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TUE HR 2 052422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 25, 2022 12:01 am

TUE HR 2 052422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 25, 2022 12:01 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR all right were back joke you started in parallel, finishing that will really go to and take a look at the monkeypox barrel" writer through the next thing on my list for you and I think alike. Dear heavenly father, my heart is heavy tonight and I know there are people all over this nation all over the world who are suffering we are watching the killing of our children. The rape of our children. The giving children the poisonous poke would kill some that will cripple others could destroy a life.

We see what's going on with the transgender movement that's destroying these children that's ruining their future lives. We see the dead bodies. So Vern Muriel: the problem of child trafficking during the horrible cartels at the border and Lord.

I just cannot understand why the world can't see what's happening to the children and their burial to stand up and put a stop to it that it'll be the mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters and grandparents little standup conveys no we don't want to live in a world like this we want. We want changed, and that they returned to you in prayer or cry out for your mercy and later tonight I would just ask that all those that are hurting and suffering of the parents, the brothers and sisters or grandparents loved ones of all these children that you would comfort them.

Lord Buckley would help users horrible tragedy around the world.

Of all the various horrible ugly evil forms that's taking place that it would waken people would work in your church awaken a nation awaken the world and that the people were turned toward you turn from their wicked ways recount and stand up against the evil and run to this battle. Lord fight this fight. I can think of nothing else more important than protecting the innocent children your children. The children made in your image under your control. Your love Lord and just bless the children father.

My artist bless the children try and protect them. Those that have died and been hurt, take them to you Lord and reward them in heaven.

I ask this in Jesus precious name. Amen Joe you said to delete you didn't understand why they don't see how you will. This is what sacred is chapter 4 verse three tells exactly he says here that, but if our gospel be hid of the said to them that are lost, in whom the god of this world has blinded the minds of them which believe not list the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. Now let's play heavenly father will guide you have told us very clearly that the children of the most highly favored and have you told us that there are angels before you continuously Lord interceding so father God again Lord just like you love the children so we love the children. Your people down here.

We love our children to the mother, got some of us have spent my whole life trying to stop the killing of the babies. This evil, but the evil is worse than ever the days that were living in his the days of sorrow that you've told us about and so father got you told us to pray continuously and working to continue to pray for the gutter Lord why we hear at least Lord while we are here.

Use us to the ultimate Lord to come against this evil this ungodliness. This Antichrist thing the Lord while were here. Use us again to the ultimate father God to stand against this wickedness. Lord we would pray that you would be the protector of provider and comforter to the children. All of those parents that lost her children all around the world. Those that here in America and those in Russia all over wherever they lost her children because this evil this wickedness, Lord, that you would come against this pedophilia. This Antichrist pedophilia with that's so so taken over the entire Democratic Party the Lord we ask these things in the name of the Lord of lords and King of Kings and our Savior Christ Jesus. A man all right Joe, no were going to listen to Dr. Robert Malone and Steve Banyan program is going to tell us because were going about to be prepared can found she felt she say when you can't secure the people. In other words, let's scare them again.

So take her away my dander. Dr. Malone, Greg and his mistress date just gets up to speed exactly what monkeypox is what's happening with that, you've got a big analysis. I've seen that you sent me what is going on here, people confuse was is monkeypox and is you think this is something that you know is is is try a misdirection play or is it serious misdirection play I love running in that you have here with Tony saying we can't write American public is so classic is perfect set up for today's segment on so I just want to read a little clip that comes to us courtesy of God be on the delegates funded group in which they have put their analysis of monkeypox and they try to tie into a ball in a REIT similar to viruses, like all I transmission only happens in close proximity by contact with lesions, body fluids set goes on to say all of the symptoms often ease within a month one case intent can be fatal and that in the same article they don't want to quote on the World Health Organization in a any biased sampling which is cases reported to the WHO that are so severe that a nationstate like they have to report it. The aggregate case fatality rate is 3.7% so how godly does 3.7 which is the case. 10% of boggles my mind.

This is clear.

