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THU HR 2 060823

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 9, 2023 12:01 am

THU HR 2 060823

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 9, 2023 12:01 am

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Stigmas around mental health were designed to hold us down, but we don't have to let them. If you're struggling, text or call 988 to connect with a trained crisis counselor who won't judge. Just listen. 988-Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. Hope has a new number.

Donate and listen to the podcast at All right, we are back. And folks, listen, we we're gonna hear from Sarah McGurvey here because she's gonna tell us we have a couple things coming up. That we've got to stop the petitions from hell. We've got to stop them because Sarah, you know, in those, if you look at what it does, basically, it nullifies all of the pro-life legislation we passed up to now. And we worked very hard to do that.

Okay. And not only that, but what it does is it opens the door. It's a free for all for this trans mutilation.

It is what they call transmutation surgery. And what they do is they go totally around to parents. They they're going to do this. This is absolute antichrist right from the pit of hell, cultural Marxism. And folks, listen, if you won't stand and fight for your freedoms, you don't deserve a minute of freedom if you won't stand and fight for it.

So we've got to stop it when you see these people out there with their petitions out there, go up to them and tell them, you know what you're doing. That is a sin. You need to repent of that.

Repent or perish. And I'm going to do it. I'm going to be looking for them. Yeah. Yeah. And when I find out where they're going to be, I'm going to announce it on the air.

I'm going to encourage people to go out and get them. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. And one great way to do that is there's some town halls coming up that are these are very important to go to because you get a lot of really great education at these on how to articulately explain the danger of this amendment. So one is happening on Monday, June 19th from six thirty to eight thirty p.m. is the Geauga County Tea Party is hosting us at the West Woods Nature Center at nine four six five Kinsman Road, novelty, Ohio. You can RSVP by emailing admin at

Some great people coming to that. It's going to discuss the fall of Roe, understanding the Ohio protest ballot initiative and the reality of abortion. And that's free of charge. But a free will offering will be accepted. And then on June 20th, is a pro life campaign kickoff training voter I.D.

and comms. It is at the Rookery ten one ten Cedar Road, Newberry, Ohio. Dinner is included. Registration is free.

Go to w w w dot leadership institutes dot org slash Newberry. And this is regarding the August 8th election. So again, for those who forgot or had not heard, there's a special election on August 8th. The only thing on the ballot across the state is called Issue one, and that is to raise the standard for amending Ohio's constitution from 50 percent plus one vote where it currently is to 60 percent, which in other states has been effective, like Florida and Arizona.

We want that here. This would also require that the people who are petitioning for any future amendments. Have to go to all 88 counties, not just 44, but all 88 and get five percent from each of those counties.

So this would mean that all Ohioans who are registered voters and able to vote can participate in this, not just half of the state. Just to reiterate, that's a long list of poll workers and practitioners. They are fantastic. So please go to these. I'm register for them. They are fantastic.

I have been a few. We are also hosting for these Ohio right to Life. We're having a get out the vote training on June June 27th. In the evening, you can call our office.

