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FRI HR 2 042222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 23, 2022 12:20 am

FRI HR 2 042222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 23, 2022 12:20 am

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Everyone loves shopping online globally to you after my golf buddies with a backlit stop searching for coupon codes don't Want shopping to your computer shopping search for available coupon code automatically applies them a check +3 and you don't even need a capital one card that's like getting a hold of one without even trying this kind of genius what's in your sins and very donate and listen to the podcast WR we are back and we have with us tonight rest I would lose one for Lieut. Gov. there in the election state of Pennsylvania boy could they use somebody like him there in Pennsylvania and post.

I know John return and John Homan you guys fought adamantly driving to the say babies in that state. The corruption and as stated John returning used always tell me that you Pennsylvania is much more corrupt than Ohio and you know and I have to agree with you I'm in your house bad.

The Pennsylvania was worse, especially that so-called great Supreme Court there about as corrupt as corrupt gets in the so anyhow what is what you think about all that John was both the complainant was liquid corrupt state in the nation years ago now is based on the number of elected officials that want to drill so we may have moved up since I don't know but you Pennsylvania is right there at the top of politically correct state returning law. We will enjoy my so got down that the level most people don't see it was particularly York County and then Perry County with the elderly York County with abortion. We had direct run-ins with the police with the mayor with children and youth with the district attorney with the Atty. Gen. with the County Counsel where in York County was shocking was actually shocking how Planned Parenthood owned that owned it outright that that was what an eye-opener that was, and then dealing with the elderly in Perry County.

Again, the district attorney, I mean it was shocking to see him turn down a case that we gave him all the evidence evidence he couldn't get away from you ignored the County commissioners new commissioners corrupt the county solicitor County representatives a minute we shocking in Pennsylvania.

The level of corruption. When I called you when you fellas told me what it's called and invited on the radio program to explain why the do with her doing and when I did that they were in a panic in the one fellow was a police chief.

I guess in this guy had a nervous breakdown in Elgin. Just when I invited him on the radio program and he said I didn't. I'm not involved in that that it's not and I want nothing to do in India that it was talking about the corruptions in the nursing homes wasn't all a lot of amount, even the DAU called out. Unfortunately, people were County elected him to be a judge.

She shall not want have anything to do this not the truth, they would not be found, corruption, and what up wicked wicked and these were Republicans. Many of you know I said I want to do is ask you some questions. It's all in your you can answer them however you want, and they panicked. They really panic there. Remember that Township Commissioner you mention my name to and how would he react to my name. He panicked. He went into an absolute rage so that that's a yeah he threatened the district Attorney in the grand jury on only one with allegations that I made and he literally threatened the grand jury and that's why the people in Pennsylvania listen if you won't stand up and if you want elected people. The Bible seven the righteous are in authority. The people rejoice when the wicked will of the people mourn and if you have wicked people.

There is because you elected them. Now we want to say this to Christina Colorado pledges 300. Thank you Christine. I think I know which Christine that is Cheryl in Michigan 50. Thank you. Carolyn in Illinois pledges 100. Thank you and Gail in New Jersey pledges 700. Thank you and I think right now were down to I believe it's down to about 3300 I think that's where were at right now. What we need.

So anyhow we have approximately 45 minutes to raise that that that 3300 function you keep: I followed was prime closely throughout, not just Ross but other elected officials through the pandemic good scam to make what everyone thought everything that Russell stated he did that I didn't usually let so let you know folks we we have a good candidate or Russ Lyman, Russell everyone, I am well and look really really comes down to a simple matter of understanding what the role of government is the role of government primarily to protect our individual rights sacred right that here in Pennsylvania are defined by article 1 of our Constitution and we we saw government throughout the last two years in various different ways.

