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WED HR 2 121521

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 15, 2021 11:59 pm

WED HR 2 121521

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 15, 2021 11:59 pm

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR UL.or already were back in your joy. The bill passed the global delay because we've done so Millie is one that talks about the woman who'd had taken the boys and the spoken ordered the door neural or nerve system, but may help the phone lines are open at 88828111108882811110. We haven't gotten any calls in a while and we've got 50 minutes left so we got to hear from you at 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673.

I look back there in the boiler room.

Those guys are just setting a look at each other and record record turned out after while circuit board and an all-out but I do have a story we need to tell Dr. Patri told the truth. Come on now. It was sitting down with Mark Zuckerberg and he said out loud. There the euro they rushed BMR mRNA vaccines that they may actually make covert pandemic course and he was commenting on a recent study that showed covert vaccines may actually make a recipient more likely to be reinfected.

Then someone with natural immunity from a prior infection and thought she said this wouldn't be the first time that a vaccine look good and initial safety actually make people worse. Anyone on the talk about the history of the respiratory since the toll virus vaccine in children made the children worse and the out. Just think about that when we just told by our public health officials that the promise vaccines work 100% safe and effective, even for children thought she went on. He said one of the HIV vaccines. We tested made individuals more likely to get infected anyone on the talk about an RSV vaccine failure exposed in 2008 there was an old dental on this children and there were testing on children and make a long story short, the antibodies were binding strongly enough to the activated inactivated virus to produce the response, but actually the antibodies were dragging the dead virus triggering a massive attack of the immune system and is going on explaining all the children got sick and hurt and everything in. They found out after the fact and is talking about the phenomenon of leaky vaccines and now there's a new Harvard study output shows that the mRNA vaccines endorsed by the FDA, the CDC are worse than useless at stopping the spread of COBIT 19 vaccines do not.

According to the new Harvard study.

Stop the spread of covert wheel they can save a lot of time and money by asking me I would've told him that a year ago we recount were telling them that a year ago, but they don't listen to us now, but the and now there is a study of 68 nations and almost 3000 counties in the US, published in the European Journal of epidemiology that showed at the country level, there appears to be no discernible relationship between percentage of population fully vaccinated and new COBIT 19 cases in the last week or two exactly what we were saying that the vaccine has no effect or you just to lose all kinds of people, done that. I mean as far as what we are taught about preventing people from getting the virus stopping the spread of the virus. That doesn't stop the spread doesn't stop you from doing it again and on and on and on. So we've been telling people something a year before. Now we've got Harvard University agreeing with you pestering and we now even have Dr. Faucher admitting that the these perfect 100% safe vaccines may not be doing what they thought they were going to do well Joe, let me tell you what frontline doctors said they do they feel about 50,000 people so far in America that frightening Tribune about 50,000 deaths were now to vaccines and so let me ask you this. Would that would that make you feel better if you got the very, very sick of knowing that the it it's okay they just were in a hurry.

I don't know if it would make me feel better know I there are some other drugs in the past and I we did with told several different instances of vaccines that they started with it on for five or 10 people died or several hundred people got sick.

They pulled the vaccines.

This time they haven't told anything they haven't put warnings on what they are doing is doubling and tripling down and now they're saying you can even give it to 2 to 5-year-olds.

Everybody should have three shots now to the Journal one Pfizer and no apology thought she's promoting the booster shot maybe every three months so they lie, they talk out of both sides of their mouth the same time and we used to call that the old days, lying no lying to the people you Tell two things are diametrically opposed, and both of them be true. We know some years ago I was talking to a fellow who came over here from Russia and he was talking about Joseph Stalin and he lived through World War II and he was saying and I was talking tell about. We were talking about Stalin and the city was a great guy's outer world. Can you say that he starved you the 60 million of your own people. The death is the wealth and here's why.

Because I got food. If you're one of the ones I got food he thought it was a good guy if he didn't get any food with the need that like this was the mindset of this fellow here now so that the mindset out there. Is this typically goes her getting government handouts think they are great and those of us that are paying for them think they're awful well the depopulation you see you get it still has not settled in to the vast majority of Americans they still have not understood, they still have not figured out what we been telling for years for gay.

This of this whole process is the you got the global depopulation movement and their this is called the great reset.

Now Joe Gill can you blame them, they just want to depopulate the planet so that there is will be cleaner and more pristine for those who they feel should have this plan to themselves.

