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FRI HR 2 050622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 7, 2022 12:28 am

FRI HR 2 050622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 7, 2022 12:28 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast you are already, we are back and devote please don't call me. That's we did send you a copy of this here you can get this by going to citizens United is citizens United you can get that and what were playing right now were going to finish it off, so let's go ahead and I will get a few more minutes left to go ahead and notes listless to get over the motives of Zuckerberg money Arizona enacted legislation making it illegal for any election official to accept outside funding but a conclusive investigation into Arizona's presidential election of 2020 remains the Atty. Gen.'s looking I know see what happens. Tax filings reveal were $5.1 million of Zuckerberg's money was spent in Arizona. These four different making counties carried by Joe Biden received nearly 76% of CT seals grants in the state. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority went to Biden County, including over $1.8 million to the states vote rich Maricopa County. Astonishingly, despite barely campaigning in the state. This talk about money helped Biden grows turned out by nearly 700,000 votes and funded counties over Hillary Clinton 2016 total. I don't think we have to blame China writing machines. I think we can look straight and I have Mark Zuckerberg and all these left-wing grapes that infiltrated the offices with half $1 billion and that's why Joe Biden one Georgia seems to have always been a place where elections of been fair and honest and upright, and all of a sudden this past everything seemed huge?

There was more amount of money thrown into this race and I believe that help influence 45 million was spent in Georgia alone and we show that actually moved the needle anywhere from 2 to 3% and that would mean the difference in Georgia and the outcome in my mind clearly rigging the election. I'm not convinced that the election was stolen.

The bigger story was that across the whole country for months was an effort to read the election to make it virtually impossible for Trump to cooperative and I told you a candidate. I can shift you big counties. 13 1/2 points you can write checks fast enough to me and we are finding out what they did there were communications with election officials. Election officials is the Secretary of State call live here today to make him now or finally, Georgia. Thanks so much for joining everything you and your colleagues are doing. We are so grateful to see good luck with the action in Georgia and he was telling Freda Stacy Abrams so the money that flowed into Georgia a lot that came through the Secretary of State. The consent decree was an agreement pushed by Democrats located Stacy Abrams and signed off on by Secretary of State Brad rapid the agreement undercut the process for matching signatures on the governor was afraid of Stacy, but how he and were allowed to do the consent decree to consent to create says the Republicans are not allowed to win the state of Georgia. That's all it said and why they would've agreed to that without the approval of the state legislature which you have to is incredible, and why the courts have an overturned, it is more incredible is the Zuckerberg funded plan was at work activating state election offices to increase the number of absentee ballots, mailing vote, and drop boxes in the heavily Democratic areas. The consent decree restricted the ability to challenge contested ballots once again Zuckerberg initiatives David plot exactly what needed to happen in the battleground state of Georgia. Every battleground state has more conservative voters in the pool so we start, and Republicans will reliably get their turn to pieces as you remember.

Well, closer to the 50 yard line and we that's just a fact. Georgia got $50 million of Zuckerberg's money more than any other state in the country and 94% of CT seals funds in Georgia. Went to jurisdictions. Biden carried in my opinion, it's corrupt.

It's not fair should be allowed probably isn't allowed now finding all of the stuff that was hidden putting reports but hidden, but now when you see the extent of it. Also, when you see the extent of the voting with 97% for Biden and 3% for Trump. In some cases, but we got millions and millions of us and when someone is allowed to spend $417 million with no recourse. It's and then you read later on after long after the elections over that the vast majority of that went to Democrats. How is that not a violation of the law. Once again, was used as cover to direct targeted operations, and so we've got a lot of lawyers hiring these parties is to go door-to-door and collect ballots look at where we know a lot of, and every here is money absolutely was in helping skills.

Georgia drop off boxes.

Absent a valid statement voter registration files. Even the workers calendars of the vote in 28 years, turn Georgia blue and Georgia were the most controversial of all funded jurisdictions Democrat margin more than 25 times narrow little state wide margin.

Now, I don't think any honest person can look at that and say that sucks money didn't make the difference. In fact, the CEO of the Stacy Abrams founded new Georgia project, said if there is no way for us to repeat what happened in November 2020, where aft I was told that if I get one more vote than 63 million. I can't be beat.

I got 75 million votes. I got the most votes ever gotten by far by millions by a sitting president.

