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THU HR 1 050522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 6, 2022 12:05 am

THU HR 1 050522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 6, 2022 12:05 am

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content resistant by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now I'm really open through defenders and indeed this is the boyishly Christian resistance on this fifth day is the pooh-pooh me Cinco de Mayo already there you go.

No, but he could disappear hamburger in a heartbeat. None other than courageous Craig you very good and there you go now in here wearing keep Ohio the boy.

I have none other than radical Randy be blessed.

No stress. Everybody there and his partner in crime looked old Lisa good evening everyone already there you go cheap, and we know we could say that things mean so much to her just to stutter since butters flutters about Jesus studio more and now we have a special guest to light like we do the first Thursday of every month. Dr. Peter good. Be blessed. No stress. I love it already there you go, and so would we have a lot to talk about tonight. We really legal afterward so where to start when her right from God's Word the Bible in a very controversial passage of Scripture that really controversial because actually it means exactly what it says it means exactly what it says and we start in Romans 13 and so let's go there let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God know here that passages some of the New Age versions of change that with every soul be subject to government and but there is no government, but of God.

No. Is that true that is very true. Okay well now in a minute. We have to see here because what we call government isn't always government okay now God gives us remember when God gave us the divine institution healing government right and that was called that was legitimate government okay that was the five point so that we talk about those five points always right. It was given. Genesis chapter 9 versus what all verses 10 through 15 okay, that was too it was given, then the second point was the intent verses one through four, met with the governor for God beginning the third point in the most important was the entire purpose.

The purpose of divine human government was to preserve the image of God, that being man right that the entire purpose gives you three times in Genesis 129 to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth, so no the fourth point was one of the means by which man was the government forgot God's laws got statute, God's ordinance God's commands. God's promises God's testimony, because judgment because precept, etc. now and then the fifth point was all nations and people that work ablaze for the first four would be a piece in that war.

We got right so now were talking about what is really government seem is an idea out there the mindset amongst the opposition is acknowledgment that if if you only if you and knowledge. Truth is only what you acknowledged to be. You have your truth. I have my truth there is no absolute truth is that we because were the Bible says because where the Bible says it's filled with absolute truth.

Right and true that no matter how wicked a government is is better than no government, you know, I don't know. I don't know that we would take a look.

You think maybe the Germans would've been better off without Hitler's Nazi jump absent. That's I might send it to you know but I'm just saying that supposedly everybody was free to do whatever they wanted to do all the time to me like today in America like today in America it happened again.

Let me library load murder right) and I just think it's isn't that better. Another threat innocent their threat and that the Supreme Court there till we come into your house with the work come into your house is okay so we don't really have a legitimate government in this country. Our government is not legitimate. It's illegitimate sure they usurp their authority well.

The entire purpose of of divine government is to preserve the image of life. The entire purpose of Joe Biden in the death of credit crime is collectivist to destroy human life. Yes, yes, so it's instantly not what I would call governments. What I would call Tierney's CS while glad you guys were long-winded, no. And Peter, you just jump in everywhere you anywhere you want notices here to preach pre-there is no power but of God and the powers that be, or are ordained of God. Now what is happening ordained of God.

God gives them the power to be if you will set aside by God, right side, but yes okay, sit out if the new set aside by gun now hears as we go on. Whosoever therefore resistance the power resistance the ordinance of God and the that resist shall receive to themselves damnation now towards their ordinances. What is God's laws. In other words, those that are in denial of God's word would you say abortion is denial of God's word, yes it is you say sodomy's denial of God's word, yes.

It is like a silver would you say this trend strength things transgender's in denial got there okay and that no out there in Oregon governor has decided that the she's going to put Tampax machines in all of the boys bathroom so the men's bathrooms in Oregon like a template machines now as Kate Brown, the governor That limit yes he does.

