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FRI HR 1 091622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 17, 2022 12:32 am

FRI HR 1 091622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

We all know someone whose work and no chill.

Trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full fork which allows me to do more things at once.

Much now I think video calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy Z full for the following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be prerecorded resistant by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now. Welcome to another additional what's right what's left I'm really open.

Attorney Sanders and indeed this is the voice of the Christian resistance on this last day of pledge week and we only have like, well, we have an hour and 40 minutes left in books and on this pledge week so we need to hear from you. The phone lines are open at 888281111048886779673 again. The phone lines are open at 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 we have about an hour and 40 minutes to try to stay on there because, well, that's how much we have a little time left to try to raise enough to stand there for the next month. Okay so the phone lines are open.

It was a call help us all to begin. We have with us tonight being Friday night. None other than the well first of all of me started in the back in the boiler room. I got a bunch of folks back there locked in the room who locked in a room waiting to hear your phone calls okay and Bob and Ron and Eric and Eric wandering all around okay and that we got Randy back there to plug in the back room and then between us and them is none other than the courageous one Salo courageous waiting. Everybody in the year but to hear the cackle Glenn Cagle one like a load little Lisa meaning everyone okay now after all that we got way out yonder in Texas where in a 10 gallon hat wearing them cowboy boots out there will look in looking for a horse that will hold them, none other than big John return well made about here and I'm too big to them about the kid work work all right. Thank you and I told my wife if you ever call me Julie already there you go, what we do we fill a hole at the cover tonight know you know we're talking about them will alert Lauren Bogert needed. She's a Christian nationalist well you know the article that you sent me. We try to get they will let me open it every time I go to open the article and that will pop up that will not let me open the article again and so I'm gonna have you talk about that, but it goes right along with was coming our way would they want to do now. I've been I've been hearing some things from some folks telling me that the that you know they have a list and they're going after people on the list and pretty much pretty sure that the I'm on that list even for the takedowns by the league communist communist deep state so anyhow with that. You know really going to do well with the keep on keeping on. No quit rate, no quit here in this in this ministry is not over with till we win great big John. Remember current goal story America destroyed anything associated with God and the word of God. So you stand now, or go to church to the next day or the month after.

I mean if you don't stand there and you have to renounce everything he believed the Tryon so you have no choice but to stand against the when they come after me, boy, will they be disappointed when they find out that you are the real brains behind the outfit any and they got the wrong guy.

All already okay can you go to Revelation 17 in your mechanical Bible, the horror of Babylon yeah because this is what were up against. This is exactly what we are up against. We are fighting against the religious and really developing a political going to play little piece later and I forgot to tell the board up on the Pope and I'll tell you when to do that okay what what he's up to, but start there in Revelation chapter 17.

Read verses one through 617 Angel seven while and talk with me saying unto me, Heather and I will show the judgment of the great or that on many waters with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth and made drunk with the wind over three carried me away in the spirit of the Grosvenor. I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored be full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and 10 horns, and the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious gold and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and openers over fornication, and upon her forehead was a name written, mystery, Babylon the great mother of harlots and abominations of your I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.

And I saw her, and I wondered with great admiration like that that word there. People should know of admiration was astonishment links astonishment. That's what we we use for establishments not the where we use Revelation today, but now, so John why do you think why do you think that it's referring to the woman as the great harlot.

Okay, it's got to do with a seductive nature, seductive nature, so this seductive nature. What you think it is a government that uses certain means to seduce people how hour that applied anything to our government today. While it would apply to government "encouraging sin and also the money the government through vast amount be the economy or the federal budgets in the trillions of dollars and they're able to people. There will by basically bribing them, and many many many ways) and then there promoting all sorts of inspection transgendered sexuality of the whatever the LDG keeps you XYZ movement and embraces that the government was behind now government but only look at this. We have a the harlot and it talks about.

She hoped up with someone else and that someone else 30 is political friction is added up by the antichrist.

So here in Revelation chapter 7 we have both the right and burst through with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication and inhabitants of the earth made drunk with the wine of her fornication, and they talked about the beach and was it just the political system or is there another system is three systems to Babylon.

The third is the economic system so the horror of the.

