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Not Appointed Unto Wrath

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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March 9, 2019 7:00 am

Not Appointed Unto Wrath

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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March 9, 2019 7:00 am

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Is the book of Revelation good news or bad news will talk about it this hour.

The facts are Bible prophecies and the best news we could ever hear is Christians and is the much needed antidote to deal with the perilous days when women were evil. Now Revelation is not doom and gloom reminds me that I'm going to have a place beyond my wildest dreams. I'm going to the millennium where my greatest adventure awaits investable going to see my king Jesus face-to-face who loves me and who one for me an amazing life for all eternity.

Blessing that news it is all obtain when you read in here and take the heart the prophetic events that are on hundred percent accurately recorded for us only in the Bible today. John Markel talks to Pastor Billy Crone of Sunrise Bible Church in Las Vegas, Nevada open the discussion talking about the seals of Revelation is our end time judgments in the first half of the tribulation is the church present for this we believe is not Scripture is clear that God is not destined to believer the wrath of God is to Markel to open a discussion and welcome to the program. You know, we look at news views truths from a decidedly biblical perspective, my guest for the our Pastor Billy Crone talks about a lot of issues that are relevant and particularly relevant to this ministry and program I have in mind frequently spoken understanding the times 2018 const camera, 29th and were going to hit on more than one topic today. Let me introduce the hour with just a comment or two about topic number one because we are carrying his 10 DVD set on the seals of Revelation. Many when they hear things about the seals and the vials and the bowls, etc. I think that the subject matter is over there had, it would just be confusing and it can become a giant turnoff and that is really tragic because Revelation is the only book of the Bible that promises a blessing for those who read it. Revelation 13 Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear and who keep what is written in it for the time is near. So as we talk for the first few minutes anyway about the seals of the book of Revelation, and that would actually be the first half of the tribulation approximately. There's a passage in Scripture in its first Thessalonians 4. It's an end time passage. It's really talking about the rapture and it ends with comfort one another with these words.

Honestly, folks. When you hear about some of the things that will be going on during the tribulation.

It would be impossible to use the words of first Thessalonians 4 and that would be to encourage one another with these words, encourage one another with the words of the seals. My goodness, Pastor Billy Crone, welcome to the program and back me up here when I say that there's no way anyone could be comforted with what's going to take place on pleasure in our group and I think that it is work ludicrous for people to always seem to want to try to squeeze the church into the seven year tribulation was the first airport reports of it all the way, depending on their positions because that's clearly not what the Scripture teaches and your brother course one powerful but common sense point, Paul. When you speak about the rapture. He says not just once but twice. Encourage one another with these words. These words and what picture to be rapture prior to this time got pours out his wrath on this planet for seven years nonstop. That's good news that does comfort us, but when you take a look at the events of the seven year tribulation first half second half. It doesn't matter it's all that no grant of the second half called the great tribulation is worse but this is the game that people play today and it's unfortunate they want to downplay this first-half deal with the fuel judgment as if well it's really not that bad, or they even want to try to say if you can believe this, that the first half of the tribulation the seals is not even the wrath of God that no no no no. It's just the wrath of man, or even the wrath of Satan in the region want to do that is because they have a conundrum.

The Bible is very clear that this is why the rapture so comforting God. Romans chapter 5 verse Thessalonians 1 and first specialties five. Right before and right after first specialties for the rapture path that God reiterates. We are saved from we are rescued from. We are not appointed unto his wrath. How can these people, but the church in that time what so comforting about that.

That's the game that they play right. Try to say that this is not the wrath of God. When you read the Bible and certainly even the first of the seals.

There is no way in the world. If you're always with the text that you can make that statement. It is so blatantly not just ludicrous, it completely on biblical hillbilly. That's because the Lamb is unleashing the Lamb course is Jesus Christ, the Lamb is a leasing this terrible wrath.

I just want to explain my audience with the seals are there is some listening to having the slightest idea what the seals are all about the seals are one of the series of end time judgments from God. The seals are described in Revelation 6 and eight in John's vision. Seals pulled closed a scroll in heaven, and as each seal is broken, a new judgment is unleashed on the earth. Following the seal judgments are trumpet judgments and bowl or violent judgments, and the Lamb begins to open the seals. Revelation 6 Billy the Lamb is Jesus Christ. To get around that. I understand why you're trying to do what to do and squeezed the church and I disagree with it but they do that in order to try to justify that error they have to remove this being the wrath of God. Again, as you brought up Jan everyone. The seals again. This is the first half, you get the seal judgments in the trumpet judgments and then the both judgments and then at the end of the second coming of Jesus Christ. So the seals again are the first of the three major judgments were gone.

This is the first half and what's it say there is says from the very get-go. Verse one. Revelation 6 where they feel start by it as I watch as the Lamb will move the way you have to pray and fast 15 years ago to some secret conference to figured out it's obvious Jesus is. As I watch as the Langham open the first of the seven seals no way that you look at the second seal verse three it says again when the Lamb opened the second seal verse five when the Lamb opened the third seal verse seven when the Lamb opened the fourth seal and then verse nine it switches to and when he opened the fifth seal contextually. Still, the Lamb Jesus. And in verse 12 I watched as he, Jesus, the Lamb opened the sixth seal, then in 81. It is when he again the Lamb opened the seventh seal 747 every single one is open up by the lamp. It did not say, and I watched as man opened the first of the seven seals. Not to say I watch and Satan unleashed the seals with no if the Lamb all coming from God.

