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TUE HR 2 011022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 11, 2023 12:37 am

TUE HR 2 011022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 11, 2023 12:37 am

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See additional terms at slash home dash trial. Donate and listen to the podcast at As you know, with a new year sometimes comes a few changes. A change for us is that we'll be taking a hiatus in several markets at the beginning of the new year. Denver, Atlanta, Portland, Little Rock, Orlando, and Tampa. At the start of 2023, we will not be broadcasting in these radio markets. However, if you are in those cities, you can still listen to what's right, what's left online at the word That's the word Cleveland, as you know, is our home market. We expect that this hiatus will be temporary, but we need to take a hiatus while we catch up on a few bills.

We are a donor supported ministry, so thank you to those of you who have been supporting us from those cities, and we look forward to getting back with you on the radio in those cities as soon as possible. Our top story now, a bombshell new report shows that the Department of Defense, yes, the Pentagon, controlled the COVID-19 program from the very beginning, and everything we were told was political theater, basically to cover it up, right down to the FDA vaccine approval process. It was all theater.

That means that human beings were used as props, essentially. According to newly obtained documents, the Pentagon used a combination of shady approval authorizations that are still in use, including the PREP Act, the Emergency Use Authorization, and other transaction authority, the OTA, all of which shielded big pharma agencies, medical participants that delivered unregulated vaccines from any liability and protected them, basically. We've gone through a lot of these documents and just showed how they are not on the hook for any of this liability.

These documents, these new documents were obtained by a former executive of a pharmaceutical contract resource organization. That person is Sasha Lydapova, and Sasha joins us now to tell us what she's uncovered. Thank you so much for coming on the show, Sasha. Well, thank you very much.

Thank you for inviting me. Absolutely. This is intense. I mean, when you first uncovered these documents, did your jaw just hit the floor, or did you know that this is what you were going to find based on the breadcrumbs you were already uncovering? Well, yeah, I was really shocked.

I was working on this for quite some time. So my first finding was that these products were not good manufacturing practice compliant. And that I found right away when they started being rolled out due to extreme variability of adverse events and deaths that were reported per each lot of the so-called vaccine. So that was very shocking to me as a pharmaceutical professional, because we know how high quality pharmaceuticals typically must be manufactured. They have to be very, very consistent.

There should be practically no variation lot to lot in terms of toxicities or any other performance characteristics. And these products were varying about thousand times, lot to lot. So that was extremely concerning. And I didn't realize why that was happening, but I just knew that they were not good manufacturing practice compliant. I later confirmed that through regulatory documents. And then the final piece of the puzzle was when I was able to see all these contracts from the DOD, they were released based on freedom of information requests and also securities and exchange commission disclosures. And when I saw those contracts, there were around 400 that are now available for all COVID, so-called COVID countermeasures, including vaccines.

I realized that was really what was going on. The Department of Defense used a very shady contracting practices and also used several laws that were put in place previously, previous to COVID to do this, to shield pharmaceutical companies, to not conduct proper clinical trials, to do a lot of fraudulent, I'd say manipulations of public perception and all inclusion obviously with mainstream media and these pharma companies. And so, as a result, we have this theatrical performance called clinical trials, but they were actually not real. They did not, based on the laws that are used here and invoked in this process, the clinical trials are not required at all.

And in fact, they cannot be conducted. I mean, that's one of, there's many, there's many really troubling parts of the story. We'll unpack a few of them, but that one stands out to me, perhaps at the top of the list is the theatrics that were put in place for these trials. So there were human beings in many ways being used as props to paint the veneer that they were somehow going through deep trials to make sure that we were all safe with these vaccines. And you have, I know there was a, for instance, a 13-year-old girl. They in fact had an ad, the Vaccine Safety Council had put out an ad that was going to run during the Super Bowl.

Then it was yanked by Comcast. They wouldn't allow it to air, which shows a perfectly healthy 13-year-old girl who went through this particular trial. And then ended up having all sorts of adverse events. So these people were used as props, essentially, right?

