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Hot Seat Meter (Hour 4)

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December 20, 2022 10:02 pm

Hot Seat Meter (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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December 20, 2022 10:02 pm

NFL head coach hot seat meter l Are the Packers actual playoff contenders? l Closing Bell


Throughout the 60s and 70s, cops hunted down key figures of the Dixie Mafia, including its enigmatic ringleader, Kirksey Nix. I'm interested in making money.

I'm not interested in hurting people. Fifteen years into Kirksey's life sentence, the Dixie Mafia was practically folklore, but that would soon change. I'm Jed Lipinski. This is Gone South, a documentary podcast from C-13 Originals, a Cadence 13 studio. Season 2, The Dixie Mafia.

Available now on the Odyssey app, or wherever you get your podcasts. So my biggest fear is there's going to be snakes in the toilet. We're all afraid of that one strange thing. I'm Larry Mullins, the host of a new short 10-minute podcast called Your Weirdest Fears. We unpack where these fears come from. A rat climbed into my toilet.

And learn how to manage them. Listen and subscribe to Your Weirdest Fears on the Odyssey app, or wherever you get your podcasts. Zach Kelp's show CBS Sports Radio, fourth and final hour of our radio program on a Tuesday. We're coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage studios.

Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there for home loan solutions that fit your life while Rocket can. In this time slot, we only have two more shows this year in this time slot with me hosting. So I am here tomorrow on Wednesday, I am off on Thursday, and then I'm back on Friday. Next week, Monday through Friday, I'm working.

I'm just working in a different time slot. I'll be filling in for Maggie and Pearl off on CBS Sports Radio from 3 to 6 p.m. Eastern on many of the same CBS Sports Radio affiliates, Sirius XM Channel 158, and that free Odyssey app. So if you care so much, we will reiterate that throughout the rest of the week.

And we will send some reminders out on social media, Instagram and Twitter at Zach Kelp, Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. And while we're on the note of housekeeping items, Ion Football this week will be on Saturday. It will not be on Sunday. It will be on Saturday because that's what most of the games are going on. So we will do that from 12 to 6 p.m. Eastern. And then if you want to really get crazy on Sunday, if you want to listen to me, not nationally, but locally on WFAN in New York, I'll be on from 9 to 1230 with the former CBS Sports Radio hosts and the Moose with Mark Malousas.

By the way, you know, we're coming up picky on the 10 year anniversary of CBS Sports Radio. New Year's day like night, right? Midnight, right?

On New Year's. That's when it launched. You know, the first voice was? Was it Peter Schwartz? Yes. With an update.

It was a Peter Schwartz update. Now, here's what I was planning to do. And I didn't know I was filling in for Maggie and Pearl off the final week of the year until yesterday. I was planning months ago. I thought of maybe bringing back some former CBS Sports Radio personalities that final week, like people that were there for the launch and then throughout the 10 years that no longer work here to have some conversations on the air.

Chat a little football, chat about CBS Sports Radio and all that. But I guess that plan is now out the window. Not to take a shot at our own bosses, but since I haven't heard of anything else, it kind of feels like maybe there's something in the works that I just don't know about. It seems like the 10 year anniversary of CBS Sports Radio is just not even going to be acknowledged. That is the way that that it seems like, because I feel as if unless the current hosts don't take any initiative about it, then there's not going to really be much done for it. So that's where we're kind of at on that. But I was planning that last week of the year to bring some of the old personalities back, because I'm on someone else's time slot, even though it's the same network.

I would feel awkward probably doing that. Really? Yeah, that's not my time slot. Well, you're filling in, so it's like your three hours. You can tell me what you want.

It is my three hours. But to do something extra like that, I don't know. Maybe maybe I'll end up doing it. But I would feel like we should do that in this time slot if we were going to do that. And you don't want to do it after the New Year and after the celebration is over.

No, because then what? Who cares? Do I say to you, oh, six days after your birthday.

Oh, happy birthday, by the way. That means like you don't really care then. No, I don't believe in the belated stuff. The only way I believe the belated stuff is if you forget and you got to be within a day or two.

Once it gets past there, then no. And come on to start the new year. Well, some of us will be here to start the new year. Sources tell me that Hot Take Kiki is going to the Rose Bowl this year. That's right.

Check that off the old bucket list. I don't know. It could be a bad career decision not to be here to start the new year of the Zach Gelb show coming off a big football weekend, college football playoff games.

And I got Hot Take Kiki here. I don't know. If I get stuck with someone on Monday and Tuesday that that ends up doing a great job. I don't know. Maybe maybe you won't have a job when you come back. Could be a possibility. Hmm.

Well, as long as I get a paycheck here, I guess somehow I'm getting fired. That's for sure. Can't be like Wally Pitt.

