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Coming Attraction: A One-World Religion

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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October 26, 2019 8:00 am

Coming Attraction: A One-World Religion

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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October 26, 2019 8:00 am

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You think there are too many church denominations. There's coming a single global religion and it's on the horizon. You must understand that in order to get the one in order to 11 were all about bringing the whole world one must create a one world only about four people welcome to understanding the times radio Jan Markel and Olive tree ministries page as guest is Pastor Tom Hughes committed a compelling chapter Terry James Lewis book centers analyzing converging prophetic trends for the end of days they consider how we are seeing foreshadows of the coming one world religion. Even today, we think you'll find this a fascinating hour dear, is Jan Markel. Welcome to the program. I'm so glad you can join me for the hour. Interesting guest and I may be playing off the book that you may recall, I introduced this is now a couple of weeks ago and that's the new book by Terry James titled discerner's analyzing converging prophetic signs for the end of days.

It's in my store, I came across a chapter after I finished talking to Terry James and Elvis.

They went through the entire book, and I came across a chapter that just jumped out at me by Pastor Tom Hughes harlot system astride a Satanic steed. Now let me just give a couple of quotes hereby. Tom and I want to get right to him, kind of dissect some of the things he's talking about. He says talking about mystery Babylon Embury to be talking about the one world religion here at lease in the opening parts of this hour. He says that groundwork for mystery Babylon is being laid. The ideas are being sown. The lessons are being taught and the brainwashing has begun. It's happening now. The harlot is forming her seductions are taking hold. Okay, I read that he totally had my attention, and then he says a little bit later today, the greatest enemy to the church is the church and I think many of you would identify with that statement that I just made again. The title of his chapter is harlot system astride a Satanic steed Pastor Tom. He was welcome back to the program chair help us understand even your title harlot system astride a Satanic steed want title but we know from Revelation, we have the harlot write all three would really what about if we can become a credo planted a long long long time ago but were watching. I believe we are watching this develop a plan for you here whatever you want to call it what you be perfect every single area of fighting the culture. But the worst part of it affected the church and the church means to be the vehicle that is really driving the witch of multiple fortunate yet we have a warming we do what the left will be like again. The statement you made here today, the greatest enemy to the church is the church expound on that for a minute please.

I think a lot of your listeners will totally get there. The believer who seems to be out there to help. The gospel preached the truth of the government breached anymore. The Bible talks about the need for salvation and forgiveness and the reason why Jesus came. The church of the shofar from that, if it really is subject they want to talk about anymore want talk about heaven going to talk about no want to talk about judgment and the focus seems to be what we need to keep people welcome to paint good may feel good church to church but marketable. Because of this is just opened up the door for anything goes, you can't call homosexuality you will build call pedophilia direction.

Everything is going. Why did Jesus leave a comment if there's no for and so we have a label to see you in church that is the perfect ground to grow a system like this chapter in this book talks heavily again about becoming global religion. And like you say religion plays a key role in the seven year tribulation and again church is absent Tom if the church is absent from the tribulation, then I think we need to clarify your statement that religion is going to play the key role in the tribulation the church is gone. How can religion play this key role church x-ray look it church in the Western world right now.

I think different from what we've experienced in Iran and China were your genuine belief or gathering underground what's happening church of America for Christ with Paul warned of that you fit in Leslie's perilous times will come in one of those fine was the people have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof so you have people who will gather any church. They don't know Christ here feel a thing of people go to look for Christian church to get religion confused with the relationship Christ, man is great at doing religion.

But the problem is religion based on may have terms so the religion of the left they would be something that can be based on humanistic philosophy firmly believe social justice is going to be one of the keys of going to drive even when we look at today.

We think of the things that we hear through the media or through school of social justice and social justice with Mel become more then worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the gospel of relief. The left they believe call for couple Judith.

Would you look at it. Judith was all about social order. He pretended to be about social justice, but is really about the money and you look at the gospel of John Mary anointed Jesus when Jesus comes to their health for the faith you gather after he raised Lazarus the brother from the dead. Mary anointed him with the costly oil years wage oil Judith of what a waste it is. This could've the folding given to the poor.

After we are right, no one wasted if the worship chief of wait a minute, wait a minute.

We need to take care of the social just that the world we've entered into well town. There are two religions of the tribulation again talking to Pastor Tom Hughes based on chapter that he's written in Terry James book discerner is pastor town. There are two religions of the tribulation and you write about them in the first one is gonna be the actual worship of the Antichrist and then there's going to be mystery Babylon. Another form of religion, but eventually the Antichrist is going to bump off the false prophet in any kind of a spiritual leader.

He might be so that he can be solely worship we read a lot about a great harlot who sits on many waters.