Yes, exactly. And so the clinical trial subjects were deceived. And, but importantly, most of the clinical trial sites and investigators were also deceived. And most of the FDA employees were deceived because this particular scam is driven from the top, only few people, as far as I understand, at the top of these organizations, the Department of Defense, HHS, FDA, BARDA, their legal counsels, they know, but then the rest of the regular employees and rank and file, and especially clinical trial subjects, of course, were kept in the dark. And in fact, under Obama Administration Cures Act, amended, I believe, the informed consent requirements, such that subjects don't have to be necessarily informed of what's going on if it's deemed not in their best interest. And so again, it's too long to go into the legal history. There's very extensive research, hundreds of pages of documents on legal history of this, but the laws that they're invoking to run this program do not have to require informed consent, and also do not require the clinical trials.

And they're not under- I'm sorry, this is unbelievable. So the people involved in these trials, they don't need to be informed about what is happening? Yes, exactly. So the informed consent rules have been amended under Obama to say that if it's not in the best interest of the subject, who decides? If it is or it isn't.

But that's what it says. So, you know, these types of things can be concealed from people that this actually under emergency use authorization used during public health emergency, this is very critical. That's why they keep extending public health emergency beyond any- we don't have any emergency, but they keep extending it.

Why? Because they need this. Under public health emergency, emergency use authorized these kinds of medications, countermeasures.

That's a key word. These are not vaccines, they're countermeasures. So all these three together, they can use it this way. They don't have to inform the subjects what it is. They can use a lot of secrecy. They don't have to run clinical trials. They're not required because these products cannot be investigational products. That's what the law says. If they cannot be investigational products, then we don't have an investigation.

We don't have any clinical trial subjects. So that's how they're pulling this off. So it's at the Pentagon. It's at the Department of Defense. You talked about countermeasures. And, of course, I think what we all think of immediately is a foreign threat, right? That this is- we're dealing with the Pentagon, right? It's supposed to protect us against foreign adversaries. So how is COVID a foreign adversary? And how is this being run through the Pentagon?

That's a great question. So from the very beginning, turns out that the Trump administration and subsequently Biden administration treated this COVID as war, as an act of war, because the National Security Council is setting COVID response policy, which is National Security Council doesn't have any health department representatives, only defense and intelligence. And so National Security Council sets policy for COVID. HHS is not setting policy.

HHS does not lead agency in response of it. They're managing information. So the top of the government is treating it as an act of war. And they're telling all of us, oh, it's a health event.

It's a naturally evolved virus, jumped from a bat. And don't even mention, you know, lab creation because you'll be canceled on social media immediately and censored, right? So right from the start, we have huge deception going on, what in fact they're treating as war.

They're telling people it's a health event. And we learned from the Twitter file, Sasha, just this past week, the latest round of Twitter files, that the Biden administration was actively going after and trying to get going after and trying to censor anybody who talked about lab leak theories and talked about Wuhan lab. And we're going after this idea that this came from a bat, came out of a lab. And so they were actively trying to censor that narrative. And so this was all coordinated. And we know that multiple agencies were actively, of course, going after Twitter and social media companies and trying to keep this quiet. In these documents, does your research show, I mean, just how deeply does this go and how widespread is the Pentagon's tentacles in this? Does it reach to Dr. Fauci? Does it reach to other main agencies?

Well, yes. So they're all, they're all in fact coordinating this. In fact, there is, they even set up in 2013. So by the way, the planning goes, pre-planning goes years, at least 2012, 2013, based on the contracts and based on the documents that I have uncovered. So for example, there is pandemic enterprise. It's a quasi-private, quasi-government enterprise that's been set up in 2013 that involves 10 heads of federal agencies.

It's called PEMC, the abbreviation. And so 10 heads of federal agencies, including Department of Defense, HHS, FDA, NIH, Department of Agriculture, Energy, Veterans Affairs. So all of them together, get together and secretly discuss these kinds of countermeasures, very secretly. So there's their memorandum of understanding based on FDA's website. And most of it, 90% of it deals with how we're going to keep everything secret between each other, all the confidentiality disclosures, how we're going to communicate about this. So we have this cabal form with a lot of secrecy and a lot of procedures to maintain secrecy about pandemic responses in 2013.

It's almost like I knew this was coming. I mean, this is where we talk about conspiracy theories on this show. I mean, and it's all true. I mean, this is unbelievable.

