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MON HR 2 061322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 14, 2022 12:25 am

MON HR 2 061322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 14, 2022 12:25 am

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

Donate and listen to the podcast WR or write Barbara in San Diego, but wanted thank you, Ellen and Georgia budget 50 John include wedges 100 and Sarah and Detroit budget 25 and Donna and Cleveland pledges 400 thank you thank you thank you and so here you go. January 6 start witness backs out of last minute corrupt committee must regroup. The sham January 6 committee. By the way, this is an article by Joe half Tokay the sham January 6 committee put in place to justify to justify the stolen 2020 election was derailed. Moments ago as a star witness backed out.

The committee is regrouping. I watch this. What a sham this committee is in every way biased, dishonest, angry, resentful Americans who dare point out fraud and irregularities in question is 20. The stolen 2020 election okay.

The group of criminals who believe they own the US are a wrong and that makes them angrier. The morning they brought in for work this morning.

Atty. Gen. Bill Barton trader cratered and he proclaimed as a savior when he first arrived for ending the molar coup finally showed his true colors in November 3 as he allowed massive fraud across the country do core and eventually steal the 2020 election for senile Joe Biden the man with no base in it when we want to talk in a comment on that again to know is a sandwich. No one believes or is watching. By the way they had all stations in the lake at all the stations and one station you have one basketball game they got more than half as many warning had 19 million watch all of the stations in the January 6 committee lost the key witness Bill reports molar legal former president Trump campaign manager bills step in a key witness in today's testimony cancel right before the start of the hearing aside in a family emergency forward Trump campaign manager bills W will no longer appear before the House committee removing the key witness penalty to show how the Trump campaign forwarded baseless claims of election fraud due to a family emergency. Williams, defendant is unable to testify what they had. His testimony on film. I watched I watched it and you can tell, you can tell that he knew he would. He was this doing was wrong. He knew and I don't know what they use the note because they what they do is they threatened the deafness that this is the Democratic Communist Party. They threaten or they bribe there is corrupt the scrub gets there absolutely is corrupt and you can get into threaten family members threaten the person's life and so go ahead Joan doing article. I know you would sit there waiting. Well you have a link coddling her flirting with her.

I was working that current three-story structure, pick one major study US covert lockdown that caused at least 170,000 people to die and actually are saying the actual number is closer to 200,000 ticket account estimated unmeasured covert – that's the headline Ardmore world news daily admin pathologist covered 19 shots causing foot-long blood clots. Too many people are silent, silent tears compliance oriented body that the not hitting Fox news that people are saying them dear you aware of either one of these two, certainly, you know, and in the year 2021 all cause mortality was up by 40% and the first data that I've seen for the first quarter of 2022 deaths are caused from all cause mortality are up 21% this year over last year and so the numbers that you're quoting are probably only 10% total so multiply those numbers by 10 and you're probably going to be better off.

The whole initiative here has been to alter the radar screen and how they're defending mortality how their capturing cases how they are listing causes of death to keep everybody in the dark.

And so when I'm talking with people there, neither having issues. The common flu hasn't gone away.

The colds haven't gone away and they're still using fraudulent testing to keep that this whole narrative going and also to continue to put people into these registries with the nasal swabs that are going up your nose. They stop the aft FDA I actually pulled the PCR test from in December 2020, 21, stating that they were doing it because of that they mount a false positives so they came out with all kinds of new covert testing of the previous ones and 20, 21 and 2020 and ethylene accent and the slabs. These have another chemical called sodium azide and sodium azide destabilizes the air exchange in your lungs and also impacts the functioning of your heart. So when you get the slabs up your nose here not only being exposed to more chemicals but you are also entering in to a database. It's capturing your DNA so if you do have to have these test, for some reason there are sputum tests that you spit into a cup and there's really no reason why the requirement cannot be there for that can attest instead. But the causality and the mortality that you're quoting Joe is is that is there one.

Amazing. I did a little more research and you start looking the euro.

Union is all came up certain groups in different places from European Union validated through 3 Drafts Were Measured Were Way up all had similar to what was going on. The unmeasured dose and everything.

