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MON HR 2 062022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 21, 2022 12:09 am

MON HR 2 062022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 21, 2022 12:09 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR dog because the ruckus will raise. That why bad news. We did stop it. I have Dr. Lee Lee back on the line. Please fix for joining us. Thank you and Gen. Thomas McInerney 35 years in the Air Force. A true patriot. Thank you sir.

How are you doing great. Sean things are coming onto a screen share to set the stage here folks, this is the newest Tuesday 9:54 AM on June 14. The World Health Organization hold meeting on June 23 to decide whether monkeypox represents a public health emergency of international concern. And if they decide it does well what does that mean Todd calendars as folks there who is now using their special magic words quote public health emergency of international concern." In this release, which means they are going to declare the next pandemic based on monkeypox any infectious melody will work in order for them to claim their ultra sovereign powers, which means they will effectively take over the world through martial law with such a declaration on coming back. You guys technically what you say about we stop these people know it was clear that all they did was table 8 Sean because the attention was on it and it was like a painting boxing.

They were pretending to pull back and hold knowing their plan was and I don't think there's any question but those words are exactly what was agreed to in a 2005 international health agreements gives you a Joe sovereignty over our public health response and they been jetting up the fear on monkeypox we get shows on that earlier couple months ago they been jetting up the fear on monkeypox which is not a threat to the general population is primarily a threat of men having sex with men is translated by violate fluids regardless of the lysing the media right now and monkeypox can be treated with the same treatments that work small box which includes hydroxychloroquine, fibronectin, and a host of other antiviral medicines. So it is not that international concern is not a public health emergency and it's not a risk to the majority of Americans.

And yet this is what they do to use a theater campaign to invoke the 2005 agreements to take control exactly like they did in the COBIT pandemic. America needs to wake up and all of this, which I'd like general McInerney to focus on comes from the results of total control of our government. As a result of the stolen elections in 2020 we have radicals in control seeking to destroy us general McInerney is the expert on that general please weigh in deductively will get no argument from me about what you just said we have imposter president has done nothing good for this country since the day he took office and back on the first day he killed the Keystone pipeline and dogs do a very good job on making us reliance on gas and oil from other nations is treason.

In my view but were we to do well. I think you both. When you go about World Health Organization, 2005 promulgating their particular directive on global control.

The issue that were faced with is 2500 43rd Ct. of the term don't have promulgated a new directive in which they would global domination through the use of massive biological warfare and massive cyber warfare they would not just a background so you so you can see the parallels what happened. We got hit in 2000 late 2019 early 2020, was called, which was nonpandemic use of delivered biological attack when global and it was followed up in the year and the third third morning of the fourth. The massive cyber attack on the six battleground states, Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, George. That's how they stole the election using cyber warfare lots of other names in which the set it up with the final number that comes out in the wee hours of the morning cyber number were I think many of us are familiar with the 2000 new surgical and natural father use mail-in ballots now.

So what we are faced with the eight years of the Obama administration.

He put in the swap. He corrupted the US in the intelligence community and the judicial community as well as with FBI, etc. that's where he laid in the key leadership that we are now facing the challenge of overcoming because we are fighting our own government.

We the people. Dr. Lee and Sean.

As you were saying we have a challenge we have been taken over covert and what is going to have is structurally mentioned is the monkeypox appears to be hemorrhagic fever or something else Barber but there is going to be a new backs or a new virus come out and it looks like it's not going to be the monkeypox is not a threat to us structurally so they want to use that again to create fear get people put them back on to do all these things where the elites and the Chinese communist and in other foreign entities. Russia can have a global government and we're facing that with the elite, and it's very important that we understand this threat. They do not believe in all the people and so we are looking at extremely capable people everything they have done. We mentioned what happened on the energy independence but also what else did they do, they deliberately surrendered in Afghanistan, and David Calderon $85 million latest equipment.

