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A Woman Rides the Beast

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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March 4, 2022 7:00 am

A Woman Rides the Beast

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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March 4, 2022 7:00 am

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It's coming a one world religion economy and government with the Satanic Trinity, the false prophet causes the earth and those who dwell to worship a false Christ. So here you say to persons of the unholy Trinity, the false prophet, causing the earth to worship a false Christ looking to understanding the times radio with Jim Markel radio for the remnant plot you like. Follow three ministries today. Jan visits with apologist Mike Hendren is a Roman Pope, an apocalyptic player who will organize the coming one world religion. 20. Nominations will be a part of this religious system.

Here is today's program Revelation chapter 13 verses eight and 12. All who dwell on the earth will worship him him referring to the base. Everyone whose name has not been written in the book of the life of the Lamb who has been slain, the false prophet causes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the false Christ. So here you say to persons of the unholy Trinity, the false prophet, causing the earth to worship the false Christ somehow will this take place.

The one world religion will be form by a union of non-Christian religions, with all professing Christians who have never been born again and I hope you realize that there is a difference between professing Christians who have never experienced the second birth and those who have been called out of the world, sealed and indwelt by the Holy Spirit, the non-born-again Christians.

The professing Christians will be left behind when the rapture occurs and they will be united with all the non-Christian religions of the world.

So here you say three concentric circles you have the true church of Jesus Christ.

Those who have been called out of the world, a people for God's name. They have been sanctified by the truth sealed with the Holy Spirit baptized by the Spirit into one body, but in the next circle you say the professing church. This is made up of all those who have never experienced that second birth, and that would be liberal Protestants. It would be the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They profess to be Christians, and also many Roman Catholics who profess to be Christians but have never heard and believed the true gospel then you have all the world religions. The non-Christian religions once the Lord comes to take the true church home. This is all that's left and so you will see a coming together in unity of these two circles. They would be united by tolerance and compromise to ultimately give their worship to the antichrist. Glad you can join me for today's understanding the times radio that clip of my guest. I chose to plan as it sets the stage for some of the discussion for the hour and I have asked the question for years is a Pope, an apocalyptic figure does a Pope play a key end time roles such as false prophet. Some even say antichrist. What about the endless push for unity and heavily a unity appeal coming from Rome. Doesn't the Bible speak of unity and doesn't the Bible earns unity. Why is it some Catholics are actually waking up and saying enough of Pope Francis and many Protestants think he is wonderful. He's trying to bring peace on earth he's trying to clean up the planet is accepting of all people, even calling them Christians again this coming from Protestants. How is it that some Catholics can see this an object, but many Protestants seem to see. I would talk to apologist Mike gender and for the next several minutes he had proclaiming the gospel ministry. He was a Catholic for several decades came to faith in Christ went to seminary now tries to minister to Catholics and to lead them out of the system.

They are in to become born again through Jesus Christ before I bring on my guest Mike gender and just a heads up here that next week will look closely at the Ukraine situation. I'll hope to have both Michelle Bachmann and Pastor Barry Stagner on here with me to offer analysis, a biblical perspective and a prophetic perspective, this war is a huge concern to many, and rightly so, it appears Putin may want to retake his empire that dissolved over 30 years ago or more. And Ezekiel 38, 39 certainly warns of a forthcoming war in which Russia is the major player so that's next week right here on understanding the times radio Mike gender and welcome back to the program.

Thank you. Janet is always a great privilege to be on your show. I'm going to have this discussion here. Morph into talk about the one world religion. Again, the false prophet, the global government. But first let me ask you just a couple of practical questions and I think many listeners have let me start with this one. Many Catholics would say they are Christians. They believe in Jesus Christ. They believe he died on the cross for them. They believe they are sinners they very likely repent of sins weekly during the communion service to the best of their knowledge, Mike. They love God. Why would you say they just might not be ready for eternity. Well, it really goes back to the Reformation when the reformers began reading the word of God, but realized that the Roman Catholic plan of salvation was salvation by grace plus merit faith plus works Christ plus other mediators. Scripture plus religious tradition and glory was going to God as well as to marry in the science of the reformers recognize from reading the Scriptures that I was not true that we are saved by faith alone through grace alone in Christ alone. According to Scripture alone, all for the glory of God alone.

That's the difference between Roman Catholicism and their dogma of salvation and the biblical plan of salvation. The word alone is so important. Everything that I'm Scripture Ephesians 289 were pulses for by grace you have been saved through faith. It's not of yourselves with the gift of God not of works of no man may boast. Accentuate Fatah. Romans 11 fix if it is by grace, it is not of works, otherwise grace is not grace I'm sure every Roman Catholic would agree that they are saved by grace through faith in Christ, but they believe that their works come into play as part of their justification and so I need to repent of their works and put their faith in Christ alone and then would instant baptism play into that as well.

