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FRI HR 1 012822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 29, 2022 12:13 am

FRI HR 1 012822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 29, 2022 12:13 am

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be recorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now. Welcome to another additional what's right what's left I'm radio pastorally. Sanders and this is the voice of the Christian resistance on this January 28, 2022 Friday and is always on Friday I have my two cohost with me, but first we'll go to the Lord of the board in and say we got there at the controls, none other than courageous Craig. Good evening everybody have a good weekend. Thank you. And now we have those two legendary men of stature. Michael Holston course my loyal subjects John Holman and John return well on their first bumper when you got you got mention first last week during your loyal call sir loyal subjects elsewhere.

Everyone be blessed this evening. Would you rather I referred to as loyal suspects suspects subject something like that. All right. And glad to be here with earning and old people out there that we can hear lots of fruit.

Maybe the world.

Well, no, I hope you guys are up for tonight because I've been promising the folks that you're going to astonish them with the great great knowledge tonight so you ready rewrite with you going to start in Proverbs 17 tonight and so you fellas go ahead and read little room back and do some commentary.

How's that, I start with verse one yeah ready better is a dry morsel and quietness there with their house or sacrifices was start a why certain you will have rule over a son that causes shame and shall have part of the inheritance among the brother finding pot is for silver and the furnace for gold, but the Lord tried out the parts they we could do it or give it.

He will flip and a liar. Give it a year to a naughty, whosoever mock with the poor reproaches his maker and he that is glad a calamity shall be shall not be unpunished, children's children on the crown of old men in the glory of children are their fathers.

Excellent speech become a model for much less do lying lips. The Prince, a gift or bribe is a precious stone in the eyes of him that whithersoever it turn it prosper even cover the transgressions love but he that repeated matters separated very friends. They were interested more into a wise man than 100 strikes into a pool, an evil man secret only rebellion therefore cruel messengers shall be sent against him live there robbed of her whelps meet a man rather than a fool and his folly so regarded evil for good, evil shall not depart from his house.

The beginning of strife is when one let it out water therefore leave all contention before being modeled with either justify at the wicked, and he that condemns the just even they both are abomination to the Lord. Wherefore, Christ in the hand of a fool to get wisdom, seeing he had no heart to a friend Lubbock at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. A man devoid of understanding strike and become a surety in the presence of the trim below the transgression that love of strife and he that exalted his great secret instruction. It happened forward heart find no good and he that hath a perverse tongue fallen into Mr. you have to get up at all to his sorrow in the following four have no joy very hard, do good like a medicine but a broken spirit dries the bone man, take up the gift out of the bush and revert the ways of justice before him that hath understanding of the eyes of a fool are in the end of the earth, fully son is a grief to his father and bitterness to her that barium also to punish the just is not good to strike princes for equity, either had knowledge spirit his words and a man of understanding is of excellent spirit, even of full legal fees discounted. Why and he that showed his lips is steamed a man of understanding was back to verse three. The finding pot is for silver and the furnace for gold, but the Lord tries the hearts so what you think he means by that. Well finding pot is cooler in the furnace for gold, but dropped out after the heat the impurities right to the top get about unity going go ahead and try thoughtful, more trying our impurity will Peter says over first Peter 170 said that the the trial of your faith has been much much more precious than gold and so he's telling you that hereto that the that the Lord that requires our hearts the trial of our faith is more precious than the silver of the goal, right right right and noticed that it that brings me purities to the surface of the can be removed from the gold and silver pressure on various angles that contrite heart will go especially if impurities already very good wicked do or give heed to fall slips an ally regularly or did naughty tongue. Well, we just described our politics of the day and especially the Maywood they call mainstream media diddly Washington DC) will you and I can go so most of the poor, reproaches his maker and he that is glad a calamity shall not be unpunished.

That woman met Allison and Beth, the one who made the comments about West Virginia call budget of poor hillbillies to his liking them.

That's what's her name, middle, or middle or did you start yet as you see with the governor of West Virginia did all of the early but I didn't know what was happening all at once.