Fairborn I listened yet. As I was in the airport, mount.jump over bath year to Heathrow listening to CNN which ever airport in which they were clearly showing smallpox and including that in this.monkeypox so your question is monkeypox related to smallpox.

Yes, so is cowpox which is used in vaccinated against smallpox. Historically, this is Edward Jenner so his camel box on their number of these pox viruses that are absolutely not lethal humans mortality rate in humans is less than 1%. This is only spread by contact all the cases so far been let's say gently, men who have sex with men on and monkeypox boxes been endemic in central Africa were a probably history of humankind because it resides in a number of animal species and of the two claims of monkeypox. The one is circulating right now calling it circulating is a gross overstatement. The one that is had a few scattered cases is the least of the two in terms of ecstasy so is this more Fairborn and that is the title of my sub stacker today monkeypox truth versus Dearborn. My assessment is it is absolutely not the case of the media and the government cooperating to spin up or fear is absolutely and document and I get a boundary bathroom one of these major conferences you're working on your new book to come out but I got to go take a second because we have the engine room that helps us put the show together and part of the engine room has been on me for months about not talking about Gabi at Telus get G AVI. This is a concept we want to get out there timed out vague. They got a come front and center. What is Gabi wise is so important.

Why is nobody talk about it and kind of what what is it do and why would rear its head. Here in this monkeypox thing. We just found that the US government bought 13 million fax sequence that they get put away a dry ice or something that you like playing exile yes or Highway, Steve, they already have stockpiled backseat personal box what they bought is more smallpox vaccine and I sent Cameron the link on your your posse can easily look up on the name of the product is called Ginny us gave like an NGO asked on it is marketed by Bavarian Nordic and you only have to do is search for package insert. And Ginny knows a lot of the packages are for the product and they will find that this is absolutely not a benign product in justice with the old drive next product which is a somewhat safer than that I had experience with that in this product.

When I was working for DoD on this has as one of the leading rare serious adverse events, wait for it are your toxicity myocarditis while I recommend that your posse a lot. The package insert.

I sent the link to Cameron but this is a product it's been out there for a long time very does Aaron your amazing thank you Denver. I so this is the one to two months.

Smallpox vaccines is more immunogenic than the EK in 2000 and belongs to bio quarterly budget biased systems now on. And the government has just spent hundred and $14 million of your money for a mitigating a threat by buying a product which they already have an stockpile and mitigating a threat which can be easily mitigated by just contact tracing and standard public health messages.

This is a gross overreaction.

And if your posse one yet another example of the pharmaceutical industrial complex tailwagging the presidential dog. This would be yet will quickly gimme gimme two minutes on Gabi wise is so big Daniels O'Donnell in the nonbillable that I think this is a however little is vaccine to give up funded by billing one negates. It's kind of the in the in the history of what we call Kate let's this play word bill funds nonprofits that and allow him to make tax-free donations to support the development of products for companies that he buy stock in his next cycle. The circle of life here on Gabi's is his prototype NGO set up years and years ago for AIDS vaccine initiative, development, and it is just brought into a monster and it has become kind of an all her this all somewhat akin to the initiative that was set up in in the Netherlands that has driven a lot of these current vaccines being developed so it's it's one of his core assets basically and on what you're looking at with PR coming Gabi basically our present information positioning that is directly coming through and serving the interests of the Del Monte gates foundation.

Dr. Malone had a people find you have to get your sub stack has a found folly on your travels. Thank you so much. Of course I get up yet or is our go to. I'm sorry Twitter can bounce as far as I'm concerned GCS at RW Malone, MD, and then the seventh stack egotist, RW Malone, MD.sub today. Aces called monkeypox beer versus truth versus Dearborn and I can also find me through global covert summit.or, and I think that's enough about websites but now I think you Steve for the upper activity and I think you two gentlemen for your leadership in two posse brother amazing work already. We are back in there there's ago so so when they come after you and they start as late as one of the monkeypox.

Whatever. Remember the got to find a way to stop the cannot steal the election again in November the they know what happens. I know if there is an honest and open election and legitimate that the Democratic Party can be decimated to be decimated okay.