Just trample those right and that's because unfortunately the people of elected officials who don't take their oath of office seriously and which is a note to the Constitution and the Constitution, article 1 is our individual right defender of the entire universe which are around which all the rest of our laws were all so why they don't have that in their heart. I don't quite understand that they believe that government– or white should be set aside because there's an emergency. I'm sorry. That's exactly why we've ensconced those right and declared them to be our inviolate rights is that, especially in emergencies. We must protect those right and you know that's why I believe that one of the rice that should be enshrined in article 1 of our Constitution is the right medical freedom for years and years and years we've kind of been okay with you know, people, governments or corporations mandating vaccines work mandating vaccines in our schools politically crossed the Rubicon. Now we seen what happened with this covered 19 vaccine with government mandating it with corporations following suit and summary corporations and nonprofits to our becoming almost more powerful than governments. I believe were the seminal moment in time. On this particular issue. Were we ought to enshrined in our Constitution.

A fundamental individual right to medical freedom because I believe that the only exemption you should ever need. When Sony was the mandate that you think a vaccine that is not been tested and proven to be dangerous only exemption you should ever need it, just say no thank you. You shouldn't have to hire a lawyer. You shouldn't have to fill out a form, you shouldn't have to ask permission. You should just be able to say no thank you and beyond that once you say no thank you.

No one should be able to discriminate against by firing you by somehow making you a second-class citizen or anything like that so that's that's my hospital 2013. We have raised 4949 cosponsors on that bill and I want to move that bill through the house through Senate and come back again in the next legislative session moving again about the people decide whether they have that inviolate right to just say no. And to be left alone after that I got is so critical and it's one of the things that has come out of this pandemic that gives us a bright line in the slowly comparative when our founding fathers speech, the right to bear arms.

The right to a jury trial.

The freedom to worship into our declaration of rights in Pennsylvania.

Big data from a perspective of understanding what it was like when those rights were not protected. Now we are at the point when we understand what it's like when you're right to medical freedom is not protected. We seen it play out over the last two years and we have come to a crossroad and we need to make that decision. But we're going to protect that right once and for all the rest of time here in Pennsylvania.

This is such a thing was called the Nuremberg treaty okay hold and that led stated very clearly that we could. No one can be forced to take an experimental and experimental drug or experimental vaccine, and yet is is no our country signed on to that and that's the law, but it's like we haven't totally lawless administration and knowing well, you know, they tried to read a needle, thereby think all. No one forced to take it. You have to fly on an airplane. You don't have to work at the job you have. You can find another job were companies not mandating it but I think you know and they try all kind of little dicey flowery talk to get around that. You're absolutely right. It is there but it's never been adopted as an individual right in the United States anywhere.

So I'm trying to make Pennsylvania the first state to actually adopt that as a constitutionally protected individual fundamental right. There is a group of 500 international lawyers that are trying to break bring people to the court on charges of war crimes. By doing this, and end genocide because in I'm talking about Mr. Fauci and some of those in the Biden resume, and so on and so for now, Biden says think is a May 10 their plan on having an account conference in one of the conferences is about making it mandatory that every single personally in the world.

Every human being is faxing. This is one of their goals, they come right out and said it well, well, I, have a fight on our hands, unite your neck. I will fight on the dog is one question Russ: sorry go to the road so the question is I'm following Pennsylvania from a distance.

Malibu, but it seems like there is a noticeable switch of people leaving the Democratic Party and first-time voters registering them with a Republican and that it be you. Do you feel it. That's really true that there is a different atmosphere of those that charge atmosphere in Pennsylvania now there is a few weeks ago there was a report that indicated that, since simply November 2021 we had 32,000 people who switched from Democrat to Republican which is a significant change in Pennsylvania and it's it's probably a higher rate of switching in that direction than we've ever seen and I believe it's because the Democratic Party old is gone, it's gone.

There are no more, FDR, Democrats or Kennedy Democrats or Truman Democrats who are leaving that party anymore. These people who are leading this party, and Andrew are getting the term for that parties agenda are not those kind of Democrat hard-core communist you, you're right. They have some very Marxist leftist radical ideas and quite frankly look.