Yeah the he said. He said the dog said here you go Beth kiss my behind and that's what he's talking about here.

Witnesses who saw reproaches the poor in others it's a it's a cruel thing to making fun of those who are less fortunate than we in it.

If you have like those nasty nasty nasty women of the view and you know I mean it's just like these are just some very unclean and wicked women but they have a tendency to do that, don't they, in their arrogance of Isaiah chapter 3 talks about the daughters of Zion and why do they fit into that category that I for marketing and marketing library of secular words were for uneducated elbowing yourself point out, yeah there you go over to you not familiar with Jesus. Jesus Singer. She reminds me of nova. What was the all the other one, the one that Mike Jesus had this song that them that was mocking Jesus and the and she was in a lot of movies and I can't even think of her name now and she did the movies. She oh boy they call her, was of the Baptist. They called her Babs was her nickname.

I remember that Barbra Streisand is yet she's a lot like the Barbra Streisand. Anyhow, say goes on to say, Alex's speech become without a fool, much less delay lips of Prince that's an self-explanatory, let's jump down to hold the 12 let out there robbed of her whelps meet a man rather than a fool and his folly.

So what you think. That means fellows. No one available forms folly absolutely bear meds looking for her will, son exactly that's a bad situation if who shall reward you for good, evil shall not depart from their house that self-explanatory, but we have a lot of that today the beginning of strife is when one letter without water.

Therefore, leave all contention before milled with us right that you guys up with it when he's talking about here. Beginning services when the letter without water. If the if you have a bottle of water pours out on the floor. It's kind of hard to put back in the bottle and Antilles tell you, but it's a difficult thing there, and he says so therefore leave off contention. Don't get involved in an argument regarding okay either justify the wicked and he that condemns with the just even they are both an abomination to the Lord well that self-explanatory. Here how to keep you either justify the wicked. How do we have that today when we see that today in spades everywhere in government and the court limited to attorney's office anywhere with all upside down.

You will go to good right I was mentioned a couple times this week up there reporting on that abortion is still the number one cause of death in the world and it's not is like a sigh of relief.

More people are still violent dying of abortion, but that's okay because that's legal and they were talking about so as as like it was good news. I does God see it that way.

No murder and heading in one of our heritage from the Lord will reward. So it's a grave crime against the Lord, who is always people that think that God needs to get lighting be politically correct because they have for an extremely rude awakening will absolutely meet their maker and find out who the real judges that had Bible verses, every knee shall bow, and answering our study that people that are not going to willingly bow before him and he is literally going to have to break some of their legs to get that's how hard some days before, and I kidding.

Wherefore, there is a price in the hand of a fool to get wisdom saying he has no heart to it. Therefore, there is a price in the hand of a folding it was when you think that means that problems are turning to me. Wherefore, the price in the handle to get wisdom on don't know Kristin.

So anyway she is talking about. He's what the wisdom that he's seeking is not wisdom is not is not wisdom. Godly wisdom. In other words, he'll remember when you had that was a bar Jesus that tried to by the Holy Spirit from all you had a price in the hand of a foothold. All okay. A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born of adversity.

There you go do a when I was a young fellow. I read I ran into another young fellow that we got into if we didn't see eye to eye anything and we got into a fight immediately.

More one time but learning yeah I see your way. Well, we got after couple times after couple times Leah Italy became best of friends yet about an hour.

I yeah that's what happened. That's what that means, of it so and so, to what happens is sometimes you learn you learn to accept the mistakes and that of others, especially in that and that's really and not be.

Sometimes we have to understand that were not all perfect and will have problems will have flaws and a lot of times true love will let you ignore that the hardest people in the world in the Lord Jesus said the hardest people in the world to witness to our your relatives. Those that know you and the reason for that is they've grown up with you and they've been going up with you. They've seen all of your flaws and you know all of your imperfections and people have a natural tendency to think well you know and I'm I'm a little bit smarter than my and the my sibling. I just as a natural tendency so what you think. I think that's 100% earning an almost always when I pray I pray for the Lord to send somebody else. In addition to the family because the Bible said that families not receiving. And yeah, that's absolutely right. Jesus had again about it because die and then raise himself from the dead to get his own brothers to receive.

