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WED HR1 060122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 1, 2022 11:59 pm

WED HR1 060122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Own program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded resistant by radio what's right what's left is coming out now.

Welcome to another digital what's what was left on the first day of June, 20, 22, and tonight we have will our producer is none other than the mighty Andrew, good evening past good evening buddy, Andrew here live in the studio. I have let other than Marty Rupert and Jonathan Broadbent sale of those either pressure okay there you go, no way out yonder in Missouri, we have another the net back roads preacher, the pastor Joe Larson. At heartland. Professional filter ready to go to work right unpaid professional. We have to get right. We have a lot to cover tonight so were going to get right into what the message tonight and what we want to get across is simply this. Well you know what I want to go to Thomas Jefferson and teleservices said very eloquently. Here's what he said when it in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature. Nature God entitles them we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, life life, folks, that's the very first one. We therefore, the representatives of United States of America. In general, Congress assembly appealing to the supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions and for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. Now what is we talking about. We have come to that time in America.

This is what we always try to go in and take things in order to do than just a minute from the Bible and show you how God's Word, the Bible interacts with current events.

Now it is come time because we have become our government is no longer legitimate government is become totally illegitimate. It is become totally contrary to the teachings of God's Word, the Bible guys with the Bible teaches.

The very first thing the very first command is to be fruitful and fill the earth to bring forth children of first command. The very first here in America. Joe Joe, Obama, Biden, and antichrist Democrats death. The World Health Organization death were God gives us life.

Everything in God's Word the Bible that God calls us in the weather and sodomy, pedophilia, transgender everything in their that God calls us in the illegitimate government that we have today.

Washington DC the completely totally illegitimate government is in total. Contrary. So not only not only do we have the right not to acknowledge or recognize any legitimacy but we have the charge by Almighty God, because from Genesis to Revelation is where the Bible teaches very clearly, resistance to tyranny is obedience to God and without Joe was going to be in second Corinthians chapter 6, readme verses 14 through 18 are characterized here.

Something first.

You go ahead and your reading those fragments from the declaration I worked looking Isaiah 3320. The Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver of the Lord is our King's King judge and lawgiver he will favor since what Isaiah and as you read that this declaration really is what the covenant with God is the maker of the laws. The legislature supreme judge sees the judge. He is the divine providence. She's our King and so Isaiah understood very clearly he is the one who will phase out by what obeying him. I just thought I'd add that if you didn't mind already.

Corinthians 6 strike right through 18 B ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers or what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness, but in what communion hath light with darkness and what Concorde has Christ with the Lyle what part have he that believe it with a number with an infidel, and what agreement hath the temple of God with I don't, for ye are the temple of the living God. As God has said, I will dwell in them and walk in them and I will be their God and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among them and be separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you and will be a father unto you, and you shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty. Amen. Well this is that exactly what we talking about because today you have throughout the country. Corruption, I mean you have corruption like we've never had America is becoming every bit as corrupt as every other Third World country out there today. The the Democratic kindness party is absolutely totally corrupt. There's nothing there's not one thing within their platform that is not about sin and corruption. Now today, there are those that are have become so used. So use to violating God's ethical laws and that that they continue and they try to justify themselves.

In doing so, and locally where we're watching not just the death the graphs but Rino Republicans also have become corrupted.

Working hand-in-hand, where ethics and morals no longer have a partner that brings us to an article Jonathan that you wrote and then were in the title of that article is dear Geauga County, and anyone who cares about America or the pricing strategy so with that I know that them.

Marty Rupert wants to go ahead and pick it up.

Marty I think you pastor.

This was an article that my my different. Jonathan wrote that were trying to published in the couple of the local papers here. It was really in a response in finding out here locally. Once got guys like Jonathan.

I got involved in really looking into local politics. How the Democrats through getting rhinos elected have pretty much stolen the Republican Party even the basic leadership at that the grassroots of the county have been hijacked both by some of the power players in the executives and the ones that are really supposed to be holding up the main rights of missions are the main rights. The main things and all Republicans hold near and dear. Let me just say this there.