Global warming from happening. Oh yeah because though you know people put out too much company. Oksana right rear Excel and so were contributing to global warming. Every day, and by the way, don't you know that that you really just parasites in the back of mother Gaia right right rear row destroying the planet by our very existence. But then the Bible says we listen to Father God not mother Earth right not to creation. We listen to the creator not creation. Tell the difference or already. 888-2810 no here of someone by who identifies himself as all Democrats are morons. Pledges 50 so all Democrats ignore the stomach to get its wavelength right so that they handle for twitter or email account or something you could give me 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 folks were with another time.

Okay euthanasia prevention coalition. Joe this is Alex is shunned where we've had on here many, many times we get to getting back Dutch doctors approve euthanasia for income incompetent people Dutch doctors group now proves euthanasia for incompetent people. The Dutch news reported that the last are the latest Netherlands euthanasia development is the change whether Dutch medical Association allowing doctors to euthanize patients with advanced dementia who made an advance request, while competent, but cannot consented to their own death according to their judgment entered. I thought maybe they were talking about getting rid of Biden in older Democrats. Yeah well you see that this is the unless the irony of the hypocrisy of this. All of these people better for euthanasia. They know that they are they have enough money, they have their wills.

They have the lawyers to make sure that it's not done to them. Jake right so here now. The change in position follows a ruling by the Supreme Court in April 2020 it was judges that a doctor who ended the life of a patient with severe dementia had not committed a criminal offense. The patient was no longer in a position to confirm or written euthanasia requests.

So, the Netherlands Supreme Court decision, referred to the article concerning woman with dementia who it resisted dying by euthanasia.

So the doctor first predecessor sedative in her coffee, but then the woman continued to resist the doctor had the family hold her down as the woman was lethally injected, and if you don't think look if right now I'm telling you, if the Democratic Party could do that to us, they would in a heartbeat. Well, that's what this whole covert thing is all about getting rid of the old the week and those with the comorbidities, which means the very second mill and we cut all over the world medical remotely get rid of a great deal world population. Read get rid of those that take the largest share of the government money which goes to medication and doctor visits care for older and sick people.

As for the high cost is medicine doesn't that we don't spend a lot of money on young healthy people at state. Very old and very sick that take all the money. 888-281-1110. The phones have not been reading are we still in the air. Randy and they knocked us down the gate because the phones have not been ringing in 0888, 5281 yeah it is 1110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 give us a call.

Joe tell them that if they can hear a call and let us know they get errors if they can hear us the call and let us know Joe out here. And unlike San Diego called fair. We can hear you be nice if you made a pledge when you called but the right now we need to know if we are reaching people because this is very unusual during a pledge week that things sometimes get slow but not a complete absence or callers that usually does not happen you go cuckoo Qubec.

Dr. testifies that coven patients were euthanized rather than treated Qubec and questing in the cold and related deaths is uncovered more disturbing facts. In September I published an article from the testimony of an auxiliary nurse claiming that many of the covert, 19 nursing home deaths were caused by abuse and neglect, but a Qubec doctor told the inquest into covert related deaths that many tradable patients actually died by euthanasia. An article by Clara discard engines for the Canadian press reported on the testimony from Dr. Vincent Kim Nguyen, who worked with in the emergency room at the Jewish General Hospital during the first wave of the covert, 19 pandemic Dr. Nguyen and knew Guy in new guy in had also previously manage the Ebola pandemic for Drs. without Borders told the Inquirer that patients who arrived from CHL STs which with heavy cases of coven. 19 were, according to him surprisingly well. After a day or two of infusions or oxygen by hydrating these patients. They recovered very easily, but he also sent to the work they in the course they used is the executive director euthanasia prevention on I'm looking for that what they use here on this CHS LDS and that is let me see what is that Stan forgot here who went many outlets. That's what they're using to describe the medical network they have their he said to work there, 19 patients.

Dr. Nguyen testified that he found himself in a very different situation. I disconcerting states wanted to transfer patients to the hospital. He quickly discovered the many obstacles Clinton's way. While public health guidelines recommend recommending keeping residents there and another was like what happened in New York) were out plan to reroute been telling people since the beginning they wanted to get rid of the old indigent that were sucking up all the money for the Medicare, Medicaid, and at the same in every major Western nation. That's the biggest drain on government finances the old and indigent. The old and the sick and sorry but that is the truth.