They believe then so believed Boca and she sure did, but she wasn't a sibling promise moms will often especially when it comes to their sons overlook their their faults and so there you go you know what I was thinking till good example of that would base it on me. I had I had the hardest time convincing my siblings that I was smarter than them and even to this day, so still don't believe it with. But, you know, that reminds me of the Bible, Joseph thinking of a company. Yeah well that would conflict between them. Now that would be there with Joseph though he didn't try to he just told the truth and any was tell the truth, he knew what was coming and his brothers would not accept it with the knowledge they thought he was arrogant yeah, but it was just it was just telling him that that was that was who he was and so but by God's hand at all that Disney all the way he loveth transgressions that love is strife.

He that exalted his gait sequence destruction of let me see that his position as a narrative represent our let me see this go down I wicked man to get a gift out of the bosom to pervert the ways of judgment. Boy do we have that loudly have that group that learning nap. I mean, what better example could you give Denton George Soros buying buying all of those prostituted and attorney generals in place of the Lynn office and those in the cities and they became prostitutes. They took bribes from him and means lots of bribes and they betrayed the office diddly they're still doing it today. I think what about Biden in the Chinese yeah yeah relatively drivable that I'm aware of. Yeah they say that the Biden crime cartel has received is more than $1 billion altogether, as though Brighton family after earning back in the day when I was a collegian that Holly made a living will. Lincoln bribes announcement on the clock axillary doll about that with the mean.

The meaning of laws that I enforce my glad on the list and I told that from someone after when they what I did: you not doing a good job only corruption I want.

Yeah, we need you at the DOJ because the Glenwood as it is become corrupt, beautiful. When a hold of his penis. As you if I was in the DOJ now. I wouldn't last long. Made in the fire got me a voice crying in the world. Yeah, you sure would you have to be corrupt you have to be morally or maybe not taking pride that you will go along with not forcing the Lord favoritism covering all of you know that you have to be in the absolutely will talk about so that become enough to break the playing here about a 40 minute clip you fellows listen carefully to this folks. I did listen very, very careful. You really need to know this because this is the day were living in. This is what we've been telling you about and also about will only come back with you to talk about how we been telling people for longest time how the death of credit Communist Party been working hand-in-hand with the drug cartels and with the human smuggling cartels will guess what finally I were not the only ones that have been telling people Tucker Carlson came out tonight and acknowledge what we've been telling you for a long time taken away.

Craig Johnson of Wisconsin is doing a lot of work really brave work actually to expose and highlight all the unnecessary injuries and deaths inflicted on our young people by these vaccine mandates overreaching tyrannical communist mandates are doing nothing to stop this disease.

It wouldn't matter if they did it really because young people are at virtually no risk from COBIT a few weeks ago Sen. Johnson had military flight surgeon Teresa long testify on Capitol Hill about the effects that she has seen in the military first hand yesterday. Attorney Thomas Renz appeared before Sen. Johnson at a roundtable in the numbers that he was talking about the data that he exposed in front of that panel. John dropping look substantial data showing that we so for example, a miscarriage is increased by 300% over the five-year average almost we saw most 300% increase in cancer over the five-year average cancer is not being talked about, except for by Dr. Ryan call. Thank you Dr. Weese. This one's amazing neurological self neurological issues which would affect our pilots over a thousand percent increase on analysis intent, thanks to Teresa long and other doctors like her thanks to people like Thomas Renz were continuing to collect all kinds of stories of what's really going on in the military completely whitewashed by the media ignored completely by Fox news channel soldiers who were perfectly healthy are now battling health problems.