The religious system the religious system is is entered into the Confederacy with the political and the economic; in an adulterous affair. Catherine came deal with economics phone here is dealing with the marriage of the political and economic system, but the danger is what is so dangerous about it will accept anything in the system except through faith in Jesus Christ. They will not allow that they in fact later when you look at verse six, I saw the woman drunken drunken I mean that's like Eunice Cooper with the blood of the same religious system backed up by the political and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus solely take a look at this here today and it says here that in the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colored and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of the abominations and filthiness of her fornication in the butter before it was written the name Mr. Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and the abomination of the earth now so so to seduce what would you say a government that offers to take taxpayers money from one group of people and paved the off the college debts of another well of what Ms. and Ernie out so would you say that this is system. It offers seduces people with all of this free money: money in all of these things and it makes it makes it more profitable for people not to work, then the work to destroy a an economy.

By doing that that's using it broad-spectrum. And you take like a cobra 19 now and the way it works is a lot of these hospitals and colleges that you grant research and a lot of other things so the government there, probably through proxy in them tell the researchers we will cut your money will court. We want you find this will be no more grants for you to become very, very manipulative, very corrupt. After earning the date the pharmaceutical can do the same thing so like hundreds of billions of dollars involved so they are able to entice whole companies that do what they want to do a little build billions of dollars so then you would see them going into hospitals and bringing people in the matter what what they come in there. I mean they could come in with a broken foot in the other daily diagnoses having coded and then there going to be put on respirators to be given when death of their and they can be killed to kill them off with this, but there's a huge amount of money that the insurance company will pay if that person is given with that severe unit for killed the person off and so these things are taking place these.

These are things that are for real that's happened in our society. The amount of money that plan predators. The most wicked, evil, ungodly, unclean, they get the getting billions of dollars from the communist Chinese to take the aborted babies and's and send their DNA over to the to the communist Chinese so that they can make bio weapons deck they can kill off certain types of people about plan predators making tons of money the most wicked, evil, ungodly, unclean creeping, crawling death that walks the face of the era, kill more human beings than any army and some you would say that that would be a part of inner handful of the abominations of the filthiness of her fornication. So you think that would apply all you all will corruption all at hundred billion against God, and that intoxicating line of the right. Hey, unfocused the pledge slides open so far we haven't had one place tonight. So far we have not had one pledge come in tonight at 888-281-1110 is 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673.

That's 888677967, 300 when you call that thing that she's holding up okay here you go. We have a totebag focus in on that tote bag in bright colors. It tells you the American these Jesus Americans a big totebag, a great big totebag now here it is for donation of $1000 and more. One donation of $1000 more. This great big totebag were going to fill it full of things like like the books from Dr. Glidden alike thing from Wendy like my CDs without end result all kinds of the goodies, like the little red book working with you to fill this book is going to be a real Grab Bag if you will treasure chest of things that we have for donation of $1000 or more. We gotta have it consists of things are very expensive so that's that's item number one tonight offer number one at 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673. The phone lines are open everybody suddenly had a full room waiting to take you because this is we've got about one hour and 30 minutes left in tonight's radio program to two get enough to stand in your station and we're really trying. I can honestly say John returning you know Jan, we can honestly say that in all of these 50 years on air.

We have never given it. Anything less than the very best I can honestly say that I have run a good race of what a good fight of given it by very very best in an and I gotta tell you the there's things that are happening out there. John, have you noticed something you know how long I would always continuously here last few years with a we've always tried to take us down.

We've had jamming and the jitters in all these different things continuously. All of a sudden that is stopped. John for about the past month.

It's kinda like quiet before the storm and and I've been wondering what is happening was going on out there and will I been here is some things but I am not at liberty to talk about it just yet on the air so folks you bitterness you better help us while you can because we may not be here that long, narrow, we we have a target on it's okay Barbara and Georgia pledges 100. Wait a minute that I read that I miss only appliqué Sarah Michigan pledges 10 Barbara Georgia 100 and Connie in Minnesota pledges 500 thank you thank you thank you so we gotta start were finally getting some pledge covenant.