SL like a legitimate government no okay I wonder how many to go to sale maybe was not so there in their due pupation from the text. I think Peter that you think those boys might be a little confused when you think you're going to be doing is Tampax the shining shoes yeah and so here goes on to say men that were damnation to strong internal and condemnation K. For rulers are not a terror to good works okay so it's is not a terror to good works than mean, not an opposition to good works now the good works are defined by God's laws got statute gets ordinance God's commands. God's promises guys testimony the judgments because precept center and so here I do think what we have in this country is an opposition to all of God's laws. Yes, I can think of one that it's not an opposition to his own silly goes on to say, will though then not be afraid of the power. Okay, what is the power, the power is God. God's throne is no thought note right. It will not be afraid of that. Okay you say nice, referring to legitimate government now do that which is good and now shall have praise of the same, for he is now look at that word minister, minister, what, what is the New Age.

The New Age perversions of change that word to another word servant. What he think they've done that because first off, a servant takes takes orders commands if you will and does the will of his master, our realtors do what they want to do, so they don't fit in the well it's kind like this. Okay, all ministers are service but not all service administrators right and is a and so here I mean you have actually Satan himself and in demons that God has commanded. Sometimes God will often enjoy the evening lying spirits. He will use okay they have to their all subject to God's will not hear.

He goes he is a minister of God for today for God. Again, there you go back to another words, legitimate government is a ministers for God to do godly suites of because those guys that just gets ordinance. This was good. Now, but if thou do that which is evil. So what is evil.

Evil is an opposition knowledge of God, to whatever got right okay so let's think it was just thinking again for manager, the number one again. The entire purpose of of divine human government is to preserve the image of God, you got a pedophile in the White House that victim he actually today. He admitted that the judge killing children. He hears the word children. He said the people are not qualified to decide if you should keep a child to kill it. That's what pedophiles in other words this way, Ms. why is going to be Going back to the states where the people will vote okay Zach I got news for people, especially on third, Maryland and New York and California. God has already made that decision. You see, God has said this, that when you kill a child you transgress God's dominion and you're going to pay an awful price and awful price know what's happening city they don't notice it as a reality that were dealing with. And so here he goes on to say, but did you but did you see the new thing that that they have with this Karen Jean-Pierre to become White House Press Secretary, the first black woman in LGBT to person in that role that sloughed grows with limited Internet ready caressing equipment exactly a decade every one of those are total opposition to got that woman is an abomination to God after Democratic God has reclaimed turn abomination.

Yes O.J. Simpson when God is proclaimed that the net separately argument settled is no more discussion you can you can rent. You can read when you can do whatever you want with the end of the day whose decisions and stamp guys, this is just and right yes okay and so here you sit.

God says this is important all men once to die, and then the judgment and that's exactly the way goes doesn't matter with what that's what you wanted on until here's here's a rule of thumb any time you found yourself in opposition to God's word. Anytime you find yourself in an argument with God, you will lose each and every time to okay so here it goes without that which is.

He will be afraid for a bear of the not the sort of vein, for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon them that do with evil. Wherefore, you must needs be subject not only for wrath but also for conscience sake. Some is it means exactly what it says nothing. No, here's the reason you got all of these is it New Age perversions of this that is because here this this demands that pastors, pastors, ministers and Christians are to stand for God and against tyranny. It demands this. It demands that they are to stand up against the wicked, evil government, but in order to do that. It takes some courage right now absolutely now there's where the problem lies. There's there's an extreme and extreme endure the courage in the pulpits in this country.

Here today is our our country is nothing like it used to be theirs there lack the courage of the pulpits, pastor across the board in politics and law enforcement in Madison. Everywhere all the time, lack of courage and get on believable lack of courage goes with lack of integrity, yes hundred percent hand in glove.

If we go over to two Proverbs chapter 29 read verse two when the righteous are in authority. The people rejoice, but when the wicked bear through the people mourned.

We go back one more chapter over to chapter 28 and we read verse two for the transgressions of a land, how many, and are the princes thereof by a man of understanding and knowledge, the state shall be prolonged but let's go back to verse one the wicked flee when no man pursuant with the righteous are as bold as Lyons and so here this is this is the problem we have today in America not praising the Lord for all of those that have the courage and aunt. I'm not talking about just pastors. I'm talking about all those other professing Christians to stand up to standard ground right yes and so when he says this. Wherefore, you must needs be subject not only for wrath but also for conscience. We think you meant by that, not only for wrath but also for conscience so we need to obey God, not just because we're afraid that he'll punish us. We don't but were to obey him because we love them right.