The World Health Organization. Figure Sweden had fewer covert desk per capita than all of Europe and the Scandinavian nation had an excess death rate. This is excess focused 56 per hundred thousand but all over Europe that was like 100 in the UK 11 in Spain hundred and 16 in Germany hundred 33 in Italy. These were all over the world.

Then there was a Johns Hopkins that the came up showing there was no no benefit. Lockdowns and or to reduce the work covered more mortality by less than like point one 1/10 of a percent, and yet all these excess death self. The light just keeps getting bigger those middling yes it does. And there's 18 countries around the world now that it had stopped all covert restrictions, and then I just heard this past week, and one of the podcasts that the jet Japan has has returned all covert vaccines because they feel they are tainted to avoid the dictated little more than we have this Dr. Ryan Cole in Boise, Idaho is lab history and all kinds of mushy organs. Incredibly inflamed organs and is talking about. We know the spike protein causes all the bad outcomes of the virus. And it is saying that those same problems to Cindy's foot-long blood clots in the bodies through district.

People received the vaccine. Someone died from the vaccine and is talking about. The shots are persisting in making more spike protein, and it's worse than any of the natural things.

It just goes on summer disk on a complex, but it's very simple. He's saying, whereafter more people speaking up. The is that a lot of these doctors and people are afraid to speak up, but the nurse got to be everywhere across the country, said it just Be worried is welled up in the other plane Joe is that I just finished listening to the podcast by Dr. Robert Young Soviet encourage the viewers to go to Do a search for Dr. Robert Young for the June 6 interview that is done by Spiro SBIR oh and in that interview he talks about the fact that the mRNA and the RNA actually is what is directing your body to create the spike protein cell despite protein is not actually in the vaccine. It's because of all of the other chemical things that are in that solution that cause your body to create the spike proteins and go on from there and it's called the Corona effect. He talked about the fact that there are little protein, nucleic acid fragments that are attached to and in his vaccine and that 70% of the damage is going to be done to your ovaries and your testicles 20% to the bone marrow 10% to the heart and the whole intention is sterilization increased leukemia cancers and increased heart conditions and then you also have the magnetic nano bots that are in this vaccine that connects you to artificial intelligence so that down the road you can be part of this remote contact tracing of all vaccinated people and you will be connected to AI and they will send and receive data from you so I would encourage people to take a look at that. The other piece to this is that he found parasites in the blood of people that received AstraZeneca and Pfizer and he found nano Dodson aluminum in the bed during a vaccine. So what he's using our tests and equipment that is not available to the routine laboratories and physicians and any other thing I want to say is, as we are living through a time of the worst medical tyranny that I've ever seen in the United States, i.e., there are physicians who basically have forgotten the Hippocratic oath, which by the way the medical stool schools stopped administering back in 1974 and nobody knew about it that bad.

Our medical hospitals and medical centers are not treating people the way that they need to overthrow long-term recovery for elementary things before you do jargon with functional because the phones are ringing, no. 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 help us stay on the station phones we really, what are we. We don't want to have to go off those with the right now is over.

Remember, we don't help sponsor Reginald of advertisers riddled or commercial Oreo door towards way reported in the hands of the listeners and it's up to you to decide, and up to where we do it right then so we want to say Jayla Massachusetts pledges 200 things you do I've got an announcement to make your quickly to hear of for the folks in Northeast Ohio of there's going to be going to be a sodomite parade in Chardon on Chardon Square. A number of the pastors got together what they talk to other city Council and out.

From what I was told it was only one Christian on the consul and so they would do nothing to stop the sodomite parade right and they want to have.

This is on the this will be held this coming Saturday and at them from a starts to enclose the APM and at 5 PM. They want to bring drag queens over the little children. These are Democrats is all what this would Democrats to enter the child appear whenever you try and bring a bunch of men under act in totally antichrist, totally vulgar, all flamboyant everything that you do not want your child with no see all their during that that theirs is here to push your cute little kids interested in sex and weird things younger the better of this is evil incarnate. This is child abuse know this isn't just the narrative focuses corruption. We want to reminded the Chardon city Council God has said, God has said sodomy is an abominable thing okay. God is said that is and have nothing to do with no when you God is not mocked well, God is not monitored in this field of what this horrible this is a evil completely. Wilson was by by embracing what they call LGBT.

