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Ann Coulter Told Vivek WHAT?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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May 9, 2024 7:00 pm

Ann Coulter Told Vivek WHAT?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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May 9, 2024 7:00 pm

Columnist Ann Coulter just appeared on Vivek Ramaswamy's podcast, where she said that she can't vote for him — because he's Indian. Vivek joins Charlie to react to this most unusual turn of events. Then, Dr. Robert Malone joins to discuss the sudden recall of AstraZeneca's Covid vaccine, and what this reveals about the biggest crime of the century: The global tyranny of vaccine mandates.

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The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk

Hey everybody, today on The Charlie Kirk Show, Vivek Ramaswamy and Dr. Robert Malone, two amazing guests join the program as we talk about the biggest issues facing the country, including Vivek's new podcast. Email me as always, freedom at and subscribe to our podcast. Open up your podcast application and type in Charlie Kirk Show. That's right, podcast application and type in Charlie Kirk Show. As always, you can email me, freedom at and become a member, That is

Buckle up everybody, here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie, he's an incredible guy, his spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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In Detroit, Michigan. The great silent majority is rising like never before. Join us for the People's Convention. This is a new ball game everybody.

You send a message. We play to win. Register now at slash peoples. In just a second, we'll have Vivek Ramaswamy. I want to encourage you guys to get your tickets to our Turning Point Action Conference coming up in Detroit, Michigan. You'll see the lineup of speakers right behind me.

It's slash peoples. It really is an extraordinary event and I got to brag on our team here at Turning Point USA and Turning Point Action. The work that we are doing is the most important work in the country. It's the most important work in the country and we are pouring in to the next generation the values that we care about the most and as we wait for Vivek here, I want to play this piece of tape.

It's cut 11. It's a little long, but it is about the effort that we are doing to chase the vote. It is about how we are getting out into the streets to register voters, how we are going to chase ballots. We, by the way, I got this text message this morning.

You ready for this? It's an incredible text message. I want to read it from a great Catholic friend of mine. Terrific guy.

I'm not going to say his name on air, even though I don't think he would mind. He said, Charlie, I want to send you a ballot chasing update here in Arizona. We are following your lead. Our organization, Catholics for Catholics, had our monthly meeting tomorrow and we're organizing in Arizona. We have representatives in 100 parishes across Arizona to chase ballots. I'm on a flight right now to Wisconsin to set up base for ballot chasing there. I'm working hand in hand with Chris on your Turning Point Action team. We'll be doing your largest breakout session in Detroit for the People's Convention, rallying Catholics there. Just trying to show that Catholics are not just talkers, but doers as well. Thanks for leading.

How terrific is that? That's right there in the grassroots. 100 parishes across Arizona, all established, all set up. And I understand there's a lot of negativity out there, but we can win this thing.

This is within the margin. We have 100 parishes set up for Catholic ballot chasing. We get 250 churches that are on board for ballot chasing. What are you doing? Download the Turning Point Action app. Find one low propensity voter that is not registered to vote and register them to vote.

Let's play cut 11. We're in Menomonee Falls today, outdoor knocking in the rain. We're using our app here. She has some school board and village board signs in her yard, but she is a low prop voter. We're going to go find out why she hasn't voted in the last few elections.

Come on. We're bringing a data-driven common sense approach to door-to-door interactions. The Turning Point Action app is the one-stop shop for any conservative activist.

It makes conservative activism so easy where all you have to do is wake up and start. Our organization is coming into an area that national pundits don't even have on their radar. We've identified it as a top five county to saving our country. Waukesha County. That's where we're planting our roots.

That's where I'm sitting right now in our new Wisconsin field office. We're going to be going into those high priority precincts, identifying those low propensity conservative voters, getting them out to vote, moving away from the transactional approach that the Republican apparatus has promoted up until now to a relational approach that embraces embraces the human element of politics. The machine that the left has built has been heavily based on outside organizations, voter registration, ballot chasing, and they supported those outside groups. 501c3s, 501c4s, and meanwhile the Democratic party was able to have this now web of outside organizations all feeding into one common purpose.

They're all in different boats, but they're rowing to the same place. What's happening on our side right now is that the RNC is swimming up water without a paddle and they think they can do it all on their own. We at Turning Point Action understand that we're no more than one generation away from socialism and 2024 is the make or break year. We can look back 10, 15, 20, even 50 years from now and say that we went one of two ways.

