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What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 1, 2021 11:46 pm

WED HR1 120121

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 1, 2021 11:46 pm

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio) what's right what's left is coming out right now.

Welcome to another additional what's right was left on this Wednesday which is a windy Wednesday, December 1, December 1 last month of the year and tonight we have no might in the night, none other than the mighty Andrew on the evening pastor and everyone else you know what I could've said the mighty in the nightie but I'm glad I did is crickets there all right. We I could just get a bedroom. Oh Andrew phase radio so any help.

We have the Meadows so mom than the all-natural nature lady Wendy Wilson hello Wendy, good, good, good evening. I got to be careful. My mother got into Metairie.

You know these things come to me other no place but anyhow there you go.

Let the dog about tonight. Don't you know what the title of the message was Wendy. Now, well I'll tell you let us hear the colluded conclusion of the whole matter. Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter and here were talking about the bottom line in this message. This week was, not to let the world still your joy not to let the world still your joy and so here pick up where we left off.

We were talking about. As we left off about those home over in first Timothy chapter 7 talks about keeping keeping the faith, keep a strong faith first and second as I'm in second Timothy chapter 1 is what I was talking about in verse seven. Let me just read that the quick and that's where we start out so that's where we left off God have not given us a spirit of fear that is not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind would look at those three things that he was referring to their that the Lord had given us a note tonight were going to pick it up in Matthew 25 in Matthew 25 because the opposition innovate somehow out there think that they can see God. Therefore God can see that we are when it comes to all the wickedness out there today and all through Scripture refers to those on the right as being of the righteous. We see it in Ecclesiastes 10 to where the Bible says those on the right. A wise man will turn to the right, but a fool turned to the left and obviously today if you believe in God.

If you believe the country if you believe in things it a good clean honest decent and all those things then they call you a right-winger but if you believe everything the gods were the Bible calls sin, then they call you a left-wing. Those on the left and here incidence and obviously because even the apostate church. The apostate church that calls itself the religious left the religious left. They they have access to God's Word the Bible, they know what the Bible says they they know this, and yet they well mistreated and were starting with verse 41 in Matthew chapter 25 then shall you say into.

Also unto them on the left-hand depart from me, you cursed and everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels, for I was a hunger and you gave me no meat, I was thirsty and you gave me no drink, I was a stranger and you took me not him naked and you clothed me not sick and in prison and you visited me not. Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when so with a hungry or thirsty or strange or negative, sick or in prison, and did not minister into the then shall he answer them, saying, verily, I say into inasmuch as you did it not to one of the least of these, you did amounted to me in these things should go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into eternal life in some Wendy what you think if I was a windy who would would you say the least of these, the least of our brothers would they be children, the most innocent would be here, you'd be absolutely right. The most innocent note here I was listing today on C-SPAN and I was listing to those will from NARAL the head of the new Negro.

Her name is many to mirage many to mirage, and this woman, I have no doubt in my mind that you know we located at Herod that had all of the children killed in the days when our Lord was abatement over there. Here in Matthew and we see tenant to us.

Herod is would be a villain like Hitler but to these people. Herod would be the one that they would look at is the hero for killing all the babies there there evil.

I mean, they're extremely evil people, but somehow today there there are very few people out there that have a clear enough mind to understand and call evil evil like our Lord and the apostles that they understood that they called it what it was okay today. There is too much fear of offending the offering plate. Who knows you might have people out there in the congregation. Let them might be pro-death pro-abortion will likely one call that will call pro-choice because you know if we we use this language's evolution. It will in no might soften and make make these horrendous things more palatable. Okay so but these people are evil to the core.

They are evil to the core, extremely wicked women and here she made the statement today that being pro-life. Being pro-life is like being a white supremacist same as being as white supremacy so all of these these black pro-lifers that we know are also white supremacy. I think the night and I heard this Judy Chu Judy Truman very evil.

