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November 22, 2022 12:04 am

MON HR 2 112122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Donate and listen to the podcast at Alright, we're back and this, folks, is a bombshell here because this is what we have suspected all along, but now the proof is there. Therefore, though these products are not vaccines, well, we've known that for a long time, or according to Latipova, even medicines, the public naturally has presumed standard industry safeguards for such products to be in place, when this has not been the case.

Do you hear it, John? There is no safeguards for those bioweapon shots that people thought that they were getting vaccines. Every day they're out there and they're still being depopulated and they're clueless. Now, for example, the distribution of these products is not going through the licensed pharmacy distributors who are bound by a set of regulations called good distribution practices, the scientists have said. Hence, though hospitals do not know or can verify the contents or manufacturing process of these products, they just essentially get the black box shipment and then they're supposed to inject it into people as a duck. Well, you understand how illegal this is?

She told McCulloch. Severe variability in serious adverse reactions among batches points to a grave violation of the law. See, this is what we've known. There's been like six different strengths of these vaccines, but let me go on. The consortium of companies utilized by the Department of Defense that manufactures such products includes hundreds of names such as National Resilience, Snapdragon, Pantheon, Becton, Dickinson, Coronine, Grand River, and SIO2, Texas A.M. University, and many other universities, Latipova said. It also includes emergent biosolutions that was the Department of Defense's exclusive manufacture of anthrax vaccine, which also faced enormous safety issues, though was not forced on every person on the globe, but just our armed forces for a while, she said. In addition, the former executive identified Catalent as another manufacturer that's a supplier to Moderna, which was recently found to be in violation of good manufacturing practices requirements by the FDA. Latipova, who worked for 20 years co-founding and managing companies that served the fields of clinical trials, data collection, and analysis told LifeSite in January that the GMP laws are designed to ensure safety and consistency of pharmaceutical products, which must be produced in large quantities to very exact standards of purity, stability, and consistency. Breaches of these practices have historically resulted in tragic cases of adulterated, tainted, or poisoned drug products, which resulted in loss of life and severe injuries, he wrote in an email correspondence at the time. According to an earlier presentation, she showed how GMP laws include expectations that every new batch of a product is almost the same as all previous lots, and that vaccines from different manufacturers for disease indication are the same or interchangeable products. Quoting the specific regulations, Latipova said, the failure to comply with these practices shall render such drugs to be adulterated, and that it is a pretty significant crime to sell adulterated products.

Given the enormous variability by her ability from such batches of these experimental COVID injections, 70-80%, John, which was shown just to be one or two, reported serious adverse reactions as compared to the 4-5% that's been revealed. Thousands severe noncompliance with GMP standards is clearly indicated and must be investigated, Latipova concluded. The FDA conflict of interest designs and approves product inspections are nothing but theater. As the Department of Defense is the chief operating officer of the project, recent documents also show that the Food and Drug Administration is identified as the chief science officer for the enterprise. So FDA, in fact, is responsible for design, development, clinical trials, and approval of this product, Latipova reported, emphasizing the clear potential of conflict of interest. For example, while the FDA performed no inspections of these manufacturers, none, due to supposed COVID restrictions, the recent findings of Cadillac being, as Latipova describes, completely non-GMP compliant, including a bunch of observations that are just awful and normally would result in a shutdown of a facility until they can be resolved. There was none, no enforcement from the FDA, and manufacturing continues as before. Emergent biosolutions also has been identified as noncompliant, which means, according to the former executive, the entire chain of production is not compliant, such as inspections to be a theater.

Essentially, she said, the inspector will write up observations, but nothing happens. There's no enforcement whatsoever, and the Department of Defense contractors were permitted simply to continue their production. Yet there has been just one exception to this that happened abroad, where, upon inspection, Japanese regulators reportedly found metal and steel and stainless steel flakes contained in the injection substance and returned these contaminated lots back to Moderna, she reported.