No John, I want you to do this because what we were reading and I can pull it up there, they won't let me pull it up on this thing. But I want you to pull up the read the article about let me see here about Lauren Bogert is a Christian nationalist, experts say you want to read a cop headline early and lead into the couple weeks ago, Biden made that speech and said that anyone involved in magnet is a terrorist anybody like root conservative when you blocked my going not the enemy. Now with terrorist which was direct was calling of the Civil War mean where the enemy of the government so we know that they was going to come because of the evil, so, following up on that someone in your estate gurney and the I think Congressman Tim Ryan, will you, Tim Ryan tomorrow about Pres. Trump is getting Colette in detail right is backyard here and I don't think it's good and very well for Mr. to arrive, but he's a kindness to the bone would go ahead and gave a speech and income quoting Democrats, Republicans and independents must kill and confront of the make America great populace nationalist movement toward kill and he hasn't quite backed off that he's gone silent he hasn't backed off and the use of the word kill them early in in a political sense Democratic Sen. made the Geraldo from Hawaii issues call to arm because of it.

Debating a bit about abortion. So no more nice because I never would like people, but the aggression matter all the veil in there right on the edge Gurney of of giving their followers.

They had a green light to violence kill, kill and confront his Tim Ryan and then Democrat Hank Johnson alleges American parent send on school board meetings like January 6. Protesters and they are beating the drum again that if you stand against the corruption I mean if you want to your parent and you don't want your child exposed to all of the horrors of transgender is the men homosexuality and abortion and all of that your euro euro euro a terrorist restaurant so there picking up on what Biden said that it beating the drum against us.

And the reason is that is so dangerous is that's exactly what the Nazis and the communist China Russians and Chinese good when they wanted to eliminate people in their society. They begin to target them, marginalize them saying how dangerous they were on. Of course we know the classic is not a good use so the Nazis spent past early about seven years, maybe a little more because they were going after the Jews reportedly came in power for about seven years before they actually started the final solution so they were constantly in the media. Every angle every time denigrating the Jews marginalizing them saying all the problem Germany were caused by the dude dude dude while idling waiting for that year and it's really starting now. It's been a little sporadic. I gave that speech, the enemies of the state and all violent means.

This is amazing when you when you look at, listen to the and think of reality. How many cities pass gurney. Have you been involved in burning that well you said put it this way have never killed the baby have never kill over 150 million babies. I haven't killed elderly people. Euthanasia in here. You're right. I haven't burned down any cities like Bartlett murder with the gallbladder clinic matter or add to a file and you know I never had never had what you Kemo Harris, go ahead and and bill me at a prison or jail for burning density so I can go out and burn down some more. Remember what Karl Marx is always accuse your opposition. Always accuse your opposition. Always accuse your opposition of doing what you're doing actually put on a place where all the evil that they did. They may try to put on us and marginalize us so that's what's going on for early that ask the lead in this article and itself from the Denver post and the headline is Lauren Bober. Now she's okay. We ran up against a break right now. So hang on to that and will come back right after this break, the phone lines are open 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 bobbin in New Jersey pledges 15 Robert in New Jersey pledges 50 and now the end is not sin then your it's that you should. And that's the truth. I know for certain. I that's eternal. He kept me from going astray is God and this I know he did it. His wing's that I can say is when I not know no man is he did it his way. He's doing it his way merely to get his way and all of you deathly grants out there. I would tell you is not good and well for you. God makes it clear he doesn't stutter. He says repent or perish, and more military. You might have might not have much time left to repent and get it. You pretty fast so really go and we have enjoyed in this right now pro-life activist from Michigan right to life, Brad Smith earnings going okay. Brad, how are you tonight about okay.

Did you was that you they called me just before the program okay let it out. I got it and called Jennifer for the program like the Nintendo talking and that the boy cite. It sounded a lot like you know say hi to you too John McTiernan well Brad you were going to John or just tell us was taken place because you know we are in life we saw what happened on January 6 we saw what happened to Ms. Babbitt and others.

They were they were murdered they were murdered out there and not what we were talking about is the article that's in the Denver posting about of what is taking place about these these Christian thief that it's really supposed to be pretty dangerous people.

These Christians here and so go ahead.

