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What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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August 5, 2022 12:23 am

THU HR 1 080422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Planning your summer picnic backyard adventure beach dangerous devices got you covered with everything you need to keep the summary with subscription chips and cold drinks on a mobile app and rewrite your home to pick up from your nearest Jersey my supplication. Jersey Mike's penis up above the following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio what's right what's left is coming out now another additional what point would look I'm really open, and indeed on this work. They will work with the police of we want to sell you what we we have a lot to cover on 4 August 2022 right summers were summer going somewhere is really climbed by while it is moving fast Mende. The city only get faster. Time flies when it really does help. So tonight our producer on the board and of the gray just Craig getting everybody and free. They got out of the boiler room in there right here in the studio with me and that is you. You heard little Lisa. Good evening everyone to wait all day to do that okay and then we have heretical Randy be blessed. No stress. Everybody goes to know things are different tonight, and I think maybe in 50 years of done maybe two or three times, we're going to play a clip was clearly little bit more of a clip on what we've been talking about. I preached on wizards and witches and warlocks. Oh my, and all had to deal with modern-day wizardry. There and it's got some people that are not really biblically literate and biblically astute is really getting confused because they if they still think that the note which is why brooms and where one paths so where the plate this this piece, which really well maybe it clarifies a lot to the really got to do with modern wizardry modern witchcraft so courageous when they are ready to let her go to the doctors office or hospital. We put our shots down most of our lives in the hands of Arabic and medical experts now say an estimated 2000 Americans die each year from medical mistakes.

Every 19 minutes a person dies from prescription drugs stunning medical news tonight about how many Americans had something wrong when they go to the hospital for nominal new number one in three patients during a hospital stay than we've ever been told by the time trying to create the general population even 50% there, and found a black box warning is actually intended for prescribers. The patient guides required for some medications are worded in a personal level and it's different types of information and many times the serious warnings that the doctors informed may not patient information. Start with big Pharma industry. We know makes money off of sickness and disease.

If you're not suffering from a degenerative health condition. They're not making money.

So it's in their interest to make sure that you stay sick. They don't exactly kill you because the customer really want to do is situation when you're not quite dead, quite healthy and alive somewhere in between, going to the doctor. I do think people need to understand the hospital is an inherently dangerous place and it's not because hospitals are dirtier doctors are lazy or anything like that about it this way you're taking the sickest people in society crowding them into one building carrying new holes in their bodies that they didn't used to have by placing plastic catheters in the bloodstream in their bladder putting tubes down their lungs that they can breathe for them and were using very large quantities of antibiotics to treat infections. So that's a perfect ground to generate anabiotic resistant bacteria from which we thought. Drugs were poisons in the documents to make sure person recently serious condition pose risks to justify the risks that we knew became the pills to work with the drugs and are viewed as they can do no harm.

If you just sprinkled around the place like the standard of care now has been implemented to where you can get away with. If you're a medical doctor psychiatrist get away with murder back to the first century give a warning of the dangerous deceptions of Babylon and the light of the candle shall shine no more at all in the in the voice of the bridegroom shall be heard no more at all in for thy merchants were the great work bye-bye sorceries were all nations to see in her westbound. The plot of profits same all that were slain upon the earth. This word sorceries is the Greek word Pharma key and the origin of our modern word pharmacy.

The word literally means from a drug that is now getting push and I drag my magician sorcerer medication pharmacy magic sorcery, witchcraft, the foundation of the city of Babylon around the year 2194 began with the Tower of Babel power fusion on the builder was worshiped as the sun God referred to in different cultures as mailings. The merriment mother God is called the Merrimack became known as the counterfeit Jesus Christ known as Mercury, Washington State University, says Babylon jewel of ancient Mesopotamia, often called the cradle of civilization, provided the earliest known record of practice of the art at the apothecary practitioners of healing of this era were priest, pharmacist and physician all in one medical text on clay tablets record the prescriptions and directions for compounding, then an invitation to the God.

