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FRI HR 2 121021

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 11, 2021 12:16 am

FRI HR 2 121021

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 11, 2021 12:16 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR or they were back in redo this article are folks and Linda have you comment on no the GOP led Senate committee has identified the private contractor will hired to assist in taxpayer-funded review of the 2020 presidential election document shared with Republican senators Thursday evening obtained by pin alive identifies the lives the debate was based in boy, Sage, LLC, the firm bills himself on his website is delivering ground truth and identifies itself as specializing in research and investigation program management and communications. The document states the firm meets all the key needs to conduct a thorough and impartial election investigation.

It also states the firm has no political association we tended to appear. The 2020 or 20, 21, Belgium, Pennsylvania, among other qualification lists invoice Sage has worked with the Department of Defense and the Republican and Democratic administrations and has decades of experience in handling sensitive unclassified information Senate Republican spokesman Jason Thomas Thompson identified or declined comment about the document and it doesn't indicate how much the firm will be paid. Although the cost will come out of the GOP caucused accounts of the firm's role will be to assist 11 member bipartisan Senate intergovernmental operations committee in the investigation into the conduct of presidential elections. This is great news for the people of Pennsylvania and all of America about the bank menu was for president, we all know it was time this be confirmed once and for all. So how much confidence do you guys haven't who about who it was that hired this firm, nine Narron so you think it's that happening are dying investigation at the point where we need a forensic audit start counting thinking and thinking that they we already know their stride. Rampant election fraud. We don't need any more proof of that. We need to actually get down to the data now and start feeling the audit and we data that we already know enough money) data for you. We had over 29,000 duplicate registration in Pennsylvania. We had over 300,000 voter registrations removed from the church that the master November 3 last year we had the air 55,823 voters backfilled into our church that they were making up the I heard from one of the analysts that there their agenda was to either take 1500 votes from Trump or give 1500 votes to Biden in every county in Pennsylvania. We know everything accounting, Pennsylvania had election fraud and it is time that we need to stop doing research and committee asking herself. Did it occur. We know it occurred we need at this point to get the forensic audit running could run timetable running out of time. I think that's the plan.

Quite honestly, I think that's what they want.

It's always it's it's usually not the opposition as those within your own house usually cause you in this case the rhinos there the enemy from within and that's that's where a lot of our problems going him. That's why that Pres. Trump is not in the White House today is because those people that were supposed to stand with him and you hear Mike Penn say well he had constitutional Constitution gave Mike Prince not only the authority but he gave him the responsibility to say, look, there's a lot of questions.

There's a lot of questions about the authenticity of the selection we need to take a week or two weeks and looking before I certify this to look into the general legitimacy of the complaints that are before me. That was his job but he betrayed her destiny realized that Pennsylvania is we have a Republican dominated Senate Republican dominated on how the leaders of all our legislators right here in center County at the whole. Looking at it and that's why we were all so busy trying to find answers here, especially in center County meet mortified need more voters in Pennsylvania in the 2020 election actually had registered so it like that alone is evidence that something really really wrong happened here any third grader could look at that data and figure that out.

We don't we don't need to be doing any more research and finding more.

We need to actually get down and do the audit and unfortunately Mr. Korman failed to listen to her concerns refused to see that the fraud even in his own county that were showing: he allowed the act, 78, promoted the act 77 opened up the door for all this fraud and then he certified that election he allowed it to be certified it with our legislators that had the power to keep that from occurring, and he tried to stop it at the 11th hour 59th minute when it was over at Congress, which was just for optic just like what this election investigation that he's continuing to roll out and the only reason he even did that icky the voters were no longer going to keep voting in as the Dynasty winner from his father that our eyes were now open.

The scales were off our eyes and we were no longer going to play this game anymore and we wanted something done today and they are when he realized that was happening. I think his ego got the best of him and he ended up really cutting off Sen. Max Triano at the knees.

I think he would one of only a few legislators in our state that week. He was he was really doing something. We were watching his nightly camped campfire fireside chat and we were getting information we were not getting it from around legislators that were going to some man from Lebanon County. I believe trying to get answer I wasn't one of is his name betting half the representative you have up there and get a contribution from twitter or someone for the election administration of the Skelly tritium no market I don't know anything about twitter is one of the videos.