They opened up our borders now that probably 3 million 3 million illegals coming to the United States with about 20% COBIT 19 great. We have had CRT critical race theory being implemented K-12, college as well as in the military.

Dr. Lee I and others have been working on those service Academy people that are being forced out because they're not getting the mandatory vaccination why you need a mandatory vaccination than anybody below the age of 30 that has a 99.999% survival rate. Why do we have mandatory backs of their joint because the vaccination weakens our immune system Dr. Lee can articulate the farther nightcap but the number I just read this morning from an insurance company or hundred and 60% higher than two years ago, before Congress get this on other types of debts part loans cancer a whole host of different things because the facts as diminished our own survival system and so immune system so this is what were faced.

Now who's behind it all.

I think we all agree that the current present only as illegitimate as you do and anybody that says that they are incompetent. They are giving them the benefit of the doubt. This is deliberate. The lawlessness in the cities that were singing Democratic should. This is deliberate for trying to create chaos trying to create fear. All these things were seen are not by action. It is deliberate and we must hold them accountable and who is Barack Hussein Obama. He is running this from his residence in Colorado which is 1.2 miles from the White House is only present but never left Washington DC. George Washington with at least about in Virginia but no Barack Hussein Obama is living in a large mansion in Colorado.

1.2 miles White House next to the largest mosque in the now, his whole team sector estate perspective that all of our former people to think when they were in for their year we did not I was going to the Pentagon four days out of the week.

Certain business and the fact is I never saw so they have done it conceived of brilliant but now they've exposed and when you have like 2000 independent assessment post assessment I got from Cameron scorecard CIA program stolen and used on the six battleground states, but unfortunately they committed it to the Chinese communist who used to cyber was coming out of China, primarily also came out of Pakistan side as well as Russian so this is our problem know what was needed. We must we must get audit of the six however they are fighting Sean. It seems to me deductively rather unusual if you got the large number of votes in the history of this that you would want bragging rights, and that you would want audit of all 50 states, let alone the six program states instead they are result resisting any action to look at the 2020 election which everything rule involves back on this hyperinflation that we have tried to destroy America know what electronic destroy our superpower status or influence. The dollar so the dollar isn't the global parking trying to do all these things to diminish the values of our Constitution and what we have created since the end of World War II. That's what we must be aware, Barack Barack Obama was brought up in the Frank Marshall Davis in about con and that's why when you look at the puppetmaster is, he is the puppetmaster and none of the things are doing to include the war that created by the Russians in Ukraine when we cancel the XL line as well as when we took off the sanctions on Nordstrom new Russian pipeline from Moscow into Germany. So all these things are related nothing is done.

Happenstance or incompetently, so Dr. Lee said of where America must wake up.

We have this threat and they're using all parts of the economy. Medical cyber all those issues are being used against us. And it is formative so wake up America. This is our Normandy. This is our Iwo Jima. This is our Battle of the Bulge Sir, if I may go back to this email from Todd calendar, the attorney could join us today as here's my question. General. He says please spread the word near and far, that this is Bill Gates. Next time meeting the next angle taken seriously as he said, assuming they do make this finding, assuming the World Health Organization says that yes monkeypox is an emergency of international concern, which is very low and subjective burden of proof. Of course, in the who usurps all political and military powers from all member countries, irrespective of their meeting in the last month. The apparatus is already in place. Here's my question. What apparatus is in place. How could this government possibly usurp my sovereignty in your sovereignty and the sovereignty of all 50 states and just give it all away to the World Health Organization. How can they enforce any of this. Let's say the world health organization says yet monkeypox is an emergency of international concern. Everybody needs the lockdown.

Nobody can go to work. Everybody has to wear a mask in the line to the potshot birthdate possibly enforce that if we Sean. Let me make a point is all the things you just said are clearly against the U.S. Constitution. It was our own representatives who sold out the Constitution in signing the agreement in 2005 and so consequently the fact that the nations hundred and 96 nations signed the 2000 by the greatness they already seated authority to the world health organization. The public doesn't know that and currently the government that we have in power and are institutions that are supposed to represent the people are acting flawlessly.