I have friends over the Democratic side of the aisle and told them how poorly aside at different times in the House of Representatives and and have just rolled her eyes except I can't believe what my side of the I was doing here and the directors being the same. You are the person perfect person to stand up in public and objection I can object because no.

We do some Republican egos screaming about the Democrat you as their fellow party member Christina publicly and and and voice your objection to what's going on in your party. They want to do it, how we seen some of that though the invasion.

See what happens when when a country is invaded by foreigners. They call that war. They call it an act of war when it when a country is invaded by foreigners is called an act of war. And that's exactly what's happening on our southern border and I see that now it looks like there's about 20 something death of Pres. Democrats recall ICOM delegate that have agree with that and there there trying to get Biden okay at the shut the border down said it is do we see that is it. Is it really going to happen as written this. The red wave that they're talking about more I look. I do believe we firmly have the wind at our backs or couple painters when you have the wind at your back. First of all, the wind at your back makes you causes you to run a little bit faster than you normally would and it makes you more apt to trip over your own feet, so you only have to be very very careful as we as we advance into November and only thing that bothers me is that yes the wind is that our back now, but I'm Biden to pull something tricky. At the end of September beginning of October where you know he changes energy policy or something. Gas prices falling. Let's face it, for most Americans. There daily indicator of how the economy is doing driving by the gas taste and see what prices so he could do something that could trigger you a dollar cut in gas prices and then maybe people would relax and not be so upset with so we feel we have to keep our eye on the ball and and go local board. The November to win and were not going on any contracts of the presidency sway us because this president has been horrific or horrific for this country's ratings now in down in the 20% let me ask you this question here yet.

The RNC unanimously votes to withdraw from the commission on presidential debates. They should've done that a long time ago, but that is says the GOP presidential candidates have participated in the CBD debates in every election for 30 years Republican presidential hopefuls will allow be asked to sign a pledge saying they will only appear at parties sanction primary and general election debates the RNC so the commission is biased and vowed to find a newer and better platforms you think yeah I mean that's that's a good sign is good so I know how that all plays out. You know by the time 2024.

Get your remains to be seen, but it is a good sign that you know we as Republicans are going to demand fairness when it does come to those debates again. Time will tell how that plays out limited to this rest because look at reality is, here's reality. Reality is this country cannot survive three more years of Joe Biden.

This country cannot cannot survive three more years of Joe Biden. Now there's all kinds of people out there with all kinds of ideas and how to get get him out of that office before he totally reduces America to Third World status of what you think might be some of those ways well. The first way is to elect Republicans to the Senate and in the Congress this fall so that Republicans controlled Congress. Overall, because there is green.

The president can do all sorts of executive orders were not pointed yet the Congress that objective at as we saw here in Pennsylvania we had a Democrat governor who wanted to all sorts of executive orders and we, as a Republican Gen. assembly objected strongly and it did prevent some of the damage that could've been caught sure about Serena didn't really didn't prevent all because then here's the here's the here's the difference between executive action and legislative action. Executive action can happen at the stroke that legislative action have to follow a constitutional time show the executive always has the upper hand when it comes to timing out what he can do instantly take a long time, relatively speaking, in the legislature talked to under showed the legislature whether the state level or the federal level VIII always at a slight disadvantage to a governor of the other party. I got a jump in right here folks who want to say live in the Bronx plus $25 Stephen Ohio 20 of the Democrats for the devil I know that is that they placed $50 of phone lines are very quiet folks very, very quiet. We can have that we got to hear from you.

We got 30 minutes right now we have 30 minutes left to raise a lot of money. I'm not sure how much will get an update in a minute probably put that 888-281-1110 remember what we said before, now you can take with take all credit cards right now you can if you want to use credit cards. He had PayPal of the globe on our website W RW intelligent number of different ways of the you can donate and within the next 30 minutes, then you want here you will hear anymore of us for a month in a week. We only do one week of the month because we have to stay on the station your listing to us right now we don't do it.