Ancient Babylonian methods find counterpart in today's modern medical and spiritual care as well.

Almost all Israelite nation where the doctors medical medication always been the fine was incorporated into modern change the symbol and 50 for the word is not the Greek god of medicine and healing the serpent God. He was also called the great physician, and the Savior.

This is not other than Tammuz. He carried the broad of escalate. PS also called the opiate rod that he is to put people to sleep because it was supposed that escalate PS effective cures of the second dream. The practice of sleeping in his temples became common escalate.

PS may have established the first health the temples of escalate yes were more than places for his cult worship which was widespread throughout pre-healing. So they may be considered prototypes modern hospital, the Roman god Mercury. Also, Tammuz known as the messenger of the gods carried the caduceus and became the symbol for supreme deity. It was supposed to have power to put people into a deep sleep and to control both the living and the dead with this symbol that Mercury supposedly used to guide souls of the dead into the lower world. The caduceus also said to have the power to turn anything into gold, which is why it has been also used as a symbol, the difference between the rot of escalate PS and the condition is that the rod represents the medical side missions craft of healing. While the conditions represent the alchemy side the chemicals and the drug the ball of hygienic is pictured as a wine cup or bowl with the serpent entwined around it. This symbol is used worldwide as a symbol for pharmacy idea was the goddess of health, the daughter of escalate. She is usually pictured as feeding a serpent from the cop that is called the cop of knowledge bears a striking resemblance to the account in the book of Genesis of a serpent teaching a woman how to eat from a tree of knowledge whether consulting the biblical narrative of the temptation of Eve are considering mythology and very well this poisonous prescription causing death is almost universal. But when we look at the history of medication which is potions are no fairytale answer to this question to be found in some historic events that took place almost a century ago when official medicine finally managed to gain the upper hand on the so-called doctors who cure patients with herbs and natural remedies. In the 1800s society sanction both approaches to healing patients had a choice of using user doctors called no more natural. The two groups waged a bitter philosophical debate, allopathic doctors called their approach. They believed the physician must aggressively drive disease body base their practice what they considered scientific theory, yellow pass used three main techniques like the body drain out the bad humors negate huge doses of toxic lead displace the original disease. They also used surgery but it was a brutal procedure before anesthesia infection.

Few patients were willing to have surgery, most patients. Telepathic methods altogether satirist of the day remarked that with allopathic treatment. The patient died competing with the doctors were the healers contrary to the doctors they believed in stimulating the body's own heal itself instead of poisonous minerals. They used vegetable products and non-toxic substances, especially favored learn from Native American traditions. Except they base their remedies not on theory observation and experience satirist with him. The patient died of disease. The balance of medical new medical treatments emerge that were potentially very strong financial forces to transform medicine.

The fortunes of Carnegie Morgan and Rockefeller financed surgery, radiation, they were to become the economic foundations of the new medical with the rise and takeover of the medical occupation by the allopathic doctors in the pharmaceutical industry. There was an increase in more conventional treatments surgery viable with seizure and infection control and doctors have created expensive radical operations.

These in turn produce the need for a large, lucrative hospital system radio fever swept medicine price of radium rose 1000 almost overnight. Another costly technological industry hospital system drug industry grew out of the booming business doctors changed educational standards and licensing regulations to ask soon. Only a limited doctors practice brief 20 years the AMA came to dominate medical practice organized medicine media campaign to associate the code word for competition.

The operators of the extreme hard x-rays and gamma rays make them all parts of the body whatever the kind of effects depend upon the length of exposure, and the individual cancer gives rise to December 6 devastating stations.

US vessels destroy John which carries a secret cargo 2000, several hundred of the attack survivors are exposed to poison gas what doctors discover intriguing, startling dispute died from bone or lymph nodes, so we thought that maybe these would work against cancers of those organs led to the development of normal medical superstructure in turn caused a rise in radiation all over almost every modern life over 1 million Americans are diagnosed with a new cancer every year.

All these people suddenly lunged into a doctrinal that will dramatically change their life many years to come.

