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THU HR 2 012722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 28, 2022 12:08 am

THU HR 2 012722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 28, 2022 12:08 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR that people keep one the others were a doers of the word Baptist Church where an actual New Testament church. We are not a 501(c)(3) corporation. Are we Richard no slur okay and so aware actual New Testament church were located at 14781 Sperry Rd. that Sperry Rd. in Newberry, OH is right at the corner of Route 87 and Sperry Road right under that 800 foot tower. No we start Sunday morning at 9 AM the praise and worship 930 in-depth Bible study and then this Sunday at about 5 o'clock will be showing the film will be about a 40 minute now. This is current events. These are things that you're not supposed to know these are things that the that the fake news media will try to keep from you and then sometimes you hear pulp portions of this on Fox News or on solidity. Other outlets, but usually it's way out in a week.

We bring it out there. But anyhow that's that will be at 5 o'clock and then at 6 o'clock welcome. I miss the morning service morning service starts at 11:15 PM alright there you go. 1150 for the morning service and then then usually pastor how or a guest preacher will be preaching the evening service. So there you go. And then of course, at 9 PM on Sunday nights, then you get the entire message of that day so there you go, now going over to Donnie Cioffi, Tony Jaffe, you spent 25 years in prison for crimes. It never committed the never happened. Telus again telephone to get how that all took Clark well go back all way back to 95 will really go back to 1988 when I got my divorce from ex-wife and since I got divorce my ex-wife. I started fighting for custody of my son in visitation and every time I find out where my ex-wife moved she would move against diskette moving and moving a movement, hoping that I would give up the fight, but I never did and without my knowledge she was going from 1988 all the way to 96 making allegations that I have molested and raped my sons which I had no knowledge of. So she went directly to the prosecutor's office in Trumbull County and made the allegations, Arrington heat they indicted me well while going through this process hear my sons going through counseling they went. They went through many counselees in different counties. Mahoney County children serve more.

They investigated it back in 91, which I have the report and said there was no findings. I got a report from Bali counseling also in Belmont Ave. in Liberty township, saying there was nothing in the file to corroborate or even substantiate these allegations to all the stuff I never knew until after I went to prison all the stuff was kept away from me by my attorney Tom Gina from Youngstown and outcome even to the lawn and and and in the process how things work in the system but things did a lot of things that I did know and after I went to prison I started to get into this, I knew I never commit this crime.

I told the prosecutor that I told my attorney that I am told the judge that didn't matter. I was guilty. I was guilty from the day I got indicted interim accounting. It's about conviction and from a County always has been that you have a jury trial. No I did not my lawyer back coursing into a plea saying that I think a three life sentence. He lied to me say if I take the 10 the 25 will be on for years with good behavior.

So the way I was thinking what was wrong that I do. For years I get out I can fight this. Come to find out that I was into every bit of 25 years dealing with the parole board I did. I didn't even know the Nevada parole board and even Oprah board existed until I went to prison until I found out how corrupt they work so I had anything against me. I had everything against me.

So I had to discipline myself, I had to learn the law. I had to study law at its I had to get every document I can find in my case and research and dissected and exactly what I did.

My case is a very complex, but I know it like a map. So I remember going back.

It is been a little while back, but you were accused of molesting your two sons though they had one of them. I remember talking to and they had said that that you were neighbor ever there that's correct that you were not even ever. There are the reason was their mother told them that either. Either you had to go to jail or she had to go to jail. That's correct. And they would be without an and so they they decided that they had to stay with her mother's with the window told me that her from what I understand that the did they had signed at least one of my sworn affidavit.

Yes, Dave US credit know I was in prison.

Yes you did both of dual sport of no heat. My elder son Dan and sign an affidavit that he signed another affidavit saying that he support the first affidavit okay and for some reason, attorney Bob Lynch was going to a deposition because of a lot of inconsistencies in her statement the consistency in the prosecutor's but will supposed to happen with her so much on told stories that need to be told this case here and this is what one with the wild here so yeah you were even way back then you talk about when you get out you are not a little get away with how I'll fight this until the day they know when this happened, that the judge there in Lawrence judge Stewart, John Stuart Wright.