We won't be there and that we will be liberating. Programs like we are in guest like rest I'm here tonight with so 88828111108882811110 we need to hear from you.

We really do or 888-677-9673 is 888-677-9673.

We definitely got to hear from you phone lines right now are are quiet and you got three people sitting there looking at lights that are lighten up the got it. We we we have now 28 minutes left to raise enough money to stay on for the next month. All right there you go, were back me up. It was one of the problems we have rush major problems for summer one of America's national sin of course is abortion number two you. So what happened John we were going to play the tape tonight and if it was going to be the hell he sounds made by liberals, Democrats of because of the apparent parental rights bill passed in Florida telephones would happen if trying to find out and I couldn't. I was taken down. Whatever happened, but as the legislature was signing the Senate with signing off on the bill. I mean the now held and it wasn't Joseph wasn't like just hollering. It was like a screeching screaming took place in the in the building there was a well worth the Senate was signing off on the bill. It was like cries and screaming and moaning all because of the parents were given a right but they have and I don't think that that bill is really good about the delete kindergarten through third grade should be way way to remove your way through but no student should be subjected to only know your man may be your girl type, or have you know you're a man know that that's nonsense. So we did. It was screaming and hollering and screeching as the Senate was passing the bill there in Florida. But you know the Democratic Party is ceased having it just filled with pedophiles MSA. I'm not saying that to be mean or nasty. It is their leaders book Joe Biden himself and his son.

I've got a number of articles right here words or talks about hundred Biden and how Joe and his mother. Okay, here you go.

Text messages reveal Joe Biden and his wife colluded to suppress hunger. Biden's actions with certain minors.

There you go. Yesterday we reported out for a bite VP Joe Biden who snapped at a reporter who dared ask him about his 700 put VP Biden can get out of this one. Now Job item here. Here's a guy how many times his he been caught. I just so set a picture of him where he had a little boy was about five years old.

He was one of Biden's.

He had his hands. I had this little boys face cupped in his hands and he was trying to kiss this little boy in the lips. Okay now here. Remember what the story broke. We broke and it was about a year ago when with his daughter in her diary said that chief he forced her to take showers with this story was killed right away and but what we're seeing here now. People are starting to awaken and I think one thing one thing good came on this coven was people started finding out what the children were being taught in public, full-service to and we're seeing now across the country. Conservatives taking the school board's back and I know that here in Ohio has been a memorable that the people are awake now, and these woke corporations like Coca-Cola for one Coke sales that they plummeted when the city comes out and tells people lately need to be less white now with Disney Disney has come out. This is losing a lot of his special privileges that it had and a lot of people now understand that Disneyland is become a haven for pedophiles. So when you think about all that rush well I you know I don't I don't disagree with your narrative there and it is quite sickening to tell you the truth I have. I have never I've just never been able to fathom anyone who would boy and it's hard for me even to put into words the limp abuse unless the child what yeah I mean not just that I mean look, you got that in the cases of actual note physical abuse there, but the mental abuse which stems from confusing children. I think is just as big a crime when you are poisoning children's minds with this material. When they're in first, second and third grade that's unconscionable, unconscionable, and I don't I don't yeah I look back to when the debate was on about the legal status of same-sex marriage and people had warned hey what's next you know what are we going to ask If we accept that we are seeing that now partly I mean the warnings that were given out by opponents of illegally recognizing same-sex marriage.

The left wanted to make those arguments be the last one of those arguments to be labeled as extreme, but just like I was right with my impulses. Throughout the pandemic. It appears that those arguments were right to because once you drop that hurdle. Now the next hurdle becomes easier to cross limit regular vermin like I say John and Marie in rural Ohio pledges 300 Curtis in Vancouver Washington pledges 100 and Shawn in Aurora pledges 30 thank you thank you thank you that was Aurora Carl Colorado. By the way, so thank you thank you thank you were coming up to quick break hey telephones. This is a perfect time for you to call the perfect time right now at 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 will be back right after this one more legal B cells visited ditto open down with anything vicious live in the pursuit of happiness now and save $like sleeping on the wall sign powers within our end-user may be the these hard time this wake-up call. Linda had been raised though sin and reclaiming the sin doing this in American and now miscast is only Rudy's night my father, the child loses without a fight like soldiers. We must stand with me the time for an order to we now see the in a 888-281-1110 or 888679273 you posted don't have computers there and and will you will you can write if you like to to just send us a donation to weed to WRWLWR WL 14781.

