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Democrats Use January 6 Hearing As Distraction

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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June 10, 2022 3:20 pm

Democrats Use January 6 Hearing As Distraction

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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June 10, 2022 3:20 pm

Last night we saw live prime-time coverage of the public hearings of the House January 6th committee. Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team give their insight on the hearing. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Problems way from last night's one. We've all seen this footage we've all heard similar test testimony. There's nothing really new.

I could really say that something new or shocking that is brand-new out of what happened 18 months ago.

Usually the further away you get rid of it. That is the case we was shocking when it happened that's shocking what happened, something we've condemned and said how horrendous it was this attack on the capital should should of course I was wrong but I think it is also important to say your daughter to keep condemning this because it's also not really relevant to what I were all dealing with currently is the province or country.

For instance, a real problem right now is not actually conservative or right-wing extremism is left-wing extremism. We see that typically the summary receipt sought aim to Brett Cavanaugh in his home and try to kill a Supreme Court Justice saw leak of the Supreme Court opinion. We saw the barrier on the Supreme Court now because of Roe versus Wade received threats and that Jane's revenge group I was to firebombings of pro-life pregnancy centers and I think this would never this this committee is not going to answer one of the bigger questions out there which is why owners were there with so few police and so few security there. When we now know from Capitol police is a holy man is document that came out. You can hear from the committee that the Department of Defense was texting. The US Capitol police deputy chief singer, you want to put it in.

This is four days before January 6.

You can put a request for National Guard sold what if they were having a discussion about National Guard soldiers on January 6. He knew there was a very large crowd coming to Washington. They weren't peaceful in the sense of this was like a regular crowd. They were angry because they thought that something happened with the election. Even large angry crowd coming Washington DC DoD says you can put in the request response of the US Capitol police deputy chief on January 3. Plenty of time to get this all handled no not forthcoming at this time, after consultation with the chief of police. That's the that's the one thing I get old they are really responsible for putting their law enforcement officials in those situations or they were so outnumbered about the response of the acts of those bad actors but they are responsible for not having enough security there and I still think there's a problem that Washington DC every time.

Were there other try to secure another place now is a left-wing activist of this kind, activist, and I don't feel like they have the right because of this till I bent over the National Guard. But here's never that we forget that the politicized at the National Guard Lady. While there they would help their their right wing extremist so they too close to what the wheels of the mayor's office in DC saying no to. Here's here's the problem. If you look at what took place on January 6. We condemned it when it happened because it was an attack was an attack on the Capitals a riot that let me tell you what it wasn't done.

I want to be clear on this because I think there's some I think our Constitution survives these things because our form of government as a constitutional republic is not at the whim of two groups who attack an institution of our government physically which is the capital.

In this particular case of another doing at the Supreme Court, our institutions don't fall. It was horrible. It was horrific. We said that but here's the problem is not the Civil War you don't have state succeeding from the union. You don't have armed uprisings to the point of armed conflict with the military. But why in the world in Washington DC. Are we not ready for these kind of events which, like what happened.

Brett Cavanaugh's house and then the protests were back out there. Two hours later it's it's it's some of the citizenry were operating like 1/3 world country.

That's really a record of service at the garage for day for baby formula Ford aid to feed our children.

Words were still reliving these January 6, I somehow we don't have a military that this easily, which we do and they live right from the start of the hearing, which is typical with Liz Cheney put up the Donald Trump sweeper did read the part of go home with love. You leave that part out that we have a serious important part will be right back.

It was anything as we help which we did for the start with the weight of the fight over they would like to pick using these committees you would let Republican leader choose where they wanted to be on the committee so it was truly bipartisan and by the time they do this, you really can't say this is one-sided is the two-acre Republic is a delay Donald Trump-based Democrats who have been in every impeachment.

We can't have is 1/3 impeachment, and since they are still attack it still focused on taking out Donald Trump as a political player in the United States. He's still showing influence as we speak in primaries. Lotta candidates are backed by him who are winning and I think that so I think there's that target there about long-term politics.

