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No Shot—No Service: What to Do?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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August 6, 2021 8:00 am

No Shot—No Service: What to Do?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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August 6, 2021 8:00 am

Jan Markell hosts health expert Twila Brase in a discussion of forced vaccines. Are the unvaccinated about to become the untouchables? Many experts now say the virus was about the vaccine. How does the Christian respond to government power and control? We now enter the era of no vaccineno service.

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Is it true, we will be able to buy, sell or trade without a vaccine. You see right here in Dallas even out you can't go to Dallas Mavericks game is less your vaccinated soliciting of passports and colleges today announced that not to give any credit to natural scientists in the world knows that the natural immunity is way better than the vaccine and welcome to understanding the times radio with Jim Markel radio for the round brought you by all of tree ministries today. Jan spends the hour with a leader in the medical industry while abrasions will vaccines become the law of the land soon you one whose very livelihood is at stake don't get the covert vaccination. This conflict is entered your daily life. We hope this hour is informative. We have to stop the variance that is much more contagious because of what contingents it's going to be harder for us to return to medium quickly to have to vaccinate an even higher proportion of people to get and if we end up having another variant, developing even more contagions that can cause more disease that could evade the protection of our immune system cells how quickly we get this under control and which way we go depends on what we do now when it comes to vaccination to overcoming disinformation. What we really need to do at this point is to make vaccination the easy choice needs to be hard for people to remain unvaccinated the opposite. If you're unpacked and you can do everything you want to do anyway. But at some point these mandates by workplaces, but schools, I think it will be important to say hey you can opt out and opt out if the sign these forms you have to get twice-weekly testing. Basically, we need to make getting vaccinated.

The easy choice. That is what is going to take for us to actually end up welcome to the program that you can join me this week for understanding the times radio that was the voice of Leanna Nguyen, former head of Planned Parenthood stating that we must make life for the unvaccinated very difficult. Well, what is she thinking there was a time when forcing vaccines or for that matter any medical treatment on people who didn't want it was unthinkable. She says it needs to be hard for people to remain unvaccinated. Right now it's kind of the opposite and then she argued last week that Pres. Biden should have used Independence Day as an occasion to argue for freedom only for the vaccinated.

She says it's time for Mr. Biden to make the case for vaccine requirements well our own Department of Justice here at the very end of July, said that it's okay to have forced vaccines so are those who are constitutionally protected from such forced treatments now going to become the hunted. I know this sounds extreme, but the more I hear about the intentions of required injections to live even a moderately stable life. The more concerned I am getting on a daily basis so are the non-injected people in the era of COBIT about to become the new Untouchables will they face arrests or will they have to deal with forced vaccinations and beginning to seriously wonder if we've come to that.

Will we be marked with yellow stars is Kristallnacht ahead night of broken glass. For those who choose to not get this injection, so I'm going to be playing some soundbites this hour they would be heavily from Dr. Peter McCullough explain who he is momentarily and then I am joined in studio by Twyla brace and she has join me on here several times as she is considered a leading voice in the field of healthcare she's had of citizens Council for health freedom CCH she headquarters in St. Paul. I headquartered in Minneapolis and she was declared one of the 100 most influential people in healthcare at one time Twyla welcome back great to be here. Jan what and why do you are here in the spring not that long ago, but a lot has changed here 10 things that have changed since you were last here and I want your comment when I finish this for a short list number one Department of Justice saying it's okay to force these injections to the unvaccinated bar under unprecedented attack wasn't the case for five months ago three masks could be removed, but now they're back, even for the injected for this much more talk again of more shutdowns five people are literally rioting all over at least Europe because of the mandates and more lockdown six nations like Australia remain virtual prisoners in some portions of Australia. Due to some restriction seven.

Vaccine mandates are the number one topic of discussion almost everywhere. Eight terrible splits now among family, even churches over this injection have you taken it and if not why not. Number nine.

There are now variants that have surfaced, such as the Delta variant and number 10. The injected are getting the virus even though they've been supposedly protected by the injection.