At three three zero seven six two two seven eight five for more info on that, but so important. We have to fight this. Like the pastor just said, we have to fight for the vote. We have to fight for the vote. And we have to fight for the vote. We have to fight for the vote. fight this if we sit down what good is it that the men who founded our country fought and died for it what good is it that we spent 50 years fighting roe what good is it all the wars we fought in to maintain our freedom this amendment this pro-abortion amendment is literally going to make it legal for the state to intervene on behalf of children and where parents will have their rights nullified absolutely that's what it is it's right from it's right from the pit of hell and folks again you got to come out we got to fight this and when you see these people out with their petitions walk up to them and tell them what you're doing is wrong it's a sin and do it loudly too and uh if they ask me to uh to sign it i'll write right on there this petition is right from the pit of hell please don't sign it they'll try to find you as they'll try to make it count somehow so there you go hey guess what guess who we have on the line there on the line there none other than big john mcturnan hey big john hello pastor ernie hello i called in you know today's a big day what happened with uh president trump and i just wanted to see if you what you have to say about it well we're going to see what happens i noticed that he's going to court in florida and uh not in dc there's there's not a there's not a decent court in that dc okay no matter what i mean they would find you guilty of murder uh even if you died 100 years ago okay they would do i mean that that is so corrupt that is so corrupt that that i mean it's unbelievable it'd be very very hard to find uh you know a judge in dc that's not corrupt okay in a court but anyhow so i see that that's in florida now today also chris ray chris ray who's involved with satanism by the way um we just read some articles where he's working with the satanists he brought to he surrendered because he was going to go to jail they were going to send the sergeant at arms right over from the congress and have him arrested and so he he gave the file and in that files uh they say there's at least 10 that that this shows that the biden crime family uh spent uh got at least 10 million dollars in bribes and so anyhow we're going to see what's happening there because this guy is a real criminal and and let's see what happens with i'll tell you one thing what it did the indictment of trump probably raised him another 10 in the polls uh as far as going up i mean you know the people in the country realize what's happening they're pushing back against the deep state so what's your take well basically what you said but remember uh what i said coming into homosexual month here and that uh it could be a a big change for america because of the sin there and so this happens now you know on right in the first week i think it's a real bad sign from the lord that there are bad things coming best ernie this month well we're seeing some of those bad things but you know again the chickens are coming home to roost we were just talking about what's happening with all your woke corporations you're going woke they're going broke but you know they're uh in canada where they try to they force uh the children where they said you're going to get lgbt indoctrination and parents are not allowed to take their children out of the classes they're forced to stay in well guess what on the first day of school june 1st guess what happened 75 of the children in the canadian schools were kept home so so here they cross the parents are sending a message out to mr trudeau no you've crossed the line not our children okay now what do you think remember how the lord said he would never destroy the earth by floodgain but but by fire and do you think that canada is getting a little taste just a small taste of god's wrath absolutely pestering that's one of the reasons i called in it i mean canada has been burning north northwest canada it's been on fire for i don't know how long now month or more and now uh quebec and that smoke is coming into uh heavy into the united states so yeah that's what i'm saying pastor ernie this is a this is a this is going to be a big month here coming it was interesting randy one of my deacons looks out the window and he says hey i see rain clouds i said take another look randy you see smoke that's that's that smoke coming over here from canada and it's really not it's really been heavy i mean i got up the other day and usually i can off my deck i can see out there a couple miles you couldn't see hardly anything it was nothing but smoke in the air but don't worry the mayor there in new york city he's got to figure it out see all you got to do is a couple things all the residents got to bring in and take into their own homes illegal aliens you know uh and and but not but don't worry about the smoke there in new york because all you have to do is put on a mask that'll help you with a smoke right well how smart is well how smart is that okay gee you talk about adding insult to injury yeah gee so yeah this is uh and pastor ernie today um biden has some it's the largest gathering ever of uh homosexuals in the white house yeah i i don't doubt it the smoke thing oh it is it's probably going on now sodomites and the pedophiles yeah and joe knows all about pedophilia doesn't he well anyhow okay well i just stopped in to uh say hello what are you covering tonight this time we're covering what's happening here in ohio we're fighting uh some some legislation right