Everyone is asking the question well they can't do that. It's against the law. Wake up what we are saying and what you're seeing. They know it's flawless.

They don't care they're doing it anyway because no one H law enforcement.

Whether it's the courts, whether it's the medical system are not big tech.

All of them have consolidated power they're all acting flawlessly Constitution and the public is sitting there letting it happen and say oh well, maybe we need to file a lawsuit. Courts are corrupted. The courts are not addressing these questions, the courts are throwing out the lawsuits. This is going to take citizen resistance peacefully and lawfully because he saw what happened is on goal.goal who waste speaking peacefully after capital.

Please open the barricades and let protesters into the capital.

She was there. I don't necessarily think that was a wise decision but nevertheless she was there peacefully and was not part of the violence, according to all the videos I looked at and now she is facing prison as a physician, exercising their constitutional rights. Clearly they are acting flawlessly until the public wakes up and stopped waiting for someone else to come and fix the problem. We are the solution we the people as the as the colonists did in the first revolution. They stood against tyranny, as we will as well because we have no choice. Either we allow these people to have their great reset there close to Schwab wet dream of below nothing to be happy or we get our great awakening. We take our country back mega ultra mega make America great again. Imagine how lost our nation's imagine how lost. The Democrats are when they try to demonize the phrase make America great again you kidding me, these people have nothing good on their side have no talking points that appeal to red-blooded Americans and their truly, truly, traders inductively you have that email from Todd calendar member when I said my response to this was, we need the US marshals to run these people up arrest them and prepare them for jury trials and Todd said yeah here's the problem with that let me quote in this case from international attorney quote US marshals were independent and had their own agency. They were moved under the Department of Justice some years ago and I think we can check historically think that was done under the Obama ministration I'm making that comment as an addition to what he said and then he said US marshals are no longer independent.

This kind of consolidation of power is what the powers are after, and a higher level you and WHO owe ECD which is the economic counsel development. In the case of WHO is pretty well done. The same goes for the OECD, except the US and all of the courts are now responding to UN conventions as primary law, which is why I cite international law in my pleadings. The only thing stopping the owners from final consolidation under a Soviet model economy Soviet government and single market economy is 300 million Americans with gun in our Second Amendment.

That's right. What generally ask you this.

If the who decides on June 23 that that monkeypox represents a public health emergency of international concern and they try to mandate anything that's unconstitutional. I predict you tell me think I'm right, I predict that the constitutional loving governors we have in some of these 50 states like the Santos in Florida. Like Christie, Norman, South Dakota to stand up and they want to say hello. Not doing any of that.

So we have the power 50 states away when we do we use it. That's the crucial financial will we buy what you're doing role at your claim because the mainstream media not let Dr. Lee you're doing is important that we let the American people know give them the facts and that's what were telling him no and we should not accept it. On the 23rd they try to start locking us down again. We should the American people must then rise up and say no we are not going to do it now. This becomes very challenging for some because we have, we do not realize is not appreciated. What is Eppendorf a logical system with algae and those complicit complicit in this global take and so they have put fear in the American people's mind. That's exactly the reason why Dr. Lee and I are talking to you afternoon so you can understand there is nothing to fear itself is Franklin Delano Roosevelt after December 7, 1941. The fact is we must all stand up.

We are not going to lockdown again. No more. Are we going to do and we need those governors and those governors must understand that DeSantis and Kristi know they are leaders in the government and the other other governors must do that now.

Unfortunately, many in the Democratic Party of the line because it is the Democratic Party is behind this and so they we must help them is withdrawing no and that's why identify Barack Hussein Obama and the other Democrats are all complicit in this in the mainstream media to include Fox News and Newsmax. Kevin click complicit in it as well because they will not discuss the 21 intellectual 2000 new media outlets that we have, like yourself, which are so courageous to do this must continue to articulate it until the American people are not going to lockdown enough absolutely hundred percent Dr. Vliet.