But this is the only example Latipova is aware of where a regulator did anything about these issues. I'm going to stop right there. Let me go just a little further. Metallic structures discovered in Pfizer vaccine seem to respond to electromagnetic fields. While American individuals may be liable to indictment for examining the substance of these vials, whether or how this regulation applies to those foreign nations is unclear. This doctor, David Nixon, an Australian general practitioner from Brisbane, decided to take a closer look at the Pfizer product to see what he might discover about its contents. As reported by the spectator, the physician put droplets of vaccine and the blood of vaccinated patients under a dark-filled microscope and filmed what was there. According to Rebecca Weiser of the outlet, the discovery is bizarre, to say the least. Inside a droplet of vaccine are strange mechanical structures. They seemed motionless at first, but when Nixon used time-lapse photography to condense 48 hours of footage into two minutes, it showed what appeared to be mechanical arms assembling and disassembling glowing rectangular structures like little circulatory and microchips, Weiser wrote.

As if she might be familiar with the phenomenon that the poet told LifeSite News in November 17th email corresponds that she knows Nixon and has spoken to him several times. His discovery of the inexplicable structures on the Pfizer vax is not unique, she said, and he had been observed by others as well. It warrants investigation. I cannot say what these things are, just that we know size alone is problematic since these are observed under standard optical microscopes, so they are very large structures.

They form pretty quickly and they also seem to respond to electromagnetic fields such as Wi-Fi router in the office, she wrote. This is not something declared on the product label and so this needs to be explained by the manufacturer who we know is not eager to explain anything about their product and they are very eager to inject everyone without informed consent, she concluded. I'm going to stop there, the article is very lengthy, but John, this Dr. Nixon, we played a clip of him, he wanted to show this, they had a meeting of doctors there, a large group, and he wanted to show them what he had discovered under the microscope. And he was silenced, he was silenced right away and physically removed because you don't cross the deep state, this is what basically he was told. So what do you think about all that?

I think it's 100% accurate. I mean, Pastor Ernie, the FDA, the CDC just came out today and said that they were misunderstood about ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and that they didn't prevent anyone from using it, it was a simple recommendation. I mean, doctors were losing their license for giving ivermectin to patients, so they are caught out in the open now, Pastor Ernie, and this is an amazing thing to watch. Well, you know, we just read the thing about the CBS, how they have finally admitted, you know, about the Hunter Biden laptop, and we know that they've been losing credibility at an amazing rate, I mean, who can possibly believe the fake news? And in my opinion, only very, very simple minded people believe what they hear on NBC, ABC, CBS. Here's an article by Ethan Huff, and here John says this, Africa is only 6% vaccinated and COVID has disappeared.

Scientists are baffled. Almost anybody in Africa is getting vaccinated, almost nobody in Africa is getting vaccinated for the Wuhan coronavirus, COVID-19. As a result, there's almost no COVID anywhere to be found on the continent. The latest reports from the mainstream media admit that the pandemic is basically non-existent in Africa, which is confusing to those who believe the narrative that the jabs are helping to eradicate the disease. Folks, we've been trying to tell you over and over and over and over, these jabs are meant, they're there to depopulate. John, people that have had the jabs are four times more likely to get COVID again and again. A recent piece from the Associated Press explains that in Zimbabwe, nobody wears a mask, nobody is vaccinated, and life goes on as normal.

People pack the local markets in close proximity to one another, and by golly, nobody's getting sick. And so here, COVID-19 is gone, stated a man named Nyasha Liddow, who joked with reporters about how he keeps him asking his pants to protect his pocket. When did you last hear of anyone who has died of COVID-19? They do it here all the time, right, but it's not, it's not the, very rarely is it the COVID, usually it's the vax that they're dying from. Yeah, we see over in Africa, they use hydroxychloroquine for malaria and that, so it's quite common for them to use that, they get it over the counter there. So when you're using hydroxychloroquine, that knocks out, that ends COVID. Yeah, it goes on, listen to this, the only areas of the world seeing mass disease and death are those that are pushing the vaccines, no kidding.

There you go, this is a very lengthy article, it goes into what we've been saying all the time there, folks. Again, it's the vaxes that are killing the people, not the COVID. Yeah, Pastor Ernie, I came across an article today that I just posted on my blog, and it says that this year, there are 350,000 excessive deaths in the United States, so far. 350,000, and if you can't hide, they can hide a lot of things statistically, but the bottom line is, how many people are dying when you add up the total during the year, how many died? Well this year, it's 350,000 that, what are they dying from Pastor Ernie? A lot of them are dying from the vax, a lot of them are dying from the drugs that are out there. Exactly, and a lot of the most sudden death from the heart, you know, and all of that, so it's adding up to 300, so it'll probably be about 400,000 people are going to die this year more than last year, and more died last year than the year before. So we're seeing this increase, the death shot is working now, Pastor Ernie, and the deaths are increasing, which they planned, they planned on us. Yeah, more and more of these young athletes and these young servicemen are dying, and CBS now has admitted that myocarditis is related to the jab.