Unfortunately, the part that I would like answered. We have a couple interest for one our building is right there yes our office. I've got staff right there to. We know that their liberal group is claiming to shut slide shut down. It could be turned violent the justice because Atreides permit the justices from being able to get inside the court on Monday with the the next day. The issue opinions so they are doing big similar kind of action which is threatening to try and prevent the function of our government because it's very similar nascent deli different is actually saying it and so we know that this is Xers of the DC's got a deal with again very soon.

My like it in a few days so why then what will be different. This will be an interesting will the DC Mayor have National Guard worker National Guard with Supreme Court police will the Supreme Court police work with National Guard because we got as we said let's do things that are not getting answered by this committee, unfortunately, is why would they knew there was a very large group of angry protesters coming to Washington.

They were mad about something specific to Washington DC. That didn't mean you can predict their video store the U to their angry right you got the White House. You've got you got all these different institutions of the US government write down Constitution Avenue. Why were they so flip it denied request for the National Guard out of the chief of police for the cabinets on the screen for people. Let's put it back on the screen. This is the actual Capitol Hill.police document and it says Saturday, January 2. This comes from DoD are you putting the request for National Guard soldiers for January 6 20, 21, of it. 30 know this can be a big event more than just a rally next day the deputy chief no. No plan for that.

Not forthcoming at this time, after consultation with the chief of police arrived. That's that's the Capitol Hill police saying no, we don't need you DoD and then on January 5 with this letter up this when you think you're operating as a thurible country this from Mayor Bowser to Jeff Rosen was the acting Atty. Gen. United States two by Chris Miller, the acting sector defense and to our Ryan McCarthy who was a secretary. The Army to be clear reading this very specifically. To be clear, the District of Columbia is not requesting other law enforcement personnel and discourages any additional deployment without immediate notification to and consultation with MPD Metro Police Department. If such plans are underway. The protection of persons or property is our utmost concern. Responsibility MPB D Metro police are well trained and prepared to leave the law enforcement coordination response to to allow for the peaceful demonstration First Amendment rights in the District of Columbia.

Here's the problem that is a ridiculous letter from that from the mayor because Sandy, the chances of any mass gathering having troublemakers in any mass gathering is always a possibility mixing it with think attacks on this report, which it would be tax on the justice we saw an attack January 6.

This was a dereliction of duty. In my view, but you understand that there saying we don't want additional law enforcement here and and having been warned. What is coming. They make this inane statement about I don't want anymore. Look, I've tried cases in small rural counties in South Georgia. Were you to do. You don't have that kind of of her advance warning week turning the land and I was United States Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia. Okay, we would have the high profile trial, we would have and we know that juries are coming we know that people are going to be exposed to the judges are going to be exposed to pressure and we call out all available law enforcement officers and we have them surrounding the courthouse and the surrounding streets and the adjacent areas to make sure that things don't get out a hand in the events that are far less likely to be as rambunctious as this turned out to be. Now you've got notification that intelligently also intelligence a notification that is going to happen and the mayor of the district. Columbia says no where we are.

The Metro Police Department APD a simple PD is sufficiently well trained and prepared to leave the law enforcement coordination and response. How ridiculous a remark Metro police in Washington is 40 C regularly. I was securing elderly that these sites are not their job know so she's really wrong about that.

They are not crowd control God that the that because the crowds are in federal areas. They do have some crossover authorities, police in the District of Columbia. But that's why you have all these different department you have Capitol Hill police Supreme Court police you got Secret Service police uniform police for that for the White House and you have US marshals give all these different federal services department of defense ready to go with the National Guard in which training services to that I had a lot of protesters even try to get in the capital a guess they would've gotten not very far. It would've been much violence because you want to build a overrun dent National Guard lined up with machine guns and crowd control and they're portrayed provide for high-level violence like the leader of the testimony last night that officer, I do believe her in the sense that she has not had the training to do what they were trying to do, which was like are youfighting the things that I get that she should've been in that position because if he had 5000 National Guard or 7000 and 10,000 National Guard surrounding the capital. Guess what would've happened to the two grew. The problem was and protested they would not be able to get anyone to obtain access is a possibility. No, that doesn't justify what they did because what they did was an attack on the capital but it's a bizarre that in a free Republic where you have security concerns known security concerns. They may talk about the intelligence gathering they had done that you didn't take adequate preparation announcing this violence play out. 18 months later with an attempted assassination to the murder saying actually been charged with attempted murder murder, when asked about that moment, attempted murder, Brett Cavanaugh, that calling an assassination attempt at calling it a attempted murder.