from hell and this is what we're covering tonight and we're also uh getting petitions we're going against the critical race theory we want that out of the public schools uh in ohio we're you know it's it's we're in a raging battle right yes that's an understatement really it's quite the quite the circus right now that's sarah mcgermy she's here she's from uh the northeast ohio right to life and she's in here with us tonight trying to we're we got to beat these petitions that the people right from the pit of hell are out there pushing and so that's what we're doing here and i i see in texas you had that one school district with a lot of a lot of students big school district but they couldn't have any graduating class because they only had they went woke it was a woke school and they only had five students that were eligible to graduate because the others have been all dumbed down and so amazing wow they had they had to cancel the graduation and yeah that's a big issue in texas here because the um the dumbing down is you're talking about is really um obvious now the school district that i live in uh it's one of the big issues here locally but it's across the state the whole learning curve is down though test earning it's on purpose well you know here you've got a an attorney a texas attorney general who was trying to do a good job trying to end up the rhinos in texas are trying to get rid of him you know i i'd rather be a skunk than a rhino huh yes thing here you know you're right on top of what's happening in texas here and uh no one knows uh they indict him like uh they bring charges up on like a thursday and they hold a meeting on saturday to um impeach him we the people don't know what the charges are like it's it's not it's all i won't say it's a secret but you could see it's a railroad because it hasn't been the public hasn't seen it there hasn't been hearings on it they all of a sudden they indict him you know for the impeachment and they hold the uh election on a saturday they don't they never meet on saturday well here's the reason see the rhinos uh know that uh know that if he keeps doing his job then people are going to expect them to do their job too okay and rhinos don't he's going after the pharmaceuticals here i know i mean he's doing a lot i mean uh doing a real lot and he's he's going after election fraud and uh they want him out well you know solomon said follow the money follow the money and that's what the rhinos do they follow the money and so anyhow we're god has raised us up for such a time as this now i know that you had documented in all of those books that you wrote uh going back to when what happens uh you know how god is is tell talking to the people saying see what i'm doing remember uh world series in san francisco the day before that huge earthquake what happened there they had the largest pro-death march ever in the history of california let's go out to um remember there in new orleans where uh you had three days before what's that hurricane that came in there katrina katrina we had those those two pastors there and they were talking to the mayor saying stop this southern decadence to stop this sodomite parade that they're going to have and he blasphemed god and laughed well remember what scripture says it says i will spew you out okay and that's exactly what happened the the katrina came in and spewed the sodomites out literally flushed them right out and we're seeing what's remember remember what george senior daddy bush did on the very same time on the very same time when he was was going against betraying israel and remember the deal that they'd made and wanted to try to force israel to give that land to the palestinians right while that was happening what took place at kitty bunkport well his uh home was the uh was destroyed by the perfect storm on the very day on the very day past burn at the very time what was going on and wow and daddy bush had to he tried to walk it back all right he got stopped okay and so all of these things are happening you know out there and of course we're seeing right now we're seeing what's happening in canada okay uh you know canada's gone all the way sodomite and uh you know they need to do we need to we've got to clean the swamp and i got a feeling this is going to backfire on what they're doing by indicting trump i think big time what do you think well yeah pastor ernie uh it's it's making us what it's doing it's really fracturing the country i mean it's fracturing it big time the uh the federal government is a criminal enterprise i mean we've known it but it keeps going to new levels and new levels it is a bona fide criminal enterprise now in every sense of the word so what we're going to see is i'm pastor ernie let me just show you something that really uh annoyed me today um of all the things that happened today this really got me i'm trying to find it and oh is that what the supreme court did they got it air force celebrates pride month with graphic of service members saluting rainbow colors yeah i've seen that they had that on the jets unbelievable yeah that that's like um of all the things that happened that one got to me uh so vile so low why in the and they they've got it past ernie they're in charge right now they really are on all levels and they're putting their people in the military oh yeah putting them in a position austin and millie i yeah i really a lot of people believe that the two of them are actually drag queens you know and austin if you watch matt gates when he austin lied austin sat there and lied and every time gates would say well what about here on this base at this time in this day you had your drag queens in there and