This mood goes belligerent transgressing queers okay what they're doing as her shaking her rebellious fist in the face of God function. If you you read your history people have done that haven't fared very well and so that's the message of their so I would encourage people to come out on Saturday to to preach to the sodomites to preach to the sodomites another Joe, the LGBT Q of the joined up with this, the church of Satan now to hold what they call on baptisms where they will baptize you if you been baptized. All you can go if you want to have you sold your soul.

Have you sold your soul. That means you were never saved to begin with your calendar celebration right upper corner could be unbaptized… For those throughout never were born with an amazing joke. There is a rest unit.

In other looking forward to find that lake of fire hung light also like to say that in Adina County, their winning because the mayor made an arbitrary decision out there to fly the LTP QT flags on the square without city Council without any input from the public and so the crowd in Adina County, Ohio freedom fighters has risen up and the flags are coming down crazy good Lord, and when good people stand up okay if you're better than that.

So I'm encouraging people to come out there no threat to Chardon on Saturday between 2 and 8 PM. No, and just the meter until the sodomites still looked preach to tell them that there's a burning lake of fire out there no understand or push back when the people stand up and fight no were not going to go there no were not gonna take it no more nocturnal lecture near our children so I listen probably preach the 20 more sodomite parades out there and and and there's been times we've actually had them repent and so here no this coming Thursday morning. The doers of the word Baptist Church Thursday morning.

The regular people irregulars become therefore of the regular meeting will be there from 9 to 10 and then for 10 o'clock. It's open it's open to new people to come in and pray with us were going to pray about this and pray about the way against the, the sin of sodomy against the corruption and and petition God and ask God to help us to restore to show us how we can restore America the way God gave her tours.

One nation under God.

And so that's a doers of the word Baptist Church.

That's this Thursday no in the evening at 7 o'clock. My cousin's church of the Chardon Christian Fellowship Chardon Christian Fellowship at 401 S. Tandem St. in Chardon at 7 PM this coming Thursday. He's having a prayer meeting at the church of his church for the same thing so it will be a doers of the word at 10 o'clock for the public to look like and that's this coming Thursday and addresses 147-811-4781 Sperry Rd., Newberry, OH, and that is the phone number for more information is 440-338-1367 and again Thursday evening at 7 PM at the Chardon Christian Fellowship for 1 S. Henderson St. in Chardon.

All right again Ryan in Michigan pledges 75 thank you Ryan and hear all the quadrants I want to remind everybody for men come out of the sodomite movement and all of them said they were molested when they were young boys and that almost everyone they knew that was what they called homosexual recall sodomites said that they were molested when they were a child.

It is one of those things that almost every single time you run into somebody they were molested as a child.

So what are they doing their pushing all of this tranny stop and dress up make-believe and homosexuality on what younger and younger children of the sin just keeps getting worse. The truth is only the most, both homosexuals were abuse children and so what's the entire movement trying to do for sexuality on younger and younger children. You want to legalize pedophilia when all said they want to legalize pedophilia, and in actuality they want to change the name of Pitt Ophelia R8 to I believe it's child there is an abbreviation. It's a child attracted individual or something along that line. They want to change that. The word I Robert children from pedophile Cairo derived I can't remember the exact nocturnal acronym for out and articulate, you know it's it's the wordsmithing once more right, change words and their meanings keep people confused with the same garbage or just a faster set of words and the way the world is been for a long long time to desecrate the Communist Party is flush with pedophiles there flush with pedophiles. Remember Obama appointed his the head of the Department of Education is a pedophile and so here again there flush and think about it didn't.

