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WED HR 2 113022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 1, 2022 12:38 am

WED HR 2 113022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Donate and listen to the podcast at That's I'll try to make it as concise as I possibly can, so I don't want to get anyone lost in legal jargon, but... Well, I see that the Supreme Court is not returning. They're out indefinitely is what I've heard, so I'm kind of confused on everything. Okay, let me, yeah, there's some, a lot of confusion out there on the internet. What has happened is, at the get-go of this, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, before you go to the Supreme Court, you've got to go through all the lower courts. Okay, well, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals was sitting on this after the battle through state court and the lower federal court. That was the final, you know, the final step before the United States Supreme Court.

And so they sit on it for like three or four months and we get together and go, well, now that's the same thing that's happening in an identical case. I launched mine first. Roland, my brother, he decided, we all decided that it'd be good. I did a launch two federal cases against the defendants so that one of them would go to the Supreme Court and get there before the other.

And this was the plan at the get-go. It wasn't about the lower courts. We just wanted them to go ahead and do their dismissal stuff, get it dismissed so we could go up the ladder, up the chain, so we could go right straight to the Supreme Court after it was completely adjudicated in the lower courts.

So here we are with my brother, Roland. I'm stuck in federal court. And there's a big story about that because we actually took the federal court and the 10th Circuit Court to state court and sued him. And that after that, they released mine and issued 388 summonses, which they which started being served to all the defendants who eventually were. So that's the different case. But the case that's in front of the Supreme Court right now with Roland J. Brinson on it as plaintiff, that's where we're that's where we're at right there.

And so it it took. So here we are with the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals sitting on that case. That's now the Supreme Court. They won't do a thing.

And it's been four months. And we just think we're dead in the water because without getting the lower courts decisions, you can't move it to the Supreme Court. So we my brother and I put some pressure on my legal minded brother who's behind the legal procedures and everything, said you've got to find some rule, some civil procedure that we could bypass the 10th Circuit Court decision because we're just others.

They're not doing anything. So he did some research and he called me and he was excited. He says, you know, the Supreme Court has Rule 11 that allows you to bypass the final 10th Circuit Court or a certain court without their decision. But it has to be deemed a national emergency. So he says, what we have to do is when we file this petition, it's got to actually say on the cover petition for the United States Supreme Court petition for rid of certiorari under this court's Rule 11. So we put it all together. And the Supreme Court requires especially bound.

And, you know, you have to go through some pretty good formatting to get it to them correctly. So we had a perfect bound and we sent it off to them and just with our fingers crossed and prayers that they would accept this as a national emergency and let us bypass the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals decision since they were sitting on it. So five days later, my brother, the plaintiff, received a phone call from the from the clerk's office. Now, the clerk of the Supreme Court is not just a justice clerk. The clerk of the Supreme Court is, I believe his name is Scott Sessions Harris.

And for 11 years, he was the attorney for the Supreme Court. And so a case analyst from his office calls my brother and says told him that they had decided to accept this case based on the Rule 11 petition platform, which means they were accepting it without us going to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals because they obviously characterize this as a national emergency. And so they also requested that he put additional pleadings in it that they had been seen in the docket from the lower federal court. And so they said, put that in there and then get it to us as soon as you can. And so we put that all together.

And two days before we were ready to get it off to them, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, we were notified, had made a decision. And so it's like, well, now we don't need the Rule 11. So we thought, well, should we just leave that information in there or take it out? So he called the Supreme Court, the number that they gave him and talked to the case analyst. And she says, now that they've done that, you don't need the Rule 11 part of it.

Just take that out, take it off the cover and put the stuff in. We asked and then get it to us as soon as you can. They said, how soon could you get it to us?

And we said, well, my brother said, well, about two weeks. And they said, well, can you try to get it to us sooner than that? So a week later they had received it. So what happened is, so we got it to them. We mailed it on the 20th of October. They received it the 21st and they docketed it on the 24th and they showed that it was filed on the 20th, the day we sent it, that standard procedure. And then they notified the U.S. attorneys who were defending the 380 defendants that they had until the 23rd of November to respond with an opposition. That was their deadline. They get one chance. They can file an opposition to this petition.