I will lost to Connie was going good there was no inflation gasoline that may record low prices.

Guessing was a dollar 87 when I left.

Here's what we know. 22.7 million went to Pennsylvania grants to 24 count funding to 11 of the 14 counties that Biden wanted 2020. The largest grants by counting with the Philadelphia County, Chester County, Delaware County, Allegheny County County center County, Lehigh South on Lancaster in verse County. Eight of the 10 went for my massive investments in counties. 80% of which are Biden County, Michigan. The 10 biggest grant recipients.

Nine of the 10 went for my Georgia largest grants wait for nine of the 10 went for by Virginia.

Once again the 10 largest grants.

Eight of the 10 went for July. Normally parties after is a great deal of money stepping in for Democrats is $100 million. You see something so strangely, Biden wins bio fairly large popular number in the comfortable electoral number while Republicans pick up seats in the house. Very strange combination and it isn't until you drill down on spending you can understand how the Republicans could perform well in most of the country but have literally targeted spikes of voter turnout densely packed Democrat areas. Biden won the national popular vote by more than 7 million votes. Money was targeted not just in battleground states vote rich Democrat areas like California, New Jersey and New York to drive up Joe Biden's turnout if they can drive up popular vote total. Even if maybe things were closer they lost in the electoral college be able to brag about this popular vote total state legislatures have started passing laws making it illegal to repeat the privately funded election activities of 2020 in South Dakota we care greatly about election integrity and Republican states across this country are passing laws, much like this many times in Democrat, liberal run states are refusing to do this, but in some states, efforts are being blocked, like in Louisiana.

The bill passed in a bipartisan fashion disappointedly was vetoed by the Democratic government. We talked about states passing legislation to prevent billionaires from buying election machinery buying the operation of election to states, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin both passed laws to do in both states.

The Democratic governors they want to sell our democracy and their perfectly happy to have billionaires running it all very simple question why did the Democratic governor Pennsylvania. Why did the Democratic governor of Wisconsin because they wanted to do it again. 22 and 24 using the pandemic sheet on the elections when they get elected because somebody with open borders. No voter ID defund the police. No Second Amendment 70% of likely voters believe Zuckerberg spending spree to influence the 2020 presidential election was a bad thing. 10 states have already passed laws that ban or restrict Zuckerberg style funding of elections.

Others are expected to follow suit. Five Democrat governor's veto bills should marks be held accountable for the actions that he took and $400 million in money that he put into the 2020.

Should totally be held accountable should never be allowed to do it again and nobody else should was a rigged election. People have to find out what happened and have to hold people accountable when I say rigged election. They know who Rick they knew they guilty people.

They have to be held accountable is one of were back was doers of the word Baptist Church where we are only going to have a morning service this week.

It's a morning service Mother's Day.

By the way, it's good to be a very message this week because of the Mother's Day messages titled the good the glad the bad and the sad and were talking about mothers in the Bible.

Mothers from the Bible. These are women of the Bible and look at comparable to those of today and the black meditative is not could make to the site happy when I do this will make our site happy but this would you just heard is put out by citizens United citizens United and so if you wanted if you want to get that right and if you get something like that table where you get into the we play this between now and the election. By the way, excuse me. We also have 2000 meals documentary on order and we will be having getting those into the DVDs and we will be showing them we have a class we teach Bible Bible class, the Bible and current events and I teach the class and I'm going to invite John and John down there. See, we can educate them on these things, but here I will be showing that but if you want to get that I would again. Citizens United is a very very good showing in your church out there. You posted a listing go to your pastors, and until I have come on get some intestinal fortitude to stand up and try to remember whose side you're on, and show this film to your people so they understand because Lemaster to Johns to John's are those very same people still out there that rigged the 2020 election will and I think the movie will good thing. One thing is and all this money goes here they're everywhere all I mean it looked like it was all coordinated way of all the state of Georgia are way above the Arizona Wisconsin all national strategy and give the money to wait. It was all, much, much higher level.

Here's what Gerald says durum alerts judge the federal ruling against Hillary Clinton and the DNC and there. They're the ones that rigged that election mean they in their working with NBC, ABC, CBS, PMS, NBCC, then working hand-in-hand now, as far as Brent Baer Sandra Smith Chris Wallace Newcomb Biddle Warren Williams those working Fox News who will all sit where's the evidence they were all part of that to. So here you just heard the evidence that there just would you want to hear this now. In fact, did you know that right now there on the inside.