That is because it was able why are you talking about that kind is a national program that's exactly why were talking about because what is happening in this county is having another counties all crossed all across the entire United States. So we want you to go ahead and have go ahead and pick it up where he left of Marty so that the thing I wanted to touch base on the things that are near and dear to me as a Republican and I actually left the Republican Party for a couple years and when independent until I realized that the it is pretty much right to a two-party system and that the main values of the Republican Party that I grew up with, which is a conservative approach belief in the Second Amendment belief in the right to life.

She is meet what little thing I learned from you which talks about abortion is that medical healthcare abortion is homicide and and and most importantly, I think the thing that all true Republicans hold near and dear, is that the Constitution outside the Bible is one of the greatest documents ever ever created and and constitutional conservative Republicans are what is the backbone here in Geauga County. Yet we been manipulated through backroom dealings and corrupt politics and money trickling in to where a lot of our leadership is now what we deem as rhinoceroses, and that pretty much glorified Democrats than the Republican Party, the, the letter which I'm really proud to read here that my my friend penned I six pages. It says dear Geauga County and limit limits.

Let me preface it by saying this is everyplace in America that is a conservative constitutionalist Second Amendment Bible loving state and county and I believe it's the majority of America.

We have been hijacked where the minority of of politicians are ruling the majority of the people in the United States is how communism works.

That's exactly how communism works but that here's the six pages that and bear with me if you never heard an air raid siren and not seem to forget it. It's haunting the sound hits you to your core makes you feel that danger is imminent. If you read the stories of people who live through horrifying events like this.

They all say the same thing they thought it was a test or maybe a false alarm. Such survivors routinely tell the world that we should never ignore the alarm. Each thought disaster would never see each thought disaster would never strike them. After all, life was so calm.

They didn't imagine bombers would come that the tornado would touchdown the destruction. In other words, caught them off guard. Sometimes people admit after the fact that they missed the warning signs. These are people in Geauga County who are sounding an alarm and I'm one of them. And Jonathan is one of them and me to and pastor is definitely one of them. We are being intentionally loud and we realized that content that can seem disturbing. Believe me if I felt I had a choice I would be in my garden are growing my businesses. I shut down all social media accounts and you'd never hear from me except there is danger in the following paragraphs I'm going to assert that you should be paying attention.

This is not a false alarm. If you care about Geauga County or any county in America children healthcare, education and future generations consider my our arguments for sounding the alarm. I am convinced that Cuyahoga politics.

This is the adjoining county to Geauga and money are already here invading Geauga. The characters involved a repeating get-rich-quick tactics in order to make fast money off the destruction of everything that makes Geauga so terrific. Geauga is in other words being presented with a path to ruin a path that leads to a few people getting vastly rich and powerful in our community suffering.

Let's start with the intersection of money in politics. Can you guess what the following list of financial donations represents and what Jonathan has. Here is a list of over $5000 donated to one particular county commissioner running by then the Jim Dvorak who took a whole bunch of money out of Cleveland from the union's ironworkers Steelworkers plumbers local union 65 bricklayers allied craft workers, laborers International Union and I can keep going down on the list but to save time I was in a jump to the next part of the article it says if you guessed financial comfort contributions to recent democratic turned Republican Jim Dvorak who is arguably twice been elected County Commissioner by the non-Republicans of Geauga County. Your correct is my concerted opinion that Mr. Dvorak has been elected to office twice, not by Republicans but by non-Republicans of Geauga County. But don't stop there. Looking further into the relationship's timing and propose projects being considered for Geauga County along with mostly Cuyahoga-based plans for Geauga County will start to see a clear picture of what's happening and who is pulling the proverbial pursestrings.

For instance, did you know that on May 19, 20, 22 group met to consider hi density housing in Geauga County yes hi density housing is exactly as it sounds a lot of people living together in a small area sometimes can be low-rent housing, and sometimes that government-subsidized that's government-subsidized housing without going into much detail, I'll suggest that the process of building and populating high density housing is tremendously lucrative eventually other things tend to follow, such as increased police increase fire increase retail increase, restaurants, utilities, transportation as well as the big money makers education and healthcare for people who get in early on such plans and have political backing or worse politicians. You also stand to gain the profits can be substantial.