I went down to see and and what happened when I walked in there and I said I like to stalk to the judge. If you would've thought that I was carrying a rocket launcher or something. It was like they went into a panic and and when I went to login to a date. They stood in front of me so that I could not go to see the judge in the eye. I'm a pastor in a terrorist and I just came here to talk to you what went with the pedicle about okay you know things like this happen when they're trying to hide the truth. There are so much corruption interim County Court system.

It's a one-sided coin, there is a very corrupt and now, nothing.

Our prosecutor in Trumbull County.

Dennis Watkins prove me wrong that I committed describe who we were on that I didn't commit these crimes. He's a very corrupt prosecutor and I stay behind that level you know we we have seen the corrupt. I called prostitute or slightly. They used to be prosecutors will will you remember Richard where they had decided they were going to do to me what they did to you to write and that is so, it would happen was I got tipped off, but you know that by a lawyer that they would blues in the medium and eight overheard them talking that they were going to come and get the preacher they were going to chargeable antigovernment activities and like they did with Williams and Kate remember all have a little bit of a senior moment that the Williams the fellow that used attend their church and his wife back years ago. It was a black man younger everybody gender new not just about when anyhow that's what they did to him. So they were going to do that to make the really, wanted 2 o'clock in the morning, take your computers shut down your Becky because he couldn't defend yourself. That was the idea and not when I got tipped off and so what I did as I gathered a dozen men together and I went down to confront the judge and judge markets and that in the prosecutor, Dan will try to remember his last name was a Greek name again and I caught him off guard and they had to admit they were charging me with antigovernment activity because we had the right way law classes in the church and then they said that that you had that I had Jack Smith aligned appropriately with went right way law teachers and yeah they said you selling his Texas said no we don't sell you that we never sold anything, we've had over these 50 years now we have things we give offerings for offerings and and and people at times cannot afford one. We give until friend for free with no charge and some I said we did we know sell anything. We given up for a free will offering and that Lisa will you had him on the radio and exit yeah that Supreme Court Justice.

I had presidential candidates of his Senators Congressman judges and even prosecutors know am I guilty of allocating my association with all the people of enemy programs over the years and that he so well pieces you're part of the redemption moment in ices is that John 316 pieces I don't know what that is is that that's the only redemption will that I'm a part of and then so the judge only movers. It is that you idiot. How did you let this happen in the lease, so I'm going to suggest Your Honor that we drop the charges okay because I can see they did know who those other men were, they had no idea who those other men were that were with me okay and that they could have been people may be events of something looking for an investigation so that's why they dropped the charges on me again so with but see this is the essence so many innocent people in prison in this United States. So many innocent people, and most people are clueless on very much the and and they don't know until until it happens to you). And you know that's the thing with like capital punishment. The Bible teaches capital punishment and if you you know but there the system is so corrupt that I you know you you can hardly can't even support it because you don't even know if that person really did what they they're saying that they did or what the circumstances were so you know, these courts.

These courts banned everything so much that there is no way that you even know what truth by your guilty issues you are charged Wright and Hockaday you healthy and auditing the only thing left is for you to complete send you and send you the person owning left hello, there is no such thing at the Trower investigation, the case find out the truth. There is no such thing in a while. The more not that I experience will have been unknown within the submitted been executed over the years because well you see somebody committed a murder and that person might have been very, very wealthy and that they knew who it is. They had to pay to make sure that the investigation was stopped with whoever it is a charge that happens that happens out there and it's our job not lose other things to a lot of times there's this things like Satanism and I know cases where Satanism involved in that.

And what happens is they have to stop the investigation and the one office that Satan is covered, the covenant that offers more than any other is that a prosecutor because most of those prosecutors will end up being judges someday drag and that's why they covet that office.

They're the ones to decide how a case is going to be tried and they don't want to try it as soon as Satanism is what happens in is why so many children are killed or murdered and sacrificed and they get away with it and so that's why we're here to be the salt like to tell people with what it's really like out there is to know one of the reasons Tony that I said that about if I were the king without parole board is you have there is a lot of been on that probably should have been out of prison years a millionaire out there. Many of them should've been in prison years ago, but once those old law were talking about old that's why you spent some the years you were old NovoLog.

