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FRI HR 2 121721

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 18, 2021 1:08 am

FRI HR 2 121721

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 18, 2021 1:08 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR or they were back in your will give you guys a math question we have 50 minutes to 50 minutes to do is to raise $4800. So how much is that a minute $25.49 all right very good. That's what we need 888-281-1110 with that's all we have left for voice we get a raise it tonight. We got them a 50 minutes to raise that much money. 888-677-9673 open so please we we let us get through this entire year without going off one station earning here some good news is work on a five dollars Pennsylvania you know we have the battle over the 2020 presidential election we had Tony D Giuseppe on here from lamps of and I've got to report today that Sen. Jake Corman will not be running for his seat because they redistricted him out and he would have to run against another Republican incumbent, so he was the one that sabotaged the forensic audit of our Pennsylvania 2020 election, so he's done.

He was not going to run. I don't think you would make it. It appears you still going to run for governor, but praise the Lord that effort by these warriors here for the Lord of Pennsylvania lamps of liberty. Corman is no longer going to be center pro tem in Pennsylvania is a little-known law in Pennsylvania. I don't know if you guys knew you probably did John but apparently he didn't. And that is the losses election. You cannot have more votes cast in it have voters to cast the votes. Did you know that I'm not kidding.

That's the law that the mathematical that is the law. That's a law you cannot below states and in the election that you must not have more votes cast than you have voters to cast a vote.

Corman apparently didn't know that Hannah evidently not know what you know what what he did note that "good" either are leaving Pennsylvania well that's how they got more votes than they had voters because the dead were not recognized as voters. So there you have a pastor he's gone and it appears not to say definitively that it looks like summer mouse Triano is near reached his goal to get the necessary funds for them to commit to up a run for governor. So folks here from Pennsylvania and will help out Pennsylvania I give to the fundraising for Sen. Moss Triano in Pennsylvania and not help us put a good man, a Christian man into the Pennsylvania office. All right we we have a whole lot of stuff we have to go so let's do this. I can remember we were going to that little thing and we we were going to you know how if you feel like you're a woman you can be a woman nowadays if you want to know go in and that to a woman's bathroom target store. One of these you harass a little girl. But anyhow if you feel that way right in on so what were going to do home and you and I really feel like we've lost our minds we become Democrats and they were going to argue, your pastor, your ear: Bernie and I'm going to become Bernie Sanders tonight and the curtain you hear the one that has retained your conservative ship and your sanity. So you're going to give a good argument. So let's go now with masks today. I was so I went to a store and out in our county. You don't see anybody where mass but in this big bird story.

Everybody was, where mass because they had a side note there that says you have to wear a mask okay now so you make the argument for or against the face diapers and home and I'll make the argument for face diapers okay okay all right will start you will start right look okay. We all have germs right but those germs are our property. I think they belong to listening so if we put out windows face diapers.

We have total possession of our own germs that belong to us. We know exactly where they're at.

We keep around her mouth or nose so for that reason, when you put on on that of face diaper you keep in possession of of your germs and not only that, but if you're a woman and you have a mustache. Nobody will know. So that's a good argument for so you tell us why we shouldn't return well Sanders and the about the month – I think it would look better with the mask now germs. I the problem is that the germs are so small tiny little thing irises to germs.

The bacteria bacteria bacteria. It's bigger well you have Irish tutelage and the virus is a very small Google with the faith. The face diaper. There is useless against viruses. They circulated you want to keep your own germs right. They belong to. You never can tell when you might need a light well I think that the masks of the diapers would be so effective with your germs that they would go out into the air and make everybody sick when you think of my math makes me feel good and isn't my mental health. Necessary for me to have a good immune system. Well yes, why do you force me to do it make you feel good, just leave me alone. I don't feel good wearing a mask. The mask irritates my nose. That makes it hard to agree and it makes me a little paranoid here so I don't want to marry you where you leave me alone about if you just go see a psychiatrist let the psychiatrist where yeah get okay there you go right like it soon.