We went down the path of socialism and dark times ahead or we saved our republic. We unleashed the largest operation of ballot chasers that the conservative movement has ever seen and what we're doing in Wisconsin is being replicated all over the country. We're putting the same amount of money and resources into Arizona as we are Wisconsin and in Georgia as we are Arizona. Those three states are the three states that actually matter.

There is no path to the presidency without two of those states and realistically if we're shooting for the moon here we need all three of them and with our data-driven approach going after those low propensity apathetic conservatives we believe we can bring home the votes that we need to in areas like Waukesha County, Wisconsin, Maricopa County, Arizona, Cobb County, Georgia, areas that will make or break the future of this country. This is a complete paradigm shift of how we know the conservative movement to be and we absolutely cannot do it without your support. And that is just a little taste of how we are going to be chasing the vote hiring hiring up largest full-time army. Now by the way I want to just say the RNC and we're working terrific with the RNC now that video was produced the script was written under the prior regime so I think very highly the RNC. James Blair is doing great at the Trump campaign really great to work with and thanks to new guidance from the FEC and thanks to Mark Elias outside groups such attorney point action on canvassing and doors we can work much closely together thanks to new guidance from the FEC.

And we dive deep into the details here. We are out registering Democrats in the state of Arizona. We are out registering Democrats in Georgia and it's going to take the grind. So what do the next couple months look like for us at Turning Point? Well we have our Turning Point Action People's Convention slash peoples and then of the summer of course we have the RNC we're in a big presence there in Milwaukee Wisconsin. We're going to be hiring up all across the country and then ready set go labor day where we are going to be fully embedded in these communities with relationships and we need all of your volunteer gusto as well. If every the estimates say that 1.5 to 2 million people watch or listen to this program every single day that's what some people say according to all the numbers and if you count social media it's even more if every single one of you made a commitment to do something every day from labor day to judgment day every day we're going to be in a great spot but it's still it's a coin flip. Some people say you know the audience of the Charlie Kirk show is upwards of 10 million a week okay so if every single person who hears this says I'm gonna go do something I'm gonna find one or two people in my life that are not yet registered to vote find the low prop voter you don't need to go get your hyper involved MAGA uncle who goes to the MAGA rallies he's he's good you know what you need to get him to do get him to go work get him to go knock on a couple doors to go make a couple phone calls next time you're at a Denny's and you're out with your family and the waitress is there be like hey how do you feel about the country how's it going I did this the other day I am ballot chasing in the micro just the other day doctor's appointment you know kind of annual thing nurse was there I was like hey how do you how do you think the country's check all the country's going terribly and it's like oh you're gonna vote she's like I don't usually vote she's like but I think Trump was much better as a president like you need to vote we had a whole conversation showed her the turning point action how to register to vote link your own little sphere of influence you could be a force multiplier and you might say oh we're up against you know this monolith not no no no no no stop it with that negative attitude that can do spirit we it is right within our grasp and I'm not guaranteeing we're going to win I'm not guaranteeing we're going to lose I guarantee our agency can make the difference and the Democrats they are increasingly worried their entire little fragile coalition with the Israel Gaza thing is falling apart Joe Biden is likely withholding necessary weaponry to Israel because he's worried about some Muslim voters in Michigan foot on the gas Joe Biden just had like an incoherent sit down interview with CNN and Aaron Burnett saying he never makes mistakes and the economy is great show him he says oh you know polling is really inaccurate you know what Joe Biden you might 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a special 20 percent off just for kirk listeners strong cell dot com forward slash charlie check it out right now okay everybody welcome back uh the vague ramaswamy is with us vague uh you have a big announcement with your podcast i saw you had quite a conversation with ann coulter tell us all about it yeah look i spent a year in the presidential campaign speaking hard truths that i think were needed in our in our movement and i'm continuing that now i've taken some time with family but i want to continue those hard conversations especially on the right i think we sometimes don't have enough healthy open discussion and debate even within our own movement about why we believe the things we actually do and so i relaunched the podcast that we were running during the campaign took a hiatus for a couple of months it's called truth and it's first episode with ann coulter it actually was supposed to be about what i think of as a hot topic the n-word you're not supposed to say which we said which is nationalism and i think nationalism is a hot topic in america but ann just kicked it off with you know she's a person who doesn't hold back she was very frank with me and she said you know what i can't vote for you because you're an indian even