Evil Congresswoman the these women are wicked to the court is this woman is wicked, the Bible refers to him as unclean. Okay. And then there's some places in Scripture that actually refers to the wind is a like, well, for example, in Jeremiah you have where the refers to him as Col. Horace women and then let me just take you over there to Jeremiah chapter 2 chapter Jeremiah chapter 2 and here he's talking about these women. How canst thou say I am not polluted because that means unclean. I have not gone after they have them see the way in the valley. No without has done thou art a swift dromedary traversing her ways he's referring to her as a dromedary in heat looking.

The one is looking to go out there inmate is a wild ass used to do wilderness that stuff about the wind at her pleasure in her occasion who can turn her away. All they that seeker will not wear themselves in her month they shall find her. In other words, it's referring to these very horseless women now want to jump down to verse 29 wherefore will you play with me.

You all have transgressed against me, saith the Lord. In other words, God is telling them to repent with then he goes to verse 34 also in my skirts is found the blood of the souls of the poor innocents I have found no fault or I have not found it by secret search, but upon all of these and other words it was their very words the things that they did and said that condemned them for being for murdering their children knows that offered up their children to Malik though and today that's exactly what would we have. They don't call it Malik today. They call it a convenience, but a lot of these women is these very Horace women actually are breeders, they actually get pregnant and so their babies in full-term for money. They sell the food to be experimented on a late and they take these young children.

These beasties, animals, men of fact, some of that was being done at the University of Pennsylvania, but it's government-funded and they take these live babies and Wendy in order to remove the parts they can't. They can be contaminated with a chemical, so they don't they they want while they're alive, they remove the parts were going to put one of these articles in one of the future newsletters silicates to let people see exactly how wicked this is. Somebody needs to talk about the factors most people out there don't simply don't have the courage it needs to be brought to light and so because of that the babies are now their experiment on alive. Their organs removed and now you have Judah who happens to be one of the heroes almost a God figured now to to the extremely wicked people on the left and asked the extremely wicked that's Mr. Fauci. He has by by torturing those puppies and killing the little children by torturing the puppies and killing the little children. His stock has been raised up high within the death of Craddick Congress.

The these are again, these are people in Hollywood and in the far left media. These people are people that are extremely wicked, extremely wicked in there now because of of today being there that court hearing the case. I wanted take you over to Leviticus chapter 20 and verses one through five talks about how God feels about those who sacrificed her children and Lawrence Megan Amo's essay to get notional say to the children of Israel, whosoever he be of the children of Israel of the strangest sojourn in the land they get with any of the scene until Malik.

He shall surely be put to death the people of the land shall stone him with stones and I will set my face against that man and I will cut them off from among the people, because he had given his seat until Malik that means he sacrifices child to defile my sanctuary and profane my holy name every time an abortion is committed. God's holy name is profane.