That's 14781 Sperry that's SPE RR why this as PE are away Road that's Newberry any W. B. You are way as any WBUR why OH 44065 again 44065. We would appreciate it and that I don't blame you for not having a computer he can understand why a lot of people don't want those things but anyhow. Right now we gotta make use of the ones we got and I want to thank all of you folks out there that have been supporting this. I remember we are all volunteer were hundred percent volunteer nobody celery here. Everybody's under percent volunteer no and I want to say Carolyn San Diego pledges 100 thank you Carol master the transportation Sec. PD Buddha G said Florida's parental rights bill will kill kids feel that Florida's parental rights bills will kill class and he says that the instruction of sex and gender identity.

If they give the kids don't have in prohibiting that will kill children how in the world you think that will happen.

I can answer that I is a jaw dropper is starting to me the link. These folks will go to advance the agenda of poisoning our children's lines, I can't.

I can explain how he figured, well, first of all, you know PD Buddha is a sodomite right you know that okay… I know that is married to another man. Okay, that's called sodomy suddenly the guys were the Bible.

John returned what was the very first time the term in the Bible was used called an abomination and abomination. What was that you for a good little about men and men.

Sexual relations: abomination okay so God says that he is an abomination for those people that live that way.

It's an abomination. Okay, do you consider God to be a homophobe.

Are you asking me anybody yeah I'll only pass Bernie and set up a new Scriptures is set up marriage between a man and a woman is established, sex, male and female, and he said to be fruitful and multiply in modern man will pestering if you look out today in the world. The only places that are accepting this really all of the executive Western even in China. They don't recognize that's an atheist country they they see marriage between a man and a woman and when the Supreme Court made the decision in 2014. They admitted in it. I rented they admitted in it that there was like inventing something in the ring that there never was going back in history and acceptance in society of homosexual marriage is sodomy coming marriage. So this is where we want to act out now as a society so I guess you gotta go back to the days of Noah and the Bible to come up with living with AMA. John is said that there are no longer going to put gender on the bridge that was because they they really don't know how you can determine which is which, when and what is a Miller what is a female. I know how to do that and I know we want law to medical school, but I could. I can type right now the so good run. Tell yeah so I asked this new Supreme Court justice will body defilement are not a biologist. What are you kidding me are you kidding me so.

Jerusalem one like that would be on know you would you say that actually right now because of things like that that that that would be insanity would would you say I mean if you have to live. And people say such things like that.

Well, you know the word reprobate means they can tell right from wrong, good from evil like living in their living in delusion you will you know what every woman might in our church church I pastor everyone of them can tell you what a woman is you know I means it's amazing how many of them are biologist you out right you're right and all that everyone is called in here tonight. Every single one of them can tell you one is a little man is when a child is within their not part of the Democratic Communist Party early note we have approximately 12 minutes to raise $2900. We had to raise 2000 $902,900. We have to do that in 12 minutes. Folks, we deftly got to hear from you deftly got to hear from you. 888 the listen if my three guess that I have on the phone right now.

We just all jump in for grander piece would be finished but I'm not going to embarrass them, even suggesting such a thing.

888828111108886779673. Besides, don't forget remember what we said it began the program again about them returning home and the other their integrity and the somatic could be totally diminished if we have a bad night tonight so you can't let that happen to these into the admin.