I do want to play the trailer because again were carrying the scent of believers. 10 teachings in the percent of seal teachings correct Pastor Billy Crone 10 DVDs for a total of 21 hour 21 hours in one plane the trailer and let me just clarify that's featured in the now playing it so slick Simon at the I'm commentating in the set of the DVDs. Here the seals. Pastor JD sarong is interviewed Dave Ragan a Nathan Jones and then there's a lot of teaching in between some of the commentary. Let's just play that little trailer when you think the state of the moral right up well with the restrainer gone I think it's going to be. We think we have anarchy now in chaos. Now we haven't seen anything yet lawlessness, anarchy, chaos. I think some people who are going.

I haven't heard the gospel and have heard about the rapture Satan themselves and I wish I had listened something reminds me of something I was told, but I think things are going to start fly think stock market will just general chaos and setting the stage for a man with a plan to fix it will start square English things will be the greatest calamity, I could be partial wall everywhere will be asked for the right after the rapture time.

I likely very short-lived. But there will be this false piece of this West this insatiable form peace and security.

However, it would be very short-lived.

Phone and unspeakable destruction and can you can find the product in my store all to knowledge is to be a great product for a small group adult Sunday school class can give my office a call Salzman to be in my print and E newsletters and I'm talking to Pastor Billy Crone for the hour, Jan Markel, your host here really, I just want talk about the seals for a minute because the first seal introduces the antichrist. Revelation 6 he rides a white horse, which speaks of peace.

The pretenses he will bring peace to the world. The second seal great warfare breaks out in the third seal, black horses can bring famine. Fourth seal for seal is open. John sees a pale horse. Its rider was named death and Hades was following close behind him. The result of this fourth seal is that one fourth theorist population are killed.

1/5 seal scrolls for seal reveals that those who will be martyred for their faith in Christ during the tribulation, Billy Crone, that's not the church. The church again, you've clarified and I tried to is often the church is gone. It's in heaven, but people are coming to faith during the tribulation. Yet we know about clear that people can get saved in the tribulation as well as God reserves a one third remnant of the Jewish people because he's not don't and obviously Scripture teaches, but the people who made the unfortunate mistake. Instead of getting saved now and avoiding the whole mess now. Praise God for his mercy… Judgment. You can still get saved but you can basically pay with it with your life. In fact the Scripture talks about the time of the people beheaded is just a horrible gruesome scene frankly but again, this even goes back to talk about the church.

This cannot be the church we know it cannot be the church because this whole period of the seven or tribulation. The seals of the first half of it goes back to the book of Daniel and the book of Daniel is where we get a seven year tribulation in the first place is the final week of Daniel 78 week prophecy. And when you look at the context there in the book of Daniel, which is where the truth of the seven year tribulation's final week begins. You see that the church is never mentioned three months in Daniel chapter 9 why because it has nothing to do with the church. In fact, do the math. The church at the time when Daniel wrote the book of Daniel, the church wasn't even in existence until 570 years after the book of Daniel was written.

And then on top of that the New Testament clearly tells us that the church was a ministry and that the Old Testament writers, including Daniel had no knowledge of the church and when you look at the context of the book of Daniel. Dealing with this final week. The seven year tribulation.

It was written by a Jewish man with a Jewish name for Jewish people for a Jewish time, not the church.

And that's what's called a time of Jacob's right, not the church's stipulation is for the salvation of the nation of Israel, Billy Crone, I just want to reference the more the seals because they are ominous. We have unbelievers listening time to running out folks, if you're not a believer. Time is running out sick seal in the Lamb of God opens the sixth seal a devastating earthquake occurs causing massive upheaval and terrible devastation. All of this is in this wonderful set of DVDs that were carrying produced by get a life media in life find lots of other products. There. This is where the sun turns black, the moon turns blood red, and the heavens received like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island removed from its place survivors of the sixth seal, regardless of her social position. Take refuge in caves cry out to the mountains and to the rocks, fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb. There we have it again. This is the wrath of the Lamb of God and the seventh seal Billy talk to us about the seven so you basically when the seventh seal was opened up. If there was silence in heaven for a half-hour document will sell silence when we did the study Jan as you know is silence. Of course you do. The idea that something foreboding is coming and that's really what we see here in the timing. Because this is towards the end of the first half of the seven or tribulation and you put it in its context with the seal judgments you got right people rejected Jesus Christ they accepted the antichrist, then a global war breaks out on the planet in which we not just armies but people begin to slay each other's horrible then another act of judgment comes from God and here comes this global famine and when you do the study, even in recent history, which we brought out famine is not just to get so bad that your skin turns black and all that stuff but people resort to cannibalism as can be horrible cold and by the way, remember the church is gone. During these judgments, and if people do these atrocious things. Now while the church is still here.