The minute I want you to leave us with call to actions anything that you might suggest we do. In addition to what we talk about her so far but general regarding the Second Amendment.

Would you say the politicians on the Republican side of the aisle that are not playing nice with Democrats in talking about new gun-control restrictions based on the shooting in the Texas all day and by the way I want to say that under Obama. When the Smith month act was amended to allow this government to propagandize domestically to its own people to lie to the people.

The school shootings were through the roof. Go back and look at the chart. 2012 and after school shootings exploded and makes me wonder how many of them are actually what were many of them are actually you know what they tell us they are, but what would you say to these people, these rhinos and others in the Republican Party that would dare to try to come after our second minute rights. Well I would say that the founding fathers put that in for a reason. That reason is fast approaching our scores already approached.

It is one we have constitutional we have is to do audits on the 2020 election or use our Second Amendment right. We will not live under tyranny is during this government if they try to do that again we know is in their game plan and we know involved with American people must wake up rise up America do not accept this aim at all right. Thank you so much. General for your time, Dr. Vliet, thank you for your time and your many calls to action. Is there anything we missed Jeremy were just trying to sound the alarm and I'm not scared of whatever the World Health Organization says on June 23, sovereign human being of a man on the land and my rights are granted to me by God; those people take my rights anymore in the middle. It I can take my rights was on. I would agree with you I think that's the call to action do not comply with another lockdown. You are a sovereign human being. Monkeypox's nonmedical threat in spite of the fact that WHO would Bill Gates want to make it sound like it's the worst thing far worse than Kobe. And even if they Jennifer Vera Liber you still have treatments available, which we have posted on our website for more Click on the fact sheet hemorrhagic fever fact sheet vaccine injury treatment guide way. One of the reasons they were using monkeypox as the next threat scare everyone is already gone. Vaccine for it. They approved in 2019 GI wonder why they approved it. Then America needs to look at what he's been going on to build the plans to force everyone in to vaccination with Lord knows what they're putting in the shots in these vaccines are damaging people we have 61,000 millennial's, who died in 2021 in less than nine months after the vaccine was rolled out.

Compare that 58,000 Americans die in 10 years of the Vietnam War. America was outraged at as they should be at the desk in the Vietnam War. Why are they not speaking up about the deaths after the go that shot among our healthy working age military age population 25 to 44 years old don't have a high rate of death. Normally people you need to understand they are destroying our country deliberately on every front. Food supplies are being destroyed.

Fuel access is being denied or trucking companies that cannot get fuel shortages of diesel and gasoline. They shut off our energy independence. They are driving up rampant inflation.

The cost of going through the roof when you can get, and medications are sorted for shortage of IV supplies we need to encourage everyone and we are doing it. Interaction seminars are held every Thursday night at 8 o'clock. Teaching people here are the steps you need to do to get your supplies in place for medical treatment, nutraceuticals, vitamins, minerals, foods, how do you prepare your home deal with all the best. How do you start becoming more resilient and self-sufficient. There are action steps. Everyone needs to take as our ancestors did that saw them through the Great Depression in southern Peru World War II. We are Americans. We have a fighting spirit.

We do not have to lie down and rollover capitulate to the international powers so let's get strong, let's get loud let's get involved and let's fight for our country and our sovereignty. Yeah, absolutely everyone listening yeah everybody listening is a fighter because this is the fight were born for ghetto if not now, when friends like is very short and we can see with the enemy is doing me look at this insanity. US buys 500,000 monkeypox vaccines as global cases grow. Get ready for the fear mongering friends to look at the details.

As of Friday, the US has identified 45 cases in 15 states. Does that sound like an emergency to you. Does that sound to pandemic.

Give me a break.

If there's good news. Dr. Lee Vliet is that these people have no narratives that work and the American people are waking up in droves. So there is a chance that we may save our country in the 2022 election to take this thing back with a red wave of freedom and liberty to put these traders in their place.