Those are 10 things that are different. You are here just a few months ago and I could list another 10. We will take the time where you see all of this going. Clearly, I think we have a problem in the country and that we have an administration that is pushing for the rights of the people to be taken away. We have a mostly clueless public who has swallowed this injection as though it were a vaccine when very clearly it is not a vaccine, and there is this overwhelming fear factor and fear mongering that have been pushed across the American people and they fear for their lives. This is very interesting because there is in a sense a really inexpensive effective cure. And that's the other thing that I would say is that there is this amazing blackout accident, two things on the fact that there are drugs like Iver Mac to nine and hydroxychloroquine and just to show you how effective it is. Indonesia just ordered 14 million doses for their country and Zimbabwe can just have it in their home and they take it when they think they've got the virus and then they go see the doctor. The other blackout has to do with all of the people who are being adversely affected by the injection and it's as though they are silenced and Sen. Ron Johnson from Wisconsin got together with a former Green Bay Packers whose wife has been severely is rated and trying to bring some light to all the people there half a million cases of half a million adverse events that have been reported after vaccination, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Because a study back in 2011 said that less than 1% of adverse events are ever reported to this okay adverse events reporting system. I am concerned when I'm watching parts of Europe. Protests are raging across Europe because of lockdowns because of vaccination mandates were seeing thousands of demonstrators came out in London, Dublin, Paris, Rome, Athens all across Europe because European leaders have cracked down and there's absolutely no freedom in some of these major cities. I'm going back to your words, it's the fear factor that is instilled in the leaders of these countries and the people want to be free. There's no way they can be free now is that coming to Canada and to America.

I fear that it is.

I think it depends on how far it goes. Clearly there are already three states who are Louisiana populations, those people are going to Florida either going to Texas they're going to the free states at a certain point, that won't be sufficient if all of these employers start forcing vaccination or termination as this one. Houston hospital did in the hundred and 57 healthcare workers either left their job or were fired. I think this is were going to be in this country you reference the hydroxychloroquine Iver McDermott center of my want to pick up on it.

I'm playing a short clip here it's Dr. Peter McCullough. He's on air with Tucker Carlson and McCullough brings up the fact that the obvious cure for the dilemma has been suppressed for a year and 1/2. Let's play this clip and come back and talk about it. Fortunately, I've got some help from Sen. Johnson in Washington. Ultimately this led to my U.S. Senate testimony on November 19 and honestly a real congealing of people that said listen, something is up. There is a incredible suppression of early treatment in the medical literature.

Why would that is so dark it's hard to believe it's real. But of all people, you would know so why would physicians, public health officials, politicians try to suppress information with the treatment of the disease.

They claim they want to prevent or help America overcome. Why would they do that by testifying the U.S. Senate November 19 we have seen things we cannot imagine in academic medicine. Lancet published a fake paper that came from a fake database that implied that hydroxychloroquine heard people in the hospital we looked at in two seconds and it was a fake paper. They had 70,000 patients in a database and a detailed drug information back in December and going forward and have that back then, mean age was 49 will cost wise people is 49 this one to peer review. It was agreed upon by all the editors that hung up in Lancet for two weeks and scared to be jabber's out of the world by using hydroxyl member that really well and this is the most frequently used widely relied upon drug in the world but something's going on.

So who I'm sorry to back up and pardon my ignorance. I didn't even know this happened. I remember the paper very well because it had political uses at the time because that then-President had suggested maybe hydroxychloroquine would be a helpful therapy that papers used to beat him over the head with it. But who would write a fake paper who did that we know well it came from a company called searches, fear which rapidly dissolved the Lancet published a retraction.

That said, you know, we just couldn't verify the data and so retracted. No apologies, no explanation of how this could have influence world events it greatly influence the FDA staffers who wrote an FDA warning said listen, we think hydroxychloroquine causes harm doctor shouldn't use this. It was based upon a fake paper. This went to the American Medical Association than the board of pharmacies is single-story. This is a real story and doctors were writing prescriptions for hydroxyl Corp. and then also the medical licenses are being threatened fibbing cases all over the country of doctors trying to help patients and hydroxychloroquine is one of 46 drugs we use for covert, 19 it is extraordinary. Listen to this April week. To this day. Hydroxychloroquine absolutely absolutely but I thought hydroxyl when I heard an NBC news that hydroxychloroquine was was a fish tank cleaner and only excused the best approaches use.