Every time those people that commit when they kill a child they profane God's holy name. Now how do you think God feels about that when I'm thinking that may be right. And if the people of the land you in any way hide their eyes, you do hear that you neo-evangelicals out there that are professing Christians that do nothing that never do anything that never take a stand. You know what just about all of it out when the guy I am so glad to be a part of the UB have alleged Baptist Fellowship patches. These are bold Baptist preachers and you know what I we used to be on that tone shake the nation to every one of those men that would be on those pastors had all been arrested several times for preaching the gospel of rescuing babies for preaching to God for doing what God's Word, the Bible demands that we do for resisting the wicked for going out and having courage to boldly not that these Pristiq prissy entertainment preachers that the get up and that they got a lot of talk about the no action without doing their having courage but those fellows were like the black robe regimen and I praise the Lord that I built was a part of that and they actually believe the word of God and like Daniel in Jeremiah and Ezekiel and Paul and Peter and James and John, but none none even close to our Lord Jesus himself, all of them were arrested and tried and persecuted and I praise the good Lord for the those few pastors of a minimum of integrity. Men of honor bold men that we have today that can say yeah you know what I've been arrested and jailed for doing the Lords work. God bless him a man right so here we go, and he says this and if the people of the land to hot do it anyways hide their eyes from that man, which he given his seat into Malik and kill him. Not then I will set my face against that man and against his family, and I will cut them off and all that go a whoring after him to commit horde of with Malik from among the people and so these people that are involved in the child killing industry. Those on the left, the Bible refers to those of all go whoring in and you know who goes whoring horse go whoring okay so that's what an educational bill for Wendy's very go now I'm right on it right Holgate the here you go. Here's verse six to listen to this because this this will strike a chord with you and the soul that turn of after such familiar spirits, and after wizards to go whoring after them. When the what is a farm in Kia what is learned. That's witchcraft or wizardry is called wizardry to your right and and where do we get these vaccines all witchcraft pharmacy of the witchcraft in here and I will set my face against that soul and cut them off from among his people. Therefore, sanctify yourselves therefore be holy, for I am the Lord your God and always keep my statutes and do them. I am the Lord would sanctify you is killing children is that keeping the Lord statutes, not all is how it I want to let Andrew are you there Andy pastors a kid we let's play that clip right now that little was a four minute clip already mimicking already. When you have it when there will play little clip here in who will have. I'll give. Have you give some brilliant brilliant commentary as you already do. And then when I get to your subject. Go ahead, go ahead, Andy and the researchers in Britain are calling on the government to halt their use of coronavirus vaccines immediately after discovering potentially toxic side effects. Here's what America's person shot more and more evidence from around the world is pouring in raises doubts about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine for the Chinese coronavirus now a new report from doctors in England calls for a complete cessation of using covert vaccines on humans. That's according to the UK-based evidence-based medicine consultancy group, which submitted its findings to Britain's Department of Health claiming there is quote more than enough evidence to declare the covert 19 vaccines unsafe for use in humans. Doctors say after examining official public health records. They looked at a number of reported side effects from the vaccine, including bleeding and clotting unexpected immune system reactions. Unusual pain reactions, neurological responses, loss of sight, hearing, speech, or smell or adverse reactions affecting pregnancy including miscarriage, researchers explained that the products in the vaccine are toxic to humans and called for an immediate halt the vaccination program to conduct a full investigation into these harmful effects. According to the vers website, a US government site, which tracks adverse reactions to vaccines nearly 6000 people have died as a result of taking this vaccine some 20,000 more have been hospitalized nearly 2000 others have come down with Bell's palsy paralysis of the facial muscles and 44,000 people have checked themselves and to urgent care. That's not to mention the 5900 life-threatening reactions people of had directly from receiving the vaccine, including 2200 people who suffered heart attacks. As a result of getting the injection and this is all government data according to vers over 650 women have suffered miscarriages. As a result of the vaccine and some 4500 people are now disabled some permanently. These numbers are greater then all the other side effects of all the other vaccines in the entire world combined. This is not normal but then again this isn't normal vaccine it's experimental in Israel, the government mandated that young people get vaccinated to attend in person exams at school, only to see a massive spike in cases of severe heart inflammation known as myocarditis reported cases of the potentially fatal heart condition or 25 times higher than normal with authorities in Germany stepping up and announcing young people should avoid the vaccine because it's just too dangerous if the rates in Israel are any indicator, the US can expect over 150,000 young Americans to come down with similar symptoms. Even the CDC says it's investigating after the link between the vaccine and heart inflammation appears much worse than previously thought. In fact, the agency is holding an emergency meeting to discuss this very issue. To be clear, this is an experimental drug and it's now being administered without proper testing or safety protocols something that's never been done before for any other disease and were witnessing the consequences of that first hand. Why do we need an experimental mandatory vaccine for disease by the way, you have a 99.997% chance of surviving. Only time will tell. The long-term consequences of rushing this vaccine to market. Although for some it's already too late for one American news under some sharp already.

We're back and you know when it's it's an interesting thing.

Justice Thompson today.

You know has been a reliable constitutional conservative Supreme Court for 30 years now and I remember how they tried to destroy him. Okay, through their lies and deception, but he has been known for his silence on the bench. Now he is been 100% fed up he is set before Genesis Kayla's death before he died. Thomas went 10 years without asking a single question during proceedings this week Thomas broke his usual silence to ask a question that has the pro-debtors of the antichrist Pro boards activist live in here. Here is his question he asked Wendy does a mother have a right to ingest drugs and harm a reliable baby, give the stapling child neglect charges against the mother.