There it is all in 2013. It's all laid out. It's laid out how they're going to keep everything secret. And I wonder why what's supposed to be a health event is so secret from the public. So how is this even, you know, so then they're treating it as war, then again telling us it's health.

So here we go. So they're covering up military activity with this representation of health event and how it responds to a health threat. So that's where people are not informed right away and being deceived. And then, you know, because they've invoked these set of laws and they're using countermeasures, not even vaccines. So countermeasures are not pharmaceutical products.

Countermeasures, it's all different category. To be clear, then it's not technically a vaccine, right? It's no, it's just a countermeasure countermeasure and specifically Department of Defense ordered them from private manufacturers as prototypes. So people were never told, Oh, come over, get injected with countermeasure prototype. Were they? No, and they weren't told that, right? Because as you pointed out, they were not on a need to know basis, right?

So they didn't have to have informed consent. So here's a prototype we're going to inject you with, just like the 13 year old girl we featured at the beginning here and talked about. Would her family have allowed that if they knew that this was just a prototype?

Absolutely not. No, people were told, Oh, this is vaccine. This is safe and effective. It's been tested rigorously. By the way, no testing of safety have been done. They have not done any animal trials. They have not completed any animal trials, not even started them before they started mass injecting people in human trials. And that's a complete violation of all regulations everywhere in the world, including FDA. And again, nobody was told that. They said, Oh, it's been tested.

It's been in development. We've done clinical preclinical trials and they've done none. They just went straight into people and injecting this girl who is now paralyzed as far as I understand. And so some of the, well, you know, from being an executive of a pharmaceutical contract research organization and studying these contracts extensively, that they are completely shielded from, they have immunity here. They have basic, you know, no, no liability for Pfizer, Moderna, any of these companies, right? They're totally protected. Is that what the documents show you?

Yes. In the DOD contracts that I've reviewed, there is a separate clause. That's a prep act clause in all of them. And it says that, you know, under prep act, you are covered, you are covered person or covered entity. And in fact, everyone along the supply chain, so not just the manufacturers, but all of their suppliers or material suppliers, the delivery people, the, you know, the pharmacy or hospital, whoever injects these products, they're all considered HHS employees, regardless where they work. They're all considered HHS employees. Government employees, for the purposes of this exercise and the product, this countermeasure prototype military, by a warfare agent is owned by the department of defense throughout this process until it gets injected into the person.

Nobody takes possession of it. So that's how they completely protect themselves from any liability. Now it doesn't mean that people shouldn't go after everyone, including the vaccinators.

And those will be thrown under the bus first, obviously, because there are little people, but everyone should go after the vaccinators who did not provide informed consent to, after the manufacturers, after the hospitals. And I encourage everyone to do that because this is important. Yeah. I mean, we've had so many of our viewers and you can let us know in the chat right now, as you're watching our show, we've had so many of our viewers, tens of thousands of our viewers, and we've had so many of our viewers tell us on a regular basis, either someone close to them. I mean, last night we had a mother tell us that of her five children, one of them has died. I mean, that we have this every night on our show, stories of this on our show.

So it's unbelievable. I'll get you out of here on this question, Sasha, which is about the future. So they planned this in 2013, as if they already knew this was coming, but it sounds like from my reading of this, they're already planning the next one. Oh yeah.

Yeah. They're, they're running the script. So the, the, the next important thing that they want to do is to give up our sovereignty to WHO under the international health regulations, meaning the WHO now can announce pandemic whenever they feel like it, which they did with this one. Anyway, it was only 40 cases worldwide and they decided it's a global pandemic, which is ridiculous. But now they can announce a pandemic whenever they feel like it.

Maybe there's a pandemic of trees, maybe there's a pandemic of goats. And they will come up and say, oh, it's a climate change pandemic. And everybody goes and goes into lockdown and our government and Biden administration specifically want to give up our national sovereignty so that whenever WHO decides that this is a pandemic, we have to go in and implement all of their ridiculousness. And implement all of their ridiculous lockdown and murder protocols that they, they dream up. Right. So that's how it's going to be. And so that's what we need to write to our congressional representatives about and protest and to our state governments, the state governments need to say, no, we're not going to give up our sovereignty. Federal government cannot decide for us.

