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WED HR 1 011922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 19, 2022 11:17 pm

WED HR 1 011922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 19, 2022 11:17 pm

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now. Welcome to another additional what's right with and indeed this is the voice of the Christian resistance on this 19th day of January, 20, 22, no. Why do we help a lot tonight. This is pledge weaknesses. They 30 pledge week. That means we have less than six hours left to raise enough money to stand near the station boy and it's been so close.

When folks but we've managed to stay on not going to finish stations and so is what we can limit that you will really do. I give you the phone numbers right out of the chute and numbers of the shoes 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 no, we got a special tonight we come across about a dozen left for the first dozen callers the wonders of the Clinton Chronicles to the final chapter here. 20 years after the groundbreaking film the Clinton Chronicles shook the presidency and altered our history by being the notable and single most influential video in the input and the impeachment of Bill Clinton. This long lost never before seen sequel is discovered miraculously during one of the most important elections in American history, first-hand accounts and topics like drug smuggling and sexual perversion rape political marriage, and I am the Oval Office and one of the most corrupt couples in American history. Nichols tells all in the 20 years later, his predictions are terrifyingly accurate and enough to make anyone question who the real Hillary Clinton is and what she does what she wants without the I know I was an advisor on the original Clinton Chronicles years ago in Larry Nichols did more to expose the corruption in the Clinton crime cartel and I was right there with them in the very beginning we we were the first radio program devoted out. We were the very first ones to get out on the airwaves and so we have this video then we have another video the Darkside shows you about Hillary goes into the Darkside can see the reason for doing this now, Hillary is come out, she's back. The Clintons are back and to the one more time to get it try to gain control.

They know if they don't gain control of they can go to jail, especially Hillary and so here we going to do. We have this one in the dark set Hillary and putting the book. 28 years to know where and the best of them all.

The Bible answer for every need.

The Bible answer for every need. So don't get all lit where vascular donation of $100 for all $400 for all for which you got, let us know.

You see, you gotta let us know that that's what you need you need that special the four the two.

The attitude DVDs on the Clintons and like you said, we've only got a limited amount so would be about the first dozen people in order know we do have plenty of the Bible answers for every need. We've got plenty of those left and so the other one which is happens to be the best so freely donation any donation of $25 or more.

This Bible answer for every need. It is absolute dynamite over the head with pastor Joe Larson.

How good it is here in a minute but then to get started tonight. We have on the mic. The mighty Andrew, good evening past and the studios hope and someday the chill way enough to leave footprints in the snow like all the rest of that tall lace evening everyone in the sit back there in the boiler room.

We got radical Randian with Indo in their way out yonder. I have my cohost, none other then the person Joe Larson curve anybody that would put up with pastor Ernie night after night after night have to be taught so it's a pleasure to be here and I am glad to Susan for comedy hour because like outward raise a lot of money already. Very good.

Listen, yes, I've got the whole crew trying here to encase I'm endangered and throw their bodies and finally so they couldn't lift the curtain coverage or no all right there you go. We have weekly getting you seriously is the stuff to do tonight. Already the phone numbers. Lines are open at 888-281-1110. It looks like all of the covenant already and 888-677-9673. Now again I wanted to just say Joe. We did that special last night and that's what We Have Three of the Five Books but Were Waiting on the Other Two Were Waiting on the Other Two, and so May Be A Few Days of Folks If You've Ordered Those of You Sent It into You Gotta Give Us a Little Time to Get Them Today Because We're Still Waiting to Get the Two Big Books and and from Dr. Cass and so We've Got the Already Carl from Brooklyn New Brooklyn New Jersey Pledges 100.

Thank You, Carl Was All Excited to Covenant Already Praising the Lord for That. So Joe Was Picking up Where We Left off Last Night We Were Talking about the Rapture.