Let me stop right there for second and add that I grew up in Cuyahoga County and I love that County and it was a beautiful County almost like Geauga is now, but probably not as beautiful as Geauga is now, but Cuyahoga has been ruined any man, woman or even child that is living in that Cuyahoga County right now would give their eye teeth to move to Geauga when I was growing up in Kyle Haga.

It was peaceful there were lots of parks and we did have high density housing, but over the years with the promise of development in great things.

The high density housing. His room, Cuyahoga County Dave Anderson.

Marty wrote a book that, by the way, the word Cuyahoga means crooked title of his book was crooked County Eddie.

We really got into the politics there because they have been crooked for a very long time but out in Geauga for the word judge means raccoon and so I guess that is not nearly as bad as being it. Let me add one thing I am in Cuyahoga County. They have so many government-subsidized housing projects that some of them get torn down after 10 or 15 years, because you just can't take people and put them into high density housing where they have no vested interest in taking care of their property. They end up trashing everything in its little general area and they've run out of places to do that in Cuyahoga County and they're trying to do it in beautiful Geauga and they're trying to bring all these high density programs all throughout America right now, make no bones about it. Everyone listening to my voice right here. High density housing projects are what the death of Kratz want for America to meet. Let me just comment on that because this is this is a part of the agenda 2030, which they have different names for this all across country in the impaired Ohio in our is called the why complicate the like is simply agenda 2030 and when you talk about. I did density housing. One of the things they wanted to they want to expand the limits of all your major cities out 10 miles away around they want to forcefully move everybody in to the cities they want to have apartment buildings and a 33 stories high. I was reading their whole thing and they wanted the one who put us in there and and we only have we can only travel by bicycle and were restricted. We have to literally have to have a pass to go out into the countryside.

So this is this is what the death of Kratz want they want to control every single moment of our day they would control everything we do might my contest.

My gut tells me that Nowak out which right now is just an area coordinating agency but it's soon to probably be another big arm of government and it's going to be the one to control the cities in the 10 mile radius of the shady and completely get rid of the shady bureaucrats behind the politician.

They're the ones that are in the shadowed many of these cities and that they have varied in several sets of books and nothing is on the up and up.

There's nothing that is not shady in the lockup. There is nothing at all.

That is not shady by the way two things really quickly. First is I'm very impressed with your research pastor definitely been doing the reading and looking into this. Nowak a thing and what it represents. These NGOs NGO stands for nongovernmental organizations. They are, they routinely become an effective arm of government and politicians they soak up money. They take control and that the they spread tentacles incest incessantly. The other thing is you know you bring up Nowak out and look you've had a chance to see this actually comes up in the moment LM in the article on the Jets are Nowak that we get we get into Nowak on this thing and you can't touch on the subject matter. I'm at the bottom of page 2, and I think extreme for me. Going to Nowak about in order to's disbarment page 2 in order to soften Geauga for such big-ticket and likely government run projects.

Many things will need to change zoning taxes, utilities, traffic, and a whole lot more for such changes to take place.

The lens through which such choices are made must first be shifted from what this Geauga County want to. How can such changes be made with the least amount of pushback from the residence.

This inevitably leads to feel-good project pitches like we need to help the poor, sick, the unhealthy will benefit from this or the overused racecar anyone fighting a project on any grounds might be labeled a racist element just on this little tidbit and I say this to all my friends and family, probably get some flack from someone here listening to this, but racism does not exist in America.