If we can, we would use the antibodies a Pres. Trump received in those arcuate listen, that was operation warp speed terrific. The current product is Regeneron product we you set up front we can follow it in high risk individuals with two drugs to reduce file replication typically hydroxychloroquine or Iver Mac plus doxycycline or is it the myosin outside the united states use for heavy peer Iver, which is Worrall Rend is severe approved and by right between agencies in five countries to treat covert, 19 no light of day in the United States with heavy peer Iver, we can use these drugs early early is very important. Rend is severe for two weeks later.

Not very impressive. And then, very importantly, inhaled steroids and oral steroids and that middle phase, then we use aspirin and blood thinners on the back and just like we do in the hospital's call sequence multidrug therapy.

I publish the follow-up paper and reviews and carded us good medicine December 2020. The most widely cited paper from that journal for covert, 19 a dedicated issue and this became the basis for the American early treatment movement. Your listening, understanding the times radio and Jan Markel. I have in studio with me trying to braise from citizens counsel for health freedom. I just played a clip of Dr. Peter McCullough, who is an internist, cardiologist, and he has weighed in heavily testified to Congress, and more. Twilight your thoughts on that.

The obvious treatment simple treatments even in expensive treatments all thrown under the bus so that we can get focused on injection and vaccine. Tucker is correct that it is very dark, but to me it feels very criminal yes because people are dying unnecessarily in this country doctor's hands are being tied. I've had people whose doctors have said to them was that we can't use Iver Bakhtin because it has not been approved. Do you have any idea how many drugs doctors use that aren't approved for that use by the FDA. This is a very common practice. So it is, the higher up selling them that they can't use Iver Bakhtin's Iver Mac and is so inexpensive and so effective and yet it's being totally blacklisted in this country unless you can go to one of the good doctors around the country who are actually doing this. It's going to be very difficult for you. You might make it through code but you might have long covert at the end of it, you sent out an E newsletter here very recently, folks. You can sign up for those sent CCH that citizens counsel for health freedom. One of the headlines is don't be afraid of the Delta variant and you say look at the data Delta is considered more transmissible, less virulent, while cases increase hospitalizations and death have flatlined. And yet, here in America. We've been turned upside down over this Delta variant. It's the Delta variant that the powers that be in Washington are using to pick up the intensity for everybody getting on injection. This is what they're using. You say don't be afraid of it right. It's all of facts.

What we're in is a battle effectively against fear mongering.

It's very clear. If you Google covert death rates and write up will come this chart that will show you exactly how many deaths since the middle of March in 2020. You can see the deaths and then you can look at it for new cases and you'll see that the cases are rising, but you'll see that the deaths are doing anything.

This is what's happening everywhere. All you have to do is look at the actual death. Ignore the cases will even know that the cases are correct because the PCR test is up to 90% false positive and say so we can have all of these people that they're saying have cultivated and they don't actually have an interesting and the same thing for the death the same type of false positive problem could be that there are saying that there's a death is not really death from co-venture and in fact Santa Clara County in California has now reduced their death certificates from COBIT by 22% also knew since you were last here in the spring. Is this effort to go door to door. The administration is hiring people to go door-to-door to encourage them last time you were here you really stressed that this vaccine is not a vaccine, even the fact that sometimes he or I might use the term the vaccine.

It really isn't. We should probably explain why. But first, tell me what do you recommend Annex I talked about this last weekend with Bill Kane, Inc. he's not a medical specialist I consider you very respected in the medical community. What do you say to my audience when they get the knock on the door and it's somebody from the administration saying have you been vaccinated.

Have you had the injection. No will.

Here's why you must get it. What should my listeners do. My first recommendation is that you look through the screen and you see who's outside the door if you don't know them if they put health department thing up in front of you. You're not there to answer their questions so as soon as you find out this is about the COBIT injection you kindly say thank you very much. But I'm not interested in talking about this and shut the door or you don't even have to say anything. You can just say I didn't invite you now. You can leave because there is no requirement that you open the door.