Fox News joins mainstream media and boycotting coverage of 2000 meals documentary on a nationwide valid trafficking conspiracy to steal the 2020 election and in the film the Mr. Sousa and Turner vote provide answers and evidence the stolen election of the documentary released a here's a list of theaters, will they go on on the globe. Beyond that, here, because they they were playing in theaters all over the entire country and you could get it taken John there was sold out from day one in here now and we know from investigators Kathleen Engelbert and Craig Phillips that roughly 7% of all mail about Bella's in each state were trafficked without those stolen votes. Joe Biden would have lost election Joe actually did lose the election.

He's he stole the election and that's the truth and anyone and everyone that says is not the lawyer. There is no truth, and there will not one of them would dare come on his radio program with me including Brett Baron debate that for weeks now the Gateway pundit Dean Gateway pundit Tim have been wondering how the Democratic Party would respond to the devastating news so far. The party villas have been silent. They really don't have a way out of this hole. Yes they do. You know what they did.

They all of a sudden make sure that there was a leak from the Supreme Court on their favorite subject of most important what they're all about and that's abortion killing children to take the exact same time were 20,000 or 2000 meals comes out, they they had to get the coverage off of that had to get off of that. By the way durum was coming out with some things and more was coming out on Biden's laptop to so all of a sudden this leak comes out to take to give the fake very very fake news media away to keep get the people's attention off what really happened. But here's the thing John jumped what date they missed a lot was about all.

All of the those dumpsters that were being filled with votes.

Those ballot boxes that they drop boxes that they had out there. I know they mentioned it, but there was there was no well over a million fraudulent votes. I mean so many so many of these will let me give you an example here is a good example not making headlines. George Soros dumps 750,000 into Wisconsin midterms as deathly craft to Gero for the steel now here Megan Wolf administrative Wisconsin electric commission is also the chair of the Soros funded Eric systems.

How about that the Wisconsin election commission admits that they have 7.1 million in the database, but only 3.68 million are eligible to vote. So WAC and Sarah with the functional lead over the state voters registration system under the Government accountability Board kept everything in one database. Many dead voters are not separated out a check County clerks showed only two clicks commit voters active again. Other investigations show data missing required fields.

Thousands and thousands of identical 1918 birthdates eligible text entries missing class names or addresses of the 25 voter IDs for one single registration and other excusable issues charging 13,500 to investigate who asked for voter data help hide these atrocities there gearing up for another still thanks to assembly Speaker Robin Voss, the Wisconsin election system is still not fixed and Wisconsin is no way to counter the Mr. Smith so there out there ready to go at it again learning yes or thing here. Sure, Bill Gates said about pandemic, but I can't remember what was going to come out. Now here's my take on this so bills harping on the worst is yet to come.

And so down the road. We have elections reported on the show. In my opinion we gave overwhelming evidence that the coded virus was exaggerated and its effect.

We gave overwhelming evidence that the curators were sabotaged by felt she and others in farmout and elected officials and we showed that this was used as an excuse to alter posting regulations and in the course illegally manipulated the laws to facilitate that.

So like John said this was a big elaborate plan and I think like he does that. Someone orchestrated this from afar now if you look at gave him what he's predicting for the future in the upcoming election day could very well stage up the same type of plan that they used to sabotage.

In my opinion the last election and you know more. I gave this money gave the right to this organization and what it is appearing to be nothing more than money laundering so he came out a couple weeks ago and said all we didn't mean that have to happen do this anymore, so do she expect us to believe that he gives back, money to an organization. He has no influence over how it's going to be spent. We really supposed to believe that they are starting the future there studies their stage and up for another go round have absolutely.

But if you look at what's a coverage that he said, his gaze standing down. He's not going to do it in the midterm, but he's not saying he's not going to do in the presidential and so in other words, cc according to him, course you know what you can believe how you can find on the money and the other groups that say that bozos in the others that see what he did you know the look. Even here were out where I live. We had a number of Democrats registered they got out Republican ballots and the rhino you had the rhinos in the county of the Republican Party in the county where I live all the conservatives belong to the tea party movie of the tea party. This you have the rhino okay and you have a number of Democrats that registered they run as Republicans in the primary and the reason they do that is they get to keep any real Republican from elected so they please send the letters out to all the Democrats register and they did that for like give you an example, in the county were normally have about 6000 registered Democrats and and 13,000 register Republicans.