Want to thank you both so much for your time, Dr. Vliet, thank you, thank you Charlotte and being a platform anytime I pleasure.

It's honestly my pride and pleasure to have you both on Gen. Thomas McInerney, thank you so much for trying to already we are back in Joe here. The IRS's bill as we said earlier, the making Somoza Shady Shady Shady purchases over the last several months and Republican representative Matt Gates of Florida is exposing them for though they they really what aftermath they tried accusing them of all kinds of things right. None of that horrible thing right will he would go on to say that there is a concern that this is a part of a broader effort to have an entity in the federal government buy up all the mold to reduce the amount of ammunition that is in supply now gazes a result is onto something because recently the death of credit Communist Party has come up and they want to with a bill they wanted to introduce a bill that apportioned is being pushed already to tax ammunition prices by 1000%. Joe 1000% and so here. That means if you go out and buy a box of ammunition that like like you have bought that will cost you $40. Joe they will have that tax of $70 for a boy who already wonderful. Also I so burned out film idols are talking about the usual shortages himself will another story. People don't understand is diesel fuel has to have an additive in it sounds. This additive is called the PDF to make a long story short and the EL Vicor. They fill up.

Is there have to have a lot of the per every tank load of over diesel truck fills up. They have to use the stuff they have a road and the one happened to the government of the biggest pilot goes to Apollo truck stops.

They supply most of the DCF to the country and they were informed by Union Pacific that oh they had to reduce their real shipments by 26% and if these real shipments were reduced there would be these huge embargoed charges came from the federal government so Pilate have a bunch of facilities to make the DEF but the train Union Pacific delivers the raw material. Pilate makes the DEF then distributes by diesel to retail or truckers can get it and the so the government is cutting down on how much of this material could be shipped to make the very DEF the improvement to make a cleanburning diesel.

So what they're doing is cutting down the amount of diesel fuel available to the truckers which raises the price of diesel cuts him on the stuff people can do.

Here is a single truck needs seven gels of the DEF every time they fill their truck which is 300 and something gallons so seven gels of the stuff so the government to make a long story, complicated story short is making the railroad cut back on the amount of the materials are concerned to places that make the DEF cleanburning diesel fuel and which is causing higher prices shortages which affect you in everything you do. Because delivers every product you use almost and the earth, complicated thing. But why would the government do this and I couldn't find anywhere there was an answer for other than the fact that the government did which tells me they're not trying to help the situations they are trying to make the shortage of diesel fuel and short and causes more problems, more pain because that is what they want to do. There is no other explanation for this problem and you haven't heard it on Fox you haven't heard of dog Newsmax and you are hearing that now what's right with what will we show we've been telling you look would Gen. McInerney said when he says that the government is at war with us. We are at war. This is an illegitimate government know you. Good to hear these prissy preachers for lack of courage for total and complete lack courage I hear is why I did those videos some years ago telling you that Romans 13 says that we have to we have to obey the government no matter how corrupt the RCS laid their preaching that up because they believe that because they don't have the courage to stand and fight. They just don't and recently we've got a number of new people attending our church because one of the passage of what the mega churches gives in the pulpit and he tells people that wish they should not get involved in politics and voting.

And so here Joe we were for eight years. Every day we were. We were the first and not the only but one of one of the very first of one of the very few that every day for eight years said you see what Obama has done. Now everything medical babies. That was true blood. He said because Obama's readiness, Obama told you he told you that an esoteric way that it that's what he was going to do and remember what he said that if he if he had his way, he would he would have somebody out there in the front as the as the candidate of the president and he would have a microphone and he would be giving them instructions on what to say what to do from the basement. That's what he said. I heard it said no.

Here that's exactly what's happening rich have gotten folks who have done anything and yet he is here at home.