It does not exist in Europe does not exist in Asia cannot exist because anyone who truly knows who they are as a person knows that every one of us our black brothers are yellow brothers are red brothers are white brothers. We all come from the family and know so how could I have racism now made there but there may be prejudice in the United States and I'll be the first one to tell you that prejudice is my God-given right if I'm walking down the street and I see a guy who looks like a fog act like a fog. I'm I can walk up to that guy carrying a conversation when to keep my place in a minute. Keep doing my business, but racism does not exist because my black brothers are my brothers. I have many friends that I have in this world that are Native American in our African roots and I look at the man's eyes, which then leads me into his heart and if if he's got a good heart is my brother no matter what color skin, but we all come from the family. Note get that clear and we all bleed red so when I case that you know so much. What is a woman moment is a beautiful it is my own definition of beautiful, loving, sweet creature that has the mind equal to man does not have the physical power of man, and was created by man's lovely bone in his body with different ancillary magnetize at different stories and try to keep this on the up and were going to go through this yeah go ahead Joe wanted put out something good sound so familiar. I read many years ago a book called Ursula Ballard by Al Gore and everything you guys are talking about all three of your pastor included was right there in Al Gore's book the high-rise apartment three. How to do it how the presented call this the enemy I've been saying this for 30 years in radio. The enemy always tells you what they're gonna do they tell you how they're gonna do it in and they do it to us because most people pay very little attention to what's going on Al Gore have all of this and that stupid book Earth in the balance that nobody read and it was there for the world to see Anna Nick Ernie United that couple times in the radio presented to all of this stuff many many years ago right you know when you what you can imagine what that out there week. That's why we do know about this because Al Gore told us what was going on right and I remember people say they could never happen in America they could never have in America have never happened here right right 100 will do one thing that slow about big time that were armed in only candidate that neighbors to the north thereunder. Didn't you know who is a hard-core communist and a Muslim and is a dictator. He needs an evil evil evil ungodly man he is. He is trying to totally outlaw any opportunity for any of our Canadian brothers sisters to defend themselves is that of you here and look all handguns and all anything that's not a hunting rifle over five rounds or less. Grant felt even a little semi automatic 22 NEA are platforms any anything with over five rounds lifted.what did he just okay. What did Trudeau just legalizing Canada. What else you can have your know know know know know know know what else, what is what is the drug is killing people and so so deadly that is killing tens of people here in America is the Ohio through the home that no illegal eyes fed no illegal eyes Code Pink life will be reviewing cocaine United no hazy legalizing Fenton on the let me ask you this boy you know you know what the percentage they had over they had 23 people died in the past year in Canada for by gunshots.

23 they had over 5000 die from Sentinel and cocaine. No you know what, even by common core math 5000 is more than twice as much. 23 amoebae there, but by their math, but any very good math. That's impressive yeah okay how it's so think about this now, more than twice that of its own and this is going to be deep really deeply deeply. If you if you legalize that know which is which is killing people left and right and you take away their ability to protect themselves. Does this mean that you want people to live or you want people to die program on I have to go with the open door be you want people to die exactly hangtag will be back right after this and the screen about some of this country who all began to dream. The saying when the morning came, there was across this nation be thinking in the saying my way and the man in his own name and nowhere were not good.

Take it or not, listen. The views expressed here today but why guest are not necessarily the views of WHA W station or even the ministry, although they should be and so that's what we want to say right, although they should be and so anyhow we can piggyback up with me with the that's right, you debuted out of the correct center eight.

So before we were to break we are talking about legalizing cocaine and Sentinel in Canada and it occurs Mac. I just have to interject this. I've got some friends who were of Russian descent not far from here is a big Russian community and I get stories I get an ear full what we're experiencing right now.

We've had people for their panic stricken somebody's first generation elderly Russians have moved to they moved to escape communism and they see this stuff creeping in American society that they will be among the first to tell you know what happened in Russia. Vodka vodka flooded the markets. It just calmed everybody down. Everybody turned into a drunk. I'm sorry enemy to disparage Allred to that true that all Russians are geared consuming back all the time but they just made it so easy to get a hold of that, it sort of calm the masses. That's what I'm trying to say about that. The other thing that I just learned recently from one of my close Russian friends is that in the lead up to the takeover of the Communist Party.

They get a bunch of gender bending all of this stuff like boys can be girls and girls can be boys and stuff. This will depend what year with Ativan that the rise of the Communist Party in Soviet Union level prior to server union to take over Russia. The parallels the point that I want interject here is when you look at places all over the world from how to Cuba to Venezuela and Russia. The parallels are uncanny. It just boggles the mind that people can't seem to understand that we are duplicating the same steps that that's what's the expression pastor. The people that don't understand history are doomed to repeat it. Absolutely you some years ago we had to 10 Russian pastors coming here and they'll get up in the H1 of the spoken with pastor didn't you. Why are you allowing what we escaped from, why are you allowing us to look to understand… He was going and again look we have we have two political parties.