He asked that Supreme Court is currently reviewing the Mississippi law that would ban nearly all baby kills after 15 weeks, the attorney representing Jackson's woman's health organization on and I listen to her to her attempting to overturn the law, had this to say that's not the case that is not what the case is about. It's about a woman's right to make choices about her body, what's the problem with holdout were up against the fast-break. When we come back from this break. I will ask you, what's the problem with that about a woman having a choice over her body. Be right back after this is why and I already or back.

No, we will hear from his Wendy is what it what what what is the problem with the thing about. It's about the right for a woman to have control over her own body, what does that have to do with her unborn child either Wendy had had him promote body and her own body. You know the it does that grid since you are not your own.

It basically is not making a choice just for her own by making a choice for chairperson Annie and that's the problem would believe me. But I have for future person while I'm trapped the state baby continuing through the course of 910 month and then being born. You have this beautiful child grow up and if you interrupt that you know that colony okay so well actually God says that the child does exist, limit let me take you over here to Jeremiah chapter 1 verse five before I formed the in the belly I knew the and before thou comes forth out of the womb I sanctified the and I ordained the prophet into the nations no. Could God know someone and ordain them a makeable profit.

So when they didn't exist anything. Okay so here. In other words, he's making a point to that we existed in the mind of God before we of fact he tells you in Ephesians 1 that before he created the earth, we existed in the mind of God we existed there now so let me after this do the things that exist in the mind of God. Are they real are these realist things that you can feel are touch or see I you be right. They are okay. God speaks things into existence does okay so so here that child. So when they tell you this candidate is my body, their life and that's what they do in the Bible says that those that hate God, love death. They love death and so here if it's their body. Now, if it's their body. The child and they've got forearms four legs four eyes of four years guilty. Okay, but in my opinion they don't have for any of those. In fact, they've only got half a brain because it doesn't take very much intelligence to know the God's Word, the Bible has said that he has Diminutive man for himself. So when you destroy the image of God, by the way, the whole purpose. The whole purpose. The entire whole purpose of divine human government. According to the no wake covenant was to preserve the image of God that BMN invited by the time you hit chapter 9 in Genesis, God commanded the people three times to be fruitful and fill the earth, multiply, and so this this left these these Democrats there are in complete and total rebellion against God. And so there you go folks.

She folks out there listing dimming you need to to be bold and tell them that and and like these people I talked to Bob today unless they repent this duty to an end this many, many tell Raja unless they repent God's word. God has said, unless they repent, Wendy. They're going to do what they're going to burn in hell or entity. Okay that's not a pleasant thing is okay so there you go anyhow that's what need to be said, so no tell us what's on Wendy's my before we do that before we do that, I got a telephone center. You know how I how I introduced her as mom nature okay. Wendy has his catalog and I've got right here which children would give me one and that and if you get that catalog look through there to see if you can find my picture in the folks but in the number on that catalog is 866-229-3663 that's her phone number by the carriers 866-229-3663 and I have been using herbs for years. Okay and I fact I just ordered some more today did not. It is so close. I encourage you to do this because now there's a lot of things to his questions and that that you call me on all time and I'm giving you. I have sent you on some flyers and things, but Wendy can answer and she not going to give medical advice which he can answer your questions that you have, especially about when it comes to ways that one might want to get the detoxed and for years, Wendy has helped people get detoxed and so we're saying that the fear that by the way, Wendy. You know the stats that we just heard there from nation, one American, one news the stats for the various you know what percentage of of the vers actually reports of the actual pandemic. The amount of people that are sick, by the way.

Just recently they said like 600 women miscarried. Now just recently.

It's over 25,000 have miscarried here that so there only go ahead with your regular child acting only 1% market reported I would imagine it pattern lab well by their own admission, is played by by their admission is between one and 10% and so all of those numbers just I will. I would say multiply those by at least 10%. All of those numbers. How many people that are really sick and really dine some and have folks the power

If you go up on the Internet to the powers that come you can get one of Wendy's catalogs and you're going to need him. As we got a very, very interesting. A very dark and cold weather coming this way and so I would advise you to do that and get prepared because Wendy, I have gotten your pandemic kit but that also was the other kid the number not the money to put the 14 BC Ford Catholic.