Folks where you go Joe, the US assisted suicide lobby plans for expanding assisted suicide laws here in the US over the past several years I've been writing about the assisted suicide lobby plans to expand assistant suicide in America, the US assisted suicide lobby is expanding assisted suicide laws by eliminating waiting periods, eliminating the six-month terminal diagnosis, allowing nurses and other medical providers to approve and participate in assisted suicide, eliminating residency requirements and expanding assisted suicide laws to allow euthanasia death by lethal injection, rather than lethal prescription covered pretty much the same thing, legal prescription, lethal injection sounds, lethal yeah all right there you go on a little lighter note general, the left is been out there those tornadoes that happen with all this horrible loss of life and they're blaming global warming a course. Well, there is a veteran meteorologist out there. Brian assessment is written a lot of books.

He's got a great background and he said don't blame it on climate change, Mr. Pres. Noel Mrs. media, news media, the storms had nothing to do with climate change, global warming, very simply had to do with the mass of unusually cold dry air coming down from Canada meeting the mass of warm moist air from the Gulf and this is a recipe for dangerous tornadoes, even in December and he said these are not frequent occurrences on the average two dozen tornadoes formed every December here in the US. Many have been known to be quite violent. Two years ago 40 tornadoes tore across the South in December 16 and 17th killing people and he went on to explain in all different times.

This is happening to these monsters in the past have occurred after dark. And that's when tornadoes fall at night.

They are the most fatal because residents are not able see them coming at a time.

There asleep.

They don't get the warning they said every year there's an average of about 1200 tornadoes going back as long as they can track the stuff and he said the death and destruction.

Tolls are higher simply because we mention this to the night, increase populations, cities are getting bigger, more cities higher density communities and he said here back in 1890. There was a storm like this in Kentucky. It was the worst storm the tornado that ever occurred and March 1890 that ravaged the Louisville area and there would've been like eight or $9 billion today with the damage hadn't happened and he said historically, the number and power of tornadoes has remained very constant. 882811110 phone lines are "week we got to hear from you. 888-677-9673 right we want to go to anonymous and and Dallas pledges 200 taco from East LA pledges $33 Rachel in Oregon pledges 100 Linda from San Diego pledges 100 Laura in Massachusetts pledges 20litter were up and running on a rightmost keeping come and work. I do not will be much that we get we had about 30 minutes left and I think it's about 3000 bucks. But where we need to go. So where do you click on that this this scientist, this meteorologist said basically the problem is the darn media that comes out with a said the old saying if it bleeds it leads and makes a better now more clicks better advised Andy saying that all this knowledge annoys you here about hurricanes, flooding fires all this and most of it is overhyped. It is not change much. There is a graphical's up-and-down up-and-down up-and-down if he averages out. Very little is changed in the last 100 years of quit worrying about nothing new in the weather. Already I've got to get a medical here exposing the belief system of the elite and only that after you call at 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 Jim here exposing the belief system of the elite list to read this and then you can comment on it and see maybe a and this is where you're at. The elite believe that they are more advanced form of human in order to justify the belief they granted Darwin's theories of biological evolution into the social organization to create social Darwinism over the centuries. They referred to the public variously as sheep or cattle and it's as Plato did in the Republic and social Darwinism is merely the modern expression of this attitude and their latest belief system.

Under this belief system, only those that have proven their worth over many generations of dominance, control are worthy of entrance into the high elite circles the elite. Throughout history, and supportive belief in their own superiority over the common person have practice interbreeding among themselves. They do this to create to preserve intelligence level power, and above all the ruthlessness and willingness to kill as required and they still practice this today along.

Also along similar lines.

They believe in and practice of eugenics on the public to control the population to make them more domicile and control stupid and complied. Having been exposed by Hitler's atrocities.

The elite went underground. For example, my remaining knee renaming eugenics then you go to hear psychopath the among the light elites.

This is not a belief that more of an of a sobering fact that must be considered when evaluating the values in the actions of the elite. It is been well established, as shown by Andrew low back Zielinski and his book political but out upon her apology a cell phone spy that the elite, and those that are more capable of raising a rising to the top of a system based on money are psychopathic. This includes leaders at all centers of power, including businesses in politics is psychopath. They have no conscience. They have a lust for power and control and are literally capable of anything. We think well know that you wrote the first part is right. George Soros is one of those that I am God, and for the most part everything you said is right, except they are wrong see you and I and a great number of our listeners. We are the elite.

We are sons and daughters of God.