And so that's what needs to happen because within the next year, they're going to put this in place. Unbelievable. Yeah. There's very little and any of these countries can do right now. We've had Africa stand up to the WHO. Thankfully, member states in Africa were able to say, no, we don't want this. But I think it's going to be pushed through anyway, unfortunately.

And we will be ceding sovereignty to an unelected body that will run the show on all of this. Sasha, thank you so much for your amazing research on this. We hope you'll come back on the show. Thank you for your continued work. We really, really appreciate you telling the story.

All righty. We are back. And Joe, we are hearing from people every day, same thing, the very same thing. You know, we had got the shot and I have people right now that are telling me, you know, all these things happened to them since they've got the poisonous poke. And we're seeing that there's a whole lot of people are dying, but they're keeping it quiet. But if you want to find out, just go to the funeral homes, go to the morticians, ask them what is taking place.

And they'll tell you, go to the insurance companies with life insurance. And they'll tell you the death rates increased by about 40%. We've done a bunch of stories of how many different morticians were saying how, you know, the increase is horrible, many times what the normal rate is even during wartime. But Joe, I normally do about two to three funerals a year.

In 2022, I did nine. And so there you go. But you see what's happening to is the different agencies in the federal government are doing things that are not according to their description. And one of the things here's an article show Biden demands that scientists go won't promote equity and inclusion if they want grants. In other words, the US Department of Energy is in charge the nation's chief funder of the physical sciences, physical sciences, think about that. The new policy began back in October 22.

I missed this at the time, but I found it recently. So they have setting up the idea is promoting inclusive and equitable research. They call it peer. They call it the peer plan, in addition to information regarding their scientific project. Basically, they're saying this is the first priority if you're going to write a grant, you want to grant for money to do research. The first part of it has to do with how you're going to recruit researchers and students from diverse backgrounds, groups that are historically underrepresented, blah, blah, they go all on the diversity intolerance thing, sex, race, everything. And then it gets to then you do your grant.

You know what you're trying to do scientifically what you're trying to study. And then it says the complexity and detail of a peer is expected to increase with the size of the research team, the number of personnel supporting it. So here we have a case of the Department of Energy is promoting what? Wokeism is trying to do cultural change.

Nobody's going to get a scientific grant unless they follow all the little rules about equity, diversity, racism, white supremacy, all this stuff. And then it gets a follow up. Here's the next story that follows it. Big media is getting paid off by climate change advocates. This is coming out of World News Daily. The Associated Press takes millions of dollars to promote the need for green investment. So here we have the AP, the legacy media that goes back into the 1800s, back with the telegraph wires and all that, has admitted it is getting paid by special interests. A report from the Washington Standard documents the wire service confirmed that last year it scored $8 million to proclaim the claim of global warming. And they came out and said it's true that they did. They give some weasel answers for why they did it. But basically they said this new philanthropic quid pro quo saw five organizations fund the Associated Press's dedicated team of more than two dozen journalists to specifically cover climate issues that the wire service would then plant in papers around the country to scare Americans into supporting green taxes, subsidies, etc.

And it goes on and on. Of course, the money came from places like G, Rockefeller Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and on and on. All the groups that we're familiar with, Tides, Carnegie, and even the Walmart Foundation, giving money to push it. So see how it all ties in? One government agency promoting part of the lie, and then big media getting paid off to promote it.

It's one big circle of corruption, and it all centers around government control, government regulation, less freedom, and it's part of the communist revolution. Here's the thing, okay, right now, in my lifetime, Joe, Donald Trump was the best president we had since Ronald Reagan. Donald Trump was a good, he wasn't perfect by any means, but he was a good president. He kept his promises, what he would do for the economy.

He loved the country. Now, Donald Trump ran, and he ran, and he fought a real good election, and it was stolen from him. Now, not only was it stolen from him, but it was stolen from us. All of us that voted for him, they stole our vote.

They took it, and they inserted a hardcore communist, a puppet dictator. Joe Biden is a puppet dictator. Now, here, right now, we need to do, remember what they did to President Trump.