That's it. As soon as they file that, it goes to conference where the nine justices hear this in a private room and they take a vote on it. Whether it moves forward to a full blown hearing with the litigants, both parties represented, go ahead and argue before the justices or not. So we sent it off to them and they accept it. And then they notify the attorneys that they've got till the 23rd. So the 23rd rolls around. That was the day before Thanksgiving.

That was Wednesday. So Wednesday, we're thinking their deadline is up. Why haven't they why hasn't anything happened? What's going on? The U.S. attorneys dropping the ball.

What's going on there? They're they're going to miss their opportunity to oppose this. And that would be fine with us to miss the deadline. So all of a sudden, like early afternoon, we we see on the docket that the U.S. attorneys are no longer representing the 380 defendants. They have been relieved of their duties.

And now the United States Solicitor General is representing as their legal counsel, the 388 defendants on the complaint. So it's like everything is aligning. Everything's aligning just perfectly. Yes, exactly.

We were blown away. She could have asked for an extension that would have put it off, but she didn't ask for an extension and she didn't file an opposition to it. So she waived the rights of all 380 defendants to oppose this position petition. So now the justices go into into conference by themselves.

No one else in there. And they review the information and the petition. And they show that the that the Solicitor General has waived their right to oppose it, to file an opposition. And then they talk about it and they basically take a vote. Nine of the justices take a vote. If four of the justices vote in favor of it, moving forward to a full blown hearing, it moves to a hearing.

If if not, then I was just going to ask you, what are the roadblocks could what are the roadblocks do you foresee coming up? What kind of interference can they play here? Well, all the interference is done. The interference could have been the motion, the opposition, the filing of the opposition, which they waived the right to do that. We're blown away with that.

We can't believe that happened. So there's nothing that can stop it. So now it's going to conference. I suspect it could be in conferences as soon as next week.

I think they do conference twice a week. And so we could see on the docket Monday that that is scheduled for conference on one of the days of that week. Or they could extend it out or they could make it based on national security issues. They could decide that it's going to be a sealed case and not let anyone hear or know about what they're doing. So they have the full power to completely not just reverse a decision or uphold a decision. They have the complete power to adjudicate the whole complaint, which they have access to. They can execute it and judge it and make decisions based. They can actually award everything that we're asking in the complaint, which is the removal of a sitting president, a vice president and three hundred eighty five members of the U.S. House and Senate.

So this could happen. This is like a miracle for the United States, isn't a miracle for humanity if this happens. The Brunson brothers save America. Yeah, well, this is the most power the Supreme Court has ever been handed, and the timing is just absolutely perfect because they need to do something. And we gave them the tools to do it.

It has to be it has to come from the people. We the people, you know, so we got it. We got it past the federal courts. We're thinking the 10th Circuit just thought, well, we'll just sit on. They'll never because they knew they had to know that we were going to keep pushing this all the way to the Supreme Court. And they thought that just sitting on it, they would prevent us from doing that. I don't think they were aware of the rule 11 Supreme Court that allows national emergency petition to bypass their decision. So so they hurried, they hurried and backpedaled and made a decision.

That's pretty funny. So this is like a miracle. What's happening right now?

Oh, yeah. And a lot of miracles leading up to it. We've been working on this almost like full time for over two years. We don't have families or jobs or anything that interfered with us. We were just able to dedicate basically our lives to this last couple of years. And that's a miracle in and of itself.

No wife, no children. We were just able to just focus totally on this. And if you go to seven discoveries dot com, you can click on the history. And I think the updates that says updates and you'll see all the three lawsuits and the goings back and forth. If you go to the dockets, you'll see the mistakes, the mistakes that the federal courts were making and like apologizing for it. When Nancy Pelosi was first served my lawsuit the first time. OK, she's been served twice when she was first served and eighty three others were serving Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters. They were served by the U.S. Marshals Service because at that time there was a lockdown and we couldn't hire process servers. We couldn't have a deputy going.

No one could go in except the U.S. Marshals. So the federal court ordered the U.S. Marshals to serve the summons and complaint to the three hundred eighty five defendants. And after about 80 or so defendants were served, including Nancy Pelosi and others, the federal court judge. Someone or something got to him and he canceled it out and said, notice that that was a mistake of the court and and that they were supposed to do that.