then austin kept saying we do not have a policy we do not allow drag queens on a military basis even though he uh he he he sat there and he lied and he lied and he lied and he lied because that's what he was told to do huh well we saw we saw pictures of them in the bases i know that's what i'm saying that gets actually showed that he actually had that there but but uh austin's job was to stay in line and so we're going to see now trump uh i think is back now he he's a lot wiser than he was he knows more about who the deep state is and what do you think about all of these candidates now i see that mike pence is back in and mike pence was saying well trump just didn't understand that mike didn't have a choice under the constitution well you know what immediately after that they changed the law so that the vice president could not do what pence was supposed to do to begin with you've got the law of mispresence okay and of tyranny and in other words with that law has been in effect if you know if you're a citizen and you know that treason has taken place and you don't report it and you don't act upon it then by law you're guilty you're a part of that okay now those people stood right there and they had a josh holly uh jim jordan they had all the evidence right there in front of mike all all he had to do is say okay i want to take 10 days and examine this that was what he was supposed to do he he failed to do it do you remember what uh when they passed the same-sex marriage there in indiana when he was governor then said he said i will never sign that i will never sign it then he caved to the pressure and sign it and that's that's what he's known for caving when the pressure's on caving and that's what he did he caved he didn't have to do that and i don't think he has much of a chance okay and like zero yes and like trump said if mike have no shame yeah they have no shame how in the world the world can he go out there after what he did how can he go out and and try and well i'm going to run for president well i mean what has he done that qualifies him to run for president oh and and so and then you get chris christie he's running and he's taking on trump i mean they're running against trump so what they're there and that other woman that woman there from south carolina um haley haley um haley yeah she's another one that put a knife in trump uh it's amazing they have no character none of them zero zero characters and that'll you know what and by doing what they're doing going out to trump that's just going to make his numbers go higher you know i mean he couldn't he couldn't pay him to do a better job than what they're going to do right well they had no chance to start off with but yeah right it's going to just make everybody like uh stronger for him yes as they as they attack them yes well they they want to get their name recognition out there uh to help them in other offices most of them know that they don't have a chance of winning that okay but the idea is to get the name recognition out there and and pence i can't understand him because it's really going to make him and the message he's not going to get but a very small percentage of the votes okay and so that's going to make you look bad really bad and some anyhow that's what's happening on that front how many instead of instead of telling you nowadays who's running uh for the primaries it's easier just to say who's not running yeah and so anyhow and and and here's what do you think is actually going to happen because the word is out there even among the democrats that biden's not going to make it they wanted him just to just to go to the basement stay there and let us rig this election like we did last time now tomorrow night we're going to be talking about because we have some inside dope on how they're planning on rigging the election and so that's what we're going to be talking about tomorrow night lord's willing okay if everything goes good and they're not able to take us down okay and so anyhow that's what we're going to be talking about tomorrow night because they cannot win a fair election they can't do that okay so they have to cheat they have to have all these um voter vote harp ballot harvesting all of the corruption i mean just unbelievable how much corruption now people are watching them okay and it's going to be more more difficult for them uh and again congress is i want to say hats off to jim jordan uh to josh holly to ted cruz uh to uh matt gates to this comer to all the the republicans that realized that they can win if they fight i want to say hats off to those folks what do you think yeah past Ernie i mean they're i mean they're out front and absolutely i'm agreeing with you 100 percent all right imagine what it would be like if we didn't have them yeah i know uh but people people have no trust in the government at all now absolutely no trust in the government and remember you remember what it got what it was that got john kennedy killed you know he wanted it he wanted to defund the cia ron reagan wanted to defund the cia okay donald trump wants to defund the cia uh they have become you know an entity within themselves working against the american people and the fbi too the what the good thing about the fbi is you've got so many whistleblowers new whistleblowers coming out now um and and we're seeing now the fact that it was a showdown and the fact that chris ray okay had to had to turn over those documents that shows that side of the fbi hey guess what they can't do it the idea was they were going to push hard and they were going to just overcome the law they were going to totally now we're seeing this happen now merrick garland uh he he is