It could be the could be the case. Who's Joe DiMaggio? Who's coming off the bench? Joe DiMaggio?

You mean Lou Gehrig? Yes. Yes.

Sorry. After that answer. Who's in the newsroom right there? Anyone?

So anyway, it is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. I don't know. Well, let's just let's be realistic here. If you were to, let's say, leave the company tomorrow. Not that I would want you to leave.

I want you to stay with the show and I'm messing around with you being a little bit of a jackass. If you were to leave, I think my first choice would be Connor. Internally, how could it not be Connor Green? I think that would be the best option in terms of on air wit preparation. I would say it would have to be Connor if we were ever looking for a new producer.

Now, if we went outside the company. I would have a short list of some people. I always have people preparing in case a Vicki comes to me and says that you're going to host somewhere or you're going to work with someone else if you got a promotion or something like that. I always got a short list ready. All the good coaches always have a list of office coordinators of managers of whatever. Always got a list of replacements if needed. OK. Do you have some music here by any chance?

Do you? A little NFL music? Well, this is a pretty fitting way to transition about you maybe being on the hot seat to some NFL coaches that are on the hot seat right now. Give me the coach.

I'll tell you. Number one through ten. One, the seat is freezing cold.

Ten, it's on fire. Let's start with a guy who somehow, somehow got a win last week. Josh McDaniels.

Three. Now, this is not what I what I would do if I was running the organization because I would get rid of Josh McDaniels. And I think that Josh McDaniels should go back and suck on the teat that is when Bill Belichick. I do believe that should be the case and he should be the offensive coordinator for the Patriots. I don't think he's head coach material. I just don't see Mark Davis in the financial state that he's in getting rid of Josh McDaniels. And fair or not, big win for McDaniels last weekend, even though he probably should have blown another lead and and lose that game.

But I will say it's out of three. I don't think he's getting fired. How about Arizona Cardinals head coach Cliff Kingsbury? Before the injury, I would say it was about an at an eight. Now with the injury hickey. I'm leaning more so that he's not going to get fired than he will get fired because I think there's just too many convenient excuses out there.

When you talk about Hopkins being out for the first six games now, Murray getting hurt, even though their season was over to begin with. I'll put it at about a four. I do think he's coming back next year. How about like 60 40?

That's why I put it a four. Dennis Allen. I'll go same number as McDaniels three. The the way that I could see him losing his job, I expect him to be back. The only way I could see him losing his job is if Sean says, I want to come back. I want to go back home.

Who says you can't go home? Then I do believe that they would go back to Sean. But with me seeing Sean not being back in New Orleans and Nalans, I'll put that number three. It's very rare you have a first place head coach on the hot seat meter, but here we are.

Todd Bowles, Tampa Bay. What's the number? I'll go.

You know what? I hate to keep on giving out the same numbers, but I really do think this is. I'll go one step up. I'll say this is a four because there's really no expectation for for the Saints this year. Now, you could say it's similar with the Raiders, but the Raiders ownership situation is different than the Glazer family.

I'll put it at a four and I'll put one caveat on it. The only way I really see Todd Bowles getting fired. And I think this could be a possibility is if Brady says the only way I'm coming back is if we go get someone and you got to go get that someone that is not named Todd Bowles. But other than that, I think even if Brady leaves, you bring back Bowles for one more season and kind of let him be the one that tears down the house and go there and find someone the next year to go build it back up. The NFC South cracks me up. Not only do you have four teams all within a game, all under 500 each other, three of the four head coaches are either on the hot seat or already been fired. Can't make it up. NFC South is the gift that keeps on giving for sure. Let's go to the AFC West. Nathaniel Hackett. Ten.

Is it even worth asking? I would usually never give a ten or one in any of these scenarios because I feel like that's a cop out, but this is a slam dunk. One and done. With the amount of money that the new owners have the richest owners in the league. Now there is no way you bring him back if they bring him back. You just are asking for nothing to improve because I don't I think Russ is deserving of more blame, and I think Russ is starting to the last half of the season has been getting more blame because we said everything there was to say about Nathaniel Hackett. You know you can't get rid of Russell Wilson because of the contract yet, so you have to do something to make it known to the team that this is unacceptable. And you need to bring in a stronger voice in that locker room because I think Russ has too much freedom. I know it's his organization, but I do think Russ has too much freedom right now and it's negatively hurting the team. You got to bring in someone that has more respect, and I'm not saying that the Daniel Hackett can't go somewhere else and maybe be good at this. I'm not saying that he's going to get hired as head coach head coach again. But at this point the respect is already lost for Nathaniel Hackett, so I think he's done so it's a 10.

It's a slam dunk. The question just is, does it happen on Sunday night or does it happen early Monday morning? Because at this point if they let him make it through the entire season up until this point, it will happen after week 18. Does it get leaked out before that final game? Does it get leaked out during the game like immediately then maybe right after the game or they make him wait till Monday morning?