I don't want to call it a vaccine, but they've admitted that now, so everything we've been telling them, they're losing credibility, and little by little, it all comes out. Let me do this, let's go back, I want to play, you know, we played that clip with Christopher Wray, we're going to play that clip now on the whistleblower, and you'll know one of the reasons, folks, that if those two senators sounded like they were angry, they were very angry, because Christopher Wray has been lying. Now, there's a vast number of FBI agents, any and all that's got honor and integrity, the ones that they're either trying to retire early or they're jumping ship, they want to get out of the agency because the agency has gone rogue, it's gone bad.

But go ahead and play that clip with the whistleblower friend. Steve Friend grew up in Savannah, Georgia. He followed his father's footsteps and attended the University of Notre Dame, where he graduated with a bachelor's in accounting. He worked in accounting for two years before deciding he wanted to be in law enforcement. He was a sworn police officer in Savannah and Pooler, Georgia for four years, and then he joined the FBI in 2014. He spent his first seven years in the FBI investigating violent crime and major offenses occurring on Indian reservations in Northeast Nebraska.

This included the Omaha Nation, Winnebago tribe of Nebraska, and the Santee Sioux tribe. He was also a member of the FBI Omaha SWAT team for five years. He transferred to Daytona Beach in 2021 and began investigating child exploitation, human trafficking, and child sexual abuse.

He was reassigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force in October 21. This is where his story really begins. Welcome to the program, Steve. Steve Friend. Thank you very much, Glenn.

It's an honor. So Steve, tell me what happened after you were reassigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Well, when they brought me over, they had to put me on the cases that they had already in existence. And what I soon learned was that the vast majority of those cases were tied to the January 6th incident at the Capitol. And just in my habit as an investigator coming from violent crime and in an environment where there's lots of cases coming very rapidly, I just started to look through the cases and really wanted to take action on them. And what I came to learn, though, was that they'd done everything that they expected to do and were waiting to hear back from Washington as to further action or, you know, what the status of the case was going to be, which to me was a major departure from the FBI rules for investigative work.

So wait a minute. So the work had already been done by Washington. Why were you assigned it then?

That was my question. You know, just being very, very familiar with the case management practices within the FBI, having opened over 200 cases in my career, when you open a case, it's assigned to you. It's assigned to your office. So when we had these January 6 cases, it seemed to me that those cases should have been open from Washington, D.C. But if a decision was made to send them out to the field, then the case was going to sit with the office that it was with.

In my case, it was Daytona, which is in the Jacksonville field office. And we'd run that case the way we wanted to, the way we wanted to make our decisions for further proper investigative steps. However, it was clear that a lot of the pre-work had been done on those cases from Washington, and they were giving directives to our offices, even though we were the on paper, the assigned case agents with our office of origin. Washington was really running the show, which is, you know, not a kosher move on our part in the FBI.

Why would they do that? I asked and I was told that that had been raised early on. And the response from headquarters had been that it was to get, quote unquote, buy in from the field. There's a couple of things I can surmise from that. One is the FBI suits and headquarters just have a really negative opinion of its investigators. And they thought, you know, if your name's not, they're not going to do the job, which to me just kind of rang hollow, pretty macabre view of your of your personnel.

So then I just just did a little bit of critical thinking on it. And, you know, first of all, the January 6th incident logically is one incident. It should be one case. But instead, the FBI is selected to open a separate case for every single subject. So right then and there you have one case has been made into eight hundred, nine hundred, a thousand cases. So now you've upped the total bottom line number of domestic terrorism investigations. And then by spreading those cases to the field, you're essentially backfilling a narrative that was was pushed out in 2021, 2022 about this rise in violent domestic terrorism around the country.

When in reality, all those cases are stemming from one incident on January 6th, 2021 in one location. OK, so you were suspended because you wouldn't do it. You were suspended without pay your your gun, your badge. Everything was taken from you.