Social media has made it contribution yet it was faith that God was one on one am one of my the contribution of tens of thousands of dollars to the Skelly to help run election. I said that he could switch he could flip 15 million votes they had enough to buy in because that's what they did by buying this dominion in these others, and in Pennsylvania seem like like Pennsylvania was just open that they were saying. Okay, come on in here. We got absolutely no nobody looking nobody watching was going on here just come on in and also in Michigan was terrible in Michigan too, but that will. I contacted the seller Korman's office in bathroom one defendant explained what happened here with Chris and Margaret to answer the questions that were going be posterior tonight and know nothing back. And you know you mentioned dominion that were supposed to meet with the committee of legislators in the state of Pennsylvania to be questioned about their voting machines. They refuses to bear that was horrible and allows him to do so. No one, and know that William.

These ladies of a more information… I know that he when Sen. Max Triano is running it actually was.

I believe in had a meeting set up to sunshine now and they shut down his meeting. They took away I think he tried the meeting twice. Margaret M and I believe Mr. Korman's office called and told all here meeting with never notified her mouth groundout and finally as a as a voter and estate. I understand that center mass transit gentlemen, but I will be honest with you when I saw him on war room Steve Bannon and he finally came out and told the nation the truth of what was happening in Pennsylvania on how they were stonewalling is effort to get something done here, they'd gone out and looked at the Arizona audit how it was done. Report came back that it is very well-run.

We were so hopeful here and then we all got shut down and at that morning on war room at the actual truth came out that stopping all this Sen. Korman and it is a blend of truth and is like wow. And at that point right then I thought we just me and can never be reelected again. There was no doubt my mind after that point he was correct in what happened to me and Margaret that night at that business where we are going to listen to our legislator. We called the police.

The one detective that ended up responding towards our call note.

Yet you want to take the witnesses name. One agenda and that was to get us outside. David said to us, you can protest outside in the lot like their can allow you to listen and allow us to do anything because we have right there there there not know we have a right to be here. We've done nothing wrong and I'll be truthful if you were not here to practice if we wanted to protest the abrupt fine. But what we needed was for them to gather the evidence of the crime. It just occurred of the harassment and grabbing because we were gonna yell at first, but my mind was due for my right, this is Ron.

I'm a retired police officer and a police officer couldn't done what his neck. He did, and what this other man was doing the Margaret and ordering without violating our free speech and feeding some of us, and in telling keep treating us differently than other constituents will be done nothing wrong. So when any kind of politician can pick and choose who can come into a venue that comes to be a very scary time were already facing a lot of censorship on social media that out of our control. But we can even go and speak for show up to an event in Reno listen to our Sen. hear what he has to say. Asking questions for quite frankly confront them if need be all right. So if it were not allowed to do that when I have a police officer telling me know you have to leave get is a private event. That's what they Think the private event.

Yes, you are directly configuring. There are some John, I can relate to these officers were paid to be there, not by the police department. They were asked to be there.

Sorry Korman's campaign people, but there were paid from taxpayer dollars from a separate fund not elder police wages and Korman campaign. My understanding is not paid for them to be there. The taxpayers paid for them to be theirs are correct that that's correct John on Wednesday a little bit over week. I had heard anything in over a week from the detective. We given him for statements. I had no response from the email so you know I called left a voicemail.

He returned a call to me and the first thing he is very confrontational with the wire they get in your statement you-well, to be on you didn't do your job at night to be moronic. You actually gave us the feeling that you were the longhand of the security force for them not acting as a cop, a cop wouldn't have allowed them to violate our right cop would've listen to us more telling you this was a public event advertised publicly. We had reservations. If you just go look at that both our names are in it and we can have you asked from the golden question.

What did they do wrong to ask them to leave when so many people are not being asked to leave. How are they being treated differently and why and ask that you can't make them only because you think they're going to do something up there. So after a week of nothing being done. I could see I had him call me back and he he was confrontational and he said I don't think this is official oppression which is what I was telling him it was getting into, because we had numerous people there's a lot Pennsylvania official oppression that when he heard that he said will. This is an official oppression. II understood it that the DA was going to make this decision and here we have this detective making the decision so I could listen.