When asking about that just a minute what I want to do and you do some tremendous prophecy updates online and thought you can learn a lot more and hope for our times. Hope for our I want to play a clip of you and it's one of your updates you just referenced a minute ago. The new humanism the new world without God and I want to play this and then want to come back and talk about it but there's more to this, the Pope urges world leaders to sign global pack for new humanism. The daily wire reports on the planet which the Pope is inviting representatives of multiple religions, international groups and others to sign a global pack of education, the Vatican said just days ago, the Pope confirmed in the video message and quoting a global educational pack is needed to educate us in universal solidarity and a new humanism universal solidarity global movement. We got a live as one in humanism, a world without God. Lifelike news reported Vatican. This quote Vatican back website wants to promote the pack added educating young people in fraternity learning to overcome divisions and conflicts promote hospitality justice and peace, and then this went on to say, still quoting this will result in men and women who are open responsible prepared to listen dialogue and reflect with others capable of leaving relationships with families between generations will civil society must create a new humanism. This went on to say what is really going on.

We can see the direction it is creating a world devoid of God were manifest. This is exactly what the Bible says how things are going to develop in the last day of climate change laws. A one world religion coming under the umbrella ultimately humanism payment.listen to this.

He made a recent observation and noted that the noted that there is a UN goal of world government by 2030 Beth UN agenda 2030 of thought about that before I even have it in my book. He also noted a UN goal of world religion by 2030. Unify all religions by 2030. A planetary uniting of religions for peace see which direction all of this is going. He went on and said the Bible teaches that world government, the world religion the Antichrist and false prophet will be on the earth at the same time. I agree with multitudes. No doubt, no one knows the day or the hour of the Lord's return. He says Christians can see the day approaching. Indeed, folks, we can see this day approaching the continuum cited that a late August just a couple weeks back approximately 1000 people assembled in Germany to promote a UN approved one world religion by 2030. Look, you can see the direction all of this is going just by looking at the new and knowing your Bible. It is obvious that the God of the religious groups is not the God of the Bible and their so-called master plan for humanity.

Even the Pope the same about humanism. We have these climate change laws that are coming into effect the closing schools in New York City to protest the crazy, continuing to that what they are proposing for the common good.

Quoting of the world could very well turn into mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and the abominations of the earth. He said it seems obvious that we now have a UN goal of one world government by 2030 UN agenda 2030 UN goal of world religion. By 2030 and the Bible teaches that the world government, and world religion Antichrist and false prophets will all be on the earth at the same time, why does all of this matter because the Bible told the way things are going to be so that we can know that Jesus is coming here listening to understanding the time to radio Jan Markel here just played a clip from Pastor Tom Hughes.

He is my guest for the hour playing off of his chapter in new book discerner's analyzing converging prophetic signs for the end of days he's had a fascinating chapter in their talking about number of things but heavily the coming global religion. Pastor Tom Hughes world government and religion by 2030. Frankly, might be sooner but that seems to be a UN goal is 2030 talk to me a little bit here that mystery Babylon the great harlot who sits on many waters look a lot of people read this. They have no idea what this all means help us understand chapter 17 mystery Babylon the great harlot religious system going to appear work harlot prostitute what that is can be very enticing going to be gauging to a world that doesn't know the Lord Jesus Christ. If given the highly deceptive beautiful religious system that is going to be necessary in order to get the world to go along in one direction, something that the devil knows and then figuring out that long. If you have these different religions, especially with Christianity. You have a problem with giving the world to go one direction and before missile to world government religion is necessary in order for the Antichrist or the global system could be overcome about have the power over the people, but it needs to have you feel the left leave harlot religious system is going to have a form of godliness effect when you look at Revelation chapter 13 a look at the false prophet the false prophet have two horns like a lamb.

This religious system will appear very Christian will actually speak like a dragon if given be anything but Christian dogma that's coming forth from it. Everything will be accepted if given the religious system that is going to claim tolerance and inclusive and will be tolerant and inclusive for anything but true Christianity, will you feel that it will be a religious system that will embrace Hindus, Buddhists, weekends, cults, etc. may embrace everything is matter fact in a minute here. I'm in a play clip of conference were there embracing all of these various religions, you do feel that this is truly going to be a global religion. Yet, it will be very appealing because when you look at those religion just mention all of them have social justice of the key. You gotta be good to one another. Live by the Golden rule and so forth with an overall good things to do, but we know if Christians you must keep Christ first thing you do the good thing because Christ the first Fifth Circuit on the fit for the good things are God or their way to God but you must eliminate this worshiping Christ first stuff Marino very appealing to anybody that is religious, and even to people who are a few to be appealing to them. That's right just slipping here right now. The question I was throwing here and that is how do you seal let's just be honest here in how do you seal the Vatican and Catholicism might fit in.