And that my complaint was deficient. So we we battled that out in state court and finally got them to issue will summon issue summonses again. But that case is stalled right now. But the case that my brother has has gone all the way through all of that. We feel like we've taken the ball over the goal line.

So the United States Supreme Court literally has the power now without any interference to completely adjudicate this case. That's unbelievable. One, you want to jump in there and take this a little further? I want to go. You're on. There we go. I muted.

I just was enjoying what Loy was sharing. And by the way, Americans doing what Americans do out of nowhere, you guys come out and do this amazing work, dedicate your lives to it, as so many of us have from so many different directions. And you don't know where the spaghetti is going to stick on the wall.

You just keep throwing it on there till six. And here you brothers dive in and do this. And hey, hats off to you. You know, really, very few people can appreciate how total the dedication has to be to accomplish some of these things.

And so I, I have total gratitude. Let me ask you this. In the court accepting this at this exact moment in time, I've said that part of this is the courts under potential attack. The Congress has been talking and spreading the word that they were going to try and take some action in this lame duck here in this in December to choke back the powers of the court with the term limits for the members of the court, et cetera. And then on the executive side, the president side, they're talking about packing the court. So this actually put a loaded gun in the hand of the court and allows them to point back with with a loaded weapon, fully cocked, ready to go at a Congress and an executive branch that are really acting over the top. If they're going to go in and attack the the justice, the justices and their term limits and things like that, because it changes the balance of power at the federal level.

And also the reason why Congress and the Biden administration want to attack this court is because of Roe versus Wade. So this is gives them protection potentially over an attack because of what they did with Roe versus Wade. You know, one of the things in talking with my one of my constitutional law professor attorney friends yesterday and today, you know, is this going to be a Mexican standoff? Are they just going to have a mutually assured destruction scenario perspective where they just, you know, all sides stand there with the guns cocked and loaded, ready to shoot, but nothing happens? Or will the court act proactively, defensively and doing this?

You guys got any thoughts? Do you see it in those kind of terms where I'm saying it that this is kind of a standoff? I have a vision of it actually being quite smooth. I think we can have a bloody revolution if they don't rule in favor of this and a blood bloodless, smooth revelation if they if they do. And I envision myself seeing before Congress is in session again, the U.S. Marshals Service taking the court order to the sergeant in arms of Congress and showing them a list and a court order that the following names of individuals need to have their credentials canceled.

And it would be that simple in that score. I could see a Secret Service detail teams being shown court orders and U.S. Marshals supervising the release of the duties of the assignments of Secret Service and just walking away from certain individuals that are part of the executive branch. I could see I could see special teams going to after the speaker of the House or whomever it might be that they put back in office, I could see an executive order and court order ordering the communication directors to to shut down the the mainstream media. Maybe in it. Maybe it'd be a few seconds. Maybe it'd be a few minutes.

It would go dark. And then that special teams that have come in to replace them, make sure that propaganda, the propaganda, the psyops arm of these this cabal, these these anti-Americans that all of a sudden we we have a mainstream media news reporting the truth with new teams, new faces. And so I think it could be organized in quite a smooth transition. And people and Americans, a lot of Americans would think that that was because of the election.

I mean, a lot of people are so busy, you know, just surviving that they are not aware of of the you know, everything that takes place in midterms and elections. So I think it could be a fairly smooth track transition on that score, on that level. But to speculate as to how everything could could could work out. Well, that's a that's a lot of new jobs. Let me jump over to the one thing goes, do you want to jump in real quick, add one thing real quick before you go there? You know, I just was mentioning it over with Michael Jacob, because we're talking about this over there at his show a few minutes ago, if this already we are back and we just ghosted them.

There you go. So, Wendy and Joe, what do you think about all that? I think it's very interesting and it's worth praying about.

Well, yeah, we definitely definitely got to keep it in prayer. Those would be that would give the court the power, the power. But now the the problem is who which president was it? Was it that I'm thinking that had passed some legislation?

I think it was banking. And the president says, how are they going to enforce it? That's when the Supreme Court passed that, you know, how are they going to enforce it?

