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The Cover-Up, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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January 27, 2022 12:00 am

The Cover-Up, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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January 27, 2022 12:00 am

There are two types of sinners in the world: those who confess, and those who cover up. Only the first receives healing and restoration.


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Immediate aftermath of his adultery with Bathsheba.

King David began a massive cover-up plot. Philip Keller writes Uriah might easily have returned to Russia, the king and uses valiant sword to sever the royal head the whole course of Israel's empire might've changed in an hour. David's very life. Get this in the entire future of his reign dangled on the slim thread of Uriah's unwavering care are and more to the point, how should you be dealing with your sin today on wisdom for the heart. Stephen Devi continues his series on the life of King David. With this message that he's calling the cover-up here. Stephen, if you were to pick up the average newspaper you would more than likely bump into an article or more detailing a scandal and some form of cover-up, it might be the recent corporate scandal of a major automaker who, instead of recalling automobiles that had no functioning parts let it go and held her breath for 13 deaths. The truth came out. You might remember the famous Enron scandal in cover-up of your old enough, you might be old enough to remember Watergate on. As for show of hands on that one scandal in cover-up. The ultimately brought about the resignation of the president of the United States. I did a search online by simply typing in the words cover-up.

I got all kinds of sites on women's cosmetics. Talking with a scandal at all Caymus get that over many many of the sites had to do with conspiracies. Some of going back more than 100 years back I spent a couple hours reading about some of these coverups which are not immune to bring to your attention. I did go over and check out the dictionary definition of a cover-up. And here it is an attempt to conceal evidence of wrongdoing, error, incompetence or embarrassing information in a passive cover-up information is simply not provided in an active cover-up, deception. They added this little note photos interesting when a scandal breaks open the discovery of an attempt to cover it up is often regarded as more reprehensible than the original deed strew. I was on one site that actually revealed the rather predictable steps in a cover-up.

I guess if you wanted to do it there you go. Here they are.

Denial was the first just deny deny deny deny second step is the delayed response. That is, as long as you can saying anything about anything. Third was intimidate any potential witness or whistleblower into maintaining silence. Finally, once it's out in the open. The fourth step is simply called damage control.

Some things never change. In fact, I mentally took those steps back into the life of David in his sin with Bathsheba and and and the cover-up is going to occur and discovered his actions actually fit perfectly with his age-old pattern of cover-up denial will act as if nothing happened, delayed response.

Don't say anything stall as long as possible deceive any possible whistleblower and he's going to do that is will see. Finally, damage control, keep in mind that what is occurring in the life of David is occurring when he is just past his 50th birthday he maybe 5152 were not exactly sure what is in his early 50s by now. He has composed, perhaps hundreds of songs declaring the glory of God's creativity has provided a rich musical literature for his nation is renowned as a faithful servant of God. He's bearing this. This title is a man after God's own heart at an age when he ought to be primed and ready for spiritual leadership to produce even richer fruit for God is not only get a sin to engage in an unimaginable cover-up before we dive and let me give you a couple of observations that we can uncover right here at the outset of simply knowing his age. Some of his past first physical maturity does not exempt you from sinning. In other words, you're never too old to sin. You don't outgrow the temperature you'll reach a point in your life are bold enough.

I've seen enough and you can't trip me up. Now the only thing get done growing older is just give the enemy of your soul more time to figure you out to try new things to resurface old failed the first time around. He searching for weak spots and chinks in the armor so you never let down your guard matter how old you are, by the way work were not simply uncovering David's sin were really asking the spirit of God to uncover hours were not just talk about David's ability to cover-up were exposed by the spirit of God working through his word in our own hearts. Things that I may not even reference, but our ability to sweep something under the rock.

Perhaps for you at this very moment. It might come in the form of padding and expense account. It might be some lust for popularity. It might be in the form of a relationship that's just beginning the get off the ground that you know was off-limits a compromise in some area. It might be a longing for, well frankly that's all you think about no one would know it. Maybe it's a longing for power or prestige. The truth is Bathsheba's come in many disguises. You're never too old to take the bait.

