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FRI HR 2 012822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 29, 2022 12:13 am

FRI HR 2 012822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 29, 2022 12:13 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR board this point, the server name for so long DOM. Love and look at Col. Dr. Peter Chambers deal in flight surgeon all given me this data declaration small. The state is under penalty of this is under penalty of perjury, we intend to submit this to the court. We have substantial data showing that, at least for example, a miscarriage is increased by 300% over the five-year average almost with almost 300% increase in cancer over the five-year average this month. Amazing neurological self neurological issues which would affect our pilots over a thousand percent increase 82,000 per year to 863,000 in one year I had a replay that I had to play that up because folks elected to hear it on any of the fake news media and I can hear it at NBC, ABC now when it gets to the point where they can no longer suppress without their then the breakout the braided out but the put their own spin on it. That's where they normally do. They twist and spin it. And so here will we talk about an estimated 2 million belt images from the 2020 election where illegally erased in Georgia that they know who did it, but why aren't they prosecuting goes on and tells you that the this is illegal. And yet no one has been arrested or held accountable back in November, 20, 21 border Georgia election triggered a group based in Georgia, reported that 74 counties in Georgia could not produce their original 2020 election ballot images at that time we reported this president that this Pres. Trump asked why Georgia officials allow this to happen since it's clearly against the law.

President Released a statement recently, again, discovered that the 2020 election illegalities in Georgia. He asked again where is the Gov. and the Secretary of State getting to the bottom of the president help release a statement about 2020 election fraud in Georgia now here again, loving you know we have some incredible images give you this. For example, you guys know about Tony Podesta right yet. Okay him and his brother John Podesta, their infamous for what I need better improvement for monitoring the child child etymologically pedophilia in the house. They found life-size photographs photograph life-size photograph of of young women young women teenage women naked Catonsville, I mean going to this guy's house with her also involved with Hillary and that that woman who the one that makes the that mixes up the blood in an yet what is fair in Ghana like a European name yeah Bob, that burning that comes from all that we could most wicked man crediting the most wicked mental of a live electric Crowley yeah that's all that's all he told him that with his medical spirit currently. Yet in Hillary and that woman is one of that woman is one of Hillary's close friends and them in. Hillary has you know she's back. By the way, we have a DVD on Hillary to that we had from before but she's out now so we may be promoting these their limited lot number, but Hillary is the head of a witch coven in which we told people that, and of course it's admit she did hide it.

She's not just about right outset, it, but to hear you on here were that anyone even hear of Fox News, will you the wiring equipment. The one that really will go with Alana after the eye, knowing that he was big time. Him and Larry Patterson to you know I was.

I was an advisor on the first original Clinton Chronicles. Did you know that I neither know you, and I knew the work. Yeah flight I gave them they asked me questions from but Bible questions, but which we do what we say here, there, and the what does the Bible teach and I would give him passages from Scripture and so that was that was my advisory conditions under but Tony Podesta is given immunity by molar.

Again, remember now making millions. He's now making millions for the Chinese telecom company selling out America sees making Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta has earned at least millions to lobby the White House on behalf of hallway Chinese technology and telecommunication company blacklisted under the Trump administration, how much do you think a will be kicked back to the Biden crime curtail all the big guy get 10% governing that's what they say you uncle Google Amanda big guy yet and get negative cut and so no limit that this these countries that are coveted and thereby buying hundreds paintings for like three $4 million. Do you think that they're getting more than a painting when they spend that three of $4 million to the Biden crime curtail getting some good bride Ernie McBride violate modern and convenient way to watch money for private Clinton not paid big money make a stupid speech for half an hour member that all yeah yeah really… Who on the right mind would pay him hundreds of thousands of dollars to speak and why for half an hour. Well, not hard to figure out is well.

Good way to watch private money watch a lot of a lot of that was taking place way Hillary was secretaries data near absolutely remember you radio one that and so would you call that deal treason and put them.