That's what I wonder when it hits the fan and it goes public. Well at least you have to be on a flight. Week 18 is at home, so at least you saved yourself there.

How about Brandon Staley? I think this number is going to surprise a lot of people. And this would not have been my number two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago I probably would have been at about a seven. I'm going to two. I think they're going to win out. Even if they win two out of the three, they'll be in the playoffs I think. And I think if he makes the playoffs that they're not going to fire him. So I'm not telling you that I love the guy. I'm not telling you that I think he's this great coach. But I would be, like what Antonio Gates told us earlier, I would be shocked at this point if he's not back. Lovey Smith is 1-12-1 as head coach of the Texans in year number one.

What is his hot-suit meter? 9.5. The only half skepticism that I have on that to not make it a full 10 is a little bit of me saying are they really going to go back to back years and making coaches one and done? I think they're going to be the last coach in David Cullen and Lovey Smith. But when Lovey Smith was hired we all knew that that wasn't the guy that they wanted to hire.

They couldn't hire Flores because he was suing the league. They then couldn't hire Mccown who I think they wanted to hire. I think they did interview Gannon, Jonathan Gannon, so maybe he's the guy that ends up getting the job. The Eagles defensive coordinator, but it will be someone else. But that will be the last coach that Nick Casario should be allowed to hire because I know that he will be back.

I know that they're giving him the trust and the patience and getting this right in the draft. But when you're one and done, one and done, you don't get to then hire another coach. You shouldn't be able to hire this coach, but you won't be able to hire a coach after this one. Now it's a different situation because this is a situation that makes no sense with the Texans.

But I don't think Lovey Smith will be back up at a nine and a half. We have two coaches left, but really quickly, can they just hire Josh Mccown at this point? They clearly want to. You're going to take a quarterback, number one overall.

So here's the thing. They've talked to him twice. Right, two years in a row. So maybe they do talk to him a third time and then they do hire him the third time and say a third time's a charm. If Josh Mccown wanted to make this easier on the Texans the last two years, wouldn't he have joined the staff somewhere, even if it's not with the Texans? Maybe the Texans say, OK, if you don't want to be a part of this staff, wink, wink, go get a job somewhere else, and then we can at least make an argument to hire you. Because optically, if they hire Josh Mccown, they're going to get destroyed for it. There's no experience as a head coach in this league or even a coordinator anywhere. Not even a positional coach anywhere.

So they would get destroyed from that. But he hasn't done that, to my knowledge. Yeah, outside of, I mean, definitely not college, obviously not the NFL, maybe high school. But I mean, still, it's like Jeff Satteray territory of high school coach to NFL head coach. But, yeah, it's even though they want to.

Yeah, let me preface that. I was talking about, to be clear, in the NFL or bare minimum college. Right, right, right, right.

If you go coach a school in high school, even though football's mega-intact JV team. Sorry, no. Not the same. All right, two more.

How about Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski? I actually think this one is closer than what people think. I'm going to go 4.8. And you may say, Zach, that's a weird score. I think it's close to 50-50, but not quite yet 50-50.

And I don't want to go just like 4, because I think then that's, to one side it's just more 60-40. I think this is splitting hairs. A few percentage points more than 50-50 in terms of him keeping his job, him losing his job. Because I do think it's a little bit more likely that he keeps his job than loses his job.

But if they are horrible down the stretch against the Saints, the Commanders, and then the Steelers, and Watson doesn't knock off any of this rust, and then Watson says, yeah, I don't love Stefanski, then there's a chance he could be sent back in. And finally, last but certainly not least, your guy, Bill Belichick. Is his seat toasty? By the way, are you now doing YouTube videos?

Here and there. I'm just asking. I saw you did a YouTube video today about, well, I didn't watch the whole thing, but you were asking if Belichick is on the hot seat? Fire and Bill Belichick, the GM.

Oh, that's what it was. Not the head coach. Fire and Bill Belichick, the GM. But for this one, this is Bill Belichick, the head coach.

I guess everything, really. One. Oh, so there's a chance.

Folks, you heard it here first. Well, one's the lowest number I could go. You could go zero. No, no, it's one to ten, I said. How about zero to ten? You know what?

I'll go 1.1. Wow. Here's why. The burner's on, folks. I do think there is a small chance that not that I do think Kraft has a conversation with Belichick, but I don't think Kraft goes, you have to entirely get rid of Matt Patricia in terms of him being on the staff. I do think he'll allow Bill to keep Matt Patricia on the staff, but then he'll make him move him to a different role. There is part of me that does say there is a shot that Belichick would then say, OK, I want to go elsewhere. But I think with their history and the loyalty and the love that both these guys have for one another with Belichick and with Kraft, and I think Kraft is smart enough to know you don't let Bill walk or you don't trade Bill Belichick right now. And I think Kraft would find a way to kind of smooth over the talks. This would be, remember when Brady the first time had the whole Garoppolo incident and then Bill and Kraft stepped in and said you're not reportedly, some people will refute this, but Kraft stepped in and said you're not trading Brady.