Maybe a new disguise but 10 years ago, I shared with our assembly about that afternoon I took Dr. John Walker back to the airport. The time he was the president of my alma mater, Dallas seminary dear friend of our church.

He prayed for us every day. I was taking him back. It would be his last visit here with us is now the Lord what we were just talking about ministry in general and animated offhanded comment as if you were talking to himself. In fact, I remember looking over at him to see if he was talking to me or were wide and he was looking out the window and he just muttered under his breath and then he repeated it. I just want to finish well. I just want to finish well when he said that he was in his 80s at a time when we might think well of course to finish. Well, forget to say you're 83 know he understood the danger and the danger never goes away. Even though you're near the finish line. Physical maturity does not exempt any of us from sin. Secondly, spiritual maturity does not exempt any of us from the worst of sin.

Now all sin is sinful right, but some sins have longer deeper, more far reaching consequences than others. Now, as I mentioned in our last study together chapter 11 of second Samuel is a transition chapter in his biography.

It's a hinge. Everything prior to it is for the most part positive. Everything after it for the most part is tragic.

You can label the first half of his life and in and in his reign. I should say simply Unit, David's triumphs, beginning a chapter 11 and to the end of his life.

You could caption his reign. David's tragedies so as we take our study back up at second Samuel chapter 11 were going to watch as David begins. Perhaps one of the most infamous coverups in the record of biblical history doesn't get any worse than this for the sake of a rather quick overview we can actually get to from verse six we can all go all the way to the end of the chapter it says can be fairly quick and over you. Let me give you four steps in this cover-up and will allow this to sorta be pegs for our mental habits. Call step one studying call stain call back to verse four and get a running start so David sent messengers and took her Bathsheba and she came to him and he lay with her.

She'd been purifying herself from her uncleanness when she returned to her house and the woman conceived and she said and told David. I am pregnant so David sent word to Joab. Send me Uriah the Hittite. Her husband and Joe absent Uriah to David when Uriah came to him. David asked how Joab was doing and how the people were doing.

How the war was going. Probably what's the weather like on the front nice quick on his feet.

David is he's internally troubled. Of course, devastated by the news that find about, but no need to panic at this point just act nice steak call his plan and see how it works now.

Uriah might have wondered why David wanted him to return from battle to give a report.

But then again, he's been with David since the early years is what is original 37 mighty men. Amanda David could trust with his life as they ran from Saul, the king, so this sudden request. I imagine it could have been considered a compliment from the king Uriah might've been. Please, perhaps even flattered. Think will David trust me enough that he brings me home to give them the true story. The off the record real story what's happening at the front lines. David verse eight ends the evening by effectively saying listen wanted to go down your house and wash your feet doesn't say that because he's been smelling your eyes, feet, they would've been dirty. Of course wearing those open toed is really cleats of the Romans would pick it up later. This is a euphemism for go home and relax and enjoy an evening with your wife something that's easy to overlook. Verse eight Uriah went out of the king's house and there followed him a present from the king told by the way what that present was the most commentators it mentioned anything about it. Thought it was food's probably a good enough gas something satisfying for this battle weary. No doubt hungry soldiers been living off rations of the land he had had a good meal with decent meal, probably long time.

You just picture David sending along behind Uriah.

What would constitute a candlelight dinner, mashed potatoes, no peas, just good stuff right there they go. He's thinking this is he's not going to need to leave his house, borrow food from the neighbors for this unexpected visit. In fact, it's all set up.

To me this is going to be the perfect evening but verse nine but Uriah slept at the door. The king's house with all the servants of the Lord and did not go down to his house. David can't believe it back the first time I read that and maybe you read that your thinking. I can't believe it. He camps out on the king's front porch, middle part of verse 10 David said Uriah, have you not come from a journey that Hebrew phrase means from a military campaign meal firsthand why did what any good at your house. You just come in from brutal difficult conditions now yeah roast.cranberry sauce and you can go down to your wife. Uriah said to David in this amazing response. Verse 11.