Yet Steve's police shot him four years ago on a baseball field for congressional Democrat Republican congressional softball game we think about the stuff folks you got a threat coming to bring the shut the Supreme Court down, but that sort of a calling out troops.

I doubt it. Munoz and at the same time that Brett Cavanaugh had a threat on his house. They were protesting his house hours later. Now think about this with his kids at home made someone that was attempting to murder Brett Cavanaugh at the front of the Supreme Court at the front of his home is Abe that's a rest in the front of his own hours later protesters back on the street when their closet say you know what you can protest threatening justices is an end, by the way, there is legislation passed the Senate to provide more security to the Supreme Court justices in light of what's happened is religion installed in the House of Representatives, not letting it ever vote. Nancy Pelosi is the second time she's preventing security from being put in place to prevent something horrible from K's and the fact that they held out his breath In California that was going after the justice, the attempt to murder me nuts next attempted murder is murder. Yeah, that's right, attentive, murder is an attempt to commit a homicide with malice of forethought implied by law or or expressed by law. This man had weapons and guns and peppers Brian and instruments upon them that he was prepared to kill an associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States in violation of both the federal law and the law. The state of Maryland where the crime occurred and we have taken these precautions that you know against him now after the fact. Limiting what they don't want you talking about and what you talking about this. This is fine.

We talked about limiting within when you talk about reading headlines. Inflation rises 8.6% highest since 1981 shock 90 Felton five dollars to fill a family car next headlight, no ceiling insight Americans wealth declines. Yellen rejects the idea corporate green tabbouleh no recession coming even deep-pocketed buyers back away from housing market.

So here's the question I want to ask your audience.

The hearing took place will be more those hearings. Meanwhile, you're paying six dollars, almost 7 dollars.

In some states for gas Pam I went out to eat yesterday. It's breathtaking. The cost of food baby formula shortages. How is this impacting you the American people because were have our legislative teams take action on this.

We want to hear from you. We bulking up our phone lines 1-800-684-3110 800 684 31. Yes, I think this is the real issue is that that they want this to be an election issue. This is not an election issue coming up in a midterm election because even the people catalog trial by January 6 are on the ballot. This is the people are going to be voting events. I really want as she was the with all this.

Would you like a hearing on inflation. Would you like a hearing to go how to be had. We become a country that it is let let's see if the networks let it be primetime about how Joe Biden. Let us be country depended on foreign aid to feed babies in our country. But ABC, ABC and CBS. No way there, given that even if they had that hearing it with the Republicans take back to the house how delivery of the primetime.

They should know that's what people were tooted to how is the buying economy affecting you were to bring Harry Hutchinson, our Dir. of policy we want to hear from you on this 1-800-684-3110 houses economy right now affecting you, your business, your kids or grandkids grants and a couple of outlier Republicans to say the least about this. His are trying to distract and I think you get these here because you been to remember a lot of you forgot we were three full impeachment with all this imagery at all. This testimony already. So were doing it again in but an entire country where we know that there's problems that come from the left on attacks on her institutions at like Brett Cavanaugh like Monday at the US Supreme Court and what I hope is that in Washington DC they still are playing politics with that, but it would be producing to see that because some of their friends are that Supreme Court may be that they have a little more security second in a plane that came about the National Guard being sober second is the American people are having to make tough decisions about what went to eat, what do you have a conversation in our in our meeting was to go this is this horrendous United States version retirement this for working people for people have a job and into the your good person you got another issue going on. And yet it's a country where you can still easily feed people.

They were at that point yet the special baby formula that the case we are relying for it, or at a point now where it's kind of like going back like beads and pasta and rice is of the things that you know you Lisa go to be your kiddo before you.