It seems like an invalid question. Why aren't any of these people be in charge will we have the foxes in the henhouse. We have their garland is not that that is not the DOJ is not an independent organization there part of the collective. There are just a criminal arm of the Democratic I'm his party collective John deliver what we call that I called her and I I talked, I asked to talk to several attorneys there at the DOJ and I asked him do you know of any Christians here don't you guys have any Christians here in a couple of months to a grade that they would they would ask around. The other lawyers there to find out if any of them know of any Christians and they got back to me and said note we can find one single Christian here. What is that to qualify everything Ernie and I was in a dream.

There were numbers of agent or Christian. I didn't get that sense at all with the US attorney for not want that answer. In my experience it's very very difficult for Christians to remain as a practicing attorney must know them wills, deeds and stuff like that to get involved in practicing criminal law and John, my salt first downright fight with my lawyer. I had was threatened by a crooked judge to lift his law license for lexicon obstacles. These people face and I've personally known attorneys over the years that have one literally told me some Johnny said the I can't do your work anymore for your corporation like going on.

He said because all my peers are criminals in the stop practicing long went to work because administrating a bank trust department so it's like John experienced the inner nature. We note here is something here.

If you go up and down the street that I live on. You will see in a number of the flags the black. The thin blue line flags. The black with a blue stripe legs supporting police and when we do support our police. You'll find them here. I got a big went to my garage and and and we do because most of the police in this country. Most of the police are good people there out there like the ones that were buried today out there they had that big funeral there. New York and but it's open season on the police. Most of them but then on the other hand, you have some dirty cops remember the nightmare in Pittsburgh.

John R will remember earning top work while they were just like the ones in DC now that have the patriots in the prison there FROM Chris Berger. Just like that what John that's what DC stands for dirty cop that you that's what is this for dirty cops. The DC cops.

Yeah you absolutely right.

It's a yeah what they're doing. In fact, speaking of that here. I've got an article here January 6 prisoner Jacob laying in the. The gulags announces a hunger strike until capital police officers arrested those dirty cops that are arrested for killing Ashley Babbitt and Rosanna Boyland January 6. Political prisoner Jake Lane called the gateway pundits. Jim coughed on Friday morning leg was moved to the filthy basement. This is Lisa nasty Pelosi. These cops are working for that wicked old woman that is extremely wicked old woman nasty Pelosi Washington DC jail recently he's been abused and persecuted by his government is God-given guaranteed rights have been stripped from them, and dozens of other child support is held in and and and and squalid conditions and treated worse than terrorists.

Behind the attacks on the United States 9/11. Yeah, much worse this morning. Jake told Gateway pundit. He was starting a hunger strike Monday until capital police officer that Mike bird and officer Lelah Morris are arrested for killing Ashley Babbitt and Rosanna Boyland again that's officer Mike bird and officer Lelah Morris dirty cops, dirty cops are arrested for killing Ashley Babbitt and Rosanna Boyland. Jake also called supporters to attend his February 23 hearing in Washington DC, where he intends to release documents on his arrest and what really happened that day. Jake Lynn added that I'm going to be releasing a list of demands from a hunger strike. Most of the most important regarding Rosanna Boyland and Ashley Babbitt their murders needed to be brought murderers need to be brought in charge. That is what we are all here for you know can I do that because that these tees to dirty cops, they can turn over on those above them kente all yeah sure so that they gotta be protected because I mean I could go all the way up to nasty Pelosi or Selva will repent learning the one meet me speak about the one in charge of protecting them of the capital right what what goes on physically in the capital: she's the one that oversees that we watch that officer Berg live unfilled taken just point his gun and shoot at Ashley, but you wasn't doing anything but she was standing there with the rest of the protest and I thought he was doing even greater was even more than that, very right next to her was that he wanted the police officers standing right next the I know so that, and yet the sky got in cold blood with complete standing next and yet he was not arrested.