Not only is it affected official oppression. It's being extended to you detective you were hired by that campaign warranty and he said yeah. We were there on the job and one told me that I said well you might want have your chief call me back. I am going to have to talk to chief while we are off the I got off the phone with the detective and on Wednesday I contacted the how to get the right. No paperwork to request the financial information I went to they say directed me over to the Township supervisor was very nice and he told me, you know, Michael will what he can request you just get agenda generic formidable. I'm in one minimally the financial how this is paid for. He told me love you all tell you how it's paid for was paid out to Jennifer Jim Gen. coffers. What the general fund. How we pay the officers routinely connected will have the campaign for governor was not chemist Sen. in this particular is launching campaign should have the right to be getting special privileges of a very small plea for sale. Township probably only feels one or two officers and unite. I know and I'm sure they feel them seven days a week, very small department. Margaret what was that officer's name is Keith know the officer effective now.

Okay now yeah and and when I talked to his chief of well about the author I was an officer for 17 years before I retired in different things since I was a cop but I got back to people. My communications were fairly quick within a day or two when you have victims take care of the victim's needs. He is becoming yet.

We thank him for the statement you get back to him down enough tell them well. This is a private event. A week later I'd already showed him the proof that it was a private event though on that a week later, I knew we were getting nowhere, but the chief differed chief Salyers was very good that you know I was very interested on the link that you showed us on how you got your reservations.

I can see that that was not exactly how I felt it was private obviously you guys did get there. You did have a right to be there in the public publication of that. He confirmed chief Salyers that the actual request for police presence came in from even female or who is I believe the guy will ask you to leave Margaret right that current even female or is the one who requested police presence with the Korman campaign has been around him. We sonic range. Karen over the summer so we know each tightly in the Korman camp working form that that gentleman had called asking for police presence and the following day. Asked called back and asked the chief can it be in plainclothes now I don't know why you want it in plain clothes other than to get rid of any camera. Republicans love cops.

We love the presence of cop that doesn't generate any problems arise and unfortunately when you ask department to provide police presence in plainclothes that now makes that officer completely yours for security detail because they get a call. They can't break from that to go handle a call so they became a private police force for that campaign at night and unfortunately all find what they're telling me that was not paid for by that campaign. We have six or 17 other Republicans running for that particular office of Gov. We had a least one Democrat. Now this little Police Department now has got themselves where they can have to treat each other candidate for governor, just the same, and anybody else who wants to run a political campaign is going to have to have a right now to say hey why don't I get police protection, and I don't know about that. I think this is worth a call to you AG's office because I really don't think what they do, it is going to pass muster now… I would be calling the Atty. Gen. and one of those by ambulance.does not assume I mean I could be wrong and I don't look terrible regarding of the deposition right. Sen. Korman definitely would know better and better. This chief is a brand-new chief. I don't think he's been on the job for a whole year yet. I believe the Township supervisors brand-new to this is a small department.

They might not have known any better, but definitely that that Korman is been in politics a long time. He knows you need to separate your Senate work from your your campaign work and he did not. He's asking for police services is that he's a senator and that's not what that campaign night with four sons. This is who you as governor of all of these candidates running. That is really when the stands out anyone at the you can see that is honest and fair and not a rhino monster Hunter is the only one that I know is he is running for governor right now. Pardon committed to my knowledge. Sorry not yet debating jumping into the right senator out there. I think you have a whole whole lot of supportive you do you. I know because I've heard nothing from the patriots in the real Republicans but good about him so you know you here's a default we have ladies we leave for years and years our side or the Republicans have know that you have not stood in the as hard as they should. For prime principles and that they flood the Democrats. Both of them.

The Democrats know that they cannot there's no way that they can never win an honest legitimate election that there there party is corrupt from top to bottom.

There is not anything at all.

