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THU HR 2 063022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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July 1, 2022 12:28 am

THU HR 2 063022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

Parlor your Premier uncancelable free speech platform is back big tech try to limit you to their mediocre social platforms and they failed to or download the app and join the uncensored conversation parlor speak freely donate and listen to the podcast WR right were going to take a Randy were going to look at something with a Southern Baptist convention.

The Bible says and lastly, many, many will depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits again. Now what is because where the Bible have to say about changing adding to or taking from the word of God, that's a curse that that's in the botnets of an abomination and that he will answer the plagues you add to you. If you have all the way the plagues and he's going to add to you activities all the plagues the Bible. If you take a ways and take your name out of the book of life. Okay so so so to New Madrid things God the unity lately talks about conforming are we to conform to the world know know we do conform to the image of Christ. The image of Christ. Right. So no hear what it was that way you know the seat he catches be black-and-white all time.

Sometimes you gotta have some gray in there now well in no I'll go along with that, I agree with God that the sodomy is wrong and I agree that abortion is murder legit. I I kind of thing. Pedophilia is okay audits out is that once we got that doesn't wash with God that dirties with get, so what about the stem God says that men men are to be ordained ministers and that men are to be the pastors and teaching men that women are not to be the ordained and the women are not to be teaching men right in case right this is the start of there are no no no no and as a matter fact that's in the old testament because he did it because he goes from God.

Genesis and then jumped into one of the Timothy's and I'm not sure which one but he says were still in first Timothy yet, but he jumped right into that and he reverts back to the fall from first to so that's kind of that will now use it is been a change in the southern Baptist and there'd they're doing exactly the conservative people that want to hold to the word of God have been voted out and now they're bringing in those that the one ordained women and Rick Warren.

All of a sudden has become a large voice over there now, Rick Warren, in my opinion records no more saved in the men the moon okay in my opinion Rick Warren's of the things that he is said and done shows me just the opposite. Okay of that and will hear will hear Rick Warren boasting about what he has done okay in and what he saying is not true. And so here within a play clip you ready with a clip right there taken away. You are exceptional because God made you that way. Seek not want you you are exceptional waiting on my miracle victory over secondary issues to keep the main thing the main thing is back.

Grounds to the Southern Baptist convention can probably implement losses?

What is a woman. At least I really really hope, but apparently the question what is a pastor is a completely different ballgame.

This story of the insanity of the 2022 SBC and will be the first one year 2000. This year was the culmination of the conservative resurgence year when the conventions confession Baptist Faith and message was revised to fight against growing liberalism and the SBC homeowner was a key part of this conservative resurgence in one particular statement in the revised Baptist faith and messages. While both men and women are gifted for service in the church office of pastor is limited to men is qualified by Scripture.

This statement in the Baptist Faith and message clearly complement. Keep this statement in mind as we fast-forward to 2090 in April 2019. In response to Vicki Courtney tweeting.

Yours truly is preaching three services FASB church on Mother's Day much more still part of the SBC replied I'm doing Mother's Day to Vicki. Let's please don't tell anyone. Clearly these women know what they are doing contradicts the confession of the denomination that won't but they are intentionally rebelling against.

Soon after this discussion, more of the southern Baptist ethics and religious liberty commission in a panel discussion with Beth Moore said this, so I'll say it. Is this a Southern Baptist convention that doesn't have a place to work doesn't have a place for a lot of us fast-forward now 2021 more announcing that she is no longer a Southern Baptist and she tweets let me be blunt when you functionally treat complement. Doctrine of man as if it belongs among the matters of first importance yeah is a litmus test where one stands on inerrancy and authority of Scripture. You are the ones with misuse Scripture you went too far in addition to this Saddleback Church founded by Rick Warren. Part of the SBC ordains three women as pastors in direct violation of the Baptist Faith and message.

In addition to this, the 2021 SBC and the meat should listen is elected president of the SBC with go preach a sermon with his wife and 1/3 feature I forget without lingering anger.