Now again you and I get frustrated because I know of Catholics who are upset with Pope Francis and yet we also know of Protestants who are enamored with Pope Francis, and I can't quite make this compute to help us understand this help I looked at it from a very Catholic family altar boy Ivan if Don chief even appalled by the favor she is coming out soon.

Rest my family is no longer Catholic. If I'm not either but when I look at progression. The Catholic Church took a lot of influence. But what if just absolutely unbelievable. If watching the current pope in their and a few foot level. If the humanists that lovably agnostic love them. There good five group of Catholic that do not think that he is promoting are really anti-Catholic teaching for centuries promoting the famous Weatherby gay marriage or all roads lead to heaven or whatever it is you want to call it even talks about of the blood of Christ and live a quote. The blood of Christ will forgive anybody even those who don't even receive Christ is great you look that the most challenging thing in my mind to wrap my mind around it. The amount of Protestants that just believe the Pope is the greatest thing since sliced bread I've watched this if infected the church in order to give again if social justice in everybody is giving along the Pope to all roads lead to heaven if given to the Protestant church then let me ask this.

How did this and this is a part of the Pope's agenda. How did environmentalism become front and center of all the church religious left religious right Catholicism, you name it environmentalism, let me just make this comment here about that.

I want your perspective as well.

The religion of climate change.

Is this a part of the global religious emphasis. I believe it is. I'm sure you're aware town of this Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg and she was crowned the Queen of climate change gave a very impassioned angry speech at the UN. This was back in September late September in the world.

Parts of it anyway fell in love with her. The church of Sweden declared her to be the successor to Jesus Christ. Again, this is all because of this fictitious climate change agenda. She hollered at those present at the UN environmentalism time to me seems to be the new world religion and religious quote from Jonathan Brenner. He's an online writer, he says, quote climate change has become the pathway to the new world order the book of Revelation tells us that during the tribulation, the Antichrist will exert worldwide control through a totalitarian world order. What will cause the nations of the world to give up their sovereignty and write such a socialistic regime. I believe he will convince them that their only hope of survival is to join together against the threat of worldwide devastation via global warming and climate change, and then he says we already see this at work, according to a September 1, 2019 writers Pope Francis challenge governments to take drastic measures to combat global warming and reduce fossil fuel saying we're climate emergency and the Pope went on to say we have because they climate emergency that gravely threatens nature and life itself including our own and then this author concludes on at least 12 different occasions. Pope Francis is advocated a one world government as the solution to the dire threat of climate change semi-wrong here that environmentalism could at least be a part of the new world religion, I think you are 100% of the money for my other book on America with Pope here for something for really ought to have the attention of every single person your Bible believer, you got a look at what he says regarding climate.

He even talked about the climate laws talked about the need to be in entity oversee the enforcement of all the laws of all the sustainability of the planet and Jim this is what Romans chapter 1 tell Frank generation, the worship of creation rather than the creator.

What happened I would get that I believe we've entered into that place. I believe we are the generation and God warns about it several different signs that involve the worship of the creation rather than the creator.

Climate love the fact when you look to you with agenda 2030, but you look at the climate laws if about controlling where people can work controlling what people can even eat controlling what people buy and sell. Doesn't that sound awful like the book of Revelation. The warning of Revelation chapter 13, but I'm convinced that climate laws are going to be the tool that's going to be used, to force people into subjection of this new world order. This coming global government. You don't go along with it.

How evil of a person you are. You're a hater you'll love your fireman. You need to be locked up in jail. There will be lawful occupant yellow that that's the direction we are going, but I do believe climate laws are given be used, to enforce the religious aspect of what is coming regarding the full mystery Babylon and the religious system that the false prophet will oversee all switches to the Antichrist will we've even got seminary students in New York, praying, confessing sins to plants.

I thought this is how extreme it's gotten in this genre here of environmentalism and climates. Anyway, it's going to such an extreme, and I never thought I'd see the day okay let me go back and let's talk for just a minute. I think we both feel that a Pope could be the false prophet.

Perhaps the current pope possibly meet certainly a successor of his be the false prophet of Revelation were talking this hour about the coming global religion because as part of Tom's chapter again in the book to Cerner's new book edited by Terry James Galahad talked me little bit about the false prophet and perhaps a Pope play that role. Perhaps the Pope prep line of fate if not, you, I don't know. I could tell you this much when I see the Pope effect jail if you fed it a couple years back but ready to play pin the tail on the yellow yet with the Pope or something like that.