And then the next thing you know, Garoppolo's out of town. I feel like that's this moment for Belichick with just Kraft in terms of Robert will look at this, OK, I already lost Brady. This will be the one time I could stand up to Bill in terms of his own job and say, you got to do this and then see how he handles this.

And I do think that there's a way that even if there's some contentious relationships, they'll be able to. Alter a road, and it probably means that Patricia goes back to the defense side of the ball and they bring in an offensive coordinator and who's more likely to leave, who is it? Robert Kraft getting rid of Bill Belichick or vice versa? Vice versa, Bill saying, I'm out of here, I'm leaving, get rid of me.

Say it again. Like which if there's a breakup, let's just say there's there's Robert Kraft owns the team. So what I'm saying, like, does he say, I'm trading you, you're out of here or is Bill saying, get rid of me? Like there's going to be a break up. Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill.

Who is like, who's the one breaking up? Is it Robert Kraft saying, all right, you don't make the change. I'm going to get rid of you. Bill.

Or is it Robert Kraft kind of getting his hands in the mix and Bill Belichick saying, no, I see them. I'm out of here. Maybe he'll do it on a napkin again. I resign as H.C. of the N.E.P.

That would be elite. Yes, please. Please. You got to do that if you're Bill Belichick.

If things get to a point where they... I do think he has too much respect for Kraft. He didn't respect the Jets. He didn't write out knowing the Patriots. Remember, the Jets were like hiding the faxes that the Patriots were sending over to the Jets.

That's why that relationship fractured a little bit. They showed that in the two Bills and that great ESPN 30 for 30 documentary. Did you ever watch it?

I did. Three years ago. I think it was the Super Bowl 52 when that came out. So that was in Minnesota. And I'm pretty sure this is the way that my memory works, because I had maybe some of the worst pizza ever when I was in Minnesota. And then I went back to my hotel room and I didn't feel well. I watched the two Bills. That's the way that I remember it.

So I hope that turns out factually, but I think it was Super Bowl 52. I was in Minnesota for the entire week and I was tired of just getting burgers and all that. So I said, oh, I'm craving some pizza. And I ordered pizza at this bar that we went to in Minnesota. And it was the worst pizza I've ever had. So if you go to Minnesota, don't get their pizza.

I guess. But I've never sent something back until that night. That was the one time I sent something back at a restaurant. Oh, is this like the flatbread? Was it pizza or flatbread?

It was market at pizza, but it was a flatbread. It's the same thing. No, way different.

No, no, it's not. You could put marinara cheese on a flatbread. It would taste nowhere near like a pizza.

No, no. Like if you're going to tell me an individual slice. Yes, that's different. But if you go to a bar and you see you're getting like a pie at a bar, it would not shock me.

They bring out a flatbread. It's not that different in Minnesota. We're not talking about New York here. We're talking about Minnesota. I don't I don't I think you're a little bit off on that.

Oh, I think I'm right. That's false. It's two different things. Two different tastes, two different kind of bread, two different way you bake it.

A lot different. You bring out a flatbread. I want a flatbread. It was it was marketed as a pizza. It was more flatbread, but to make sense why it was bad. Tomato tomato in when you're dealing in Minnesota. Come on.

It's it's pretty much the same essentials there. It had sauce. It had cheese. It had pepperoni.

It was disgusting. OK, Zach, help show CBS Sports Radio. A lot to listen to.

So get started and download the free Odyssey app today. Throughout the 60s and 70s, cops hunted down key figures of the Dixie Mafia, including its enigmatic ringleader, Kirksey Nicks. I'm in a rush to making money. I'm not in a rush to hurt people. Fifteen years into Kirksey's life sentence, the Dixie Mafia was practically folklore.

But that would soon change. I'm Jed Lipinski. This is Gone South, a documentary podcast from C-13 Originals, a Cadence 13 studio.

Season two, the Dixie Mafia available now on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. What's the strangest thing you're afraid of? Tails without fur on them, such as rats or opossums. I'm Larry Mullins, host of the podcast Your Weirdest Fears, where we dig into the crazy things you're afraid of. Everything from animal people hybrids. You know, people who get surgeries to look like an animal to giant statues.

If I ever saw one of those giant statues, I probably would poop my pants. Listen and subscribe on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts from. I had some spotted cows. Absolutely was great. Wonderful time. I've defended Giannis Antetokounmpo, the president of the Milwaukee Bucks. Loved my rant when I was going after the league with the tampering issues that they were trying to do. I think it was Bogdanovic or whatever it was.