There's nothing nothing left above the Democratic Communist Party that is not been corrupted. Nothing the entire thing. No, we don't even have a dozen Justice Department, the DOJ's but basically just become a strong-armed division of the Delta go to crime as part meant for eight years when Barack Obama was in office and I know I've mentioned this but I will do it because this is where the delusional for that eight years everyone when you had all these people say in the borough of Obama's and confident he's not up to the job.

Bill O'Reilly was saying the guys just not up to the job reason, I was a no no you don't understand he is is just doing more damage to this country than any of our enemies abroad much more because for that eight years.

He was he was putting the most corrupt people. It's almost like she is sent to hell is and said I need I need some people to fill jobs right from the pit of hell. He found the most corrupt people, and he was appointing them to the most strategically important places in government. He purged 12 four-star generals who were men that were loyal to God and country, and then altogether over 250 high-ranking officers he purged from the military but he was placing the most ungodly antichrist anti-American people in strategic places and this is starting to happen. George Soros started buying these of the used to be called the Atty. Gen.'s good now they're prostituting and that's what they're there prostituting their bought and paid for it was placing no strategically, especially in all your areas where there's going to be crime in the major cities and that was going on in the specially there in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We saw this John returning can tell you about the corruption when when the Police Department goes horrid when they go whoring in their bought and paid for John Uchitel or about your PA cancer, all you want to know you never doing that on your experimental life with the abortion center and we had the whole city of York and County of York we had the whole political apparatus against those old and it was everything you could think of for numerous of kangaroo courts below George's all attorneys all the chief of police of the Whatcom Peninsula police children and youth familiar all well strong will to be have been omitted all the role of on Planned Parenthood told neutral customer total data that's where we found out that you could run across get the guy on the badge. The car on George and basically give them their marching orders because of drama play like good cop bad cop or talking to one of Manila velvet bag. You should be looked over at the wasn't the Planned Parenthood director there and said the want you guys arrested right and then we we have doubt that there will be impaired by them. I found out to get the 3750 an hour to come in the squad tour and going digital, and with what they do believe baby cops directly paid them they paid into the York city police some forms that in the phone. Culturally washed the more someone we had a we had another cup there that told us it was all Gordon arrested which is trumped up charges on some people are and why I was confronting him about it. Any suitable we did. We coordinated this with the district attorney admitted with the district attorney so the highest levels of accounting.

They have one 65-year-old woman that this firm is that the of arrested her for supposedly assaulting all one of the employees of Planned Parenthood and when the trial came Planned Parenthood produced a videotape. The judge allowed the trial to go forward with a videotape that would tour up York. We appealed it and that George demanded the that they produce the video so they do and you get all personals clear because she was actually in the Planned Parenthood employee. Our life version so I mean it was is this abortion like that really corrupts Christopher Mooney, Illinois. We had a lot of people working with them, I like doctors and lawyers, so they split up and so MobileMe would work to put Republican judges in district attorney dealers will work for the Democrats to whoever wanted Planned Parenthood will go ahead Margaret was that Margaret was talking County having come from one of Police Department center County.

I can speak here they are probably some of the more educated and highly trained in the eight week ill haven't seen a lot of corruption here lately seen in Philly your theory. Pittsburgh but the one thing I brought up after needed. I want to bring your attention on on corpsmen is we had been doing some research if you go to transparent and look up PA donors at the different different different politician fear is listed on Mr. Carmen list of downers. Planned Parenthood II wouldn't doubt it. If there on YouTube at IDC, George Soros, oh boy that tells you right there I tell you now, that's what you got to get people in Pennsylvania have to know that's all they need to know is that sorrows Soros is the most corrupt, wicked, evil, unbelievable. This this guy is so evil, and he will only by people that that he can buy them pay for and so as far as I'm concerned Soros is a billionaire pimp and advise prostitutes. That's what he does go take God's Word, the Bible tells you it doesn't stutter it does there gonna whoring the go whoring and so in fact, I can tell you I can read it to you.

Let me read to you here very quickly. Just so you you hear what he says. He said, and they have.

This is a Hosea chapter 4 verse 12 why people as counsel to Stockton is that of declarer thunder them for the spirit of boardrooms and cause them to error and they have gonna whoring from under their God, that's exactly what they've done. That's exactly what they've done. They've been corrupted in some John when we were in and the Toledo remember what happened there when those crooked cops were there, you still there and return on you like you spoke to Beverly to call them in the media was wearing them head on the golf whenever ladies there in Toledo with women through eminent domain.