I know I know we have a heart attack and bike have prostate We have for cataracts and macular degeneration. The blood cleansing click kit the organ of the master organ continuity all right very good and so what I was looking for was the one we got those three meetings with them that the card is this like a emergencies like an emergency can try to think of the name for like another pandemic. But the and I can't heart our know it was the one we have a catastrophe kit. No one can can't can't can't we have a bunch of people can go up on the website. The or get call for the catalog. Okay, it was the pandemic kit. The pandemic is what I was going to think about the got the pandemic kit and you've got the pneumonia kit and so folks jobs generated will quit your pandemic kit to some of the stuff that's in there okay here is his herbs and this is the body to neutralize infectious pathogens. The kit offers a broad spectrum plus board targeted formulas you will have a powerful immune system formed the committee uses various combinations add Argentinian root page 18 to the king for a natural inhibitor to Ebola type infections. The kit also contains reverse vaccine product once delicately serves to people for one week shelf life is 10 years kit contains all one tonic 16 ounce pneumonia kit 1 ounce of strength strategy is Dracula's root American ginseng echinacea deluxe blood cleansing skin poultice boy Avenue got everything in the kit. They're putting their phones at the start, you really need to get prepared things could get nasty so anyhow and phone number. By the way, Guinness, 866-229-3663 866-229-3663 in the there you go. So you know I had. I was acquired by some folks with that there who like is that their job. You know from Salem wanted to know if I was getting paid for any of these things that I care about like like yours floor we have. For example, Dr. Peter on here with us tomorrow and not Peter Glidden will be here and if we get paid for putting new people on it and and promoting your products. No way. We hear here's how we get paid we get paid and knowing you were helping people but you don't send us money for the products to you. So to see if I still we don't get paid for were bringing these things. Just like every now and then I give a commercial or a spot for people out there to the need. You know that that have a very good service, and other provide a very good service. I just did that was Steigerwald here just recently because they the they give exceptional service and the Wendy's products are exceptional and so so is Wendy. When is exceptional. There already for the airtime and we were talking about your ear coven and then we were here and there is far more important that in there but that's not the pandemic. No, God considers it as horrific horrific transgression of his laws.

And believe me, believe me, the blood of the innocent for all you folks out there listing that never done anything to try to stop it you say why I would personally I would have no part in abortion but you know what this is called what sins of omission when we just read. We just read that the Lord has said those that turned her head and look the other way and didn't put those to death. Okay there were killing the babies. Then they too God was going to that their wages would be deaf to us and so you folks out there. The sins of omission.

If you failed to stand up like Abraham Lincoln said when men remain silent when they should speak out makes cowards of men and destroys the nation and let me tell you, everybody. Everybody needs to speak out against as horrific horrific genocide of our children. There you go about reporting at one that said well it is law, the land to me about. Here's what you do one of those pastors tells you that go to the store and find yourself the largest pair of pink bloomers you can find and then send that sin those bloomers with a little note to that prissy little fella girl. My mom would make a ballerina outfit or a recital is when I met one of those. I probably could all right yeah that would be a good idea and then get you know some years ago. Quite a few years ago we had some in the abortion battle. There were those that didn't have the courage to speak out those that they come out and say that is legal as long as it's legal were not to stand against these are cowards.

These are men that those that obey a corrupted government rather than God. And they're trying to hide and they do it by totally misrepresenting Romans 13 twisting and spinning and perverting and so I have threatened some of these were were they being vocal and I have threatened to send out a pair of pink bloomers to particular preachers and I did mention their names and all of a sudden that verbiage's stopped and all you heard were crickets, all the Senate was quietly quit speaking up because I was going to send them and then announce on the air who got the pink bloomers.

There you go. And it worked.