That was before what 1996, 96, all the inmates were convicted before 96 were under the old law exactly as was let's once they were out then that the probe or didn't have authority over the other ones exactly good luck sent a bill to yet because they got like a flat time exactly. And so in order to keep them in their cushy $70,000 a year job they had to keep the old-timers of pre-flop and finding reasons to keep up in a funk. Find the reasons over and over remembered big Joe Jeff big Joe I was there at trial, and when the seventh and eight years in the next 16 years later he still imprisoned in the you know there was a mysterious thing because apparently the deal that was cut with the feds, the CIA and that was that the we get out eight years of it was to play this and it was a throwaway Joe was a throwaway. He was working with the deep state and what he was doing. The themes actually: drugs in down into Nicaragua know he was holding guns into Nicaragua and drugs out when then, when they were finished with that of course they had to get rid of them so he was a throwaway and anyhow but am supposedly the reason that that that agreement that they may with him for the eight years was destroyed because there was a flood at the courthouse there in Chardon will the interesting thing is Chardon's eyes place in the entire county. There was never flood their the entire county be underwater glass with a centrum accounting. When I asked for recordation today. I had a flood in your basement. Yeah exactly what they told me that since literally that happens so often early in the to common practice and so so anyhow.

Like you said so you are all those years you were down in them. You do you try to read the essay.

One thing for you, boy. He was persistent when the Richard and Irene never are even written the FBI my case I written all the TV stations, newspapers anywhere that will listen to me. I will talk about and they tried to shut you up. Many times many times a cut in and out at. I just cannot. I wondered what I expected them to charge you in paper terrorism grant they could've my I'm done enough of it you where you are Aegis Persistent. So what was it that that made you decide to be so relentless. A lot of guys with the truth without the truth.

That's all I want is the truth whether there's a lot of it is simply truth resident have the truth, but they weren't as persistent and constant as you are treated me of priceless you. You were at the point where you could never talk about anything but your case I think we can itself that is correct. I would come in there and ended to bring you the Bible is granted. Talk about your case that's correct and that but would you give effortless about it. Yeah, I still left that way.

We got a bit of the Bible and will embed you it was hard to get them off the case, that's for sure. So, to tell us pick it up from where you left off about the opera work. Yeah, yeah, they're very there one-sided I mean no matter what your behavior is how good you are in prison like me 25 years I never been a segregation I had to write ups I completed over 60 programs. My institution was spotless and every time I went out they said I'm not suitable for police have a took responsibility. I keep telling them I said I will take responsible for what the crowd I never committed. I asked him for an independent investigation which they had the authority to do. I sent thousands and thousands of record stone certified mail. I written the FBI my case I written many people. I have nothing to hide but I have a lot to gain my case file is open to anybody who wants to look at it.

We had another inmate and he he was accused of a rape and eat eat did the student is grounded said no, that never happened that never took place, and every year the get go up for and they would with floppy make another so that the did give me and they and they told him this last time Lisa look if you'll just admit to this. If you'll just admit to this. You will walk out here today.

You can walk out.

He said no I'm not going to admit to it at eight and because they knew that he could have a big loss that might succeed in exactly what me.

I never in 25 years made not one time will this rollover and finally admitted they caught her and she admitted that she had lied. They had gotten into where they kept the all the proof all of the things that they had the property lab and they found out that the blood on the bottle opener.

It was actually Coke. The blood on on some of the towels and that was catchup.

It was not that they took it.

He got the stuff and so she admitted that she lied and and so now he had a lawsuit and he did sue and he did win quite a bit. That suit but them. Unfortunately, in prison, he got he became ill and died in oh after he got out it would long that he died, but there are so many cases that you never hear about exactly and that's what Tina Richard you said about capital punishment we get that okay in verses five through seven. During the know a covenant as were God gave us the institution of capital punishment locate statutory and so here in the statute of capital punishment, but you're right that the Bible says that in order for you to enact the death penalty. You have to be legitimate, and the problem that we have. We don't have a legitimate it's it's it's gotten so bad it's been so corrupted. We don't have a legitimate judicial system right so when whenever you have them today in our system when Nate and down the death penalty. You simply have one criminal punishing another that's best where a system that today in London.