We have the Republican Party and that we have the Communist Party.

There is no longer a Democratic Party it it's gone J, it is totally gone. There are no more Democrats they become cut with a maybe 10 Democrats. They don't have a party it's become a totally complete Communist Party, which is an antichrist party in this country. That's reality. That's reality. So where were Casey, Jonathan, will you call something when when it nation is invaded by foreigners when the foreigners come in innovative nation that's called an active or inactive workwear.

Right now we are under siege and we are being sold out from within.

I completely agree. Okay that the guy in the White House is the enemy of America.

He's the enemy of God, country, what would Millie Gen. Millie Gen. Austin, these people are guilty of dereliction of duty. They made they betrayed America, they have not. That's the job of the military to defend the country and there standing down just like those cops that stood down at the Rob school there they stood down while the kids are being killed.

This is what's happening our military. Let the soldiers. The soldiers are with us with those at the Pentagon understanding down while America is under siege what your favorite Bible quote about for lack of knowledge didn't and was age. Therefore my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge and America's being strip destroyed from false media just being spewed left and right every major network including the one that I love.

For many years, Fox never thought a man like Sean Hannity would be somebody that I would lose respect for thank thank thank the Lord for Tucker Tucker Carlson and the truth and he speaks but we we have been destroyed for lack of knowledge right will but doubt here's another thing that you should know to. There's a lot more of us.

Those people know our our situation is communication. This is why this radio program right here is so important is the boldest radio program. The entire country weave from day one. 17 states live tonight correct all loafers is from coast-to-coast glare from coast-to-coast. And so here we had one policy from day one in the policy is what no compromise. No compromise. We never start compromise what you start, J you can.

It's hard to pull back. So we flew we've had that Joe had we not had that policy wears Lane have Maria equipment no matter what. Absolutely because of that we've had Bloomberg by radios station just to get us off by the stations up sell emotion around just to get us off.

I really want to jump back at the Johnson's article, we got all the way through it up to where he starts to talk about no ACCO which we briefly touched on. But you gentlemen brought up the second amendment and couple days ago, I was just looking at some videos I stumbled across a couple of little quotes in this one.

I love to read on the air go ahead.

The rights of citizens to bear on this and I know were not up in Canada but that I wish my Canadian brothers because I never handed everyone a lot of listeners and green cannot rightly all my love to my Canadian brothers. I mean they to beautiful country being roomed by it.

Totally incompetent president Wendy Canada by three different radii minister Jasmine is there right now if I was in Canada right now doing this program might be arrested with what we're doing here right now is illegal in Canada so this is former Hubert H. Humphrey, who is no longer with us. Speaking to my brothers up in Canada. He says the right of citizens to bear arms is just one guarantee against arbitrary government. One more safeguard against the tyranny which now appears remote in America but which historically has proved to always be possible when you see the rise of tyranny in your country.

Collect your guns and stash your ammunition and where there gentlemen where there and here's another little one that Patrick Henry, I believe, may find that one because the I'm definitely a big believer of second amendment of the liberty of conscience in matters of religious faith of speech and of the press of the trial by jury in civil and criminal cases of the benefit of the writ of habeas corpus and of the right to keep and bear arms. If these rights are well defined and secured against encroachment. It is impossible that government should ever degenerate into tyranny and if we defend each one of these. We don't have to fear a tyrannical government which they take our guns. We are completely in fear and I look to my other brothers who are living on reservations right now and they turned in their weapons and they got massacred. So all my brothers out there Canada United States collect semi automatic weapons and stash your ammunition and realize that that your so-called president credo is that your friend is your enemy and I don't have to tell you folks in Canada that he is a dictator and an antichrist go-ahead I am jumping back in the Johnson's article at this point, I know exactly what people will say in order to attempt to discredit my arguments. I've been through it for several years and my fight for education in schools no race, religion or sexual orientation, ethnic origin, native language, and other such factors are not relevant. Such considerations are immaterial. So ignoring the arguments of people challenge high density housing and or areas are racist, sexist, llama, phobic, anti-LGBT Q, or any other such domestic dismissive argument why government-backed projects. It is generally understood that the government funded high density housing leads investors to the most consistent money and profits. This is because there is no chance anyone skips on rent or fails beat behind on payments with political backing and government money building is fast-track red tape is virtually did virtually disappears.