No, there you go folks. That's what you have that's charity its absolute tyranny in the nasty Pelosi's cheese when that's behind this video shed light on the death of Roseann Boyland at the US Capitol and I've got all the pictures here she was here she was 34 years on that one bite like trampled wickedness okay well Guantánamo will be earlier showed that the one female dirty cop hit there with a baton being there with and she went down and then they put the date they continue to please continue to push the crowd out of the tunnel causing a lot of bodies to pile up on the stairs in the not. I've got a picture of it right here in front of me as I'm targeting right now amenable An affirmative Jack and hood points at the ground and please with police to stop pushing others in the crowd cried all of the please desperately sibling.

The people are down on the sidewalk. Despite the please the dirty cops make another push against the crowd sending more bystanders to the stairs with anything. Well Ernie Ike I think was yesterday from the wall. From what you said but from all wanted to spend 10,000 National Guard.

I think it was oral or military to Washington on January 6 will determine the guy know so how can they use him of trying to local you know this whole thing was a false flag yet one was best for and in the FBI stands for federal Bureau of insurrection is what they stand for.

But here switching over very quickly and remember that guy Ralph Nader remember he was the governor of Virginia all yeah yeah he was so call the doctor.

He was supposed to be a doctor and yet he was promoting hoping that when you can kill babies after they were born that you can keep them a while. Decide whether or not to keep them.

I mean this man is an antichrist tees antichrist, and yet he was promoting. That's what a wonderful thing was that you could keep the baby for a while to decide whether or not you know you can find any imperfections or any reason the that you want to kill it. If not you can kill it, disguise evil.

Okay. And, anyhow, but his final act of governor was to to pardon the death of Craddock State Sen. Petra PF pedophile yeah yeah and let me type pedophilia amongst the death of Craddock party is rampant pedophilia print pretty soon it's gonna be almost like you know you going to say that if you agree that your Democrat so was I saying is I'm either pedophile arm homosexual or transgender. Because music is get that was going that way right where pretty soon the most vile people absolutely will be of the majority in the death of Craddock. I'm his party. You think that's why you got like over 30 death aggressive say and do not get a rerun for Congress. I do think you're trying to get out while the getting is good.

You look good. Your earning electrolyte not I don't put here. Do you think that they see was coming because there's a louder, louder and louder cry for for bringing charges against these people that have done the things that they're done and so do you think the thing they want to get out not be in office when this comes down though the words argue they may be. Maybe they've been given skews me. Maybe they've been given an alternative you either announce that you resigning or were going after what you think. Well, Democrat: start earning so you couldn't threaten them would be retiring now or will overload will investigate you so I don't know why the leaving.

I think it's going to be a hearty appetite your are also the government on the your pastors, make more money it all coming back as lobbyists for becoming board members, various companies innovate, they have ways to make money that there's a number of committed outright alike nasty Pelosi big cheese committed letter crimes taken money insider trading, but here that I had Omar remember her. Though the little Muslim who was married to her brother sleeping with her brother but did you know that her father was one of the top propaganda officials in the genocidal bear regime and when they kill all of those people. He was one of the top officials. Then he changed his and her name and entered the US illegally and lately this this woman has violated just about every law and she's committed treason and there are number Republicans, and it's a once they take the house back there going after. So what you think are going to live. Area gather Republicans the perineum all burnt out on the Republican then whatever else will print out on them. They really really really really betrayed us when he came to January 6, 2020. They really betrayed us.

That should have been. That would've been the notice that would've been 20, 21, right know it. Yeah, that when when those Republicans that failed to stand with Holly and you had a few up there they stood a few of the Congressman Jim Jordan from Ohio. Actually, Ted Cruz was there to but those that did refused Tom cotton refused to decay and I've always like the Marsha Blackburn machine she refused. But the one that really betrayed us more than anybody else with my parents, Mike, Mike, had a duty he keeps saying he did his constitutional duty.

No, you have the law of the lesser magistrate you have that law there is job. His job was to what his job was to make sure he knew that there was all kinds of election fraud. He knew that right and will and so he ate he could've said he had not only did the other. Yet the complete authority to say you know what there is. There is a looks like there's a lot of fraud here. Let's take 10 days in here. These people doubtless take 10 days in here these people out because it sounds like he could've done that he didn't remember what Trump said Mike do the right thing to do was write Mike okay don't don't bow down to the pleasure and he failed instantly. We have a history of not doing the right thing you talking about there in Indiana when he was governor in the transgender thing come up there and the state.