Another violation of the Baptist Faith and message now fast-forward to the 2022 SBC annual meeting.

The credentials committee makes its decision on whether to remove Saddleback Church from the SBC over its blatant violation of the Baptist Faith and message chart interaction based on information currently including direct Rick Warren, we have concluded that we are not prepared to make a recommendation regarding church recognizing that there are differing opinions regarding the at the office of pastor 2000.

We feel it is very important for you to know that he and opinion of the credentials committee that the majority Southern Baptist hold to the belief that the function of lead pastor Elder Bishop over senior is limited to men as qualified by Scripture, and the intended definition of offense of pastor.

As stated in article 6 2000. However, little information evidencing the conventions belief regarding the use of that title. Pastor for staff positions with differing responsibilities and authority have lead pastor for this reason, the committee made the following recommendation. The financial committee recommends convention for my study committee members which shall be appointed by the president to report convention annual meeting a recommendation to provide clarity regarding the office of pastor.

As stated in article 6 the church like this video subscribe to a handcrafted leather bug help reach more people with the incredible committee needs another year to study the question what is a past Elmore's key part of the original conservative resurgence had this to say about the committee's decision concerning Saddleback Church. My concern is church and a theologian and someone who loves this convention as I know everyone in this room does if we eventually have to form a study committee over every word in our confession of faith and were doing there were no longer. This is denomination we say what we believe in specific words that are the Baptist Faith and message. The moment we start to of necessity study committees to decide what the words mean the words mean what Southern Baptist said in the year 2000.

At that time, the word pastor was used by the committee and adopted by the convention because we were told that is most easily understood word among Southern Baptist for pastoral teaching leadership I have to hope we still have that much clarity and that churches use the word pastor mean it, Rick Warren himself was invited to speak with mixed reports. First you list all amazing competence.

The Bible says Jesus spoke not a word unto them when Pilate accused him of all I love Southern Baptist, I am 1/4 generation Southern Baptist pastor over 120 Harvester state for August 20 we baptized 56,631 new believers as a Southern Baptist Church set 26,869 members overseas 297 nations 78,157 members of our church signed our membership covenant. After thinking for our membership class 9173 home Bible studies bargaining chip we planted 90 orange County alone and literally thousands around the world. I've had the privilege for 43 years of training 1.1 million pastors that sorry friend that's more than all the seminary put together. I know you all so much so I sincerely say thank you Southern Baptist shaping my life mass of the plurals warned the company nevermind much of one success is the result of deemphasizing the depth of our sin against a holy God, emphasizing all the dog can do for you leads to an enormous amount of self-deception about one's true spiritual thing for a gospel presentation life God really just like the second one says that we need to focus on the gospel and saving souls, not about secondary issues over secondary issues keep the main thing the main thing but what Scripture clearly teaches not only secondary unimportant directly related to our view of the inerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture directly relates to the illustration of the gospel itself is a picture of the relationship between Christ and his church in the word of God is being dishonest think the thing that will meet will be bottom lost the nomination for president of the SBC pastors conference.

Thomas lost the nomination for president of the SBC.

I don't know anything against men who won his election and things are. Yesterday she has rejected two of the most solidly biblical men for office and has refused to stand firm upon what its very own confession clearly states already were back know what lineages you do so much so wrong with all of her right enemies.

So much so wrong you heard them talking about the Southern Baptist denomination. Now our denominations biblical home okay so would you. You receive a denomination when you play something the Bible hears the church government right this is very simple church government. Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone is the head of the church, you have the under shepherd is the pastor of the local assembly and then you have the elders and the deacons and then you have the congregation that's that is okay. The government of the local church that is not complicated is no wicked now what happens when you take something you slip insert something between God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the under shepherd the pastor of the local church, you end up with a denomination. Okay well not just Catholic look okay. I can tell you that the can Southern Baptist convention is not biblical.

I can tell you that the Senate Luther said it is not biblical.