Profits are effectively government guaranteed cost overruns don't run the risk of bankrupting the builders of the backers. In fact, cost overruns, often mean that someone is getting paid extra union unions enjoyed building in such environments refer here. He has little side note, refer back to the chart of all of those unions in Cuyahoga County that have no political battle here in geometry, yet they're donating to a county commissioner by the name agenda for ecu glorified Democrat running as a rhinoceros Republican. That's something such big city planning types. Big-money projects don't stop at housing much more is needed in order to provide for the inhabitants of high density housing, fast food, healthcare, education, utilities, and once in place, the people of high density. Density housing most often fall under the control of those government entities that fund and/or prove them what is Nonaka enter Cleveland-based Northeast Ohio area wide coordinating agency. The acronym NRO ACA for short. I am aware of the communities in our area that have been fighting the lack of for years, even decades over projects that stand to disrupt neighborhoods appreciate home values or are otherwise unwanted.

It is generally understood that while Malacca promotes itself as a resource. It is fact that it is effectively a big government control and profit center. If no actors based in Cleveland. Why did the residents of Geauga County send them money and whether they do with that money that Geauga County sends them. Malacca has been collecting money from Geauga County for many years apparently solely because federal law requires that we belong to such an organization.

Yet, in spite of all the money are County gives we get virtually nothing in return. Perhaps we should be thankful considering what we know of site. Considering what we now are learning of their intentions for Geauga. This is changing, however. After collecting money from Geauga County for many years.

Malacca is now proposing all sorts of plans for Geauga County plans that have all sorts of layers like public transportation for high density housing taking control of roadways and dictating to Geauga County when, how, where and by whom certain things must be built if approved, it is expected that Malacca and not Geauga County would control all vendors of construction and phases of operations and management. Given such concern.

Given such concerns.

Why are so few Geauga County residents familiar with Malacca.

The money we give them or the plans for Geauga.

Could it be that there are people in Geauga who are receptive. It certainly appears that way.

Given the public comments of County Commissioner Jim Dvorak who seems receptive to whatever such organizations might want to do to Geauga.

Similarly, so long as enough money goes to the right places skip Malacca.

My quest for more information on the lack of lead me to skip Claypool, he turns out to be Geauga's resident expert on all things Malacca is one of those people ringing the alarm. Some people love them and some people seem to really dislike him and I can't find anyone willing to refute his facts and the presentations he does a no actors unwanted influence more skip Claypool in a minute and Geauga County politics.

It seems there are few common players mostly all friendly to each other who shuffle around between roles instead of citizen legislature people with professional backgrounds who serve in public office for a short while and then returned to their profession. Something Republicans should universally hope for. There are people who spend decades in local politics bouncing from one office to the next.

I'm not ready to start using the term swamp but some of it certainly raises an eyebrow. One of the two Township trustees who is considering whether to approve or allow the aforementioned high density housing projects is also vying for Nancy MacArthur spot as head of the County Republican Party Central committee. That's the type of coincidence that evolves out of decades of small number of people jumping from roll to roll. It is generally understood that Ms. MacArthur will no longer serve in leadership, having effectively used every ounce of political muster.