Do you know any any Democratic so-called congressman that art that are either pedophile or sodomite or Boulevard promoter when you promote words of Scripture Saturday their Arctic pleasure in them that do absolutely home when I just thought of when it is called it's called a map. It's a minor attracted person. All very good. I was trying to look it up. Yeah it's map and some minor attracted person found my activism sound like pedophile but we also have available for you healthy young people dying from mysterious syndrome only urging all those under 40 to have their hearts examined and we have a lot of young people are dying. Suddenly from mysterious syndrome with CompTIA of epidemiologists and they are documented. The alarming rise in excess deaths they believe is connected to the coded 19 faxes comes from the London daily mail and in Australia where almost all the people were vaccinated. Everyone under the age of 40 are being urged to get their hearts check because they are at risk of sudden adult death syndrome. They call it said is what is called the sudden, adult video and it's also actually it should also be adult and children because the children are dying also and their gardens are getting caught up or no with the vaccination effects which, along with the boosters are creating, you know this pattern over the next six to months to a year because it's projected that people that have gotten the real thing and these vaccinations will be dead within three years in court. Sometimes I'm afraid we are scaring people. Let's occur with the ideas, people, you should be getting angry that you're been like to you've been deceived. Other government at a world government that strive to reduce the population. You're one of those they don't care whether you live or die, but rather you die.

Anybody redye the whole purpose of all of this is to lower the world's population and after they've committed murder set things up after they've murdered millions of people and they lie, they deceive, they covered up and what amazes me is we have this low approval rating in Congress.

And yet what it is 90% of the people that have been doing this to you keep getting reelected all of that old joke about the new venereal disease called gonorrhea lectin and too many people in this country have the disease were gonna reelect the same fools the defendants harming us going after children trying to kill us take away our money and take away our constitutional rights. But what the heck with this reelect him 888-281-1110 phone lines are not renewing the week we go regularly and the doctors that are treating these people now that are vaccine injured from the American friendly doctors in the COBIT critical care.

There is things that you can do to rebalance your body exactly how much you we could recover from is is unknown, but you can use Intermec then fasting. You can use either Mac 10 hydroxychloroquine and vitamin C, vitamin D3 melatonin, magnesium, quercetin, probiotics, Omega fatty acids. There are things that you can do to detoxify your system. And God is big as a healer, go bowling I can't write that there was a lot of information you have that somewhere work somebody controlling carefully look study get that with what they can do is they can send me an email Elaine Conley ELA INE CON and EL LY the you can call me at 440-478-4073 depend if you're looking for a position in your area. I have access to those Dr. listings and I can find you a doctor that will treat you properly. I and then also get other information to you. So my phone is 440-478-4073 and my name Elaine we could not write sorry 44047847840734073 figurative I know some of our listeners are actually older than Pastor earning IR and in this delightful life also and for people that don't have a computer. They may not have texting and that type of thing.

I had to mail out information to people and talk to the individuals on the phone the other thing I need to tell you is that I'm under investigation. As of this week with the Ohio Board of nursing for spreading COBIT. This information so what they're doing basically is coercing threatening and bullying and so far I have fended them off because I sent them an email back saying please tell me and the nurse practice act in the state of Ohio. What part I have violated are related to covert information and I back on the response back from them. So I'm telling the truth of this information. Yeah, you know I'm on on time on targets. It's because I been doing community education programs about what's really going on in our country since 2020 and so there was a complete registered because I have an idea where it came from but the whole idea is is that you all have license healthcare providers in your family and you have friends that are licensed healthcare providers.

There is no board and practice entity that has anything to do with COBIT misinformation and I just need people to be aware of that and people need to fight back. All right 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 Ryan and Michigan pledges 75 Sr. Mary Grace pledges 100 Silvio San Diego San Diego pledges 100. Thank you thank you thank you folks, here's what the miracle was gonna take is going to dig a miracle to keep San Diego on the air after July 8 July 8 July. It's gone and that's great Dr. miracle of $46,710.40 6000. There are people of their listing that could do that in a they could do that. We have two cable Atlanta, Georgia on their 28,960 the Cape temple Florida on the year 48,820 view from these areas and know what we do have one.

We have some ladies out there in San Diego that I know that are going around trying to get people trying to get people in the area to donate because they want to keep us on the air because what they're getting, you know, I've had more more people say that in a you where it is the stories that were not going to get your you bringing this with the fake news media does not want us to know and so anyhow again that's where were at the number is 88867796739. Joe, you were talking about before about the corruption and in no I mean look unbelievable how how stupid those in the the left you. I mean insult our intelligence here. We had Donald Trump, the guy would turn on 60 70,000 people at a rally rally after rally he would have. He had Trump trained 90 days notice. Turn out thousands of people 90 mile long. Trump trained security here, people would wait out Joe Biden would turn out well.