This is the plan and that should not be the nice it's America 2020 note showing so I wanted first about. I don't have the latest sedans were watching the Barbara ever come to live. Those are watching us live the stock market had fallen about 800.7 what it is currently. Maybe what you find that out for me. You also reports on: the consumer price index.

CPI you have had reports on inflation. I want to go to Harry Hutchinson, worker policy, but also economic law expert, where are we on the CPI were we on inflation in the number that they're talking about now is that inflation is an 8.6%. You think it's higher highest since 1981, which was the end of the garden ministration. I think that is correct and I think the Biden administration parenthetically doesn't seem to care about the central issues which concern Americans entered suggest at least one possibility is that it is now time to bring back Jimmy Carter and his failures but generally we live in a world of pendulum shifts were in the lead Glebe globalist leaders of our country are simply out to lunch while Americans are getting poor and poor by the hour. You have statements from Sec. Yellen's suggesting that Biden is doing all he can on gasoline untrue. You have statements from the Press Secretary suggesting that we are in a historically good place in terms of the economy mean time, real wages in the United States have fallen by 3% year-over-year since last year. Inflation is up sharply and the forecasted inflation rate is going up even further and if you look at the University of Michigan consumer survey of sentiment which looks at any particular categories we find that the survey is at the lowest level, apparently in about 81 years. So what the American people are doing is a fair looking out toward the future and the future looks bleak and it gets bleaker by the day.

So long as the Biden administration continues to make misstep after misstep. They don't seem to care. And I think that message has gotten through to the American people. Chris's code of Virginia online what he Chris off of the secular.

There they Chris good afternoon, take three years ago I would concur. And now it's canned soup that this administration is kneeling on the neck of America.

I absolutely agree with the same people who could get working people that see Dennis lead steak and lobster every night three years ago, but it was an option to do, it's what you want when you wanted to celebrate something, have a special occasion that people eat the cost of traveling.

The cost hotels.

The cost of rental cars cost of food.

The cost of gas, it's all it all impacts everything and the wages are going up. It was a good look at this. This is on our screens will describe for a radio audience, but for those watching intervals. Many applications were teaming. This is steak insecurity wire at a local grocery store chain I think is actually a Walmart Walmart in Florida where it's you have to when you buy it they take off the security tape because they're afraid you can steal it yet because it is steak now those two stakes are now $20. There were probably $14 and 7.are $10 each or less a year ago.

The only is the problem so all this other stuff rehearsing history here. This effects really affects American originally recently recounted them. I can get at and and and is not it's not a constant problem. Now you have seen a little political violence on both sides of the aisle yet received. Right now a lot more the left but they don't talk about it or they ignore that completely. And I think that when you see those images. The only difference we also the Third World is that you can still buy it here yet. You can by stating if you need formula without any formal unicycle United States is not really a specialty item there are levels of it, obviously, but I think what would I get what what we really want to understand. I think the people should listen to Ginny Ellen we can play this again because this of its absurdity.

After observing from the administration. She says listed were doing everything we can. I was pessimism to close by 20 when you look at a polling policy to see what households have to solve. It's amazing how pessimistic things are given that we have about the strongest labor market was having his entire postwar. People can easily find charts there are jobs available and people can get employment. That's not the issue is Arabic doesn't pay it if John is not paying enough money to keep up with the cost of the goods area in the problem gas absolutely end up getting the job now is very expensive and the American people know that. So, for instance, it takes the average American family roughly $100 to fill up on gas. Natural gas prices are up about 65% month over month. If you look at business sentiment in the United States forecasting ahead it's down 24%. The steepest decline, perhaps in history and yet the Biden administration keeps proclaiming that the economy is strong. I think it is clear to the American people that the Biden administration is wearing no close and so I think it essentially a child could see this, but apparently the toddlers that run the Biden administration cannot and this is this is wrecking. This is also increasing the crime rates, the frustration, especially inner-city and you said you see experiences in Lena in the inner-city people are desperate when people are desperate because of cost. They do desperate things when that's exactly what degenerates crime is desperation.