And it's because you wouldn't. What they say is refusing a lawful arrest warrant, which demonstrated poor judgment and improperly accessing the FBI's employee handbook and refusing to attend the SAB. Tell me about this.

Yes. So I my first opportunity really to take to engage in an arrest of a January 6th subject that I'd already decided that should that come to pass, that I was going to make my disclosure to to my supervisor. So in the lead up to that, I the week before spoke to my immediate supervisor, raise my concerns about improper case management practices and then also just my concerns about how we were going to be arresting these subjects. Because in my experience and having arrested 150 plus violent criminals, never had to use a tactical team SWAT team to to bring them into custody because I'd talked to those individuals.

And we've done similar things with these January 6th subjects. So to me, it seemed like an unnecessary use of force. And I have SWAT experience to back that up. So I brought all those concerns to them. They they passed it up the chain of command, my supervisor to the second level, and again, had more sit down meetings with those with those guys.

Voices and concerns even brought up FBI training about the abuse of power that all agents have to go through in the academy where you go to the Holocaust Memorial and the MLK Memorial and you discuss how those civil rights abuses and atrocities can occur. So raised all those concerns. And they said it was very clear to me that they were trying to divorce the two issues of me raising my concern. And then they said it's separate for me to refuse to participate.

And I contradicted that. I said, you know, my job is to defend the Constitution. I took an oath to uphold and defend it. And I think that we are violating due process and we're potentially violating some cruel and unusual punishment.

But just how we're bringing these guys into custody, even interviewing people who we never actually intend to prosecute is is an abuse. So I have to default to my oath of office. I think I am doing my job. They didn't agree with me. They said that I had questionable judgment and was not executing a lawful warrant. That was one of the issues when I got concerned about my my future with the FBI, because they multiple times told me, you know, where do you see yourself with us in the future?

In fact, my special agent in charge, Sherry Onks, told me I need to do some soul searching and decide if I wanted to be an FBI agent. So I got an attorney and he he asked me to get him the employee handbook and disciplinary procedures because he just wanted to be equipped to mount a fence for me. So that was the improperly accessing the employee handbook, giving it to your attorney? Yes.

Yeah. My employees request, even when I was eventually suspended, they said, what did you take? And I said, oh, that was the employee handbook. And they're like, they said, we need that back. I said, I thought you guys could get the handbook. Right. Yeah. OK, hang on just a second. When we come back, he's going to talk about the tools called guardians and his concern on how those tools are being used right now to investigate U.S. citizens. Tools called guardians.

Oh, that sounds safe. More with Steve Friend. Next, we are talking to a very brave FBI agent.

I wish there were more of them. Where are you, local FBI agents? Steve Friend is his name. He's an FBI whistleblower. He objected to being part of the January 6th raids for several reasons. First of all, before I get to some other things, can you tell me, you said earlier that you thought it was cruel and inhumane treatment. I think you said the way some of these prisoners are being handled.

Can you tell me anything you know about that? I can only speak to what I've read about how our folks are being held in the D.C. jails who have actually been taken into custody. My genuine concern was the process being a punishment for people who actually were never we never intended or were not able to charge.

So, you know, just sitting down somebody in front of them, you know, stresses them out. A lot of these guys had to hire attorneys. The one individual I participated in with an interview, he had lost his job and was, you know, retaining an attorney. And it was for walking in the Capitol after having gained permission of the police. So what was the point of us going through that process?

You know, it's amazing to me. You said at one point, you said that the process is the punishment. And when you think of that, that is terrifying because that means that even if they can't charge you or you're not really guilty of anything, they're going to make this so horrible on you that you just stay away from everything. You teach you teach people a lesson. Stay away.

Don't even get close to any of this. That's exactly right. I mean, you can go back to what happened to Michael Flint. He was forced to sell his house and essentially become bankrupt in order to mount a defense and ultimately pled guilty to avoid his son being broke into it.

So that's the process is the punishment. And the FBI designated the grassy area area outside the U.S. Capitol as a restricted zone after January 6th. And did they apply that retroactively to be able to look and say, well, you were in that restricted zone on January 6th? That's my understanding that they wanted to really send a message and then gather more people up in this dragnet. So they decided that the the lawn on the outside of the capital is outside of those four walls was going to be deemed restricted because at some point there have been some barricades. But just anecdotally, I heard individuals who were there on the fifth. They said they saw barricades.