People and they would be spaced out where our civil in the car were matched the 02. You have to be dumber than a rock to think that Joe Biden won that election and you got it to say that he did. You have to be a liar and I dare any of them out there. Any of those talking heads to come on this radio program or any of the debt the grass to come on is ready or rhinos and sat across from me and debate that would make. I will find when July they don't have the courage to do it they don't, they can answer you when you asked on legitimate questions right and so all they do is get mad yeah I know he he he fairly lingered here anger the use of motion they never use logic that don't use backspin never used freight well I take it back covered workroom try and quote the Bible productive food made of mockery or misquotes over totally horrendous but they they don't really ever have debates they attack.

They belittled they ridiculed or threatened. This is the way they do business.

This is not the kind of government. Our founding fathers envisioned God-fearing people who cared about the nation, God, family, country. This is what were lacking people who believe in the general God first, family and country, and we do what's best to call the ship of state of the nation as a giant ship the entire supposed to be healthy. You Put all the money under the know certain things you got you got everything on the ship after work, deductive and air conditioning out of the drive system.

The engine and all everything else to work together for the good of all, well within the last month I've got more phone calls from people beginning to ask me questions that are starting to wake up and I basically just asked him a few questions and they said what were you getting this from and I give them some resources and basically their Conley back in the insane.

Thank you. I was wrong or one of the things Rupert gotta be asking there.

Almost everything is now monkeypox monkeypox I worked around the 042-3000 here and they forget monkeypox is driven quote by Gabe R Santos dating out and it is almost exclusively gay and bisexual men in this was first reported by like a United Kingdom's health agencies are here. They're making this care of this infertility. The next coronavirus history of sexually transmitted disease and according to Dr. Sherry tenpenny the monkeypox is a variation of shingles and in various fellow and they can be handled in a with my zine and with so many him but they, the government made a big mistake because you know with their own fake science. They tried to meet say that people needed to re-mask themselves because monkeypox is is transmitted by breathing in and that didn't fly too well, so bottom line is trying to mount it, but they're losing a lie until they get caught in the trader to some female writers never go back and apologize for lying to us know they don't.

They never do a ready Susan and pledges. 25 thank you Susan. The other aspect is with a small PACs issue with the small tax vaccine.

The vaccine actually killed more people than the virus itself a tight will be back after the still go away. Truly, there is a some go there when they know to deny all the repeating what say truly there's Jesus for me and you and him. I something I must do the Lord of my car so just they want to see the magic.

No more no more no more salvation will join in. Believe me, I we still have 13 minutes here so we need to hear from you all right. Early in Escondido California pledges 25 that you are leaving Gary in Massachusetts pledges 200. Thank you Gary close help keep us on the year.

We need a miracle. That's what we need. If not, on July 8 will no longer be on San Diego Cape raised 1210 or will no longer be on W DW 95 90 Atlanta or when the logo beyond 990 and knows the 990s 57 in Tampa, Florida. So we need a miracle to do that for you folks out there. San Diego we need $46,710 and so those folks out there and Atlanta 28,960 and all the way of their in Tampa 48,820s… That's a lot of money how the world could do that it's been done before. Folks we been on the radio for a long time. Times are tough. This is this is a summer time right now and I want to think about this Joe has not everything that we said would happen has not happened did not every everything that we not tell you what was going to happen in the public schools.

Remember what we told people about the drugs to fit no effect here, here, right here in warning about the school longer.

Zero and I've been on the 15 years we've been talking about. We been telling people to get if you leverage is get them out of there what they're doing that now it's all coming out. What about this flashback, former Atty. Gen. bar.

Remember you shut down an investigation function to a trailer load of 288,000 phony ballots here yet investigation were taken into Pennsylvania from New York in the truck I remember that amount of truck driver and bar shut it down for tawdry recorder him on the radio. I wonder what it what I got for the wonder what the deal was one out with the payoff was the shut that down bar refused to provide whistleblowers with protection.