Yes, Roman Catholicism teaches a sacramental salvation that baptism is the sacrament of regeneration and the sacrament of justification listeners were Catholic at new life in Christ. Unfortunately, Catholics don't realize that babies who were baptized, they don't have the capacity to put their faith in anything so there are saved apart from faith through a sacrament, and then later on they have to put their faith in Christ. But that's not the assurance of salvation.

The Catholic Church does not preach eternal life with teachers conditional life. Catholics can only get to heaven if they died in the state of grace and of course we know from the gospel that the very promise of the gospel is eternal everlasting life with Christ. Once your born-again you belong to him forever. That's the difference between the Roman Catholic plan of salvation and the biblical path. We believe it's Christ alone. We have to come to the cross with empty hands of faith, we can bring nothing but our sound.

Christ takes her fan all of our guilt, all of our punishment and a return he gives us his perfect righteousness and that's her passport in the heaven, which is why second Corinthians 521 is my favorite verse in Scripture. He who knew no sin became sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in him. And that's the greatest exchange any human could ever experience my son for his righteousness, and listening here to Pope Francis himself, let me ask you this. Pope Francis is indeed an unconventional person and hope why was he chosen this pope goes against historical Catholic theology. Why do they let him stay. Do they know he's an apocalyptic player or this is an apocalyptic role he's featured on the cover of the gay magazine, homosexuals love him. He preaches a false gospel. Everything is about saving the planet not saving souls.

So why do you think they even chose him will really get him to the Roman Catholic Church's role in the end times.

The Roman Catholic Church teaches that Jesus Christ will not return to the earth until the whole world becomes Roman Catholic, that is the goal of the Roman Catholic Church is to bring all separated brethren, that would be Protestants and evangelicals back home to Rome for the fullness of salvation. Pope Francis is a Jesuit.

He is a Universalist, in spite of the teaching of Christ. Pope Francis believes that God will save all people, he said and I quote the Lord has redeemed all of us with the blood of Christ, not just Catholics. Everyone, even the atheist blood of Christ has redeemed us all in order to advance the Roman Catholic agenda of making the whole world Roman Catholics for the Christ will return.

They appointed Pope Francis, who is a Universalist head of the Roman Catholic Church. The Saul's profit is described in Revelation 13. He's also referred to as the second beast, and together with the antichrist and Satan, who empowers both of them the false prophet is the third party in the unholy Trinity self.

We hear a lot about the office of Pope going to fill the role of false prophet that's accepted in evangelical circles that that's a possibility we don't know for sure, let me just read two paragraphs by Roger Oakland, former Catholic, and then come back and ask you a question Roger says according to Bible prophecy a one world religion that will offer the promise of peace throughout the world is going to commence prior to Christ's return to most. This global body will seem like a wonderful thing and very possibly will be a pseudo-Christianity coming in the name of Christ. However, contrary to how the masses will view it it will actually help establish and set up the antichrist and his one world government. One more paragraph Oakland says in order for this to happen.

All religions must come together in an ecumenical plant and folks they are really doing that today. Big time. He says today as part of this satanic scheme. The evangelical/Protestant church is being drawn seductively into the Roman Catholic Church largely through what we call the Jesuit agenda incredibly while the evidence is obvious to some, the majority of proclaiming Christians are not at all aware is happening.

So what should we expect if we are in the time when such a system unfold.

First, many who once were Protestant and Evangelical will become ecumenical. Second, all religions will unite in solidarity of purpose and then he concludes, understanding the Jesuit agenda is essential if we are to understand how this worldwide deception will come about Mike help us understand what is the Jesuit agenda and of course Pope Francis is a Jesuit first Jesuit pope and you have to go back 500 years from the Jesuits were commissioned by the Pope in 1540. They were commissioned to do whatever it took to end the Protestant Reformation.

So in effect they really are militia of the Roman Catholic Church and the main purpose was to defeat Protestantism and regain worldwide papal rule.