though i agree with everything you have to say and let's just say that set us up for a great hour actually diving pretty deep into what it means to be a citizen of this country and you know we're looking forward to having more of those conversations into one of these a week it's part of a portfolio of what i'm doing going forward charlie but i do think having some of these conversations where we're not just reciting the conservative talking points of the day but really challenging ourselves to believe why understand why we believe what we do that's the point of the podcast and so i hope a lot of people check it out and it's uh called the truth let's get a taste of ann coulter's comments there which i do not share for the record play got 125 so ann thanks for coming on and i'm looking forward to our conversation today me too thanks for having me that was a fantastic opening monologue uh i too am a fan of yours i'm going to make a point of disagreeing with you so that it will be fun um you are so bright and articulate and i guess i can call you articulate since you're not an american black um can't can't say that about them that's that's derogatory um and that was a great opening segment lots of things to talk about there oh and i agreed with many many things you said during in fact probably more than than most other candidates um when you're running for president but i still would not have voted for you um because you're an indian we'll get back to that um so that's the that's the teaser for bake is that right yeah it was it was actually i was taken by shock because i know people are very candid but i think that she represented a view that it's not a minority it's not a fringe minority view charlie and i think it opened up a conversation about what role ethnic identity actually plays in grounding who we are as americans i think it's a fair conversation to have and we're having that conversation at a moment where so many ethnicities right from indian ethnicity to asian to black to hispanic every ethnicity is allowed to be proud of their own ethnicity and i think one of the things that ann coulter chafes at understandably is that if you're white you can't be proud of your own ethnic identity but i think that that risks making the mistake of actually forgetting about american identity along the way and i think that if we become sort of tribally attached to our own ethnic identities which is normally a mistake you see made on the left then i think that's going to be the fracturing of a country that was founded on a set of ideals that are founders enshrined and yes do we have immigration policies that are selecting for a bunch of people who are randomly entering this country who have no allegiance to this country and let alone even anything that of value to add to this country yes i think that is a big problem today but part of what we're seeing is a reaction to that a reactionary way to that may cause us to forget what we stand for in the first place and so ann and i we challenge each other and i think a lot of good came out of it and i do think that we need more conversations like that on the right about what it means to be a positive american nationalist what does it actually mean to be a citizen you know one of the things that occurred to me afterwards that i that i didn't get to ask her is suppose if you have somebody who is a seventh or eighth generation american so look i think that it's an interesting thought experiment somebody's been in the country of anglo-american stock for eight generations but you have somebody who is adopted a child that was born in this country but was of a different ethnic stock maybe they have black skin is that person any less american of course they're not right for having been brought up in that same household and so i think it's a kind of thought experiment that's put pressure on this idea that ethnicity or shade of melanin on the basis of your genetics has anything to do with your national identity we're making the same mistake as the left if we actually have a different identity if we actually adopt that view but what we're not talking about enough is how do we create national cohesion that we're missing making english the national language of the united states i think that's a no-brainer making actually the actual knowledge of this country's constitution in history a precondition for becoming a full citizen of this country no matter where you grew up before you're actually able to participate in the civic process of voting these are things that i think we haven't taken up and one of the questions that i often reflect on is you know why was i the only republican candidate who's able to adopt certain positions that most of us agree with that you got to be able to speak english if you're going to actually be a full citizen of this country that you got to know something about this country to be able to be a full citizen of this country and i think those are the kinds of conversations that we ought to challenge each other with that's what this whole podcast relaunch is all about i'll be doing that once a week and the more we do that i think the stronger our movement is going to be because of it sure we have our debates with the left and i think we ought to have even healthier debates between the america first wing of the new conservative movement and the neo-conservative vision of foreign interventionism and a surveillance state and we've begun to have some of that but i think there's also room for even healthy debate about what the future of maga is about what the future of america first is and i think that that debate strengthens us it reminds us why we stand for what we do and you know i could we could actually have a lot more room for that where you take a topic like you know what level of age should the united states be providing to israel should the u.s be banning