But on the sixth the morning of, they saw people removing them. So there's a little bit of suspect action being involved with that. Tell me about Guardians, the tools that they used to investigate called Guardians.

So Guardian is a software system. I like to think of it as like the 911 system in the FBI. You call 911 just cat in the tree for the neighborhood. You can do that to the FBI, to the National Intake Center. Those folks there deal with probably 3000 calls a day or digital or electronic communications.

They kind of pull through it and disseminate them to the field for a proper investigative action. So when it came to January 6th, there was a huge uptick in the amount of guardians that came in to the FBI. And it was from all over the country. It could be from a disgruntled neighbor who didn't like his buddy across the street having a MAGA flag. It could be a family member ratting out a family member. My uncle was there. He told me he was there. So people that were trying to be helpful to the FBI in pursuing this investigation, a lot of them actually just went to the FBI website and looked at pictures and then would call on a tip saying, you know, this unknown subject looks like somebody they went to high school with. And those tips would come in.

They would be pushed out to wherever is deemed the appropriate geographical location. So for me, you know, I got one that was really the first interaction I had. It was a anonymous tip from Rhode Island that said this individual was involved in assaulting police officers at the January 6th riot. They had done a workup on this guy. His phone had the G.O. fence on its phone.

The GPS did not ping at the capital. The facial recognition with his social media accounts did not come up with a positive match, but I was still asked to go and attempt to do an interview. So it's not illegal for me to knock on anybody's door and say, hey, I'm the FBI.

Do you want to talk to me? It's called a knock and talk. But it was just kind of a concern, just because even if he admitted to being at the Capitol, there was no complaint.

It was going to be very difficult to even charge the case. So I still did. Team player at that point said, all right, I'll go knock on the door. Went went to the drill about an hour and a half. Knocked on the door, met a gentleman there that I am with the FBI. We were looking at January 6. Where were you at the Capitol that day? And he looked at me and said, no, that was the day of my son's funeral. So I just, you know, well, I guess I made him relive that whole experience and give my business card and was on my merry way.

So that was my my first guardian that I had for January 6. Are you seeing an escalation of political targeting at the FBI? How concerned about all the things that we're seeing with the face act now, the FBI coming in in the middle of the night and arresting 78 year old people? The idea that if you disagree at the school board, you're somehow or another a terrorist. Yeah, I think there's definitely a political element. I think there's a there's two dueling things. There's politics and there's ambition. Sometimes there's one, sometimes there's the other. Sometimes there's both, I think.

And there are some true believers. Definitely my special agent in charge, Sherri Anse, of the political left, made no secret about that. She she sent out emails about the Dobbs decision being the Supreme Court taking away women's rights.

And she put a gay pride flag display up in our office in Jacksonville. But then you have my assistant special agent in charge, Colt Murkowski, who I believe is probably more ambitious, kind of saw this as being a huge case of the FBI than the bigger than 9-11. And if you get your name on something with January 6 and you can claim you had supervising responsibilities in some way, the largest and most important case of the agencies ever worked, that's that's going to be a pretty good ticket for you to promote within the organization. And I think just recently, you know, with that, with these face acts, I've had a little bit of experience with it, just being on human trafficking investigations. I reached out to some of the crisis pregnancy centers after the Jackson Dobbs case, just because I was worried that they might have some threats come in. And then I also figured that they might actually see some human trafficking victims that could be a good resource for me.

Did that, got a little helmet sticker from the from the bosses, but then was also told that I really need to prioritize looking into abortion clinics because they were really the ones that were at risk. Really? And I responded, I think the only time that the team that wins does that is like when the Lakers win the title, they burn the city. Otherwise, I don't think that the pro-life side is going to burn down places that are going to be shut down. That's just my critical thinking. And last question, and I know I asked you this before, but why are we seeing more FBI agents coming out? We've always thought that these guys were the best of the best.

You know, conservatives have always given them a pass, which we I don't think we should have. But now they're showing themselves to be, I think, less than honorable if they're seeing things themselves and are not standing up against it. I'm disheartened by this myself. I told you the other night, you know, I really thought that I was going to have the Captain America endgame moment where I fought a battle. And even in my most dire situation, I would get that on your left moment.