Faced with an apparently endless chain of medical tests examinations second opinions. Medications test surgical operations support and follow-up checks they find themselves at the complete mercy of the disease while in the tunnel. Each patient feeds an immense medical apparatus that employs hundreds of thousands of people and generates millions and millions of dollars for the medical and pharmaceutical industries from research laboratories to medical schools from prevention clinics to worldwide drug sales.

Today cancer medical apparatus is so large and expensive needs of patients in order to survive just as much as the patients need the apparatus to sum it all up, the pharmaceutical industry first can control the teaching system that it gave the AMA power to exclude all of the doctors practicing that it took over the entire drug testing process while heavily influencing the medical publications review those drugs and find big Pharma extended its control over the federal entity that is supposed to verify those drug safety and efficacy back a couple hundred years ago the standard medical practices were barbaric and usually resulted in the death of the patient. Procedures such as bloodletting are common in modern society, we still do the same barbaric procedures. We have just read and modernize them. The modern medical barbarism poisons the blood in the body instead of draining the blood out of the body. The machinery looks good. The technology seems nice. The stainless steel is shiny and everything smells like isopropyl alcohol. I mean they are the greatest salesman in the world were going to look back at this century and were going to eventually but will cry first. This is one of the most barbaric. It's going to be called the dark ages of medicine. The names given the medicines are used in the matter will know what his name is remedies and must obtain a dictionary to find out the meaning of these name. For example, Mercury is now called by Marisol hydride your multitude of other name used by witches to disguise their poisonous potion. What we render out wedge. According to our modern notions of witchcraft by low and just be best understood from one who attempted my secret and unlawful drugs are no threat to take away the lives of men held during the terrible ingredient has come down to the modern industry stated in the 1899 picture taken from the University products as well as toxic mix.

Apart from not fooling commonly found in the country, part sometimes included brain, liver, or even file which was utilized as magical remedies worked as a magical potion to cure the patient toxic minerals like arsenic or copper along with lead when used with caution buying experience and were considered very different ailment to judge from the variety of recipes and medical tax any medication would involve fairly revolting ingredient down from very light dropping even just a small range of remedies that the Egyptian doctor could recommend this treatment. Egyptians were on patients now while this sounds just testing to modern ancient practices except for the fact that we have been compounded synthetically instead of using the original have been discontinued. Ironically, toxic side, however, are still in use. Still others are being for possible future use. Doctors go to great links to disguise the fact that they are practicing a black art, rather than a science. The medical profession has created a pseudoscience of mammoth proportions in today's doctors rely on a vast variety of instruments and test pieces of equipment with which to explain and dignify their interventions. We have babies being sacrificed a lot for the barbaric practice of abortion, one of which not have K2 93 human embryonic kidney 93,000 years for pharmaceutical research and to make various product concerning the black art, or sorcery connection. Doctors really met without embarrassment that they indeed invoke the practice. Dr. Raymond Thompson when relates an experience that he had with a medical doctor at an international convention in Toronto, Canada. A few minutes later my shirt from the sky behind me. I turned around and says talking about. The spirit is never prescribed drugs.Dr. I never prescribed drug without first consulting the spirits are pharmacy discussing. This property is always getting some sovereignty once bestowed on us by God's once a man by man will know all that. Stay three. No, no, will see will buy things in heaven, so you waiver just like you stole women and children survive and see now is by no voice cries and pierces is called and chosen servants will pass like Chris with RI all CDs will know by voice. 24.

Our Lord warns of a future time. He calls the beginning of sorrows world is on the brink of that time in Hosea chapter 4 verse one through three we read the word of the Lord. Children of the Lord have a controversy with the inhabitants of the land because there is no truth mercy nor knowledge of God in the land by swearing and lightning killing and stealing committed adultery. The breakout will therefore shall the landlord and everyone who calls yes this is all the way.

I believe that a passage of Scripture currently describes horrible moral condition of both America and Israel today joined with us on September 11 were national fasting and praying for revival courage are passed on 911 22. May God bless America.