You got a person who goes to buy a steak and then there's is one of these is this theft devices that you got people who they have to make a decision whether to buy brand or whether to put gas in the gas tank to get to work and take the children to school. These are the kinds of terrible things that we have stooped to and that we have fallen to that means crime is on the rise. People steal in order to get money in order to buy gas in order to buy food and does happen we want to hear from you, if in the next half hour. This very important were getting great calls, 1800-684-3110 800-684-3110.

How were these policies impacting you and your family. We want to know that because we have a legislative team in Washington. That's actually working with Congress to try to get some solutions.

I think the flight Ginny on the show how out of touch they have this custody is too old to elite rich understand. Just as these jobs are available. Because of that job pays nothing.

By anything so to cost benefit analysis you work in a job that they cost more to get there than you actually get paid the backseat of our ACLJ's been on the frontline protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member thinking. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our changing become a member today ACLJ keeping you informed and now, this is Jordan secular secular to beautiful's 164, 31 to illicitly address curly the show what Buick synopsis of that will be addressed at the this prime time. January 61 is wheat we believe there should be a pride time. On inflation or a pride time hearing on Supreme Court why they won't approve more security which really does authorize the US Supreme Court police to have more jurisdiction so that they can provide the security necessary for these justices will be know there's active threats.

As we've seen on their lives and we have you had the opinion released yet. We just saw Elisa. We know that that's the same fencing that they put up around the capital after January 6 is now run the Supreme Court, which is right across from our office of evidence to that too with ACLJ about how their data protect our staff right on Monday from a group that is say they want to shut down the ability for the justices to even get in. Which by the way to get it in its ribs. It is right by our office because that's the behind his report and that's where they drive it in under. And oftentimes he closed on that street when they're there but sometimes they just drive right by the just as you if you're paying attention you might see what is normal time. I don't know if that's happened in the last couple of years, but yet so what we've said is it we've all condemned. What happened on January 6. They're forcing us to re-condemn it is a political move, and they will not get to the will of root causes you to the root causes always saw say that this they will get to the root cause. We know that there were one issue, a huge group of people covered Washington DC that had days of of knowledge of that we have the documentation should it. We've gone through another shot. I got to go through to get we know that they refused National Guard and assistance of the DOT that would've prevented this from ever happening. We would have a committee. Here's we also know that they won't think NBC and ABC and CBS will not do a pride time hearing on why Jenny Ellen thinks everything is greatly economy so strong when you can't afford anything so then I go do that. So the mainstream media, who by the way, claimant overblown production again, which is a usual thing they give his alibi to the ABC presence of easily 80 years old at this point he could tell the everything everything was delayed that this is it was now that I had you had to try to lay later medicine Of the front yet right except for the. The important part of the tree which says go home with love and peace, which is how you talked at a crowd you don't Crowd giving them talked at a crowd by saying but get home, stop it, and she left it out while it's up on the screen but it is and that's how she started.

But but it is worthwhile to point out that we do not have the documents with us on the screen from the mayor of New York, of Washington that on January 5-20 21. She specifically states that the District of Columbia is not requesting other federal law enforcement personnel and discourages any additional deployment without immediate notification and consultation with Metro Police Department.

So any injured lot, law enforcement, including federal level.

She turned it down. I can't believe that I cannot believe that knowing having the intelligence and the information given to her in advance that the mayor of Washington DC turned down the auspices of than the abilities and the forces of the National Guard of the Department of the Army of the Department of Defense, knowing what was about to happen or what could have happened in anticipation of the events that do ultimately occurred or how she turned it down is is is a saying in the most fundamental way a dereliction of duty but is gross negligence on the part of the mayor to say we don't want additional reinforcements and troops the Metro Police Department can handle it. How nave, how negligent, how grossly out of touch. This mayor was taking your calls especially on the economy issue we got the Prof. Hutchison here with us for going over this merchant try to get some concrete solutions welcoming on capital of the guy get the gas prices down. We've gone from energy exporter to an energy depend on foreign aid Parnate for that foreign aid for mechanically when I have to say this baby formula and we had tape in and in Washington we got the mayor saying we don't want additional help. That's only let the cities burn last summer. They want that within one national ordinary to remember all that process is building burned out at the same time, the Lancer secretary said were at a better economy.