They tell you you know that you can never get help if you're an alcoholic and to you admit you're an alcoholic or of your drug addict until you admit that your drug it until we can get our corrupt judicial system to admit that our only corrupted. I don't think we can never have changed and we have to get our in a hole in which what were looking for Lord to come back. Lord, he's gonna fix it once and for all when he comes back it will be done right and that within him. They don't like people like us talking about this today. They do not thinking so right now what what are your plans from here on out as far as defining for the truth and what you plan an hour you do that are knocking on doors start going to lawyers office to see if they will need is a good investigator took to investigate my case go knock on doors to get statements I need to get my accusers in court because there's so much inconsistencies in her statement, which I can point to the investigator or lawyer.

I see the private I don't have money to pay for justice and how you got to have money to get justice. If you have no money to get no justice. That's Ohio.

That's how it works. Let's unfortunately a weekly get the best justice we the Eagle Ford right is nothing about the truth and how all right a worker to do his word and open the phone lines. It takes a call so the phone lines are now open at 888-677-9673 grades within there's snack lame needs is been a little fun going to make you work now okay 888677963. The film of you. If you have your doctor listen to us on no matter what stage are listed in and you have a story to tell. Now's the time to do it because everybody will hear the sum again.

888-677-9673 if you have a question or comment. Give us a call and we have right now. Tonight a lot of people that are in prison. Listening to this radio program as I get I get letters from now they've come up with some new thing you know, used to be could just send them a letter now. Weekday letters come back. You gotta go on the Internet and you got it you got a contact this thing and they get permission to write a letter to the inmate is having more more of a police state. One is becoming a real crackdown police data gate, which is really bad in and of folks, we gotta stand we got a fight. We gotta take our country back.

Got to take our country back from the moon road known you were talking about some things you gonna do like picketing some places and that you yet. I want to get from the trauma County Courthouse.

I just want the truth is all I want want to get the truth.

You never hear from me again. The honey out and fight for 25 years for the truth. There's so much wrong in my case and I never had the right person. In my case to really dissect my case to bring up the truth of voice. Someone who has the authority someone who has the the power to two's for people to listen to and who knows, maybe somebody's listening now that might be able to give you that kind of got a good lawyer related private investigator and I'll I got a lot of it. I got a lot of it done. I mean III 25 years on the through line by line by line and I found so much so much wrong.

So much inconsistencies contradict statements. Prosecutor said one thing the cuter sysop mouse. The dates don't match. The prosecutor said happened this date they say happened this date there so much wrong. What about the case were talking my company and would you say that the that the but the paper was written up quite yet. The police report from the dark Police Department of my ex-girlfriend. I her name Sheila. They wrote the police report they will decrease report before the crime was supposed of half and the weight. The way the police report is written.

They wrote the police report. Nothing like 20 semi was later the crime was supposed to happen. The police reported not signing I'm good to go in and take some calls. Can we take the Craig in their q. week take that with the IDCs all the full-length look at that the oral board like that open out of the hearing. He's on the phone with the leak.

Let's go to get good good activity to bring to Timothy Elio that evening gentlemen that have endured hardship my articles out. I went up lead Psalm three over both of your lives, past, present and future that the Lord is the end-all and be-all is the alpha and omega so he knew this before it happened. He wouldn't do during it happening in Asia would be through you through the vindication and any reckoning or redemption. That's going to happen in the future may start thinking things going on in Psalm three. The reason I was reading over some three is always listening for the last hour and an hour and 1/2 is I've been through some similar trials in my life and always came out the other the other. And because of the grace of God and the blood of Jesus Christ look and I and Michael W Smith song surrounded, it may feel like I'm surrounded but I'm surrounded in you and every time I read Psalm three that just hits it home even more and I was listening to as I do on every Tuesday.

Try to catch in a manner where I met God bless Bruce Musselman he said in a special place in heaven. And every time I listen to him on Thursday for that, albeit only 30 minutes between two and 230 and it's a crime that they can give him more than 30 minutes with all the knowledge he had the King James Bible.

The only inherent word of God we have and that he was talking today about some verses as well with the you know the Bruce passed away couple years ago. Yes I do I keep pushing him to Bruce is given us the gift that keeps on giving you and I were friends for about 50 years. God bless that man and your toddler said about the Bible answer book. It was still alive unless it shows a 72 years old and still alive and well, the answer the Bible answer book was originally a telegraph will this this is not the Bible.