sweating the bullets right now okay so we'll see what happens we got to back those folks up we got to let people know all of us around the country we got to let them know we're we've got your back so what do you think uh you're you're preaching to the choir past earning already i mean the only thing i'd like to see is for us to be better organized uh better like uh well trump is trump is really the only one we have out there that can bring us together yeah i know we need to be able to gel where we're we're ready to go because they've declared i mean a long time ago they declared war on us but it's obvious if anybody couldn't see it this must they must see it now with trump it's war this is war with on us it's literally a ideological war where they hate us because we stand for everything they're against well this homosexual thing it's it's like um it's like being patriotic to be homosexual it's being um that's what they're trying to push yeah yeah yeah that's what they're doing but they got the power past earning they've got the power up on top everywhere they're in control of like everything not but that's not to say that the majority of us and huge numbers are going along with it it's it's a bad it's a bad bad mix past earning to have them doing what they're doing and what we believe what we what we believe and we are not uh compromises well it has to come to a a cataclysmic uh confrontation pastor i don't see any way out of it because they're bringing it to us they're going to do everything against us until we literally stop well yeah we got it again it's it's you know we're at war and we have to realize we're in a war so we got to fight like you know like christian soldiers with our eyes upon the cross right exactly right all right i'm going to do some we're going to do some some lightning round articles here matt gates on jack smith witch hunt it's obviously weaponization of our justice system joe biden has had classified documents at his place since 1974 that's right 1974 uh back in february joe biden told leftist judy woodward from pbs that he illegally had been holding on to classified documents from 1974 the biden doj is currently investigating president trump who's the legitimate president of the united states for holding classified documents when he left office as president and here and and you know what was going on because the day before he left office his last day he declassified all of what the deep state was doing the russia russia russia probe and all this stuff with hunter biden all the information he had and that's why they tried to fight it they needed to get that okay but now you know that the american people know that the fbi is totally corrupted they know the cia and they know that they're against america and america does not trust them anymore so it's going in our favor now the u.s president has the ability to declassify any documents he wants as as the leader of the executive branch of government this clearly and the law in the u.s and senators and vice presidents do not have that privilege so joe biden admitted to breaking the law in 1974 where is the special council and see that's what we're pushing for and uh you know we got to just uh be behind jim jordan and the others we'll be back right after this sin open up your heart leave your fears behind leave them all behind you'll be living there so not his door will open see and you will find and you'll be given eternal life sublime he'll be waiting there waiting there for you his arms open wide his arms waiting there for you waiting for you it was for you and i that he was crucified boy that guy can sing kenny mcturnin all right sarah go ahead you got let's do a lightning round all right this article is what the devil fbi director teams with pentagram wearing lgbt star about new ideologies demeter daskalakis i think is how to pronounce is one of the lgbt radicals given power by joe biden being named deputy coordinator for national monkey pox response his reputation as an lgbt promoter and his affinity for satanist emblems already was well established before being given the federal assignment he'd been on the cutting edge appearing at times in leather belts for a pride parade and sporting a pentagram there you go do another one you did that so good all right this one from issue should christians declare a state of emergency too less than six months after president joe biden signed the respect for marriage act which codified gay marriages the humans rights campaign declared its first ever state of emergency for lgbtq plus people why because of a supposed spike in quote legislative assaults sweeping state houses this year end quote quote more than 75 anti-lgbtq plus bills have been signed into law this year alone more than doubling last year's number which was previously the worst year on record the hrc says but look closely almost every single bill on the quote assault list is legislation designed to protect children from the omnipresent and increasingly aggressive transgender community the list includes things such as bans on doctors performing sterilization procedures or prescribing dangerous puberty blocking drugs to minors it includes florida's ban on public schools teaching children under age nine about gay sex and removing books from elementary school libraries that are too pornographic to show on local news programs it includes protections for girls who don't want to share lockers with boys who couldn't be girls or be forced to unfairly compete in sports with physically dominant males the list includes laws that prevent schools from transitioning children behind their parents backs well there you go let me i got i got one here before let