You heard Thomas Renz miscarriage is up 300% Sen. Johnson gasped neurological issues for pilots up 10 fold offer virus that our soldiers, sailors and airmen are at near zero risk from almost all in their 20s and 30s, and at the peak of physical health. Or at least they were until this sinister shop was forced into them, but the biting regime simply won't quit. Even as the vaccines bail more and more vaccinated people are showing up in our hospitals proving that this was never a pandemic of the unvaccinated at all times. Renz is that attorney that you saw there appearing before Sen. Johnson.

He's been fighting against vaccine mandates and other evil all over the country joins us now.

Thank you so much for coming. We appreciate it. I'm happy to be register.

I mean we go from we go from recliners being murdered to our soldiers being murdered. I mean one cyst in an astonishing news really these are jaw-dropping numbers coming from credible sources imminently qualified doctors. Military officers deal the officials dropping nukes in front of the world on Capitol Hill. The shots are injuring and killing healthy young and fit people what is the level of credibility. What is the level that the media is looking for the public or the military. Waiting on before they're willing to listen to these facts, but here's the deal.

The DOD medical records are frequently cited as being the most complete, the most accurate best that you can get okay. The health system for the DOB is a very controlled and completely manage things so this is as good a date as you can get.

There isn't a server that I can go to. I think it's probably going to be a whole lot better. There may be some things that we haven't found yet, but this is as credible as it gets. Okay, these guys came forward even though they have declarations talking about reprisals that there there witnessing or experiencing.

They're going to be attacked there to be belittled.

There can be ripped apart and these guys still these are heroes Teresa Sam beat these guys are heroes and God bless them for having the courage to do this so also God bless Sen. Johnson and I want to ask your audience to another active if you like what we did you make sure Sen. Johnson feels a lot for you guys let his audience know that you like particularly are part of the presentation because you know I got a feeling he's going to take some political heat for having done this, and he should be rewarded. So please thank that man for having the courage to do this is can't believe I wake up in the morning and of course I have to watch Fox because so that my audience doesn't have to we have to know what they're talking about.

Obviously there and Steve Ducey is renting and ripping and raving about how he trusts his doctor and that's why you got the shot what was happening here. Why is the media completely whitewashing the fact that these qualified imminently qualified doctors with intelligence real reliable data like you said it doesn't get any more reliable than this are highlighting in front of a sitting United States Sen., brave as he is and yes, I agree that we should show Sen. Ron Johnson a whole lot of love. I love for him to come on this progress, we can personally thank him. These people are exposing dropping these bombs on these unprecedented numbers and were talking about things I talked to people off the record time. Were talking about instances in health for soldiers over the last decade, a 10 year period, certain conditions have been reported. Maybe a couple of hundred times were now looking at 10 2030 even 40,000 of those instances in the last 11 months out and by the way, we have said it is two things that I really want you to know that I think a bombshell one we got. We downloaded a ton of this data, we have a ton of it to be that server. The demand server. It seems to be off-line today. Shockingly, I wonder why I wonder why especially like the fact that it looks like they'd already manipulated the data rhetoric related to myocarditis and peritonitis. We have by the way just for you guys. You know if you think you can manipulate that data.

Let me just on record and tell you that first of all we got copies including physical copies of this data and I got it all over the country so you can get it. You can't wipe it out, it's out there. Second of all that data we got we got data we been working on stuff were were were not entirely silly about this week I that we got data from different points of time that indicate when and where and when and where expense change and so you know, go ahead. You guys can cover this document did your hole deeper.

My suggestion for anybody that's involved in this is that it's time to come clean, testify and ask forgiveness rather than permission. You guys need to really come clean. You need to think about this. This is coming down and guess what we've we have put information out and I got shared with people around the country. A number of people attorneys not attorneys. Other people we have information out and we have a lot more coming equally or shattered. This this cabal this crooked, corrupt, just nightmare is good and were going to end and I can't wait can't wait to see these guys brought to justice. Yet they murdered our soldiers and murdered children are going down. The only thing that I disagree with that. I have to push back on you little and I understand you and hearing that what you said there in front of Sen. Ron Johnson is a call for investigations look we don't need five year Benghazi trade Gaudi, lad.