I'll pledge 200 Tony Obama pledges 120 and Tom and Esther is in, and then Ohio. Note it is that where is that China anyhow they pledge 100 and we got here and in Cleveland pledges 100 and Beverly in Manhattan pledges 200 thank you thank you thank you all right, where's the applause was have applause. With the will of the phones went down. Right now we only have 677 number right now we only have the 677 number did you call the Greek okay 888677967388867, so no kid folks, this is the last night we who really had the right know when were phones of down so that we have for people to answer one phone and wait a minute I see I see Randy in the fall may be backup. He's doing some kind of a dance in their I think it may be backup. I hope so. All right.

Meanwhile, keep calling folks 88867796730 Atlas shift over from the mask tell us why why we should take the boys and the spoke tell us why we should take so Melissa thought they would out will assert the argument for the public. If you take the poisonous spoke. At least then you know what you died like if I want to die of blood clots.

I go would without Johnson & Johnson right and then I'll know I don't have to spend all returning being that not knowing what I died out but now I know that I died of blood clots because I took the JJ one of what what if I wanted to die of myocarditis then I would take which will when I take fellows. The Medina okay so that way you know besides that you can't, you know you can't live forever if you just gotta get through beloved in in them all your teeth fall out in your hair is gone anywhere with no teeth, no hair, and all you gotta do is take the J&J and will fix all that okay that's the argument for the shot. So very horrible argument.

Story our site you failed to agree.

I waited a minute what I argument for numbing remember who we are, were liberals were Democrats member that I have you for an attorney all right will go ahead if you give your site all course, you must get it so that you don't overwhelm all the hospitals and that your doctor will feel safe.

If you want in your vaccinated and everybody so safe and you can you can get together with your family and friends for Christmas at all. Well you can have two people there, but we must be one way a lot about our work and not with much we change rules but look, if you don't get vaccinated. You're going to get sick and die. So you really have to get together next get sick and die if you wearing a mask because Biden said the mask will protect you if you have a mask on. They will protect you and that's why you have to wear the mask even indoors or outdoors, even while you're in the shower because that mask will protect you and you have is I went into a place that will one-on-one at the hospital. He said he had to wear mask and I said I know because this mask will protect me when I've got this mask I don't even need Superman or the green lantern I'm protected and you know what that woman said she said there you go. Anything earning or giving Ernie your giving overwhelming welding evidence. Although I agree with you. You brought me over to your side. I failed my side. All right, okay not now because you are not living up to your liberal standard.

Right now I am okay within the scope list: this move want to why we need to depopulate the planet. Okay why do we need to depart. First of all, if people keep we give him more people, and pretty soon let's just say this is more people on one side of the planet. Then there is the other you know that earth could turn over and a lot of people can follow up possibly, but then you know we wouldn't have any more water but now here why you know when you have Bill Gates finished in and Mr. who is the president who is the real president Luella Biden said it was about Obama Obama Obama will yeah he said Pres. Fauci. I heard Biden say Pres. Fauci. I heard him say it now. This Pres. Fauci and Biden have been working it and the hold working so hard. Bill Gates working so hard to kill off millions and millions of people and they have killed off and they worked so hard and then you guys want to come ones that will link you can keep killing off the people they want. Is it better that they they have this pristine planet offered himself because they say they deserve it and that the rest of us, the proletariat, if you will work on it just like him parasites in the back of mother Earth right so emphasize that he can't live forever.

You could type something so why not cooperate. Besides that, if you don't take the poisonous spoke get sick and die, and that shows you don't really trust the government. What kind of person are you feeling present government right well I think that argument about trust in the government really is the limit.