John picking up we left off with the limit. Lauren Bogert problem I have real long article. I mean they were really laying out the paper and I can only go through a little of it, but I want to everybody understand there actually pestering for the most part telling the truth about what we believe and so the telling the truth and in that calling it now. Christian nationalism, religious and political and social and Christian nationalism that are trying to alert their readers and and I don't think I don't think that made many people probably read it.

The Denver Post, it's probably a hard-core in their alerting them like Biden did in that speech to three weeks ago saying that we were 50% of Americans are terrorist. So what the article severely talk by saying US representative Lauren Bober pattern of pushing for a religious takeover of America and spreading falsehoods about the 2020 presidential election in warning of an impending judgment day amounts to Christian nationalism, religious, political and social expert site so there there what they're bringing out the 30 there they will not be going to attack her for the 2020 election being fraudulent and she doesn't back down. She promotes so they they want to stop anybody that is promoting what happened. The truth about what happened. This is according her.

It's time for us to position ourselves and rise up and Take Our Pl. in Christ and influence this nation as we are called to do. Bober of Manitoba County from told the crowd responded with applause. We know that we are in the last days. Robert added later. This is the time to know that you are called to be part of these last days you get to have a role in ushering in the second coming of Jesus pretty good pass gurney and I have I didn't follow that closely, but I like what you talking about the coming of the Lord will let stand is coming. If you ever see her yeah yeah just use a very small little little of fiery little woman she is really I tell you I know I've never met her, but but I just really love it. She's a very feisty little woman and she's L edge carries a gun on her and scared to death of Christ to death, and that I know that AOC is very very afraid of her because you see people like AOC and toes date they have no problem killing innocent babies but they are such hypocrites.

They are such such such hypocrites that they quickly fear for their own old worthless hides with them again so she she's to remind you letter that the Marjorie green the very feisty but it's with the spirited women, the kind of kind of women that make good wives and mothers anyhow because they really love like a picture of her in the article in church and spamming there with her husband and she cut her hand raised, praising the Lord and on on her hip open carry little woman and she's not caring at 20 Kukes. I can't tell what it is about what the deal.

It's pretty good whatever it is but the so they go on here and again I do so much it's hard to do.

You become the highlights. Bober, comments Friday served as a dog with super violence that Annika Butler keep of the University of little Pennsylvania Department of religious studies, especially in the context of the Congresswoman pertinent firearms in her framing the issue around the November election. So what they're doing is making this all political and they're trying to say how dangerous we are were very dangerous movement of now. Now the apocalypse is because of this, quoting this professor is because we don't get our people in it said it's an apocalypse, Butler said she pulled up posing with guns and talking about the apocalypse solely article continually. Does that gurney and I don't know how much time you want to spend on it right now we get to be. We have Brad Smith with us here now the right leg within the movements of the things I want to read out of them. Jeremiah chapter 2 verse 33 and 34 why trim is thou thy way to seek love therefore has no also taught the wicked ones, thy ways that would we do.

We talk about the great war of Babylon using seductive ways to get her boredom done and this is what's happened.

We've seen this when these women, these pro-death women are Horace women of the rare horse women I've had the wind we were Washington DC there in January 7 general 2017 we saw a mother topless over the years there. Some of the most vulgar vulgar women you ever want to come across them in their language is very vulgar in the very Horace women. These pro-what they call pro-choice women now here next versus this also in my skirts is found the blood of the souls of the poor innocents. I have not funded by Secret Service, but upon the words God is to look.

He didn't even have to look upon the hard stuff to see their sin is sin is with their own amounts, they condemn themselves with their own mouth that are bloodthirsty just like it says that the Aurora Babylon. Her cup was filled with the blood of that the the martyrs. And that's exactly what these women are like in the days of and note Solomon when you had the tube two hours that were were one rolled over on top of the others baby on her own baby and kill it and then took the other woman's baby well that's how the these these women are. They would the one the one Horwood weather. Both babies die, I mean it did. It's out there all about death. There's nothing there but evil and wickedness in the and these people so any help with that. I want to say this before we get into with having the Michigan here in Ohio we have a pro-death, Hamilton County judge blocks the heartbeat till now, there are people Jan Porter myself a number of us worked very very hard of number of good people worked very very hard. We really were tied to past the heartbeat build and that here you have this Judge Jenkins note Crist Crist Christian Jenkins Christian Judge Jenkins. You need to change in name, you need to get Christian out of your name, because he Judge Jake says that they found in Ohio Constitution that an Ohio Constitution. This is a woman has a right to kill her baby Judge Jake and that's a lie.