However, there are so many think the point to this religious system of the left thief that he promote PDF to work like a lamb but speaks like a dragon generally free from the Pope. I looked at him as being the preview of coming attractions. If not, this Pope Matthew for 4. Everything that is coming.

If like every time he opens up of melt.

I think we that's very biblical warning to what is coming in the last day. So could it be this Pope, it could be. This book could be the next Pope could be the next Pope, Jen, you're familiar with book by father Malachi Jeff would prefer to passed away five years ago, but he warned that in the Vatican several years ago the Vatican was completely apostate. People were leaving in the Vatican were not believers that Christ is the way to salvation on down the list and he warned that what is coming out of the Vatican was going to be something that is exactly what were seeing with Pope totally not believers in the truth of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ alone for a quick Jennifer Kim about the Catholic Church. I was raised Catholic altar boy but was taught that I had to believe in Jesus.

I did note the full meaning of that was until he got older, got saved, but there was gospel. Somewhere in there. Most of the same married Alden and now it's removing the truth of the gospel completely from the teaching of Beavis Pope. I believe very well could be the Pope.

Pretty old. Tomorrow is actually the system of their I think we could easily agree on that system of fear and the leaders of religion right now Protestant and Catholic are going that direction in the offing be aligned with a few of the agnostics. Everything is going that direction I want to play clip and then again going to my break and then will hit into the second half of the program. I want to play, click here. It's just over two minutes. The world alliance of religions peace Summit. This goes back to 2016. We are only going to hear them introducing the leaders of the few religions goes on for nine minutes. They introduce dozens of religions.

You'll hear just to feel my thoughts. All were saying is, the stage is being set both peace we the youth believe can only be achieved when all aspects when old people come together as one in the costly days you have seen that the youth we have done we can within our capacity but will looking upon the need this right now. The leaders of the international community. The politicians will make us and the religious leaders to help us before the school signing this agreement may not bring peace immediately. Amazing gentlemen, but what I'd like to say is that it isn't a step in the right direction and the youth need your help. So now we will respond will proceed signing ceremony of the unit of religion agreements unity of religion agreements is a groundbreaking promise of religions unites conditions unconditionally and without discrimination to achieve true peace. I would like to call upon the following religious leaders to come up to the stage and join us for the signing of the ceremony of the units of religions, first Archbishop Martin DeJesus to please, also representative of holiness should a kid talk how the body ice from selecting city, Tecumseh states also from the Islam shelf fate. Ella said if Mohammed's son and meaning to come to the states from the Hinduism fate is holiness swami she… Set is what teaching him how to go to a from the faith of Buddhism representative Dr. machine in the end he set up founder of the Buddha. Please make your way to the stage MMXVI world alliance of religions peace Summit that clip went on for nine minutes. That's how many different faiths. They brought up to the platform to sign some sort of a treaty. All are saying folks is that the stage is being set and that's kind of lower talking about lease for the first part of this program I guess is Pastor Tom. He was for 12 church San Jacinto, California part of the Calvary Chapel stream were going to continue our discussion just a minute or two.

Change direction for a few minutes anyway because we need to talk about some very, very current events were taking our first part of discussion again from Terry James new book to Cerner's analyzing converging prophetic signs for the end of days. Pastor Tom Hughes has a chapter in that book and a bargain referred to it. The title is harlot system astride a Satanic steed back in just a couple of minutes don't go away but if you listen to times radio one of our hundreds of radio stations. Others listen at your convenience. Trotting on our website follows three one using the one mobile app or on our YouTube channel where we insert images and video. Those who relate visually. We will return with Pastor Tom Hughes 412 church San Jacinto, California Jen Markel why are you in a prophecy conference. I think it's really important for us now to learn about prophecy to see how that doesn't throughout the Bible to have courage stand on the gospel in fight without Christ you have no peace. And so it's always important for us to be sharing the gospel message is a true honest guy and it's important to see that what he says he will do so we can follow him with every step that we take that Christian and your bananas and they are sleeping that I really believe they need from friends and from all the we will have CDs and DVDs available from our fall conference held September 21 Minneapolis by late October that understanding the times 29 see our speakers included Dr. Robert Jeffress Amir Saar Fadi Pastor JD Verizon Pastor Jack Hibbs, Jen Markel and Lori Cardozo more your offering six messages on CD for $30 +6 dollars shipping in the US.

We also have six messages on DVD for $35 +6 dollars shipping in the US, you can order safely online. All of three that's all of three, or call a simple time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 products are professionally packaged and suitable for giftgiving DVDs are in high definition will help you understand the times and become watchmen on the wall were part of all because of you when you have to keep thinking, I believe, to the appreciate all friendly writers through our website. All of three solid three follow several time 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 or write to Jen Markel and Olive tree ministries. Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Grove, MN 55311. All correspondence is read by our staff is Jen Markel and Pastor Tom Hughes say welcome back. Many of you know that some weeks ago now, which is kind of off of understanding the times 2019.