Down through the centuries they've achieved this through education through social programs to charity infiltration under governmental medicine and also work up enough if you look at the history of the Jesuits, you will save up are known for their deception for their spying assassinations and revolutions to the point where 83 countries have them expelled Janet's also important to meld up by 1773. The order have been abolished because of their horrible reputation of blood enough deception and morality. But then they were reinstated fully in 1814 by Pope Pius VII, when they were reinstated they change their method of operation melter building schools and hospitals from their seeking a more friendly approach through assimilation. The propaganda and schools which promoted Roman Catholicism throughout the world, one who speaks out very articulately, and he has no Catholic background is my friend Amir some funny Jewish background has an incredible message on the coming one world religion. The one world government. The unity that's going on. I want play a short clip of a mirror, and then I want to come back and discuss it because carries talking about the great harlot. This all comes out of the book of Revelation heavily collaboration with efforts to create the one world government. We can see September 25 of last year. Nationalism must not prevail. Pope said in addressing the United Nations Pope is saying nations and nationalism is a thing of the past. Leaders should not take care of their own nations and nationalism must not prevail. We must look at things from a global perspective. He said in the meeting with world leaders in 2019. Common good has become the terminologies has become global wheat are getting stating a fact. What was is no longer what is right now is new and I am ready part take some sort of leadership in this new thing. The current situation of globalization not only of the economy but also technological and cultural exchanges. The nationstate is no longer able to procure the common good of its population alone saying your government is not good.

The nation state is something of the past cannot take care of problems anymore. The common good has become global and nations must associate for their own benefit. If you want to benefit, you must associate in the global effort.

So what is a one world religion and one world religion is when the entire world will reach a point where they worship the same way the wrong thing. Revelation 17 verses 1 to 6 then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and talked with St. to meet come, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot look at those strong words. The Bible is using about that religion sits on many waters with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication. It's not you rethink it's not the word of God. It's not the righteousness is fornication.

Leaders of the world will be part of that and the inhabitants of the earth were made to run with the wine of her fornication.

People will not be able to think right, drunkenness is when you are unable to control yourself anymore so he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast, which was full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and 10 horns. The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold look. These are the colors that are being used in the Vatican today and talking about seven hills of Rome is known as the city sits on the seven hills and look what he said, adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication. The Bible is describing a world religious system that is full of abomination and fornication.

It has nothing to do with gold religion of inclusion, with the exception of those who follow Jesus.

This is a description of the great tribulation. You're listening to understand the times radio and Jim are killing him on the line apologist. My kindred Mike and that closing sentence. They are a mere society emphasize a religious system that has nothing to do with God only inclusion is spot on.

I'm just amazed how accurate it was really interesting because the Roman Catholic Church identifies with the harlot revelation and her relationship with the kings of the earth.

He quoted Revelation 17 that in verse 18 of the woman who you saw on the great city which reigns over the kings of the earth service department religion that produces government leaders with her religious power.

Jan historically there's only been one global religion as a history of writing the backs of kings. Beginning in the fourth century, Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire. Many pagans and their traditions entered the church with no call to repentance her faith. Many would say that this was the genesis of the Roman Catholic Church and its deliberate step into' will send them the Catholic religion has continued its alliances with kings president emperors dictators that historically popes abuse their armies and navies to defeat other kingdoms under build her own.

It's really interesting how the Catholic Church identifies with the harlot of Revelation you write in this would be under the category of the Pope be the false prophet or the antichrist. Since my question when in picking up a quote from something you've written in one of your newsletters and you say this, many have said the papacy is the seat of antichrist because he was served God's infallibility condemns all who believe God's gospel and receives worship that is due only to God. The reformers knew the harlot better than anyone since they all came out of the apostate religion. They knew Catholicism was the ungodly harlot and a bitter enemy to the bride of Christ. You say, Luther exposed the papacy saying the Pope is the very antichrist who has exalted himself above interpose himself against Christ because he will not permit Christians to be saved without his power to lie to kill and to destroy body and soul eternally. That is where his papal government really consists then you quote Charles Spurgeon said it is the duty of every Christian to pray against antichrist and if it is not the popery in the church of Rome. There is nothing in the world. It can be Mike we need to clarify that this hour because it sounds like this is a huge attack against Catholic people and it isn't by the way, and you need to clarify that your ministry by the way the title of his ministry is proclaiming the gospel.

This is not an attack on Catholic people, not at all Chatham effect when the Lord save me one of the first things I realized was only two things that are eternal in the flight from out of the word of God and the souls of men and I have a great compassion for Roman Catholics who are were I was, I believe I belong to the one true church. It wasn't until I was confronted with the truth of God's word that I realized I was woefully deceived about my salvation.

It was at that point where I dedicated the rest of my life to reaching Roman Catholics with the gospel of Christ. I can't reach everyone. So what we do is we go around the world.

We equipped the body of Christ to be effective and faithful witnesses to the church mission field is my love for Roman Catholics.

It motivates me to do this because there's nothing more serious in this life could be wrong about eternal destiny. We really need to make sure that the body of Christ is actively pursuing this huge mission field is a lot of confusion.