There's no requirement that you answer any questions and I think it's in North Carolina that he is actually bringing the injection to the door when I heard that I thought will now there's a lot of allergic reaction and it happened who's watching over them. For the first 30 minutes. Are they just going from door to door. That by itself is bad and then it's against your rights to have anything forced on you at your door last time you were here you explained and was a very good explanation. We need to repeat it. And that is why this isn't a vaccination. So even when you are I might use that term we really mean an injection edge at whatever but it's not a vaccination. I think that needs to be repeated a vaccine according to the CDC provides immunity that's in the definition of a vaccine, then they have a definition of immunity and immunity very specifically in their definition says it prevents disease. I think I may be said last time when you get a tetanus vaccine right and you don't get sorted tetanus sites refuge don't get tetanus right that's what vaccines do when you got the smallpox you don't get smallpox is not like you get a mild case. In this case, your listeners may be hearing about so-called breakthrough cases by the fact of the matter is Fauci has testified before Congress that this so-called vaccine was never intended to prevent infection and the efficacy rate that you see are not about preventing infection there only about reducing to clinically recognizable disease, which is another way of saying symptoms so there's no such thing as a breakthrough case because it's not a vaccine. Nobody's getting vaccinated, there getting a therapeutic and so they fully expect people who have gotten the injection to get the virus one play, one more clip again.

Dr. Peter McCullough, internist, cardiologist and neurologist as well and again he's been testifying before Congress very attracted by the way, he is a believer as well. Let's play this clip and come back and talk about it on Dr. Peter McCullough and almond internist and cardiologist and academic physician and professor of medicine at Texas A&M College of medicine on the Baylor Dallas campus.

I think this whole pandemic from the beginning was about the vaccine. So I think all roads lead to the vaccine and what it means. The only places in Southeast Asia and Europe.

There laying the groundwork for compulsory vaccination. I mean compulsory I mean somebody pays you down to the ground inputs a needle in you. That's how bad stakeholders want vaccination.

This thought of because you have to pay for this all provided. There are people or stakeholders. They do want a needle in every are missed needle in every arms, a very important moniker. Why do you want a needle in our pointless takeover recovered. Can't get the virus can't receive. It has nothing. Why would they ever want a needle in the arm of the coven cover page 13 study show higher safety events see the tension that Americans are feeling right now as they try to keep their jobs and go to work is they know they can die of the vaccine. That's the problem.

If the vaccine was like water and you just got it. No side effects. Who wouldn't take us to have auto comply. They got my source code number anyway in a database on boarding marked all just get marked but know there's something very unique about this vaccine.

Something about injecting something into a body that is so important to stakeholders that doesn't matter. Kids 12 years old told they can make their own decision on this and it could be there fatal decision. Think about that North Carolina just past that Houck's 12 visual can decide in their own. There are over 4000 dead Americans, there's over 10,000 dead people in Europe that die on days one, two and three. After the vaccine. Why are we pushing this in a way where people's jobs in their educational likelihood decide on a decision is potentially fatal. The tension you can cut it with a knife. There are parents as a listen. I want my kid to go to college this year but I don't want to lose him to the vaccine they know what's going on the Internet is full of these cases, blood clots, strokes, immediate death unfortunate. I have not directly lost the patient to the vaccine I told you most got vaccinated in December. Generally, family based on the safety data. Now I can no longer recommended. I can't recommend it. It's past all the thresholds to being a safe product is not a safe but none of them are not just Johnson & Johnson fact more the safety events in nine states have occurred with return advisor. There are no papers written by prominent scientists calling for a worldwide halt in the program. There are prominent virologist, many of them, including Nobel Prize winners who have said listen, if we vaccinate people and we create very narrow, incomplete library of immunity which what the vaccine is the vaccines are all targeted to the original will and Spike protein which is long gone. That's extinct. Patients are getting vaccinated to something doesn't exist anymore. That will have Spike protein is gone. Were hoping the immunity covers the other variants but that narrow immunity is a set up just like giving everybody a narrow spectrum antibiotic. If you did that. What would happen we grow up superbugs.

There are warnings out there saying don't do this don't vaccinate the entire world. All were going to do is set ourselves up for a superbug that's going to really wipe out populations so for many reasons. The vaccine and discriminate vaccination is a horrendous idea. It's a horrendous bio weapon that's been thrust onto the public and is going to cause great personal harm, which it already has thousands of people lost lives.