Imagine when the church, the restraining influence is gonna be infinitely worse. So that comes along. Then comes the force field and again the fourth seal it tells us that 1/4 of the planet is annihilated.

Now do the math on that what that is nearly 2 billion people.

Then we have the fifth so we talked about got the martyrs and there to be slaughtered for this then here comes the sick seal right and literally God starts lemon not just earthquake the impression you get there is the whole universe shakes, which of course causes the earth to shake which causes the asteroids come down and then on top of all that people still reject God and then here comes the seventh seal and God says, oh boy, but the pastor Billy Crone hold on just a second, because what were talking about and what you just outlining here. This does not see it into and get to be blunt, folks, this does not sit into the church growth movement because it perceived as doom and gloom. But again, if you got the church going through this. Indeed, it is doom and gloom. But the church testing go through this it's clear the whole pretrip rapture, even though that's under great attack. These days, but you have to agree with my pastor, Billy Crone, that this does not fit into any church growth movement. Because what you're talking about is kind of scary. While it is scary. If you're not sure if you're not well or if you believe in a mid-trip, pre-wrath, post-trip rapture right which again. Unfortunately, as I've been completely "sad, but it's also an abuse of the Scripture working as you rightly stated the beginning that the truth of the rapture is something that is to encourage us, not once but twice, and were just talking very briefly, there's much more detail of just the first half of the field and about you Jan, but a global war. 2 billion people dying asteroids swimming to the earth, massive earthquakes, global death and famine that don't sound like it's a good time to me that doesn't encourage me. So these positions cannot be true. And they're not. But again they want to downplay this first happened, or say this first have isn't as bad or even go so far as to say is not coming from God's wrath is for man or Satan you can derive that from the text. Well here's part of what's happening.

I think I'm talking to pastor Billy Crone for the hour. Again, he's pastor of Sunrise Bible Church Las Vegas, Nevada, and we've carried a lot of his products in the past and were carrying the many DVD set its 10 DVDs is 21 messages seals a panoramic view of the first half of the seven year tribulation and he's had several featured in it. Yours truly, Dr. Dave Ragan Pastor JD Parag Nathan Jones. I think were some people I coming from Billy Crone is Christians are suffering today in their suffering unspeakably and we've got some in the Middle East under persecution of Isis and others.

Other terrorists around the world. Why would Western Christians be exempt from suffering their suffering in Africa their suffering in China at their suffering and in North Korea, etc. doesn't seem fair. Well, again for somebody to make the charge that somehow God is being unfair is an attack on the holy character of God.

I don't recommend that number one, number two, the seven year tribulation again is not a time of just continued suffering. The Bible is clear that even now in the church age. As Christians, especially if you live for Christ. No matter what part of the world is increasing, even here in America that when you look for Christ. You will be hated. You will be persecuted. So, God never says that were not going to endure suffering rather than the seven year tribulation is a time when God pours out his wrath. God's wrath versus general suffering is two different things.

Okay, that's a good decent right and that's why the Scripture says yes you might have to suffer now for being a Christian right, but you will never left the promise, you were rescued from your not appointed unto and you are saved from Romans one for special is one versus only as far you are saved from God's wrath.

The church, the bride of Christ has been rescued from that and that encourages us and then again you see will why is it better well again. When you take a look at the events in the simulation you see that this is quote unquote not just normal suffering. This is in fact the wrath of God because these things that take place are on a planet wide scale on a massive scale to where even the universe shakes that causes the earth to shake which causes 2 billion people to die. That's not normal suffering. Why because it's the wrath of God. And that's what we can say from what we have going on right now certainly is the wrath of man. The wrath of Satan. We certainly see that playing outages reference to lot of Christian suffering various places. That is the wrath of man pastor Billy Crone.

We do have a lot of voices that would want to debate tests that do believe that the church is going to go through part or all of this. That means some of these, at least there are some who seem to be uncertain. I talked to Joel Richardson about it. He's feel strongly that the church will go through this Jacob crash Joe Schimmel Jim Baker is not trying to outfit us all with the survival foods that because were going to go through it by Rosenthal Irv Baxter Michael Snyder these are just some and then we have when it comes to end times theology that I thinks confusing people got Hank Anna Graff who believes that it all happened. We missed it at all happened in 70 A.D. he believes in Prater's and folks you can research that he would believe that the destruction of Jerusalem was the tribulation that Nero was the antichrist self.

All I'm saying is there's a multitude of belief systems out there, you need to do some of your own homework do some of your own research, but a good place to start. I think to get a good panorama of what we believe the church is going to avoid it would be this DVD set that we are carrying on the seals.

A panoramic view of the first half of the seven year tribulation.

You can find at my store. All of the tree. olive

You can learn a lot more about pastor Billy Crone in his ministry and get a life get a life I'm coming back in just a couple of minutes going to continue on were actually more thing you hear of it shortly into another topic. We recently had the Pope Francis send very prominent Muslim Imam meet together in United Arab Emirates and Billy Crone and I believe there are shades of an approaching one world religion on the horizon. We don't know when I think could be soon. How do some current events including what I just referenced fit into all of this will do that in just a minute don't go away.