tick tock or not i think you have solid america first maga patriots who love this country who end up on both sides of those questions and i think that we got to elevate that kind of thoughtful debate in a way that's going to make us stronger for it so vivake i want to get your thoughts here the democrats are clearly pivoting now that their lawfare is failing they're saying that trump won't accept the results of the election the dhs and sissa are gearing up election integrity from far-right threats and disinformation threats um there we need to demand that democrats will accept the election results they're laying the groundwork actually not to do it your your thoughts with vikramaswamy well i find that offensive charlie that dhs is going to make some proclamations now concerning election integrity you're right you know it does sit under dhs the purview of election security in this country here's something dhs should be doing right now make sure any illegal immigrant who's known to be in this country is removed from voter rolls across this country individual secretaries of state don't actually have that same information that dhs does well you know what you should match those two databases and so if you actually want to preach about election security in the 2024 election i'm going to challenge my orcas and dhs sitting under him to at least do the number one thing they can practically do is match the actual file of people who are known to be in this country illegally match them to the voter roll they're going to have a lot of matches charlie this year well you know what separate the ones who shouldn't be that's the way they should be securing election integrity instead they're failing to do that not because of a technical failure but because they actually it's a failure of intention they don't want to do it and then they're going to use pions to election integrity to try to turn on their head what many of us on the right have been saying for a long time so that's my answer to that yeah the department of homeland security is now saying that they're going to monitor far-right extremist activity and collaborate with fbi and us intelligence agencies to neutralize particular threats of far-right extremist activity vivek what can we expect now that their law fair has failed in this second chapter of unconventional warfare against our movement oh this is still very early charlie and i think the people miss this i think the next six months we're going to enter some i think i think really frightening territory we're skating on thin ice as a country right what do they try to do first you got the civil suits against donald trump then you've got the state prosecutions then you've got the federal prosecutions then you've got the attempts to remove him off the ballot extra judicially now you see i mean this is chilling the ability to try to strip him of his secret service if he's convicted of any of this and this is still just the beginning charlie and so i think we're going to see a lot of twists and turns anybody on our side who's getting complacent at the current poll numbers you know when it's time to wake up and actually realize the other side has always been one step ahead so can i make a prediction of exactly what they're going to do no i can't which is actually what makes them so good at it on the other side of this war we got to get up to being one step ahead ourselves and i do think that we're going to see i mean i still think it's far from a foregone conclusion that biden is going to be the nominee at the end of this i think they're leading us into a false trap training all of our fire on biden what a best way to make a bait and switch in the final months leading into that election i think there's a lot of gamesmanship we're going to see even in the way the election is conducted i think the mass migration policies that you've seen and the acceleration of that in the last couple of years is not unrelated to the fact that we have an election coming up this november i want to play a piece of tape here about the israel-gaza issue that is breaking the left let's play cut 117 please do you think that president biden could lose the election over this well that's what i worry about look i think biden has a lot of accomplishments and and the point that i would make and have made before uh joe biden is not running against god uh he's not running against the perfect candidate he's running against a guy named donald trump of the most dangerous president in the history of this country so what i would say to young people and all americans uh if you believe in the foundations of american democracy you cannot vote for trump who's undermining democracy so the i believe that was the right tape but there was one where in particular they believe that they are going to lose the election of ache or that he could lose the election because of the gaza war is this breaking the back of the democrat donors versus their frothing at the mouth mouth base look i think that it is i mean there's a there's a real fissure within the democratic party but we got to be honest then charlie for for calling this like it is there's also fissure in the republican party you and i were just talking about the weaponization of the federal government how the federal government including dhs in conjunction with the fbi and other national security agencies are going to be spying on so-called right-wing extremist groups well let's be honest that we also have a wing of the republican party that just help enact into law the very toolkit fiza 702 and its expansion that allows the federal government to do that even more effectively than it ever has and so the reality for if we're just speaking hard truths here and trying to stay true to what i say i do is yes we have that fissure in the democratic party and i do think that that's an opportunity for the republican