I've never lost a direct patient but I've had my patients was her family members. Lots of them. I filled out a safety report on a patient who develop blood clots after one of the function return of vaccine and I'm telling you it took half an hour to do it. There was many pages and each pay said warning federal offense punishable by severe fines and penalties if I falsify to report all those thousands of Americans of dog. The vaccine hospitalizations in the database. I think the real and they are far beyond anything we've ever seen, and as a doctor and as a public citizen. I am extraordinarily concerned about the vaccine vaccine center right down the street here is empty. A drug tested every day Americans know they're talking to each other. The vaccines not safe and now the effort is a vexing stakeholders want kids without parental guidance and now they want to be in the church. Americans and people worldwide should be extraordinarily alarmed by the race.

We have people listening right now that gotten the injection, then they were encouraged to buy the doctor their family members. Even their church and here we have a little clip from a very respected physician, internist, cardiologist Peter McCullough saying this could even be a bio weapon were not trying to scare people we are trying to throw out a word of caution that may be don't take second injection, then let's just not even go there. When I listen to the very first thing that he said is all roads .20 that is doing right and I think that this is true, and you can think know what is really behind all of this, I feel like they're trying to set a new precedent of government power over the people and that it has always been a goal of the government to say this is a vaccine and need to take it.

They've never liked all the parents who refuse to take different vaccines. California said they won't even take a doctor slipped right that's got to be the government that will approve within the medical exemption is real or not. This is setting a new precedent. I do believe that they want this kind of control they want to say they got everybody to do it. They want to get to the point where they have pulled in all the organizations and all the corporations and we got to this point where they are all working in collaboration with the government to bring everybody into this injection and you know it's not a vaccine that people are going to die and we don't even know what the long-term effects of this are.

I think this is nothing about COBIT. I listen to David Martin and everybody should look up Fauci dossier case he's created this thing for the world to see what is happening behind the scenes and one of the things he said is the virus was introduced to introduce the vaccine interesting really that interesting and that's a startling statement. It is made yeah and I'm paraphrasing is not looking at it, but it's something just about that. Short and sweet. Though we don't want to put people who may have had the vaccine in panic mode. That's my concern because were not here to scare. We are here to inform you, just look around and the majority of people who have had the injection have not had any side effects and I would sort of like to say yet because we do not know what the long term. Her lungs are and people who have had it many of them have not wanted.

They've been told they can't see their grandchildren if they don't have they been told that they can have their job, they been told so many things and they just relented.

We don't know what's going to happen and hopefully, God willing, there won't be any major long-term reactions, but there are certainly current short-term reactions which aren't in the news very much at all and those of been very dangerous permanently disabling so everybody can look up open bears VA ERS open bears and it's a very easy way to look at the number of these adverse events that are happening around the country. Just a quick heads up that Twyla does have a book it's big brother in the exam room.

The dangerous truth about electronic health records best way to find that big brother in the exam Twyla, I think I saw on your website that you have tools to use with the person's employer to possibly get a injection exemption is that right that's correct. And so will do that. Will get back I want to head there almost immediately when we get back socialist thing. Understanding the times radio has been a come back in just a couple of minutes. Please don't go waiver and wrap up the next half hour with Twyla brace.

By the way she's gonna fall banquet can as the banquet fundraising event for our organization and we have Dr. Scott Atlas who is present in terms COBIT 19 advisor. He was there to counter everything that Fauci is trying to impose upon the country and so were very glad to have them at September 9 at the Golden Valley country club in Golden Valley and he could find that on our just a heads up here that olive tree in years truly are being misrepresented on social media, and particularly on YouTube. There are fake channels being posted to YouTube with our radio program summer asking for money, which we never ever do so if you want to subscribe to our YouTube channel. That would be helpful. You will always get the proper programming sent to you. There are other places online. We are being misrepresented and you can contact the ministry if you see things posted that seem to be fraudulent. This applies only to online issues and not to any of our radio stations back in a couple minutes don't go away. We hope you'll stay in touch with us online through all of which reviews are all old tree simple time at 76355944447635 5 x 44 44 writers for the mail of all three ministries of John Marco PO Box 1452-year-old MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible in this age of fake news and false teaching.