As you know Jan because many evangelicals have find unity accordance affects many people don't know if it represents a mission field or if there already are brothers and sisters in Christ, since I'm taking some paragraphs from his newsletter and you can learn more or reach out to my Proclaiming the and I'm still on this global religion because I do believe it's being formed as we speak. You say the papacy's push for a global religion will meet very little resistance after the rapture of the church when the Lord Jesus returns take all born-again Christians to heaven then that lawless one will be revealed. That is the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan with all power and signs and false wonders, and with all the deception of the wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved.

For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false. Second Thessalonians 29 through 11 who are the ones who did not receive the love of the truth. They are those who rejected God's gracious offer of salvation through faith alone in the finished work of Christ alone and then you conclude all religions, with the exception of true biblical Christianity are united in their outright denial of salvation by grace alone.

So this global religion. Mike and I want to play clipper to further about this is clearly being formed as we speak, curative, and I don't want your listeners to miss what is the common bond that will unite all the religions of the world is that every one of them believes in a works righteousness and salvation doesn't matter what religion you belong to buyer talk to you must do things to appease your God. Biblical Christianity is set apart from all the religions of the world because were saved by grace alone in Christ alone. That's where the differences lie. It's a major difference, but it's also the common bond for global unity Vatican Council true state of the Catholic Church endeavors to gather all people and all things under Christ so as to pay for all an inseparable sacrament of unity. Jan that is their goal and we need to make sure your listeners are aware that they will stop at nothing to unite all people. They go so far as the fighter Protestants cannot have the fullness of salvation until we return home to Rome to receive the Eucharist in Catholic theology of the Eucharist is the body and blood, soul and divinity of Christ. He's been called down from heaven by Roman Catholic priest to be transubstantiation. Eventually Sir, we must go back to Rome in order to have the fullness of salvation that is the calling card for Protestants to return one more click here. This is a mere society again and he is talking about the general theme of this hour, and that's this coming one world religion. I believe that there is an existing religion that is ready to be as a shell for something new that is being injected into it and I'm talking about the Catholic Church.

This is the only one that fits the bill. Of all the descriptions of the book of Revelation, the Never ever looked at themselves the way we call them Roman Catholics, Catholicism did not start in Rome started in Constantinople in what Istanbul is today in the word Catholic means universal. It means it belongs to everyone the Catholic Church today and for the last at least seven, eight years maybe more, we see a unbelievable concentrated effort with hundreds of millions of dollars that are being poured into it to reach out to our world population. In order to bring them all under and you concept of the Catholic Church. Islam is not trying to reach the whole world. Judaism is not trying to reach the Roman Catholicism is in 2019.

There was a visit of the Pope to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and the Pope and the Grammy mom sign his story ledge of fraternity and in that historic pledge or fraternity it says in the name of God was created. All humans being equal in rights, duties and dignity and who has called them to live together as brothers and sisters to fill the earth and make known the values of goodness, love. I don't think I found Jesus there.

I don't even think I saw that he's the only way, truth in life. I don't understand where it says here that you should be born again in order to enter into the kingdom of God, not all that I just said is the words of Jesus that assumption that were old people and can live in great harmony is almost like going back to the tower by balancing make a name for ourselves. I gender and you want to comment on that spot on. I just wish that more Christians would become aware of the Roman Catholic agenda and I would recognize it. Roman Catholics need to hear the gospel in order to be cited to have a another Jesus, I have another gospel there influenced by another spirit. Jan I'm not saying this to be offensive to Catholics. In fact, I would encourage them to read the word of God and they will find out that the only way to be saved is through the all sufficient finished imperfect work of Jesus Christ on the cross Catholics instead continue the work of redemption on an altar, believing that the priest has the power to call Jesus down to be sacrificed on the altar as a victim for the sins of the committed and the previous week. It's a different Jesus with a different gospel and we know from Galatians 1629 Paul said, if anyone comes preaching another gospel there to be anathema there to be condemned, turned over to God for destruction of all Roman Catholic system is under condemnation and we need to rescue these precious souls out from under that religious system and the only way we can do that is by sharing and proclaiming the glorious gospel of grace. I want to get one part two of my programming my talk a little bit more about this whole globalist agenda. We hear a lot about the world economic forum I talked a minute almost every week on this program that's on the horizon. How does the Catholic Church in any Pope fit into that whole agenda and I raised the headline when I spoke with Pastor Tom Hughes month or two ago, a headline that read Pope Francis may be a Pope in search of a partner. My goodness, it's Catholic magazine back two years ago now it's just a lot more to talk about the way that all of this push for unity and what about Archbishop Carlos Vega no later reference him as time allows, is the kind of a good guy. He gets it on whole lot better than some evangelicals get it.