I do hope you looking to CDs and DVDs and they make an excellent gift folks.

We had six messages that day when I can't get into a review of what happened back in September 21.

CDs and DVDs are being shipped out to Robert Jeffress, JD, for Ron Mercer, Fadi Pierce Sterling which had a number of speakers, Lori Cardozo, more Pastor Jack Hibbs check out our store all of Treeview' views as an viewpoint. Olive tree we have many many products there. I'm basing my discussion of the hour on another product that I have in store and you heard me interview Terry James. This is several weeks ago now when we introduced his new book to Cerner's analyzing converging prophetic signs for the end of days and when I do this there's always the critics out there who say well Jen, this is just an hour of the big commercial to sell products not relate. I really don't care whether you buy this or not but I do care that you have the information contained in it, because who is a thinking Christian is a discerning Christian doesn't want to analyze converging prophetic signs for the end of days.

Terry has assembled a lot of speakers. Jeff can Nathan Jones Todd Strindberg Damon.Tom Hughes my guest today, Philip Goodman, Graham Phillips, Jim Fletcher Bill Salas Pete Garcia Gary Stearman Ryan Patterson Yours truly Dr. Dave Reagan Larry spare Tamino and others who have written chapters in the book to Cerner's sequel to his book deceivers find it Olive tree and for some reason Tom Hughes chapter jumped out at me because I'm so interested in what I'm interested in the book of Revelation.

Revelation 1317 talks about a coming one world system and the one world system will have a one world ruler will have a one world religious system so we been looking at that for the first part of the program, but time in your chapter you make a reference can cut me off guard to the burning of the Cathedral in Paris. This was some time ago. Now this is a year or more ago you made some interesting observations about what happened.

The Cathedral of Notre Dame. Can you kind has suggested that this can represents not just the crumbling of the Cathedral of Notre Dame. The possibly society and the church. Explain what you mean here. Quote book in that chapter regarding what Notre Dame representable one hand, Christianity, on the other hand, it represented civilization when you and I look at it from the prophetic standpoint, it almost appears like a fly from God that Christianity is just completely collapsed and what it once was but no longer. If civilization certainly safely and effectively. Christianity that have lifted up civilization. Chris Taylor lifted up women's rights Christianity lifted up human being where you don't have Christ preached you actually have the Great Depression, the company we look at Notre Dame is an article in the Wall Street Journal that said that because of decades of neglect and Notre Dame burned to the ground. Decades of neglect.

So we look at Christianity, we can see if been more than two decades of neglect nine in the pulpit. So what we have in the pulpit know if the objective of neglect of the truth of Christ. The truth of the Bible. Jim, I'm a pastor to the pastor for many years. Let me equate it to be a doctor if the doctor didn't tell the patient the truth is you've got cancer. We got a tree for for the doctor to fit over everything going to be great.

The patient went home feeling wonderful that they died there be malpractice in the pulpit. I believe that many pastors are to stand before God malpractice the neglect of the truth. They wouldn't tell people you have cancer the work to observe the entire world is called swim they need to be forgiven by Christ came to not teach that in the front to Jesus in the cross. This is what he came yet the work people go to church the field babbling.

This is what you came in. Not only that year we live in the generation where the people are demanding that they have teachers who it's for your ears ring prophetic to the people giving what they want. Pastors giving the people what they want and the truth is absolutely the collected have been neglected.

I could call it a fine regarding Notre Dame Ave. morbid in the chapter, but you look at the direction that we are with all practice happening within the pulpit right and then they can talking about some topics to that are so significant, including issues related to eschatology in God's chosen people, etc. actually, that was my message at my conference. I gave back on September 21, Satan settled scheme to silence eschatology and things related to Israel as well. You can learn more about Pastor Tom Hughes at his website hope for our times.

Hope he can get his weekly prophecy update. He's pastor for 12 church San Jacinto, California. Some of you who are listening ran his prophecy conference last June end of June and Palm Springs right outside of Palm Springs correct time log on to his prophecy updates that he has each week, just a couple more things here about this coming global religion and again you have emphasized that it's going to consume all faiths that you think it's going to consume Hindus, Buddhists, Wiccans, cults, etc. and then you go on to talk about the restrainer in the tribulation, the restrainer is the Holy Spirit and he's going to not really be removed, which a lot of people think that the restrainer is removed but he's really just taken out of the way. Therefore, some of this chaos were talking about can happen once you expand on that for just a minute rapture of the church. I believe restrainer is the Holy Spirit working through the church right now world went off to possibly be holding back all of the evil God is restraining world from Weatherby financial collapse or wars anywhere for some rumors of forklift excellent threat. All of event time things right now but there's a restraining force against evil. I'm convinced Jim that this world at large would love to get rid of Kristin because we're problem for evangelical Bible believing Christians. The Holy Spirit is working through us right now.