They know that in the so they gotta find a way and is got a bit illegal.

Remember, the entire Democratic Party is totally lawless is totally lawless. Gotta do whatever they can to stop the election because what happens is they know that the even even with our wimpy Senate that we have. It's a wimpy seventh Republicans and they know that there is enough of their that they're going to go after buying and not just by looking to go after a lot of these people that have come what they've done to and only because we have to put the feet to the fire. No, put the fire to the feet, I should say we really have to do that but they will be.

They know Biden will be in effect. Biden is already lawyered up Joe. He's already lying that he will be impeached, but their number again be charged with crimes, with a lot of crimes and all that you all those FBI operatives. All of what you have 65's of the people are light openly knowing they were lying on a regular 51 expert for a video intelligence expert supplied you so all of this coming down. And now the queen of mean the queen of mean she's good that they note the right now that her people are rolling over on her and she's got to change can have more killers could be too obvious.

There's so and looks like girl this is looks like he's being protected. No amount from where we don't know graveyard. Correct drug protection. It may yet something weird.

The normal right here you go flaky and exclusive discover how burn lewd murder of burn lewd murder leadership conceal the 40 million in diverted funds. The black lives matter, global network corrupt from day one who received millions and millions of dollars from the woke CEOs, sleazy corporations, sleazy CEOs of those corporations who would sell their very souls they have four dollars of the hearing ago the black letters better global network foundation just released is 2021, 990 tax return. The first public financial disclosure.

Since it was founded in 2014.

The males deep dive into the return documented related party transaction friends and family plans and waste fraud and abuse well orchestrated Marxist trained leaders Patrice Colliers goes on to talk about if I can get the hee hee pages separated the this article provides the supplemental analysis that traces burn lewd murders organization lifecycle that includes two other crucial established IRS tax returns, revealing huge reporting gaps and substantial unaccounted funds will just goes on there tells you how though they did the iris does not require physical response, sponsor, disclose their conduct raises donations doing this all goes on to tell you how this corrupt organization which we told people, for they don't care about black lives. They care about money and they care about, and these are communist and they had all the help in the world by the big-box stores Wally Mart remember one that's why I shopped at Walmart since the coke, I haven't. I haven't bought a Coke and I become more white since I quit drinking quicker.

I would never buy any of those shoes that there advertising and I won't watch a basketball game either.

There you go you know why because I'm better than that you I'm better than that. I hope you know if you're Christian you know you got to be better and that the Bible says what, for most of have nothing to do with them. Touch not the unclean things and those things are all unclean.

I think they're all unclaimed and fair. Earlier we mentioned +12 along with the George Soros. He is telling the world right now and from his world economic forum that 2022.

The world economic forum is ready to save the world that the timing of this is fortuitous and he told reporters with these issues. The climate crisis must be confronted and Davo send the fragmented and divided world. It all has to come together to form there. There's no place for frivolous friends seeks to detract diverted attention to their screaming capitalism is Darrington. It everything that we tried to tell people, even the Pope is calling for a new world order, he wrote a book out in the world to come. Fortune 500 companies are saying no capitalism as we know it we have to have this great reset is all happening at Douglas and then following that the very day or two later, the Dallas elites are warning the world not to resist the painful global transition that is to take place in interesting. It came right after Biden said the organa have to learn to live suck up our word for gas prices soar to suck it up and live with it because well were getting ready to go into a new green world and when they say here's the situation when it comes to the gas prices were going through an incredible transition is taking place that God willing, when it's over, will be stronger. The world will be stronger and less resilient on fossil fuels when it's all over and that went right along with elites of Davo saying we've got to go along with the global painful transition out of capitalism and into the one world order with no carbon admitting there is no law fossil fuels lot to think about isn't there already is already there starting to decline out in different countries where grocery stores now or not can it take credit cards and then I can take cash and you didn't have to have this going to be a retina or your fingerprints ID or face ID and so you have to be to put your hand. This is the start and that's what they say that the going to be doing that here soon to the they're no longer you may just credit of grocery stores be taking cash well you know again where there is you house passes notices on the 18th.