Yes, it's like when you were growing up and had parents right and now and then you wanted to you wanted to please mom and dad now and then right yes is that you did things not because you had to have because you wanted to see see them happy. Yes, what did you do to make your parents happy Lisa. I tried to help him in any way I could and I enjoy doing that.

Hello okay it was in getting a bus ticket leaving town and know it is wondered okay now he goes for this cause pay you Tribbett attribute also, for they are God's ministers attending continually upon this very thing. I listen to this because this means exactly what it says exactly what it says render therefore to all their dues tribute to whom tribute is due custom doomed customers do fear to whom fear is due on or to whom honor is due right so Scripture tells you that you have to do it to us do. If you if you render these things. To whom is not due.

What is that as an opposition to God's word and if you if you go ahead and you give praise and honor the wicked will then God's Word, the Bible says what. Let me take the think you overlook that we go over to Proverbs chapter 24 he says this. These things belong to the wise, it is not good to have respective persons in judgment. He that saith unto the wicked, thou art righteous him shall the people curse and nations teleport him, but to them that rebuke him shall be delight and goodwill essential call upon him every match of Jim's kiss the lips that he that given the right answer. No. So what is that mean when you vote for a Wiccan politician when when you go out and you cast your vote for that Wiccan politician what are you telling that Wiccan politician are proof of your wickedness and keep on keep them along with whatever you been doing that signature Santa vendor encouraging the yes well so that means because words let him be accursed to the desert on this is that that's not a good thing it was not right there you go, now want to go over here for a minute to return to first Peter chapter 2 readme verse 13 first Peter two readme verse 13 in the New Testament all thoughts might okay submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord sake, whether it be the king subframe onto governance after them that are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers and for the praise of men that do well okay so there's three words in their that that take precedence over the entire purpose of the cake and that is for the Lord sake site that's really yes no let me ask you this, when you do things for the Lord sake of these things good things they do good things for the Lord sake or evil things always do THE case in them. What is it that our government is doing for the Lord sake. Nothing method have I can think of a thing can you know nothing. It's in total violation. So now, from Genesis to Revelation guys where the Bible says he gives us three missions right yes the first mission that the Lord gives us is what the great commission. The first time. Evangelism is actually mentioned as an Genesis 315.

It's called evangelion is the first mention is the what is the seed of the woman right now. Now the second thing from Genesis to Revelation. The second mission is resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.

Okay, so we look at chuckle bed did chuckle bed resist tyranny yes yes she did okay. She refused to give her Turner baby over right out right that's right okay what about shift from pew.

Yes they resist. What about Charette Meshach and Abednego made it to Jeremiah Daniel and Ezekiel. Yes, you get the drift. Okay resistance to tyranny. What we have in our country today when their pushing we have this that Wiccan Benefiel in the White House pushing and pushing and pushing for more killing the children. This is tyranny is absolute tyranny and so that God's watch. And all this is that it's okay so you think that if you you set back like the prissy preachers are doing is and just say while you and I just want to be. I don't want to really get involved in it. I just want to be peaceful and the just go about doing other things to think God is watching and this is when he says be you a doer of the word not just a hearer only DCB in your own self, so anything humans will assist deceiving yourself by not buying not been a doer of the work when you're lying to yourself about what you do. Yes, you're so cute to be a coward right so it talks about placing up you crowns in heaven only says instead of wood, hay and stubble rest of things that make yourself look busy, gold, silver and precious stones.

In other words, he says that because through the fire, they get worth more but the goat goal of the Woodhaven stumbler gone right rights. The case of that's basically what I'm telling tonight is guys where the Bible really means exactly what it says and God is watching this and you not going to get over get overrun and again the Bible says the righteous are bold as lions. If you're not you. Not if you're wimpy if you're prissy then what you not righteous right trying it and so were critical to a break and will be back right after this with this quick commercial. He was inaugurated Washington Post had an article in P-channel got all John solemnly swear yes really a partial takeover of the election system.