Is it a better place than it has been historically when arguing talking to 800-684-3110. How is this impacting you 1-800-684-3110 by the more moment 64 3110. I would say this though, because the play Janet yell at this cut out of touch with is put in jobs available. Those jobs will pay enough to even pay the bills to get to the job or provide for the food so is a cost-benefit analysis of of would you rather just be on a government program unemployment program because of the cost and these jobs are not like long-term career jobs was for that visa give this a service industry jobs that are again not the delivery folks. We all got very sedentary pandemic of the Uber aid said and post rates of them and try to prove guilt is shipped an animistic but not promoting any of them to safe units in the NASA tip now and you realize that that the guy or gal that did this for you has driven not more than a mile or two because that's visit, but that mile or two because there may be seven or eight dollars well what vehicle you have but it's more than a minute you get from your house is a grocery store to that thereafter.

So your house is even if you deliver lighthearted valid templates inhibited the Mary Helen was on the gas a little bit. So before they are put all that in the pocket not mounted so it should now if you look a lot of those apps is not as many people doing this not as quick.

I just think it that's how you see how things work, but I don't know the Janet yellow knows how to use Windows apps.

I got a prison for Harry and that is this so you look at we have inflation at this rising rate, what would be the appropriate economic policy to get this under control will first we should stop digging a hole for ourselves and so that would mean we should eliminate all stimulative monetary policy and are moving in that direction. Perhaps we should move faster. Number two. We should stop federal spending and then number three we should unleash the inherent power of US energy. If we expand energy production in the United States that will help. At the margin. The other issue that's out there which we can't really help with too much and that is the inability of the Biden administration to anticipate problems.

So friends answer refinery went down they don't seem to be able to anticipate this particular issue and help out at the margin and sit and you see the same issue with respect to baby formula and the scarcity that was a problem that actually commenced in February 2021.

The Biden administration began to address it. Perhaps in April 2022. That's the price so so the failure react promptly and really hurriedly yeah and so, your competence would help a lot. At the margin back to the front yet I will go to Peggy first in Arizona online to hightail you out of the secular you're there I Peggy how are you I working and I thought I could retire dollar in my 401(k) the copy Out that there is this is is people are knocking to make decisions retiring honey that's that's scabby if you can. If you can keep your job and keep the resources in it and because look at the stock market right now. One of the states down right now 767 points and everything that you have is in red meat and milk. Of the three that were present based on the consumer price index in things that were in essence the White House take a listen. Mr. White has precipitated the they could see the stock market crash they can see the consumer price index highest since 1981 that's Jimmy Carter into the first year Ronald Reagan try to correct Jimmy Carter and he still make comments out of a 30-year-old 44 30 something-year-old press secretary's mouth whose live in Washington DC was so outside of of regular world that they can say this with a straight face. That's what's even ridiculous tankless water is a mall of the following are lawyers generally will have an eternity to achieve the American dream is Attila here is that standing people are feeling feeling this they are feeling the increase of prices in particular right now that is something that we understand trying to say when I'm trying to say to the economy better place and it has been historically perceived. She downplays you just as you feel this way so she's trying to say on this right wing talking points.

This is just the media telling us you just feel is an actual she does it because she tried to drive a car shows. Washington DC should that you don't get she's not living in reality and everybody does with reality. Even if you're very wealthy can see you see and know what very wealthy people start making that they are to do make decisions based on how the stock market which the trickles down to every body and so to be able to say that it's in a stronger but I don't even know what she's talking about, except for there's a lot of jobs available that don't pay enough to pay the bill so that's it then so that enough government to utilize more gas to get the net. Here's the problem. But here's what so condescending and that's what folks is very important and were glad you're calling us.

We want to hear from you.

We need to hear from you on this as we take this information. We use our government affairs office in Washington, 1800-684-3110 800-684-3110. When you listen to her response when expressed in response to Peter Ducey. I guess what I'm trying to say Peter that we understand the people are feeling this there feeling the increase in prices would food in particular right now. I guess that is something that we understand what you're trying to say what I'm trying to say he was that the economy is in a better place than space currently not adding that is a symbol we deal with words. She did not answer the question and then said people are feeling this way but they have a job at least. How can you make that statement.