They impeached him twice. Now, we've got Congress, and we've got to put the fire to their feet to impeach this beast. This man is wicked to the core.

He is wicked to the core. And, folks, I'm going to give you the phone number of your congressman. You need to call and just ask for your congressman and tell him. And I don't care if it's, even if your congressman's a deathocrat, I know they're lock stock. They're, but Nasty's gone now.

They were afraid of Nasty. Nasty Pelosi, she would whip him up, but she's not going to be there to do that now. So now, maybe some of them might say, you know what, you know, I've got to live in this country, too. If Biden destroys it completely, then there'd be no place for me and my family, either.

And so we're buying them. Even if your congressman's a Democrat, tell him that. Now, the number is 202-224-3121.

202-224-3121. You might even say, well, my congressman's a rhino. You've got the right to put the pressure, put the fire to him.

Let him know, look, if you don't do that, I will do whatever I can, whatever it could be, to make sure you don't win an election again. You really need to put the pressure, because out there, the Republicans, they're not in lock step, and we've only had a few, just a handful, of a bold, real bold congressman. But now that's starting to change, I think.

People like Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz have been an inspiration. I think they're showing people, look, you can have some courage. And you can win by having courage is what it shows, too. Trump taught them that they could win, didn't he? Right.

That's where they learned it. Oh, okay. Something happened here, folks. Having a little problem.

I'm going to do a story while the engineer fixes things. We know we put out $100 billion for Ukraine. In this big omnibus $1.7 trillion bill, a lot of money went to Ukraine. What's interesting, I'm finding out that the Jamestown Foundation took a look and said that the entire annual Russian defense spending is $77.7 billion. We have sent more than the entire Russian defense budget to Ukraine. The trouble is, where is the money going? And sadly, we're finding out that a lot of the people in the Zelensky cabinet are getting rich. There's a series of articles written by the Kyiv Post. One of the journalists there, I can't pronounce her last name, Anna Koniek, is saying these people are spending money on toys, planes, posh possessions, vehicles, villas outside.

Where is all the money coming from in a country where the average income is $500 a month? This could be seen from articles in an Israeli newspaper. An analyst said this could be the biggest case of money laundering in history. They took a look at Zelensky and that his presidential campaign was during Zelensky's presidential campaign. One of the rich people there transferred $41 million to offshore firms that belong to Zelensky and his circle, including the film Heritage. This guy Kolovsky was banned from entering the United States because of his significant corruption.

Here's a gentleman over there that has a lot of political power, a Ukrainian billionaire. All of a sudden, he sends $41 million to offshore accounts and firms that belong to Ukrainian President Zelensky. The article states that besides financial support given to Zelensky, this Kolovsky has provided Zelensky with cars, personal lawyer, speed campaign advisor, and all kinds of other things promoting him with news advertisements and everything else.

Here we have a story of greed, corruption. Remember, Burisma Holdings, where Hunter Biden was the board member of this Ukrainian energy company, and it was being paid $50,000 a month? Well, this was part of Kolovsky's financial empire. So now we know Hunter Biden and Joe Biden are tied into this Kolovsky. Forbes magazine came out here a couple months ago and said Zelensky's net worth is between $20 million and $30 million.

Now, he was a TV performer and comedian, and over there, he would not have made anywhere near that month much money. It's interesting to note that Zelensky now owns lavish properties in central London, Italy, Miami Beach, and there was one other, I can't see where it was, I guess, one in England, one central London, Italy, Miami Beach, four lavish properties that if something goes bad, he and his family can flee to. And it's becoming apparent to me that there's so much corruption going on all over. Can he hear me?

Now I can, I can hear you now. Okay, there you go, now. I've been telling the folks how corrupt Zelensky, how much money that Zelensky... Well, of course he's got to have those homes. Where would you expect Obama and Biden and Hillary to come and stay?

I mean, he has to have those homes, right? Yeah, but you look at how much money that he has, the millions of dollars, the homes, and tied it all in, this rich billionaire owned the Burisma, or Hunter Biden, was getting his 50k a month for doing nothing. So the corruption just spreads worldwide, and it always seems to be somebody in the Democratic Party so far. Well, yeah, they found out, you know, now they've documented that the Biden family has gotten at least 35 million from the Chinese government who came from the Communist Party, but they say that it's a lot more than that. When you get, when they get to the bottom of all of that, we're talking about the whole Biden crime family, crime cartel, they say it could be as high as a billion dollars that he's gotten, that they've gotten.