Restraining back all of the evil from taking place of the rapture of the church takes place.

The Holy Spirit is still here, God is omnipresent. The Holy Spirit is still here, but not working through the church the same way that you currently now that that's given creative wettable void for all of the spiritual darkness to take over antiseptic Jim.

I also want to say that I believe that it is the restrainer working through the evangelical church that is keeping anti-Semitism, becoming full-blown, which you will during the tribulation also may know that if we feel like they conference what give a calm to the nation of Israel in the Jewish people.

I believe even the restrainer's working through genuine evangelical Christian to hold that type back to the whole religious system. If you be rule real easy to come to play for food of the rapture happens very interesting indeed. What I like to do. Tom Hughes is morphed just a little bit into a little bit different topic for some moments that we do have left again folks. Tom's chapter in the book deals almost exclusively with the coming global religion if we have time we may go back to that.

But because this is the first program I've had the opportunity to address some of the situation going on in the Middle East. I do know that there's been an appeal for president Donald Trump to reverse his decision in northern Syria about pulling American troops out in court. His position is American troops in belong there in the first place, so he's not about to go back on his decision. Now, several weeks ago to pull American troops out and put at great risk, and indeed carnage has happened since his decision and it's broken hearts of many and many on both sides of the aisle have indeed tried to get him to her as I said reverse that position went like to do that like display a real short clip and it happens to be a mayor certified he started commenting on this, but putting it into a Bible prophecy perspective and I think I often say headlines are herald of is coming in and think in this case, this would fit into that category that what happened here recently in the last couple of weeks indeed would be a herald of is coming because it says in Ezekiel 3813 that there's coming a day at this going to be a war in Israel, Gog and Magog, and not one nation will get involved, not even America. They're going to stand back and they're going to say oh my, what are you doing turkey a Ron Russia and others who are going to what you doing, but they're not going to get involved in overseeing a little shadow of that right now little foretaste little stage setting let me play this clip and then Pastor Tom Hughes and I will come back and discuss it. America officially announced that it will not intervene militarily in the situation in the Middle East. If that's not an explanation to why America is not going to militarily help is really Ezekiel 38 and I don't know what this is a declaration of a US president of the official American policy.

We will let turkey Syria, Iran, and Russia. Figure the situation out.

This is phenomenal. Think about it later.

Jim, it's not like America is abandoning Israel right now.

It's not like America is abandoning anyone. America is declaring America's policy. Ever since Trump was elected basically and by the way, make sure he didn't say Israel hereby doing he didn't send on the lead Israel figure things out. He's super committed to Israel's security and safety, but he basically announced. I am not intending to intervene militarily in this region which cause immediately. Benjamin at the now to say Israel will have to take care of Israel and to also ask the Israeli government to approve new and increased budget to Israel's ministry of defense and military so I needed you to understand folks, this is not America is abandoning Israel or the Kurds. This is a clear and anyway smart understanding of an American president that is running for election who promised to bring back the troops home promised to take care the American economy promised that once he fights ISIS, which he did is not to say there so you cannot expect US soldiers to stand with guns and to guard and to chaperone thousands of ISIS captured the terrorists over there. I can understand that I can see that and I can understand how it plays an amazing amazing way, how it plays into the fulfillment of Bible prophecy within the Israeli society there is a mindset of renewing our ways. We do not listen. You probably saw a picture that I posted on that night before Yom Kippur at the Wailing Wall a record number of 100,000 Jews showed up because they know something big is about to happen. They can feel that there is a great danger around the corner they can see that as a nation. They will have to rely on God and God alone. There has never been such a great gathering of Jewish people at the Wailing Wall at the day before Yom Kippur. As we so now and I sighed and tears came to my my eyes. Be sure to subscribe to the mirrors YouTube updates which are usually weekly and find the money to behold Israel and let me add just a word here about YouTube and you need to subscribe to ours as well.

YouTube buried the Michele Bachmann interview a couple weeks ago we normally might get 50,000 people listening to a program with Michelle but it was buried and lost. And if you subscribe to our channel which is under Jan Markel and Olive tree ministries. You will still be notified, though others will not find the posted program. If YouTube is unhappy with the content, the time his that was a mayor certified. He is one of my speakers. They spoke this past September 21 along with the others. I name an interesting perspective on the whole Syrian situation again. He is highlighting Ezekiel 3813 you've even done a prophecy update.