We enjoyed having festival size conference lessons over 29, we still offer DVDs of that investment. Visit our website or call our office. Find a set of DVDs on the seals revolution in our store as well. Website location is olive trees used for all of the three overarching policy to order any product 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 might also sign up for print and the newsletter also feature a number of products.

This program is posted to our website Saturday morning. You know you lead busy lives and encourage you to listen at your leisure.

All of three views. When you think the state of the world is right up well with the restrainer gone I think it's going to be.

We think we have anarchy now, chaos now.

We haven't seen anything yet. Just what are the seals of the dilution we are curing a 10 DVD set, 20 parts study produced by pastor Billy Crone on the seals.

This documentary takes you on an in-depth journey through the first half of the formulation which the church is absent, featured in the production are generally itself is a virgin. After Jennifer and Nathan Jones in our web store all of your calling us at 763559447635594+ $5.06 dollars shipping the seals panoramic view relation 20 parts study the ideal for your small group or adult Sunday school. There were snake worshipers, fire, Muslim, Hindu, American witch doctor and I got report that I watched as they walked to the microphone to pray as they were called, praying they God and that their prayers were free energy that would bring about a new climate. Janet had testily crawled to begin the discussion of the coming global religion. In our second segment will be putting enough to unite all the rules. Religions under one banner have a unified theology probe believes even the Jews want to be part of this turn to possibly Crone of Summers Bible Church John Marco how anybody could sit there and say that the church can be in this first half and the seal judgment is beyond me is not just ludicrous always is work blasphemous when you look at the Scripture, God repeatedly says he is the one who is dishing out all these judgments in the first half the seal judgments okay and is clearly his wrath right hip. His wrath is not in the just the second half of his wrath is from the moment the antichrist makes a covenant with Israel. Daniel 927 Revelation 6 when the first seal the white horse rider from that moment forward is nonstop God's wrath.

Okay, welcome back were talking for at least the early part of the program here in talking with pastor Billy Crone were talking about his new production actually is not real pneumatically carried it here now just for a few weeks the seals it's a 10 DVD set, 21 teachings on the seals first half of the tribulation and part of our discussion is that so many people seem to think including some prophecy teachers quite a few that the opening part of the tribulation.

You know what, it's not that bad. We probably can even kinda sales through it and therefore the church must be there point is the minute the antichrist gets control all hell breaks loose. Some sorry and we've talked a little bit here about some of the seals the various seal judgments found in Revelation 6. Revelation 8 Billy you are spending some time in the seventh seal. The silence in heaven for about 1/2 an hour. Let me just ask you question here which we really don't know but I mean if in fact there is silence in heaven because of what's happening on earth. And do you think in half and we know this is playing out on earth.

I wouldn't want to.

Well we are. We know this can be in a different emotional state. When we are enraptured and naïve when we go to heaven we lose the sin nature. We have to remember that our existence and there's got to be in a state without sin, which as you know, there's no more tears normal morning.

No more crying and that coexistence so even if we do see these events. It can be with a different mindset. But what's interesting about that opening of the seventh seal and that silence confounds why silence will personable when you understand the context what's been going on in heaven. In the book Revelation there rejoicing there shouting.

There's all kinds of hallelujah hallelujah you're praising the God and glory to God always in all sudden evangelicals. My understanding what I believe what's going on your instrument contextually and also the timing is. Reminds me of when I grew up in the Midwest and Kansas. In the course been in the Midwest.

One of the things you deal with is a tornado multiple tornadoes.

One thing about tornadoes. I member running down the cellar with the family.

Him and you knew that the tornado was getting close.

Because all of a sudden, right before it totally unleashed in its fury.

They got completely silent. There was not a bird chirping. You couldn't hear the crickets. Nothing. It was just this ominous silence and then here come like a train rolling all and then it just breaks on lose. I really think certainly in the context of the time here that's what's going on here. Is it basically again what context the whole first half you reject Jesus. You accept the antichrist you are under God's wrath and his judgment here goes. His global war. Here goes as global famine. Here goes is the global martyrdom and you kill God's people okay and you can unleashed vengeance on you then you before that I can foresee what you had one more to the earth annihilated nearly 2 billion people and got shakes the universe which shakes the earth.

Here comes a massive earthquake.

The sun turns black blood red stars*fall from the sky. The sky splits apart every moment I remember the places then you even acknowledge that this is the wrath of God and has been going on this whole time you finally get around to doing that, but you still reject God's mercy. You try to hide out, you asked, you would rather commit suicide and receive God's mercy.

You asked the mountains and the loss rate to fall on the and so basically after all that, and you still won't turn to God's okay basically because what comes forth now if you thought the first half was that how it was back, but you ain't seen nothing yet because then we head into the second year right exec and that's what think that silence symbolizes something ominous is coming your way.

In other words, second chance are far worse than the first half, which is why again why there are some who teach that the church goes through a portion of the tribulation meant that maybe the part that's not so bad even the our point here for the last many minutes has been that there is no good time in this tribulation.

In other words, come to faith now so that you can avoid all of this. That's things to come learn a lot more about this in this presentation, the seals and you can find it again.