All of these, we need the presbyter is not biblical. That God didn't give us this night God gave us a number of names the Bible. This is a limit as to this to seat the Bible says that heaven and earth will pass but his words will not change right right but so. But what if what if didn't God know but one popular opinion would be highly one of popular opinion says no God you were going have to change simply because you know the women want to be pastors so you have to you have to change your ways somewhat. And there's there's some men out there want to have babies now so you gotta change your ways somewhat that God is got subject to this seven God. God never depicts himself as being anything other than okay so now it here when they're talking about the Southern Baptist did not Baptist right date their Protestant what's the difference between a Protestant in the Baptist… That the Baptist believed that the local church was best it could best meet the needs of it was set there to meet the needs of the congregation and not answer to the and authority say like the Lutherans do like the method is due and that and that it was basically the law the local church is fairly autonomous but yet obvious evil we believed in certain tenets of faith by Jesus Dyke faith is based on grace inner voice. We are saved by grace through faith and things like that but it but not all that other stuff like is as far as a just like just like with the Catholic have the Pope.

The Bishop, the Cardinal and all of these people in the middle to have a hierarchy and that's not biblical. That did that's not biblical for for how we see it itself is Christ well no it's not. And first of all denominations and not biblical allotment and that this Baptist real Baptist is not a denomination real backup to this is a doctrine yeah right you how I know that as I'm about to and we belong to you BF unregistered Baptist and we hold to what the word of God says we literally we don't vary from we don't write yes here, let me let me read something to you okay, therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ. This is Hebrews chapter 6 let us go on into the profession late again the foundations listen to this. This is going to shock Rick Warren, Rick, I hope your listing here laying the foundations of repentance repentance from dead works and of faith toward God, the doctrine of baptism and of laying on of hands. That means ordination and the resurrection of the dead and and of eternal judgment. And this will lead to God permit now.

So what is he talking about. You see, these are fundamentals of the faith.

This is what Baptist hold to those that hold to this to the biblical teachings are considered Baptist. Now this teaching goes back all the way back to John the Baptist. We have to laugh when we talk about who was the the first hoopoe priest who was passed in the first church in John the Baptist at a congregation that he was the first Baptist preacher okay and but again we holing to the fundamentals of the faith. That's what Baptist actually is okay till now when it comes to women preachers. Let's see if the Bible if it does it all stutter. Let's go over to first Timothy chapter 2 in verse Timothy chapter 2, I will therefore verse eight.

I will therefore that men pray everywhere lifting up holy hands without wrath. In like manner.

Also that women adorn themselves in modest apparel with shaved faces and sobriety not with embroidered hair or gold or pearls or costly array that which we come with women professing godliness with good works of them.

What is he saying there women are to is he forbidding women to wear jewelry or makeup, knowing I will not send look like an unmade bed. He saying that you shouldn't be Guardian draw attention to his own and those can't be modest. He's telling you that your beauty is to come from where and from within. Yeah yeah yeah so your beauty is to be with God as being a godly woman that's exactly right. Okay. And so no, he goes on to say I listen to this because adults stutter. Not one word as a starter here right let the women learn in silence with all subjection, but I will suffer not a woman to teach nor serve authority over the man, but to be in silence to let me after this the pastor whether you call the pastor.

Whether you call them the shepherd you know whether you call the press could tour there will have his name and writes that yes okay now they all have the different names for the same office does he say they are, they have authority in the church there. The head of the authority right. Christ is the did you hear it to what he reverted back to the fall as you go following on down and he takes it right back down to the falls gave us what I've seen early goes back to the Old Testament and the whole story of the man BBB over the woman, and that is its. He relates it right back to the fall so not by me this does God know that about that again. The popular opinion poses a know that the this is going to be rejected by NOW and by NBC. ABC is aware that yes God is relegated them executive change God's mind about no no is not an southern film. What about the Southern Baptist convention. It really not so there are always in front of a dancing and and and is not death Michael bother him. Okay, so now he said, but I suffer not a woman to teach nor serve authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, and Eve and Adam was not deceived with the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

Where does the enemy were did Satan attack men, Jenna and a generality. What is the attack, men pry a know it it without concern. Women use is indeed the weaker sex is who is Whitney D okay, but what I'm talking about.