The art in Israel and Judah dwell in booths tense and my Lord Joab in the servants of my Lord are camping in the open field. Shall I then go to my house to eat and drink of the lie with my wife. By the way, that would be a stabbing rebuke to this comfortable king, who's been lounging in bed instead of leading his troops into battle.

Uriah effectively says here how can I take a furlough and enjoy when my comrades can enjoy while they implied your to be with and the art of God employ this the will of God. We are camping out in (all against Iran is.

I wouldn't think of taking my thoughts, mind or body away from them, disloyal, disgraceful step want to stay calm. That didn't work will cost up to apply pressure. Notice what he does. Verse 12 David said Uriah will remain here today also tomorrow. I'll send you back, so Uriah remained in Jerusalem that day and the next. David is doing two things here for us to observe.

First, he's giving Uriah the same tempting offer. Only now it's another full day and another evening, maybe even were not told by now Bathsheba knows he's in tannins, and personally invited told to keep in mind David assumes Uriah is going to act just like him, you know, I'm just gonna swing this carrot in front of him for this next full day and another night surely go down to his house, but Uriah won't bite. So the second thing he does is he uses the only drug he is available to try to get Uriah to lower his inhibitions and set aside his nobility conviction loyalty to his troops.

Look at verse 13 and David invited him and he ate in his presence and drank so much that he David made him Uriah drunk porn on your I hear another police drunk in the evening went out to lie on his couch with the servants of his lord, but he did not go to his house. In other words, he stays in battle gear he camps back out on the front porch with the other guards anything. What's this guy made of.

Even when he's drunk you will capitulate. One author wrote this thought-provoking statement. He said that Uriah had more character when he was drunk than David had when he was sober. Now David is completely panicked.

He knows at this point he has exhausted his his options any further attempt to keep Uriah home from the battlefield any further suggestion wanted to go, why, why did you go home go home again. Will keep you another day or night on the net that would come dangerously close to tipping his hand. In fact there were some Hebrew commentators who believe that by now Uriah would be suspicious that something is wrong something is out of character. Why am I given roast duck. Why am I brought home on furlough.

Why does he keep telling me go home and be with your wife. The narrative is ambiguous. It doesn't tell us what Uriah is thinking about this, but it would be a strange furlough. He would've been wondering now about the showering of attention. The repeated offers to go home but it is very likely at this point the David in his panic assumes that Uriah is suspicious. He's gonna put two and two together and nine months from now he's going to ask some question David can't take any chances. Who's going to take another step in. In this step is going to take. Actually one very big chance forgive me that 70 verse 14 in the morning. David wrote a letter to Joab and sent it by the hand of Uriah in the letter he wrote set Uriah in the forefront of the hardest fighting then all of you draw back from him that his retreat leave him there alone that he may be struck down and die. We stayed, then work.

Applied pressure every which way we could. That didn't work. So now simply step number three conspired to kill dead men tell no tales. Imagine a four David is falling vector uses his faithful comrade to deliver his own death warrant to Joab his commander and don't miss the fact that the only way this cover-up. At this point is even going to get off the launching pad is for Uriah to remain a man of character. What if he opened the letter. What if he decided to find out what the king ordered. What if he decided to try to figure out what this was all a and this is strange. I think I'll just break the seal and and take a look and then heat the wax back up and no one will be the wiser. One author said had he done that on the way back. The whole course of Israel's Empire might've changed in an hour in the white heat of his flaming anger. Philip Keller writes Uriah might easily have returned to Russia, the king and uses valiant sword to sever the royal head. It would not be the first time a monarch was murdered in revenge and he had a cause.

David's very life.