Well guess what happens okay now. Remember that you had 3000 just over 3000 voted for Democrats, but even though you only have 3000 or 13,000 register Republicans guess what over 16,000 actually voted and they voted for those that were running as Republicans but they weren't really there were Democrats running as Republicans to make sure that no conservatives. This is the part of their plan nationwide and were telling people right here, right now, folks, you got you got to be very careful here were going to be doing some more programs of the stuff in the near future and windward what I'm saying right now you are making some a whole Lotta rhinos really nervous because they don't want what they been doing looked into and they're very nervous right now about this and him we expect them. We expect them to do the same type of thing they know but but here's here's the other thing to right now you've got the Burlington murder. These are all Democrats. These are a part of a branch of the Democratic Communist Party Burlington murder and at the foot there. Their job is to go out there keep the people's attention burned out some cities keep their attention awful. Make sure the people are looking at that the voter fraud what they're up to and in so that they don't see these movies like that were working to show no I got a feeling that it would that this 2000 meals that the these DVDs, it will be all over the place and they can be shown like they were in theaters in people's houses and churches so they're going to know and they're going to see in there exactly how the Democrats rigged and stole the election and so people have better put the fire to the fates of these people I mean we can't you keep saying over and over. You keep hearing how it's going to be a red wave a red salami not not if the election fraud is not stopped. And this is what were trying to tell people that there gearing up. The Democrats are to election fraud there to crime there to cry when Elvis was to rock 'n' roll Mohammed Ali to boxing when it comes to crime. They are the best at. So there you go, what you think about all that well again 800 and the ruler what the FBI's not doing anything about this) learning right. You can't walk right here we are cooperating so they are 100% complete for dinner and they would rather not know anything. Nothing so totally totally compromised after totally apartment BI, we know that that that movie there.

All that was happening in the FBI didn't know well matches that look January 6 you guys a big organization. I got thousands of employees, and so now there's an internal investigation going on in the FBI for any of the employees that might've attended the Pro trunk movement.

The rally that that's their own people there denying it. But we know is going on so it's there trying to purge anyone who's honest right right and correctly.

I totally everybody knows that miracle we've explained it many times with listening to that in my mind I'm thinking work.

I will imagine this was the FBI when all all of these food manufacturing plants are being burned down.

I case I got a big article here. Same where is the FBI will why aren't they investigating and so far the FBI had my own long burning around her very possible. Okay I know what is the big question is what could be happy. I know and wonder they stopped knowing it was another another out to..

Processing plant cited, all biting cabal members mix catastrophic boots started and then trying to pick one out of thin. I think the state of Washington, and it burned destroyed the whole everything that was stored in the warehouse here it out where only in early May and there has been approximately 3030 food processors and storage and all that had fire in the 30 so were doing the first five months of the year. That's the amount that was done in the last two years the entire last two years. Okay hey tight, will be back right after this. Don't go away you see these are all just lying in a and I a and and and and a and you are back about abortion and actually referred to the child is a God given. It's a God given right wanted tell you. You think I was listening to that loadout. I mean they're going to give account millions and millions do you think that that is listed by the finest superhot place and held along with seven of those nine so-called judges that were in that 19 Roe V Wade this is 73 decision, led by Blackman yet Harry Blackmun. I remember Pastor Ernie Blackman that he was going to take Roe V Wade with him to the grave. I remember vividly and saying that he was adamant he was not going to change his mind about an almost soften it in any way they can be great in your magnet taken at the Great Western well you know what Jesus say about harming one of those little ones better off if you'd never been born even better off if you had a millstone on you neck which weighed 4000 pounds and then thrown into the ocean to the sea right what was the harshest harshest harshest punishment God brought upon the nations for the killing of children killing children. That was the harshest punishment he brought upon them for doing that. And so the nation of Israel.