No big huge place in the Hawaiian Islands, Martha's Vineyard called both places. He's such a believer and global warming in the seas rising in everything. Why would he build expensive energy horribly wasteful energy, horribly huge mansions take a lot of energy right and Bill provided three level where the sea was notarized. They would destroy these $20 million nerve more mansions one were to get all that money. One too if he's really environmentalist.

He would live that way and three.

If he really thought there was global warming is going to destroy the world. He wouldn't build on the very features that are going to be writing 100 feet so it's all general. He's bought and paid for by somebody pulling the strings with somebody pulling his train absolutely is Giuliani and GPs Cara Castronova asked the fraudulent January 6 committee and boy are they fraudulent. I mean they aren't really fraudulent to did you forget to mention the death of Roseann Boyland the January segment unselect committee hearings reconvened this Tuesday and Thursday to push their baseless lies in conspiracy thinners theories to discredit Pres. Trump demonizes supportive and continue to pull politically persecute true Americans. These nonfactual hearings are massively taking the ratings as Americans are waking up to the nonsense to say here's the thing Joe they think America is so stupid and that we know there are some stupid one, for sure, but brilliantly voted for by here that they don't understand that when you have these these committee hearings there. Supposedly both sides are supposed to be involved in the deadly grads and the Republicans there. Both sides are supposed to be there with this they want. I silently don't play fair writers like Joe is like going into the court in the only have a prosecution. You don't have a defense and so some are tuning in to other programming that actually intend to honestly get to the bottom of what really happened to January 6 for example, what happened to our fellow citizen Roseann Boyland that day. Why was this sham committee omitted mentioned in the investigation of her death for the hearing, Trump Attorney covenant Rudy Juliano had taken interest in Roseann Borden's story and is getting the truth out. Click video below for the hell he's talking about the podcasts. This is an opportunity to bring you to the relevant video the video that he made and he goes on to say, Julie gave gave the Juliano gave the gate.

We put an exclusive statement last week regarding this sham admitted is a sham. January 6 committee RN that on our end. We have the gate we play the growth.

Roseann Boyland story with multiple breaking news articles and have been fighting for her.

We have been doing the work that the family, Liz Cheney, boy. She's gone. She's out CK kid note she could maybe get rated 20% of the vote with their candidate to run against are the primary Liz Cheney couldn't get 20% and I think are important in life. 60% and so this is actually investigate what really happened on January 6. We will continue to bring you factual information that you will not hear from the government will there you go again. Let me put it out there of Roseann who photographed first-round draft for more and beaten lifeless by that took place officer Lola Morris before the Trump supporters dragged the body of all.

Some tried to revive her. That's on Kate, a woman beaten to death by the police.

There and have fun. But like dirty dirty dirty cops, was a neighbor say say your name again.

Her name is Rose them.

Boyland know know know the limited journey, Morris okay there was another when there were the usual floors yet she has.

She had a male helping her right foot, the one that was listed.

I got a pelvis for a drunk managerial group. Feel free why I called a joke. The Centers for Disease Control came out and there got new guidance on monkeypox okay there it is the guidance they suggest people have sex with her close on or masturbate 6 feet apart from each other. If you have monkeypox but they're not calling it a sexually transmitted talk about additional advice, avoid kissing and if you cannot keep your clothes and make sure the areas are covered were those voracious sores are present, but then they say and other tips for being responsible perspective, people should wash their hands for gear sex toys and fabrics after having sex, but they suggest you Liz and Joe and open the phone lines 888-677-9673 and you know I wanted to see this till in the think all you folks helped us last week during the pledge week playing tweets itself and we we are really in a real battle. We really try to do all we can to save if it's not too late. Those three stations put the note may be too late. But even if what you say. One of the three would be better than none. And so if you want to continue to help us out. We could use all the help we get and again you are at address is WR WL just WR WL 14781 Sperry that's 14781 Sperry SPE RR why this is P ER are why Road Newberry that's any WBURY OH 44065 no I want to do also say this Joe our newsletter we get we get every day we get more more people want in the newsletter and because of the information that we get out of those newsletters is given the opposition fits.