And there would be my my brother and sister in arms standing there. And they just aren't. I'm done talking about the good men and women at the FBI. I know that's the politically correct thing that all of our leaders like to say to make sure the donations keep coming in.

But I'm no longer doing that. I think that it's a really sweet gig to be an FBI agent. I lived it for eight years. It's a great job. You're the most interesting person, maybe with the exception of radio show host. Everybody wants to ask you questions and the big case. And you can really get by on a 20 year career being grossly overpaid and underworked.

And folks just kind of play that same narrative where they say, I'm just trying to pay the bills and put food on the table and I'm going to keep my head down. I only got a few years to retirement. But, you know, I swore an oath. And I know, like I voice to my boss, I guess you guys found the one that actually took their oath seriously. I believed in it. That's why I wanted to do the job. So this was a job.

So I did the job and it never occurred to me that that was not that was an option to not do that. Unfortunately, I guess the other 14000 agents who wear the gun and badge don't share my sentiments. Well, we have all kinds of oversight.

If the if the Republicans gain the house, it looks like they're going to at this point. And I know you're in touch with people on Capitol Hill. And I I hope we see more of you and I I hope all of this comes to light and we do clean up this organization or shut it down.

If it won't be cleaned up, then shut it down. Steve, thank you so much. John, the last count, there was about 20. There was about 20 was there was 20 whistleblowers that have come out, according to what I've what I've been hearing from Congress.

And so, you know, that 2020 is that's it's quite a bit. So what do you think is going to happen, you know, from here here out when when they start having these hearings and these guys are coming forward and the Congress passes some kind of restrictions or whatever, that they can't be fired. Do you think that'll happen?

What do you think is going to happen? Well, Pastor Ernie, I've been saying all along about the election. And this is too dangerous for the deep state to have Congress. If the Republicans are going to do it, Pastor Ernie, that's still a big gift with these people. We know their track record. But if they're going to expose all of this and more, I'm still of the opinion that they're going to try and stop it, Pastor Ernie. A false flag, something.

This is too dangerous for them to be to be exposed like this. All right. Who do you think will be the speaker of the House? According to Max Gates, it's not a sure thing. What do you think? I haven't looked at it closely because it's still a month and a half away. But what I've seen is they're they're they're settled on McCarthy there. All right. I don't know, though.

I mean, I don't know it, but it's the same. Well, that's what I'm saying. I'm so we've heard it from them and that they didn't stand with Trump and they're never Trumpers in there. And they've been so compromised. They've sold out America, this Republican establishment. Why do we think now they're going to change?

So that's why I'm I'm I'm jaded with this, Pastor Ernie, because of the track record of the Republicans. All right. Special Agent McTernan, here is what this is.

This is your assignment. Get me McCarthy's phone number. We're going to look what has happened. We are we are fed up. We're tired of being betrayed. We're tired.

We're absolutely fed up with being betrayed. At least there's there's a handful of us out here, very small percentage percentage wise, but that small percentage wise in America could be several million of us out here, even though we're only one percent of the population. But there's several million of us, John, who will actually do something. And so get me McCarthy's phone number. Let's call his office. We'll start with him. We'll start with him and we'll let him know we are tired of being betrayed. They've got to hear from us every single day, 24 hours a day.

No longer. We want you to go. We want you to go after the deep state. We want to see that dirty D.C. jail that's been holding the patriots. John, the Christian patriots who came there because they were angry that election was stolen and it was stolen.

And anyone and everyone who says it wasn't is a liar. There ever been a big a liar is Merrick, our so-called Department of Defense cop and Chris Ray. And so we really have to do this. We have to get people calling in.

So find me that number and then we'll we'll pick the next one. The next committee member we need. We really know some of you folks out there listening might decide, well, you know what? We need to call the Democrats.

I don't know if it do any good, but it's but you sure have the right to let them know that we're tired of being betrayed. So let's do that. Let's get McCarthy's phone number and we'll put it out all over the wall. We'll ask people, let's see if we can get at least 10000 people to call him and let him know we are tired. We don't want it. We will not accept being betrayed anymore. OK, maybe that word will get out. And as far as the Senate goes, maybe we should do the same thing in the Senate, especially with McConnell. Well, Mr. Ernie, I really I mean, a tremendous amount could be done if they if they were real, if they are real, which I hope they are. It's just their track record. And so for it is so weak. And I don't know what can bring change about, but hopefully we'll make this effort and might have an impact.