He attacks men in the area pride parade goes in and I moved for the time and the time were small and this is is is not necessarily a bad thing that many competitive males right I can run faster than you. My God is bigger than your dog. I have no money and you do. I got a better job etc. and so my brother can beat up your brother again right right right right leg issuing football but ever so but he attacks women in the area of discernment. Yes and and what's happened all through we sail through the Bible where men who you knew better. Who should have done what they were supposed to gave in to the wells of the wishes of their wives. Now what what should've Adam have done in Garden City. Adam had the authority net garden, take the head office of Satan yeah and Eckardt. He had the authority, but he listened to his wife write yes no why did that come about.

You think Satan watched and peered and sedate. I found Adam's Achilles' heel. That right there is weakness is that woman. She's beautiful. He loves her. I'll use it right.

Okay great right and Adam wasn't impressed by the serpent had been for Eve and and who set Adam said it himself okay right okay you what I got rid of the serpent had been further but when about to Abraham and Sarah. Sarah insulin to Abraham listened to Sarah, and still is, look, God said, Abraham you going to have a seat I'm going to give Sarah not Hagar look Abraham.

Abraham told Sarah and she just spirits. Now that you one minute to win, get a goal and she headed. She had to make sure that that Abraham would have some descendents right okay Gina listen to Gandhiji. No currently moaning to and so then Chetan.

Then she looked like they got Lynn out when God said that Sarah is going to have a conceive in that she left and he's where you leverage I would never know what left Nancy you were 11 to Tillich, if God tells you you're laughing 11. That's right now whole year. So here now, so he goes on to say this wherefore let him that speak of ligament today.

Shane eliminated let me go to Mexico.

30 change to thick 12 and 13. Okay. All right. Let me see where that I left off here now okay for Adam was was first formed, and even then it was not deceived with the woman being deceived was in the transgression. Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing. If they continue in faith, charity and holiness is a break.

So does that mean that in order for her to to get eternal life. She has to have a child. No, no, what is that mean that he sees can be saved by childbearing, but I think she's restored back to the authority because she did sees the primary influencer of the child. Okay she brought back in the you know whatever the honor was so what is the when he's saying here that the greatest thing a woman can do made his ministry raised is to raise the children in the admonition of the Lord writing and into bite by childbearing right yes this and you see it on TV there football players go say hi date hey all, all those athletes a high mountain in that right. They don't say hi did not hear limit as to this than Sue because it says that the woman can get that by childbearing deficit. Other money men having children childbearing right may no Jenna. Ever notice that only through God's Word, the Bible. He knows about these things that only women can have babies these fools out here in our media don't know that today no later okay now you see again if you give birth.

You're not a man when they say immense can have a baby if he has a baby not a man right then don't have babies and see they don't tell the rest of the story and this either, and that's that.

If a man loves his wife like Christ loves the church which you have your freedom really, let's go over to first Corinthians chapter 14 okay and start with verse 33.

The first Corinthians 14 the start with verse €33 and 14 or four 1414 okay and ramie versus 33 through 34 through 35 okay so we should go on form from 33 through 3534 okay 3334 35 yeah, for God is not the author of confusion, but of peace and is in all as and as in all churches of the saints. Let your women keep silent in the church, for it is not permitted under them to speak, but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law and if they will learn anything, let them ask their husbands at home for it is a shame for woman to speak in the church ladies.

Lisa familiar Gavin all the time right there. Okay, so Randy does that mean that mean that they have to sit there and stay silent. No no no no I think we talking about one and the due date be it being the dominant speaker in the comp. Whether it's discernment or what ever we have not to teach in the maze preaching of creativity – let me get the dominant you know competent person. Now if you if you come off of here and you start back in 25 if you really need talk about the talks about speaking in tongues now is specifically tells you that certain people are not to speak in tongues. Okay let me limit status if any man speak in an unknown tongue.