So we'll see what happens there. But anyhow, you notice how, now, see, Joe, I tried to make a point before, the President of the United States has the right to, to classify or to declassify documents. The President, Joe Biden, when Joe, is not, was not the President, was he?

That's right. So what did he do? He committed a federal crime.

He committed it. But you see now, all the fake news media is playing this down. Joe Biden, Trump did not, you know, all that, all that stuff they went to, they tried to prove all this stuff, they could, they had nothing.

Another, one more nothing burger, huh? Well, again, Donald Trump was President of the United States. He alone can decide if something's classified or to declassify any information he deems that, you know, he wants to declassify.

It's his prerogative. Biden did not have that prerogative. Plus, Trump at Mira Lago had information there, but it was guarded by what? The US Secret Service. It wasn't exactly stuck in an office in a box. In Biden's case, these documents were in a box in an office that Hunter Biden and all his friends had access to because there was a shared office with Dad.

The, what's that group that Biden supports, the 10 Biden 10 thing, all kinds of visitors were coming in. So this, these classified documents could have been seen by hundreds of people. There was no security, no guard, no Secret Service there, because it was a private office that was separated from the government. So, yes, he committed a major felony. Trump did nothing illegal, plus had whatever the documents he had taken and declassified totally protected by Secret Service.

I mean, what better guards could you have? Well, Joe, don't, don't, don't, don't fear nothing because Merrick Garland said he's going to investigate. He's going to have an investigate into Joe-Bama Biden. Joe Biden?

He's going to investigate Uncle Joe? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, if I were Biden, I'd really be worried. Yeah. I'm sorry.

That to me has got to be one of the biggest jokes I've heard today. He's going to investigate Joe Biden. Right. All right.

Here you go. 2022 election, Colorado Secretary of State sent 31,000 registration cards to foreigners, Joe, to foreigners. Okay. In September of 2022, the state of Colorado voter registration, right? That's right.

They said, okay. I wanted to clarify that it wasn't driver's license registration. It was voter registration to be able to vote in that state. Right now to foreigners, Joe, you see, see foreigners are not supposed to vote in that state. Really? Thank you.

Right. And so here, and the mailers were asking the 31,000 foreigners to vote, to register to vote. Now, Eric played a role in the problem because they can devise access license to Colorado drivers. Their process obtained by the DMV information to determine which people are eligible, but unregistered under the Eric agreement, Colorado, that Eric, I guess, is the election, Colorado.

Let me see whatever it is here. But anyhow, it says that under the agreement, Colorado is forced to contact those people and solicit them to register. Jenna Griswold an activist, Democrat, is the Secretary of State.

Surprise, surprise, surprise for Colorado. She knows foreigners are breaking in law if they register to vote. Yeah, but see, remember, the Democrats, they don't have to abide by the law because we don't have a Justice Department to prosecute them, do we? Right. And nobody's going to go after them.

If nobody prosecutes you, then there's no punishment for your wrongdoing. I was watching yesterday Jim Jordan really going after Chris Wray. And boy, I'm going to tell you, he was turning Chris Wray every which way, but losing. But Wray just sat there and mocked and laughed. And like it was like Wray was saying, so what are you going to do? You don't have to do because the Justice Department will not come after me. And yeah, and besides, if they did, Biden would pardon me anyway. Yeah. Right.

Here you go. The release of documents for former Twitter executives reveals that the social network compiles with federal agencies to cover up utter Biden laptop. We know that top officials within the FBI refused to investigate it to help Joe Biden win.

And other officials urged Twitter to silence the story to prevent voters from learning about Biden's corrupt son. But it gets worse, much worse than you realize. Former Attorney General Bill Barr, Rhino, turncoat, admitted that there is a deep state of top officials working to advance the less political agenda. No kidding. No kidding, Bill. For all this time, it's amazing, huh?