You can't let that happen to me. Got a call 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 right guys will somebody just disagrees. We just had out of Oregon pledges anonymous in Oregon just pledge the 400 and that brings us down to 25. We need 2525 going once, going twice who can match documents anonymous and 400 888-281-1110 we only have 10 minutes left tonight to raise it.

888-677-9673 we got to hear from you folks. We really do right. So here I cannot.

You can't believe it years ago. If someone was to say with his people to visit many years ago, no one would care an open sodomite would would not dare to run for office and not let people know that with but today, within the Democratic Party having it's just like it seems like that makes you you if your settlement, your stocks will rise right like that marijuana dialogue is very active in Texas. The list of Walden sodomy was taken multiple and I don't resume my lifetime. Maybe John remembers exactly one you used to be illegal, and it was not spoken of. I remember when I was a child.

It was it was real, very hush-hush and we don't speak about that you will also against Lily switch over to another good article… Very quickly here that's crime I mean this crime minutes a lot of crime look convicted murderer celebrates after charges reduced about the tattoo woke LA DA George against his name and his face convicted murderer praise sores back Los Angeles district Attorney George Gascon about a tattoo, Gascon's name is Charles reduced.

According to this audio obtainment five students here and I remember seeing it these prosecutors is a George Soros bought and paid for their bought and paid for their installed and these are the idea that these guys with her trying to do out there and they are getting paid very well to do this is to is to say to gang members and criminals look where on your site getting why do you think that is Russ what you think you're doing it. Rest well. I think it is one more element of destroying America by creating chaos. In that Pennsylvania in Philadelphia waveguide attorney Larry Krasner, who is along the same vein.

Last year, despite having well over close to 2100 shootings out 510 murders. He had the audacity to say we don't have a crime problem.

He wants to dispatch people on the your top people in the rest.

Let them go back into the streets because I believe that part of the Democrat agenda is to simply create as much chaos as possible because the average person solution to chaos is more government to create chaos. You can create a demand for more government control more intrusion into your life more suppression of your individual rights and that the Democrat agenda. Why because individuals who are free, truly free people cannot be controlled and every one of my favorite sayings during the pandemic was security only works on the governable so the answer is to become ungovernable and what I meant.

Ben was open your business note defied the government may tell you that you can go to work because they can prosecute everyone and is only found in Pennsylvania and that despite the fact that the governor and his administration want to play tough guy on all these businesses that provide him in every single case, the government eventually gave up because they knew they were in the wrong. There is not been a single successful prosecution of a business in Pennsylvania for defying the pandemic closures.

Not one because the government gave up. It will all talk and when people stood up to them.

They back down because those people became on governable nominated within reason. I don't mean ungovernable in that you are free to go out and murder your neighbors or anything like that but when government becomes unreasonable and tyrannical. The only solution is to become the people become ungovernable now.

Where should that have started. I mean, it really should have started in certain places with any other place. Gina will weld one within are you talking about our churches in the church is absolutely right see God's Word, the Bible is extremely specific in saying, we must obey God rather than man in the Old Testament. He tells you to make sure that your feet find the path that Owsley got in the New Testament. He tells you not to forsake the assembling of yourself together in the house of God. And so when when the corrupt government comes along and says you know, forget that were government were bigger than God, and we never close one minute we never closed one minute we had ousted on their we were to stay open and we didn't care who said otherwise we were going to obey God. We were fortunate.

Vania and that unlike California and perhaps New York. We at least had a governor who exempted religious patients from all mandates and closures and that sort of thing.

However, the fear factor.

He was counting on the fear factor to get our churches to comply voluntarily and it worked. Many of our churches got shut down and refuse to gather together and instead tried to do zoom church you know as soon as some sort of replacement and I was a bit disappointed because I know we can have arguments about separation of church and state, but one of the benefits of the separation of church and state in it and it's true form, is that the church can then become the polar opposite of government and can defy government and you can stand on the right of freedom to worship this world. Most of the time for tonight's of the rights or telephones how they can they can get.