The city was taken the abortion mill doesn't really build a stadium so they were moving out like I was called and asked to come and speak, but Toledo right to life and so John and I passed the liquid down there and they had a podium platform set of and hear what happened was these ladies is Christian ladies when they wanted to just try to witness to those those witches when I'm telling you which is telling John Monroe will they were, they were literally three tonic meetings and the importance of the tables were lined up, they had every station. They had all the herbs the things the brown candles all the witchcraft paraphernalia and then they had every station and NIV Bible open a certain passage and it was unbelievable but anyhow these these Christian women had gone into try to speak to them and these women you remember they these witches actually took Brohm sucking the illusion they took roads and they started bidding. These Christian ladies and they called the police of the Christians called the police. The police came down and they they added and they helped out the of witches is they were on the payroll and so what happened was when we were speaking here.

First of all, there was an apostate church with you know right there very close to where I was out in the ladies asked. Millie said Pastor how can a abortion mill exist in the shadow of what the church in a severe serving the presuming that's an actual church that was an actual church. This abortion mill could not exist here. But it's not. It's apostate and then you had to my left. Upon that little hill you had the media.

Remember, into the right you have three police cars sitting there watching us and they said how can we get these police officers to to obey the law and do their job and not take money from Planned Parenthood and that the cubs are sitting there with the windows down. Is that your assuming the presuming that these are the official police officers. The taken oath to the Constitution. Those are wars and prostitutes. And that's exactly you know what when I said that John what happened to drove off.

They took out of there in a hurry and then there's the walking we get the media you had the TV stations there to tell the truth that is in your assuming the presuming they've got in the interest at all in telling you the truth, and then they took off Dudley is only normal learning yell know the truth and the truth will make them flee you and did you see that's what you have your other corruption this is that they were living in today were living in a time that God's Word, the Bible speaks very clearly because of the evil day okay and were seeing what were saying is referred to as birth pains in the Bible. And so, so, God has raised us up. The ladies got his racism for such a time as this. Not here.

Where were at. I happen to live in a county where we have a very strong tea party and we have a sheriff who's a constitutional sheriff and and that he goes whether Constitution effect. You know what he did. He was one of the ones assigned others of the make a brief to stop this mandate combines a vaccine mandate and mask mandate and he silently sign on to that service department and they put out a poster saying we are not going to mandate vaccines or masks in this county that will not be done and put those posters all around so here you go.

This is here verse Matthew 24 verse eight all these are the beginnings of sorrows and all those things were seen happening today. The anti-God. The Antichrist arises new with their capacities killing laws. We kill babies you don't know they want to raise him up to two years old and I just keep going after the board lately. Want is not enough innocent blood running through the veins of the children to quench the thirst of these wicked people in the so you gotta get a you you folks out there in Pennsylvania. Do you have a tea party. There are party preparatory way of lamps of liberty, now I would say that the note join up with lamps of liberty. You can join up on the we give out information on here before, but it's on the Facebook in the mail.