Get this in the entire future of his reign dangled on the slim thread of Uriah's unwavering character, he will remain honest and loyal. He will be an innocent bystander caught up in the cruelty and the cardinality of this cover-up is another principle that comes to mind here in this text is worth pausing to add to the record when someone becomes captured willingly sidetracked ensnared by sin and this ensuing cover-up. They rarely if ever stop to think here is sin has a way of hurting the most those who trust you the most and here's one of David's mighty men, faithful, loyal, honest, committed and passionate soldier. He was now carrying in his own hand and order from his cane that will in his life. Joab realizes the David's plan is full of holes. In fact, if you carefully study this and I'll try to point out a couple of points here he changes David's plan because he knows it is way too obvious to put Uriah in the front end and suddenly for everybody to retreat, leaving Uriah there, but that's you might as well, you know, put on a billboard. David wants Uriah dead that as you work to notice what he does. Instead, verse 16 as Joab was besieging the city.

He assigned Uriah to the place where he knew there were valiant men.

In other words, these are the best enemy soldiers. This is the hottest one of the hottest places be fighting note in the men of that city's enemy soldiers came out and fought against not Uriah notice who Joab and some of the servants of David. You'll notice for 17 among the people fell Uriah the Hittite also died. By the way, don't overlook the fact that Uriah isn't the only one who dies in order to improvise in order to make this look as realistic as possible. Joab is going to risk his own life hero loses several men in this battle. Bathsheba is not the only widow made by David's sin. That's my point. Joab's response in the way he adapts the way he improves upon David's command to make sure it's realistic imply another authors bring at this point that he knew exactly what David was covering up. He knew Uriah's position in the Army would've known the family of David's chief counselor if the felon Bathsheba was his granddaughter probably knew her personally. He certainly knew Uriah Joab and probably wondered why David called Uriah back to Jerusalem before he camped out here against the enemy to take one of the mighty men, one of the first string guys off the court is likely heard of David's lavish praise on your eye recommending he spent several nights on furlough. That's out of a character that's strange. And now here comes Uriah back to the battlefield carrying a letter from the king and takes about two seconds to figure it out. This ruthless battle hardened character lasts general. By the way tore open this letter handed to him by Uriah without blinking in disbelief when author wrote without showing a single emotion of revulsion without a moments hesitation evidently crumpled that letter up in his hand and orders Uriah and a group of men to follow him to the hottest place in the battle what's Joab have to gain you might wonder.

I think FB Meyer, a wonderful expositor of more than 100 years ago, pastored in England in his commentary on this text, which I have enjoyed. In fact, I compared his comment back to what I know will happen later in this biography and I'll show you more of that later. I think he's right.

He wrote this Joab probably laughed to himself when he read the letter.

This master of mind can sing psalms with the best, but when he wants a piece of dirty work done comes to me well I'll help him to it and I shall be able to do in the future. Whatever I want and he will he will become unaccountable to King David.

He will later kill and then kill again with his own hand arrival to the throne without any recourse from David David remain silent factors going to be a coming day that will see together in our study, the Joab will openly defy the command of the King and Shoaib will take his spear and stabbed through Absalom the Kings son no recourse. Joab will effectively blackmail David for the rest of his life, David has enlisted the help of a brutal and godly man. He will live with consequences far greater than he ever bargained well. Joab carries out his orders. Verse 24 tells us that he sends back the messenger to tell David the part that David is really listening for, and that is this mission accomplished. Uriah is that's time for step four in the cover-up to polish up what remains. The first step. Stay calm and didn't work. The next step. Apply pressure that didn't work. Next step conspired to kill work now will call this final step in its final step in every cover-up: this keep up appearances covering up sin were not always quick to admit when were wrong sometimes we try to deflect the blame and make people think that it wasn't us the example of David is a powerful reminder of how not to deal with sin, but the story is going to continue. So we need to pause right here and resume this lesson tomorrow. Stephen is calling this lesson, the cover-up here on wisdom for the hearts were so glad that you join us for these daily Bible lessons. But there's more to our ministry.

We also have a magazine that includes articles written by Stephen to explore topics related to the Christian life in the past we've dealt with issues such as how to forge friendships. A biblical look at Islam. Angels and Demons marriage Christian engagement in politics and much much more. The magazine also has a daily devotional guide.

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