Olive tree you can find lots of product books, DVDs, online messages by pastor Billy you sent me a fascinating link this morning that I want to watch some more of the pastor Crone. This is some much good information to get a life Billy crone in the interest of time. I hope we sounded a warning and we need to close the program and when we do close it Billy crone offer an opportunity for folks to escape the wrath to come here. You and I talked about another topic here recently that I want to spend some time on it because folks a few weeks ago. Pope Francis went to the United Arab Emirates for an ecumenical meeting. Now it's just one of many and quite frankly, Pope Francis is nearly obsessed with face coming together. I had asked the question is Pope Francis Orsini Pope the biblical false prophet mentioned this to pastor Crone here this week and he said to me well if he is and he is working hard to earn that position. We talked about it and quite frankly, for decades, various popes have been working to get all fades under their umbrella. Pope John well welcomed Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims to worship together. He suggested all of them worship the same God and what I want to do. I just want to play a short clip and then in one play off of this clip about this meeting that happened United Arab Emirates and the very last sentence of this short clip says that interfaith is them is Pope Francis is number one priority and then I want to play off that for the balance of the program by light Francis to the Arabian insulae. The UAE is hoping to send a message to the rest of the Arab world, religious tolerance and freedom is the future.

It's a call to get on the right side of his visit to the Arabian Peninsula is the first ever content and yeah and the birthplace of Islam, something might one night he entered the stadium to tens of thousands chanting his name.

The message of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the cradle of Islam.

Francis became the first sitting pontiff in history to visit the Arabian Peninsula and hold a mass submits the grounds a man of Egypt will move the highest authority in Sunni Islam meeting so the two ends of a religious representative signing the documents interfaith dialogue religious freedom and peace. Francis meant religious leaders in United Arab Emirates. They included sending this unity – a comment on how they can foster peace between the body. This message is for the Muslims and these you must embrace your pristine brothers. They are partners in our nation and our siblings, whom the ground deems as close Palos historic events. The first time as I believe is mass on the Arabian Sea than 150,000 people. Evidence, sunlight, and else the sites city stadium in the United Arab Emirates is mesmerized has never visited the Muslim majority kingdom hearts on horseback escorted Francis to the Crown's palace fund military aircraft over trailing yellow white smoke. The colors of the holy intensive the documents been signed with the the imminent coming. Clearly this is the Pope trying to bring some kind of tolerance between the religions to try to reduce the tension that clearly exists in this part of the world, absolutely. I think it's that important to keep in mind that since becoming a pulled he is made several international visits, but out of that codeine visits of the Muslim majority world and he is made interfaith religious dialogue is subtlety auditing your lesson to understanding at times radio and Jan Markel have on the line from Las Vegas pastor Billy crone sunrise Bible Church in Las Vegas.

Pastor Billy crone. That last statement there interfaith is him is his top priority, but one other thing I want to highlight and I want your feedback and comments because in that clip and I watched many clips number one, there are 130,000 at least in the stadium that everyone was mesmerized, and plenty of those were Muslims.

Muslims were excited about the Pope yellow again works their buzzwords. By the way, this is my old stomping grounds push for one were belligerent about what's going on here. This is what I used to promote back before I was say those in bold and new and is the single buzzwords right now. The amount of sacred Hayward created a one world religion because that's too obvious right but they have codewords in the codewords are interfaith interfaith is him interreligious dialogue. Coexistence in this need for tolerance and if you look at that report and certainly imprint of what the Pope just did with this declaration with the Muslim community.

It's all for the same buzzwords to promote coexistence to confront extremism again with hundreds of quote religious leaders being present. The award was given to this Muslim Imam by the Pope for his defense of tolerance, the rejection of radical extremism. The pursuit of peace among humanity and basically you need to filter through all that basically is the Pope like this guy because despite helping the Pope create what the Pope wants and that's a one world religion is going on here. Even the Muslims and not as radical as that sounds.

We know that that's gonna come to the point of Revelation 17 is one text that talks about this mystery, Babylon the great mother Babylon the great, the mother prostitute this one world religion and you take a look at the context there. The Bible says in the seven year tribulation.

This global harlot this religious entities not only can control the religions of the world and says that the ruling over the kings of the earth, but a sister that she writes the beast. The antichrist initially in order for that passage to be fulfilled right.

We need to see some sort of global religious identity.

Working with the governments around the world trying to not only control the religions, but the government and when you understand what the Vatican is doing, not just right now but is been doing for decades folks at exactly what's happening. The Vatican is pushing for a wonder, religion, and this is nothing new. It's not anything you're absolutely right, Billy crone said to me that you sound that the stepping down. Pope Benedict was actually a little bit suspicious and he wasn't keeping up with this agenda quite quickly enough, and they knew Pope Francis would well enough.

My personal theory. When you take a look at because when you take a look at the previous Pope, Pope John Paul II and of man.

He was one of the biggest promote one religion and of course the whole key is yet one more religion.

Just make sure that the Vatican is at the top right, but he was a big promoter and then here comes he passes away, and they get this next guy Benedict and didn't seem to move at such a rapid pace right. He still involves some ecumenical stuff but nothing on the scale of his predecessor.