Well, we gotta be careful so will give a little warning there when we come back don't go away and coming back in just a minute or two, we hope you'll stay in touch with us online through olive tree that's olive tree call it central time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 rightists of the male mythology ministries and Jan Markel, PO Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311. This unstable chaotic world is running to be free.

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Francis continues to shake things up. He says there's been too much emphasis on issues such as abortion and homosexuality and that the church needs to become a home for role. Chris Brown reports pews and cathedrals around the world. Catholics are weighing in on some startling new comments from their Pope was very major really Kevin Simpson is a gay Catholic from Vancouver is very non-condemnatory.

He welcomes dialogue, it seems, and we hope that's the case, terms of homosexuality, whereas Pope Francis is predisaster made headlines for calling homosexuality a disorder in a wide-ranging magazine interview the new pope suggested the church should effectively ease off on that and other contentious issues. We cannot insist only on issues related to abortion and gay marriage, and the use of contraceptive methods.

This is not possible. He said the pope suggested the church shouldn't be so quick to condemn and must be more welcoming. We have to find a new balance. He said very specifically saying we no longer focus on these issues. This should not be our core message and ascending that not only to the world. But as I say, sending it to every parish priest in every village and every city across the world. Indeed, a month ago chatting with reporters on his plane, the Pope signaled his change in tone 10 of us on a game to pension a nap.

When I went on that my educational you up in Utica, of course, the Pope did not say it's okay to be gay, nor that he was in favor of women priests, which more conservative commentators are quick to underscore the risk whatever the church teaches about abortion and gay marriage or contraception.

He doesn't deny is not changing anything so there's no breaking story here Vancouver parishioner James Schaefer would like to see the pope go even further and welcoming gaze, but is pleased with what he heard today is doing as well as can. I don't think it's going to be very easy work for him either. I've just come back to the United States and that's pretty conservative church, indeed, some US bishops have said they're disappointed with the new tone and would like the Pope to speak out more forcefully on issues such as abortion today Pope Francis appeared to signal that's not his plan. Welcome back for continuing hearing for the hour talking to apologists Mike Chandra and learn

Lots of tools there for you to use. If you are in fact trying to administer to Catholics in your life. Just a quick couple of comments here about all the hijacking going on on our social media a reminder to our thousands of followers on YouTube. There are up to 1000 stolen videos of ours on YouTube. Many of them many years old and outdated. They are posted in audio only while we post a video version of the program. You did not want to listen to these folks there stolen so helpless by you could even write to Google and YouTube and protest this terrible fraud going on it's intended to do this ministry. Great harm.

Watch our video version on our website. Olive tree and then to complete archives.

You can watch it on rumble light source.

His channel Christian television or on our social media platforms we remain on YouTube. But you cannot trust it any longer because of this kind of hijacking.

Sorry to have to keep saying that I'm doing that because of the volume of emails and calls were getting from confused people. Now I move on here into the conclusion of my conversation with apologist Mike Chandra and Mike putting things altogether here.

Pope Francis with his family to be blunt is Marxism is environmentalism.

His push for the New World order global government, sustainable development, the Jesuit agenda.

The unity of face a global Constitution a global court.

These are things he's pushing for a departure from Catholic traditions.

Is this unusual, you know, the Pope going back in history, but is this not highly unusual. In recent history that we have to keep in mind that the Pope is a very strategic position is not only the religious leader of 1.3 billion Roman Catholics but is also a sovereign ruler of a nation. The sovereign ruler of Vatican City and that's why he's got ambassadors from all the nations of the world to pay him visits each year. He's got a hand on everything that's going on, both politically and religiously. We talked about how his strong push for globalism includes a supranational legally constituted body to enforce sustainable development is calling for all the nations to abandon their national sovereignty and common effort to save the earth receiving this push not only for a global government but also for a global religion. We know right behind that is a global economy. What you say.

Of all the popes throughout history. Pope Francis has had the most aggressive agenda to unite all professing Christianity in all the religions of the world together. He has been building bridges and suppressing Catholic doctrine in his global pursuit of unity you say Francis asked that we open ourselves to each other and unite as human beings and his brothers and sisters with those who pray according to other cultures. Other traditions and other beliefs.

You say he is seeking full fellowship with brothers and sisters of other religions. Many of his bizarre theological statements and pronouncements have been an attempt to suppress doctrines that would prevent unity. Clearly he has proven to be one of the most egregious false prophets of all popes throughout history.

That's a strong statement, well actually it is really provided Roman Catholic religion because his got conservatives now that it recognizes going against historic Roman Catholicism.