I have the military. So what do you think would happen, Joe? I can see a big mess coming.

I can see like right now the left is ignoring the Constitution, ignoring the law, ignoring the all the laws in place about the border, everything else. Just well, here's an example of a story. CDC knew the COVID vax caused heart problems, but kept mum. It's World News Daily story. They turned over information by court order.

They were court forced in the show. It showed the health care workers were the first to get one of the first group to get the mRNA COVID vax. And among the data withheld showed one in three of the CDC met people reported needing medical care, missing school or work or, quote, inability to perform normal daily activities. That was right from the start from the first vax. And it got worse. And they hit that because CD collected data through the safe where we've talked about this, but they failed to include chest pain, other cardiac symptoms that would indicate myocarditis, pericarditis in on the safe of the checkboxes that the doctors and everybody were supposed to fill out.

They had no place to put it. So that many very busy doctor in the middle of a pandemic would have to do an addendum to our already long, complicated government form to add something he thought was relevant. Most of them didn't have the time to even fill out the forms, let alone add on. And then it went on months after the vaccine rolled out, there was a warning that the vaccine fact sheet about the increase of the myocarditis and heart.

And so the survey, they just a little other form on the other field on the form and still ignored it. So it goes on and on. It gets a little complicated from there.

But basically, they hid and hid and hid information from people that they knew right from the beginning. And now the government is in a court case. And lawyers are defending there's some doctors that sued about being able to use Iodinectrin, remember? Oh, yeah.

I want you to hear this. This is what the new federal attorney is trying to defend the FDA, right? He's talking about the Iodinectrin. The cited statements were not directives. They were not mandatory.

They were only recommendations. They just said what parties should do. Why you should not take Isaac Delfar, the lawyer defending the FDA. They did not say you may not do it, you must not do it. They did not say it's prohibited. They did not say it's unlawful. They also did not say doctors may not prescribe Iodinectrin. Remember, doctors were suing the government to use it.

People were begging. They had lawsuits against the government. They were kicking doctors out of hospitals, taking away medical licenses. So here's another huge thing that's going on, just this hiding the truth from people. So here we have an attorney trying to defend the FDA is really kind of just opened Pandora's box and told the truth. Because we now know, we know for sure that they were telling people you could not get it. They would not let pharmacies, CDC ordered pharmacies, could not give it even if a doctor prescribed it. Remember?

Oh, yeah. And now what they're doing is, a lot of these hospitals right now, they're going woke. In other words, if you go in there, if you have not been, if you have not taken the Vax and you're not, you know, woke, in other words, they're putting you on a list. You don't get medical care right away.

You get put way off as far as if you need some kind of a treatment, an MRI or something, you get scheduled way down the line and they give you the runaround. It's being done, you're put on a list like before. Remember they said we're going to do that to white people? And now they're doing it to people that are not the woke. And I'm looking for it. Oh, we did, it was the Massachusetts General Hospital there in Massachusetts.

Unwelcome words are not allowed unless you're totally politically correct and don't, if you fail to use the correct pronouns to anybody in the hospital, you can be told to not come back to the hospital. Well, that's just one of them, Jim. Yeah, that was just one, but I remember that one specifically off the top of my head. Okay, here's an article by Kellen McBreen. A federal government whistleblower working for the Council of the Inspector Generals on Integrity Efficiency has worked with Project Veritas on a nine month investigation into the US Department of Health and Human Services and its involvement in human trafficking. Everything, remember Obama did this, remember we were telling you, he's replacing people, he's putting his anti-Christ communist agents, that's what he did when he was in that White House, his main focus was to replace people in key positions with communists. The whistleblower Tara Lee Rhodes spoke with Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe in the following video explains what the shocking investigation, you know, obviously we can't show you a video over the radio, but revealed Rhodes volunteered last year to help Health and Human Services with the placement on unoccupied, or unaccompanied rather, miners entering the US, and was sent to work as an intake site in California. What the brave whistleblower witnessed next was a disturbing network of vulnerable children being flown directly to human traffickers, this is what we've been telling you, how long have we been telling you, that the Biden Crime Cartel is working hand in hand, now this is what all of a sudden Congress has discovered this, right? Jim Jordan and those people say they have evidence, well we knew this, you know, as soon as he was in office we were telling people this, right? And was able to talk with multiple children, one of them telling reporters she was being pimped for her sex. The 16 year old girl made it clear that she didn't like being forced to have sex with many men.