It feels like he's kind of backing off a little bit, trying to make it look like he's innocent, ignorant, right? Yep. And it seems that they were working overtime to protect old Joe and his criminal son, because we are now learning that there was more than one laptop holding hundreds of many sins, okay? Two months after the... I think they now have possession of that second laptop, don't they?

Yeah. And there's enough stuff on there to get these two for high treason, and more. Oh, which just reminds me of that last story. It was the Penn Biden Center, where Biden had these classified documents. And he said he didn't know anything about them, didn't remember their being there.

So it goes along if you're senile or you're having mental problems. He had no idea what the documents were, how they got there. That I can believe. He might have been telling the truth. With his brain, he might have forgotten why they were there, what he was doing with them, and he may have forgotten to put them back.

I don't think he would have put... Maybe he put them there purposely for the enemies to see, but it could have been the fact that he's just got mental problems and can't remember. Here's why this country's in the shape that it's in here. We've got the child killer, what they call abortion stats, and it goes from LifeSite News. 64,443,118 babies have been killed in abortion since Roe v. Wade in 1973. Well, that was as of January 9th, which was yesterday. Now, a new fact sheet that tallies the number of babies killed.

Actually, Joe, it's really twice that. You know, I've spoken to a number of these abortionists that have come out of the baby killing industry, and they will tell you, every one of them will tell you, that it's a common practice within the industry. The only report one out of every two babies you killed.

That's just how it's done, okay? In fact... And we've had several people who were running abortion clinics, were major players like Bernard... Nathansson. Nathansson coming out and telling us what really went on.

Carol Everett. Yeah. Yeah, so what we're telling you is the absolute truth by people who were inside doing it, who found Christ and repented, and have been spilling the beans, so to speak. Right. There was a book written on it, and we've got the books actually in church, and oh, it has something to do with green. It's like...

I'll have to get that and bring that in sometime and read some passages out of there. The documentation that's proven, exactly what we're telling the folks out there, that it's actually twice that number. It's actually more like 130 million. And so... And then, you know, they don't record all those people that were taking the 486 pill. The... Are you 486? Are you for killing?

Yeah, for a senior moment there. So there are a lot of abortions there that haven't been counted, and they've been using that now for a lot of years. Yeah. And guess what? A whole lot of these women, Joe, that have taken that pill, ended up dying.

They're getting sick, or they're getting blood clots, and they're bleeding. And Joe, they deserve it. They deserve it. God's word in the Bible says the wages of sin, and when you go to destroy the very image of God, Genesis chapter 9, he tells you verses 3 to 5, then you should be willing to forfeit your life when you're doing that. These women that have killed these children, they have violated... You come under God's judgment, and he has already made it clear that wages of sin are death.

Absolutely. And so here... There's a new story out of abortionist Christine Hennenberg revealed in a 2022 memoir that Planned Parenthood, that's an oxymoron, trained her to send women with uterine perforations home without treatment instead of going to a hospital. I've seen several of these cases where I've been at the abortion mill, and the meat wagons have come out and taken these women. And I remember one, it was at Sergi Center. It was back in about this time of year, over there on Blood Alley, and it was still dark out. I was there early in the morning, it was still dark out. And so I got there, and now that abortion mill is only about ten feet off the sidewalk to the window where they do the killing.

So I get there early in the morning, it's still dark out. I see the light on, and I go up until I start preaching, and here they've got this young girl, probably twenty-five, blonde, tall, blonde, and they had her in the chair working on her, and she's screaming, and they look at me, they go to shut the curtains, she jumps out of the chair, and I can see her as she's running, I can see a trail of blood behind her. So I went around behind the building out there where they parked, and they were stuffing her in the backseat of a car. The bloody abortionist. Now that same abortionist ended up going to Arizona to work in Arizona, because we went on the air. We told everybody, we brought him down, and right now I'm thinking, I'm trying to remember his name, because it's been such a long time ago.

But anyhow... There's so many different names, but the story, if I could... Well, let me tell you this real quick. He went to Arizona, and ended up going to prison for killing women out there. Oh, for killing women out there. This story, I want people to know, they can go to, and the story is called, Abortionist Confirms Being Taught to Send Women with Abortion Injuries Home. Abortionist confirms being taught to send women with abortion in injuries home, and it was

And this Christine Hennenberg, in this story, pastor, she talks about she was under training to do these abortions, and how during training, several times, she perforated a woman's uterus. And, you know, she had somebody there, her teacher, she said, I think I did this. Rebecca, the lady that was teaching her, said, yep, you did. She did a check. She said, yep, you did.