Judge Jenkins, that is a lie is told by a liar, and Judge Jake is let me tell you something I want you to know you, you proto-people you people.

The final problem killing innocent children. The blood of those shoulders cried out right now I'm bearing witness against you. Judge Christian Jenkins that the blood of those innocent babies is very witness against you before Almighty God, and Judge Jake and Simon to tell you this in and listen when the bitter here because when you hear this okay I'm just the messenger. The message come from God, repaired or your parish. Repent of that you got your blood guilty because what existed is he put a stent stay on the heartbeat bill for 14 days. Enough time to kill a lot of babies by lying, by telling a horrible blood he lie that in Ohio Constitution gives the woman the right to kill a baby there you go, so no want to say this, let me see where were at. We want to go anonymous.

We have two anonymous is only okay we have anonymous one. Pledges 200 anonymous to pledges 200 Kinne Missouri 1000 pages the bag okay any challenges others five others to matching I could get that held back that were the police and one of those tubing here that cackle folks that Lisa all right very good.

I see where were at now. Okay, so right now we are.

We still need 3800 3800 we are short 3800 of our goal for tonight so suppose there you go somebody out there wants to donate 3800 I'll be happy that Willie will right now. Let's switch over to Brad Smith and Brad, you've come to tell us you are pro-life activists there in Michigan and thereof to some real mischief. There are three ship everything going on here so you just got one judge we actually have two judges that have before I get into that, let me explain what kind were Michigan that run a little bit more unique position from most of the other state because we actually have a lot in place before it was overturned that was it was passed in 1840, banning abortion.

It was it was read redone just a little bit outdated.

You know they they like we did some of the was not nothing that some in 1931 in restraint of the law and so that was in existence that entire time that abortion is outlawed completely Michigan Excel for you know, actual case of the mother's life. It was it was challenged in court and actually this is interesting because it was challenged after Roe versus Wade was overturned and the Michigan spring court and it was like after it was overturned in the Michigan spring court came back and said while our law will enforce bill in existence, and it will back unenforceable, while Roby waited in so don't we still have this blog on and there was challenged in the mid-90s and it was upheld. Then in the Court of Appeal all along one end and they tablet clearly there is no right to abortion the Michigan Constitution yet. Our governor issued to try and stop enforcement of the law and are we had another lawsuit Planned Parenthood tried they went to court that he unconstitutional if it is a light to abortion in the Michigan Constitution, which the really funny part of that the same group Planned Parenthood wormed an organization called reproductive freedom for all. With the ACLU of Michigan and out of the group call Michigan voice is a form this group and they filed to start a ballot petition to put a constitutional amendment in the Michigan Constitution to make abortion illegal constitutional right Michigan figure that they challenge it later, a constitutional amendment in the Constitution while at the same time filing for a constitutional amendment actually be put in Constitution because they know it's not in, and we have a job that for Planned Parenthood in the mid-90. She actually was involved in the case law in that in the. The Court of Appeal back in the mid-90 and now you lawyer who put the first temporary injunction against the law and should have recused yourself. She obviously biased. She is a donor Planned Parenthood they don't have the honor look the same people of the judges with with Crump in this whole thing with the Merrill are go in all of these these judges do not have the decency the integrity or the honor of these these these judges are corrupt from the bone absolutely loves you and so here's year she put get that she put a temporary injunction on and it took a little while but appellate court judges came back and said no actually can't do that.

This is enforceable. It was enforceable.

First Howard in the state before a judge in Oakland County left this judge here in a different gate said I'm sorry but you County prosecutors. You cannot force the law.

He put an injunction against that, and before you know it. Judge glacier Leistner. I met the name of all time. She she comes back. The first judge she comes back after being snack down by the appellate court and she put a permanent injunction after they told her that she couldn't put a temporary injunction.