We are back and we have with the suit tonight with their one and only employee is ready to roll. Dr. Peter Glidden are you there brother Peter or tell you what pastor that was the greatest.

I mean you're speaking my language. Now that was one of the best little diatribe I've heard about the status quo medicine United States that with just music to my ears. Thank you so much.

You know what I know what you hear back because come tomorrow I will get a number of emails from angry people because they didn't like what they heard and did I had said (or whatever. According to modern day according to God's Word, the Bible.

Mr. Fauci is a work as a warlock is a warlock. Okay or wizard if you will, according to because he's practicing poisoning people poisoning people and that's that's a part of what pharmacopeia is welcome from Arianna percent welcome to my world.

What might help my colleagues going people for years and I'm I'm glad that you are on board trying to open people. Well, I'm not the only one because the peaceably play will include just a part of it.

It's actually lower in 30 minutes long with you have Dr. Marie's Herrero Maurice Herrera Dr. Bretz Bill Berg Dr. Mike Adams, Dr. Sherry timpani Dr. James Chappell, Dr. Raymond O old mission. Oh, okay, obit of omission is named. It's hard to pronounce along with the with others all in that video who all agree hundred percent with you and soak out the rising tide. The coronavirus narrative is starting to two integrate because of all of the gaps in all of the negative ramifications of the vaccine and making people work making people take a look at pulling back the curtain) no attention to the man behind the curtain. Well guess what people are paying attention to the men and women behind the curtain.

They don't like what they see this. I guess maybe the silver lining to all of the doom and gloom is your natural path.

These people, most of those I just mentioned are MDs. It's funny right and so the tide is turning. There are number of medical doctors who were seeing the light were practicing something called functional medicine and or supporting alternative professions like mine so this is a good thing. It's a really good thing. However, the majority of people right in the world still are completely in the dark about all this stuff they don't understand the distinction between an allopathic physician and a homeopath or naturopath or anybody else. Most people think that Dr. Pratt doing anything but empty medicine or quacks and there's a lot of brainwashing that we have to get on the other side and so I'm very very proud of you pastor and I'm very thankful for what you're doing in order to lift people into the light here because this is a very important very important. Well, you know… It's it's not because of the people you have a lot of people that agree with you with the problem of it is they've got the big Pharma's money with them and that's the problem that's what were fighting were fighting that money and let you know I everywhere I go I talk to people that they agree with us, let's go back to the natural herbs and they work, they work. Natural herbs actually sure the ailment not to just treat the disease. I think I think that's exactly what they were talking about that they wanted to keep with that very important fiction that people need to understand you know do things the way that they do because of their philosophy. Christians do what they do because of their philosophy. Everybody does what they do because of their philosophy and it doesn't stop with science.

Medicine, philosophy of allopathic medicine, which is what your medical doctors trained nobodies practices medicine by the way medicine is like a big umbrella under which many different disciplines. Thank your medical doctor. Maybe the next person that God ever created, but your medical doctor doesn't practice medicine. Your medical doctor practices allopathic medicine and allopathic medicine is atheistic allopathic medicine doesn't believe that the body can fix it so allopathic medicine believes the body is a bag of biochemicals waiting to break when it does break at the doctors job to manage the symptoms of the blood pressures never cured expanded the anxieties never cured manic depression is never cured. Manage the arthritis better better better.

The only thing the conventional medical doctors, allopathic can cure our handful of infection treatment with the bailouts of antibiotic-resistant affection was going to be the new next plague.

No kidding.

But the point here to understand the take-home message medical doctors practice disease management through the use of pharmacy and surgery. Naturopathic doctors and every other type of doctor in the world, practices, health recovery and what we attempt to do on our side of the aisle is actually stimulate the body's ability to heal the problem to cure the condition now you know most people were given these choices. Well, what would you rather go.