You and your logic is just go over. I got out I guess that you trust the government will, of course, because Fauci is in charge of all of that and you know why would you not want to trust a guy that makes little children sick and kills him that tortures puppies that takes puppies and because the vocal cords of the cat whimper is there being eaten alive by by nets or takes monkeys and injects monkeys with all kinds of weird diseases and watches them deteriorate right before, why would you trust a guy like that don't go to New York City that they injected the often children with a thing injected along with that no unauthorized, experimental, and no third of them died right away when I was you know back in what we are. Was that Kelsey and his cohorts there were pushing for a universal vaccine right so this came out a few days ago thousand pushing again for universal vaccine. Now he may possibly have a shred of humanity left because this is from the article says that they want. I forget how many millions or billions of dollars to develop this universal vaccine site testing universal vaccines in human challenge studies will be important to the authors argue that type of research can accelerate vaccine development. But it's ethically complicated because it involves intentionally infecting people to test the vaccine when you think he's showing a little sign of having them ethics and let her know that I will give you some sad news ready. This is why Jim loved Kate millions of migrants are going to be denied the call that shots because the manufacturers fear lawsuits millions of migrants around the world are being denied their covert shots because these vaccine manufacturers are worried about legal risks from harmful side effects.

This tells you everything you need to know about the coven vaccines that the companies are producing now here in the United States we can sue them American citizens because they bought the Congress off.

I mean, they bought the Congress they paid for the Congress and owned it right but tens of millions of migrants are going to be denied because seeing these other countries.

These other countries can sue, they can still sue big Pharma is just us here in America you got to go through the network that they set up because they were bought off. So when you think of that. Well I can add more to it has to earn a good be in Europe now this is a move on being led by European politician they want to revoke the longer the Nuremberg medical laws.

Recently, one of the regular series. Yeah, I know the number yet little New Jersey pledges 300 Paul said pledges 100. Thank you already early and also near.

I don't know the name of the Danish television sheep. She had been the Prime Minister and she pushed laws to protect and do well.

The Moslems made the pedophile politicians where the you can't marry as a 12-year-old girl and 10-year-old girl and she promoted that really hard and she was convicted of a crime and she just went to jail.

I think yesterday the day before to 45 days in jail. Well thank her for the heads up to her and heads up to 103 Marines that should we just thrown on the Marine Corps because they had much much higher standards they had much higher much better people than those that through 11 Marine Corps that these these Marines had integrity and honor and those people that discharge the those Marines have no integrity there much lesser people much lesser than those Marines that were discharged because they refuse to take the poisonous spoke. They refused Phil to turn their body up. Yes I yesterday here in Texas yesterday said that the Texas National Guard will not be forced to take any of these refusing to follow orders from Washington about the shots so that software can be cut, but he's adamant that no one in Texas is going to be forced to take good okay same thing in Florida and I think is another five other states that are saying they're going to follow the same suit. All you sorry. Today federal court okay the enforcement of the shot or testing on companies with over 100 employees. They gave Kenosha the green light to go ahead with it. Okay the other phone is backup now. 888-281-1110 wall ties for phone to go down okay begin the 888-281-1110 phone is now in 888-677-9673. Those two numbers. Once we need to hear from you because we only have approximately well let me see we got 28 minutes left in tonight's program so that I know where were at when I know were not anywhere near goal so and we got to hear from you because we want to stay on the station at your listing to us out tonight and we want to continue to bring you things like rainy right now. First of all, did you know Phil is that in Chicago Lutheran apostate church. Chicago Lutheran apostate church brings in a drag queen prayer. Our four children and looking at the video and they got this drag queen Chicago, Illinois St. Luke's apostate Lutheran Church of Logan Square hosted a drag queen prayer.

Our four children.

Last weekend, according to the Lutheran Church's Facebook seminarian Erin Moser preached in drag to the children as a part of a dress rehearsal for joy, also known as grooming, grooming, and the children so I believe there is a special hot place in hell when a down Jesus say you'd be better off to have a millstone wrapped around your neck and throat in the sea than to do what and that believe in me so that that apostate church is really a synagogue of Satan's diamond… That's what the Bible says, unless these many will depart from the faith and yet they have in us with a been totally apostate size.

It meant that at this a while ago and the show when he was beginning to wonder his agenda therefore germinate is the people around them said what about the about the church is what about the churches and his response was there more concerned about their retirement will be no problem.

Yeah, that's exactly what he said. He said they will fall into line. And that's exactly what happened and know here in America. The reason we haven't over 100 million dead babies is because the pastors didn't have the courage when it counted the pastors failed God filled the country. They didn't have the courage when it counted. They were so afraid they feared government but they weren't. They were too afraid to admit it, also.