That's why they want to suck the air so bad in the newsletters free don't cost anything and if you send them a donation say I'd like the newsletter and make sure the out little little written note and make sure we have your address very clearly your address written out and typed. Are you in the ZIP Code. The ZIP Codes on their and it don't hurt to send a phone number two know every now and then I surprise people every now and then enjoy surprise people because of the taking a break to be working there in my office and people write me the nicest letters and what I will do is I'll stop and I give him a call and just to thank them for for the letters and that it and they're always amazed that I'm calling them and so I just there and I just one: thank them because we are really appreciated so were ready to take some called just before we do a wanted to say here is what Donald Trump had to safely know what to do will do that tomorrow. Go ahead and we have. I knew we'd have Clifford Cliff here and there. I got out of people like to quit Vatican issued on coinage TO put out a coin where sexy and on that note from Dr. injecting people a lot about the Vatican, called the all the chatter is that the Pope is about ready to resign that he's that he's going to resign. That's it.

That's with the chatter is out there will Lily was all over the Internet that would be awesome because my weight relative hello big way. Which is really interesting podcast called the fact conquers that this is a plea on Kirk June 15. The guy Iraqi war veteran. Sure an episode on Obama. That's an hour and 1/2 really, really interesting mansion. Frank Davis mentioned that he was in Hawaii.

Father may have had a relationship with him that it factual father and some of the other stuff that goes way back. They said that the college in California CIA grooming him and moved him to climb the city.

He only spent apparently an actual year rather than the two year all the wise and spending time in Russia waiting to get the money from that and then they mentioned that Fred presents Katie in all the national security advisor and I was writing for depopulation was one of his professors at Columbia house with the that some guy writes for magazine went back to 400 Columbia people I want to school at the time and nobody ever saw his academic record field not much information about what was going on at Columbia and Joe killed you with these tell you this is so familiar exactly what you're doing when we were sitting on the radio way back when limit when Obama before he was actually even elected. We were telling people that even before he was in office. We were telling look. Nobody knows nobody seen this guy from fact we had a guy on who went to Columbia and who was them. One of the valedictorians whatever and he said that I don't ever remember seeing him and and and nobody else does either. Nobody cared and we where gave out a website address. I can't remember now, but the pictures of Frank Marshall Davis and Barack Hussein Obama. If you look at them.

I have never seen a closer resemblance. Father and son and all my life. I mean the pictures if you overlay overlay the pictures the shape of the head to face everything. It's almost like a clone and that some of the real reason for it. I don't believe in coincidence like that you know well there was was videos that we had on their stories of my real father and that we we we sent those videos out there and talked about how Frank Davis was Obama's mother was young, actually got her to take nude shots, nude photos, and that that's how get started with her, but any out windows that I have very quick run through. We got about one also there was speculation but like part, the moment died in apparently in 1996, 14 months before Obama got really into the public eye, almost speculating that she may have been knocked off to preserve like some of his stories and wanted to go to Pakistani what the been able to get a US passport. He apparently had an Indonesian passport when he went there between eight 8183 so that kind of thing that you know mother apparently was working for very intelligent woman also spoke Russian CIA supplying our front door.

We got about things just nearing the United grade know you're one of my rehab. Do you think will include in my life right now and I want to thank you for that. The second person of influence to me as my pastor was phenomenal. He is not a milquetoast even a real man. In the third line is becoming a guy named Charlie Kirkwood.

You guys probably know well).

Charlie just got a little booklet 40 pages. It's the best I've read in the last year on our culture goes into the gray reset and he's putting them out anybody is interested in and so I recommend that you guys because it phenomenal. He talks about the world economic forum anabolic pollutant being a main speaker at the world economic forum before in the past. So all the stuff with the villain. Skin pollutant is pretty well delineated. There and it's just great because he goes in the globalism and any ties it beautifully to biblical prophecy is just amazing it's it's really good thoughts to recommend a part of the websites like all they have to do is type in Charlie Kirk will send them to a website that'll be there available to keep the/Charlie converging on the right to the offer.