I don't think we have to blame China. I think we can straight March 2 for this Democratic turnout you have been putting your own first show I find out what happened were going to be replaced. Part of that here. Maybe tomorrow night we might be playing for that moment. No also here Peter generally something here that came out when the timing of these, the Supreme Court, when they brought this out. Will you call that the when they leaked the league at the Supreme Court on the Roe V Wade thing do you think the timing is a tad bit suspicious work right at the same time you had what is it that 2000 meals interesting yeah broken all of the all across the country are broken theaters 2000 meals and you couldn't get a ticket. They were sold out of the first day. Isn't that something that the timing yeah more than a quick thank you and not just yet. Not just that but the what's happening here up here and are in Ohio we went we had and we just had our primary Tuesday and what they were doing. They were running to and I we warned that we warn about this there running Democrats as Republicans and out and in my county, you actually had to actually put flyers out telling Democrats to go vote to go to get Republican balance and vote as a Republican because they were letting Democrats. That's to keep any of the conservatives from being elected and that's what they did the day when the Democrats ran and they got to the end of the got the and this is been put out by the Rino Republicans who basically property was Democrats and that happened on County.

It's interesting to think think America I don't know if it was always like this but it's like it now I think it's one of life's greatest ironies that the Democrat and people who identify themselves as liberal, they're all about you know we need a democracy and a need to be fair, but that's not really what they want their all about cooking the books. They're all about having it their way come hell or high water. It has to be their way their way is the only way because they know what's best and Republican modern-day Republicans are the opposite, modern-day Republicans, modern-day conservatives are actually about integrity and about. And about the free market.

Let's give everybody about Republicans or for that conservatives are for that Democrats are not the Democrats want to lord it over everybody else because in their he pea-sized brain they actually believe that they know what's best for everybody and everybody have to dance to their tune. It's one of life's greatest ironies. I think okay Pete if he went out someplace and and then he said in a table in the place is a little crowded in you been here like even in instant people come over and say the minute you got your beer, a table, it says 10. The minute we sit here with you and so is a knucklehead so they said they'll you don't know these people. He never met him before but then they introduce you to get talking in the in the tell you that their registered Democrats. So what is the first thing when you hear that, what is your opinion right there when you hear that their registered Democrat will comes to your mind when it comes to my mind that there liberal and that there they want things their way.

The case of what I would say the case of the let me ask you this, that are you are you sodomites are you, because Democrats in it and I've done this when people are telling you are you are you Pro you for killing babies. Are you for pedophilia. And if it's a sublime offender. So why that's that's exactly the party would your party stands for is what is platform is your platform is one of sin.

Would you folks have done is you've taken guys where the Bible and done exactly the opposite of everything that God commanded you to do you transgress it and so I'll ask him tell me that I've done this before I vest them on time.

Time give me one difference between the so-called Democratic. The DNC platform in the Communist Party platform to me. One difference one they can do it that night they never give me one you like is there is not there. One of the same. So if you tell me your Democrat out there today. It wasn't always that way in and everything changed. You know you could you could have been a Democrat still been a decent person not now days if you all to the party line you your flavor of killing children, you're in favor of sodomy here in favor of pedophilia here in favor of beast reality you're in favor of deck drag queens you're in favor of everything the gods, but God's Word, the Bible calls an abomination.

If you are today. If you say your Democrat and so is not what you do about something like Ted. The Bible says suit gives you repent or what parachurch repent or perish right so so when you when you hear people say testimonial really mean men pursue preachers now you supposed to play for them. Okay, do we pray for the wicked. We sure do.

How are you to pray for the wicked who could tell me that they might repent that that that is how you pray. That they repent, or the Perry etc. and if they refuse to repent how you pray for God remove them right movement that is exactly what the Lord would remove the why. Why do you pray that the God removes them because they'll continue to do with it and harm people.