Lamps of and in that regard, I got a message from the colonnade do Giuseppe was the guest of talk specifically about what they did to our corpsman did to Sen. master auto, and he has joined up with the organization in Pennsylvania. Quote gun owners of America and they have special invitation for the listeners of what's right what's left will give you a discount gift. If you want to join up with the organization's 45 years old and they do not compromise or standard form to protect our Second Amendment rights and go on the Internet to gone right gun right now they give you special discount not on what the gift is yet another non-digestible outlets here. Lamps of the liberty and Pennsylvania okay we just actually join them recently and it sounds like they're going to be really good for the grassroots in Pennsylvania. We want we want to do all weekend to help him out because you know where the battle we are in the Civil War. You keep your people talking about the dangers of Russia. Our worst enemies are right here okay there domestic there the death of credit Communist Party. They want to totally destroy this country. They know that they cannot win all of a fair election. I can't win it and they know that. And so they're going to do everything they can look for them to try to have another shut down. Look for Biden to try to shut the clicks they know that if people go out to the polls and they know now that people are going to be watching organ be looking for voter fraud which we try we we beg people to look this is remember in 2016. On November 8 and that very day of the election when trope one. I said right there on the radio that night that the 2020 election will be the most corrupt in the history of the country than the election fraud is going to be the worst it's ever been an ice we showed you how Mark Zuckerberg was was bragging that they had the ability big tech to the flip 15 million votes we watched. I watched him as we were watching the boats on television I watch the flip upside down right before our very eyes resolve flipped upside down and then they try to tell us that who you gonna believe us and that's where I lost with Fox News. Some of those people that I I had an opinion of that so credibility they lost the rent there right there. I was threadbare, so that there looks right in the camera and lie like a rug. And of course we knew of so many others like him little Chrissy what's his name Wallace you know we knew which way but but they looked up, then they purposely lied and and here you actually have these people are contracted to lie there contracted to lied, they don't they don't call when they signed the contract did the word they use for lies, narrative that you will you will take the narrative given other words, whatever lie we tell you tell that's what you do and they sign a contract agreeing to that in every now and then the one on the consul to get to a place that we can take it no more. And they tell the truth and so they do that to fire that's in the morgue that they played in Pennsylvania in our lab, Mary and center County. We had a we had several questions for referendum that would have shut down Gov. Wolf ability to just shut our businesses down and everything with these mandate and get never-ending and one of the one of the referendums with them limiting it to at least 30 days that right Margaret, 30.

I only have an legislators had to confirm if it was going to go any longer on the emergency order. Well, the people got out into the road and especially the Republican base, got out and we showed up to our elected election polls in the morning and they ran out of out of ballot for the Democrats of the Republic.

Yeah everything ran out of Republican ballot only that they were trying to shut it down. We still manage to win that referendum to control how much damage on any governor not to Gov. Wolf. But any governor in our future can do using an emergency order, but also what we learned during that primary a lot of people really smart and we all they been telling us for years.

These machines are not hooked up to the Internet that there's no way that they can be hacked well.

People took out their phone while they are near their polling places and very interesting.

What they found is while watching their Internet you know how you happy how you can see what what Internet pops up on your on your phone.

They were being whenever about going to machine that this particular address would come up and then when the ballot was done, it would go away.

So we took screenshots of that videos of that documenting that and they continued to tell at the just the normal amount the normal amount of voter fraud. No normal amount of voter fraud and until we get voter ID and until we start on going back to paper ballots having some sort of watermark that can secure our election.

I don't think I'll ever trust them help keep voting and I will keep fighting for in a fair and free election not to give up and stay home, but they have to do something. We can't keep doing this since you work in the whole rest.

They're not going with or corrupted to the core. Like I said there there is nothing that all about that entire Democratic County platform is not corrupt the entire thing and Andy and we have these rhinos that are bought and paid for two sewing the thing of it is God has raised us up. We have to stand we have to fight and push back from Genesis to Revelation, from Genesis to Revelation. God's Word, the Bible tells you resistance to tyranny is obedience to God resistance to tearing obedience to God. Failure to resist tyranny is always disobedience to God and what one chapter the characterize that kind is sizes it all up is is Hebrews chapter 11 Hebrews chapter 11 sizes it all up, but in so we have to stand. And we have to fight he gives you three missions Margaret or Chris one one first and foremost is the great commission is first and foremost, that's what we we go admission want mission to from Genesis to Revelation resistance to tyranny is obedience to God. Number three is weird to hold fast.

Okay, learn to the professions of the prophets and the traditions of the prophets stand fast holder ground, don't backup and that's that's what God's Word, the Bible tells us like this little Institute in some, those are what were to do that. It is our mission. Most remissions they God is raised us up for such a time as this.

And so we we have our marching orders going to do it. I want to thank you ladies for coming on sharing this because you see, you just shine the light, we have thousands and thousands and thousands of blisters in the state of Pennsylvania and we just shine the light on the we want to continue to glimpse a liberty and whatever whatever we can do here to get the message out to the folks out there. Let us know because we know where in this battle.

There's no quit here no quit here at all.