We are eternal beings we have our down payment on eternal life. We are the elite ones. They are the ones who not going to be there and enjoy heaven fraternity and be happy wonderful eternal beings are going to spend her time in the fires of hell. So it's kinda true, but it's backwards from the real truth. So, as the saying goes. In Romans chapter 1 professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, schools exactly right anonymous and affiliate, your God, your being, fully anonymous in Philly pledges 500 in Brooklyn New York pledges 50 thank you anonymous. Thank you Lauren already mentioned people talking about the eugenics keeping the poor people the black people down there is a big article. There is a pastor that sitting up on the roof with Chicago pastor Cory Brooks and he's been up there is supposed to stay under days been there since November 20 and it's the idea he's trying to get across literacy in schools of you know this Democrats. He didn't come on St. Ruth Bennett, but the Chicago literacy coalition talks about how they have almost 900,000 adults with low literacy.

This is been going on for generations because of what government handouts send out and they say heartless cycle of poverty, fatherless families, he talks about almost all the families there have no father just working mothers and the problem is the children are getting educated so they stay in the cycle of poverty. They say ignorant, stupid, and poor ignorant stupid every day in your poor helpless then your easily controlled, and he's trying to do Sundays that 80% of our households are single parent household. The kids don't get help from the from the mothers on education because her working two jobs and he's trying to change the system review and I've been talking about this, our entire careers that the secret to everything is government controls the education they keep the children dumbed down they give them government propaganda and what we need are Christian schools homeschools that we need children who can what think for themselves and have knowledge and truth which comes from understanding from God already knows. When we have a prayer meeting the doers of the word Baptist Church and I know that a lot of you Anthony paren I do want to tell you that all of those letters and working to have a stack of letters about a foot high that we get new people. Prayer request asking us we would pray for we do will be out there doing that for a long time tomorrow morning, but also some of you out there if you can call him by 8 o'clock if you recall that 1404403381367. This 440-338-1367.

Recall that in and leave a message on the phone by 8 o'clock. Nobody will answer it, but if if you do that a prayer request and we will take and will write that down and we will offer you that of a prayer for you and so I had to sit and then this Sunday.

Normally what we have Jim excuse me, we have the morning service and then we have afterwords we have a usually a 4 o'clock we have a class that we do on the occult with what is happening with taken place in the country now. The rise of witchcraft and then that we do current event classified within the rater services 60 this coming week were only going to have the morning service because I were having our Christmas fellowship dinner afterwords and that usually goes right to the evening and so anyhow for doers of the word for you folks out there that normally attend. There will be no evening classes were in evening service this week and doers of the word Baptist Church so celebrating Christmas right absolutely were going to be celebrating Christmas for good reason to come but right now you be going to a break so will be back right after this took away sin and pain you see is is is is and then as is all right. He lives what would pray for good Lord for you. You can take that living your life and believe it or not, whether or not you know you are betting your life he lives already a Deborah from Portland, Indiana pledges 500. Thank you, Deborah and Ray in Ohio pledges 100. Thank you Ray right folks 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 and you cannot also fund you can go to WR up on a website devoted to listing you can contribute to PayPal if you want. I've got about two hours left in this week it's to raise enough to keep us on for the next entire month. The movie started out a bite bite. The 15th of next month. We need to raise we would need to raise 63,000 bucks, so that's a little bit and Joe will give it to me as so that way or not. I can't give you what is not in my bank account. But God doesn't give rewards pastor and Outlook unit to Matthew 10 and verse 41 and 28. It receive of the prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophets reward and heed it, receive it, the righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man's reward God saying there that when you supportive ministry is work. He will bless you that you share in any blessing at that ministry. This ministry has a prison ministry, a trucking ministry or right to life the king's word school of the Bible pastors working in hospice all kinds of things are going on anything that we do that blesses the Lord you get to share in the blessings if you supported the ministry and then over analytic and Luke 12 verse 33 talking about. If you file up the treasure in the heavens that fail is not ourapproach is neither moth corrupted for where your heart where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Where to lay up in heaven. Those traders whose crowns and traders that the world can't get to the world Destroy and serving God in helping spread his word and you know Joe, we have more more people to see you know how much they like the newsletter and think that we getting more more people are sending us a list of four or five addresses the nastiness would you send the newsletter to these people here and so folks the newsletter. If you don't get it is free. You really should.

It's very informative. We let you know that a lot of what we talk about here on this radio program, but we let you know things that they do not want you to know out there and you really need to be today you cannot afford not to be informed of what was happening out there because we living in what the Bible calls the evil day, so we knew if you send in a donation.