They would also call him a false prophet but we know that when you compare and contrast what he teaches with the authority of God's word that's undeniable. That is a false prophet who teaches a false gospel that really leads 1.3 billion people down the wide road to destruction by the authority of Scripture, we can say yes he is a false prophet in Revelation 13 receive a false prophet performs great signs, even makes fire come down from heaven to the earth will Roman Catholicism believe they have the power to call the Almighty God and Savior Jesus Christ down from his throne in heaven to be offered again on an altar which is a greater power to call fire down from heaven, or to call the omnipotent God back down to continue what he finished on the cross. He definitely is a false prophet who steals titles from the triune God who calls himself a humble person but still title holy father head of the church and Vicar of Christ. He rots Christ with his power over souls to usurp Scott's infallibility, daring to say that when he slipped from the chair of Peter can be infallible himself and ultimately the greatest issue of his position as false prophet as he condemns everyone who believes God's gospel did not only preach another gospel. But there is over 100 anathemas from the Council of Trent that condemn all born-again Christians are desirous to say. Roman Catholics exchange their religion, public relations with the Lord Jesus Christ were not condemning Roman Catholics were just pleading with them to open the word of God. See for yourself the glorious gospel of grace repent and believe it and then you two can exchange a religion like the apostle Paul. For a relationship with Christ. I encourage Catholics to look at Philippians 3 and you can save a resume of the apostle Paul. If anybody had reason to boast of his religion.

It was Paul, and yet in the end he said I consider all of this rubbish and exchange his righteousness for the righteousness of Christ and therefore recalling all Roman Catholics to do exchange a religion for relationship and that relationship is eternal if everlasting, you have the assurance of being with Christ in heaven can play one more click here. The mayor, since IT and the new mantra that's coming down the pike folks is alternately about climate change, so just get prepared. Let's listen to the mere on January 31, 2021 it says Biden and Pope Francis could make a climate change mirror to see it's no longer about the five it's no longer about the gospel. It's no longer about Jesus. It's about climate change and speaking of global authority and climate change. Pope Francis: for a global government tackle the climate change agenda. Pope Francis declares climate emergency and urges action and I don't remember anything like that with the church is doing everything what is more amazing way to bring the whole world together than climate change. Think about terrorism fail is terrorism brought countries together after the twin towers fell. It was President Bush dictating to the rubble and how was he accepted USA USA US flag. Everybody rounded around the flag of United States. It didn't really help bringing the world together. It brought the Americans together. If terrorism is not working and wars are not working within what else can we choose to bring the whole world under one government is not something that affects the whole world at the same time in the same way, and of course climate change is the one in the Pope is not missing enough unity to be a leading force in all of these things look what he says in 2019 future generation stands to inherit a greatly spoiled world our children and grandchildren should not have to pay the cost of our generations. The responsibility indeed, as is becoming increasingly clear young people are calling for a change.

Make no mistake, I have no problem with taking care plan.

I'm trying to show that the Catholic Church emptied itself from the doctrine and its self when everything's my children could the new world religion be centered on climate very possibly everything that was so sensitive spot on but I also want to inform your listeners to Pope Francis also has a hand in global health, which would be another reason to bring global unity to him and Joe Biden continue to carry out the globalist agenda to create a one world religion and one world government by using their tools for complete control of the masses through the great respect and also like digital health and economic identification system to a lot of people don't realize that Dr. Anthony found she was also Jesuit training and the Pope have this global conference on health. He invited Chelsea Clinton and the CEOs of pharmaceutical manufacturers on both fancy and Pope Francis are disciples of the Jesuits, along with Dr. Robert Redfield, the former head of the CDC and also recommend us.

Dr. Francis Collins, head of the NIH more than 100 speakers came to this global health conference. Some of them hold views diametrically opposed to the Catholic Church's teachings, including the new age group Epoque support the failure seeing all of these people come together for everything outside of religion because they know religion divide. But if we can unite people on global health and on climate control than that would be the agenda toward promoting religious unity very well said Mike that's so important because I can see the next crisis coming down the pike. Well obviously it's been held no question about that. The climate lockdowns possibly coming next.

The whole climate crisis which we know the Bible says only God controls the climate that that's not what the unbelieving world seems to be thinking I call the Pope, the Vicar of the New World order, and just quoting here real briefly. Gary, in one of his recent magazines.

He says this throughout 2021 Pope Francis has continued to strongly push the globalist ideals demonstrating his support for the UN's one world goals in every spectrum of influence, whether in the area of coven related health matters, climate change, economics, politics or religion. This Pope has weighed in exerting his influence upon the faithful and anyone willing to listen that he says the opening day, the United Nations climate summit. The pontiff urged people to pray so that the cry of the earth would be heard at the summit today in Lascaux Scotland. The UN Summit on climate change is starting.