So thank you again for the platform. Organic standing now and facing giant before we have a police investigation ongoing were putting our faith right now that are DHS and that he will look at the fact McKay and the and that he will see it as we see it minimally harassment. Definitely looking more like official oppression, we are going to find us an attorney and go forward with a federal civil rights violation lawsuit and we are all going to be putting in an ethics violation to our Senate PA Senate and I from what antispam they have to do something about an ethics violation. They can't get sleep it away.

Whatever we can do to help you.

Let me know because I will be will be in there with you both feet will jump right in that battle. Thank think we what is the just taken John and John, the attorney we had rinsed there's an attorney here in Ohio attorney rents and handles cases like that, but he's got some big ones going on right now I don't know if he would have time to take that, but might be able to practice law in that circuit courts of Pennsylvania at our little me if there's any attorneys out there listening tonight who be willing to want to help out and take this especially right there in the near area when they call. Contact John. John has my information.

We have four victims right now myself and Margaret included and I were standing right now. Firm and strong together.

All right, very good luck. Thank you ladies so much for staying there staying there hanging because John McTiernan is going to tell us the most important thing the most important thing that there's only one thing that's going to be the most important thing that will matter to all of us. The time is coming and there's no chance this will happen to every single person that is alive right now. The time will come when the only thing that will matter to them is whether they're saved or not Hon John woke early to Bible chapter 9 verse 27 is appointed in command. I and after this the judgment. So everybody press learning applications, God's judgment is perfect and every sin will have to be accounted for in the Bible says the wages of sin that the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. So yes, it is appointed unto man once the guy judgment, God, no one on his own oral can stand before God is perfect and holy in all the way. She is without sin. The man is simple and rebuilding seriously going against God. All things you last part of John to remember to remember the last part of the verse that you just think it is very important because the last part of that. If you remember, says Anna to them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin into solving the salvation you so I shared a bed with you but could you is that God sold the world and that he sent his only begotten son, God commended his love towards us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died. God wants us reconciled to him you want so skinny eternal life with him. He wants a listing of pestering the Christ comes for us.

We go the merits of the Lamb in the Bible describes how you say heavenly abode as the new Jerusalem. These are all things in the Scriptures quote but sin must be dealt with as a penalty for sin and that involves repentance of turning the life or weight of the without Jesus Christ through Jesus Christ and his word technology that we have sinned and Christ died on the cross, shed his blood penalty for our sin. We confess him and believe that he died on the cross for motion and rose again from the dead.

We confess him repentance. God will forgive us. We can have assurance of eternal life lobbying. How do we know that because Word the Bible is true.

A lot of people believe in evolution, stuff like that so so how do we know that we can depend upon God's Word the Bible because it says of himself to heaven and earth.

The past but it will stand well very right.

She stood all the millennia now, but I like to look when people answer the question. I like the look of prophecy and we have all read scriptures about the destruction of the nation of Israel and the rebirth of the nation of Israel, right before the second coming of Jesus Christ. My point people to get on the plane quite know what it will be get out the combustor. The car up to Jerusalem with your old prophecies about the community speaking group. All you can hear her shackles from owning resume for capital and Israel had been a nation for about 1900+ years their interest earnings) and the Bible says that God is going to bring the Jews back into the land in Jerusalem, Israel is a nation.

Jerusalem is the capital prior just prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ. I might my opinion that's tangible, solid group, the authority of God's word that's unique in the history of the world that a nation would be destroyed dispersed and back in the Lamb that's unique but once job but twice. The Babylonians that in the room and split it thoughts you need no other nation ever. The other thing is very unique and she got over 1800 prophecies in you know mathematically which is four of those being fulfilled. The mathematical laws are there was like one with 130 zeros behind it.

We the Stanford math did the college did suit some grills stats on that but but for for all of those prophecies to be fulfilled in Scripture. The number was was one with over 230 zeros and remember were by no is as follow the signs right into health foods that you ladies, I want to thank you for being here with us you have a very very very Merry Christmas and flow solution to what he said in God's word will is no doing exactly what he said till tomorrow. Good night God bless, always, always, is doing fellows Cape replied in the light.

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