Well, the Bible says one can chase a thousand and two ten thousand. We have people like Matt Gaetz. We have people like Jim Jordan. We have people like Louie Gohmert. We have we have people like that little woman from the Congress, but just barely won her election. Was it Bulburt? Yeah, from she's feisty little thing.

Yeah, from Colorado. We've got that Marjorie Green woman from South Carolina. OK, so we do have a number of them in the Congress that have got some guts in and they're and that's growing. The number is growing. And if they can see that we're we're behind that we've got their back and the people do, I think they'll fight. We need again to fill that very same dirty jail with a real crooks, the real criminals. And that's that so-called select committee in D.C. And they'll got it where we're fed up with being betrayed by voting for people and then having going to Washington, D.C. and just betraying us. We're so tired of it. And so let's do that. Let's start that campaign.

Let's get it working. We'll get the phone numbers to start giving them out. And then we'll ask other people to do the very same things, whatever network in their newsletters or whatever. In fact, I should send that out in our very next newsletter. Good idea.

Yeah. And that's as people to let us make something up. And why don't you work up one word, one and I'll work upon one and we'll get it mailed out to the people and have them make copies of it and pass it around. We've got to take our country back, John. You know, there's another clip I'm going to play tomorrow. And that clip talks about it's how Bill Gates and the World Health Organization with the economic the world economic powers have decided that now the time is now to start the death panels to start deciding about how much money will spend on people. And that is that we should really just start killing people off like they want to do in Canada, like to do wants to do in Canada. In fact, the scientists out the Polish government for attempt to legalize genocide. We'll talk about that some tomorrow here in Canada.

They're trying to pass a law where you can euthanize children without the parents having any say in it at all. I know. So we've got to fight back with everything we have, we really have to. This is our time. This is what we continue to tell the folks out there listening to us.

Look, here's here's the way it is. God has raised you up for such a time as this. God has raised you up.

You're alive and listening tonight. And God has placed you here for such a time as this. Right now you've got two options. You can run to the battle to like God's word the Bible says resist tyranny.

You could be like shift from pure. The two witnesses out there. Who obey God and God blessed them. You could be like shed wreck with Shaq and Abednego, you could be like Daniel Jeremiah, you can Moses, all down the line, the folks, and have all of eternity to be glad that when the call went out you answered the call you ran to the battle, or you could be like the vast majority of people who run away and just don't want to be bothered, and they will have all of eternity to regret that when the time come for them to stand their ground and fight the good fight, they failed. They failed and they'll have all of eternity to regret that you don't want to be one of those. So you've got to join with us. Look, the reason we are here on this is to further the cause of Christ, and one of one of his demands he gave us three missions three missions, one of course the Great Commission we're going to get to that in a minute to resistance to tyranny is obedience to God resistance to tyranny is always obedience God failure to resist tyranny is always disobedience, and the three were to stand fast with a hold to the traditions of the prophets and not give up any ground.

That's the three missions. And so, you know, again, God has raised us up for such a time as this right john. Amen, Pastor Ernie and it's amazing how we can still function in the hour we live in.

It's amazing. God's really blessed us. Well, you know, that's what I talked about tonight the beginning I went through a whole litany of things that we had to be thankful for today being born in America. You know, I was born in the land, the, the home of the, the home of the free because of the brave, the land of the free because of the brave. I was, I was able to serve in the world's greatest most powerful military that the Lord had that the world had ever seen.

They were good, they were great, because they were good. We're seeing, and you know, and here in this country was raised one nation under God. Right now today, it's hard for a lot of people to realize, but the Church of Satan the Church of Satan has become a part of the Democratic Communist Party. It is filled from the top down with with Satanists pedophilia child sacrifice things that we're going to be bringing out. That's going to come out little by little.

If you folks out there you better understand. Listen to me. There's not going to be any in between. There's no going to be any in between you're either going to be on the Lord side, or you're going to wish you had. That's the way it is. And on some of you things well may take courage, believe me, you know, believe me, you want to end up, we know how it all ends, we know who's going to win the victory we know who you're going to stand before.