She had in order to be sure that Malacca expert opponent. Skip Claypool is not elected as County Commissioner. More on this MacArthur in a minute. Enter Ken Radke Mr. Radke and he is one of Geauga County's trustees. Specifically, he is the trustee of Township where the first high density housing project. Project is being considered. If you're seeing any of the Marriott post of or emails encouraging you to fight back against the proposed high density housing. Mr. Radke is one of two email addresses found on the bottom of the post. Mr. Radke also serves on the County Republican Party Central committee with Nancy MacArthur where he has expressed an interest in replacing her as the chairman. It doesn't take a great deal of creative speculation to assume that Nancy MacArthur having all but destroyed her own credibility and reputation in order to get keep people in office who are friendly to the idea of bringing Kyle Haga into Geauga knows her political career is done. So the question becomes who replaces or if you have long-term plans for highly lucrative housing and bringing urban development to the country where land is much cheaper than you recruit and work with someone who already has power and influence over the project energy agar County Treas. Chris Hitchcock in the lead up to the May 3, 2022 elections to very significant.

Please went out to countywide asking for votes.

One was from one was from Republican Central committee chairman Nancy MacArthur, the other from fellow central committee member and County Treas. Chris Hitchcock. The thing that makes these two troubling that they specifically call for Democrats to pull Republican ballots and vote for a select group of controversial figures including recent Democrat turn Republican Jim Dvorak for County Commissioner Ms. MacArthur wasted no time in distributing Mr. Hitchcock's flyer to everyone she might influence, and then created her own call for exactly the same thing. Instead of refuting any points. Mr. Claypool has made or making counter arguments, both of them called from the Republican Party for Democrats to vote their friends into office, which is a violation of party bylaws and central committee policies. This all begs the question why would ahead of the County Republican Party County Treas. and presumably a County trustee all care so much about influencing an election for County Commissioner.

Is there a reason that they are so strongly opposed to someone who is so strongly opposed to Malacca. Why put up such a strong public and vicious fight against someone who has experience both as a trustee and Commissioner.

Could it be that Mr. Claypool stood a chance of disrupting personal profit. That's the theory that I'm working on it were very if it were simply personal preference. I can imagine each of the above simply putting up a yard sign and telling their friends to vote for their favorite but jeopardizing social political credibility and violating almost policies and bylaws is a level far beyond simple preference. It begs the question of motive. I cannot say for certain that financial gain is the objective or sole objective of this behavior, but it certainly does appear to be the case. Plus, I keep coming back to the question why would a series of construction unions find a recent Democrat turn Republican candidate for Geauga political office. On the other side of the County Republican balance sheet, things don't look pretty.

It seems Ms. MacArthur has burned through quite a bit of GOP dollars fighting to keep meetings secret. When a repeat that it seems Ms. MacArthur has burned through quite a bit of GOP dollars fighting to keep meetings secret and the only reason I'm been a highlight that because I'm very aware from talking to a few other individuals who are actually looking into some retired FBI's to investigate her and look at possibly bringing legal charges. Nothing to do with Jonathan. Just something that somebody shared with me briefly, nothing to do with me. I'm just the town crier. In brief, she spent several years checking out both County and high profile Republicans from meetings and closed all meetings to the public. All and some people believe she should stop her actions certainly don't lead to any feelings of trans-parity transparency more skip Claypool, he is a siren Mr. Claypool was character assassinated. Because of his detailed knowledge of all of the above people, plans, monies and goals. Yes, he can be a gruff character but is a very honest character, but there are plenty of those in politics and business who get votes and stay in office.

This especially given the open plea to Democrats from the local Republican Party that Mr. Claypool from interfering in questionable County plans not once but twice. Yes, in the last two election cycles, large numbers of non-Republicans pull Republican ballots putting recent Democrat turn Republican Jim Dvorak in the office of county commissioner.

Frankly, I don't care if anyone likes or dislikes Mr. Claypool in attempting to find truth and then be pragmatic about it.

Whatever skepticism you may have of any person in local politics should have at least the same skepticism of all others, regardless of how friendly they may seem. In fact, I advocate for being more skeptical of really friendly, polished politicians. After all, it is quite often the people who have the most to gain who come across as the most likable, they must earn your trust and confidence in order to gain what they want personally. Conversely, sometimes it's the people with nothing to gain who tackle the tough issues with tenacious disregard for likes and social approval.