House passes domestic terrorism bill to use the FBI to silence conservative who disagree with them.

That's right. Most Democrats and 18 first tested domestic terrorism bill to silence conservatives and those who disagree with them.

Democrats use the mass shooting by lunatic on Saturday in Buffalo New York to justify the legislation that will allow the FBI to continue to spy on and harass conservatives and critics of the radical agenda of the new laws nothing new throughout history.

Brutal regimes have suppressed Christmas suppressed criticism from the dictate their detractors the Biden regime has been cracking down on conservatives who attend the January 6 protest in Washington DC. Dozens of transporters will still languish in prison.

Many of the political prisoners did not participate in any violence, many did not even enter the US capital that they the only way we can get those people out of that Gestapo out of the kindness of their the were put in there by all of those very very dirty cops very very dirty cops only way we can get them out of their is we gotta get. We gotta get with the entire debt, the credit kindness party Congress and to go in there and get those people released in the net Mayor and police chief need to be jailed. They need to be tried and jailed for treason against God and country program currently broken. The Constitution ignored our laws about the file. Because the person saying things like Huckabee's daughter Sarah Sanders.

One area of primary she's going to be running for governor of Arkansas, and I see a lot of the conservative Christians starting to win the primary self, the world paid attention, at least in part yeah let me talk to about this a little earlier.

Let me get this again to. We talked about this over to a skillet by could Burkhart pathology results show that 93% of the people who died after being vaccinated were killed by the vaccine. Listen to the show. 93% of the people who died after being vaccinated were killed by the vaccine. Global research articles can be written 51 languages by activating the translate Wednesday drop. Wilhelmina jumped onto the actual is telling you how you can obtain this though this was originally published in December the vaccine was implicated in 93% of the deaths of the patients they examined was troubling is the corner didn't implicate the vaccine and all of these deaths. The vaccines are bad news.

15 bodies were examined. All died from seven this days to six months after vaccination, ages 20 to 95. The court of the public prosecutor didn't associate the vaccines as the cause of death in any of these case, however, further examination revealed the vaccine was implicated in 14/15 deaths, the most attacked organ of the most attacked organ was the heart and all the people who died the other organs were attacked as well implicates potentially enormous results in millions of deaths of the vaccines had to be immediately halted and now let me see what country was that what had to be immediately halted. I think it might've been that might've been in India they go to many health fluidly tell you how it goes on to tell you how to receive the daily newsletter. You can find this article on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and so also they have a video references posted on December 10. You have by Sir Richard, a black guy MD and Arnie Burkart, MD yet there's something something also was about with those to the just came out another thing video that was that was just released about those two anyhow when you think the you think meditation calls.

I think it felt like a good idea. All right, let's open up the phone lines.

My guess is there's people there already. One more rule quickly. DiSanto says Biden should be given honorary membership in the Mexican drug cartel Joe who is been telling people from the beginning.

The Biden is working hand in hand glove and love. He'd been working with the Mexican drug cartels and the human smugglers can cartels that the death or credit kindness party is been working hand in hand with these people from the very start, and blend in attendance. Are they haven't done a single solitary thing to change things. Go after the cartels to stop what they're doing to interfere her so jealous of their innocent said listen, let's just say you're in prison and you want to break up and I'm a guard and I opened the door for you to say: and and and in my apartment in my and I confidently are expressing exactly what Biden's done he's told employees try to call the border patrol up. He's brought and snuck in the middle of the night brought in people that are terrorist flown them in the cities that were there sitting there and and were telling people not like we told you before coaches ask yourself this pet therapy and you've got these people that are sleeper cells all over the place.

There you go with $600,000 warriors are aware of an effect could be higher. Could be a million got away from hundred and 140 44 countries in the world of aim. Good grief, if only 10% of those were terrorist murderers and rapists that fit hundred thousand bad people in the country.

She joked the definition the definition of invasion when a country is invaded. The definition is war is an act of war, war, and you see if that country has a military. The military's job is to prevent that out a war that act of war we don't have a military is working for the American people are military have a government working for the American people know we don't it's illegitimate and that but anyhow will be back right after this Dunkel is an and I and all right will not bow down tyranny. We will bow down folks out there.