The woman who trafficked the girl claimed to be her aunt who knew her as a child, but the girl said she didn't know her. The sponsors of the illegal immigrant also used deportation as a threat to make them obey their commands according to the federal government whistleblower. So there you go, our so-called government, and we talked about this some last night there too, they have weaponized all of them against us, they've weaponized all of these organizations against us now. They've used almost every government agency from education, they've added all these 87,000 IRS agents with guns, I mean people you've got to wake up, this is a communist revolution, it's happening right before your very eyes. This is a literal fight to the death for the Constitutional Republic of the United States, and this is most serious even if some of this stuff goes to the court, there's rulings. We have a government that's ignoring court dictates, court mandates, it's ignoring the Constitution, ignoring laws. I don't believe that any change, any other statements from the Supreme Court are going to be doing any good. We've got all these rules and regulations about the border, they're not following any of them, the Supreme Court has held anybody in contempt, there's anything they can do, they can make a ruling, but they cannot enforce the ruling, only those in power can enforce the law. And right now we've got a government that's unlawful, illegal, and is in the middle of a revolution, and they're not going to let a little thing like any more laws or new rulings stop the revolution.

The only thing that's going to stop the revolution is when the people say no, we're not going to allow it to happen. All right, Craig, are you there listening? I need, did you get the, it's a short clip with Laura Logan on the election fraud there. Yeah, minute 20, I think it's minute 20. Yeah, Joe, this is really something, this is from, it shows you, people are, they're going to fight back, that whole thing in Arizona was in your face, so corrupt, so obvious, that Gates, the guy that was heading this up, and even the county sheriff, they're all caught, and people are not going to, Carrie Lake, she's a feisty little lady, she's not going to go away. And we're not going to go, we're not going to go away with this unless, we're going to play this clip over the entire country, we'll hear this clip now, you know, from coast to coast, so go ahead and play that clip. It'll be, it'll be ready in a minute, it's buffering up. Well, I can do a quick story while it's buffering. Walt Disney had a, from the Gateway Public, a Gateway Pundit, they were supposed to have a card up that said, we love you Santa, but the children were holding letters that say, spelled out, we love you.

Go ahead. This is a moment now for people to see them for who they truly are. We now are in no illusions about the Bill Gates of Maricopa County, right? He's shown his true colors, and so have the rest of them at the Board of Elections in Maricopa. Over the objections of their constituents, over the objections of the GOP locally, over the objections of people all across this country, they have certified an election that the truth is, they have absolutely no way to vouch for those results. It is a complete lie, and they have been put to shame by Cochise County, right, in Arizona, and put to shame by another county in Pennsylvania, counties that had the courage to stand up and say, we're not going to certify an election that we can't stand by. And the real truth here is that there isn't an election official in America who can certify an election that is run by machines, because they don't speak code, they don't go into those machines, they don't test them, they don't have the vaguest idea what they're talking about. When they tell you they certified that election, they're lying, lying, lying, lying, lying through their teeth. And the reality is that when they say they do risk limiting audits and all these other controls, you know what you find when you peel back the curtain? Oh wait, a risk limiting audit is you looked at maybe 100 ballots out of how many thousands? And you use that test sample to say that all of them are valid, until we have an election system that can be verified and transparent by anyone in this country. It should be like jury duty.

You should have kids in high schools that are there. You should have cameras. You should have every step of the process be transparent, because you know what I discovered when I worked on this for seven months straight? Is that every step of the process is involved with fraud. That's the truth of our elections.

There's no part of our elections that isn't subject to fraud. And it's time to stop lying to ourselves and lying to each other. Jesus is a friend of mine, I am blessed by you. Saving babies, teaching sinners, hell's for losers, heaven's for winners. This work is not for big ends, I am blessed by you. I'm coming home someday, heaven's my way, I'm blessed by you. Where the saints all stay and little children play, I'm blessed by you. Where the saints of old walk on streets of ghosts, I know that I will see that heavenly prize. It's no surprise how happy I'll be.