Ernie truly eventually when they repent of it. He brought the Babylonian and the Babylonians killed hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Jews at the remnant the Bible so there I look at many times in the book of Numbers talks about getting into some blood and those that what they're going to going to have to be shed on America. I know you you I have no idea, but you you think is 100 million baby killed 73 there talk to talk to a number of abortionists that have come out of it. In other words, they repented they got saved, I have professions in every single one is told me it's a common practice that all of the limit and the IRS knows that that the only claim one out of every two that they killed that it's a common practice and so yeah yeah thought you all all babies were murdered legally." Legal quote legal man yeah but not lawfully use.

It is a difference. He could be sent to be legal but not lawful exactly on the color of legal on the color of the law here in court. So America got what absolutely and what does he say center set before you this day. Life-and-death blessing and cursing.

So choose life and a blessing so that you and your you children can live. All I wanted to add Ernie after Sunday Mother's Day they're going to go through the pro-life and I don't know people over the country localized.

I think it will over the country, but not that big but anyway they want to going to the churches and disrupt them even knows what they go to UPS. Churches are going to get to heaven sweet Hill hot preach to and I know if they come to mind. That's what the going to get okay to get. I mean they're going to hear you know once you've heard that. Remember God's listing. If they come out that it had and you preach to God's will. What is the Bible say about touch not God's anointed okay so so there would they're going to do is there going to really be brain God's wrath upon himself and is going to hit him when they least expect it. Okay, here you go. Godless pro-abortion activists announcing plans to storm churches and interrupt a mass mass on Mother's Day this week and okay earlier today the far left group Ruth Simas docs the home address of six conservative justices on the Supreme Court limit you guys this you think that they're going to do like the day before to think they're going to kowtow and give in and out of fear of the Democratic Party terrorist groups while learning.

When you when you analyze the media will be weighed disillusionment compared to the Dred Scott decision, which we all know what the result of that was people are provided with Dred Scott decision. I need to read it resulted in the Civil War. So were not going to escape the gods judgment on this will be weighed no matter, in my opinion matter what they do. So all those at the close of all those people that support will be waived. They would have supported black slavery.

Pasternak, of the same logic essentially the same words were used, to define the African-Americans watch and call the Blacks as nonhuman same logic and language we use to define babies as nonhuman silk Marine decision you come to the conclusion that you would have supported black slavery.

If you support will be weighed let you know. Here's the thing on that Dred Scott decision seven of the nine were death of Kratz work and Ku Klux Klan members and it's the same thing with the Roe V Wade seven of the nine were death of Kratz now Schumer announces Senate will vote next week to codify abortion rights could make abortion up legal up to birth and pass beyond birth a federal law.

Okay Senate Majority Leader little tricky. Schumer a wicked little man. He's a wicked little man and that he's an evil little man is said that the US Senate will vote next week to codify abortion rights limited to, if they if they pass that there is good and the push avoid Civil War and thick that it really got judgment or wealth that they will. We don't have much time left. So here's the thing is what I would ask you to do. John return I would ask you to pray for the pro-life ministries like this one right here like the one for all the contributors to this ministry and all the ministries like this because the where were a real target and as you know, there's always there, always have some mischief so you pray big for God's protection for us so that we can continue to go John Holman, would you pray also prayed and prayed that God would even will either bring these people to repentance.

I'm talking about Joe Obama Biden Nesta Pelosi check in Schumer are he would remove that he would remove this wicked people there evil evil to the bone so you know, so that the they will make will not continue to kill is there bloodthirsty. They hate the children. They hate life. They hate God and so you prayed that that the Lord would remove them that they they repent or be removed to go ahead John and then I'll give the invitation tonight.

Okay, are about father we have before you now after earning an pro-life ministry which he had been Lord we are asking the protection now everyone involved in pro-life in his church the pro-life of the centers Lord and would be very thing murdering spirit, and these people is gone from the baby gone from killing babies to us. You could see it in you can see it in there and they scream and howl like the Lord. We are on the blood of the everlasting covenant that you made with us when Jesus shed his blood on the cross and we are asking for protection under the covenant and what I'd like to expanded to all pro-life ministry for that right now you be protecting them and the left communist reprobates are are becoming like wealth and become a revolution in Jesus name we ask as father we bring all those in positions of authority Lord that are tied championing and promoting murder of innocent babies in the womb. Father is crystal clear in the Bible the punishment is for shedding innocent blood. So father we ask for that you would bring them to repentance father and bring them into your family and father. They're not going to repent, you know all things. Father, we ask that you would apply that judgment. Lord and justly and to save lives here in the future.