Thank you for trusting up to 70 times radio and all of its right around the corner now.

So when I did it on your calendar and plan to live stream.

This timely event, behold, he comes as the West Coast prophecy conference on September 11 at Calvary Chapel in Chino Hills, California 9 AM to 4:30 PM Pacific time. All suits are taken that you can stream me about why or on demand any time for just five dollars here is Pastor John and I would encourage you to join us for life stream of that on September 11, Saturday, 2021 where we are meant to be hosting a very special Bible prophecy conference title, behold, he comes my goodness around the world.

There are so many things going on that herald the coming of Jesus. So were to get together and I'm good to be joined with special guest speakers Amira survive Nate and John Marco and Barry Stegner as we spend Saturday, September 11 streaming live various teachings concerning what does the Bible say about our days we believe to be a greater gap in your church together and have a tremendous time of being in the world would love to have you join us to be very excited to listen to find out more, please go to behold he comes.or, behold, he and we hope to see you online. Everybody who doesn't want this injection needs to join together just like a protest in Europe will think were in the land of the free and the brave at the free is going away and now we need to have the braver were going to lose the for we are at a tipping point ever going to end up with freedom or even end up with complete government control. We know you can't always be via radio. Just remember, programming is posted to a website you both its audio and video format. Go to all of's olive tree views.large radio also find us on YouTube rumble light source is travel here are John Markel and collaborators to wrap up the this morning as fewer Americans are being tested for the coronavirus, the number of infections is rising at a recent pace across the country compared to last month, new COBIT infections have jumped nearly 30% nationally. 11 states taste is or climbing by at least 25%. Yet in some places people are still hesitant to get vaccinated. Despite plenty of availability in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. Coakley cases it shot up 44% in past two weeks points are going until we've got thousands of equipment available over the next few weeks I will take the Biden administration is recruiting a chorus of voices to get word out. Vaccines are safe and up to 90% effective.

You need to be protected in certain protective neighbors. So please put back in the family cannot fade away that he had edited fighting but will nearly half of all adults in the US have received at least one shot vaccinating the other half may not happen as quickly visiting North Carolina VP, what hair research patients and outreach to those who were reluctant in terms of the hesitancy issue. It's real, so that is about continuing to do the work of reminding folks that it is safe that it is effective that it will save their lives. The stakes in the global pandemic couldn't be higher with COBIT 19 surging around the world for 1/8 week in a row. According to the WHO in the US the State Department announcing its do not travel guidance will extend to about 80% of countries in the world citing unprecedented risk to travelers from COBIT 19 this morning growing re-abroad and here at home over a virus won't go away will come back just a real quick heads up here than our understanding the times summer session. The first one by the way that we've had will be this Thursday at 7 PM central time were back at revived church in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

It will be live streamed and you can access the event featuring Michelle Bachmann, Pastor Mark Henry.

Yours truly by clicking on a link on the homepage of olive tree that link won't be posted till the day before, or maybe even that day, August 12, this Thursday. There is no cost. No registration needed.

Seating is going to be first come first serve. We expect a full house. Michelle will consider the important issues of the day will talk current events will talk eschatology and more. This Thursday, August 12 7 PM central go to our website.

Olive tree olive tree and you will be directed to the live stream. Come on out if you live in the area revived church, formerly Brooklyn Park Evangelical Free Church 7849 W. Broadway, Brooklyn Park, and the program will be posted to our website, you can watch it a day later a week later a month later the matter will be on demand but no cost, no registration, let me just read a couple of short emails.

I think this is the tone of many in America.

Western world Jan I need help please I need direction. I'm in danger of losing my livelihood. I know I can try and claim religious exemption, but the website. My place of employment provide states that Christians have no objection to the vaccines and then places lengths to, for instance, the Christian medical and dental Association website where the language is basically you going to love your neighbor you get the vaccine and that outweighs everything else that's just one hears another email I got. I work in a world renowned healthcare medical facility.