Gonna see my family again, gonna be with one lost friend. Maybe soon I don't know when I'm blessed by you. Saving babies, teaching sinners, hell's for losers, heaven's for winners. This work is not for big ends, I am blessed by you. I'm coming home someday, heaven's my way, I'm blessed by you. Where the saints all stay and little children play, I'm blessed by you. Where the saints of old walk on streets of ghosts, I know that I will see my mansion on high through glorified eyes, how happy I'll be. Where the saints of old walk on streets of ghosts, I know that I will see that heavenly prize. Where the saints of old walk on streets of ghosts, I know that I will see that heavenly prize. How happy I'll be.

I'll be satisfied, oh some bright day, gonna fly away, it's there I'll stay. I'll be there with you cause your words are true, I'm blessed by you. Alrighty, blessed by you. And I'll tell you how I'm gonna get blessed this coming Sunday, this coming Sunday, the Chester Christian Center is putting on the annual Jug County Right to Life Christmas Concert. It's the annual Jug County Christmas Concert and it's one of the major fundraisers for you folks in Northeast Ohio. This is what, you know, it takes money to save babies and that's what we do, we save babies out here and we're big supporters of the Ohio Pro-Life Action Committee too, in fact we're a part of it. So we're gonna be in concert and we need all the help we can get to save babies because James 4.17 says, for those to know to do good and do it not, to them it's sin. That's right, right Joe?

Right. Okay so we need all the people we can come to come out and help us because we work very very hard, we work very hard trying to save babies. And here's the better part about this thing, these people put on a tremendous concert, they really do.

I mean it just makes you feel good, it's one of those things you go in there for a couple hours and you come out really feeling good. And it's going to be held at the Chester Christian Center at 11815, that's 11815 Chillicothe Road which is Route 306 in Chesterton. For folks from the area out there it's actually, right on Route 306 it's about 2 miles north of Route 322 or about 2 miles south of Route 6. And so it's about right in the middle there and guess what, you're going to have none other than AJ Feodor himself on the harmonica with his golden harmonica and he's called the harmonica extraordinaire. And I've known AJ for many many years. We're going to have that famous guitarist Jeff Hise and then you've got the Chester Christian Center Music Ministry and Steve Sawcheck, my good pastor Steve Sawcheck heads that up and they are tremendous. And then you've got the Christmas Carolers and we also, the audience too partakes with the Christmas caroling so it's a really really wonderful time and the best part about it all, the best part is all of the money goes right to helping us save babies which we do all the time and we fight like everything to try to do that because God's word in the Bible demands that we rescue those being led to slaughter and drawn to death. That's not a suggestion.

It's not. It's just you be a doer of the word and not a hero only deceiving yourself so that's what we do and that's what we suggest all of you do because God means exactly what he says and says exactly what he means. And so with that I'm going to tell you one more time about how you can get some of the apothecary herbs, top of the line real natural herbal medicines that come from God.

That's right. All the herbal medicines come from God. He gave us the herbs. He told me.

He told us he did for the healing of the nation. So folks ask yourself this. A smart person, would a smart person given a choice go to the medicine that God gave us or the medicine that Pfizer gives you? Think about that. Look what's happening to those that have been taking Pfizer's medicine.

They're dropping dead all over the country. All right. That number is 866-229-3663. Again, 866-229-3663. All right. Do you want to add to that, Wendy?

Well, you did a wonderful job there, Pastor. Thank you very much. They have the if they want to visit our web store. All right.

Very good. And people, they need catalogs. I don't have any of your new catalogs. Well, we still have our current catalog in stock. We're in the middle of designing a new one.

We hope to release the first part of the year, the new year. I mean, the only one I have is my own personal one and I'm not going to give it up. No, keep that. Yeah. They can also, if they go on our website, the and they want to put the catalog in their cart, it's free and they check out.

They'll also get a download link in their email so they can download the catalog right away to their device or computer. Let me ask you a question. Given a choice for your new catalog, either putting my picture in there or Pastor Joe's, which one would you put in there? I don't know, Pastor. The catalog is about featuring herb products. I don't know if we want to put spaces in there.