Gas prices are spiraling up food prices. A mediocre state cost $20 a loaf of Chabad of bread full of holes because five dollars. You gotta buy rice and beans in the United States and pasta in order to live and you're telling me that historically we are in a better place than we've ever been nonsense because Harry there conflating jobs available and people employed with cost-of-living and and these businesses are getting hit by these costs and that's why they can't raise the wages.

I think that is true and the other issue watch actually is a factor long-term is that the southern border is open, what is that mean it means that there are individuals who are coming across the border who effectively are keeping wages in the United States from racing as I mentioned earlier, real wages in the United States have fallen by 3% year-over-year, and it's even worse for lower middle-class people.

But I also think the fundamental problem or lease one of them is the fact that it leads basically disdained rank-and-file Americans. Elites believe they have a better handle on reality. Elites generally don't shop at Walmart, or even Costco and so they don't face the real world. Cost of living, and the American people do day after day and I hope the American people have a long memory because one of the things they can do is that they can exercise the right to vote in for five months. You want to go to the back the funds after the grace the better practice we we have these kind of times from her countries you're able to hear if you don't call in from all over the country so very different places people very different backgrounds course feeling the same issue. So we have come Arizona the next couple because I do. I can still shoot Pennsylvania than Alaska here.

Pennsylvania first. Him and Marty in Pennsylvania. My three hey Marty and Dylan and I do appreciate you guys taking my call and I come from a little bit different perspective by asking how is everything. How's the economy how's the raising inflation affecting us. I am a small business owner I own a Mac tool franchise, which is already kind of a dangerous business to own based upon how tool business works, but I started in 2019. It is radically a different world now and 2022 and back in May on the second I had a notify Mac tools that I could no longer keep this open due to the rising cost of everything and I am resigning and now I have shut down my business in America is built on small businesses like myself and were getting squeezed out. Marty, did you have any additional employees. It was just was just you and that work. I am an LLC as quote so I was the owner and the employee every quarter. I got a lot of check and want to fire myself.

But the problem is this what the problem is the Marty's hundreds and easily did yesterday that he did at the chosen is down and he's right. Small business. Harry is the backbone of the American economy, especially small business like these franchisees are it weathers the food industry was tool industry could retail industry mean they're out there and that is precisely the business category that this administration doesn't really care about what does Joe Biden care about. He cares about Facebook he cares about Mark Zuckerberg he cares about the globalist elites he cares about bill gates, Microsoft, Amazon, and so one of the things that we face with respect to the Biden administration is there insisted like unreality.

The reality that faces average working class and middle class Americans each and every day I focus could you take your phone calls, one 800 684 31 children Alaska next Sunday. Let's hear the impacts of coast-to-coast in every state we in the country. What hear from you. 164, 31 to a lot of resource available here on this broadcast with reality and what you're actually dealing with crisis Alaska because of the reach of our broadcast will be asked. People really call tells how and what it's like Martha's colorful Alaska online for Martha, welcome to secular you're the author went back and get private Christian school lunch at school and on the path and block any inflation now and in general, letting my husband and I both work at a private deck too much money actually never thought I might go and teach at the credit I can get vacation right. Listen. These are decisions I wish you weren't having to make and that's the problem with this area. Please note this might so important, so glad you called us, and people are calling to talk about this here. You got a teacher in Alaska.

They made a decision put the kids in private Christian school. She's working and now the cost of living gas boot.

Whatever might be is an amount where she cannot afford to keep the kids in school unless maybe she goes there and teaches which then sometimes the tuition is either discounted or free but salaries are usually lower so you may run into that but why should Americans in 2022 who reenlisted husband and wife working a job that you go to pay the right well I think the fundamental issue is the people in Washington. The elites that controlled the levers of government they live in a bubble and they really don't care about middle income people who live in what they term flyover country and so essentially they're suggesting to those people who live in flyover country that we really don't care.