Nothing burger investigations that lead down this rabbit hole while thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of people die.

We don't need some Russia Russia hoax investigation.

What we need is an immediate. To this entire shop program globally but specifically starting here in the United States and in the people responsible for pushing this need to be tried. Try them indict try fry.

That's what needs to happen. These people need to be held account executions of the death penalty are warranted, the need to be carried out these people responsible for killing unprecedented amounts of people.

Another targeting our soldiers. That is not an accident you said that you know how and when these things were deleted. Do you know who have been manipulating this data now that share. I think that will get there so we expect. We got enough stuff now, we expect the courts to take the stairs were going to be submitting this plus more to the court. We got a whole bunch my lunchbox for the next couple weeks and still be coming back in the therapist audience, but we've got yet if you'll have me, but we got a bunch more coming out and answer stuff comes out can be submitted in the courts. We expect the courts to take this serious. We know they been the courts have been lied to by the CDC for two years and God bless a lot of these judges have been manipulated on this by were going to deal with this going on just a minute.

Take this thing all the way but that you think Ron Johnson is to take this all away while Sen. Johnson is certainly fighting the fight and II really I appreciate you know for him having to got having me come on and do this was certainly a political risk and you know it shouldn't be is ridiculous. I presented truth from the Department of Defense and I and but the reality is that man had some courage to have me there is a shame that it takes courage to be able to have the truth been ranked on Capitol Hill missing has been completely whitewashed by the corrupt, dishonest media, not one mention of this hearing this roundtable in front of Sen. Johnson yesterday, this is earth shattering information. This is groundbreaking, literally mind-boggling, jaw-dropping, eye-popping, whatever adjectives you want to use this data is insane. They're going to end up so wanted to think this can happen because you know I've been working on this for two years now and you know I know I'm some simple guy from Fremont, Ohio, but I'm a tell you something we been doing a lot of work and we got a lot of basis to include the mainstream media a lot of members of the mainstream media and the collusion that will eventually be stewing over, you know this is something I don't have a huge team of billions of dollars, and we do need your support rents Please, but it we had to build this very slowly because that we don't have enough wheat we don't sell.

It's the process is painful and slow. There should be. There should be billions of dollars supporting us. There should be endless attorneys were starting to get the attorneys we don't have the funding so it's much slower but the more the more we can do the better, but I don't care I don't care if I never make a penny off of this.

I don't care. I would keep fighting as fast as I can and at the end of the day will get to the finish line. And you know what being involved personally with any Kleiner and Marjorie Holston to save Scott Kleiner from the scheduled execution at least give him the opportunity for some fair treatment being involved with Michaela Hughes to get her son Charles away from a death sentence of the coronavirus panel called hospital facility and now she's home breathing on his own eating real food, smiling, hugging his daughters saved a life there is audience combined with your efforts seemed a life and this can be duplicated multiple times we go from these individual experiences to now on Capitol Hill. You're traveling all over the place you're from Sen. Ron Johnson you're fighting this thing your one guy and yet you hear you putting together a team, but I was just and recommend please people help fund this effort that Arends just like this program were not globalist, funded by big huge conglomerates in Walmarts and basil's okay work the little guys were the extension of you trying to do this thing. It takes money to run a program like this and for Tom rents to carry carry out these actions.

It takes money really does and so thank you, know that you think Ron Johnson were to do that to I hope everybody is feeling audience sends an email to the senator but also to you.

We want to extend a personal thanks and thank you for making the time to be here with us, and it really busy Tom rents particular in honor this show is brought to you in part by step on found graying of back okay already we are back and we had to have rents in here couple months ago you guys remember and he was praised the good Lord he was going after some of them with losses in it. We been fighting hereto, just ones that refuse to take the poison refuse to take the poisonous poke they end up in the hospital. So from that were in the hospital that they tried to finish him off with windows of their and we been being an advocate for those for those folks there letting that letting them know that we were going to make it very clear that if you give those people rendered severe and they die were going let everything entire world no matter so there you go.