This is a different book yeah yeah it's it as far as I'm concerned this but he's been very highly 08. Over the years and not as she scrolls and various other ones that I see they love the Lord and God knows your heart. I don't need another heart I didn't. I will listen to anything aligned that the King James Bible man. I'll pray for those that spew things you don't line up with all I can do, I let I listen to things that affirm and add to what I already know if the air if they subtract that now you have empathy and not inure not to be a part of movement, thanks to move on the whole board lit up you safe travels, Douglas. All right, let's go to first really good will go to Cliff next cliff urinary go-ahead question but to comment on the abortion now if you look here in New York.

Go past nine months after the appointment and they deal with it. It's about his wicked and evil, killing a child any time, but I when I watch that the New York legislature were the cheers when they found out they could kill a baby after is born, you know, that is, that's what we prayed imprecatory prayer is a guy would bring that entire assembly down you talk about wickedness sheet you and Ann Cuomo known that Mr. Cuomo's is not going to get away thought he got away with killing the elderly and being bloodthirsty for the unborn, but you're not going to get away with it. God is watching and so yeah, I know what you mean the New York document was never about three months four months five months.

You know they stepped all over the original argument that I was never about my question would be what the corruption you know, if you look at, like for example O.J. Simpson he was probably in the 1980 got you now just like an All-Star game of people. Vacancies of wealthy and prominent.

But what what what incentive five is the corruption use floor. In these cases with the lawyer of the prosecutor's what is incentive five thing man, not the you know accurate, true or whatever won't seem like there is enough money to complete corrupt like it's not like personal injury law when people get tired or whatever so they can exaggerate the case like what's driving the corruption either in the prison guards. It might be smuggling frogs.

Is it just partly for Charlies like it says in Proverbs and will first avoid sin number one incident to. There are people out there that feel that there there above the wall, give example, Hillary Clinton, I remember watching Hillary Clinton. She got a guy off who raped a little nine-year-old girl raped her abuser terribly and afterwards Hillary was talking about and Hillary said she was laughing. She said he was as guilty as hell but I got a mouthful gate. I remember some other cases I remember hearing the prosecutor and the defense attorney. There was a case of the fellow who would never, never should have been there. It was self-defense. A guy weighed about 160 pounds. Another fellow waited 260 pounds.

Got it from behind was on top of him choking and that we have witnesses to this end, and the fellow that was on the bottom guy's name was Danny the small guy managed to get a fishing knife out of his pocket and up under his arm. He kept jabbing because the sky was on top of them until coming to get this guy off in and it was about to pass out and and just one jab he managed it. The guy in the heart where he got charged with murder K within a reduced it to Windows and a 2nd°, but to involuntary manslaughter but it was it had nothing to do with it but I follow, will we left the courtroom I was walking out and with this man's wife was with me and that the two lawyers were in front of us and that the defense attorney said to him, he was innocent and you know and the prosecutor says Sherry is put in a win-win exactly with about were going to break will be exactly like you think you're a great basketball player so you want when I went in right. It was about when were going to break me back after the sender your next be right back one more as you see these time span are all just lying things now and in the years I the things that you have information to talk about that on the 25th I had my map and I still end up with you. Note even only in the community some money or read all I had to get to get it like that all my you know Sen. those masks are absolutely worthless work.

I was a stop in the virus, you know that will used to be wooden because we had some boxes we had a doctor who, it was a part of our church and passed away any eight left everything to the church. He lived there all everything Simon. Boy did he have a lot to leave and so in there. He had boxes and boxes of the surgical masks that that and out.

So I went in a bowl amount is said on the box right on the box. It tells you these will not stop any virus okay. It will not stop the transmission of any virus, but they didn't say they were good to up to five splashes of blood gate) that that's not what they don't wear them to stop viruses and bacteria in the hospital anything that would do that you would be able to suck enough air through the breed to bring and that's important to remember and and and pastor hit the nail on the hip they wear Mike in surgery for splashes of blood and for which you call just grows particulate matter, but try to stop it you to think that Mike any of that stuff.

In a virus or bacteria. Like I said nothing that will stop that you'd be able to breeze through is like trying to stop a river with a chain-link fence like you'd not going to be very effective. No limit, and and just remember that in the hospitals.