Just ask if they put me on the newsletter. I want to receive the newsletter and you can just you can write to WR WL or just yet. WR WL 1478114781 Sperry Lance SPE RR why it's SPE RR Y Rd., Newberry any WBURY OH 44065 and just request please send us the newsletter in the vicinity without charge for sure we have a clearer return address name and return address.

Many times it will be project included on the inside. Make sure it's there and endure like I do and you get your newsletter. I make copies. Most people today have access to a copy machine at work, church, or even home eye makeup copies handout at church and out to my friends, neighbors, family and spreads a lot of good information at a low cost thereby shares a little and I'll cure copies handout and it really helps already here you go. Listen all of you. All of these covert measures are not for your own good. This is the depopulation plan that Joe this was written okay by Jock and Tillie in 1981 and back then we were talking about this. This was a part of what we were talking about back in 1981 Joe who who was then the advisor to Francis Mitterrand, the future will be about finding a way to reduce population, but we start with the old because as soon as they exceed 65 years people live longer than they produce.

And that cause society dearly then then the week then the useless, that do not help society because there will always be more of them and above all.

Ultimately, the stupid euthanasia targeting these groups. Euthanasia will have to be an essential tool in our future societies. In all cases. Of course we will not be able to execute people or build camps we get rid of them by making them believe that it is for their own good current overpopulation and mostly useless of something that is too costly, economically and socially to it is much better when the human machine comes to an abrupt standstill and when it gradually deteriorates. Neither will we be able to test millions upon millions of people for their intelligence, you bet that we will find or cause something a pandemic targeting certain people a real economic crisis or not a virus affecting the older the fat it doesn't matter the week will succumb to it. The fearful and stupid will believe it and seek treatment. We will have make sure the treatment is in place treatment that will be the solution.

The selection of idiots then take care, of itself, you go to the slaughter by yourself and that was the future of lights by Jock and Tilly 1981. Interviews with Michael Solomon in the Las Vegas paper and I want to add to that because Jesus tells us in Scripture. The car will always be with you with us.

The reason is gives us a way to show our love to be Christlike. You look at Matthew 25 and that was about the King of glory talking you don't one dead and possible (that we see you hungry give you meat when were you thirsty. We gave you a drink when were you a stranger and you we took UN. I'm paraphrasing, and Jesus said, you know well when you did that to the least of these my brethren, you have done it under me when you go out and help the sick and help the poor. When you help a stranger when you clothe the naked, you help take care of the sick visit those in prison you are doing it as you have done it to Jesus and we have people in need my so we can show our compassion so we can serve the Lord we can take care of his children and that way we can have grounds treasures in heaven, yet things happen for a purpose. Joe, we have about eight minutes left and we have a were still way short of ago. We have eight minutes left folks eight minutes and we still have to raise. I believe we have to raise at least with 2000 more. I believe I don't know within the number is ran and he didn't tell me, but that's one reason I want to that because this ministry has the prison ministry has the right to life trying to save babies doing the things of the Lord tells to do. Being there and helping with the sick and dying.

And when you support this ministry, you get to share in those blessings because as it is, vendor the least of these. It's 2500 Joe. That's how much we have that we have damped 2500 more under The way we right now we have about eight minutes and we need someone out there folks we need to raise by another eight $2500 so again that number is 88828111102 to reach the goal for the night.

888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673.

We need to hear from you really do now were down to seven minutes left, right now at three holy days. Remember, whatever your that word holiday that comes from holy days where celebrating these holy days.

The day of our Lord's birth is coming to be the Lamb of God to take away the sins of the world and yes, everybody's busy trying to plan traveling and in family get-togethers and presents and decorations that the Lord's work is probably more important to him. What were doing for him and all these other things that are taking place so I would ask you to prayerfully consider making a donation to keep this ministry on the air. During these holy days was very good. You know, we've seen old Hilary has resurfaced again. She's back and we know what she's doing. She's not there just politicking right now she's looking to try to note in the fullest sense when she's introducing and missing and right and so anyhow if I got back. It always turns up right never goes away. Yeah this is funny because this what is called storm is upon storm is upon us. Joe M. He writes this Hillary running Clinton is possibly the most evil woman being ever to live. I don't know. She is the most abundant.

I would imagine she's in there is says that well I'll say this, and you tell me if it's right to implicate, as she is a practicing Satanic which true false true you're right it is all programming under the name Drusilla recognized her voice.