Yeah, he said I will never sign while he said he would never sign that same-sex marriage are never sign that to make illegally said I will never and then they put the pressure on them. Indicate dignity, clarity you guys ready to open the phone lines take some calls ready all right as I died kind of proud of the funds that you two were going to overwhelm the people with your wisdom you done good tonight so I'll the phone lines and no open at 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 so would you think. Let's see, who was the benthic little bit of first caller will find out yet. We were right.

Cliff was he was the first caller did you get there before we did some dendrite already Cliff urinary go-ahead. You know, listening to a non-audible on George Soros and called the man behind the curtain, it must be pretty new because it has calm all resigning so but should be rested in it because it has a full chapter on the media and it shows you how giving given moderate to light numerous newspapers and PR etc. etc. and I point out one instance where a woman wrote an article favorable to him in the Seattle Times and the same could be refuting all the things that people say against them point by point is if he himself that look like subclinical self.

Basically it's what I think is happening is that the media is getting paid by the people to write articles in newspapers and make it look like it since I don't know where okay I was getting a message so I didn't hear all that you had to say. But the is the monies the looking for a number for a law firm.

I think they were referring to Tom rinses he never gave it a phone number out so yet.Psalm 97 all right return and handle that John-John usually has an opinion on John, but it seems to relate, I believe, to Isaiah 64 yells talking about the presence of the Lord the parts of the first IC map from Islam first 11 positive verse. I like you and Isaiah 64. His first seven but overall it's talking about the presence of the one coming down the line if it involves judgment to get a take on that right when you think you I think you I think it is about the Lord in his present, you will get.

I like it diversified in the hills melted like wax with the presence of the Lord, that the presence of the Lord of the whole or when he when the Lord came down to Mount Sinai.

There the whole mount Bible says was like fire was a black cloud around the secret Lord of the furnace going up and our God is a consuming fire so the fire goes before him. Lem Daniels says in Daniel chapter 7 we had a vision of the ancient of days that a fire came out from his throne. Ezekiel saw the Lord's throne with real fire all around it. So our God is a consuming fire for real.

This is a real nice all related thing I like to first 11 know where one person said light dawns just I don't have a different version can chance but find that particular for one person. I went right works in light dawns just fine. Not fairy that imagery very encouraged already. Listen, thank you. We get a move on.

We have coach you are near Reading and practice standard for home returning good evening good evening good evening, I'll make it short and quick to the point tonight on Hannity had hit report on live from Canada with the 50,000 truck that you're talking about now.

We both know we all know that John Hannity was the all proponent for the back pain than you would think the state however in the past month John Hannity had been happening here stand. For example tonight had to proctored live from Canada with the 50,000 truck that were going to get back down here. He said you guys are willing to hold out and underground overturn this mandate. Then he turned around that to them. Would you welcome the trucker from United and they both said trucker from United State where the rally went dear brothers and practice in Canada you even force the hand of the flag in ministry and that this was so important past the standard that you stay on top of that with your 15.

He struck to unite to bring the five minute break, not to mandate their feet laughed going at remember we all know own clock when it was reported that your son will overclock when his Way. Most important thing to note that George Carl God white donated over $1 million this past year to get off president, drop overturn from the electric my name is Wayne Driscoll reporting live from front of the fire. God bless good night all right stagecoach already you going to John there was an opinion article in the Wall Street Journal today.

I'm going to go over all the essentially it said that their elected officials owe an apology for the mandates and the companies that require them to take the jabber get fired and I believe the article said that Starbucks has reversed its policy on mandating vaccines and is beginning to hire back people that they fired because they won't take the vaccine because this study out now. It proves that natural immunity is better than the vaccine.

And that's the essence of it so it's getting really difficult and I don't see how any of these companies could really stand up against that information that this society study.