I believe on same issue.

I will give it a truly remarkable day and in a prophecy regarding the Gog Magog war most prophecy people know it from a peak of 38 and 39 we have that there's countries are going to protest when Russia, Iran and Turkey invade Israel from the north and another patient coming from the self. Nobody is going to intervene on behalf of Israel. So I think of all of Trump. Up until recently of all Trump of Pres. Eitel. The fifth developing because if anybody comes against Israel Trump to get involved. Troops over there in the area to protect not just Israel but also know what occurred and everything going on.

In the ISA situation. But now with the troops being pulled out of Syria and Turkey immediately. Turkey came in from everything I've read that you started wiping up and were watching this and looks to me you note from want to be involved if Amy don't want to be involved will he come to the aid of Israel. If that's what it comes down to to support them or will the United States to become a protester Trump that he doesn't want to be involved in the Mideast anymore with a fling. I would give Israel I have a lot of concerns regarding Israel in fifth, however, got the give us the word no more the fine the way it will be unless they I just didn't think that you feel if there is a time of Trump.

I think that's the soccer is steering the administration.

Pres. Donald J. Trump, the most pro-Israel president ever in the history of Israel's modern day existence and yet here we are. It's stunning and I do understand some things coming out of Israel. I've read some reports were good because now he found him to be trying to force a peeved plan upon Israel felt you don't want to go that direction anymore. That may be the case. Personally, I felt a peace plan to divide Jerusalem is a really bad IPL you Joel chapter 3 personally and certainly judgment will come upon any mission that divides my land so Trump don't do that is good. I like to think that Trump is still going to support Israel.

But the shock to my thinking. I thought mental Trump of gone right we ready for the 2020 election Boyd the world is still rapidly going the direction of the Bible told if you would go in the last days just a couple of headlines here from Israeli press one headline here.

Netanyahu prepares for day when Trump abandons Israel to and says Netanyahu compared the events of that time meeting. Ezekiel 38 time to today saying we always remember and apply the basic principle that guides us. Israel will defend itself by itself against any threat, this statement was a clear reaction to what many perceive to be Donald Trump's abandonment of the Kurds also close US ally to one's war machine reading between the lines, it appears as though Netanyahu is preparing for the day when Trump abandons him to let's say that would course again be Ezekiel 3813 all nations, they just stand on the sidelines and complain about Gog and Magog. They do nothing about Jerusalem Post headline after Trump abandons Kurds Israel knows it can't rely on anyone and in the article. Don't let the lack of any formal Israeli response to US Pres. Donald Trump's dramatic reversal of policy and decision to remove US troops from northern Syria full you Jerusalem is deeply, deeply I'm just reading the article deeply, deeply concerned about this step. Not because it will suddenly impact Israel's ability to take action in Syria when it desires to halt Iranian attempts to entrench itself there, though it could make that marginally more difficult but because it drives home the idea that Israel really can only rely on itself and again Tom Hughes that is the sentiment in Ezekiel 38, particularly verse 13. The nations of the world stand on the sidelines and say to Russia, Turkey, Iran and others involved in the Gog and what are you doing the thing to know nothing about it. Nothing about other talking about myself for so me. I look at it and boy it really is quite public, but at the same time, but fine and we also know this God said Israel can stand alone because God wants to get the glory of God the character to get the top of one truck to get the glory. God wants the glory we get to Ezekiel chapter 39. If you get the glory of the Lord comes to rescue Israel when it looks like Israel is going to be absolutely annihilated. I know it's probably but the same time.

All beef think .2. Jesus coming again, absolutely. When you see headlines as a herald of is coming. It certainly helps, but I think we have some folks not quite able to know how to interpret thing partly again. Let's go back to the issue is brought up twice now is the third time. That is, our pulpits are somewhat silent on some important issues so folks don't know how to interpret things that are going on what happens program to help people rightly interpret what the world is going on encouraging last week I spoke to a group of 100 high schoolers in the subject was the market. They want to hear about it and I thought interesting. Maybe there's hope this is just one of the many fine so we look at the 55 and enough info are frightening and discouraging can be disheartening. Coming false religion for the upcoming you look at persecution to give Christine Healy that will only increase. Up until the rapture continue that way we watch the test to live the increase of that the increase of wars and rumors of wars and boy do we live in that time Bill. These things are all bad news and enough himself for a few things will happen is things will happen will hunt out the rest to globalism. The one world system even get a book out about that, but the rest of this one world system in the single ruler we talked about a single religion here, but we can have a single ruler and he's going to be ruling at globalist one world system.