That's not why they wear them. They don't wear them for bacteria and viruses because they know better. If you look on the box. No manufacturer makes a claim that he does that is about control.

It's all about control. That's what it's about to get you to submit this with so those masks don't do anything work they do a lot of damage if I can melt you.

Okay there you go.

All right phone lines are open at 888-677-9673. She said that there was a prayer request, but I never got her prayer request in order was all right. Let's pray for her name's Angela Zander yet send Sandra had initially she selections an elderly lady as holder of Emily Violet that we just want to hold Sandra but she hadn't called and actually for prayer and so we just when asked Lord that you would touch Sandra Lord, that you might receive a healing the Lord we don't know Sandra so if she is not saved. First, we would always asked always asked the Lord for salvation and then a healing in Jesus name we pray. Amen man all right there you go. All right, the phone lines are open at 888-677-9673 we we had time to take a few more calls tonight and so here Richard you're here to tell your story was a tough time for you. Your away from your missus and she was not she was not healthy all the time, but we praising the Lord that they are back now and and you still fighting the good fight earlier down the get this. I worked the ministry a little bit where I can, and when I have the time, so I do what I can for the Lord every day and you know that not right now you got. I just have to tighten the fences at home and take care of things at home so loudly I just getting keep an eye on things witness ill.

First comes the Lord your God, and then your family then the country, we have to hear God and country admit that the family Doesn't absolutely absolutely all right. Let's go to Cheryl in New York, Cheryl, you're in there things that he's is on the line. Let's go bring up the case. He's talking mostly out what's happening. Try to answer the phone people like engaging in these long conversations there so he can hear McKinney pickup go ahead and pick up Cheryl Glenn pick up Cheryl bring up Cheryl. Okay there it Cheryl you're in there now yeah boy when I have a hard time already looking I can hear you glad Carol oh will turn off that radio my right yeah I hear myself my son about mom yes now is a lot better. I can hear you without the squelch okay.

I would just like them.

Prayer because challenges in financial strength training all right will have let us have whenever Randy go ahead and print a GED since intensity sits in financial need to pray for that though he… To heavenly father, thank you for the privilege of paint.

Pray for our sister Carol in New York and we pray below will lift her up to you that you might use of the silver and the gold is mine. I have to chew, might open up the windows of heaven for her financially that you might govern regarding guide her and that you that she might be your voice your vehicle in your vessel in life and I pretty much a Jew might make her is wealthy on this earth that she is in the heavenly letting her know who she is in you, a daughter what she has and you all things that pertain to life and godliness, and where she is seated in heavenly is walking the earth and operated Lord she might see the manifestation of this blessings in these things on the earth. Please also grant her health and above all salvation. One is with you and your son Jesus Christ, and this we pray in Jesus make payment a man. All right, let's that is Randy, Cheryl, Amanda, Carol, do you you do know the Lord as your personal savior right okay you get our newsletter yeah good it is a secure, I talked to I think I usually talk to you when you call. Yeah, yeah, that's right, that's my thought okay will be blessed no stress and we lifted you up. And of course if we ask anything according to his will be here in a few years, we have the petition so you got it. If you're the daughter in Christ is not to talk to again be blessed. All right, thanks for: okay there you go. Thanks for: regal and I know you all you have a lot of people are. This was me talking does not.

You… Is that it's a weird night tonight something out there that a full moon that was within him.

It's it's a cold and snowy boy. We had the snow lately. We have the cold to the single digits and single digits. Will you telling me it is been cold is cold out there today and I've been fibrin sliding off the road and heard heard about that accident download. I just want to get the glitch among recite my poem. He wasn't much for sitting about. It wasn't his desire while others work to build the church. He was saddened by the fund. Same story every day, you never seem to talk while others work to build the church.

He was sitting by the fire and laughter guide is almost due they say you were not Potter, but if he's doing what he used to do. He saddened by the FI all right there you go in over such a time and read his way to know that I wait a minute I think were good at working to bring in. The caller knows someone who got tired of talking to Craig Gerald in Texas during their hello Ernie out during hello how are you I need prayer for already having been able to patronize since December last year but you know the Lord is your savior right okay very good all right, but Richard would you like to pray for him.