This learning was not everybody in the church and it would split the church in the lead again went back to mom but that's another thing they were concerned about being strong pro-life and to me if it did me.

My way of thinking. Be strong. I can get them out of the church who wants them in the church, the got legato bring bring others back in. But if you have people in their language like that and and going along with killing babies in the last global in the church agreed Holy Spirit.

I know that this is an apostate church. They thought they were plasticizers.

They've linked when the United Church. The antichrist headquarters right here in Cleveland with they've gone to the everything the guys with the Bible calls sin they embrace. Whether it's abortion, whether inside of me me scaly pedophilia. If you can invent a brand-new sin tonight by tomorrow.

The inhabited and their mission statement or whatever their articles of faith happened in the Denmark center protecting children of the reporting the Prime Minister and Gen. 45 days. Well again we're living Bible talks about the evil date were living in that evil date of the jump out there in Pennsylvania again, Dr. has jumps in the Pennsylvania Senate race as a Republican and faithful jumps and actually restricts his and reach his hand reaching and since this is content I saw him he was on them. Believe it was the Hannity show and he was talking about how their because he came out and of course he was promoting the poison, but same time he was also promoting hydroxychloroquine and so they're going there going against him now. I think you need to go back until how messed Rihanna actually wanted to have an actual legitimate audit a real audit and corpsmen did not want that to happen. So they they said I'll take over. He made sure that they couldn't be a real audit there in Pennsylvania did me absolutely.

Turn it into a product that was the end of it. There is, I haven't heard anything more about it. Can vitamin Sen. Dorsch and another one I can't recall her name the other day they handed it and messed Rihanna.

Oh is having medical freedom rallies.

In fact, he went up to State College and state have only had one here in Harrisburg not too long ago. He's taking a stand against all these evil enterprises here in Pennsylvania as as well as rust diamond so close to you need to keep in prayer alright very good. Nancy and Texas pledges 51 and Texas pledges 1300 and challenges others to match guys want to get the challenge for the most part deny Phyllis E well select that attorney with that's okay see breaking this one of the most difficult stories we've ever had to tell another Veritas whistleblower exposes another CNN producer involved with underage girls were talking about. Remember we been telling people here the entire death. The credit mop the entire death of any party is filled from top to bottom with pedophiles. It's filled with top to bottom with pedophiles here and over at CNN they've had just in the past couple of weeks now 33 more of them charged with the pedophilia investigated. Video reveals a primetime producer at CNN fantasizing about sex acts with a child in a graphic detail and near goes on. According to project Veritas the source Canon project Veritas after she was uncertain. Proper action will be taken by authorities. Project Veritas publish a story of featuring graphic text and videos provided by a source that shows a producer for CNN fantasizing about molesting his fiancée's daughter and that here. This is now that's she was saying that that they wanted to teach women how to teach their young daughters that all young girls or women and that they should be submissive to two men when it comes to sex and glory funds. We got $1300 challenge out there. We need to hear from you. 888-677-9673 or 888-281-1110 okay.

Oh, speaking of that, I gonna show you this gross here I'm looking at this is an article by Jim hopped I'm looking at sleazy Joe Biden.

He's openly finally a young boy he puts his.

He passed on as his blond hair and exit wide to the prejudice of the Kentucky and he's got his hands massaging the shoulder of the show boy. The boy looks to be about oh I would say maybe six years old, six, seven fake news media.

So in the tank for Joe Biden that they will all I have allow him to grope a little boy live and on camera in front of your eyes and say nothing because he's a death the correct the media and that Democratic politician would allow him to grope your child to never have we seen such an open display child abuse in front of our eyes. When in the fake news.

This is so sick in the fake news media says nothing.

It shows a picture Biden's got this little boy and his revenue goal over what was more than the way they also have video going little girl also only I've seen well after a number of times is that the number of the same time 01 when Mary and that yeah no kidding.

Okay what people is more than just that one book that you know he said he did that the kids like to give he's got long blonde hair on his legs.

He said the children like to play with his long blonde hair and his legs right were going to break will be back right after this perfect time to call folks 888-281-1110 run another time.