Let it be by two or three are the most witnesses and that it be by course.

Let not one interpret, but if there be no interpreter, let him keep silent in the church and let him speak to himself and to God. Now silly speaking to that, then he goes into this also. So the only people that were specifically told not to speak intelligently church or women. Now to the interesting thing because I've preached in several Pentecostal churches and and if there's 10 people speaking in tongues, eight of them will be women right in okay and so I mean like an do you think that if they say look God in order to go along with some of your stuff, but that you you got it you got to give a little here.

You gotta let us go our own way with some of the stuff you know we need. We we we want to we believe what you know what the Catholics have done that going ahead and and taken to culture dogma living their own doctrines church doctrine is contrary to the Bible were going to do the same thing right. And if you talk about going back to Baptists only about I would.

I would estimate 10% of those that are that are called Baptist are actually Baptists. I would save the other was that there was between a Protestant in the Baptist. You know what I always thought that it was the official doctrine of the Baptist churches Hiscock to book and you know what did be honest with you off the top of my head. It's been so long I will we use two years ago, say, the church freed every every first Sunday of baptism Sunday and ice to know that stock and 80. Say what you don't usually lose. I don't I don't I don't remember but I did.

I do know that the Baptist churches doesn't doesn't answer to say like the influences like there's no place to kick him out because they're not in just say it's a like just like to talk about removing the southern Baptist in Senegal to remove Wigmore while the V that were true Baptist church. They couldn't put them out anyway because he would be in anything he departed be believing the doctrine themselves, but they wouldn't they wouldn't be able to say distribute money. Tell them what kind of pastor they can have any of that stuff not okay. Hang tight. Maybe we can sell this ministry right after this he or I just wanted to say that very quickly to the question.

The difference between the Baptist and the Protestant were Protestant cults that were protest means they came out of the Roman Catholic Church. Actual Baptists never were apartment effect here. If you go over to first John chapter 2 in fact, he tells you and maybe I should been that let me find where we come in here from love not the world needed things that are in the world love the world love of the father is not in them for that is missing.

I'm looking for a first attempt to tell Linda go to verse 18 through 15 here you go. Okay, no children.

It is the last time you've heard that antichrist shall come another many antichrist whereby we know that it is the last time I listen to this here this is your answer. They went out from us, but they were not of us had a bit of us, they would not they will no doubt have continued with us, but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us. In other words, actual Baptists have held to the word of God without comp just literally from the very beginning we were never a part of the Catholic Church Catholic Church actually came out for months okay if you if you want say that and so here, and that that happened about when about Levaquin you think you remember when sent know when was the Catholic Church started about 315 80 yeah okay so here we were talking about this with the Baptist text to go only back to the teaching of John the Baptist, the teaching of the apostles. We in other words, you're not a denomination.

Actual true Baptist there doctrine. Actual Baptists are doctrine on a denomination and so that's what we will and we hold to that now. What is Scripture say about this since Scripture say be you conformed to the world or the Scripture say, from amongst them. Be you separate from the incident and the folks out there that's in this when an organization. Apostasy sizes then you are to come out from amongst them, and be you separate from that. That's right, no stuttering there right so there you go, will you will get into this later because that comes into the 501(c)(3) see when you apply to become a 501(c)(3), literally ceased to be a church that you make in the contract with the government right up front, you don't write that so anyhow let's take some calls. Let's go to Clifford Clifford. I like chapter 2nd dance chapter 12 and that chapter versus 17 to 21 talks about the saints. Substantial steps maybe I don't know if that really relates to the book of Revelation talk about last night Bible study, but I want to get their take on see you talking about okay going to verse 17 is the whole body were in high were second case.

Second Corinthians.

That's a whole different Christian strength. Okay this is a hard one is to give it to Randy. Okay, starting with verse 17 a close to okay did I make again, if you by any of them, whom I send to you.