University was so to use Bill Clinton to win the White House by proxy so that she could sell access to our enemies and consolidate her crime Empire to get wealthy, and have power which she craves only the evil people really crave power.

The rest intelligent people really don't want too much of it because with power, authority comes great responsibility and if you have a conscience.

Those decisions affect people's lives, and most people don't really want to have to make a life and death decisions for others don't want that kind of headache, but it seemed like some people are just assessed with the power they need to Control Way in New York pledges 25 bill from new new jersey pledges 100 Serra from Michigan pledges 10 in about five minutes left. Folks we really were down to about five minutes left right over need quite a few more people to help electricity all the time. Many hands make the load lighter and a lot of your God has blessed and you're able to make some larger donation just got lighter.

Joe Deborah from New Jersey just placed 1001 of those that God has blessed road takes many hands and we need to know that you have 10 people to match match that with $100 or an out 100 people sending in just $10 direct from the arches place 40 K say that we get many of those we get over the top. Keep the phones busy and keep scrambling in the back room right see in Illinois displays 100.

Thank you.

One molecule becoming closely got practically three minutes now and that where were working our way back.

888-281-1110 Nick from Texas just placed 100 is here water and all we have. The lines are busy on the phone.

I hope you have the lines inserting the lineup already flows we've got 888-677-9673 888-677-9673.

I we've only got till tonight from Portland. I haven't heard anybody from Portland that I know of, or fail and I don't think we got we got a good one from Portland and clean it okay for Licia in the arches place 50 yet I keep them come and we get there.

Okay, the phone like to start the light brighter light up your main you light up like a Christmas tree Christmas tree lights on the there and engineers.

888-281-1110 okay no says Hillary sold nuclear bomb making materials and then to remember that that was that little thing uranium uranium one she did okay. She let our worst adversaries have access to our private server containing the most sensitive military state secrets.

She did that to her and she gave away or sold.

Help sell 25% of our uranium and it's a very rare commodity and she made sure that the enemy has possession of and not us. She got our file just killed by tipping of the enemies that they were assigned to survey okay and she did that for Licia in New York pledges 50 BC billing Portland pledges 100. Thank you Bill, she ran one of the world's largest child sex slavery and trafficking rings in the room through the Clinton foundation, many would say that's true of what she has managed to keep secrets is going to shock the conscience of humanity for the rest of time. The out that stuff is going to be coming out more and more you know the entire death. The credit communist machine is filled from top to bottom. Joe with pedophilia. It's isn't what they've also done this work by Chris Rick in Chicago 25 shootings for murders. All these big cities that are run by Democrats that are following Hillary that would vote for Hillary. These of the cities where what people are poor. Crime is rampant. Healthcare is lousy at working to keep the phone lines open for you for a few minutes after were off the air. And so were up to that time where we get to every night and that is time to give you the most important part of the program and of course that is what is the salvation message isn't right and so close again in 11 of the everything everything that we note Joe everything we talked about today will be forgotten except for one thing, and that's what guys were the Bible, Jesus said evident of the past, but his words will never pass ever advocate and so everything else in and tomorrow you'll be about you work out there. B.

People but one day it will all be gone. You can go out and stand in your back porch look around everything you see, God says will be burned up.

At one point I work at Kentucky yet been any town USA go to bed in my town near town Yep and and and so for someone thinking praising the Lord. Connie from Queens pledges 500 is a folks again listen listen. The time will come when the only thing, and I mean the only thing will matter to you as your personal standing when the Lord Jesus. That's it.

That will happen. There is no chance that it won't it will happen and so what you need to do is do exactly what guys were the Bible says I would go to the gospel of John chapter 3 tonight read it. Pray about it, do it. Go to Romans chapter 10 Starwood verse seven. Read it and do it pray to the father ask for forgiveness of your sins, as the Lord Jesus to be Lord of your life. All of your life without any any reservations and you will be indwelt with the Holy Spirit and you will become a new creature, a born-again believer and let me tell you this, folks, you will be on the road to eternity and so, again, to eternal life. It doesn't get any better than that. That's for real. That's that's the one thing that you can believe that we said here tonight absolutely you can believe 110% right were out of time for tonight. We want to thank all of you, Kathy pledges 50 Linda from Cleveland 100 until tomorrow. We want to say good night good night God bless and always always listen to it. K. Friday the flight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. What's left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWL got on. Please tune in next time for meditation, what's right, what's left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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