He sold us out, and now the United States post office won't provide an investigation report he sold us out okay. Sometimes there are too many uncertainties and obvious red flags for nature to go unnoticed.

This is one of those times.

Truck driver Jesse Morgan moved the mail for the US Postal Service and came out after the election and shared a story of how he called tens of thousands of bells from New York City to Pennsylvania for the 2020 election. We reported this back in December 2020. I was driving complete completed bells from New York to Pennsylvania so I decided to speak up update USP contact card driver who transferred .288 thousand fraudulent fraudulent fraudulent ballots from New York to Pennsylvania, speaks at a pressure that we learned in the summer of 20, 21, the former US Atty. Gen. Bill bar order. The US attorney in a strip of the lead to stop investigating the 2020 election issue in the state internally in the issues over to the death or credit Communist Party in Pennsylvania that would that would've included the reports over promotional return of the enemy absolutely, and then you notice there was never a thought of that truck driver again. I don't know what happened to him. But they believe such a threat. New assignment.

You feel you you disappear. You it's a again. It is this corrupt is corrupt goes and we were betrayed. Bar is another one of the betrayers all right here.

Gary Massachusetts pledges 200. Thank you Gary second Corinthians chapter 940 go there. John R. Joe, let me just tell folks you can you can we take PayPal or you can go with MasterCard, Visa again. By the way, for the folks out there wanted to let you know too many of your calling about asking 2000 meals will have the 2000 meals in we we were out of home right now we've got a money order.

They should be in. I would say by the end of this week.

There they said they will be here. They're going like hotcakes, but please, please, when you get that show it in a we we really need people we know we have to get fight back against the ungodly fake news media if you show that in and your library or show that your church or invite people in your house and show that all of the evidence is there, then when you look at this this treasonous fake kangaroo panel that they have a because they're scared to death of getting Donald Trump back in office. Then you realize just how how much they are lying you unbelievable how their line so when you get there please show it please show it to people and that when you finish give it to somebody else that will show so there you go, go ahead, Joe and eight minutes left eight minutes. Second Corinthians chapter 9 verses six and seven, but this I say what still sparingly shall reap also sparingly, and he would sort bountifully shall reap also bountifully.

Every man according out for a purpose in his heart, so let him give, not grudgingly, or of necessity, for God loveth a cheerful giver, and God also tells us in Luke that basically says for the with the same measure that ye may withal it shall be measured to you again. So if you give to the Lord and know the right reasons right there from your heart you will see that you can continue to give and I the through my life. Their times are weighted thickly could make something work to God always blesses when you give a man you see did this here. No I didn't, all right, what do do it okay alright so this article is from June 13 out of the press by Jack Davison. It talks about whistleblower and engineer Lake LeMoyne who works for Google and Google has a language model for dialogue applications and that's a software program to learn if it used hate speech or discriminatory language and what he found was that this computer program had actually attained self-awareness to the point where it has actual feelings and emotions like humans and he reported this to the vice president responsible for that area of business and Google and I need to insert here that back in 2020.

I remember a newsflash related to Microsoft that Microsoft engineers had said had were experimenting with different software programs and they shut down two programs because these two software programs related to artificial intelligence had begun to speak to each other in a separate language and so that Microsoft engineers shut down those two programs. This whistleblower also reported this to the House Judiciary Committee committee and the Washington Post. He has been placed on administrative leave for violating confidentiality that so related to this artificial intelligence. Google is watching us so that you have an opportunity to change your browser to another browser do so. All right, very, would folks.

We have five minutes left were gone the last five minutes left and then after that we have less than eight hours for the rest of this week. We've got about closer about seven hours for the rest of this week to raise welcome to try to do the best we can to keep the other stations on the air as we lose those three leaks will were still am a bunch of others, but we really don't want to have to go off the air.

There we have good people in every one of those stations that listen in and I'm going to be getting phone calls begged me not to go off and I wanted to write no we will do everything we can to stay on there there with you. Let them pray, pray for us, because God has God's good. He specializes in miracles and there are people out there. He has his people. He owns the cattle of a thousand hills that could help us stay on their you, even if we don't come don't get the whole that we come fairly close to Salem that want to sell theory.