the lace uh go ahead lisa okay natural news retraction watch has been keeping a close eye on wuhan coronavirus quote science papers over the years noting in a summary list that more than 300 of them have been retracted since publishing due to compromised ethical standards and concerns about validity and credibility the list which has been growing since april of 2020 makes no distinction between withdrawal and retraction because journals that make such a decision have typically done it to justify not saying anything about why a paper was retracted and to sometimes make a paper disappear without a trace and as this writing there are 330 kovat papers total that have been retracted along with 19 more that have received expressions of concern and a senior researcher at university of oslo's institute of immunology says that many researchers compromise their ethical standards during the so-called pandemic either to try to get more of their publications approved or to take deliberate shortcuts for quick publishing all right there you go very quickly the yamish were 24 times uh less likely to get covid because they didn't listen to anything the cdc had to say yes that's what they said yeah there you go already uh we're gonna we'll take some calls very quickly let's go to mac mac you're in the air hey pastor ernie thank you so much again for taking my call like i told the screener uh very important after listening to the program about the rubbish collector's wife uh versus obama i had problems trying to order it so i i had some help from my daughter and don't you know she had to fill out the special questionnaire almost like gestapo interrogation uh because she went on amazon uh because she went on amazon and ordered something that goes against the liberal template and i just read some of not all of it george orwell's 1984 that guy was a prophet big brother is watching everything you do so just warning the people when you go to order some some book like that through amazon watch out because big brother's looking nothing i'm afraid of them but it's just annoying and get everybody out there and newsflash we're going to have some of those books up fast god bless you thanks mac all right we're going to have some of those books from hers uh the um the the rubbish haulers what the wife of the rubbish haulers uh very very good um susan was a private investigator uh and she did a lot of work with uh investigating obama everything we told you about him wasn't a citizen he was not eligible eligible or eligible to run everything about him was was illicit illegitimate everything all righty let's go very quick this is going to have to be the last call before pastor how gives the invitation but let's go to jack jack you're in there quickly yes well in regards to the indictment today of trump i hear he has to make an appearance in court on tuesday also they're saying that one of the charges is going to be related to espionage i'm wondering what the purpose is for him appearing in court uh what little research i've done on espionage is that uh you're usually taken into custody on that charge i was wondering if you had any information on what the purpose of trump's uh mandate to go to court on tuesday is well trump's former lawyer tim parlator believes the former president's defense team will claim prosecuted a prosecutorial misconduct in jack smith's ongoing classified documents probe special counsel jack smith has been investigating trump after he stored presidential records at marilaga whether the former president tried to obstruct the probe that's what they're going to try to accuse him of uh the parlator told cbs news the catherine herridge that he was stunned he was stunned by what he saw in the grand jury room by the conduct of the persecutors and witnessed a lot of misconduct tim parlator told cbs catherine herridge wednesday see if he could if he could put that and bring that to the court they'll have to just toss it okay last wednesday evening explaining he went before the grand jury himself i was really stunned by what i saw in the grand jury room by the conduct of the prosecutors uh parlator said they made many many attempts to try to get privileged communication they would ask me about conversations with my client they would make improper references to the jury and try to mislead them about that he continued at one point it got to the level where they they're asking me this again and then would turn to the grand jury and say so you were refusing you you are refusing to provide this information no i'm not refusing to provide it the ethical rules prohibit me even if the answer to the question is helpful i am not allowed to give it and i turned to the jury and said uh and she knows it she knows it that it's an improper question so uh anyhow uh if he can get that what i don't know it's a court in florida so there's a possibility it says that it might be a legitimate court interesting well are are you saying that trump is going to court on tuesday um because that's what he wants to do because i thought he was going to court tuesday because he's the prosecution is requiring him to go yeah but see trump uh trump is a mastermind when it comes to these things okay he's got some very good lawyers and i think what trump is doing is see he's ropa doping these people but you see you know a lot of good lawyers because they have been interrogating the lawyers and they have broken attorney client privilege and some lawyers don't want that kind of pressure but i'll leave you with this um espionage can also carry a death penalty and the only way they're going to really stop trump is if they can find a way to freeze his assets and then he won't