Let us pray so that the cry of the earth, and the cry of the poor will be heard and that this meeting may give effective answers offering concrete hope to future generations. This push for one world and climate agenda, etc. your comment please focus pushing toward an ecological for the friendship of the world is all based on sustainability. That is something every citizen in the world is concerned about is really perfectly good agenda to unite the world both spiritually course, all unbelievers are already united spiritually. But tonight the world and a global religion as well as a global government. It's really interesting to jam a note of the two most powerful Catholic people in the world today are Pope Francis and Joe Biden know that they've gotten together and I discussed a lot of what we fed both up there in age so we can only speculate whether or not when the fleas of the Lord's return and who comes after them. The Pope says that Mr. Biden is a good Catholic. This is stunning.

Mr. Biden is an enemy of the gospel. He certainly very very pro-abortion. What is behind him being told he's a good Catholic. It's because the Pope recognizes he meets Joe Biden to accomplish his agenda. He doesn't want to alienate him for what he does as he turns his back on his pro-abortion stance and if it is a good Catholic.

My children I'm just going a little bit different direction here and I'm quoting you because you say, again, this is in one of your newsletters. I like you to comment. You say that the pro-life movement has been one of Rome's most effective tools for deceiving Protestants into ecumenical alliances and has lead many astray and yet Mikey would agree. The pro-life movement is so important. So how do we justify what you've just said here. This is one of the reasons why the evangelical and Catholics together: been so popular in so many evangelicals would find on because we do share co-belligerency and the fight against abortion and the sanctity of marriage.

But we have to keep in mind that according to second Corinthians chapter 6 verses 14 day pain that we cannot have unity with unbelievers. Yes, we can become belligerence together and fight for social and moral wars together. But when you include the gospel in Ms. unity records that is off-limits because the Roman Catholic gospel is antithetical to the gospel that we see so gloriously revealed in Scripture. Yes, let's fight together as co-belligerence. But let's not unite around the gospel because the gospel is gospel that is added to the perfect finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ felt another gospel and we cannot unite with the gospel that is under condemnation from Galatians chapter 1 verses 6 to 9 Jen I think it's important to note that as we fight these wars as co-belligerence. We need to recognize that Pope Francis is Universalist who denies the existence of hell is daring to say that everyone is a child of God. This again is drawing many people into the Roman Catholic Church is also at the point where many of the people that follow him are redefining sand there is a recent announcement that one of the cardinals was now chosen to consider the church's assessment on homosexuality is a fan and correct in his call for a fundamental revision of church teaching and this is all based on what we heard earlier that the Pope's fingers. No, homosexuality in the New Testament that we also see in Germany gave Roman Catholic priest are coming out and demanding for the world to save the true diversity of the Roman Catholic Church and to demonstrate that the body of Christ is wonderfully clear. Please see the Catholic religion is trying to be all things to all people so that they can gather all the people the world together under the power and influence of apathy.

We need to be able to see through this and to say that not only is the Pope against the Lord Jesus Christ is against his gospel, and we need to contend earnestly for the purity and the exclusivity of the gospel you are listening to understanding the times radio and Jim Markel have on the line Mike Jenkin proclaiming the proclaiming the as I said a few minutes ago Mike, there is an intriguing archbishop out there. I've quoted him on this program archbishop Carlos the canal.

Many are quoting him as a matter fact you are at a prophecy conference and someone quoted him and I have once or twice.

Anyway, why because number one.

He understands the push towards globalism more than probably most evangelical Protestants.

He speaks out against Pope Francis E warns that the world economic forum is behind all the turmoil in the world which is true.

He calls out the global elite give him credit for that. He warns of the great reset they can no warns of the destruction of capitalism that's coming. He seems to understand at least portions of the book of Revelation.

Yet you say that he is secretly all about ecumenism that he may understand the end time scenario.

I think better than many pastors may understand and who will not address it, but you are issuing a word of warning about archbishop Vega no. Yes, and rightfully so he knows to do all the other ecumenical that there can never be unity between believers and unbelievers between Roman Catholics and evangelicals and Protestants over the gospel because the Roman Catholic Church would be the first to admit that they have a different gospel that we do in fact they've condemned us with all of their anathemas from the Council of Trent felt there cannot be common bond on the gospel. So what they do is they look for other common themes and misses their purpose of trying to seek unity but put aside the gospel for a moment let's come together to fight globalism to fight climate change. Their agenda is moving forward because there's a lack of discernment in the body of Christ, and it goes back to what Paul wrote in second Corinthians 614 to 15 do not be bound together with unbelievers.