Now everything he said Phyllis I've got here.

I've got that what would Tom was talking about that if they try to cover the self. I've got what he said don't worry it's out. He sent it to me and so here we've got this substantial data shows miscarriages up 300%. Cancers up 300% neurological problems and this is people with pilots, especially that there about thousand percent a thousand percent. So there you go to that, we who have all of that and that here in the Ron Johnson had crazy good Lord, now here's something else to is another one I've never seen as many deaths. It's around 5 to 600% increase this, the funeral director in the UK. He reveals increasing numbers of thrombosis, death, and the vaccinated young adults here that 5 to 600% increase funeral director John Looney of militant cutting Cain's family funeral service in Milton Kings, England, shared his recent review interview with Kaylee to me that this art on president level at young people in their 20s and 30s and 40s well vaccinated. The fake news media, NBC, ABC, CBS, all of the lying liberal media won't won't report on any of this that close Fox News that includes Fox News them you know here why do you think what he thinks could have because you see 70 people like it. Steve do see and no Brian and Jill needed others that all came out and lay so I took the VAX I got the vaccinated. We suggest you get the VAX with or not there not saying that now most of them was a better trying to walk you back. Tucker Carlson had said in the very beginning. You gotta be crazy not to get it, but he turned that around the walk that back okay but why do you think that there Fox News you expect all the others because their part of the collective. There is just a part of the death of credit, kindness, collective the Fox claims to be fair and balanced, which we know is not true at all that because of the election of fraud, but you know when he asked when he was asking.

During this interview Wyrick quietly tell the truth I know the exact reason, but I'll let you guys tell why do you think Fox News is going. Following the trail and not telling the truth because they are part of the collective fast burning.

They are all under the control of the Soros and them.

Fox seems to have a little leeway with with a couple of their speakers there like a couple Carlson in the sky. Water seems good handy and don't notice the go to your doctor. I had the shot goal and the doctor and follow visit advice you think you think he's gonna like that back you wait for me is he's been very quiet and that recently, as the Lord of glory. Evidence of the more things come out it's programs like ours when we report, you think you're going to hear him walking there back. I would like to hear back. Chris Kearney would be wonderful if he did I don't know you know really earning on the vice presidents of Fox News is the former speaker of the house. Ryan rhino rhino Ryan and one a lot when the sun became German. It started leaning way that you let let's go to the real really not will actually what was most really conservative ones on there is got field definiteness yet he's he is very conservative and that but I'll tell you who actually I thought that I like to I like better than the rest and then as dockage or judge G Judge Jeanine Chia NTT. Don't pull any punches.

She's out, she's a fiery little woman you know and document she was suspended for a week or two because she came out of the narrow area that they can speak and keep the truth in the weeks that she was censored a month something like that.

Oh yeah because she was fit she was bold and she was telling the truth.

She didn't pull her bunches and that in silk and tease back and she still doing and teased. She's a feisty little critter but the Internet and I laughed because I watched her when she got in the catfight would quickly cushion Goldberg in Olympia was rented out of the room cussing up-and-coming just because in a blue streak like you would expect that she would do with the that the judge Jeanine. She said she's a feisty little thing already. But here's the reason the real actual reason that Fox News will not come out and speak out against the poison is the same reason they wouldn't come out and speak against election fraud and that's because they're on the payroll. If you look at who's advertising you how many times I wonder just a one day we saw about six times where it says that this announcement was brought to you by Pfizer. This brought to you by Pfizer brought to you by Pfizer so easy to see who owns them and their told don't bite the hand that feeds you don't don't say anything against the VAX and then the only one that's really that's really speaking out against the and he starting to now, and that's Tucker Carlson. All the rest. I mean, they gave in and followed the drink the Kool-Aid did earn enough why you don't have sponsor one of the reasons yeah well you you can't save you a lot of money, you're in a bind could be in a bind." They could be attacked by the heart are not communist because you but Fox News has a handout and once you see Pfizer given the money while that tells you they're not going to give up the truth about the back about Pfizer and the vaccines like Sullivan said Lily answer, though, things that the love of money at the root of all evil and that that's where you go in and out. We got that. I think it was shift things around just a little bit here.