Listing how many of you believe that you going to bow down are you going to stand with us. The people right we could have referenced such as phone calls to the whole board is lit up so Gestapo TomTom here and there. Thank you and Randy.

I wrote lovely program last night in prayer and I think everything is well articulated. It was refreshing to hear you guys run run things last night and think it did a fine job.

So I did want to make that comment to you is the only problem Tom was no John it was Joe. Joe and I met with Joe and Randy but they get a wonderful job in very intelligently print presented and that you find job gently did I listen to myself as well as I gotta take this treaty to notice. I told him that they messed up. I was gonna tell the whole country to help Alexa and then well actually you need to complement them or not is not corrected so much. I okay listen, thank you very much. Let's go to click rapidfire cliff here and there. 30 seconds. Scientists and Japanese scientists say that green tea extract which you can get yourself rather than coronavirus. 99% felt pouch income to tell you that second thing is to write this book to solving allusion. The audit audio file conflict 14 eligible into the whole thing is a chapter on loss remedies as remedies for smallpox. For example, people that ate onions on a daily basis did not get smallpox. Not one of smallpox and the last thing I want to mention is RFK Jr the defender podcast to go back several episodes that an interview with Prof. Miller from NYU media expert, and he's accumulating less of sports people regular people and Hollywood people who have died suddenly from the poison jab and he's like he has a scathing review of the media's role in the incident slow worthless thing to prevent funds. RFK Chile defender podcast very good. I'll see if I can find it all right thank you very much. OKC has thunder year in the year hello Pastor Joe and he will grant you sin.

Where have you been seen as the under been undercover checking into monkeypox and that pastors do you remember the other truck crash because of media January this year I'm trying to think the site is at the is that where they had the fog was that the thing with the fog was at the thinly icy roads where not knowing what it was was it was a crock. The pickup truck that had a trailer on the back and it was hauling 100 macaw monkeys from all yeah I remember that all the monkeys got loose. Yeah monkeys just happened to have monkeypox now there are many doctors everything at the photos that were seeing monkeypox is actually shingles severe cases of shingles and also be the half marathon that was run over in Brooklyn, New York. You see what happened over there no known order to run this in this marathon you had to be vaccinated. All all the shots and all of the boosters. One person fell over dead from a heart attack and 16 had to be hauled away in ambulances, there you go my never happened before in all of sports history. Now we got all of these people over in Europe proven taking the shots because even mandated and they been falling over. Now the folks in the sporting arenas here around America.

My guess is they only got Celine shot and not be the actual Pfizer or mode or whatever also we need to boycott all of these entertainers.

They been over there along with these traders. There's also people that are in over in Europe were there while the World Health Organization and all that Dave owes these people need to be up prosecuted, especially Bill Gates and pouching and there are people in America right now that are looking into the prosecution of these people are going in right them to bring them into court.

They have everything on so yeah would be a blessing it would and also pastored one other thing that is the next target to go after the deep state is Taiwan. They have a lot of the same stuff that they had overridden the Ukraine of the same stuff is going on over there and that's why you have these job these oligarchs in these dictators are going not they want prudent that were hearing all kind of rumors about potent got cancer all you die for. Someone shot them or try to kill them know know they're being protected by the white hat, and I believe the trunk see and potent are working to save the world from this nonsense that these dictators the evil sociopathic title cycle Are trying to bring upon us all well you know I could believe that would trump but as far as the other two did II don't care.

You can call yourself a Christian, you can and potent has been a part of the Russian Orthodox church that's true. He's been a member there. But you don't Christian people don't go away assassinating their enemies.