Would you rather see a Dr. license position who's just going to manager disease with drugs and surgery to make you weaker and thicker and more dependent on the drugs over time and oh by the way pretty expensive or would you rather go to a life that she was going to try to cure the problem. Most people I everybody would want to go to the fish in the going to try to cure the problem but people don't know the think some people don't know that naturopathic doctors exists. People don't understand the monopoly and it's killing us. You're absolutely right. Here's this is for the CDC recommended bases scheduled for US children. Listen to this 1962 they had polio small packs in the DTP. This is what the CDC in 1962 recommended in 1983 was DTP two months OPV at two months. D DPT in four months. OPV of four months in DBT six months. I'm not even sure what they are very protective. Okay, but now listen to this in 2019 influenza DT DTA P hepatitis B the birth hepatitis B two months wrote of Berryessa two months detail for two months HI bid two months previously two months IPV two months wrote of various four months. DTA P in four months. HI be a four months PCB of four months IPV four months H hepatitis B six months wrote a very six-month DHCP six months HI bid six was PCB six months IPV at six. Let's influence the six-month influence in several months HI be a 12 month PCB at 12 months. MM are a 12 months for cilia Ursula 12 months hepatitis A at 12 months. MMR 15 was DTP in 18 months OPV at 18 months DTP of four years and OPV of four years TD five is no there is. There is about 40 more commenters about for this is what what about that they represent letters that sound like that's a moneymaker for big form yet moneymaker will be one thing though treatment work, but they don't and are experienced on the other side of the aisle that you know because naturopathic position in states where were like the practice naturopathic medicine. We see a lot of children who whose parents have not vaccinated them because we advocate against that we advocate could not vaccinate, and rightly so, because that's where the science leapt in Sherry tenpenny talks about that all day long. This is not my opinion, this is academic fact, the vaccines are more harmful than they are effective and if doctors actually read the research concerning this. Instead of just the abstract at the beginning of the research then they would agree because this is again this is academic but what we what we find in our pediatric population of unvaccinated kids with their much healthier than the vaccinated Kids that are sick through their infancy and their toddlerhood and their young adult life.

You get earaches all the time to get strep throat to get beavers to get bronchitis get pneumonia.

The kid who been vaccinate mostly I mean the numbers are. It's not even a fair fight because the vaccinated kids are more thickly than the unvaccinated kids and this is one of the dirty little secret but conventional medicine doesn't want people to understand what is the number of papers being written know and I just saw the site in this film that we were just playing a clip they go on the number record number of doctors where they have written books called murder by medicine murder by medicine and I guess the first one and by that title was written back in 1800s. But don't you know that I mean, you're welcome to your own opinion.

Right, but not your own setback.

If you follow the numbers, the leading cause of death in the United States and be directed medical therapeutic hundred and 80,000 people you're killed by medical therapeutic, not by naturopathic therapeutics or chiropractic or osteopathic or homeopathic medicine therapeutics or traditional Chinese medicine or acupuncture therapeutics or Ayurvedic medical therapeutics, but by BBQ what you're talking mostly for the most part you talking about prescription drug you talking about medical treatment that the people have gotten from doctors. But what if you had said no to that then would you come up you come up with over a million year in this country right off the chart. Brightness of the other things so you know it isn't rocket science, and so here's what happened. Somebody has a physical condition that caused them pain. They go to a medical doctor because that's the only thing they know the only thing their insurance pays for medical doctor has no idea what's causing the pain.