And then Peter Fagan loved that so much that he joined us the day that Giannis signed the Supermax. So you would think also with the conversation I've had the last few years about Aaron Rodgers with John Coon, giving Packers fans some optimism and the bunch of Packers I've had on this show, I would still be pretty popular in Wisconsin, right? Yes. Oh, one person on Twitter right now is a Packers fan, and he's saying that I'm giving the Packers bulletin board material. Zach Gelb, dude, your takes on the Packers tonight have been a bit harsh.

Straight up bulletin board material. The fans appreciate it. Hashtag go pack. Go. Have I been harsh on the Packers tonight? He didn't hashtag done, done, done, done, done, done.

No, he did. Hashtag go pack. Go.

We're going to just do be a trip and just be like, just be dreadful. Go pack. Go. Go pack. Go. I'm just making sure.

How would you even hashtag that? That's all. That's what I was asking. Like, wow, that guy really went all in on sounding it out. Yeah, I don't know.

Is he confusing you for somebody else? What did I say? The Packers aren't going to the playoffs. They're actually Packers fans that think they're going to the playoffs right now. Oh, it was the part where I said it's more likely that they're going to go all in three than three.

And oh, what do you want me to tell you? I think they're going to beat the Dolphins, beat the Vikings and beat the Lions. If I ask you right now, is it more likely the Packers go 0-3 or 3-0?

Isn't it easy? 0-3, which you know what that means? It is printed out. It is plastered all across the Packers facility. Zach Gelb says Packers will go 0-3. Aaron Martyrs might start his Wednesday press conference.

With McAfee night. You can't, guys. No one believes in us. I was listening to this idiot talk show host who was saying that we were going to go 0-3. I just think it's more likely they go 0-3 than 3-0.

Yeah, he wants to call me a bum, Aaron. Feel free to mention me. We will gladly take the plug. There is no doubt about that. And I think that if you made me give them a record, I don't think going 3 is out of the realm of possibilities.

And at best, I see 1 and 2. Can you expect them to win 2 out of 3 games down the stretch with that schedule? No. And with how they played to the first 14 games of the year?

No. What has been the best Packers moment this year? I guess you could just say the emergence of Christian Watson down the stretch with how badly that started. When you go through that schedule, they lost to the Vikings. They beat the Bears. They beat Tampa Bay when Tampa Bay had what? 4 wide receivers out.

Was it like 14, 12, 2? It was like one of those wins, but it was disgusting. Brady scored at the end and they just didn't get the 2-point conversion. New England, they beat them in overtime with Bailey Zappi. They lost to the Giants. They lost to the Jets.

They lost to the Commanders. They lost to the Bills. They didn't get blown out against the Bills? They covered the spread against the Bills. They threw three picks against the Lions. They beat Dallas.

That's their best win of the year. Because they were down big in that game, but then it was false hope because right after that, short week, few days later, three days later, you lose to Tennessee. And Ryan Tannehill, especially in that game, went off.

And Ryan Tannehill looked like he was great and we know he's not a great quarterback. Then they beat Philadelphia. I'd say they kept it close against Philly. They beat Chicago. Other than the Cowboys, there's not a great moment this year for them.

And still even there, it was great for about three days where you said, okay, maybe there's some hope that four and six, they go on a run. But why should I then expect them, even though Miami's not been playing great the last two weeks, they bounced back against Buffalo two weeks prior to that, even though they lost to Buffalo. But why would I expect them to be out of these three teams, Miami, Minnesota, and the Lions? You already lost to Minnesota and the Lions, so maybe you don't lose to both teams twice.

But to get two victories there, I think that's asking a lot. For a team that, let me remind people, only has six wins on the year. Even yesterday, I mean, you look at the Rams team itself.

That is a shell of the entire Super Bowl team. And you're still winning by two touchdowns, not even, you're winning by 12 points. They doubled up 24-12.

And it wasn't like the game, sure, maybe the game was never in doubt. Most of the time, you should have, if you were truly a playoff team, you would have bludgeoned the Rams because they stink. The Rams stink.

Baker Rayfield came back down to earth. There's no one on the offense that's scaring you. Aaron Donald's not like outside of jail on the Rams team.

No one's scaring you on the defense. It's a wasted season. And you couldn't get anything going for the most part. This is a wasted season.

There's no other way to put it. And this thing went south very quickly, extremely quickly, where you knew that they weren't, I know they started the year 3-1, but you knew going into Thanksgiving weekend, because don't we usually say the real football starts after Thanksgiving? After Thanksgiving, you were 4-8. So it was not, you pretty much put yourself in a situation like what the Lions did. I know a little bit earlier for the Lions because they were 1-6. But the Lions won 6 out of the last 7, and they're 7-7. They got a shot.