have a legal team anymore i don't know if they could do that because i think he's pretty much turned that over to his children a lot of of that the company i think the business i think he's turned over to his children so that they can do that well we'll see what happens tuesday yeah we'll see all right good night all right thanks jack all right how much time do i have there okay all righty i've got time for one more quick article there you go and then we we're gonna have to go all right from the gateway regime arrests hollywood actor for assisting injured trump supporters and picking up a police shield holding it up and walking forward at us capital on january 6th two and a half years after protest the body regime sent out the fbi to arrest hollywood actor jay johnston on wednesday for attending the january 6th fed's erection the regime had threatened his arrest for over two years they wanted to let him suffer his crime jay johnson assisted injured trump supporters who were gassed with unknown chemicals and helped wash their eyes out then he picked up a police shield and used it to protect himself from police chemical spray at one point he stood with other protesters and formed a wall of shields to protect people near the capital tunnel the men holding the shields attempted at one point to walk forward that's it today he was arrested the regime does not play the fbi was looking for him all right yeah people right now the fbi has no credibility and by we don't have to recognize in fact it would be wrong for us to recognize uh the fbi having any legitimacy at all any legitimacy at all uh you find that if you read proverbs chapter 24 start with verse 16 to read it down and so uh they have no legitimacy they're a rogue outfit they're corrupt and you know they've and people they there's no credibility it's like the mainstream media people don't trust the mainstream media anymore they're they've got no credibility left and and they're losing it by the day pastor hal you've got about six minutes do you think you can tell us how we can get to heaven and avoid hell yeah i think so you know the bible says in revelation 310 that as it is written there is none righteous no not one god wants us to be righteous when we get to heaven but our sins it says all have sinned and come short of the glory of god and you know god loves us but he hates our sins god wants us to come to heaven but he says our sins cannot come with us and the only thing that can wash away our sins is the blood of jesus christ and that takes place the very moment we come to god and we say god please forgive me a sinner that's repentance when you admit something when you admit to god that you're a sinner and that you need forgiven he likes that he says that he commands that in luke three um in luke chapter three that uh he says except you repent you shall likewise perish and so coming to jesus means that you're sorry about the fact you're a sinner and you want to receive the payment he paid for you on that cross you see when jesus died on that cross god was allowing him to pay the payment in full for every sin you and i have ever done we couldn't do it if you could quit sinning right now and never sin again to the day you died just the sins you've already done would be enough to keep you out of heaven but when jesus died on that cross he said it is finished which means all the work necessary for him to for us to be redeemed from hell has been done and accepted by god the father but that doesn't become ours automatically john 112 said but as many as received him to them gave me the power to become the son to god you could know what jesus did for you on that cross but if you don't reach out and receive it you'll still die and go to hell just like somebody out in the ocean drowning knowing the life preserver is one foot away from him but not reaching out and receiving it and so god loves you but he hates your sins and he in in john 14 6 jesus said i am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the father but by me listen it's not your church membership you could be the best catholic in the world and die and go to hell a baptist presbyterian church member whatever your good works church membership water baptism none of that saves your soul the bible says in whom we have redemption through his blood ephesians 1 7 is when you come to jesus and ask him to forgive you for your sins and trust him and him only for your salvation what he did for your calvary that your sins get washed away by the blood of christ and he gives you eternal life he makes you a new creature in christ right then and there he circumcises the way your spirit your soul from your flesh so that when you die your soul goes straight to be with jesus in heaven and then he makes you a new creature in christ in fact when you get saved that means saved from hell right then and there in it's a mystery in the bible how right then and there part of you is seated with christ in the heavenlies from that time on that's uh ephesians 2 6 so right now god hears me talking to you right now he knows what's going through your mind and through your heart right now in revelation 3 20 said behold i stand at the door and knock if any man open the door i will come in and it's when you open the door your heart and ask jesus to come in that he comes in and he gives to you the payment he paid for you on that cross and john 112 again says but as many has received him how do you receive him romans 10 13 for whosoever shall call upon the name of the lord shall be saved the call means to pray that's what's known as a sinner's prayer that's when you ask jesus christ to come into your heart being sorry about the fact you're