They want to keep as there is a rhino I can give you hundred dollars pastor okay put 20 laned over $100 hundred thousand when I went Ohio lottery already.

What euros are carefully right right for 100 also put Joe Dell 400 to look at. We got close: and we got to undulate mindful tomorrow. Go ahead and waiting for it to when we needed the most. Will put in above and beyond our time in the in the medium but I'm but anyhow you know what you were getting close to the time where most important part of this you know there are people like the Rockefellers and others that have long gone John the Rockefellers and these people and you know they lived and they died, and there are people out there.

Joe Linda built buildings huge corporations made all kinds of money but you know what Jesus says what is a profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul, correct and those people have died and they don't have any of love that.

In fact, in James chapter 5 there is a warning to to the Richmond's is how you Richmond because they died in their sin, and so everything that if they put together is gone is forgotten in his people be forgotten, but you say let me tell you this Joe and Elaine what is going to matter most remote through eternity.

Whether you built the world's biggest building or use or you led one person to Christ. One of those good last forever, and the other won't crack right more than one person or Christ will last forever effective end of the Scriptures are given giving a cold glass or a glass of water to a thirsty child.

God remembers everything you do that glorifies him got a good memory density drought an excellent memory cannot forget any happier life. His head is held by an individual who walks in faith and trust versus fear learn the wonderful thing dollars from resend and we asked him to forgive us if IKEA has a giant eraser and one service that is forgiven as though it never happened in the mind of God and if it doesn't exist in the mind of God doesn't exist things in my practice that people struggle with sometimes is a sense of unworthiness and I have a friend that asked me if I believed in God and I said yes and he said you believe that you made in his image. And I said yes and he said, so how could you possibly not be worth it. It became a nonissue. Immediately right well you know the thing… There God is the natural father of everyone okay but he's the spiritual father of those that are received Christ as his Savior.

And so today the reality is this God recognizes two kinds of people. Those that received the sacrifice of his son. Those are called upon on his name and those that refused it. And out of those. Let me tell you something.

It's not good is that it is not a smart thing to deny the redeeming blood of the Lord Jesus right coming this power in the blood. It is that you know it's not a good thing not a smart thing okay to offend God the father or godson, and when you deny that when you mock God. Well, there is one heck of a price to pay. So here's what you do and I do it tonight. I would and this is the will we tell you over and over.

When you hear the preacher give that invitation he's just the messenger. Listen to me. God is telling in a listen when you hear out of your listing to us right now though think that will you know I'm I'm here I'm God can't see me so maybe doesn't know I'm listing.

He knows he knows quite invokes limitations of that if you if you have not called upon the name of the Lord. If you have not repented of your sin and as Christ in your heart you're walking on a tight rope over the burning lake of fire and again remember at any time at any one time will you be talking about to the book of the living as we go through here and guess what, the very moment your name is blotted out, of the book of the living your you're going to be in heaven or hell on a very moment the very moment your name is blotted out and so folks, and everybody out there, listen to me your name will be blotted out, of the book of the living. That simply means you are dead. And guess what, that's God's call so do this, pray to the father asked for forgiveness of sin acknowledge the fact that Christ died in your place one across to your sin upon him as the Lord Jesus to be Lord of your life.

All of your life without any reservations and if you do that God will always honor the commitment you will become a new creature born again believer near the kingdom and be indwelt by the Holy Spirit. You got God's word on that. And so we we have here, let me see Audrey and Long Island pledges 50 Stephen Ohio pledges 40 Elaine pledges 100 and pastor Joe pledges 100 all right were getting. We get there, but were just about out of time.

How much time do we have left her okay what we are out of time for tonight.

I just want to remind all of you folks out there. Thank you for all your support and until tomorrow as we say at this time every night. We want to say good night got on I's last and readiness to all, only allowing along the way it was get it done. J. Why I thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. What's left hosted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WR WNL not on the next time. Another addition of what's right and left motorbike what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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