Now they can help help you with yard signs or whatever whatever you need. Tell how they can do you want to die for your yard please go to Russ Russ plenty of information on their about my candidacy about my stances but yes you can download a yard sign, you can make a small contribution. If you like. We sure appreciate that, but you can also sign up for email with their at www.Russ If you are on Facebook look for my Facebook page, which is friends of Russ diamond all right very good and I want to just say we've got to be given an update here in a minute and that is Galen and the New Jersey just gave 100.

Thank you Galen and and we have we have some others come in and they very quickly. I think I want to get these in before we we go to prayer. We have a list like that he just got a list of things here.

Hopefully well is looking at that 888-281-1110 folks 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673.

Now Michael Minnesota just plugs one for displays 40 anonymous in Michigan another anonymous pleasures.

250 and let me see anonymous in Chicago pleasures 3000 is that right all right while praising the Lord for that. So let me see what we got here comes Lisa Lisa. Lisa is so faithful to fill faith with his ear and okay very very good that's very good week. We exceeded our goal for tonight my praise the good Lord for that. Now with that were up against it and Russ one more time very quickly tell how they can help you help us by going to Russ make small nation or a yard sign, learn about my missions or two friends of Russ diamond on Facebook. All right, very good. Thank you. Now close to the word Baptist Church.

I had to announce we going to have those of films this week. There will be films. We have a classic and current events take place and that will take place at 5 PM, 5 PM and then the regular service at 6 PM in the evening morning service. 9 AM praise and worship 99 30 in-depth Bible study. 1115 we have the regular morning service and that's doers of the word Baptist Church, 14781 Sperry Rd., Newberry, OH phone number is 4404403381367 John returning it's your turn. Tell us how we can get to heaven and avoid the lake of fire. Well, the Bible is only one way to heaven and that is through believing in Jesus Christ and what he did on the cross to pay the penalty for our sin and then he rose again from the dead, that is, the Bible says the wages of sin is that the gift of God is eternal life to Jesus Christ on board, so here's why Jesus had to die in the cross because God is holy and he cannot allow sin heaven, and there is a penalty for sin which I just gave you, so that penalty has to be paid for in Jesus Christ was without sin was that since perfect and he died when he died on the cross.

God placed on him or sin and then for those that believe in him. His righteousness was placed on the soul is not something we deserve. We earn it happen because of God's will and flow for us. God commanded his love towards those that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for. So the way the way God's plan is that it takes repentance of sin that means living a life in sin outside of Jesus Christ doing an about-face and now living your life focused on him and his word.

That's repentance and then confessing with your mouth that your belief that God sent Jesus to die on the cross, shed his blood pay the penalty for our sin and you confess him as your Lord and Satan Bible says whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall let the strong word shall be saved and then believing that he rose from the dead, and that means you returning again.

The natural waiting for them. It's called the blessed hope, waiting for the coming of Jesus Christ.

Okay festering I think that that we hear more more people every day I hear more people asking when needed to think what's convex in the basilisk Olympic units everyday.

Everybody is looking for Melissa to be return for those that are what looking looking for his return. The fight of a real believer someone that living here living a life here, but at the same time looking into the heavens were Christ return. And so you know a lot of you want to say will you know that's you guys been saying that for a long time. Everything is happened in Scripture. The prophecies have been exactly right on perfect and right now people are saying William is saying that was both his coffers. The scoffers are out there.

Everything is all the signs of his return.

Is there folks, you know you that you do see things food shortages. All of these things is seen happening now are happening there all is a say falling in place where a lot of time for tonight. Thanks Russ thanks you for being here, and until tomorrow. We want to say good night God bless and always, always keep fighting the divine. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. Left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.W WL not on next time was right. Much left preceding sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content reentering rams one month will find JD Powers number one brand-new vehicle quality, 20, 21, and right now get 0% financing for 72 months on 2022 Ram 1501 and later become Models for 20 2130 tell her what information comes less compatible with any other hunting for 72 months none per month to 1005 522

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