And we don't really mind. If you wind up in a truly hot place and I think the American people need to respond to this Nick black that is coming from our global elites and we should stop outputting those individuals in office and that means not only the President but it also means Congress. Do you have members of Congress who care about the lives of the American people or not, and I think if you certainly look at the data, the Biden administration is comprised of individuals who could care less who were going to tell you that inflation is transitory that Pres. Biden is doing a fantastic job while you get poor and poor. At the end of the day.

They don't care.

So to me on Facebook for road and since she's been retired for almost 2 years, but is about to go back to into the workforce. Why, because of the cost of gas and food along with everything else. The people that of retired work their entire career at retirement ready to go, cannot retire this is having it. So yes employment numbers are high, it's just that the cost they can get paid enough to keep up with it the I will go to the next Cosco to Denise in Pennsylvania online. Find some guy getting you got all over the country were continue to show a Denise. All I want to echo the comment that parent you reiterated taking their kids out of public school and I'm calling from Pennsylvania. Like I said in my region. The majority of the public school districts are not meeting standard testing score I am testing them on in the middle class category cannot continue to make it over on the other side and everything is going up. So I'm at the end of the school year. I'm stuck. I am paying higher price for gas. I drive a typical day for my job.

I'm paying more for you and now I have to pay try to afford my child in education really taxes but the schools are painful and units there that we support school choices from his attack exactly from oversight.

This districts like open oversight that and moments like this, the economy, so were you. You could you could choose the schools with its tax vouchers or tech support or again because you are at this is everybody's called to be very honest if not sailing in a bit by someone who could barely make ends meet. Usually visit the Ellington the middle-class Americans were like pretty good with the struggles it before, but now the kids there make it very tough. This is a the rhetoric for.

But here's what's happening people that conflict and that reporter showing us people that can afford this cost increases that can afford the increase in food and housing.

All this love are still slowing down because you look at any said getting two bags of groceries. It's shocking and shocking. You go in there and that the price of food has just skyrocketed the price of gasoline skyrocketed, and you have this is again the coming and have this two years ago we didn't have this three years ago. Is it just coincidence that this is happened in a year and 18 months know it's because they did not anticipate what Harry you said they did not anticipate market shifts in market moves and we went from energy exporting to energy dependence and that is what because a lot of us.

I think you're precisely correct. So if you go back to January 20, 2021 Joe Biden launched an attack on the American people. How because he block for instance the XL pipeline.

Since then, energy prices have been on a trajectory, an upward trajectory independent of whatever's going on in Ukraine. Now they're trying to conveniently blame each and every crisis on pollutant the American people are smarter than that. But the Biden administration continues to disdain the opinion of the American people they need to unleash the. The energy sector and if they unleash the energy sector. Guess what it actually provides a large number of high-paying jobs for Americans and lowers the cost of living right is a singular coast-to-coast so that a Scott in California online one. He's got a sketch on their side wall called from California to let you guys know I'm not finding anything here and I luckily am I my baby nine months old religious transmission and a whole milk and like her other options, but I can imagine what it would be like rather likely might make a decision. It's like you decide to visit Dr. this is the time we should treat his work have to do this now, even if it's the same as America. And we don't have baby from Netflix are ridiculous about, let's go to Charlie. Also in California.

This is absurd. To do this going to Charlie on their high guideline for taking my call and appreciated for what you do now that I've been on disability now for about four or five years and you know this year have not received anybody that I know they receive a cost-of-living allowance and thank God my landlord had it raise my rent graded onion on any homeless so and I feel sorry for the people that agreed on disability or just congenitally average American trying to trying to make your exact procedure: Charlie, here's the employer's problem. Their costs are going up to so the government not increasing in her employers not increasing is the cost of instant healthcare insurance is through the roof. You cannot even imagine if I gave you the number you would you would you would say that can't possibly be right you got as many employees as we have rinsed you want to provide the benefit but it's not going up at 2% is going up. It astronomical numbers so the cost of everything is affecting the businesses. That's why this Friday am glad again. We heard from you very important when you get all the store offices in Washington DC, the average irregular to talk about the issues actually impacting like with the base review tries to get your attention. What is really getting my day-to-day right now and kids are great kids school cost-of-living Raytheon of letting go of record be distracted with ACLJ that

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