party but we've also got deep-seated fissures ideological fissures from war aid to ukraine to the existence of a surveillance state through the reauthorization of fiza 702 when we say we're against the weaponization of government reauthorizing more of it that will likely be used against republicans this year that's also fissure in the republican party and so i'm against this culture of complacency there's a million things we could look at on the other side that cnn or bernie sanders or joe biden is saying on a given day that sounds so nonsensical or so stupid that it gives us hope because we get to laugh at it i'm worried actually the bigger risk is that we're expecting this red wave in 2024 just like we did in 2022 and for some of the same reasons it's not going to come unless we actually step up and actually do something about it and you're among the people in tpusa action is among the groups that's actually laying the groundwork to say that we're not going to be complacent so i applaud you for that and all the work that you're doing and i'm looking forward to coming to michigan and talking more about the efforts that we're going to actually need to lay the groundwork for to actually win this election but this idea of looking at what they're saying each other and yes they're losing some of their far left support and analyzing that and feeling good about ourselves no i don't think this is a moment for that type of complacency we got to wake up and fix what's the disorder and discord and and lack of coherence on our own side of the house and also get in charge of the tactics that are actually going to win this election because otherwise we're at risk of losing yet again yeah in closing here the vague you look at the issue set it favors us tremendously if we think it is going to happen automatically i think we're in for a surprise i still give joe biden a slight advantage not that he's a better candidate he's the worst president my lifetime but that he has the institution he has the machine that he has all the different levers of power and he's better at gaming the system it's up for us to get into the tactics and also lay out a proper vision this summer you're going to be doing a lot of speaking of ache about what that vision looks like kind of give us a little bit of a tease yeah look i think one of the things we got to do is show up in the places where traditional republicans don't actually show up think about college campuses think about the inner city think about where people who have traditionally been relegated to democrats a lot of them are hungry to come our way if we just extend the olive branch and actually show up and stand for america for his principles i've been to the south side of chicago there are more people there charlie than in many republican donor meetings i've been in who are in favor of using our own military to seal the southern border all right many of those people are dead set against just forking over blindly more money to ukraine and so i think a true america first wing of the republican party that's obviously what donald trump represents from the front is going to bring along people in this country who would have never thought of themselves of voting for a traditional republican and so this summer i'm going to help in whatever way i can heading all the way through the election in showing up in those non-traditional places you know you don't need to just stand side by side with the other people who are showing up in the traditional places you know i'll do that for wherever i can be helpful but the real place i'd like to be helpful is going where republicans traditionally haven't gone and that's a big part of how we're going to actually win this not by a little bit we have to win it by a lot because a landslide minus some shenanigans is still a victory and so that's the standard we got to hold ourselves to in november vivake thank you so much excellent work really appreciate it thank you and check out his new podcast truth thank you thank you hey everybody charlie kirk here most emergencies come without warning and when the next one comes you won't have time to pack and prepare you need to get ready now before an emergency strikes your supplies should be ready to grab and go right away secure those supplies at my patriot start with a four-week emergency food kit from my patriot supply helping millions of americans prepare since 2008 my patriot supply are experts in self-reliance their four-week emergency food kit offers 2,000 calories every single day protected by heavy duty four-layer packaging these kits last up to 25 years sealed inside rugged and handled buckets they're made to grab quickly so right now go to my patriot supply dot com this is the final week to save 50 per kit they ship fast and they ship free and unmarked boxes save 50 per kit at my patriot and do not get caught unprepared my patriot you are nine meals away from anarchy make sure that your family can be fed in a time of crisis that is my patriot joining us now is an amazing patriot dr robert malone doctor welcome to the program uh you have been proven correct astra zetica covid vaccine is being withdrawn worldwide you tried to warn people three years ago dr malone what's going on here well charlie we do seem to have a gradual rollout of limited hangout uh responses from the federal government as well as from the federal government as well as from the manufacturers concerning the adverse events and death associated with these products but in the case of the astra zetica product they're busy trying to hide with words or obfuscate what is going on here technically they are not withdrawing this because of adverse events according to corporate pr but basically due to the fact that no one's using their product or buying it they mask this with nice words about there are multiple vaccines on the market that are more