She put a permanent injunction against the law that we are from that template were still challenging but we have a law that abortion is illegal completely initially we are 100 labor and that way it under Michigan law, abortion actually never been legal. So that's where we are with the law. Part of it, but then we have that a incompetent one minute that I didn't use these numbers because this is our pledge. We can really about an hour left. 888-281-1110 folks. Right now I'm looking I don't see anything in the phone lines William here comes when no I think 888-281-1110 or 888677967 have get an hour left and I'm gonna raise about $3800 soap okay good Gary in Florida pledges 100. Thank you, Gary.

Go ahead Brad jerked so now where were at.

We have that Planned Parenthood is filed for that patient. In Michigan we have a unique situation where you can use. We could have initiated lot by the way, you can do it. Will the way they decided to do it. They wanted to they wanted to get enough signatures for a constitutional amendment actually to get quite a few things hundred 25,000, and they were really struggling to get anywhere with it until the lead from the suffering court, and the leak came out suddenly they target people working on my got it actually appetite and and then when it overturned that even help more so they ended up struggling to turning in 753,000 signatures so they were well over the number that they needed to be and frankly we thought now okay well I'm able to do everything we can to challenge the no fee if we can challenge the signature.

Once he thought it was like okay they got the signatures were going to the ballot acceptably looking at the petition that they actually had people find in the petition that people find it match the petition that was approved by it actually had the mistake on the back of it literal language by law your language on the back of that that is what in the Constitution and they left out the all through the thing left of you have like one big long word gibberish crazy you have to sit there and go okay what it is trying to figure out what what it should say and and yeah we challenge that the right like a mission. We challenge that and got stopped at the border camp. They voted it down, but then they took at the Supreme Court, which we lost in the last election. Though the spring court is left-leaning and they voted to put it on the ballot regardless of what law actually though we have people not following blog here to now we're facing a situation where we have a constitutional amendment is going to be on the November 8 ballot and we gotta fight back and keep it from going on in and the where doing everything we can stop… I certainly am looking out one you need help though. Were any help from other states. Another record right R) drawn money and from all over the nation's lack on the position of people you think about it, almost like the you know it is a presidential campaign. If they lose Michigan if the pro-abortion side Michigan.

Their death there to lose the entire election they can't lose Michigan I think were nothing position.

I think we can beat them here.

We can put Planned Parenthood on the run and make them start defending a whole bunch other places that they would think they would have to and so we can certainly put a whole lot more pressure on and the were worried about one hey please help what they actually want. So extreme that it is crazy how extreme they want, but this week we will be more extreme in California and New York with with what a duck mean you could you could have a teacher. For example, that could help getting exchange without even the parent having consented knowing about. Under this law me. It's not completely so under that law. You can kill a child right up until birth and after right like in New York and California and after the date they redefine the point of viability and again this is a constitutional amendment visiting. This is just changing the law as a constitutional amendment that will wipe out every pro-life wall that we've ever made in this state so parental consent laws are gone. I mean everything, even regulation of abortion clinic are God you don't even have to be under this you don't even have to be a doctor to perform an abortion and nobody under their under this amendment nobody prosecuted the ball anyway with helping and eating the woman to get an abortion out literally you gently glide back alley abortion. Having not that this is this is the insanity.

This is the Lord Jesus said he would described it as the days of the time of sorrows. The days of sorrow, so we are right now live real time in the days of the guys would the Bible because the evil days the time the birth pains were here now know God has raises up the very fact that you're here. The very fact that I'm here is very effective. John is here and people out there lifting his God has raised us up right now is raised us up with such a time as this simple worth this way we he we have obligations to him.

He has expectations to us that he is told us one can chase a thousand to 10,000, and that we are more than conquerors through Christ.

Our job is to what the run to this battle with with everything we have not become up to a heartbreak. When a committee from the break will pick it up right there, but the we've got, we get we gotta fight so again will be back will do a little bit of commentary that I've got a clip I want to play and then I want you guys to give me some of commentary in this clip some of back rent to the stucco way. Here it is right now. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spirit Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the

The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance.

Stay tuned.

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