My husband and I chose to not get vaccinated with the covert, 19 injection. I just wanted to request prayer for families like us being mandated by her employer to take the covert, 19 injection we as of now are being told that we still have the right to refuse and that we can fill out a declination form and that we will not be terminated. But will we be required to have extra education and training modules through our employer on the covert, 19 vaccine. It's not hard to see that when this plan to force people who up until now I've refuse the injection and are still refusing the injection. After the training modules.

Those individuals who still refuse. This will eventually be declared a danger to others in the workplace. I then assume that we will be terminated.

Please keep the people forced to deal with this decision, and prayer. Quite frankly, I get emails like that on a daily basis because it's coming down to that it's coming down to get a make a decision that's a really tough one to make. I'm spending the hour with Twyla Bray's and she is head of citizens Council for health freedom CCH have had to run several times and I said in the opening of the program. She was on leave and made the lot has changed since May. My goodness when I can go over that list again but just in 34 months. The scenario is change so drastically that I wanted to get to a particular issue because Twyla you have it on your website and that would be tools to use when an employer says you've got a get the injection. The jab whatever you want to call it. You have to get it. You have a way to fight back please talk to us. We have a website called real risk is in more than one risk, real and Escada variety of tools on their including the risk that you can face. There is a one pager of information that's well cited, all the citations are on the backside of the paper to give to your employer to say this is why I do not want to be forced to take this injection and I just want to say here that VP Harris that was a complete lie. For one thing, hesitancy is not hesitancy to their calling hesitancy has disabled everybody really wants it.

Few people are hesitant know there's a lot of people who said absently not does not hesitancy that she said it safe. It's not safe and she says is effective and it's not effective. People who are getting the injection are getting the COBIT 19 this kind of a lie coming right out of the VP of our country is bad and it encourages businesses to do that to people because it safe its effective everybody went to get it just a few of them are hesitant go to real and you will also have access to our early treatment page and I think this is a real resource because the entire discussion is on vaccination. VP Harris also said that the way to get out of this is vaccination will that's not true either because the way to get out of this is to treat it like any kind of illness that we have, we treat it we do not vaccinate ourselves against everything that could possibly happen to us and again it's not a vaccine but we just need to use the treatment and it's like it's completely ignored the early treatment section of real should be a very useful tool for everyone. There's videos for doctors to talk about how they have used these treatments and all the people that have survived, and hardly any of them have been hospitalized or even died.

This is what would give people hope and this is really the answer out of the pandemic is just that the higher-ups don't want us to go that direction going to real an idea and I looked up some of the real risks. There have been almost 500,000 reports of adverse events. I'm sure tens of thousands aren't being reported.

Perhaps there little more minor. Some are drastic, including death, anaphylactic reactions, allergic reactions, the vascular issues, blood clots, stroke, cardiac and respiratory cardiac arrest, goodness, atrial fibrillation, shortness of breath, inflammation, including myocarditis and pericarditis nervous system disorders Guillain-Barré bills policies seizure muscle spasms and twitching for weeks and sometimes months, sensory cognition, headache, loss of sight, hearing, speech, tinnitus, brain fog, cognitive decline compromised immune system and then would be the unknown long-term effects, and I haven't included everything in this list that real but just what I have read again people are rushing like lemmings over a cliff to get the injection. And there are some potential. Not everyone is going to have a problem.

But when you see the potential problems. I hope people might be thinking twice as trying to think of. It's the swine flu earth is H1N1. I think it was the swine flu where they got a whole bunch of cases of GammaRay again.

57 deaths and they shut off were already according to open varies over 11,000 deaths, and those are probably minimal because I have been on other interviews and heard people talking about how this guy died a day after and that it appears it will Yuri told me about that guy know know this is a new guy and he died one day after the vaccine. I do not believe that all of these deaths after vaccination are reported. I believe there's a whole bunch of deaths. A whole bunch of adverse events.

This reporting system is very difficult and as Dr. McCullough said it talks about how well you're doing this report. If you do say anything that's wrong you can be fined or jailed.