Let's go with the trucker convoy is making history in the uprising of crutches here that the freedom kindly. Can you believe this 50,000 trucks 15,000 trucks and their sending the message to an antichrist to a guy that is an antichrist of hard-core antichrist anti-Christian PVA. He actually wants to outlaw the US to outlaw Christianity in Canada and etc. know he is a wicked wicked I'm in a very evil wicked man, but here 50,000 truckers despite Daventry does best. That was to slander the unvaccinated and freedom protesters.

The truckers convoy the truckers convoy is poised to be the largest in history, garnishing international support will.

It is now here, a massive convoy. Truckers opposed to the vaccine mandate is making its way through southwestern Ontario as he continues his journey through the heart of Canada. Truckers and supporters will participate in a massive protest in Ottawa was Parliament of that's tomorrow to do that tomorrow.

Give me a massive protester now 50,000. There they right now they're up to 50,000 trades.

Can you imagine that well in him there you go, and then the limitless blood jump over here and cadence of you heard what happened in Pennsylvania you have the court ruling in Pennsylvania breaking big Pennsylvania court rules act 77 of 2019 unconditioned on unconstitutional mail-in voting on hold. So what you think.

John Holman well I think when it goes to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court reversed that well right now though, that's right, you probably will because there there there is liberal and yeah I wouldn't and I have gotten. I have got absolutely no confidence in any and that court and court having any legitimacy, any even the very little least bit of legitimacy in all but right now there seems to be enough momentum to take that to that court is called supreme in DC. According to a lot of the bigwigs that they're planning on doing so anything in kearney same thing known by me. This is known as the Supreme Court of sin and their own.

Like that woman. The governing ready one day Amy Coleman, Brian, in writing, in any way that she voted against Trump in the election and in the fraudulent looking at the fraudulent set up there and pick Kearney and that was in whatever was in January. She got a $3 million book deal here. Here's what is the brightness Kearney that's how they got it they have $3 million to compromise her so it will remember for the very beginning I told you I didn't trust her. We told you. Remember that as we found out some things and relatively that she was related to two and so yeah remember what Ronald what Ronald Reagan said was his his. The biggest disappointment of his administration of his presidency to remember what that was it that female Supreme Court justice right O'Connell Brian Wright O'Connor. Okay, yeah, yeah that that that was the biggest he said them. The regret that he had that he appointed her cheek really betrayed and and seems likely.

The camp betrays quick and I went to get in there, but here's what it says is what Trump says big nose out of Pennsylvania.

Great take patriotic spirit is developing and level about a thought possible president Donald Trump so Trump maybe knows of the way down, that old John.John here in Pennsylvania. What going on in Pennsylvania for me on the spot because honestly right now I look at some of the people that are running that are claiming to be Christians in there something going on beneath the surface. Surface spiritually that I don't have a grasp on the item trying to get a handle on it reach out a few more people but I just haven't felt like a red flag with some of these people so I don't know John. I'm reserving my opinion until I get some more information. Keep an eye on things and let us know.

We covenant to break in a minute and then I want to talk about to an estimated 2 million valid images from the 2020 election were illegally erased in Georgia. So now you've got Arizona got Michigan you get Pennsylvania God Georgia and Iowa. Why would Italians like everywhere you turn them here. Here's the question why was no one held accountable or indicted. They know and they know who it was that he illegally erased this in Georgia and Arizona. They had them on film.

In Georgia they caught them pulling boxes out and they caught him stuffing those of Bella boxes the copyable and average of of the people putting 2800 balance per person that was stuffing boxes in there.

I mean this is that, Phil.

This is why aren't there any any prosecutions that do and sorrows spend his money well will because the break will be back right after this with a whole lot more. Don't go away. More to come.

Be right back that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spirit Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

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