They harm the innocent of that success night already and so here now these people they don't know what a woman is right. That's an and they want to put tapping tampon machines and boys bathrooms. Yes, they they want to have these men who are feeling like you're having a woman's day being able to have access to women, showers and now Peter it's an interesting thing. Remember, just couple months ago how these people were saying that if we don't allow them to inject a kill shot into our bodies let a wayward. We were just talking to some people and have several people just left here would tell me one man his brother got the kill shot and died right afterwards okay. What did you expect from a kill shot right well again we see it time and time and time again but there's like six different levels of that's the kind horses and so that all doesn't work the same way.

Okay, that's right, some works right away with blood clots. Others, it takes anywhere from 3 to 7 years etc. but it but it but there kill shots and soap Peter for these people that are. Remember the language of illusion out and abide in his acknowledged Biden has acknowledged that it's it's it's a child in here now you have likened Maryland where he passed legislation now I'm hearing that it didn't past that I'm hearing that it did pass a gay the legislation out there in Maryland. Maybe somebody from Marilyn give us a call with the same thing in New York again Californians is really moving where they want to sentence 28 days after a child is born 28 days after a child is born again. They want to be able to kill that child element. Let me ask a couple questions here.

First of all this God's Word the Bible call that murder, yes, yes, our Bill of Rights, what is the first thing the Bill of Rights guarantees the right to life right to live. Now let me ask you this will as Peter K Peter is a 28 day old child is that an American citizen on a percentage born in the US so then doesn't hit it have constitutional rights and if you take enslavers and that murder hundred percent so were eliminated with a equally totally corrupt, totally illegitimate best arise government. Our government is totally old illegitimate is an incident while you know, and it put the tip of the iceberg, really because you know this nonsense has been going on for decades now, the entire concept of abortion is in point of fact, murder, and when it comes to abortion. It's not about a woman's right to choose. It's about when does life begin map of the conversation should be.

When does life begin but it never never politicize like never talk like about like that a parcel with a woman's right to choose what no it's not. The woman shows that Slater baby throat you're five minutes after it was born in most states in the United States that would in fact be murder. So the question here regarding abortion is when does life begin and this is a very important point to for the listening audience to understand and very few people do understand that because very few people have the perspective on it that myself and my colleague. Perspective is everything when it comes to this particular subject. Your medical doctor. Your MD may be the nicest person that you've ever met. Your medical doctor may be a religious person in their private life. But when they go to work there atheist because they are brought up in a system of medicine which is atheistic and atheism argued that if it can't be well ate the scientific method that medical doctors are trained and is referred to as reductionism and reductionism argue that if it can't be measured does not exist. So therefore, because nobody's ever measure the fall or the spirit nor seen it with an MRI repeat here and ultrasound doesn't exist from a scientific point of view if it doesn't exist. Well, it doesn't exist and so went medical doctors go to work, they work like a fear, and they have to dance to that tune. Otherwise, you're going to lose their life centered and lose their support from their colleagues. This is baked into the cake atheistic point of view that they are brought up inside of and this is the reason that things like abortion can even be considered in the first place it because of the philosophy that the medical doctors trained and very important distinction very, very important distinction as to this because for time. I had it and I can for a short time and he was an MD about when you would go to see him he would not recommend any drugs.

He recommended vitamins don't give detailed by mutating natural herbs and that this is what Woody was saying we so exceptionally prove the rule is not like that anymore.

Crafter the big bad voodoo daddy now chemotherapy is believed one of the leading causes of death in the United States. The I know medical chart medical treatment and fell are in fact the leading cause of death in the United States medical treatment for leading cause of death. In effect, this is supposed to be the best system of medicine that the world has to offer. It not even the killing of the children. They are: the killing of the children medical operation right on hundred percent. This strange land that they view the world through which is juxtaposed against the holistic worldview. What my colleagues and I are trained inside of an holism argue you know what the Spirit does exist.

The body is informed, inhabited by spiritual intelligence which is running the show are bodies are so smart they grew themselves all by themselves. From a tiny fell into and their managing millions of biochemical processes unconsciously will who's running Nacchio plot tell you who's running Nacchio God's running Nacchio.