I've got 17 minutes left. Help us 888-677-9673 the lien being a is this Sunday.

Doors were Baptist Church were not going to have an evening service of the note. No evening service this Sunday. Doers of the word Baptist Church were going to have. After church we can have our fellowship dinner together and then at 4 o'clock.

The gospel according to Scrooge musical and this is really good will be at the is going to be at the Chester Christian center folks, and I meditated that they haven't done a couple years but boy it is good and that's were working to go over there and at the Chester Christian center church at 11815. This 11815 Chillicothe Rd. in Chester Lynn and it's about them all. I would say it's on route 306 about 3 miles north of Route 322 or about 3 miles south of Route six on Route 306 and as the Chester Christian center church 11815. This 11815 Chillicothe Rd. if he ever hadn't seen this. There you folks in Northeast Ohio. It is really great. The gospel according Scrooge. They really put on a good program and is really entertainment so right now. When we have see that we do Cheryl Michigan put Cheryl Michigan pledges 50 and Vincent New Jersey pledges 108 882811110 or 888-677-9673 objected 10 minutes left to raise practically $2000 sofa is about $200 minute generates about $200 a minute. Now you guys want to hear good one and on some years ago. Some years ago and on death row. As we spent all his years up there ministering something they did something as they often did up there that made no sense to me and limited what was one of our inmates. They gave him a complete hip replacement complete hip replacement, which cost the taxpayers thousands and thousands of dollars and then executed to give a complete hip replaced and then executed it right afterwards. But they wanted him to have a new hip 40 killed now in Germany, you must be fully vaccinated before assisted suicide. In other words, in Germany. Okay the ironies of assisted suicide. Never in Germany allows suicide on demand, including assistance, though they love death over there. Doubt is a fundamental constitutional right, but now you must be vaccinated against coven before a euthanasia group will help you kill yourself so so when you fellas think of that I think were living experiencing with no experience a world gone mad spoon it it it is madness and what would you say this complete insanity is the right speaking of insanity y'all heard of pencil neck and a shift from or what we told you to focus just listen. We can bring into this a lot of pedophilia, a lot of pedophilia and going on within the death of credit Communist Party. This is one of the reasons they fear trump the way they do. Like a Trump is aware of this and so now here and in trump and plans on exposing all of this pedophilia.

Mark live in cause for ethics complaint against pencil neck.

Adam shipped for his latest altered evidence in the January sales committee hearing that now he he altered the evidence so the statements that were made in the films and everything okay. Did you say something again for years that the credit companionship pushed the fake Hillary Clinton funded steel.fear knowing it was, a complete lie funded by the Democrats. The Democrats in the deep state attempted a coup of present trip using bogus documents as a source and serial liar and a shift since he doesn't regret pushing fake Hillary funded steel. He said that again I washing say it serial liar and shift was again said he does not regret pushing the fake steel.fear funded by Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign. Do you regret giving credibility to the skilled SC on NBC's Meet the Press host checked out at shift on Sunday. I don't shift said without hesitation. In other words, no highlight.

Now let me just say this to you guys remember when the left with say and how Bill Clinton is not only a good liar. Bill Clinton's a great liar and is our liar member that was in Newsweek magazine, where minnows the document, the good old country boy Bill Clinton telling his yarns and making them fibs. Remember Clinton used to say who you gonna believe me or you lionize and add this big thing when they were boasting they were boasting about him being not only a good liar great liar but there liar guys remember that you guys still there.

I am running. Maybe John neared himself or something that immunity itself pretty falsely. Now fading out already said you remember that you fellas, and now here you know that Adam shift now is taken the scepter as being what they top liar he supposedly wanted top liars. Mrs. to them. This is something new to embrace and that the entire Democratic Party. Did you know that will allow your nobody come.

That's one of the methods that's one of the characteristics of the common wealth.

I know that that them right out of Mark's manual marks and say one thing to do another go this way go that way okay keep the people off balance keeping confused, but to us.