While the Title Was Understanding Registration Right or That Was the CS F CSU Francis so Here That's the Root Word for What Rapture Know That We We Left off in First Corinthians Chapter 15 Verse 54, so Pick It up Read 54 through 58. So When This Corruptible Solo Put on Incorruption, and This Mortal Shall Put on Immortality, Then Shall Be Brought to Pass the Saying That Is Written, Death Is Swallowed up in Victory over Death, Where Is by Staying No Grave, Where despite Victory the Sting of Death Is Sin, and the Strength of Sin Is the Law. But Thanks Be to God, Which Giveth Us the Victory through Our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, My Beloved Brethren, the Steadfast, Unmovable, Always Abounding in the Work of the Lord, Forasmuch As Ye Know That Your Labor Is Not in Vain in the Lord. So When We Have Glorified Bodies, Then the Corruptible Will Be Put out, Put Away with Incorruption in the Mortal Shall Have Them Put on Immortality Validate Right in Their Fold Be Made Immortal, Right and so We Will We Will Wasn't That the Original Wasn't Adamantly Where We Supposed to Live Originally Forever Right. I Don't Know If They Have, the Sooner He Would've Had the Same Glorified Body That Were Going out but They Would've Been Immoral Had They Not Send Okay so Now When Sin Entered into Was Going to Keep Sin from in the Ring and Again Because the Glorified Body Where the Flesh, the Lust of the Flesh, the Lust of the Eye of the Flesh That Causes Us to Sin. Okay, but Once We Have Our Glorified Bodies Elements to This When Christ Died, Took upon the Cross. He Took the Substitutionary Position He Paid for the Sins Went past President. What Character so so All Things Were Paid for It Was with a Completed Active Finalize Act Was Not Right Said in Forever.

So Then That. For That Reason, Sin Can No Longer Enter in Right Once and That the Case Is Not Here the Strength of Sin Is in the Law White How Wide Is the Strength of Sin and the Law Longer Convicts Us of Our Sin Makes Us Understand That We Must Have a Savior. Without That Being Convicted We Wouldn't Turn to the Lord for Our Savior. We Would Not Think We Need One.

So What Is It about the Law. Okay, the Convicted Simpson in the Law Is a Good Thing the Law Was Perfect. Perfect.

It Was What We Needed to Live by to Have a Peaceful Wonderful Life so the Law Was Perfect.

But Why, Why Is It That Because It Was Perfect. Was It Insufficient to Keep Us from Taking Where Sin Well It Doesn't Take Away Her Would've Kept Us from Sinning against God, but Because We Have Free Will. We Are Going to Choose Our Way Instead of His Way Sometime or Another Very Often If We If We Had Complied. We Were Able to Obey the Law Longer Than Live Forever Right but We Because the Law Is Perfect and We Are Not, Then the Only Thing the Law Could Do for Us Would Be Condemn Us Right Okay so Now Here Lee Says Therefore, Beloved Brethren, Be Steadfast, Unmovable, Always Abounding in the Work of the Lord, Forasmuch As You Know That Your Labor Is Not in Vain in the Lord. So It's All Right If We Go out and Not Tonight. We We Pray for Somebody Tonight and They Die Anyway. Or If We Go out and and We Help Some People out There.

Let's Say We Leave, Pull Somebody on of a Burning Building and Later on They Die. Anyhow, If We Don't See If We If We Don't See Immediate We Don't See the Lord Our Prayers Being Answered in Our Labors Immediately Being Rewarded That Mean They're Not Going to Make Matters All Because It's Really Worth the Lord Almighty Explains What You Thought about the Garden. Some People till the Ground from so Some Water and Bring in the Harvest but Everybody Is Doing Something That Glorifies God. They Gave Us These Example so It Is What We Do for Our Fellow Brothers and Sisters That Glorifies God and That Is What He Looks That Looks at What Were Doing from the Heart. He Is Responsible for What Happens after That.

So so You Guys Get a Pretty Good Keeps in Pretty Good Record of Things That He Is Extremely Good. He Knows Every Parent I Had Never Thought We've Ever Had. Every Word We've Ever Said Every Dream with Evergreens. So Is There a Particular Time When Our Good Works Will We Will Receive That All for All of Our Good Works. We Will Receive Those Rewards Right. He Tells Us to Lay up Crowns and Treasures in Heaven, or Other Mental Things Brought Roster Be Stolen, Extroverted Consulate Movement. Is There a Particular Time When Those Three Hours Will Be Given to Us Is Called Right of the Demon to Help Everyone, so I Can't Grab Something Quickly to Be Missy Judgment Said to Be a Judgment of Then We Will Receive a Rewards Will We Not Write Instead of Being Judge.

That's When We Receive Our Rewards Locate the Unsaved Get the White Throne Judgment They Receive Their Punishment of Born-Again Believers and Receive Their Crowns and Treasures for Heaven.

So How Would Would You Say What Percentage of the Possibility Is That Actually Going to Happen That That the Believers Will Receive the Reward at the Bema Seat and the Unsaved. The Democrats Would Receive There Is It the Way through Life Saying It Hundred Percent God's Word. God Cannot Lie. God Is Infallible God Is Immutable.

He Cannot Change.

So What He Said Is Going to Happen Whether They Believe It or Not Doesn't Matter I'm Getting You Hear from People Say That He Did It Say Democrats You Could Could You Know That Some Democrats Can Be Saved.