The indwelling spirit inside the human body is running that show in my colleagues and I am.

And quite frankly any type of doctor who espouses a holistic method and I rated practitioner. Some chiropractors, homeopathic physician acupuncturists, naturopathic physicians were all brought up inside of the holistic method which argues the human body knows how to fix itself. Human body wants to fix itself. The human body is trying to fix itself.

All of the time and that's what you know what we are trained in is the development and delivery of treatment that support the body's goal. Now I'm not a board member of a professional naturopathic medical organization. We had up meeting a couple of days ago and I was in the meeting with several of my colleagues.

Maybe some of the most respected and experienced naturopathic physicians on planet Earth, and I have one colleague who works in Hawaii on the big island over the last two and half years she's treated 975 covered patient 975 know how many died. None yet how many were hospitalized. None entered the same with all of my colleagues. Treatment of culprit. It's a fantastic system of medicine for the prevention and the treatment of viral illness known after hundreds of years, but were not invited to the table because we don't have a free medical market and connected giant looking problem. We know Peter ready right here in studio. He went to the hospital twice: I to shame yourself. You know the deal right we don't. Most people don't even know how to pronounce naturopathy, let alone know what it is been my progression is only like the thing regulated in 20 Tuesday.

That means that the laws of science change when you crossed the state line. No, it's all about politics and as bad as you know that the abortion thing is the whole medical thing is a thousand times work Antonio pastor all that myself and my colleagues all that with well not all but 90% of what we do to clean up the mess that atheistic medical interventions have created and people on believable travesty.

You know by pharmacopeia are all nations to see how many people die there. I stood in over 250,000 die every year in this country. 250,000 from prescription drugs, and then if you had the other the illegal drugs and industry drugs in their that's twice as much to imagine what will happen. We can you imagine the headline if one patient from one naturopathic physician died from. You know vitamins we gave them it would be headline naturopathic crack. We need to pillory them in the town square, which remove their lifeguard crack medicine there killing people.

But when medical doctors do it, especially the pharmaceutical industry when they do it. Everybody turn the other cheek. The blind I would give them a path Dexter killed tens of thousands of people Vioxx killed hundreds about it did chemotherapy killed kills people all the time and and and and and we are so socialized to believe that the medical doctors of the greatest things on planet Earth. When they fail at wheat we do a 5K run. You raise $10,000 and give it to the profession under whose tutelage and care we got sick in the first place and then whose treatment ultimately failed our loved one. It's a horror it.

It's unbelievable what's going on here and for my perspective of the thousand times worse than you think it I had a medical doctor that listens to this radio program tell me what you do know because we had that I was speaking out against the kill shots of me from day one effect we been speaking out against the kill shots of big Pharma and she said you do know there is a whole lot of false information coming out and I said you bet I know that is coming from your side okay right. That's worth coming from out there and here's what's happened, the AMA has lost a tremendous amount of credibility. You know, used to be at a time. People like you said, they they they think there will they thought that they were in a divine institution. Almost with nothing.

They have when you know when they came out and said they they really didn't know if if what would a male and female work. Therefore, they were not going to put them on the birth certificates you know that is insulting the intelligence of loaded some of the most people. You would think right and you don't wonder how far you ever wonder how parts, Gobi court before their global pushback.

The problem here is people understand that that there are these discrepancies and people understand that they been misled people understand that you know something is rotten in Denmark that something just doesn't smell right people understand that but everybody over barrel because when people get sick. They're scared and rightly so. When they got to do something, but the only medicine that they have access to is the type of medicine that's been deceiving and so it's easy for people to get reenrolled in that methodology because it's the only show in town at the only thing that's available to them. The only thing their insurance pays for.

The only thing that they know and so they get out of the frying pan for a couple of months and then the right back into the frying pan. When push comes to shove, and they come up against a medical condition, and that the problem pastor and apply the work that I do is important because mostly it's about education. Mostly it's about education because where did I read my people are destroyed by lack of knowledge, many people knew that there were things that they could do at home to get on the other side of a bone and joint condition to get on the other side of the heart condition to get on the other side of his stomach condition that most people would try but they just don't know that these things exist and honestly, you know, it sounds like a broken record but honest to God. It's true pharmaceutical industry does not want people to know what myself and my colleagues know they don't because it goes completely against their business model and it it's bad man it's really bad. And the reason they've got got the fake news media, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and Fox News. By the way, Fox News now has turned against the 2000 mules. The new deficit is coming out. They've turned against that there they're going along with the others.

