tom Brady found Rashad Paramin on a 58-yard touchdown pass to give Tampa Bay the 33-27 victory. I remember that game. That was a wonderful game. And I was doing eye on football and that was a four o'clock game or 4.25 p.m. Eastern Time game. And we never had a moment on eye on football where we didn't get all the games in. And I was in the final 15 or 20 seconds of the segment before the show ended and you had the Brady touchdown to Rashad Paramin.

So that was a fun one indeed. As far as the game tonight, who has more pressure on them? You have two football teams where for a little bit Tampa Bay was surprising people and Buffalo has been disappointing people. But you look at Tampa Bay, I think last week they showed you it's gonna be a lot of up and down football. When you lose to Detroit, you lose to Atlanta the last two times out on a football field and now you sit there at three and three and you're coming off a bye and you're like, okay, where are we really heading to? And you go off of that tough loss to Atlanta last weekend and you've already had your bye week before.

And it's like, okay, we see they could be a solid team, like they have a good defense, but who are they really defeated? You beat the Vikings, you beat the Bears, you beat the Saints, you play the Eagles, you lose. You play the Lions, you lose. You play Atlanta, you lose.

And right, the Eagles are a Super Bowl team, a team like Detroit, they have teetered between contender and then just really good team. And Atlanta I think is better than you inside your own division, but it's really how Tampa Bay lost that game last week. The offense really couldn't capitalize after every time your defense made a play or Desmond Ritter did something stupid last week for the Falcons.

Like Desmond Ritter last week got to the one yard line and fumbled the ball, not only once but twice, and then fumbled the ball at his own 11 or 12 or at the opposing team's 11 or 12. So that's three fumbles in the red zone and Tampa Bay can't win that game. So I look at Tampa Bay, they have a really good defense and they could force Josh Allen to make some mistakes tonight and be uncomfortable, but I don't trust their offense. And I love Mike Evans, but Baker Mayfield is what you get.

It's an up and down quarterback. So in terms of pressure, I still don't know what Tampa Bay can accomplish. Like if you ask me Zach, what's the best thing Tampa Bay could do this year? Win the division? And you don't say like, win the division.

It's not with confidence. It's win the division? Because you look inside the NFC South, Carolina stinks. The Saints are just set up to disappoint. And then you look at Atlanta. Yeah, I think Atlanta is the best team in the NFC South. Their defense on that new defense, according to Ryan Nilsen, is good. But then offensively they have the looks of an offense that could really click, but they don't have the right point guard.

They don't have the right signal caller. Because we know Bijan Robinson, if he's not out because of illness or injury and the Falcons basically just lie to all of us and screw all of us over that have Bijan Robinson on our fantasy football team. You have Tyler Algier, you have Kyle Pitts, Drake London. He has lost some people this year with the way that he has caught some of these footballs. So you have pieces, but on offense, you just don't have that dude at quarterback.

And you're asking him to do more than what he should be doing. So I look at Tampa Bay. If you tell me Tampa Bay wins a division, I'm not going to say, yeah, I expect it, but I think it's plausible. But you could lose this game tonight and still go on to win the division. Because even though these teams got off to a better start than we thought they were going to, and the Saints are three and four, Tampa Bay's three and three, Atlanta's four and three, it seems like if you win nine games this year in the NFC South, you should win that division. This is really the chase to win nine games. And can Tampa get to nine?

Sure. I think they they'll come up short. They're more like seven or eight. And I do believe Atlanta will win this division. So I do think it's in from an important standpoint, this game is more important to Buffalo because Buffalo plays, even in, even though the AFC is not as dominant as we thought it was going to be, the AFC is still crowded. And Buffalo for the first time in the last few years is in danger of not winning that division because the Dolphins are five and two. I know Buffalo already beat Miami, but they play again.

But right now the Dolphins are five and two. The Dolphins probably beat the Pats this weekend and Buffalo can't afford to fall another game in the standing because Buffalo was so disappointing last week. And really the last few weeks you go from crushing the Miami Dolphins to losing to the Jaguars in London, jet lag game, like give me a break. Then you barely survived and you squeaked one out against the New York football giants. And then you just lost to the Pats where you were down by 12, you come back and then you give them the game back with Mac Jones to Mike Guseki. Buffalo needs a good performance tonight and Buffalo needs to win the game tonight because it's all about timing in the NFL.

If you got the Bengals three, four weeks ago, okay, no problem. But after this game, Buffalo has the Cincinnati Bengals in Cincinnati. So Buffalo loses tonight, you're looking at a team that's four and four and they could be heading to four and five.

And also after identifying storylines for years, every show in the country tomorrow will be leading. Man, the Buffalo Bills have fallen. The Buffalo Bills are dead. Sean McDermott needs to be fired if you drop this game tonight.

So save yourself the headache tomorrow, save yourself what would be a awful long weekend and then a season on the line type of game. But Buffalo loses this game tonight against a team that they're better than in Tampa Bay. They're going to take a beat in tomorrow because we've seen Buffalo go from a team that's in the AFC title game then to a team that had a divisional round game one and they blew it in 13 seconds. Then last year they get to the divisional round barely after Skyler Thompson almost beat them in Buffalo with the Miami Dolphins and they get embarrassed by the Bengals.