Lying is wrong is repulsive to them. It's required a way of life. Kate now use it. They live and live lives. I think we do we have any new ones coming in here let me see we have some new ones come in and 888 close I got five minutes five minutes 888-281-1110 and when we have okay when we left we leave off okay. He's working on getting some new ones put up on the 888-677-9673 okay limit we got Lisa fluttering about limited what we have.

I've got it. Here are okay so we need approximately okay let me see here so that we would need approximately about $1800. When the 1800 we know it when I have four minutes to get a 200 we get it we need one. We need somebody big okay do we leave off and okay Connie in Florida pledges 100 amp in New Jersey pledges 100 and Terry in New York pledges 200 comfortable but would 1200 x 1200 dollars at length. Kate all right, that's about how much we need okay so when a one person. The pledge 1200 one person pledge 1200 or two people put 600 or maybe three people to play 420 guys living. I think spend our evenings along talking to ourselves okay no compunction got a pleasure get that money in here you want to hear Dr. John next week. You don't want to miss that I have the this is this is a need. The Bible says let your needs be known this show was definitely needed to get the truth out and help people that can't be ordered anywhere else, so I want to say hats off to 103 US Marines discharged Thursday 103 US Marines were discharged on Thursday, refusing to get the poison spoke, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin who is not nearly as worthy as these guys, every one of these US Marines have a much higher standard. Okay and so load Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is a much lesser person in these men, these Marines until the end of November to get their jabs or get booted and so this lesser person at the at the Pentagon in the pentagram at the pentagram they begin putting US Marines for refusing to comply with these the tyranny. The vaccine tyranny when you guys think same sentiment backdrop out shall be covered, but I can't yet speak right to their full man must, on facial coverage. They showed leadership facial order to facial integrity and insight, knowledge, happy knowledge, stand up against so that when someone of all right, very good.

Listen to this. Listen to this, fellas. All right, Nicole in Florida pledges 1000 and Andrea in Illinois pledge 1001 over our goal praising the Lord now which one of you guys. You got four minutes to give an invitation which one of you want to do it on likable John.

I conducted going to China you were minutes or minutes.

All right some folks don't give a lot of good information we gave out some good news. We gave out some maybe not.

Not so hot.

Good news, but fasteners folks and this is really what this is all about. That is getting truth out speaking and in love.

But getting the gospel out of the most important thing that we do here to give you the gospel. Now the Bible says that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God and you all are all in all of us are included in all so soon as the problem. But God gave us secure and Christ is the cure and the cure it has been presented on the cross and the essence of the gospel is that we have all sinned, but for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, and he gave his son on the cross as a cure for Carson problem and so through the shed blood of Christ. The gospel is presented in what you need to do and every man needs to do because is only one way we can be saved is to repent Dennis to turn from your sinful ways and become a doer of the word and do those works that have been repaired for you from the foundation of the current so you turn from your sin, you accept what Christ did on the cross as payment for your sin and post once you understand what Christ went through and across what you have gained eternal life. Your heart is going to be overwhelmed with joy and gratitude and you're going to understand what it feels like to have peace that passes all understanding. This is all freely given to you. It's a gift from God. So we're imploring you asking you to make the best decision that you'll ever make in your life, and as to give your life as a sacrifice to Christ and you will avoid eternity in hell in the lake of fire. Nobody wants to go there… Is all presented in the Bible. Everything in the Bible is 100% true. No one can one word of it.

So asking you now. We pray we pray for you that you would receive Christ as your Savior and receive that greatest gift ever given to mankind, which is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen close, listen to what he says right there.

That's the most important thing you'll ever do you never do you never do anything that will meet as much because he the time will come one fellas that nothing else will matter that nothing else will will mean anything to nothing else. For every single individual.

Right now that's alive. That time will come when the only thing will matter to them as their standing with the Lord. The saved are not now those children as innocent children. God takes in the take care of them right there there either. They don't understand that they're not at the age of discernment. But for the rest of us of folks again. That time will come.

Guides make it easy. He makes it really easy. I want to thank all you folks all of you to help us out.

Especially the last tooth. Three. The cavemen and we are out of time so until tomorrow want to say good night God bless and always, always, the student, fellas, you really can Friday the plight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. Left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WIWM on the next time bring medication was right to left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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