Well Yeah, but in Order to Be Saved. You Democrats.

You Democrats. There Must Be Repentance There Must Be Repentance without Repentance Elevation and Have Then You Vote for People Who Kill Babies to Murder Babies in the Womb Shed Innocent Blood in Here Support That by Your Vote by Your Belief. You Are Then Sharing in the Murder of Those Innocent Children and God Will Hold Better Judgment.

It Is Real Simple. You Cannot Be a Democrat and Get out Will Even Help People Stay in Power Who Are Killing God's Process Children. He Is Not Going to Accept That We You Know What Is Happening Right Now They're Bailing out Many People You Not to Say Look and Think I Just Heard Three Politicians Today to Come out and Say We Can Stay in a Note.

We Just Cannot. Good Kind to Stay in This Part Anymore. It Is Become Too Corrupt so That Means That Is Been Corrupt Effective in Pushing Abortion for All These Years. So Any Decent People Left in Their Have To Go Right I Got to Give the Numbers out. 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 Already Here You Go. We Have Judy Called Again from Detroit, Michigan and Pledges Another Hundred. I Got a Feeling Pity with Those of the Four Books of the Other Hours after Mustard Building or Library in the Remember, Folks, When You Said That in You Must Tell Us That You Want If You Don't Tell Us That That's What You What We Will Send It. And We Must Have a Return Address. We Must Have a Very Clear Return Entrance Gate Also Bob from New Jersey Pledges 100 Bob from New Jersey Pledges 100 so with His Worth the Where's the Applause with My Frequent Following There You Go. All Right, Locate We Gotta Get That We Gotta Get That Applause. We Gotta Get You Know That That Applause As Is Every Bit As Real As You Might Know As President of the United States Was the Already Here. We Have To Have a Bible Study Were to Be so Far behind Right One Internal to First Thessalonians Chapter 1 and Renee Verse Nine and 10, for They Themselves Show of Us What Manner of Entering in We Had Him Do You and How You Turned to God from Idols to Serve the Living and True God, and to Wait for His Son from Heaven, Whom He Raised from the Dead, Even Jesus, Which Delivered Us from the Wrath to Come. Okay, so Then Why Should What Will He Say and You Must Turn from Your Sin, to Show Us What Manner of Entering and We Had into You and How We Turn from God How You Turned to God from Idols and Serve the Living and True God, and to, Here's the Reason That He's Telling the Late They Need to Do That and Do It Right Away and to Wait for His Son from Heaven Return of the Lord Right Right, Who Raised from the Dead, Even Jesus. Okay Which Delivered Us from the Wrath to Come Is That Many Delivered Us from the Wrath to Come. That Means We Are Going to Be Spared the Tribulation the Wrath of God to Come in the Tribulation. We Will Be Saved, Delivered from That Rapture Delivered Catching up Taken out Taken out. We Will Be Taken Away before God's Wrath Really Comes. We You Have These People Here Long Time and They Complain about You and I Gently Completeness and That These Guys Say That You Can Be Taken on.

Don't Worry That They're Not Going to Have To Go through It for David the Those That One of the, the Fear, Those That You Want to Keep Tony Fearing and Spreading Fear, and Even Even Believers and That so They're Saying That Don't Believe That You're Going to Go through the Tribulation Gillette Mansion?

If You're If You're House Caught on Fire.

You Would You Would Pour Water on It but the Fire out. I Sure What Because That's That's Why You Would Do It Because It Was on Fire When If It Wasn't on Fire. Would You Pour Water in Your House and No Environment That I Don't Have a Sod House I Don't Have To Water the Roof to Keep the Grass Growing.

Now You See so so There's a Purpose the Purposes of Is That If There's a Fire to Put It out Now Is a Purpose for the Tribulation. The Purpose of the Tribulation. It Is One the Purification of the Nation of Israel and What and Instruction of God's Enemies Right in the Judgment on Judgment.

The Case Is No. That's the Purpose Does the Church Fit in Either One of Those Categories Now so so the Wood There Would Be Absolutely No Purpose in the Church.

Clinton Tribulation. No Reason Whatsoever. Note Okay and Then You Really Don't Have To Be Purified and Therefore, Born-Again Believers, We Are the Children the Sons and Daughters of God Not the Enemy of God.

So Is Not Going to Kill His Children Is Going to Kill His Enemies That Make Sense That It Is Rather Simple, Really Not Complicated. Even a Brain-Damaged Ecosystem That Pastor Can Understand That. Let's Go over to Think of the Facilities Tempted to Give You Your Honor Roll Right in and Go to Second This Chapter to Repeat Read Verses One through 12 Are out Chapter 2 Now We Beseech You, Brethren, by the Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ and by Our Gathering Together unto Him That She Be Not Soon Shaken in Mind or Be Troubled, Neither by Spirit or by Word or by Letter, As from Us As That the Day of Christ Is at Hand.