So you need to be involved and be on the Lord side. John I'm gonna, yeah, I just wanted to mention something real quick. I'm closely following what's going on in the Arizona election. And it there's a number of counties now Arizona are not going to certify the election they say it's fraudulent. And apparently the Attorney General there is is getting involved in it. So it's, and the woman that carried Lake, who's running for governor. Oh, she's very positive it's, she's going to win because they're going to overturn all the cheating.

So that's got that's got to be watched if that happens. This could be like an earth political earthquake in the country. I know and I guess what they've done on up on the internet.

They have, they put it up Larry. Carrie Lake speaks out right, but it's not Carrie Lake is the opposition so if you go to hear what Carrie has to say, it's that gates. And he's saying, don't believe what would carry lakes are saying, but you're right, the Attorney General's office demands answers from Maricopa County, look, look.

John, tell me how this could happen when you have 17% of the democrats registered democrats voted in that 17 17% How do they get 51% of the vote, because the democrats aren't controlling the voting machine. The Secretary of State hubs was her should have been out of there should have cruised yourself by law. But that's the law. And my thing is the Secretary of State was the candidate for governor, and her office was controlling the elections while she was running for governor, so it's like that conflict of interest. Well, it is but it's also according to the election laws in Arizona illegal. It's not legal john that this is like the entire Democratic Party is like the FBI. You know, I had read before you came on how they bribed how they they lied to judges how they they violated all these different laws. And it's like so what who's gonna you don't have a Justice Department to charge us with anything.

We got to take our country back john. Why wouldn't we recruit yourself. You know why not. I mean, it must be a reason why she wants to stay in that position. Let me tell you real fast.

It was because George Soros didn't want her to know, we're gonna we're up against it so I've got to. I'm going to. I'm always encouraging people take those gospel tracks, you don't have time to witness candidates somebody that track will witness to you.

I'm going to read one john right here. You could be having a slight pain in your chest or head within a few hours you could be dead of a heart attack or brain hemorrhage. You might think that could never happen to you. However, the Bible states where as you know not what should be on the mile for what is your life.

It's even a vapor that appears for even a little time, and then vanishes away James for 14. Even if you're an excellent health, you could be killed in an auto accident today. Do you remember the shock you felt the last time you heard somebody you knew was killed in the accident. They certainly never thought this death would come so suddenly to them perhaps. These will be the last word you will ever read. You cannot escape death, as it is appointed to men wants to die. And after that, the judgment. In fact, that's what that is. Maybe you were thinking, if I would die today, I'm ready to go after all.

I've never done anything really bad. I don't believe that a merciful guy was sent me to hell, but the Bible says for all have sin, and he comes short of the glory of God Romans for the wages of sin is death, Romans 623, but the fearful and the unbelieving and the abominable and murderers and whoremugger and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars. She'll have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone, which is the second death revelation 21 eight folks.

What I just read you today literally describes the entire woke movement, the entire what is called progressive moment the entire Democratic Party out there these people out there listening. Folks, but there's a mindset john that these people think well if you don't believe in God if you don't acknowledge God then God can exist. Well, God might not exist in your mind but you're a fool, because all you have to do is you look all around you. And that entire universe was created by an extreme intelligence and that intelligence called God, and he exists, and what he says he will do, and he's got a history of doing exactly what he says exactly when it says exactly where he says exactly how he says, and that history goes over 6000 years of recorded history folks listen, you're going to die.

That will happen there's no chance that it won't. And when you do, you will be judged, there's no chance that won't happen. If you die saved born again if you've called upon the name of the Lord if you prayed to the Father and asked for forgiveness of sins and called on the name of the Lord Jesus, and become born again believer a new creature within all is good. If you have not. If you have not, if you have not been saved. If you die in your sin.

You will have a horrible, horrible, horrible existence for all of eternity. That's what God has said, folks so I encourage you to do it and do it tonight. Well we're out of time for tonight so until tomorrow.

Always say you're ready big john. Good night. God bless, and always always always keep fighting the fight, the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance, what's right, what's left, hosted by Pastor Ernie Sanders, to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at www dot wr w, please tune in next time for another edition of what's right, what's left.

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