It's too late here. To expect them to have everything go right in the final three games of the season and go 9-8? What are we doing here? What's the conversation? I have, I opened up the show that I thought it was laughable, that so many of my colleagues in the media last night are asking, can this team find a way to get into the playoffs? And I get it when it's on the broadcast, because you have to have things to talk about in a game they really didn't have much to talk about. But I was surprised today when I turned down a lot of shows, how many shows were saying, oh, can the Packers make a playoff push?

The answer is no. Until they get into the playoffs this year, which they're not going to, there's no reason to think they're going to get into playoffs. This is not as if it's week 5 or week 6. We're already in week 16 now starting this week. And they've had one moment where you're like, okay, they showed some optimism against Dallas. Even in that three-game winning streak earlier in the year, you beat the Bears to Roger Zones, you then beat the Bucks, but they were without so many of their great wide receivers, and then you beat the Patriots in overtime with Bailey Zappe. So it's bulletin, you know, the Packers are posting me in their locker room saying that it's more likely they go 0-3-0, and I'm the motivation they need, I'll gladly be the person that needs to be their motivation. I don't think me saying, hey, it's more likely they're going to go 0-3 compared to 3-0 is really going to fire up any Packers fans. Or players. You know how Notre Dame hits the political championship before they, you know, walk from the locker room?

Make Yelp shut up. Hey, there's a just picture of your face and then just punching it as they're running out of the locker room. I'm all for it.

That's the bulletin board material that they're going to get this week. I'm all for it, but how about one of their favorite sons? Leroy Butler, pro football hall of famer, in the ring of honor, created the Lambeau leap. He was on, I forget if it was D.A. or Maggie in Perloff, but weeks ago said that it's time to bench Rogers and go to Jordan Love.

That was Leroy bleeping Butler. So now, since I say the final three weeks of the season, it's more likely like 0-3 than 3-0 on the bulletin board material. And by the way, 3-0 doesn't guarantee them in. Like, you need help, by the way. It's not just, oh, win your three games and you're in. You need the commanders to lose. You need the Seahawks to lose.

You need the, like, you need also help. So it's not just like, oh, it's simple as, again, the schedule's tough. There's so much work here to do in terms of playoffs. But it's very unfair by you. You're a hater. I'm a hater. Hater. Packer hater. Yeah, I'm the biggest Packers hater. Isn't that funny how that works on social media?

If any state we support more than any other state, it's Wisconsin. Okay? Not according to this guy. Not according to this guy on Twitter. Who has a Packers profile picture, logo in the profile picture. So that's legit.

It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. You know what? I think this is funny. Byron listens to us on the fan in Milwaukee.

He goes, harsh. We parentheses the Packers have no direction and suck. So I do think that's an outlier. I think it could show face again in the great state of Wisconsin. No eggs will be hurled your way off the plane. Let's be real. If you want to throw eggs at me, that's fine. Let me at least just get to the airport and get some of the spotted cow.

Because that spotted cow is delicious. And I could use more of it. So we may have to make a show trip again to Milwaukee. Now, it'd be nice if you actually join me on this one. How about a Badger's game? I go back.

A little jump around. We have to go watch Penn State. They don't play there next year. They don't play there for a while, unfortunately. No, I'm good.

No? Let's go to Bucks game or Brewers game, Brewers Mets, something like that. I go Brewers Mets. Go down the slide. We'll go to Lambeau next year. We got to go when it's cold. You know, when the men go. I don't know. You see those guys that were shirtless at the game yesterday?

Yeah, they're idiots, but dude. I would go shirtless. No, you wouldn't. I'd show my toughness. You'd think I'm soft when it comes to the cold. You want to go to the... I just need gloves. Marco.

Gloves and a hat and I'll be shirtless. Voice of reason, is Hickey going in the negative two degrees at Lambeau Field? No shot. No, and that doesn't make you soft.

It makes you stupid. Yes, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

That's why he's the voice of reason. Roll your eyes though, you won. That's just guys being dudes. That's a good time. Group of dudes, shirts off, gloves on. Who are you? Steve Adazio? Dudes being dudes now? That's it. Guys being dudes out there. You know what?

That's a great Badger show. Go do it. Congratulations. Get Frostbite for the rest of your life.

Get it. You know what? It was only 20 degrees yesterday. Let's not pretend it was the Frozen Tundra.

That's a normal day at Lambeau Field. Two things. 20 degrees. Two things. With no shirt for six hours.

Six hours. In the stadium. Tailgating.

I will be in a shirt and a jacket probably and a turtleneck. No, no, no. Marco.

Marco. I will take you up next year, Hickey. We will make a November, no, let's make a December trip. We'll make a December trip to Lambeau Field.