Let No Man Deceive You by Any Means for That Day Shall Not Come, except There Come a Falling Away First, and That Man of Sin Be Revealed, the Son of Perdition Who Oppose Us and Exalted Himself above All That Is Called God or That Is Worshiped, so That He As God Sits in the Temple of God, Showing Himself That He Is God.

Remember You Not, That When I Was yet with You, I Told You These Things, and Now You Know What Withhold That He Might Be Revealed in His Time for the Mystery of Iniquity Doth Already Work Only He Who Now Letter Will Let until He Be Taken Out Of the Way and Then Shall That Wicked Be Revealed, Whom the Lord Shall Consume with the Spirit of His Mouth, and Shall Destroy with the Brightness of His Coming. Even Him, Whose Coming Is after the Working of Satan with All Power and Signs and Lying Wonders, and with All the Receivable Nests of Unrighteousness in Them That Perish Because They Perceive Not the Love of the Truth That They Might Be Saved.

And for This Cause God Shall Send Them Strong Delusion, That They Should Believe a Lie That They All Might Be Damned Who Believed Not the Truth but Had Pleasure in Unrighteousness. I so This Is No, We Beseech You, Really, by the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and by Our Gathering Together under Him.

So Now Are We Are We Describing the Rapture of the Church, a Saints or We Describing the Rapture, the Tribulation Saints. Good Question for Granted. Hitler Well Now He Be Taken Out Of the Way I like This Would Have To Be in the Tribulation Because You've Got the Antichrist Coming Note Business When the KC Here, We Beseech You Brother by the Coming Lord Jesus Christ in Gathering Together to Him That You Soon Be Not Shaken in Mind or Troubled, Neither by Spirit of My the Word Nonlinear from Us.

As the Day of Christ in All Hang out. That's Very Very of the Rapture, the Date of Christ. I Was Thinking That Verse Seven until He Be Taken Out Of the Way. That Would Refer Later Witnessed yet.

So the Day of Christ Always Deals with Salvation Is the Deliverer. He's the Redeemer. Okay, He's the Messiah Is the Here and Now.

This Is a Seven the Tribulation Saints Row What Was Taking Place There. There Were Those That Were Spreading Rumors Saying That the Rapture Had Taken Place and That and and Upsetting People Saying It Was Too Late.

You Know They're Gonna Wrap the Template Okay Now He's Telling Him No, Don't Let No Man Deceive You by Any Means That They Shall Not Come, except There Be a Falling Away First, and the Man of Sin Be Revealed, the Son of Perdition. Now Is There Been a Falling Away Early Accidental Falling Away, but Greater Gradual Continual Falling Away so There Has Been a Falling Away Now and He Says There Be Now That the Son of Perdition Be Revealed Now Man of Lawlessness. There in One Sense, There Are Those We, You and I We Have We Have Some Opinions K Know Who This Could Be the Antichrist Is to Be Here but Then He Goes on to Say That after the Rapture Takes Place Then You Will Be Revealed but We Already Have Some Ideas. We Know Right Now, We Can Identify Many Antichrists out There If I Were to Say Will.

Who Would You Say Would Be the Best Candidate for the Antichrist. I Would Say Obama for a Number of Reasons.

Okay, but Were Going to Break Away Here Picking up Your Mojo Will Play a Clip on Now Folks, This Clip Goes Back to 1971 and and Listen and Pay Close Attention to What Solomon Said There Is Nothing New under the Sun. We Dug up This Clip Melissa Found This Clip Online Somewhere. I Could Not Believe It. This Is a Sensational Ridiculous Repugnant Clip Because They Just Say These Things with a Straight Face with No Reaction and Then They Balance the Amount Would Just Equal Time of Regurgitated Propaganda about How Great Vaccines Are How Good the Government Is and How Much They're Trying to Protect You and Especially Children. Today, Doctors at the Federal Communicable Disease Center Acknowledge the Flu Vaccine and the Recommended Dosage Is Ineffective While in a Larger Those That Can Be Harmful.

However, the Flu Vaccine Is Still Recommended for Old People on the Chronically Right Here. They Just Admit That the Government Can Push and Propagate Vaccines Tell You, You Have To Take Them. You Should Take Them.

You're a Bad Person If You Don't, Even Though They Admit That These Vaccines Are Ineffective.