updated to the current variant and uh uh basically write it off as that but concurrent there's a major lawsuit really a class action suit ongoing in the uk having to do with a problem with a problem called idiopathic thrombocytopenic preparer itp uh basically this is microvascular clotting and uh it is linked to astra zetica's product even though astra zetica categorically denied that this is the case that's no longer defensible and there's a court case that's proving that and it's probably going to take a little bit of a bite out of their uh profit decisions uh so uh behind the scenes and in uh the british press that's more open uh they're attributing it to this lawsuit and this additional adverse event which by the way the fda knew about uh way back before these were even licensed uh and it's not restricted just to the astra zetica product but uh it that's that's the dynamic that's going on is uh az is not being able to sell their uh vaccine product which is restricted to europe and the uk uh and nobody wants to buy it uh they're not taking the jab it's not updated not that that would matter because there's a a new uh study out from the cleveland clinic that shows that even the updated vaccines are i think cleveland clinic cause it calls it poorly effective and associated with here's another fun term negative efficacy which means it makes it more likely that you develop covid uh weeks to months after you receive the jab so uh even the updated vaccines aren't working and they seem to be actually making people more likely to get the disease over so dr malone who's going to go to jail over this i mean this is one of the great injustices in the history of the civilization there must be justice yeah i i'm with you and my wife and i were discussing this this morning from the cynical uh live too close to dc frame of reference uh i think that uh peter dazek is likely to get excommunicated uh metaphorically from his ability to receive federal funds in the future uh and also equal health alliance i think tony fauci is going to be subjected to a vigorous tongue lashing uh by the select subcommittee in the house uh probably nothing more than that uh it is as you say uh a case strong case can be made this is the largest mass murder event in uh modern history uh and uh i think it's highly unlikely that uh there will be the accountability that the vaccine damaged and harmed and the general populace deserves uh because it's also becoming increasingly clear uh based on the uh select subcommittees uh investigations of the origins they're restricting their activities just to the origins of the virus and uh they've just disclosed that uh they've reviewed a uh a report uh from the state department that's classified that clearly indicates a role of the people's liberation army uh the one institute of virology in the origins of the infection that this is a lab leak of an engineered pathogen uh and uh um of course uh mr dazzick categorically denied that or any knowledge of the involvement of the pla but they won't even touch the issues in the house select subcommittee uh on on investigations and accountability uh staffed by seven physicians as i recall they won't even ask questions about the jab so i want to now play this piece of tape here it's 126 it is dr deborah berks with chris quomo of all people it is very important important plate cut 126 what is your opening statement about whether or not the covid vaccines were effective and whether they are safe they were very effective for what they were supposed to be used for which was prevent severe disease and hospitalization and deaths were there issues with the vaccines when you've immunized millions close to billions of people tracking that will give us critical information because what i love that you had sean on and he made the point a lot of his symptoms are similar to long covid symptoms well that makes total sense that happens often um with immunizations but is the reason because they don't want to know the they being the deep state big pharma the government whatever boogeyman you want to fill in because the truth is the vaccine is the vaccines didn't really work and they're way more side effects and more people got sick then got better as a result of it well that's why we need all the people to come forward that have had reactions because i'm not sure all of them have been reported do i think it's millions note could it be thousands yes but there's millions of people with long covids dr malone she's backpedaling backtracking hold on first they said that no one had any issues with it they want everyone to come forward they're going to have a lot of people dr malone that is an extraordinary clip these people have blood on their hands um so charlie it was also almost complete lies the vaccine was not licensed for prevention of disease that statement that she just made is a complete fabrication it is well documented you can go back to the emergency use authorization the fda authorization was for prevention of infection and disease it had nothing to do with reduction in symptoms or severity of disease that's just a cover-up lie that's been promoted repeatedly because it's the only thing that they've been able to fall back on because the data on prevention of infection and disease is so clearly overwhelming that the product does not work for that her statement regarding the number of vaccine injured is also clearly a lie all one has to do is look at the vares reports and more close to the mark is the recent comment from ashish jaw dean of i believe it's brown university school of medicine who is the biden administration's uh covid uh response coordinator in in on fox news where he recently acknowledged that uh physicians are afraid to engage patients and even raise the concern that their symptoms post vaccination may be attributable to the vaccine uh there has he he speaks