December, let's go. Could be one of Aaron Rodgers' last home games with the Packers who I think next year will be his last year in Green Bay and I think you need to do two things. You're not allowed to wear gloves at all because you've been ripping on Tony Gonzalez for wearing gloves. No, I'm wearing gloves.

And Lambeau Field. Wait, you're taking your shirt off? You need to wear gloves?

Yes. Oh yeah, my finger. I've got to give myself a chance. No shirt. I've got to have the gloves on. As Ross Tucker would say, you don't have the cajones and then it's cajones to wear no shirt for an entire game at Lambeau Field. I think I could do it. I think I could honestly do it. You talk a big game but you won't back it up. No, I do not talk a big game and I do not say things I cannot back up. Okay, so if we go, well first off, I don't buy that you're actually going to join me at Lambeau Field. You're probably going to be like, I got my mom's birthday or something to do like you pulled with Bill Ryder or something like that. So I'm very skeptical that you will follow through on this plan but I also don't see a way that you blast all four quarters with no shirt on and freezing the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.

I'm a man's man so listen, there's not a doubt in my mind. See what we created here? This is the same ass clown that complained when it was 68 degrees inside the studio. Yes, yeah. I'm not mentally ready for it. I will mentally prepare for it 10 degrees.

Marcus just called you an ass clown. I mean honestly. 68 degrees, yeah. 68 in the studio. My god, it's freezing in here. Yeah, it is cold. You're exactly right. Yeah, you're damn right. Because I crank the AC down every day.

He's like, oh, you're a sicko. You're crazy. Again, Marco, it's all about a mindset, okay? It's not about physically being cold. It's a mindset. Let's be real.

I went to New England, Buffalo last year for that Patriot Bills game. People were like, oh, you should take your shirt off. I go, no. That's just stupid.

I don't understand. What exactly do you think it proves? I mean, does anybody honestly? It doesn't make you tough. It doesn't. It just makes you stupid.

Honestly, there's nothing tough about it. Okay. Do you normally walk outside when it's 10 degrees and it's snowing with no shirt on? No. Why? Because no one does it. No, no. See, that's the thing. People do do it.

And everybody looks at them and goes, what an idiot. So you want to be an idiot? Congratulations. Go be an idiot.

I just have a hard time believing any of this because like I said, from the same guy who is concerned when it's below 72 inside a studio, now all of a sudden we're going to be in the teams and it's going to be no problem with no clothes on. Okay. Just do this. Hickey, here's your L. We just threw you an L. Just take your L, eat your L, devour your L, and we will move on from Skip Hickey.

That's a very, like Skip Bail is now all of a sudden. No, I'm just telling you the truth. That's all. I'm a man's man.

I don't see. I did the polar, I mean that's a brag. If you want to talk about man's man, New Year's Day did the polar plunge, so I'm not afraid of a little chill. Okay. Not afraid of a chill. And that was a wet chill, by the way.

Okay. That was cold. Winter coat on.

74 in the studio. Ooh, man. There's no winter coat on.

It's rough. New Year's Day, Marco, where were you last year? Were you in the water? No, I don't think so. Someone was, someone wasn't.

Okay. What? He did a polar bear plunge. Polar plunge, New Year's Day.

Wasn't it like 60? I know, see that's a little bit of a warning, but the point is I went in the water, man. There's plenty of people on the beach that didn't go in.

I was one of the people that went in. But that's different. That's like for a good cause. This is just being stupid going to a football game with no shirt on. But you're being soaking wet, so the cold is even worse when you're soaking wet going to a freezing ocean on New Year's Day. Yes, but then you're like running into your house and getting some hot cocoa or something like that and sitting with a blanket or something. You're at a football stadium for four hours. You'll be sucking your thumb and you'll be saying, Saig, please let me put my shirt back on. Please, please, please, please, please. I think I'll be okay.

I'll do the old Booger McFarlane, as he said in the broadcast yesterday at the pregame. All shot of whiskey? Are you okay? Yeah.

Yeah, you're going to need more than one. You know, I'm going to save the listening audience for the rest of this conversation. That was a great ass clown.

I love Marco Belletti. That was very unnecessary. Closing bell next.

No, it was actually very necessary. All right, closing bell next. What makes your skin crawl no matter how absurd? I want to know. Tails without fur on them, such as rats or opossums. I'm Larry Mullins, the host of a new podcast called Your Weirdest Fears. You send me your fear.

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So get started and download the free Odyssey app today. Throughout the 60s and 70s, cops hunted down key figures of the Dixie Mafia, including its enigmatic ringleader, Kirksey Nix. I'm in a rush to making money, I'm not in a rush to hurting people. Fifteen years into Kirksey's life sentence, the Dixie Mafia was practically folklore, but that would soon change. I'm Jed Lipinski. This is Gone South, a documentary podcast from C-13 Originals, a Cadence 13 studio. Season two, The Dixie Mafia.