He's his name is Ed can you hearing I could hear Gerald okay Darrell okay Gerald Gerald in Texas yeah sure. He states them down easy needs of the finance season okay financial (dear heavenly father, we just come before thy throne for Gerald and we just ask heavenly father that you would strengthen him in this plight that he's in and Lord provide for him to give him the funds that he needs Lord if you would and we ask for you to continually us. Show him your precious word and show him your your glory, and all things and please give him that increase that that he needs. It's so difficult when your your struggling financially, and if so difficult when you don't know when the next moment is that you'll have anything to show for it. So we just would ask heavenly father that you would bless him with some financial gain and to be able to bless him.

Most of all with your glory in your salvation in Jesus Christ name we pray. Amen. You know Gerald, it's been my experience that please say you have many were tied in.

Even if you're down to your last dollar if it means that it means that that you can you have something to eat or you won't. God is always faithful and it would guy doesn't need your money.

He doesn't need one bit of it but the you want your faith you need to show him that you believe in so even if sometimes if you down here one dollar got a guy will give you a way to show you the way. And that's with them but give it you know what I do is sweet. We like to give it directly to the people that need it. We don't give in to these prosperity ministers and all that we give it directly right to the people because that's the way God's Word, the Bible tells us to do it on absolutely lower and already what they Gerald let's go to Glenn and Cleveland Glenn, you're in the air. I was wondering what you thought about the one wonder part of the world you cannot rush your unit threatening to invade Ukraine and any other part of the world.

China's conservative about invading Taiwan for a while and you know I can't see those kind in the various empires colluding together because of prostatic children in the back, but if they did it in the Lopez invasions are in unison they could put us in a very hard place and also to know you probably notice what part of the Bible is comes from because I kind of forgot but I know that some scriptures that always talk about how Damascus is destroyed and not remember the Iraq war. They could find WMD but you know was reported in several outlets, bachelor in New York reported that their kind would be WMD imputed common passenger vehicles out of the country. Now I'm thinking of the Lord in my mind, but I write you keep your eyes and I ran. That's where you know I think Damascus is Syria, Iran is Iran is Persia, but what's was happening.

It does tell you in four different places there in the Scripture that Damascus is the oldest continually active city in the world that the owners now they've they've been partially destroyed. Know where needle, two thirds of the city of Bengal on what they still always kept above a remnant of the city always existed and that that's can, you'll see that. But the Scripture tells you that when that happens, there that them a lot of the young men will get saved though be a conversion to the Lord Jesus and so were seeing a lot of these things happening, but don't worry because I've got it on very good information that guides in the throne.

He's a complete control and if you want to know how this all plays out.

There's from Genesis to Revelation, but I would go to Ezekiel 3637 38 and tells you a lot and then also in Daniel chapter 8, it shows you that tells you a lot that is so it's all there. It's going to play out exactly the way the word guys since it would. Okay. And then if you take a you finally. Go over to Revelation chapter 18, the good good place to look, 18 and 19. So there. There is where you're going to have it you can have the whole shooting match that was can happen. Everybody's right now they're scared to death about.

They keep talking about Russia's good Obama so I don't think the good wishes. No, not Monaco in Beijing in the Bible, but you I was under the impression that I thought the Bible to Damascus was. Detroit was one recruited me because when I ran gets to the bomb and if it will be destroyed but I gotta go. Glenn is rotted time decay Richard to get about 90 seconds.

Did into give a significant we forget. We lost track of the time. 90 seconds give an invitation. Yes, when it does offer an invitation for anyone that's out there that doesn't know the Lord that isn't really sure where they're going to go when they die. Lord we would just ask heavenly father that they would look for the truths and the word of God.

The precious word of God and understand that the you need to obey from the heart that form of doctrine that God has given us in the Scriptures, and be obedient to the word come to Jesus except him as both Lord and Savior. Many people want to Savior from their problems, but they don't want the Lord of their lives, so we would just say that to let that person except Christ as Lord Lord of their lives and do what the Scripture says start reading your Bible daily and understand what you need to be saved already. I thank you very much.

Go to the gospel of John chapter 3, a good place to start rotted time for the night so until tomorrow. Good night God bless and always, always, the steward GA I apply. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance what's right what's left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWL got on the next time for another mission was right left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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