Nowadays, though I don't know if I do that nowadays the you know you got a lot of strange things out there. He might have them all come out what and pink bloomers because you know who knows one day they might be boys in the next day the girls out there okay I think that's the that's the thing that's going on in the Democratic Congress. They're not sure what their right. Anyhow, you're absolutely right, and that so what else what else is going on at Wendy's world time. Thank you for having that wonderful listeners I've heard from many of them in such a pleasure and honor to talk with them every day, and we have great great great conversation so we pray for you Lord for yellow when I got to say this quickly. I went praising the Lord because I get such their letters are so encouraging him really are because I've got the nut cases that are all always trying to waste my time with nutcase stuff okay. Doing everything they can because they are angry because were doing the Lords work okay, but these all of these letters I get from from our listeners out there and those who support us and those those letters are very very encouraging and I just want to think they come in every now and then those still leave a phone number in the letter and I'll pick one of those letters out and not just give him a call personally to think I got on several people thinking her. What were doing and it is really encouraging, rewarding training I found about smallpox. I thought it gets a little bit speculating that the world we live and let you know. It may really smallpox pirated people are concerned, even though you know, modern medicine is saying smallpox vaccine has eradicated these since 1977 United States population to read to you the smallpox vaccine on a one-year-old children unite using it.

1970 stand here that cancel 50 years and the answer was never given the fact in a recently natural remedy for this smallpox have come to light on numerous outlet articles also on this and the remedy can be kind of hard to find, like the Native American Indian they were forced ever to natural remedy for smallpox based on what our army did to them and it said that it was your plan that tape them and plan our date and time, though not used for medicinal purposes.

There more of a departmental type of plan but growers are not drawing them in large quantities permanent that it can be hard to come by that, I will try to find time.

I've got a couple lead your plan to eradicate or inhibit smallpox. According to some research now find never told about smallpox national library they reported on smallpox in August 2017 that it was there is some question regarding the origin of the smallpox vaccine that you remember who invented this smallpox vaccine. I don't remember. I went back okay so in a report by the national library medicine now. This investigative article and it wound up in the Atlanta Journal has affected these title is revisiting entered three.

The role of the director of the evolutionary path of ancient smallpox vaccine song title is what they were looking at Edward Jenner 1700 create smallpox vaccine had viral training. Okay remember Hartwell cowpox is a cousin smallpox but it left there you have read it. Maybe if we make it aromatic cowpox health human and you can read this smallpox that was thinking though what type of criminal lesion from a cow that had cowpox to make his beer for smallpox inoculation.

Now the researchers are stating that Kenner may have in horse talk pirate during 1700 during Jenner's time it was widely adapted to use one addict she frowned. Have an and it often okay the area drain in the smallpox family though this reportable closer from the land and also publish the scientific communication Journal finding beginners vaccine that describe the smallpox and you get those lesions on their abdomen and body, 30% mortality mention another type of smallpox pastor I never heard of the hemorrhagic flat type smallpox oh yeah the old smallpox. You know, when he admitted that back then back in the 1700s. I was just a kid.

That's why I couldn't remember the smallpox are comfort me.

He backed the fear and vomiting I had that same Mart here has a shorter inoculation. Incubation. An officer or leader hemorrhage. Now cowpox virus is a cousin to the smallpox and give that mild reaction, so he thought. Let that cow version of the talk is a milder form vaccine. You take care and injected into a boy and the boy would overcome the disease to create an advisor he would die very is a 12-year-old young boy. That way you as Jenner figured, cowpox, smallpox, or cousin, it would provide a torrid tort all talk.

These research with mild and the smallpox vaccine within porn that there is even more interesting that if we have time to cover that included absolutely but were coming up to break. We might have to wait until we get on the inside of the break is weak, we got about a minute before break, but go ahead Kim to you. Okay so in the report so I bring it happen again.

Every port went back to Aaron smallpox made some lot at premier from your product them in case they have to go back to check though they went back Jenner's ear and a look at and try no cowpox other than that is that is puzzling is yeah I've got another article here and that this is these smallpox bio war globalist prepare perfect scheme to cover up vaccine testing. Cancel midterm elections by unleashing a new, deadly epidemics, the smallpox bio war. So we get back from the break I read this to you, and you can come in my part already. All right, Titan will be back right after this whole lot more. Don't go away. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry.

The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

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