Medical doctor has no idea how to cure the condition that is causing the pain all the medical doctor can do is give drugs to suppress the pain and suppress the inflammation. Those treatments ultimately fail there only temporary because you know it's like sweeping dirt under the rug only a matter of time until those chickens come back home to roost again so the patients are prescribed oxycodone, hydrocodone, and drugs of this nature until the doctor can prescribe them anymore, because the patients reached the legal limit, and now the doctor have to stop prescribing the drug, but the patient is still in pain and now the patient is suffering from withdrawal symptoms from being on the drug. So what is the poor patient have to do while they have to feed that they have to scratch that itch they have to find that now they're gonna find error when they're going to find alternatives to the pain med. They were prescribed by the medical doctors but fail and nobody hold medical doctors accountable if the crap show of biblical proportions. And you know it speaks to the industrial, medical, pharmaceutical complexes running the world because you don't think people in government have their hands in the drug trade. They do time we all woke up. They certainly do it. Here's here's what I'm saying I've had the conversation number medical doctors and it's almost I mean you get the feeling they really don't believe in what you're doing and most of Olympia because I know what I want when I talked about well you know about the Gracie you can see that they're not really sold in their position. They really, really, not like link, you will defend your position to the cows come home, but they won't. And here's like I had went on this call me one going to push the flu shot on and we had a conversation. By the time we were finished with the conversation that she wanted to know how to contact you or Wendy or someone unnatural theft because when I told her about delivery just tell you about some of things that we report on the air and that when we're finished. She said yeah. I want to go when change direction absolutely and that was in the ring.

And you know all that we have to do is stand up in the town square and speak the truth and it will. We will get to that. You know the hundredth monkey phenomenon eventually were so many people have seen the light that it's gone across and across all the barriers and by the way, the whole nursing when I'm appointed Surgeon General of the United States to give the nurses more power than the doctors that will change everything went well let me ask about this on top of things are we going to see a real push hard to lock down for money pox coming. Yeah, it's what I get worth the flu season approach. I gotta feel is getting a lot of pushback. I mean I'm talking the people and what I'm hearing people there saying they can take your money pox and shove it there.

Not know. We've had enough. Enough is enough and I hear we were showing a video and I here's what you'd never see on NBC, ABC, CBS, here we we had a clip that we just played last night and had to do with the facts and in Canada.

I mean people you had a huge huge crowd come out anti-faxes know that if we don't want to take you, Jim, were not taken your facts taken and what you didn't see one bit of that in any of the news media here.

I mean it was a huge in the police were absolutely brutal.

I mean brutal with the people trying to force that on and so I think I think they're going to get a lot more pushback than they know what it comes. They tried to do the same thing the lockdowns may be in the major cities they might get away with it but did not get away. What about here. I can tell you that ought to be. Perhaps hopefully the straw that breaks the camel's back, and is regretfully more vaccinated in both good people start to suffer pulmonary embolism and hemorrhagic stroke, and die as a direct result of known vaccine side effects non-vaccine vaccine side effects.

You know you cannot you can't suppress this information forever. It's like Lincoln that you can't fool everybody all the time.

You can't and I think we are going to get to breaking point to be interesting to see what happens. What I think is going to happen is I think they're gonna turn it around.

They're going to come around and if they all gather vaccines are bad we didn't know that the vaccines are bad and it's Trump's fault because operating speed.

He was the one that promoted the vaccines that all Trump's fault. Trump is bad and evil and Trump is bad and evil and Trump is badly left, probably where the Obama is going to say it was Trump's fault that I ended up with covert four times and nobody ever questions all positive test Monday negative test Tuesday positive test Wednesday -10, Thursday, nobody questioned the ability of the testing the validity of the testing of PF. The testing has always been BF testing was never designed to test for the stuff that that particular protocol was designed to create more genetic material for research at bad test. It has very little sensitivity very little specificity but but nobody questions that even when they see it happening to you know that would be President of the United States because people are dumber than stuff in this country, you know with with the exception of everybody listen to the station. You're right. Listen and believe me there is little symbolism of the UB example when I called no I said according to modern day wizardry Fauci and these others their wizards are modern-day wizards and poisoning the people are doing exactly what with the definition of fire Michaela snow. I also mentioned about Hillary being a wedge and some were offended.

How how dare I call Hillary which you know who I heard say that Hillary was a witch. Hillary, she came right on. She was on C-SPAN and she came out and she was addressing a large group of lesbians and she introduced herself as Drusilla, the witch of the West and this was good there with covert coming out there and get them.

Of course it's only people are so biblically illiterate.