Maybe you could put some before or after, taking your natural herbs. Yeah, the before and after. I wanted to ask you, that Blessed by You song, when did you record that? Oh, that's probably been 20 years ago or more. Oh, okay.

Yeah. When I did the heartbeat, I wrote that song when we were pushing the heartbeat bill here in Ohio. I actually got the recording in that heartbeat. When you hear that, listen to the heartbeat. That's actually the heartbeat of a baby that one of the ladies that was speaking right there was pregnant. And they played right there live, the heart. They held one of those little things up to her. That was cool.

Yeah. And they got the heartbeat of that baby. Well, that's the heartbeat we used in that song, the heartbeat. And that was recorded when we did that. And we were the first ones to promote the heartbeat.

We put it together and it was picked up and passed in a number of other states. But we're going to battle this battle and it's not over with until we win. And so, you know, it's a matter, again, God has raised us up for such a time as this right now. Do you know if people only really understood, if they could really, really understand the significance of that, that God has raised them up, they're alive right now during this time here to run to this battle and how important it is that they would place up those crowns right now if they really understood that. Do you think the country would be in the shape that it's in now?

No. Do you think maybe, do you think, Joe, that you would have pastors calling out people like Joe Biden, that they would be calling them out, that they would be saying, like John the Baptist did to Herod, that you would have pastors out there besides us. I mean, there's, you know, I want to praise the good Lord for that probably maybe 5% of the pastors in this country that are calling them out. And now, I know you have, it's growing, the Liberty Group Pastors is growing, the Black Grove Regiment is growing in numbers, and that's good, but we're still a real minority of those in the pulpits. A whole minority, yeah. Maybe, maybe 5%.

I think you're exaggerating on the 5. Yeah, but we're out there. What if that happened? What if people really truly believed that? What if you had people, these other fellows out there, all of these pastors that have national programs like this one here, what if they were all calling out, calling out Joe Biden, calling out these Democrats, telling them, you need to repent or perish. I mean, just like John the Baptist called out Herod, like Peter called out Ananias and Sapphias, you know, like Jesus called out the entire Sanhedrin. Well, Joe, George Barna said there's about, what, 300, almost 338,000 pastors in America.

And just think about that. That's a lot of pastors, and if they all just spoke to 5 people, we'd have most of this country covered. Yeah, but if they would, again, you know, call out the media, because see, a lot of these people, believe it or not, you know, to their self-deception, they're going to these churches and, you know, they're going to a place where they're going to be made comfortable. We had 8 new people in church Sunday, this past Sunday, 8 new people in church right after the election. Do you know why we had 8 new people? Because they were going to churches where the pastors were telling them that politics is dirty, you shouldn't really get involved with politics. And that was it. That was the last straw they left, and they found their way to our church.

Just let the devil run the government, let the devil run the schools, let the devil... I've got to give a warning if I can. You know, all these protests have been going on in China, they're growing, and it is one of the most unique situations we've seen in a long time.

But there's a problem. People have been searching for details on the protests, and unfortunately, many of the people out there, you've been getting porn ads popping up. The New York Post has documented that Chinese bots are overwhelming Twitter and the other AI groups with sexually explicit posts about porn and escorts, and the whole idea is that it's apparently to stop the spread of the news about all these protests against the lockdowns and against the Chinese Communist Party. And Air Moving Device, they gave out a report that searching for major Chinese cities that have had protests will result in ads for escorts or porn or even now gambling. And this is all by bots that are being put in. So we're supposed to have all these great innovators in Silicon Valley and all their great systems.

They either don't want to or are not as smart. They're not able to stop this. They're not able to put a halt to it.

And to me, that's a warning. If the Chinese have that many bots, they can control what Americans hear or see when they do searches on the Internet. We are in a lot more trouble than we thought we were. Right now, Joe, I'm looking at China, the world's largest quarantine camp, and Gonzales with 90,000 isolation pads. 90,000.

This is the World Economic Forum's role model for global community. All right. How much time do I have there, Craig? Okay.