Still now on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. You're listening to The Zach Gelb Show. Another day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world. It's time to find out who's up and who's down.

Let's end the day right and hit the closing bell. Finally on The Zach Gelb Show. The Philadelphia Eagles maybe made one of the more underrated off-season acquisitions this year when they brought in pass rusher Hassan Redick. Hassan, who was a top 15 pick in the NFL draft back in 2017, got off to a slow start with the Cardinals his first three years. Then his finally with the Cardinals had 12 and a half sacks, last year with the Panthers at 11 sacks, had two more sacks over the weekend as Eagles get another win, this time up against the Bears. So that makes his total for this year at 12 sacks for Hassan Redick with three games to go in the season.

Give Hassan Redick a stock up. Let's hear Matthew Stafford address his future last night on the morning after with Kelly Stafford, his wife's podcast. And a lot of people are asking this, which I already know the answer to, but retirement, are you retiring? Oh no.

Okay, thank you. They're like, I say it, but no one listens to me. So I feel like coming out of your mouth. Give a stock up if you're a Rams fan. That means Matthew Stafford, I thought there was a chance he was going to retire, is going to be coming on back for next year. Last night in the association, Donovan Mitchell did go up against his old team, the Utah Jazz in Cleveland. Cavs improved to 21 and 11 on the year. They beat the Jazz who fall to 17 and 16, a buck 22 to 99. Donovan Mitchell, four or five from behind the arc, also had 23 points in the game. And Jared Allen had a really nice game as well last night, had 20 points, 11 rebounds. So give a stock up to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks.

Nice performance by the Greek Freak. As the Bucks beat the Pelicans, a buck 28 to 119, they're 22 and eight on the season. Giannis, 42 points and 10 rebounds. Give Giannis Antetokounmpo a stock up. All right, now let's get to the negative here. Hot take, Hickey. You're getting a stock down. Adam Ritchie on Twitter says, I'm a man's man?

I just died of laughter. Hickey literally eats boneless wings with a ranch. I'm not buying this take by Hickey that he's going to go to Lambeau next year in the freezing cold frozen tundra of Lambeau Field without a shirt on.

So I'm calling BS. I'm giving a stock down to Hickey for lying to the listening audience. Also the defensive player of the week, let's go back to the positive, is sponsored by the Navy Federal Credit Union, who proudly serves the armed forces, DOD, veterans and their families. Their members are on the mission.

Learn more at Jaguar safety reashawn Jenkins won the game for the Jacksonville on Sunday afternoon as the intercepted Cowboys QB Dak Prescott in overtime and took the ball 52 yards for the walk off TD. Jenkins picked off Prescott twice in the game and recorded a game high 18 tackles as the Jags move to within one game of the AFC South League. Give a stock up to reashawn Jenkins. And finally, there was supposed to be a press conference for Carlos Correa and the San Francisco Giants now that has been delayed because of a medical issue. So maybe that contract won't end up be getting done.

So we'll get more information on that, but for now, just a stock down because it seems like someone missed something and that's a Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports radio. Are you actually going to go Lambo next year with no shirt on Hickey? I'll say this. I'm not going to go out of my way, but if I'm there, yes, I would do the shirt off. I'm just saying like, I'm not going to Lambo just to take my shirt off, but yes, if I was to go, we're there in December last night, those guys I would want to join in. So if I organized a show trip, even if we have to pay for it on our own dime to Lambo field, you're in.

Is that what you're saying? You've never been to Lambo, right? I've never been to Lambo field. That would be pretty cool. Would you go? I would go.

That would be pretty cool. I don't know. History. Hickey back to dropping coverage. I'm not backing up for anything. With a ski cap on, with a coat on, gloves, maybe goggles if it's windy slash snowy. The whole game.

Whole game. And the shirt will be off. They are chested.

Not a lot chest to look at, but bare chest. We'll bring Caserta because I think Caserta will be the only one I want to see you with that shirt off. Zach Gelb show. We'll be back tomorrow. Big thanks to Antonio Gates, Andrew Whitworth for joining us tomorrow.

We have. Bye bye. Be well.

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So get started and download the free Odyssey app today. Throughout the sixties and seventies, cops hunted down key figures of the Dixie mafia, including its enigmatic ringleader, Kirksey Nix. I'm interested in making money.

I'm not interested in hurting people. Fifteen years into Kirksey's life sentence, the Dixie mafia was practically folklore, but that would soon change. I'm Jed Lipinski. This is Gone South, a documentary podcast from C-13 Originals, a Cadence 13 studio. Season two, the Dixie mafia. Available now on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts.
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