You perforated, didn't bat an eye. And don't worry, she'll be fine. They sent her home. And it goes on and on about how perforation is supposed to be the worst nightmare, but she said it happened two or three times to her during training, and she tells the truth now.

She's coming out, telling how in training, how she kept, you know, doing this. And there's a list of names in there, women who have died from these perforated abortions. There's a long list, and it's just a few of the women. And it's an interesting story, but you get a story like this, none of the major news, Fox News, doesn't put this out. I haven't seen it on Newsmax. Usually the only place you can find a story like this is World News Daily, or some of the other ultra-conservative sites. It's the only place that they'll tell the truth.

This was a story published, a memoir, put out there, and they promoted on the left, but I bet 80, 90% of Americans have never heard this about this book, and about what happens in an abortion clinic. Okay, how much time do we have? Okay, Joe, you've got five minutes. Can you give an invitation?

Oh, five minutes, I sure can. I wondered, Sunday, one of the hymns we sang was called Face to Face with Christ. Face to face with Christ my Savior. Face to face, what will it be? When with rapture I behold Him, Jesus Christ, who died for me. I'll skip a couple of minutes, skip a couple verses to the end. Face to face, oh blissful moment.

Face to face to see and know. Face to face with my Redeemer, Jesus Christ, who loves me so. You know, those of us who are born again, that is one of the things that we are looking forward to, not just having the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, but after the rapture, being there face to face, seeing Jesus as He is, being right there to be able to worship Him, praise Him, bow down before Him, whatever we were able to do at the time. I don't know if I'd even be able to speak, but most of the world doesn't understand that to get there, to be able to go to heaven, to stand face to face with Jesus, to see Him, you first have to be born again. Jesus told Nicodemus that you had to be born again, basically to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. And to be born again is a spiritual birth, not a physical birth. In our Bible study, we talked about the difference between being a physical child of God and being a spiritual child of God, even in the Old Testament. And to do that, Jesus said He was the way, the truth, and the life, and that no man gets to the Father except through Him.

He is the door, He is the way. In fact, the first word in His ministry that He spoke was the word, repent. Acts 3 19 says, repent ye therefore and be converted that your sins may be blotted out when the time of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.

Repent is a, in a way, a military term meaning to turn around, about face. You are to repent from the wife you're living and turn and run to the Lord. You are to call upon the Father God and repent for the sorrowful heart that your sins put Jesus Christ on that cross of Calvary because He did. He went there for you to pay the price for your sins. He paid the price for my sins, for Pastor Ernie's sins, for those who would accept his offer of salvation.

He paid that, the wages of sin or death is what God says, so He went and paid that price for you. But you have to recall upon the Father, ask for forgiveness of those sins that you've been doing. You have to then change your behavior, turn toward God, turn away from the world, and when you've done that, then you can call upon Jesus and ask Jesus to be that Lord of your life, that you want to accept His offer of salvation and forgiveness and mercy, and that you want Him to be Lord of your life without any reservation.

You want to put Him first, and then He will send you the indwelling of the Holy Spirit of God, which is your spiritual baptism, and you will become that child of the kingdom, that new creation, a son or daughter of the living God. You will become a joint heir with Jesus in everlasting life. 2 Corinthians tells us in 517, Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, old things are passed away.

Behold, all things become new. You become that child of the kingdom, and your life is changed forever. You will be filled with peace and joy, feelings you've never had. You will have hope, and your life truly, truly will be saved. Pastor, and I guarantee it, we were both born again.

We know the change that the Lord made in us, in our lives, in our heart. And you want it, Joe, while there's still time, speaking of time, we're running out of time for tonight here. So, as we do, at this time every night, when we get to this point, we say, Good night, God bless, and always, always, always keep fighting the fight. W-R-W-L dot org. Please tune in next time for another edition of What's Right, What's Left. The preceding program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries, and is responsible for its content.
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