I think that appeared in the CDC sleeve going to see him going to see him backing down one enzyme. You know it's an interesting thing because you most of companies that refute that did not mandate the vaccine for their employees was the CDC was Pfizer Pfizer did not mandate with suppliers you know and and here the post of the United States post office noted because they needed his people to get a shortage of workers and they can afford to have all these young people dying so there you go. The and I mean this is unbelievable. This is genocide and if America doesn't we will we our judicial system is in is is been extremely corrupted. If they can't find they can't find the guts to bring these people to justice, watching all the other we told you all along what they were doing wheat we had all of these virologist on here. We had the leave top scientists and Pfizer come out and talk to you.

We had the creator of that eminent RN whatever all of them have come out and told you don't take it, it'll kill you, and that we been weeping telling people that in telling people that in telling people that if people are dying in there trying to keep it covered up everyone from radio programs like these and some others.

They would keep it covered up but where were get news out. You've got around 500,000 people had that have died from these from these acts already. Who do we have next how you're in the air. I I'm doing okay. How are you I'm doing good. I have been reading the last week the Democrat they don't want nothing to do with your bike. That's why that's one reason why the leaving and even got even in Texas where the applicant who is running for governor down there. He doesn't want you want anybody from mind reading you want to invite though. That's that Kelly called big toe. Yeah yeah and you want nothing to do with and even now Georgia state is gelato. I have a schedule where you want one year and that's why believe in him and and pretty soon FYI a lot of Merck are quitting because they don't want to be around the sky yet. Well, they don't want to have to run again because of their voting records. The things that they voted for. People are filling look at the present rate right now. Gases oil is $90 a barrel. He said he could hit 150 a barrel that made you to be paid six or seven dollars a gallon for gasoline.

If we don't get him out of there okay yeah it and and do they.

How would you like to be go out and run for Congress in your area. If the people out there were paying $67 for gas.

The their mad now because the pain so much more for everything from food for cars and everything and so those congresspeople there that they're afraid they don't have to run again yeah and I think that what we still need to do is we still need to get the thing for the integrity because it was still not there yet still got a lot, we still have a lot to do and on the Republicans like I am up all of your cold water, and I'm a Republican I'm being a poll watcher permit and and… And I'm glad to be involved in this because we need to fight we need to have everybody get a Republican joined the ranks, so therefore we have what don't bet you they can't sheet. We can definitely get it. Well, you know they're in Michigan and Detroit. The last election. All the Republicans were forced to go outside and they were never allowed to board of twins. They could even see what was going on inside the. The election of God was so so in-your-face election fraud and then we had these people Brett bear Susan Smith.

Yeah, and Chris Wallace lying. I mean they were just lying and lying to you expected and BCP MSNBC.

Then all it yet but these people claim to be fair and balanced, and they look you right in the eye in the and they lied flat out to you. Yeah I called CNN the common news network help you write well anyway keep keep up the good work in and I pray for you every night when I listen to you and may God be with you and McCarran everyone that that you involved in hello, thank you very much and all of that right back at you. You have a good day. God bless. All right Bill, you're in there, pastor, hello in snowy Delaware lesson question. I catch the show. I came here I came on early to start late this evening, I watched BBC France 24 Deutsche Welle always for news network she gets stories you don't see on the American news media, one that caught me tonight all three of those network show this evening. There are British and French troops in the Ukraine. Right now training Ukrainian soldiers how to use antitank weapons. The British and the French version of our job when missile which is where I get the medicine American advisors over there quietly. My question pastor.