Will Nelson usually get away for those guys to die. This guy gets asked about being here comes Pope Francis. And if you're paying attention, Pope Francis, not just what just happened with this mom that were talking about man from the moment he gets into office there so to speak. He is going crazy. He picks up the right were Pope John Paul II left off in creating a one religion and back real quick. Jim just give you this is a report of just one time of the behavior of Pope John Paul II and what was going on the Vatican that most people don't know if this is the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church. Pope John Paul II is currently leading the greatest ecumenical movement in history in order to unite all religion under Rome's leadership. This was 1986. Folks, he gathered there in a safety delete the leaders of the world's major religions to come" pray for peace.

Listen, this there were snake worshipers fireworks spiritist animist Muslims, Hindus, North American witch doctors and I got reporting this as I watched in astonishment as they walked to the microphone to pray in the Pope said they were all praying to the same God and that their prayers were creating a spiritual energy that would bring about a new climate of peace. Then Pope John Paul II allowed his good friend." The Dalai Lama to put the Buddha on the altar and St. Peter's Church in Assisi and with his monks to have a Buddhist worship ceremony there while shin to his chanted ring the bells outside and he says and I agree the prophesied world religion is in the process of being formed before very eyes, and the Vatican is the headquarters for the movement that was back in 1987 they had never stopped that agenda and I believe again they are working towards a fulfillment of what we know. Don't shout out is going to appear in the seven-year tribulation and working to see that all the religions are going to come under one umbrella and it wouldn't surprise me if in fact it's the Vatican came you and I both believe a couple points here that he hoped could be the false prophet spoken of in Revelation, who would be the sidekick to the antichrist course. Antichrist comes turn on this false prophet and bump them off eventually. Another point I want to make talking Pastor Billy crone sunrise Bible Church Las Vegas United were not picking on Catholics. We would love to see them come to embrace a faith based on faith and not works, and so were not necessarily trying to be bashing Catholics this hour, but we are concerned about their soul correct exactly Jan and again what happened today is the buzzword for one religion again is this term called tolerance. Now tolerance. Unbeknownst people has been changed – even change in the dictionaries ugly and the tolerance that you and I were brought up upon was basically put up with somebody else's beliefs, but they really don't disagree but we can put up the mouse. You were not advocating to get rid of that nature.

That was the normal definition of tolerance the traditional term.

The new definition tolerance when the Jews in the media in the print today is you have to accept everybody else's claims of belief even religious beliefs, values, truth lifestyle as equal to your own from the heart. And if you don't that's the new definition of somebody being intolerant in a big and that's what most people don't realize was it what courses could be taller, but they changed the terminology owners okay and were not being intolerant. Rather we are doing what Jesus said to do. We are proclaiming the truth and Jesus is very clear about the truth when it comes to should you work together and say that all religions we get you to heaven, which is what a one religion entity is trying to get us to believe no why because were being intolerant and bigots know because Jesus said he lay the gauntlet down, not me. John 14 six. He said I am the way the life the truth. No one comes to the father except by me. He did not say I'm one of a way or a truth right that you can follow makeup and no he didn't say that he laid the gauntlet down and if in fact Jesus is the only way and that's what the Scripture teaches and that loves you what I believe.

That means any other way is not the truth, which means those other ways don't lead you to the father, they lead you to hell, and so therefore by upholding the standard from Jesus that he's only way to heaven, which is good news. We have to love challenge these people that what you're believing is not just wrong, it comes with dangerous consequences, and that's an act of love but it's so twisted today that that greatest act of biblical love letting people know how to get to heaven. Only through Jesus is now equated as something is being intolerant and big and we have this one thing. Even their definition or false definition.

Jan of intolerant, intolerant, they don't even follow themselves, because their new definition states that you have to accept everybody's values believes claims and lifestyles as truth as equal to your own right will do the except my belief that Jesus not only way, and so actually they're guilty of being intolerant by their own definition.

Tolerance is hypocrisy. Here's where I want to go to closing segment and I want to talk a little bit about the fact that you feel that perhaps the Pope Francis would like to see a crisis created between Jews and Muslims and the Pope within step in because the crone feels that he wants to get the Jews to come under his umbrella now are Jewish people going to come under a Pope's umbrella well I think the Jewish people could come under a false prophets umbrella during the tribulation because a lot of strange things are gonna be happening. Remember even the antichrist is going allow the Jews to rebuild their temple in Jerusalem during the early part of the tribulation. He is going to turn on them is gonna go into that temple is gonna turn on them is going to become well he's just to become the real Antichrist Eddie.

He fooled them in the early stages of the tribulation is going to show his true colors and so is the false prophet course as I said earlier, the false prophet can be bumped off working to come back to this in just a minute don't go away. We hope we are raising so thoughtful of questions this are about last days issues. We welcome feedback that all of the Lord's hollow tree bailiff hollow tree ministries. Box 1452-year-old MN 55311, box 1452-year-old MN 55311 call us at 763-559-4447 635-5944 in a world that is unstable and unreliable. Thank you for trusting this ministry is, why not save the date of Saturday, September 21 for understanding the times 2019. Tickets go on sale June 1 $25 and include lunch will be selling general admission seats only and no assigned seating speakers this year include Dr. Robert Jeffress's are plotting. Pastor Jack Higgins yesterday for and Jim Markel will help you understand the times become watchmen on the wall location once again is Grace Church of Paris, Minnesota, just outside of Minneapolis. Teaching is timely fellowship is unparalleled as you make friends for life.