They Admit That They Suppress Reports from Scientists Who Found That They Were Ineffective. They Wouldn't Publish the Studies for over a Decade. Last Month a Senate Subcommittee Headed by Abraham of Half Charge of the Federal Government Wasn't Doing. I Good Enough Job of Informing the Public about Ineffective Vaccine Side Is That the Division of Biologic Standards Test Vaccines for Their Potency and Safety before Licensing Them for Public Use.

However, the Division Does Not Determine the Effectiveness of the Vaccine That Is Left of the Manufacturer Is a Case in Point Is the Influenza Vaccine for Scientists in Charge of Work on the Flu Vaccine during the 1960s Found to Be Ineffective Said They Refused to Give It to Their Own Families to Were Transferred to Other Work. 1/3 Left the Division and over the Entire Tenure.

Not One Word of Their Unfavorable Findings Was Allowed to Be Published in the Admit That They Continue to Administer the Vaccines Even When They Knew They Had a Cancer Agent Contaminant in Them a More Serious Case Involving the Relationship between the Leaders of the Division on Their Scientist Involves the Adenovirus Vaccine Vaccine Given to Thousands of American Soldiers to Prevent Certain Cold like Symptoms When It Was Shown That the Vaccine Contains a Contaminant Which Cause Cancer in Laboratory Animals. It Was Taken off the Market. Did You Hear That Split Again, but the Vaccine Contained a Contaminant Which Cause Cancer. If You Hear That, He Admitted That These Vaccines Have a Cancer-Causing Agent.

They Knew about It and the Government Sat on This Information. That Was Three Years after the Division's Own Scientists Had Pointed out the Danger.

Dr. Murray Justifies the Use of the Vaccine by Saying It Took Three Years to Examine the Evidence against It Was More Important Things in the Thinking of the Month of the Ancient and They Were Still Administering You to the Soldiers in Saying It Was Just More Important to Get out the Vaccines Then Said Not Vaccinating Is More Important Things and Wanting to Take an Awful Lot of the Ancient and Sensation from Political Will, Administering You to the Response for Three Years. American Troops Were Injected with a Cold, Preventing Vaccine, Which Was Causing Cancer in Laboratory Animals in the Most Incredible Art Did They Find about It Just Now in This 1971 TV Clip No. These Newspaper Articles Show That They Knew about This, At Least in 1965. That's How Long It Took Him to Tell the Public and How Long It Took Them to Get It Out Of Vaccines and That's How Long It Went on for an Right Here. The Microbiologist Was Actually a Nun in an Article That Says Nothing to Worry about.

There's No Connection Here Admits That the Agent inside of the Adenovirus Has Been Found to Be Cancer-Causing in Animals and More so That It's Worse and Creates Kind of a More Deadly Combination. When It's Combined with a Certain Other Agent Which Just so Happens to Be SV40 the Exact Cancer-Causing Agent That Was Accidentally Found in Previous Vaccines That Were Administered to Millions of Millions of People in the Polio Vaccine and the Largest Ever Government Push to Have a Population Vaccinated, and They Found the Stuff They Knew This Stuff Was in There.

Just Imagine What Happens for Anyone Who Got Untainted Batch of This Adeno Vaccine As Well As a Tainted Batch of the Polio Vaccine Containing SV40.

If This Article Is Correct. Anyone Who Got Both Vaccines Would Theoretically Be at a Much Higher Risk for Getting Cancer Because in the Animal Studies It Was Found That It Was Definitely Worse When Both of These Were Present in the Media Just Casually Reports This It's Clear with the Government's Opinion Is and They Just Round out the Piece with a Brief Pause to Note That While Things Could Be Done Better. There's Lessons to Be Learned. Vaccinating This Is the Most Important Thing Vaccinated Actually Concern How We Have Time to Regurgitation of Effective Vaccination and These Kids Should Line up and Take the Vaccine and They Just Say This with a Calm Face. They Admit That They Ignored Evidence That Could Be Linked to People Getting Cancer.

They Know That There Must Be a Risk Instead of Pulling the Vaccine and Studying to Eliminate the Possibility of Risk Is Given at the People. Well, the Risk Hasn't Been Shown yet. Are You Kidding Me I Can't Even Believe That They Just Said These Two Things Together in One Clip, Barely Taking a Breath.

Even Though This Rest Just Keep Vaccinating It's Worth It Because Maybe Because Vaccines Total Logical Fallacy.