I've got a chance to take two one-minute calls. Okay. Who do we have there? Jeff, you're in the air. Yeah. Hello. Can you hear me? Yeah. Yeah. Go ahead, Jeff. You've got about a minute. Go ahead.

Okay. My parents said on ABC and in his book that he claimed that swore up and down by God that there was nothing legally he could do to interfere in the election and investigate the fraud. Can he prove that he could have done something legally?

Yeah, he could have. It was up to him. If he thought that there was something wrong, there was reasons, and standing right in front of him was all of the proof from the different states of election fraud, then it was his job to say, look, we need to take ten days and look at this before we certify this. And, in fact... What is that in the Constitution? Now, that is the job, though, of the person who's the vice president, the one who does that. So, anyhow, and he knows that.

He knows that. And we're going to be looking... This case is coming, so when this case comes to court, he is the first one named in this lawsuit because of that. Those lawyers, that's what they're bringing it because, in fact, if you listen to the rest of the clip that I had, they get into that.

They talk about that. But I've got to move on. So, who do we have there next? Cliff, you've got one minute. Cliff, one minute. Go ahead. Yeah, is Wendy still there?

Yeah, she's still here. Yeah, okay. I'll ask you about long-chain fatty acids versus medium-chain, and the other question would be about... There's supposedly a herb called self-healing herb and another one called Solomon's herb or Solomon's, you know, the first part of it's Solomon. Well, herbs can have several common names, so I'm not really familiar with those two. They may be named by something else that I would know. Something to research online later. But, yeah, so it's not unusual for an herb to have like half a dozen common names.

Right. Now, how about the fatty acids? What do we need to know about fatty acids? Well, the fatty acids are, you know, like you said, change molecule, change enzymes, and so we always hear about, you know, omega-3 fatty acids, which help with antioxidants in the system as well. And it keeps down the free radicals. So, you don't want omega-6.

Those acids aren't going to be helpful, so we want omega-3s. All right. Very good. I've got to jump in here because we're out of time. So, thanks for calling, Cliff, and thanks, Wendy.

It's that time that we come to every night at this radio program. The most important part of everything we've talked about some days is going to be forgetting, except for the scripture. The scripture that we read tonight, the Bible says that heaven and earth will pass, but God's Word will stand forever. And God always, always does what He says. In fact, here now, for 6,000 years of God's Word, we still have, right?

I mean, we read it all the time. And that God's Word will stand forever. And one of the things He tells you makes it very, very clear, which we try to get across all the time, and that is God has told you that we're sinners.

We're all sinners, and sinners need a Savior. And, folks, you're free to believe whatever you want. God allows that, but He tells you here, this is the way it is.

This is reality. The reality is every one of you out there listening are going to die, and it's appointed to men, all men wants to die, and then the judgment, because you all have natural sin. And, boy, you can't take that sin with you into heaven.

You've got to leave it here. Now, here's what He's telling you, that Christ took your place, a substitutionary death. He did for you what you could never do for yourself. We could never, ever do anything to buy our salvation. And so God demanded a sinless sacrifice, a perfect and sinless sacrifice, and the only one that would fill the bill, the only one that could do that, was the Lord Jesus Christ. He came, God became flesh and lived as a man, and as a human body that we have here, He lived a totally sin-free life.

Now, none of us could have done that, and because of that, here's what we need to do. We need to pray to the Father, ask Him for forgiveness of your sins, and once you've done that, and you mean it, then you call upon the name of the Lord Jesus, you ask Him to be the Lord of your life, all of your life, without any reservations, you put in Him before everything. He has to be first. He's got to be before everything. And if you do that, then God always, on His commitment, you will become a new creature, a born-again believer, an heir of the kingdom, and you will be on your road to eternity. And you will be filled with the Holy Spirit. Now, you have God's Word on that, so do it tonight.

Don't run out of tomorrows. We're out of time tonight, so as we do this every night at this time, we say, Good night, God bless, and always, always, always keep fighting the fight! Thanks for listening to the Voice of the Christian Resistance, What's Right, What's Left, hosted by Pastor Ernie Sanders. To learn more about our ministry, please visit us online at Please tune in next time for another edition of What's Right, What's Left. The preceding program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries, and is responsible for its content.

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