Save the date, is that our websites conference page for a list of hotels and other pertinent information.

That's politics.

Review's.or olive trees We hope to meet. Thousands of you. September 21 just outside of Minneapolis.

Not really think the evidence you look at the overall plan for critical. You also want your hands on Jerusalem. Why is yes to get into the one religion, but also do the dirty work for them as they can hide behind the scenes to create the crisis you need to control and help control and create return to John Martel and testily crawled our long discussion on issues related to the revolution run from this book crone see it as a cherished message that is both encouraging and alarming alarming only for those who do not know Jesus Christ as Lord our true okay then and got the Israelites were condemned, and that was a curse by God because the rejected Jesus then how in the world you explain the supernatural survival over 2000 years with even people he reads like the iceberg without history. Everybody always after the Jews.

Even the Catholic Church. The Crusades rides on it wasn't just Hitler survived. Like it does not dump them is always keeping a remnant throughout the generations. Right now you explain how even recently they appear not just a back in the land but became a nation again in our lifetime being drawn and decimated disbursement of the plan for my dear I got there it goes like this because because I don't because he's a covenant keeping God praise God a man. He's got some things in his contract that has yet to fulfill.

Welcome back. I'm wrapping up in our visibility crone you can learn more and get a life is pastor of Sunrise Bible Church Las Vegas ENI put a huge stamp of approval on lots of his product books, DVDs, and Maureen were carrying the new set of 10 DVDs 21 messages on the seals.

A panoramic view of the first half of the seven year tribulation speaking into that production. Yours truly, Pastor JD Parag Dave Reagan Nathan Jones Anna great product for your small group study and more. Remember, this program is posted to my website Saturday morning olive tree is down or discolor radio at my website is posted there Saturday morning org download the one mobile app and will be downloaded to your devices. Saturday morning if you write to us always tell us what station or what outlet you're listening to. Won't you please do that, particularly if you send a gift now were airing on well over 800 radio stations and we need to hear from you.

You can always write or email with your feedback to some of the things that are talked about Pastor Billy crone. Let's wrap this out because you and I talked this week a little bit about the Pope would like to get the Jews to come under his umbrella. That's your statement and then you said to me he would like to see that a crisis was created between the Jews and the Muslims and he Pope Francis could possibly step in again.

The current pope is trying to make it easier for Muslims to come under his covering. That's why played that almost 3 minute clip in the last segment that talked about his meeting in the United Arab Emirates. This is several weeks ago now is astonishing meeting. Even though is nothing new. Given lots of efforts at interfaith system over the years going back going back hundreds of years relay, but certainly to the 80s pastor crone talk to me a little bit about why you think that he would like to get the Jews to come under his umbrella and he has his sights that is Pope Francis on Jerusalem. Well, it makes no sense until you should get into the Scripture and realize what is the ultimate plan the ultimate plan is going to arise one world religion on the planet in the seven year tribulation and again I believe the evidence points towards the Vatican so that the plan will all religions mean all religions that includes not just Muslims, but the Jewish people undergo what people go along with this. All religions lead the same weight will 241.

Unfortunately, there are signs that some of the Jewish rabbis and leaders are fallen for this, which isn't too surprising, because the Bible talks about currently on the Chapter 11 that the Jewish people under a temporary blindness or temporary hardness of the not seen stripping on the good spiritual state notarized it open in the seven-year tribulation, but it comes at a rough price but you see some of that blindness going on, i.e. some of the Jewish people fall for this global religion. Now let me give you one quick quote.

This is from Rabbi Yona Metzger and listen you tell me people go along the Pope.

He said quote we need a good night did relations of religion which would contain representatives of the world's religions as opposed to nations at church, mosque or synagogue or holy temple must be embassies of God and we have to spread this idea to her believers. Basically: we have the United Nations that supposedly covering the governments around the world. He's calling for same entity, except this was called the United relations of religions geewhiz. Guess who gets to be the top your back at the Vatican.

So I think some Jewish people are on portly phone port. However you know it can be a lot of people who aren't going to go along with this, and if, in fact, when your goal is to is to grab control of Jerusalem and help us to become a headquarters for the three monotheistic religions, Judaism, Islam and Catholicism. Then man are you going to arrest control of Jerusalem from the Jewish people. Well it's the old axiom it's been used throughout history, you create a crisis you can manage the outcome in this to me helps explain why the Pope is doing what he's doing in the Muslim community not only to push for a one religion, but he needs somebody to arrest control of Jerusalem and I think he's just it's a smokescreen he's using the Muslim community to do the dirty work for him and not only do we see that with this declaration in Dubai that recently happened, but it wasn't that long ago that Pope Francis was meeting with the Palestinian president, boss and inches meet with him, but he said this is from Pope Francis about a boss who by the way, wants to annihilate the Jewish people that is easy to prove and print okay in media.