The Answer to Everything Is Because Vaccines despite the Risk Because Vaccines Makes No Sense. But They're Shoving It down Everyone's Throat. They Knew but Continued to Administer the Vaccine so We Know That All the Vaccine Scientists Who Found Problems for Anywhere from Mildly Concerned to so Concerned the Refused to Give It to Their Own Children and Family. Anyone Who Found Problems Were Suppressed Were Run Out Of Their Departments, the Divisional Side of the Charge They Were Prevented from Publishing Results of Experiments Which so Some of the Vaccines to Be Ineffective Control Officer in 19 Have Grave Doubts about the Potency of Influenza Vaccine. These Thoughts Were Made Known to the Director of the Division through the Fiber Channels and Somewhat Subsequent to That Time. Within a Year or so. That Person Was Transferred to Other Duties and He Is What Happened. They Stop Scientists from Reporting the Unfavorable Findings Covered It up Continued to Administer the Vaccines and Then Only Way Later Warned the Public Just to Tell Them No Big Deal in the Testing and Cons of Vaccine to Think of Working under a Tremendous Amount of Pressure and Vestas Plus Internal Stress Is More Important to Use the Undetectable Philosophy of the Ancient Already.

We Are Back and I Want to Say That We Have This with Cardiac Legal Pledges 35 Audrey in Michigan Budget 100 Anonymous in Oregon Pledges 125 Barton the Next Name Is Tony. Okay. All Right.

Tony and Parma Pledges 120 and Gary in Illinois Pledges 100.

Thank You, Thank You for When I Heard This Clip, I Almost Think We Ought to.

When I Did I Think I Know What You Think. Look 1965 to 1970 Will There Were Two Young Soldiers That Were in the Military Entrusted They Trusted They Were Gullible Enough to Trust and and and They've Got Those Shots Yeah I Know Two of Them. I Think We Need to Take the Attic You Can Find out Efforts That We Can Make Copies of out on the CD or Something. I Think We Ought out and I'll Put up Some Money to Make CDs Out Of That and Send out All over the Place. We Have Ordered Salutes of the CDs to Some Week If We Were to Get in the Really Powerful Effect Were Going to Be Showing This This Coming Set Sunday at the Church That Was of the Word Baptist Church to Be Showing the CD at 434 30.

This Coming Sunday Codes Willing and It Is Very Very Powerful.

Will It Have the Information of This Clip You Displayed in Those Get His Can Even Have More Information Than That Is within This Clip Here. In Fact, Recover That Same Stuff. I Know Not of the Week and I Cannot Take That. It Seems like I Don't Know Maybe Maybe Minimum Thumb Drive or Maybe Getting Antecedent Is Something I'll Tell You What, I'll Have All Have One of the Other One Will Send It to You and Then You Can Do It Whenever You Want with It Are Okay so I Will Do That.

But Meanwhile What I Wanted to Say Was What I Was Going to Play Was Here This Is That This Is Explosive. This Is the Video We Played the First 30 Minutes by Steve Quill, Mike Adamson, Gary Haven Is Very, Very Powerful Video Is about an Hour and 38 Minutes Long, and When the Lord's Leading Lord's Will and Will Be Showing This This Coming Sunday. Doers of the Word Baptist Church One 4781 Sperry Rota Newberry, Ohio.

All Right, We Move in on Here Woke Ideology Is Squirrel Evil and Alone and Well for Victor David Hanson Tells Us This and He's a Very, Very Smart Individual. He Is Well Spoken and Is One of the Few Real Professors out There, Hoover Institution Senior Fellow There and He Pretty Much Speaking out and That This Ideology That Needs to Be Redefined for What It Is. It's Evil.

It's Cruel and This Is How We Fight It. He Said, Is a Very Evil Ideology Because It's Cruel, It's Mean-Spirited, but Listen Is It Is Really an Ideology Seen Ideology Means That You Have You Formed These Ideas off Certain Things This This Woke Thing Is Just Heather's Together. If There's Is No Sanity in It All Quite Confident Evil One Because the Purpose of This Is to Cause Hatred Here. This Section and He Said Why Were Not Talking about It Because the All through History They Use This Kind of Evil Stinking Thinking We Used To Call It, and It Harms Societies and Sends Them on the Wrong Track and Do Helps Destroy Nations so I Can See Why Use Those Words, Evil Ideology and May Not Be True and Obedient Faith. The True Ideology but It Is Definitely Evil. He Passed Yes, She Did Very Quickly.

We Have a Caller Who Was Really Interested in Knowing If I Ever Met Didn't Works for Just a Regular Kind like Flu and Pneumonia.

As Far As Is Is Does Iver Make the Work for and I Believe It Does.