about the history of medicine uh and this uh unwillingness of physicians to acknowledge unpleasant truths uh in and that this has been a historic trend uh so jaw seems to be uh much closer to the mark but uh this is part of this uh as i said uh kind of limited hangout uh sequential rollout that we're seeing starting with the new york times op-ed that's been famously re-quoted with a very very modest limited hangout uh position acknowledging that there were at least some deaths that's also been documented the cdc knew that there were deaths associated with the vaccine in 21. uh so uh that burks burks has no credibility anymore uh she has just lied and misrepresented all the way through this that that that is that is absolutely right you might have heard mike lindell and my pillow no longer have the support of their box stores or shopping channels the way they used to they've been part of this cancel culture so they want to pass the savings directly onto you by having a 25 extravaganza when mike started my pillow it was just a one product company with the help of his dedicated employees they now have hundreds of products and some of you may not even know about it to get the word out i want to invite my listeners to check out their 25 extravaganza two-pack multi-use my pillows just $25 my pillow sandals $25 their six-pack towel set $25 brand new four-pack dish towels you guessed it just $25 for the first time ever they're premium my pillows with the all-new giza fabric just $25 orders over $75 will receive free shipping too this amazing offer won't last long go to my and use promo code kirk or call 800-875-0425 today that is promo code kirk at my promo code kirk so dr malone if you were to conjecture or guess based on all available evidence of what the bad guys might have planned in this calendar year of 2024 what would it be oh they're definitely ramping up the fear porn around bird flu that's that's you know open and transparent uh the uh you know you're asking a broad question where the bad guys have planned uh i really enjoyed the uh latest edition of the new american where there were multiple essays discussing the electoral fraud issues uh so i think we can fully expect to see uh manipulations of outcomes in real time uh in uh the only debate in those essays was basically around can we overwhelm the fraud through uh mass voting uh in favor of conservative candidates uh so uh big picture uh we can expect uh um ongoing as as we've been seeing now for the past two elections at least uh evidence uh attempts to manipulate uh election outcomes uh and uh but in terms of public health the big issue the big issue that's uh confronting us right now is the quote pandemic treaty and the international health regulations at the world health organization this is a clear power grab by the uh individuals that also bear a lot of the responsibility for the true misinformation disinformation and mal-information that's been promoted and that's the world health organization minister tedros and his colleagues and on the basis of their clear mismanagement of the covid crisis and multiple misrepresentations they now assert that they need more money and power uh in the ability to uh intervene uh in nation states and to bypass uh constitutional provisions so that's that's the big one the big uh issue that many of us have our eyes on right now is the upcoming uh who uh uh terms and we fully expect mr biden to uh ex uh execute a presidential directive or something along those lines which has the power of a treaty the senate is finally finally waking up uh to this and uh there was a recent uh statement i think by the entire republican caucus in the senate that uh if mr biden is going to agree to any of these terms and conditions at who that uh he must subject them to oversight and a vote uh because they will have the force of a treaty uh and so this at least the republican side of the senate is insisting finally that uh they be allowed to uh participate in uh oversight of treaty uh and uh to execute their constitutional authority to uh um uh thumbs up and thumbs down based on a two-thirds vote so that's that's the big one uh and uh the but the fear is continuing to be promoted uh in dasik's testimony he uh um threw down uh the presence of pcr signal in milk associated with bird flu uh we don't have very little evidence i think one or two individuals in the united states that have uh been infected this h5n1 is is poorly infectious in humans uh and uh bird flu has been with us as long as we've had modern influenza research uh and uh we have by the way three vaccines in the stockpile uh that barda has funded uh for h5n1 so uh that that's uh not such an issue we've had a repeated rollout of a variety of fear porn relating now most recently tuberculosis earlier leprosy in florida uh this this weaponized fear i argue is fundamentally unethical uh we have had fear weaponized to control populations regarding infectious disease now almost constantly for four years a lot of us are getting come to it and uh but but i think that we have to stand up and make a clear unequivocal point that this is unethical behavior the weaponization of fear concerning infectious disease by industry and government is fundamentally unethical it must be rejected we must call them out for doing so as we must call them out on all of their other perversions such as the misrepresentation of the likes of you and i that we're far right to quote far right quote unquote when in fact we're center right and they're the ones that are far left exactly dr malone thank you so much god bless you hope to have you on again soon thank you thank you charlie thanks so much for listening everybody email us as always freedom at thanks so much for listening and god bless for more on many of these stories and news you can trust go to
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