Even if you don't know the Bible all logically what you why you picked that it feels like 75% of the world, maybe more.

I don't know all seem to be going with this one narrative if the exact same narrative whether becoming a Hollywood or out of our Congress are coming from the UN coming out of Europe. Whatever if it's all the same narrative. If the climate control things with the popes and it's all pointing toward globalism needing to have a global system of eliminating God putting this New World order with certain leaders at the top of it event. What we really need is a leader to rule over the whole thing. The whole narrative of going this way, if you speak against this narrative. Your hater your bigot.

You're an awful person. But isn't it strange that the narrative of going that way I look at it.

I think the only reason I can think that so many of the world are thinking that one of exact same life because Satan is behind this whole thing really call the conspiracy.

Will Satan the one who feels operating all that we have going on in there something going on that quite frankly feel a little bit demonic to speaking at that time in this program is hearing. Quite frankly, right before Halloween and I not do any programming on that topic. This year, but since you just brought this up and I believe one of the signs of the times is this incredible rise of evil that we seen the last 20 years or so and even more so in the last few years and we have Halloween here up next few days here a believer avoid Halloween at all costs. When she lets the devils holiday. It is evil through and through is a day of darkness literally around the globe. If you do anything spend part of the day fasting and praying against all the evil that is going on in that day.

Pastor Tom Hughes.

I think he was a pastor and take couple minutes if you'd like just to sound a warning exactly why churches Christians to be avoiding this whole topic and I know there are churches right now who are planning massive events for Halloween and it just breaks my heart.

You look at the whole subject matter.

Why would you want to celebrate something evil, evil spirit.

The mythology all W Finkler giving her to fault in this type of thing really preparing the heart and life of them to receive these types of things.

The full celebration of I totally understand the church replacing that they were something that good. But when you can't replace it with what good you just go along with the same narrative you're really only feeding it in your say Jesus endorses this. Why would Jesus endorse anything the people or something that just have the appearance of evil. When you think about it was really good beef tips have a whole lot of fun. It can be.

There's nothing wrong with can be little or Even inanimate object, but you look at what's behind it with the fate and appearance of an angel of light you start talking about whether they like this or anything at all all be fixed play of her feelings, but if you feeling better directing the world spiritual system right now.

I give you speak you give that it becomes a problem. I prefer to reply. Following with the things that represent Christ. If they look look the remember who's on the throne not interested in raising my children celebrating deep authority demonic cost. If very problematic when we just go along with it.

They devil we want them to fit in, or whatever you celebrate that joy the candy but you certainly don't want to partake of the celebration. I've seen some things online churches, dancing skeletons for the worship service. Sammy is just shocking and again I think this goes back to the death of discernment in some of the churches feeling this is really okay that they're just going along with the culture, which again then we go back to the collapse of the church and then we wonder why should be yes we got everything everything this country from the courtroom. The schools from Washington DC heavily from Hollywood from Sacramento. Remove God from everything.

So what naturally could have before it can be fulfilled. The worst part of all God have been removed from the pulpit have been continuing to be removed from pulpit because churches want to appeal to the flesh to get people to come to the church when you appeal to the flesh.

You have to keep them there by things of the flesh, so that's what happening to give the truth anymore preach the truth. I believe people want to hear the truth. Still, revenue that will absolutely preach the truth. People give faith, your reward will be in heaven. Other than that, if the poly I think churches in the direction they've got is what the biggest problem in America.

I would agree.

And it's why we are sinking culturally were sinking as a nation.

It's because some, not all some of our pulpits have been sinking for decades now.

Pastor Tom Hughes and that's for 12 church in San Jacinto, California. Folks learn more and hope for our hope for our The book again. We've been talking about because Pastor Tom Hughes has a chapter and it said I said it was about 14 other authors disorders analyzing converging prophetic signs for the end of days you can find it in my store all of Treeview' olive trees you can find conference products as well. CDs and DVDs from Macon September 21 let me go out of the program at time he was. Thank you so much for giving up time today, not just reading a little saying here my right lesson actually wrote right lessons book number of years ago and he says this and I hope it encourages you as we talked about some troubling things. This particular outfit with also talked about signs that are heralded is coming and that should be encouraging to you that right right just you are not born by chance but by God's choosing, made you the unique person you are compares you to no one else.

You lack nothing that his grace can't give you he has allowed you to be here at this time in history to fulfill his special purpose for this generation.

I want to thank you for listening folks will talk to you again next week. She thank you for your support of all three ministries study midsize radio John Markel that all of our staff color central time at 763-559-4444 763-5594. Order the book referenced today you'd like to consider a urine scented out of three ministries. Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311.

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