The Regular Flow Pneumonia but I Think You People Who Can Give You a Much Better Advice and That Would Be a Nurse. Elaine Kindly Nurse Elaine Conley and She's Going to Be Speaking This Coming Saturday at the Trinity Is Arctic: Please Call the Thirsty Cowboy and That's Going to Be at That 830 When McFadden Welcomes Elaine Kindly Nurse Elaine Conley with Wealth and Wellness, and Jesus Which Elaine Is Going to Be There Cheat Really Is about All of This Snow I Would I Would Number Two Yeah You Know When I Thought Whatever Phone Number Right Here, but Got It Right Here Right Caller. The Phone Number for Elaine Conley 44047840734404784073, Nurse Elaine Conley or Wendy Wilson You Can Answer Them for You Very Well or You Know Dr. Cass Led the Fellow We Had Here Last Night. Ingram As Far As Is the I Haven't Heard of Them Using Iver Make for the Chemical before Month and Were Not Recovered the Common Cold Is a Covert Virus. So If Five American Helps with Omicron, Which Is Very Similar to the Common Cold. It Is Highly Possible That It Will Help, but Don't I Don't Have the Answer but Gave out the People Lab It Already, so You Know It's Just a Little Time She Will Be Speaking January 22 Saturday at 8:30 PM and the Address and That's When Looking for Me. See, Where Is the Address Okay Well They Don't Give You the Address Here.

Oh Yes It Is the Addresses Is 2743 My Dina Rd. 2743 My Dina Rd., Emma Dino Ohio.

The cost of the meeting is five dollars per person to cover the room rental and coffee.

No charge for first time guests and Lisa Woods of Hambly get more information. I know Lisa by calling Lisa Woods at 330241522603302415226 both make it out there.

Elaine is going to be speaking and their interest that you gonna tell you within those vaccines and why you really want no part of those things alright let me see here so we get a big enough without element. I wonder how Prof. Hansen David Hanson effectiveness the academics because of this, evil ideology if it continues to cause systems collapse, or all of a sudden a successful society that suddenly doesn't follow its tradition, its rules and things happen that people cannot believe like empty shelves like you go to fill up your car and it cost you more money than you can afford. These are the things for our society starts to unwind and for gifts to appointed can't continue without collapse like you thought about that refusal to take convert criminals in jail and the two root stop the illegals from crossing into our border, letting people of foreign citizens vote all this kind of thing is leading to a civilization collapse and where the civilization where it's happening. Remember that Cloward Piven strategy is overload the system with all kinds of problems when this case, lack of food, lack of energy, all kinds of problems with jobs money inflation collapse of society then you can build back the communist system because that'll take up strongman a dictator to bring back control purchase government control, which is what the Democrats want subversive civilization is what he said. He says we fear the government and so the government lost credibility, morality, we've got to restore it by by all of those DAs free starting to forgetting or refusing if you will to prosecute crimes. You have to be arrested, you have to you have to be an indicted if you guilty.

You have to serve your term. Your time to regain confidence and make make it safe again to be a human again.

Hansen said when you look at the career of Fauci and Millie Gen. Millie and call me after I make KVM live in fear that even if the eyes the federal Bureau of insurrection. That's when it is is the federal Bureau of insurrection.

So these of almost legitimacy that the Pentagon has no we call it the pentagram. Now it's lost and little by little they been doing it so we've got to take the country back and we can only do that by digging in no compromise and birth. The first thing we have to do is call upon the name of the Lord.

But these people when when near fighting against God which you chance of winning that one zero the right way, here's a good article here it says you know I've received today in American history where they could be talking about the Bible is your finding is God YouTube pounces on the Bible as hate speech. Well, you know they they pulled me down off the not me off long time ago and I foresee a day in American history where they could be the confiscated or rewritten a document. The Bible, the YouTube this week determine a sermon from Christian leader Pastor John MacArthur is hate speech for stating both biblical present and scientific fact, according to colonist had stairs you to remove the clip and sent me a message saying the pastor's sermon was hate speech Big Ten player said, our team has reviewed your content and unfortunately we think violates our hate speech policy we removed you following content for the YouTube is no such thing as transgender. You are either XXX why that is Benton John MacArthur, the ark came out and said you know God made Texas male and female in that outfit he did not make it all a dozen other sexes and they didn't like that currently there YouTube yeah well you know those didů Saying that that was hate the truth.

Those who hate I had that will all go for, looking anywhere that while you're thinking about what happened this Pastor John MacArthur was responding to up in Canada they just passed legislation that would silence pastors on the lewd growth belligerent transgressors issue and it threatens the pastors who speak biblical or even scientific method messages about the LGBT with up to five years in prison. So this Pastor saying that you know the science says no they say believe the science here either male or female.