Father, so please father save babies and save. Now they want proposing to killing them after their born father which is nothing new. These are evil wicked people. So father deliver justice to them now in Jesus name, amen. God wants once saw he see tells is what is not his will in any any come short, he wants you to be everyone listen to me out there 100% certain that when you die that you will not go to that burning, like a fire, but did you go to paradise be with the Lord and the saints that he says this of first John 513. These things have I written unto you that believe in the name of the son of God, that you may know that you may know that you have eternal life. Now here here's what else is in the listen folks as we talked about grace earlier here. He knows he says that you're a sinner and you don't deserve to go to heaven.

That's what he says in effect in Romans 323 for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

But then the only way you can pay for your sin is by spending eternity in hell. That's that's the way you can pay for your sins, but any says that because for the wages of sin is death. Romans 623 and remember what he says to about death and hell being cast into the lake of fire. That is the second death.

Revelation 2014. In fact, so we can do anything we can do.

There's nothing in this world we can do to obtain salvation apart from the Lord Jesus Christ George Soros can't buy one minute at a healthy camp by one minute to help basals can buy one minute that a hell none of these Democrats can buy one minute out of hell. The only thing that is God's as you you either repent and or perish. And so here he says not by works of righteousness that switch we have done, but according to the mercy he saved us in Titus 35. In fact, now, so how did we get where where does our salvation come from Jesus Christ paid the price. Will that he died his substitutionary death he did for us what we could never do for ourselves and he says this in Romans 58 but God commended his love toward us that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Jesus not only died but also rose from the dead, he says, for I delivered unto you first of all, which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that Lees buried that he rose again the third day according to the Scriptures. First Corinthians 15 three and four.

Ellison freely offers you salvation is a gift. There's not enough money in the world and never will be.

Never has been to 2 x 1 minute out of hell. It's a free gift. They can only be received as a gift from the Lord. Okay so you accept the gift by believing in the Lord Jesus by confessing him with your mouth that's what he says when the heart man believe that for the Hart family with and with the righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made under salvation. Romans 1010 in silly folks. You are 1% certain simply by believing the promise of God for whosoever shall call upon his name of the Lord shall be saved.

So that's that's that simple. Lord Jesus, the prayed to the father asked for forgiveness then call upon the name of the Lord, and here's what he honestly added that commitment and you will become a new person a new creature born again believer indwelt by the Holy Spirit. Don't run not in tomorrow's tonight if you haven't done that yet. You're like walking a tight rope over lake of fire because you don't know you don't know if you get an invitation to get another chance. You don't know if you're going to be alive in this world when the sun rises in the morning so folks don't wait do it tonight before your pit hits the pillow. If you have not done that you need to do it and I want to wish all of the ladies out there. The Christian ladies that that if if you if you're not a mother. He had a mother so I want to wish you all Mother's Day a blessed blessed Mother's Day out there for all of you and your families and John and John each got a minute to put in the last word. Go ahead/Scripture Aeroquip pastoring. This is second Peter 39 the Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness, but is long-suffering to us ward, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.

There is not willing that any should perish so comfortable. Lord yeah I 100% not have been you and is always room for one more. There is no reason for anyone not to be in heaven with Jesus Christ for eternity. It takes repentance from sin and confessing that you you are you.

Jesus Christ died on the cross and shed his blood that paid a price for your and bodily rose again that the heart of salvation in Jesus Christ and God is not willing that any should they met those people out there is a way not listen to what you say but I don't know necessarily if I believe it by them.

Not believing it will change the outcome of what God has said in any way shape or form that in the book Revelation Moses leading off into hell of the unbeliever. There you go with fearful unbelievers, that's what Revelation 20 verse eight and said so there so there you go folks. And again were running out of time for tonight.

We we didn't take any calls because we had very important. I want to again invite you out to doers of the word Baptist Church at 14781 Sperry Rd. in Newberry, OH Sunday morning we start with a Bible study at 830 now actually art with praise and worship a Bible study at nine in the regular service at 11 in the morning and where an actual New Testament church and swear our policies, no compromise, where an activist church. And so if you want to run with the horses. Come on out were looking for a few good selling Christians out there so until tomorrow.

We always say this again. Good night God bless and always, always understood Phyllis K Friday evening flight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWM next time I once right left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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