I'm very confused about this. Who's right and who's wrong on the UK are the Russians right side right okay are you ready are you ready to get more confused I take it off the radio okay get is eager to get more confused because remember that we had silly Millie here talking about Russians again at any moment to make their move. You had Joe Biden trying to convince the president of Ukraine but but John returned tell what the president of the Ukraine and the president of Russia prudent telling what they were doing today. Well, they had a meeting concerning and it sounds like seriously, I'm not making this up like the best of friends and pollutant invited the, the prime minister of Ukraine to come to Russia and they have a truce between them and then Biden at after the meeting, Biden said that link the Russian juvenile attack at any moment, any day they were going to attack Ukraine's in great danger in the president of Ukraine by light by lawmakers. Technically, can you believe that he said that the stock market crammed scratching and everything in it because what he did because Ukraine $500 million and by light so that you go concerning well, you know, here is something more going on.

I know that the Biden crime cartel. The bites are crime cartel hunter and and the big guy made a lot of money from corrupt Ukrainians, and in fact they finally got rid of some of those corrupt Ukrainians here now and I think with that with their again this whole point. Remember, he doesn't want out right Russia. There concern is NATO right yet and so does the president of the Ukraine. Does he actually want to join NATO. I don't know. Currently, they seem to have a big score.

NATO talking about Ukraine joining NATO. That's one thing that Roger is really upset about. They don't want Ukraine and NATO, but I don't hear Ukrainians begging to be brought into NATO. Well, the reason they don't want that if they become a part of NATO then you would be able to put missiles right there. The Ukraine and it's right there on the Russian border written by yeah and come out that that is more yeah you blame Poon for that. Now I don't attorney will be the same. It put missiles in Cuba or on the Mexican border with those okay let me let me ask you two guys a question. Think before you answer now potent is says abortion is wrong and should be stopped and he wants to stop it. He wants to have zero abortion in Russia potent is come out and said that there paying young couples thing to do to marry and have children.

They get the equivalent of about $40,000 to buy a house if they get if they can they agree to get married and have children say what is the Bible say, be fruitful and multiply right now potent potent says that sodomites open that those that are openly gay caught with sodomy or pedophilia.

Those that openly gay caught after the second time the naked set out of the country.

Remember Barack Obama since it will take a Mid-America sinister sodomites that that's what you would expect from a settlement right and so now compare him with Joe Biden when it comes to abortion where it comes to marriage and work… Out of me and who of the two are the most moral on an Accenture so would you look at Joe Biden exit because I can tell you the truth, as far as I'm concerned, the enemy, I'm much more concerned about the death of credit, kindness, collective is the enemy of freedom that those that want to take away my freedoms that want to take away my property take away my life, the death of credit crime is collective is much more of a threat than even China or Russia or even Islam. What you think you because it's an internal threat that we've kicked down the road for decades, decades and decades never really dealt with it okay now. There are number of those that are saying the death of Greta Kime's party is going way too far, and there there leaving their leaving Greta Kime's party so you think that within the collective that there are any people left okay. My opinion right now and I know that there is not one one Congressman or Senators within the death of Greta collective that is not corrupt and not one so what are you what you guys think maybe mention pastor earning menu being not and they hate him and that the cinema cinema. You have a movement that's what set at Mettler office Mountain yeah well but match into, as in the past years. He is given in you when he's gotten. When the when he's gotten so much for his country for a state rather but that I would.

I would probably say out of all of them that he would be the best it that if there were any within the collective that had any kind of integrity, even it is the smallest amount of integrity left there would be those two.

I would agree to that, but that's out of the burning so we got to 4% less that saying that that all the Republicans we got up a lot of rhinos in the Republican Party rhinos that they're just as bad as the death of grants wouldn't say oh yeah all my good so give lots of them. It's amazing the rhinos took over like the entire Georgia government. That's why digital prosecution because of the of the Atty. Gen. there in the government. Yet, you're absolutely right that criminal criminals so they can't let this go forward because the logo will go to jail yet. That's way. Nobody's going to jail. There even though all of the evidence they've got it. We stopped we saw them pulling out the boxes out a 40 balance in the wind. When the unit when everybody else was to go home.

There was a camera. They did know that right now we saw in the films of those by the way a lot of the films that they had for those drop boxes out there where they had people come in and dropping. I mean boxes and boxes of 40 balance in their some of the all the films disappeared over seven having the corruption just unbelievable. Okay, we have time and do you have next source codes go with. We might have time for. How much was time to have their four okay very good.