It's on the DNA level matter what you have anybody mutilations you do. Your DNA is still one either expects or ask why that's the only thing that there is and now in Canada. If you preach against sodomy and you preach against the LGBT lewd growth belligerent transgressors. They can put you in jail. They close churches and now it's jail time, folks. People are serious this week told you this is a spiritual war. This is the antichrist system against Christ and his followers. You and I is born again believing children and this is a spiritual war just happening there in Canada here I might in creating database of people in the religious beliefs of the buying regime has begun keeping tabs and everyone who asked for a religious exemption from the federal government's list of mandates on the report explains a column by Sarah Parshall Perry and Guy and Carlo can imperil at the daily state signal explains that it is the pretrial services agency for the District of Columbia that is revealed a policy that will likely serve as a model for a whole off for the whole of government push to assemble list of Americans who object to on religious grounds.

The coven 19. Remember, Joe Biden is an antichrist. Fauci better wake up and understand this Joe Biden is an antichrist is not her uncle Joe. He is an evil that I could say a word. So something that got truck started writing of this article, Pastor. He said that I foresee a day in American history where Bibles could be confiscated or rewritten how they're already doing that.

Remember, they rewrote the Bible over 100 know it's over.

And right now it's of over 200 perversions of the black night but they rewrote it specially include the LGBT QI a whatever all they that many letters I can't remember them all to make it acceptable to them. LGBT lewd growth belligerent transgressing queers where a something else to it. I don't know but anyway think about a big tech is already implementing the equivalent of Canada's law-based sensor truth a sense of the right of pastors to teach preach the Bible and you know they shut people down and stop your Facebook page. Dr. twitter accounts that's already happening right now in America. So we see this going on. This is truly a physical war, a political war of spiritual war, and it's happening because too many people have not accepted the fact that were in a war were watching a communist revolution take place across the world.

In fact, I want to bring this up right now you think I'm wrong headlines from the London daily Mail grim reality of Britain ravaged by the highest inflation for 30 years hotels close floors and bars to cope with soaring bills. Supermarkets say rising prices mean customers are turning to food banks. In fact, I warned that they could ship before going further folks. I been sitting here and I have not seen the phones ringing, is the lifeline up in full drink and then at rain and and you got Randy and went in there talking to each other, all record be bad. Yeah it is.

And we don't know where lit the leases just puttering about somewhere and and and a set near Andy's very lonely right now.

He oneself on the ring so 88828111108882811110. I saw Lisa she was writing on a bubble K88867796738886778673.

You don't know what that means. All right, the good she couldn't. He that kinda went over Andy's written one over his head. Okay I want to remind listeners out there that in all the years you been on the radio, which is probably more years. A lot of our listeners are old. You've never taken a salary never taken any money for the radio ministry and neither has anyone else with you ever taken a dime.

We all donate our own time, our own talent, our own treasure to keep this ministry going.

We are here because we were called you were called in those come with you to be watchmen on the wall and the we have a Attorney set this up in a true partnership between the listeners and the people in the ministry. Your donations pay the bills were doing the work warning you of the things you need to know when they're taking away your freedom.

Whether it's your political freedom error of freedom of religion, speech, whatever it is, and also teaching you. God's word, making sure you have the truth of Scripture of the word, and what's happening in the world. So we really need your help and sweet pray and put the all future the ministries in your hands if you donate we can pay the bill at the radio station at the station that day and time can't become self-supporting.

We cannot keep them. So if you want to continue hearing you have to talk to your friends and neighbors and donate and make sure on the station nearest I get it to me.

Here I go to Folkstone to that them you would help us right now. We appreciate we need in the past you've done in my PayPal and you can still do that but it will help us more if instead you can do by check or money or his wife, Pastor Bruce Pastor Bruce who is godly. Godly men switch at what a good pastor would help to me. He was a tremendous help and even though 79 years old.

He was still hit no streets. He was on no streets in the coldest days he was still out there because he had love for the unborn. A real pastor. Okay, a real pastor, the kind of the tenant will anyhow. Pastor Bruce obviously you know he passed away. But it happened so quickly.

We did not have time to to pass on the information he handled the YouTube account. He handled some different taken of the right to life accounts of that and there's things like passwords and all these things that we need to continue and that will eventually will find out that information.

He did leave that with any of us but will find that out. But until then it would help us right now. If you do a plate check or money order. All right, so we are running up on break that we come back from this wake were in a play about a four minute clip flow. She can find out what's in your food.

You might not like this, but listen very carefully will be back after this took away a whole lot more to come.

Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the

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