Okay now and and potent has been known for for that and and much worse. At the same time to take. Why did it take 50 years for the Catholic Church did not connect Nancy Pelosi out, but why did it take 50 years as they all by the way how you support the killing of babies. You're no longer allowed to have communion she's been doing this for over 50 years yeah (when they couldn't do it to detail is sleazy. Joe, when it is one because the pulpit ties it up. My guess the local yeah probably stop. He's not going as far as I'm concerned, neckties, and antichrist, and in so yeah so is figure yeah I know, and so I have got black finally got a college college ago they went way can we expect quick when can we expect you to come flowing through again. Everybody's asking me whatever happened to you know what I mean it. It comes down to. I don't know but I wanted to be soon. I wanted to be. Soon I missed and I missed the Bible study and I miss the services because we've got one of the one of the nicest, most intelligent pastors I think that anybody could ever ask for and for around for you why I just thank God love.

Thank you. It's feels so good to be missed at the waiting for this for left already. A plaintiff might you to all right. Thank you, Liz could eject accurate near yeah I got a few things and left out of the coverage of the shooting. Today already. They haven't mentioned anything about how many people were injured the truck. The shooter was driving with a pickup truck it with. Obviously it involved in some type of an accident on the passenger side. The major damage to the front and rear wheel and was involved in a change dated and mentioned how it crashed right crash, no mention of it.

No mention of their immigration status and no mention of the chain of ownership of the gun is very interesting. They don't have any of that yet.

They're probably there were still looking for that little 10-year-old girl and then the next thing I saw that pop up another 19 children I'm thinking they have a lot going on, said he killed his grandmother and the number around her tilted grandmother to the city killed his grandmother right before he came out there now and everything lifting our people that are dead and normally in the type of incident. As many or more injured. I'm wondering why they wouldn't measure.

Mention the number of injured people. I don't know. I know that they did mention the two were taken to the Children's Hospital close by that were I guess in critical condition right and so I think it showed highly suspicious estate. They're not talking about the damage to his pickup truck. That obviously was in operable and there were rumors he was involved imitates with board or agent but that each expression on his own with J.

Kevin Warner agents that were the first on the thing that ran in and started piano taking fire worker.

Now when you call the word when they trying to arrest him. Now that they been denying that in the media that there was a chase.

They denied that the border agents were involved that they just heard about it on on the radio and responded what you think it would mention anything about his parents.

I don't know. I don't know yet. I'm not sure if I mentioned anything to me will find out the next couple of days with the regrowth, but well we we can't really tell, but the we know you not.

We know we know that there are many Manchurian candidates out there we not mention that in a lot of the cases, the shooter had said that he hundred kind of mind control your authority for the usually it had been type of previous contact with the FBI or law enforcement and yet they claim that there undermine control. So how do you explain why somebody would do the with apparently no motive I yeah you like you because you never know.

Another words, why would he come to an elementary school. I guess he had left.

He had left his cool.

This high school that he went to the one classmates that he used to be.

He said it was a very chubby guy and then he left there any gaps getting itself with the consent usually people that don't fit in owner and impact on the agenda. I think I could feel like the Manchurian candidate were if you are undermine control, you'd be instructed to do something like this to move the agenda along yeah that would say nowadays nowadays. We never can tell because there is we have so many illegitimate in the FBI's totally gone corrupt and so we don't we don't know we've always had that situation now you know that the CIA is why JFK was killed. He want to get rid of the CIA was one of the things he wanted to do and Reagan also wanted to get rid of the CIA and I wish they had. What happened next couple of days. I was looking like a London daily mail. In effect, Ramos shot his grandmother before heading to the school and was in a shootout with border patrol agents, one of whom was wounded injured before barricading himself inside the school building that's in the London daily mail so it sounds like you're right about the truck. The rectory look like they were chasing me what they showed pictures on TV of the truck and when you saw the passenger side. You could see the damage never in the coverage blamed white with damage notes that he was in the chase with border patrol agent when that become kind of a immigration matter well and would be yesterday tested on Fox news today. We had that in correspondence hello there and he asked those questions and they said the no there was no evidence to border patrol had to was in was very certain possibility of the reason. Maybe they didn't mention anything about the parent. Maybe there in this country illegally could be very good that he was born in North Dakota and then move down there was living in the evolving maybe record grandmother that he was born here citizen mature like the parents could be a legal well in order for this.