Fox News has apology you need to know that you can trust him.

He can trust Fox News anymore so you can watch it. But deeper just understand that they're not who the who they say they are going on now exhibition rights effective Saturday. That film is going to be out is going to be shown. I think what sedated 8 PM this Saturday think so and so ill give you listening, you can go go about Internet and they when it came out in the theaters all over 200 theaters. I think it was a 2000 on the chair but all across the country think if they were sold out within minutes they were all sold out in the rental for two days so we tried it. We try to go in and see when but every every theater was sold out already so you know what were doing were ordering that and will be showing that that will be showing a film after me got to stand up and be counted. I mean if it's time to poke, stand up and be counted herein and when it comes the Madison when it comes to healthcare my message is simple, yet your medical doctor may be the nicest person you've ever met, but they're not trained in healthcare there trained in disease management and the giant difference between healthcare and disease management. Sometimes disease management is exactly what the doctor ordered. You got a broken leg got a bullet in your arm surgery that absolutely necessary, then get the to the emergency room because that's what they're good at, but if you're interested in learning what to do to make your body healthy with with science-based clinically verified therapeutic that were developed and delivered by licensed physician who do this for a living. Then you need to beat feet to my website like immediately. You need to bookmark my website need to go to it regularly and bring yourself up to be what you can do to make your body healthy website. Rise up into rise up into and his health food taste good.

I know the last time we were gone I told you I was going to get ID I have your plan at home. However, I had two graduations, college graduations restored in that interval.

So for the next three weekends I'm gonna eat some cake and maybe even have a libation but but I planted and did the first week David Jude to start it and in Dalby Fort back, but I tasted it and believe you me it tastes better. You and the pastor Sanders will not only a minute stuff is like better late stuff. It's it. If you think you can't do really really do with like it's delicious.

The tangerine you yeah yeah you write that stuff yeah and that is that is good idea. I actually got to see Wendy Wilson, who is on his radio program she's in herbal medicine. She's a furball just to note that she has something very similar to what you have with the tangerine and what would you do if you take one of great big glasses and you mix the two of them together, all while they comes out and I will let Italian the take one of those in your full for the rest of the day, you can be full for the rest of the day and so you guys that you guys get some good things going there. The Peter when you say people don't know believe me, your books, we can keep you both. We get your books and and everything we have you on here boom there gone affect were we still have some everybody is sick and I know why, but where were out of the attempting humor is still have some of the attempted care, but we have a lot less than that everyone sick and I know why that we have in general on that level we have somewhere where we're getting close to single digits grass as well as Layard allegedly got sing it without a single syllable so people are getting that book and in their telling people about what's in there and a lot of times right now I'm I'm seeing how people are saying when you talk about what you do for this. Would he do for that and the come right out and say what you know. If you go to page so-and-so in the attempting hearing the answers right there if you go to make my heart feel good that you made my day, because that's exactly why I wrote it. People think that we you know we've been socialized to think that medicine is complicated and that you need a PhD need.

Have a super intelligent IQ to understand that that's a lie that's not true if you how to pass a driver's license test the you can figure out you can learn what to do to make your body healthy and you know, I've dedicated the last 10 years of my life moving forward. The rest of my life. God really in the creek don't rise to help and educate people about the simple steps they can take and when I say simple step something simple steps. This is not complicated. You just don't know it like the fellow said you don't know what you don't know right now. Absolutely you can get that Eiffel health easy get the supplements that you're talking about a new book by calling 888-618-1796 that's 888-618-1796 it's Eiffel health and what Randy said this is true, that still does taste very, very good.

This is not easy to take and a feeling better okay.

All right. We were going to break be back right after this would more don't go away.

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