I desire tight Titus, and with him. I sent her brother did Titus make again of you want we not in the same spirit. What we not in the same steps went, what he is telling them there is simply that he didn't use them. He didn't make it lead-in profit off of them. Paul was asking nothing of the Corinthian believers meant he was still has some doubters were still saying it Paul. Paul was a very, very crafty guy and made made a lot of money from them somehow. But Paul is saying here. Did we make any game did denier did Titus delete did we make any money off you people now. Today, those that make money off the people to fleece the flock. What are they called the coprosperity church, the name and the claimant to grab and stab at right right and so now what we know about the prosperity churches mostly they will not preach against sin you very rarely ever hear preaching against sin, but there's something else to date they don't do like Rick Warren does the satellites he Rick Warren is I did. I never thought that man was saved in here because they don't preach in repentance, blinding and hand hunting. Think about it. Paul said he was glad he didn't want to take you to the man how many people baptized and Paul could let you see here. If I were the tripod couldn't but I would've said instead of Rick Warren saying that we would all he had done I would've said with the Lord had done that is right right yes it is.

He was Frankie. And here I remember Steve Ducey and Fox News talking about Rick Warren bringing Rick Warren's gospel to the unsaved there in Africa and that they showed these the plane loads of Rick Warren's and they were delivering the book, but it would in the Bible was written to Warren's purpose driven Church, not the Bible and so Steve did as he was saying that how many people were saved by Rick Warren's gospel 990 Jesus caught his gospel did he call Rick Warren's gospel is cost with Jesus Christ.

Go I knew that already did that answer your question, Eric lived little bit saying what church that last couple of well when he goes on to say again, I think we excuse ourselves and you. We speak before God in Christ, but we do all things dearly beloved for years and a fine for fearless that when I come, I shall not find you such as I would and that I shall be founded to you, such as you would not list there be debates, Indians, ransom, backbiting, whisperings, swelling two months and list when I come again my guy will humble me among you, that I shall be well, many of which have sinned already and have not repented of the uncleanness and fornication and lasciviousness which they have committed.

And so there you go.

I remember a woman telling me one time that the apostle Paul was a male chauvinist six and this was a professing Christian and but but you probably hear that today.

Quite often because of biblical literacy and see which we hold this the only way to hold the Scripture is to hold the Scripture not you note literally take the word of God. Okay, where a guy doesn't change his and so again going back to this idea that God will have to bow down to public opinion.

No ill.

What does Scott Lemaster.

This what does mankind know God would wield him. Nothing everything everything what is I think basically what does God owe us nothing exactly right now. Let me do it is if every person in this planet were to just disappear right now I would dinner for God. But if God was to cease to exist within a thickness, no doubt, what are basically not only capital but we just said something that we used to call common sense and we derived common sense from the word of God for the teaching of the word of God right into the amazing thing today already very good will that was a good question, Cliff and okay here it Randy says sometimes he doesn't expect a lot out of you, but how often I do. You always have good quit. We does he always has good quest. Okay there you go, ask them if they've ever heard me use the word rhino three people out there rhino. I rough up the rhinos all the time. Okay, now for you asking about Democrats there. There are no drill Democrats left anymore.

The ones that that were have left and that because the party become pure communist because what they hold to is their entire platform is one of sin.