For what partnership is righteousness and lawlessness.

What fellowship has light with darkness or what harmony has Christ with the Lyle or what has a believer in common with an unbeliever.

This is their agenda put aside the gospel in lovesick unity on everything other than the gospel of Jesus Christ, then you are saying silks should turn off archbishop Vega no, I have some good points. Politically we test his politics with politics that we follow slightly pastors religious teachings with the supreme authority of God's word every man needs to be tested and fortunately we have an infallible source for truth that we can test everything against and that's what I would encourage all of your listeners to do is to test every man's teaching of his politics lineup with yours and you can embrace that but don't embrace them because if gospel is totally different from our gospel came. I think the question of the hour. I opened the program with and that is could a pope. Seal the role the position. The office of false prophet.

We don't know. And since the Bible discourages us from trying to pin the tail on the Antichrist and false prophet. Nonetheless, I think it's fascinating to consider some of these things.

And again, Mike.

I have a headline in front of me. It's four years old. Pope Francis may be a pope in search of a partner and then paragraph underneath the headline when a strong pope with a clear social agenda intersects with the world leader who shares the same basic Outlook and one who is willing to put elbow grease behind it.

Sometimes history can change the question facing the Pope is this who's the political partner who could help him move the ball. I think that begs the question, could he eventually a pope, maybe not.

Pope Francis. He is aging he would be well into his 90s by the time the tribulation would be gearing up and then winding down, but could the office of the Pope be that of a false prophet and I think you would concur that that would be possible. Sure, we know that according to prophecy the last days will be marked by a world ruler with great political power and also what the activity of Satan, but we also know that is not alone has a partner who is a false prophet affect the final false prophet. There been many false prophets, we see that is a religious leader and he will unite all the people and to the Sultana global religion, the false prophet will cause the world to worship the antichrist as if he were God. That's the role of the false prophet is to point people to a man who claims to be the Christ, we can only wonder apathy will be the office for the final false prophet Jack Baker parentheses the Lord's return. There is no office on this earth that has more influence throughout the world and the Pope is on declaration is infallible when it comes to speaking about faith and morals. Scott, a good portion of the world already believing that when he sits on the chair of Peter.

He cannot error the stage is set. We know that if the Lord's timing is not Satan's timing and something always has to have his men on the earth in prominent positions. If it's not Pope Francis them. I believe that he is been appointing bishops that share the same common agenda that he does. He could have handpicked some bishops to think exactly like he does exactly when you look at these last two posts. Pope Benedict and Pope Francis layers so opposite. As you know, Pope Benedict was a doctrinal guru. He wrote the catechism he was not pastoral, which I believe is why he step down. Pope Francis is pastoral, but he is not dogmatic and is not doctrinal but now I think the Pope is appointing all these bishops to be Cardinals so that when he dies that someone of like mind will take his place and continue his aggressive agenda to unite the world religiously and spiritually. Since you want to dialogue with Mike Gendreau and write him through his website proclaiming the I think you have some witnessing tools on your website, correct Mike, yes we do that a couple of books that I've read preparing for eternity, which is what we all need to be doing both believers and unbelievers have also written a book called contending for the gospel. We have many DVDs and also gospel tracts to use to share the gospel. A lot of articles a lot of videos on our website. Encourage everyone who is interested in being better equipped to be faithful evangelist who look to our website, we have to recognize that if we are in the face of the Lord's return. There are some expectations we need to be steadfast. We need to be faithful. We need to be doing the Lord's business because God doesn't promise anyone tomorrow. If she comes in the rapture of the we need to be about Lord's business before he comes. The last thing we want to do is leave our loved ones behind. Hopefully your listeners will be spurred on an encourage of exhorted to make the most of every opportunity they have to reach the lost disc. A lot of the program you are is weary of the world's instability as I am. Let me close with just two versus Isaiah 33, five and six the Lord is exalted, for he dwells on high. He has filled Zion with justice and righteousness and God will be the stability of your times. A wealth of salvation, wisdom and knowledge.

You know, there is no stability anymore. It seems that everything is out of control that if we always remember that God has everything under control Really does help nothing catches him by surprise and he simply causing all things to fall into place.

Why, thank you for listening folks will talk to you again next week. Contact us through our website. Olive tree that's Olive tree call the simple time at 763559444 763-559-4444 that I mail when you write to all three ministries of John Martel Fox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible. God called you to be a part of this generation to shine a light in the darkness. Give someone a couple water don't grow discouraged. Just know that today's events, allowing everything to into place

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