He said that Francis said that he said I thought of you, but you are an angel of peace while imprint I got the video and the moral space exactly 3 or synagogue for 20 that are doomed in order don't while you chum up these guys want to annihilate the Jewish people. I go theory goes like this, see if the Jewish people don't voluntarily go along with your one religion and give you control of Jerusalem on top of other things like this Rabbi quoted really is going to go along with then create a crisis and you measured outcome then side up with the Muslims and get them on your side in a course we know that they want to annihilate the Jewish people and so it's gonna create this constant constant never ending stop of fighting and and and unfortunate deaths and and all this over these quote religious differences and it just never stops, and it just gets so other hand gets so violent and then all of a sudden guess you could step in and be the good guy who could step in this religious conflict that just getting so heated, especially in Jerusalem who could step in and bring peace while while there you have your excuse for the Vatican to do that and I really think that when you take a look at the evidence you look at the overall arching plans to create a global religion but you also want to get your hands on Jerusalem why the Pope.

Some of the Muslim community yes to get them into the one religion, but also to do the dirty work for them as they can hide behind the scenes to create the crisis you need to get control of Jerusalem and help control and create this global religion.

I was intrigued I made reference to it earlier in the hour and that is watching a lot of clips on the meeting with the Pope in UAE. This is several weeks ago now how the Muslims were spellbound by him and some of them came out and said everything he says it's his.

They just loved him. They had all sorts of glowing words.

This these are Muslims. Folks who course Muslims have some affection for Mary may not be quite the perception of how Catholic my view, Mary, but they's singular steam Mary but I was.

I was astounded. Billy crone event held these Muslims were speaking about the Pope. They loved him.

They've truly loved him well and I think it is a dichotomy going on the people don't realize this came to me many years ago because I used to be on that side capital one religion New Age say what I really think is going on and what is logically biblical, Jim.

If your concreteness. My theory if you're gonna create a one world religion that says all religions lead the same way and believe the same thing basically is the premise then you got a problem you got three monotheistic religions on the planet that by nature be monotheistic. One who will reject it. One option a time and course.

Yet Christianity then you got Islam. The Muslims and then you got the Jewish people.

Well what's happening in the Muslim community is if you could draw a circle, draw a line right down the middle of it, there being split into the Muslims that are real Muslims that follow the Koran, which I don't recommend but they're being true to quote their religious book and they're the ones who will never go along with this what you're saying and is in the media and even as the words recorded earlier.

From this meeting with the Pope and by those guys are now even though the true Muslims they are being called religious extremists. They are violent terrorists and we need to do with those people and their calling them, not the real Muslims. The fake Muslims.

At the same time you got what's called moderate Muslims, which is basically their version of what we call liberal Christianity, which is not real Christianity just all fluff but they have that category two know it's those people who will go along with the one world religion and these are the people I believe that the Pope is striking a deal with right but what you gonna do that other half of the circle. The pie will you need to get rid of those people know what people don't realize is that same terminology is being used on you and I the evangelical Christian. We are being called the right wing fundamentalist extremist terrorists right we are intolerant we are because we have the audacity like those other bad Muslims who have the audacity to say that there was the only way is a don't think that we would be next on the chopping block. So basically you have to have Muslim Islam going into a one religion, but you can truly get rid of it. So what you do is you create a dichotomy, take the true inkling that there fake and get rid of them take the fake claim that the true and the go along with it and and that's what's going on in the course the last people to go out that monotheistic idea is Judaism and you see the same split seeing those that are staying true but you see those like the one I mentioned, they're going to go along with it and I really think it's all the preparation for creating this global religion that the Vatican is a headquarters of we spent the first part of the program. Pastor Billy crone find more information and get a life about the terrible time of the seals which is really only the first half of the tribulation.

We never got to the last half we can do that some other time we'd like to encourage folks to avoid that particular encounter called the first half, the tribulation. How did they do that number one the need to make sure of the shade about her clear as we mentioned, Jesus is the only way that some of the ways that Jesus and Jesus or Jesus, but it's Jesus in Scripture is clear that if you would confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the grave.

You will be saying that you acknowledge that God is holy, that we are not the wages of arsenic that we deserve to be separate from God forever in a place called hell. But Jesus took the death penalty in place, i.e. he died on the cross and that his work on the cross is what your believing and trusting God is sufficient for the forgiveness of all your sins were God will adopt into his forever family.

You will make you his child and you look at that point they from rescue from not appointed unto do that today. Fortunately, thank you, Mr. Billy crone, I want to go out of the program and say this since you times a year.

I love this little saying the time was right to see part of the walls fell down the Lions when hungry. The sun stood still. The waves were calm.

The stone was rolled away the clouds were parted and the Lord ascended and when the time is right, the King of Kings will return guys never early never late. He's always right on time and his plan for you is good. Thank you for listening folks talk to you again next we encourage you to consider purchasing a set of 21 teachings by Pastor Billy crone on the seals of Revelation find the products in our online bookstore call us 763559444 763-559-4444 retail cost is $45.06 dollars shipping right to all three ministries. Box 1452-year-old Minnesota 5511 Box 1452, Grove, MN 55.

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