a sinner and ask him to give you eternal life give to you the payment he paid for you on that cross now my job as a preacher is to lead people to christ i don't leave it hanging right there i i i tell people listen knowing about it up in your head isn't going to save your soul even the devil knows what jesus did for you on that cross what god wants you to do is make a decision and he wants you to make it right now tonight he says today is the day of your salvation and if you don't make it today you're given the devil opportunity to come snatch the word out of your heart and get you involved in other things and probably die lost and you don't want to do that so with jesus hearing me talking to you right now and him looking at your heart right now please ask jesus to come into your heart and let him save your soul we could pray together but even though we're praying together it'd be directly between you and god as only you can ask jesus come into your heart and he'll come in so let's pray oh dear god please forgive me a sinner i believe you died on that cross and shed your blood for my salvation and lord jesus i'm here and now asking you to come into my heart forgive me of all my sins wash my sins with your precious blood and give me eternal life save my soul from hell right now and make me a new creature in christ and i thank you for it right now oh god thank you lord jesus for being my salvation in jesus name amen now if you prayed that prayer and meant it the bible says in first john 5 13 these things have i written unto you that believe on the name of the son of god and that word believe on meant that you personally received him as your personal savior not just believed about and then he says why that you may know that you have eternal life how can you know because god is making you that promise and god cannot lie or he wouldn't be god so by god's promise in your prayer if you just sincerely prayed that prayer in your heart and you asked jesus come into your heart as your savior trust in him as your for your salvation that means according to god the father you have eternal life in you right now and god will never leave you or never forsake you the holy spirit will be with you until you go home to be with the lord so praise the lord you just made the most important decision tonight you could ever make in your life and uh get into a good bible believing church read that king james bible every day and pray every day and that's got to walk with you and talk with you and teach you and forgive you of any sins that come between you and him every day that's just walking in fellowship with them after you're already saved okay god bless go ahead pastor you know i know where there's a good bible believing church it's at 147 right 81 scary road in newberry ohio and uh boy i'm going to tell you they really hold to they take the teaching the bible to a higher level there don't they sometimes yes but they really really believe the word of god uh and so they're not a 501c3 corporation they're an actual new testament church and christ and christ alone is the head of that church huh yes track one times and said it's better to travel 50 miles and be fed than go around the corner and be fooled so if doers of the word is the baptist church is a long way away from you but you can still make it you're better off spiritually to go the doers of the word than go to some place right across the street from you and not get the word absolutely and so uh we start at eight uh 8 30 in the morning sunday morning with an in-depth bible study and then we have another one uh at 9 30 and then regular service starts at 11 30 and then we have another class on sundays at one and then we have a uh we usually show uh in the class that we have the bible and current events things that are happening a film at four o'clock and then pastor al you preach the evening service there at five don't you amen and so folks it's a good place to go 147 81 Sperry road it says p-e-r-r-y road in Newberry Ohio and that's right at the corner of uh route 87 and Sperry under that 800-foot tower it's hard to miss that 800-foot tower huh yes i'll say hey hell do you think there's a chance someday i'll see you climb that tower probably not likely huh no not likely well just you don't never know if you don't ask i guess huh yeah i guess all right but let me ask you this uh are the folks there are they really good folks that do this in the world i mean are they you know yeah they sure are they they're like a tight-knit family and they love the lord i've never been in a church of my life where i saw people so you know sold out to the lord and giving him the preeminence in their life and and just sticking together and looking out for each other and praying for each other it's it's a you really feel good when you're a member of that church you really feel the closeness of the lord you you really do i mean you know i just love being a senior pastor there it's a it's it's one big happy really is a happy family all right we're at that point where we get here every night thanks for being here with us sarah my pleasure until tomorrow we want to say good night we want to say god bless and always always keep fighting the fight right thanks for listening to the voice of the christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor ernie sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content when i grow up i want to work for a woke company like super woke when i grow up when i grow up i want to be hired based on what i look like rather than my skills i want to be judged by my political beliefs i want to get promoted based on my 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