They might even sound the siren if the situation is bad enough. How do politicians leave office rich. It seems that many career politicians leave office with vastly more than when they arrived or the new trend of family members becoming rich. This trend coupled with increasing taxes, increase spending and reduce services of me a healthy dose of suspicion. Ultimately, a blurring of the line between Democrat and Republican in the occluded and the inclusion of all sorts of outside dark money means that the people of Geauga County are ceding control of our future in such a same way that prior generations did in Cleveland East Cleveland and other such places.

It's not the people are local businesses that make decisions for us and our County its big government people who have personal interest and just like in prior generations. Anyone who rings the alarm bell is called names vilified and cast as anti-progress or even worse, before you assume that those of us ringing the alarm are simply bothersome troublemakers. Whatever device if they devices name someone might call us consider the stakes. What we have to lose, and our message.

For my part I see nothing to question both our schools and the motives of local leadership. If you want to break the cycle you and we must become at least the skeptical of the Nicene characters, the ones who seem to all to be entangled with each other in strange ways and willing to listen to the voices of voices of those sounding the alarm. What's next on June 8 County Republican Party Central committee will meet to elect a new chairman. The results of that vote will be made public. I suggest that anyone with a vote who is interested in the people of Geauga County and Who's Who and who is aware of the above and the actions of Nancy MacArthur be voting to replace, or if any voting member of that body is unaware of Ms. MacArthur's actions. Shame on them for not paying attention. Anyone who votes for her to continue as chairman can no longer plead ignorance or suggest that they think she is a friend of we the people and them. I've got a little letter here that you read that Nancy MacArthur put out as a personal plea to swing the Geauga County vote over to the left into the liberal if you care about Geauga County in this by the way is the head of the Republican Party who was supposed to be reject, representing all Republican politicians, yet she chose to swing her vote in favor of a few people. If you care about Geauga County.

Please vote in the May 3 primary. The only candidates running for the local office. Republicans so you will so you will need to request in our ballot. No Democrats or Independents filed to run, so the primary will determine who serves as our County auditor and Commissioner.

I am recommending Chuck Wilder for Geauga County auditor and Jim Dvorak for Geauga County Commissioner Tuesday, May 3 in the election to find your polling location, use this link if you haven't yet received your absentee ballot from the BOE. You can still vote a provisional ballot at the polls on Tuesday. You can also drop off a completed absentee ballot at the board of elections until 7:30 PM not at your polling location is too far for you to drive to Chardon. You can vote a provisional ballot at the polls on election day. Every vote counts and yours will make a difference.

So make sure that the vote you make make your voice heard.

So what she was, in essence doing was she was pandering to all the Democrats who want a rhino in office and who work in a go vote in the primary because there was nobody to vote for because Geauga County has been traditionally in a long-standing conservative Bible believing Republican party and I turn it back over to G1 of prevention this thing or highlight that yeah absolutely so well. Thank you for reading that out but it's the first time ever that written anybody else's voice and that that brought back to life. My anger that led to that letter.

So for anybody. I guess of IEF third time now on the air with pastor happy to be here. Anybody who didn't catch any of the prior conversations we've had a quick medevac story in the night. I wanted to bring some perspective into this relative to the national fight. So while were in here today talking about Cuyahoga and Geauga County's recognize, especially mentioning Canada that those names may not be familiar to everybody but the fights is universal to all of us and how we approach this and how we collaborate and work together is everything and the. The entry point is some folks may know if you know my name was education. So I got involves a little over a year ago and fighting for K-12 education in the states and became a net that states and then sort of a nationally recognized figure in speaking for K-12 traditional education all that's getting rid of all this work stuff, but I quickly came to the conclusion after many many meetings with the these blank faces of school board members that there's only so far that we can go as communities in and going up against school boards and that is sort of a stopping point without political support. If there is not political will. We are not going to fix education that was a launch point into Central committee and Sam are coming up against a break here so I'm just in a teaser and a second shift. 30 seconds I want to get into the political structure and how that can joins and how we are going to work together to fix issues like this will curriculum in schools and were going to tackle things like rhinos.

It's all part of the same package flow. I gather we got stuff right there because we are up against and we will be back with a whole lot more right into this, don't go away. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries.

The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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