They have their giving the book away for free in the mail. No shipping charge anything just donations the card is placed into wonderful little booklet because in and then the last thing that happened to me today was. I ran into two people who do printing for me and there phenomenal people of the great printers, but they came out in the cognitive for 40 years. They been anti-globalist fighting all of this. I don't know if they listen to you guys but there they were so clued in to everything going on and that gave me a shot of optimism today are a lot of people who are awake Have been awake like pastor even out there for almost 50 years warning spending up of quicker doing now kind of alerts and so there are a lot of people of knowledge were spread out and have the victory that is going to be the end. Amen. Right. That's that's where that's gotta be our number one right. There are number one hero if you will.

God is our hero and he's going to deliver. That is never lost a battle he's never will.

And there you go.

Thanks, John Gabler had a great evening. Very already. Lisko is Steve Steve you're in the air don't go zero working hard at it hurt her or I can call you the Rush Limbaugh's blood so you want to use almost every YouTube wanted good stuff on me to stop liberal stuff on there and then all the January 6, was it so being in calls was changing your Dick trick Dick Dick Cheney and trade with the Whig sheet she could make a library and every night I get 60 shields, which used to really need somebody in and I don't know what happened with me could see all terms kids on the people and in Jason Koerber thinkers names are Trump saw advisor used for evil enable corrupt people you see what it does to the XM evil in spirit that makes the evil in their actions and you can see the change in the morning, you become born again, you become happier, more joyful, more loving and newspaper Horner taken over by the devil. Well you see the officer take place just like you know the real Soviet thing that you know this is what you can be saying if not, this is what you, Chris, Peter Navarro says in the spring of 20 and she can spend everything but you know he's going to challenge everything is gone and abandons, pretty soon abandons calico hundred 85 million people in this town was on the podcast and I need to see is right around the corner from the White House and you guys ignite in during the day.

I mean to fight with. I got a positive because we are out of time. Thanks, Joe. You got three minutes.

Can you give an invitation in three minutes per care. Three things that well starts off Romans 323 for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Romans 623 for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord, and even back in the Old Testament. Isaiah chapter 59 says your iniquities have separated between you and your God, your sins have hidden his face from you that he will not hear sin because we have sin original sin we have sin because God gave us free will.

And when we sin, we sin against God. But that separates us from God, but he loved us enough to send his only begotten son to the end that all of us that believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life in Jesus said in John chapter 5 verily, verily, I say and do you hear that here my word, believe upon him that sent me hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation but is passed from death unto life and we know Jesus is life is a creator God is light and life of the world both but there's anything here were separated by our sin.

Jesus came and took her place went to the cross paid the price for our sin, but we have to be willing to accept that gift he gave us and we have to in this society become saved born again we have to repent of our sin and call upon God to forgive us that our horrible sins placed his only son Annette crossed and we have to thank him for forgiveness with a truly repentant heart.

And then we can asked Jesus Christ to come into your life to be our Savior that we are willing to give ourselves to him completely, without reservation, and we ask that you give us the Holy Spirit indwelling of the Holy Spirit were Jesus that I am in the father. The father in me and I am in you, the believer, the born-again believer. We then have that Holy Spirit the down payment on eternal life. We become born again we become children of the kingdom joint heirs with Jesus and everlasting life, and we become that new person, a new spiritual being full of joy, hope, and a complete change in how we look at the world see the world. Act think everything and if the decision each and every person has to make. No one can make it for you and it's by faith we are saved, we believe in Jesus Christ, and through our faith. We are saved and have everlasting life that wasn't short of whose word do you have the long hard to get any better than that. Now I get better is nothing ever.

Nothing is sure is because word is nothing short is God's word. Nino said that God okay and we write. Amen we are out of time and till tomorrow we say good night God bless. And always, always keep Friday night. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WW next time was right, left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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