Another thing to the divorce rate in the United States that mean when you if you have had been raised by his grandmother and the parent client and the thing you don't get a real likely scenario to have the kid run amok, absolutely nothing.

I like to know what thanks but I gotta move on because were running out of time. All right tonight Jill were going to give an imitation put out by the lighthouse Baptist Church and in this is an limitation was when others and they say this if you died today would you go to heaven or hell. If Jesus Christ returned today. Do you know for sure if you would go to heaven with him, or hell to suffer with Satan or his minions realize that God loves you. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

God loves you and has a plan for your life.

In most cases, not every case but well yeah he's got a plan for your all right have a plan but not everybody will.

The Bible says that all men are sinners would ask for sure.

For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Romans 323 Bible citizens have separated us from God. God made man in his own image. He gave man the ability to choose right from wrong. We choose to sin. Our sin separated us from God. God's word also says that sin must be paid for.

Do you know the price to be paid for the wages of sin is death.

Romans 623 wages means payment or price.

The price of our sin is death and hell, separation from God forever and we continue to in our sin we should die without Christ, to be without God forever. The good news is, Christ paid the price for our sins a man but God commanded us his love toward us that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 58 all her sins were laid on him, Christ the Lord Jesus on the cross, he literally became sin for us, and took the wrath of God upon himself. In your place in her mind he paid up our sin debt for us.

We must personally pray and receive Christ by faith as our Savior, if thou should confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in my heart that God has raised him from the dead, thou should be saved. For with the heart man believe within the righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made under salvation. Romans 10, nine and 10 is vital to realize that each individual must call upon Jesus Christ to become his Lord and Savior. Only through the no right if something happened where being the center. There is your iniquity by their third have separated you and your God. Sin.

His face from you and it cannot hear.

Unless you call upon Jesus call upon the father. Confess your sins asked forgiveness for your sins be forgiven that there is your sense of place. Jesus Christ upon that cross. He went and took your place. They took my place on the cross, but only those who would accept his offer of correct mercy and if you call and ask for that forgiveness and asked Jesus to come into your life to be Lord of your life. All of your life without reservation. They will give you the indwelling to send you the indwelling of the Holy Spirit of God because he said I am in the father. The father in me and I am in you through the Holy Spirit. You become a born-again believer, a child of the kingdom to become a son or daughter of the living God in a joint heir with Jesus and ever lasting life and Jesus said I'm going to my father and my father's kingdom are many mansions. I go there to prepare a place for you, for your eternal life and living a life without pain, without fear, without suffering a life of joy internally. The greatest decision tonight. Jill she dearly Jill yes Joe okay I don't I don't know what happened here. Andy, can you hear me Andy, can you okay I don't know what happened here.

According to last year I hadn't counted jumped in and finished a little bit about the salvation message well. Like you said, you know, when his ever ever regretted receiving eternal life, and see this does not a lot of choices because when God gives you. There absolutes you are going to die. That's that will happen. That's for sure. Joe and and when you died. The Bible says Nikko.

God always means when he says he says it's pointed all men once to die, then the judgment at that point, Joe.

You either die saved or you die in your sin. There is no in between. Joe no in between, and so if you die saved. Praise the good Lord because you're on the road to eternal life. But if you die in your sin if you die in your sin, there's no turning back.

If you die in your sin, you going to be of help. And this is what got us up at the give you the way out he gave you the way out and you know we've said that every night and so folks pray to the father asked for forgiveness of your sin and asked the Lord Jesus to be the Lord of your life. All of your life, though, when added to my house tonight. We are out of time for tonight. Joe spent an interesting night out here and so as we always say at this time every night.

Good night God bless (and Joe always always always always you remember get ready K fire again. The fight thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right once left posted by Pastor Ernie Sander to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.W IW and not on please tune in next time for another edition was right once left preceding program is sponsored by right select ministries and is responsible for its content. My little sis is buying a car in my secret guide was no way that your credit score and a real rate and monthly payment and amazing test taking the easy way out that so you getting you N terms and conditions apply. Find out more capital navigator

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