And then you start out this season, four plays into the season, Rogers tears his Achilles. You lose that game to the Jets. Then you beat the Raiders. All right, let me give you a participation trophy. You beat the commanders. Ouch. Oh, just come on to the Raiders and the commanders.

Like what are we doing here? I know, but Stu's sitting right here. Well, Stu's given up on that team. He's not wearing any Raiders gear this week. He's embarrassed with this football team. Yeah, that's that's foregone.

Yeah, I forget it at this point, but put it this way. Stu's not giving up on the team like he's still a fan. He's just realistic. He's not one of these delusional moron dopey fans that go, Oh, my team sucks, but I'm going to tell you they're good just because you're telling me my team sucks. Stu is the most honest person with his teams. He doesn't get too high, but he will fall right into the ground when his teams are bad.

You do get pretty low, I will say. But really like you look at Buffalo, their, their wins this year are the Raiders, the commanders, great win against the Dolphins, but that's the highlight of their season. The Dolphins win, then they beat the Giants.

All right, let me smack you on the behind. Nice job. Way to go, sport. You found the way not to lose that game and you got bailed out by the officials. So this is a big one for Buffalo tonight where I don't care how you win. You just have to win and then you could maybe start to win some people back up against the Cincinnati Bengals coming up a week from now. I do think Buffalo wins the game tonight, but because of the way Tampa Bay has their defense, the spread is eight and a half.

If you maybe put a play on the game, I would plus the eight and a half points, but I do think Buffalo is going to win. Actually, what I did this morning, I was in the bathroom where I do some of my best thinking and I'm trying to get together a parlay. You know, like my father, when he used to go to the bathroom when I was growing up as a kid, he used to read the newspaper, right?

You always had that image and things like that, like an old man reading a newspaper on the, on the John. Well, now I sit on the John and I say, okay, this game tonight, let's see how we're going to bet. And I came together with the parlay tonight, Stefan Diggs, anytime touchdown. I know he scored last week, but Stefan Diggs is annoyed.

So they're going to cater to his feelings. They're going to get him in the end zone on a national stage tonight, Amazon prime. Let's remember Al Michaels. You're a legend, but wake up for the game tonight. Have a little energy, have a little excitement Kirk Herbstreet.

Don't be telling us like, Oh, we got to praise the saints just because the saints showed up in the second half. I want a good broadcast tonight. Good scene in Buffalo, crazy fans that are in the parking lot right now.

They probably been in the parking lot since five in the morning and you got like mustard and ketchup getting thrown on people and wings and drunk people going through tables. So that's going to be a happening joint tonight in Buffalo. One of my favorite NFL stadiums.

I think they call it new era stadium, but I still call it Ralph Wilson stadium, but that's a great stadium, great atmosphere. And I do think it's a close game. I do think Stefan Diggs gets in the end zone. So that's the first step of the parlay. The second step of the parlay is I did something that I usually don't do. I bought some points. I did an alternative line. I always think it's kind of cheap when you do the alternative line just from, from principle.

But if you win money, there's nothing wrong with that. So I parlayed, I bought two points to make it Buccaneers plus 10 and a half. So the parlay Stefan Diggs anytime touchdown. And then also the Tampa Bay Buccaneers plus 10 and a half points is what I concocted together. And I got to check the odds here real quickly, but I think it was like plus two 27 or something like that. Let me just pull up my handy dandy app real quickly. Yeah. Plus two 72 on Stefan Diggs anytime touchdown in Tampa Bay Buccaneers plus 10 and a half. So that is the Zach Gelb play for tonight's game. Alrighty. Real quickly. Let me hear from Jerry Jones, the owner of the drama Dallas choking Cowboys.

He was on his weekly hit with Sean and RJ and one to five through the fan. Love those guys. And this is Jerry Jones's thoughts on his team after six games of the season. I look at where we are for two.

I will take it for sure. We've got better football ahead of us. I don't doubt that at all.

No one should doubt that. And we're getting better. I like where we are with our personnel today.

And so I'm not thinking in any way that we need to upgrade our roster. I think you got to upgrade your roster though, Jerry. And I think that I get someone that could compliment Tony Pollard and usually listen to Emmett Smith, who even though he said he's annoyed, Zeke isn't back. I think Zeke is past his prime, but you need a little different flavor in the backfield for a one two punch. And I know you can't get Saquon Barkley because the giants won't trade you, but you should go get a physical bruising back and place a few phone calls for Derek Henry. But I'm kind of surprised that Jerry will take this start four and two because you lose to the Cardinals.

They're bad. You got blown out by the 49ers. Like who did the Cowboys beat? The Giants, the Jets, the Patriots, and then the Chargers.

Yeah, not a great list right there. Let's see the last the next time the Cowboys can make an impression this week against the Rams. Who cares? Eagles. Okay.

You still play them twice. If you want to say the Seahawks, you got the dolphins and the lions. All right. There's some games there, but still come playoff time. I think we all know how this is going to go. Dak. Big moment. Dak driving late against a legit team. And then the drama Dallas Choking Cowboys show up in the best moments where that's when they become the drama Dallas Choking Cowboys.

Alrighty. Anyways that guilt shows CBS Sports Radio. Big thanks to John. You bacon. Big thanks to Brendan Rice as well. Each and every one of you for participating today. We'll be back tomorrow to wrap the week. Big football Friday in the Start of the World Series. We out. Bye bye. Peace.
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