I want to make sure because which one of you guys are going to be given the invitation. I can't remember who did it last week. Well I did. Earning showy shoeing and I didn't write the show and I preached right off the air. Yeah you know what we never that is the really the most important thing and so I will he give let's let's just go ahead and let's talk about that about four we go for I do that though. I want to say this coming Sunday. Doers of the word church people always let me tell without me preaching on an address the title of my message would be what the truly elect can never accept what the truly electric and there were a separate and talk about some of what is happening today and you know the truly elect are going to come out fellow. Don't the elect. Remember what Jesus said if it were possible, even the elect would be deceived by Matthew 24 that do yeah but that then that means those that have been chosen.

Those that are going to get get saved truly the truly elect you know we have I preached a message in an election message on the real electors, a gay and those are the ones the people that are getting saved. The those that are say people those of the elect elect to say people and so what the truly elect can never accept is going to be a whole lot of things were going to take a look at what for what is happening today in which we must never move would never give up any ground. We must stand our ground and never give in to this because he a lot of people out there will tell you now, I'm talking about professing Christians is nothing well you know I'm I'm like you, without you know, abortion is the law of the land, so why fight it right and authority of the Bible that we could recognize the elect, because John addressed a letter to the elect lady and in Colossians chapter 3 is a good place to take a look in the mirror to confirm your election gives you all the characteristics of a black person okay very good so now here there are things out there today that our society has accepted as is normal, but we as is the elect with his Christian's believer can never accept this we can never give in another words where we have not gotten our senses so dulled right now, burning like the culture of America has taken over the church and so we might in our ended in many people's eyes. Well when I did know we don't prove we don't kill babies but if you want to get your business stuff like that that that's poison the church and the Holy Spirit will will depart Pittsburgh, the Holy Spirit cannot be in a and Internet will in a church with any power the Holy Spirit Revelation of the word of all with attitudes like that right well me on what the church is to do the church is now being conformed to the image of the world right John, you have four minutes telephone so they get to heaven: Yep: yes go ahead transferring the gospel is very simple so the child can can understand it and the Bible says that all have certain all so no one is excluded. No one is exempt. There is no other name by which men must be saved in the Lord Jesus Christ and that nickname that carries everything that is necessary for salvation which Christ accomplished on the cross so we all fell short of the glory of God. We all send and so we all are liable were all indebted to God for this and not. Fortunately, God sent his only begotten son to be the propitiation persons, and that means that he's paid the bill in full by the work that he did on the cross and you can you can be forgiven of that sin that if you accept the fact that Christ paid your debt on the cross and the Bible says you must repent. That means turn from their wicked ways with things that you have done. We are involved on that offend God and violate his laws and his precepts and you turn and you do those works after you received Christ. God has works that he has prepared for you from the foundation of the world so you turn away from sin you turn to Christ, and he is live vicariously pays for the blood that was needed to pay for your sin so that said you do that you confess Christ with your voice.

You tell the world in one way can do that is by being baptized and that proclaims that you believe in the birth, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and you received your eternal salvation by doing those things and maintaining your profession of faith. So the most important thing you're going to hear in the show ever, ever, is a salvation message and when you do those things you have the happiest day of your life when you come realization that you have just inherited eternal life.

You can live forever with the Lord Jesus Christ and his saints in your event. Avoid the lake of fire.

There is no other alternative.

Nothing else that can satisfy this and that except the shed blood of Jesus Christ on that cross. So were asking you if you haven't made that decision make it tonight. Make that the most important decision you'll ever make in your life that the joy you will have forever more and you will never ever regret it. So were asking you all in Jesus name. Take this message seriously because if you go to hell you are never ever getting out already will get in. That's the state of eternal torment and socially. Johnson is absolutely right in again. You can never, ever, you will never do anything that means as much to you is that until tomorrow we will say good night God bless, always, always keep sliding the light light. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. What's left hosted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WW and please tune in next time for another addition was right left preceding sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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