They don't they don't understand you.

We gave a little this week. I preached on witches and wizards. This whole week and what happened was I used a lot of of the scriptures from the Bible on wizardry and witchcraft and so on and so forth. And in that video that we played early in the clip they use a lot of the very same there. Some of the same Scriptures and but the vast majority people are so biblically illiterate out there that clueless them and they just don't get it all. It's here were were living.

This is real time right now. Well history repeat itself.

It rhyme writer. The stories through, and I believe it was true and you believe it was true. Not everybody who had the chance to got on board, Noah's Ark right right. It is the same now that you know that the truth is right here in front of people, all they have to do is open their eyes scales dropped from their eyes and just take a deep breath and take it all in, but a lot of people just don't have the ontological maturity to do that. They just don't for whatever reason. I mean, I've seen it writ large.

Over the last 30 years with people who get sick while they're under the care of an allopathic position their mother get sick, get cancer, get high blood pressure, get something heart disease. While there under the doctors care spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month in medical insurance premium so good in effect. Then I got sick and then the treatments that are offered by the people that they're paying insurance premiums to have the opportunity to see the treatments don't care anything. They just manage the problem of the older that they get the sticker in the week that they get when they die. And you know I mean your medical doctor may be the nicest person God ever created, but if you get sick and die under the medical doctors care if the medical doctors small. If the medical doctors call not your fault not society fault medical doctors fall, but because of the monopoly they are not held to task because of the overt socialization that's been happening here in an propaganda for the last hundred years. People are so smitten by their doctors that even when the doctors fail them even when their doctors bankrupt them. By the way, the leading cause of bankruptcy in United States is medical bill, even when their loved ones are killed because of an effective medical treatment. People organize a 5K run to raise $10,000 and give it to the medical industry that failed. This is how deep the socialization goes, but I hope that you're right Pastor, I hope that this is beginning to crack. I hope that decided what I'm saying look at yesterday when I was young. Doctors were were held in high esteem. Medical bags were held in high esteem. Back in those days, and even even those that were not natural pass they made house calls when I was in Mesa come to the house and and often they would they would prescribe natural herbs and things to elderberries you need to give woman I remember every spring. My mother would make us all drink sassafras tea which which was so which was a horrible tasting thing stuff but but the doctors would would tell him that in no with happening.

They don't have that that respect that they used to have a quiz either do even impassive nowadays because we have so many apostates out there which would be right exactly when, because when the Bible said would happen them and were were right there in second Timothy chapter 3, but I'm not saying that yeah I'm with you hundred percent pastor and and it's been a slow drip towards insanity right and it it happening even in my profession. My profession is divided right down the middle.

Now, because about 20 years ago for reasons that people still argue about the pharmaceutical agenda started to slowly insidiously creep into the education of the naturopathic physician and set out now. Modern like if you gradually go to naturopathic medical school. Now you're going to be taught how to use drugs.

Primary medicine and youth botanical medicines and vitamins and naturopathic therapeutics to backup the drug if the complete Bast organization and overall naturopathic medicine. I believe it was done on purpose by agents of the pharmaceutical industry. I do too and I know there's a big push to to try to have that natural medicines taken over by the FDA and then I noticed that the there's a lot of some natural paths that are very concerned about that but but here I know here like where I met in Ohio. We have a lot of natural pass around here and date many of whom have programs click on this radio station where right now inside most of the people I know go to natural pass instead of medical doctors you love it, and when I was in school when I graduated naturopathic medical school, 1991 there were four states, five states in the United States that licensed and regulated graphic medicine five.

Now, this 24 2224 no progress has been made, but there's still a lot where we still have a long long way to go man LOL we do as the words getting out just what letter by medicine I mean the words getting out, especially now with the Fauci with with these kill shots people know no matter how hard they tried to suppress still the words that you know we come up to break a tie would come back right after this and we'll talk about attempt to cure and everybody's sick and I know why. Be right back with more will go away thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry's voice of the Christian resistance.

Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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