Everything they embrace is nothing but sin, but them and I but I do beat up those Republicans that that do the same thing. The differences, for example, right now if you take a look at the polls and in the Republican Party well take a look at the votes all all limit when they have a pro-life bill. It's always tooth one side, all the Republicans vote pro-life even though some of them aren't. They have to they need to get elected to because they have to win the bill and all the death of Kratz always vote for death. Now some of them don't want to but they're afraid nasty policies get a rough month. If they don't, okay, but that the fact of it is is the death of credit party there platform is one of death Republican platform is one of life there. There is the difference right there by was sensible for a life-and-death blessing and cursing. Choose life and a blessing right there is the answer was go to Timothy Timothy here and there. I show and I agree with everything that was spoken of achieving this wonderful couple of quick words in their report of the invitation Donna Roman 10 nine through 10 are basically bad and then we have to lift up Psalm two and Psalm 68 the first 12 verses of some Psalms 68 that pretty much spells it out back void. It says what it is and it is what it says and that we know that the government is Aponte shoulders that's clear there's no stuttering there and so you told the King James Bible thanks to and I did some deep diving on the King James King James is not a cure, a great person but God use them anyway and we will love the word stands true and he also used Martin Luther to shake things up with the 95 spaces back in 1500 so whatever is Ways and Means are.

I'm glad that he allow that to happen.

I let me just say this because there's been a lot of misinformation about King James being a pedophile. There's been a lot written on that and there's no no proof at all that he was up and stop and I just asked a lot of clarity and will give you discernment and all that stuff and I just believe that that is the inherent word of God, however, is that he had to answer to God before he left this earth or he did not and if you did not answer to God or make amends or repent before he died. That's between him and God I know. Here's what he did that was wonderful thing he made it very very clear that he wanted the Bible when it was interpreted okay. He said those 56 men on that and he said he wanted no errors.

Now when the king tells you that he doesn't want any errors. What could happen if if you messed up your life. Yet lose your head. So here these guys that he called them together. Most of them never knew each other, but we see how they are in perfect harmony. Now that that had to deal only with the leading of the Holy Spirit, and so all right. Not that Timothy this is your lucky day. This is your lucky day and went anyway word and let you work and let you get the invitation. Are you happy birthday happy birthday happy, briefly look at this on your birthday you get give the invitation on nationwide radio should tell folks out there now that you're 59 you actually know how you get to heaven and avoid hell right. The only way like you said earlier that the nominations in the Bible. It was raised in a domination or is thinking about joining a denomination you want.

The only church is the church of Jesus Christ, the only one that ever died and I walked out of his grave every every other person at any other domination or so-called faith leader. They're all in their graves and you can go see him he can't go she is is great because it's empty and not he's coming back and easily save his church, and any any of the other people that have given their life to him.

He's coming for the groom is going to receive his bride. What we have to do in the interim, you have to surrender all of yourself without any reservation to Jesus. Repent of all or send knowing an unknown and as for complete forgiveness and total surrender to the cross at Calvary and the blood shed for our sakes. Okay, so there was no stuttering and so did Jesus did he do all the heavy lifting force absolutely did okay. So when it comes to our salvation. Okay what is it we have to do to earn we have to do nothing so insignificant, so there's not a thing in the world. We can do to earn that but but what we have to do believe in our Jesus is Lord the right and ensuing John and Romans was likely you say all the time and Romans nine and 10 in John 1010 those who confess with thy mouth. I know with in the Lord Jesus into believing nine heart God had raised him from the dead. Any daughter, any reservation whatsoever. But Jesus said to simply have to do first and then as you have to ask forgiveness of forcing Jesus at repentance. He says you've got a repent and turn from our weight and about face so you get a repent asked and asked the father for forgiveness again asked father for forgiveness and then when you repent you know and else on nose. Our intent so if I find tennis and sincere and and and our home with our whole heart are all body and whole mind that we have given ourselves over to his authority that he will guide us through the Holy Spirit. Okay let me finish this up because we got ask is knowing what Jesus did for us in the cross is that incentive incentive for really meeting it and knowing what hellfire is like to escape hell fire is that incentive to really believing and really meeting it when you asked for forgiveness. I would say forever. One way or the other choices going to gender all men and all women someday are going to leave this earth. He also pointed once once to die and so we we only get one chance to look right that it is all of that is all that true even if you don't believe it is still this is still true will still take place. Even if you don't believe all right where out a time for tonight so we get to this time. What is program with estimate we get to this time every night. We say God bless good night and remember always, always ready to be finding the fight.

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