There is fraud so there's a lot of people who would find that very scary and they're just going to give up his like six pages long of reporting and so there's also the adverse events happening in this country that we have no clue are happening one more clip of Dr. McCullough US FDA regulatory guidance and vaccines in their been modern vaccines enough to pick the old ones me with that modern vaccine shingles, vaccines, hepatitis B, meningococcal vaccines demand a minimum of two years of safety did two years by regulatory site visit, written and codified into the regulatory rules for the manufacturers. That was all thrown out and said two months for COBIT two months or two months of observational data.

This idea that we could vaccinate people that were not even tested in the trials that has never been done before.

We've never just thrown a vaccine at somebody without having any data.


So the very first pregnant woman that was vaccinated here in the United States. It was done with no knowledge of safety and no knowledge of efficacy and the argument that we've heard is will COBIT 19's of bad illness 600,000 people have died. The vaccine could help them. We should give it a shot, we should just give it a shot.

While the 600,000 died every told you 85% of that was preventable with early treatment which was actively suppressed and squashed anomaly that is if this vaccine can help them.

The vaccine better be safe. Better be safe in my comments on the vaccine.

Our safety safety safety. Let's see it in Americans just like the Americans should have been getting weekly updates on treatment innovations. Americans should have been getting weekly updates on vaccine safety very important weekly updates from our federal officials on safety, super important.

Those two things are probably the two largest acts of malfeasance in all of medical regulatory history. It will go down in history of malfeasance wrongdoing by those of authority. How come there was no updates on treatment and no promotion of early treatment to reduce hospitalization and death. And when we release the vaccine.

Why are there no safety updates. Why are there no attempts for risk mitigation in terms of making the vaccine program safer.

How do we have all these vaccines. How do we know we can vaccinate pregnant women.

We know because of years and years and years of safety data before a vaccine is ever been injected into a pregnant woman is probably been tested for decades before. We tried a pregnant woman. We would never out of the box, take a brand-new technology.

This never been tested before ever, and we know that the vaccine technology produces the dangerous spike protein to produce the Wu hands by putting this pic you'll on the ball. The virus itself, which damages blood vessels and causes blood clotting and all of them do. We would never unleash that into a pregnant woman's body. Americans have to understand something is very wrong. What's going on what's going on now in the world. These are examples are clear-cut examples of wrongdoing that is at such a high level to groupthink is in the wrong direction. In such a consistent and overwhelming way that people are being harmed in the extraordinary fashion here listening to understand the times radio I'm Jim Markel and heaven studio toy liberates citizens counsel for health freedom headquarters out of St. Paul, Minnesota Twyla are Americans participating in the global experiment absolutely there so little clinical trials ever happened before.

They weren't even done with phase 1, before they started face to face to is supposed to be 15 months long before you even start phase 3 and what are we 18 months into the home pandemic and we've had people injected since January. As Dr. McCullough said it should have had several years so there still collecting data and they're trying to say will that's what always happens after a vaccination.

We continue to collect data, but the fact of the matter is, most of them would have gotten out to be in anybody's arm for at least five years. K we are in a global experiment. Those who choose not to get the injection. They can call themselves the control group and every experiment needs a control group to those who choose not to be party injection are the control group and we need a nice healthy control group to see what exactly is happening with the others versus the control group. You have a billboard campaign.

I believe you currently have one in elk River, Minnesota talk to me a little bit about it. I think you're hoping to expand then yes and you can go to real risk.Oregon and you can see it it says don't be bullied and it's got a picture of blue gloved hand holding up a COBIT 19 vaccine bottle. It talks about how many deaths have been reported from the CDC and it says make an informed choice and then real so people can know where they can go to make that informed choice were actually changing that a little bit just so we can get more billboard companies who are willing to take it on, but is still going to lead to real We do have people interested in Wisconsin actively planning to fund one with some people in Idaho and there is another person in Texas. This is a battle and everybody can feel it coming from the colleges that are saying I and no education. If you don't have vaccination right this helps people continue their hard spine, as it were to stand up strong against being forcibly injected as Dr. McCullough said it is indeed that wind what's in that vial of injection goes into your arm. Those are the RNA instructions that go into every cell to tell the cell to make the spike protein and then it's not like a piece of the virus is going and if the RNA of the spike protein is going in there telling it to make the spike protein and then hoping that your body will respond by creating an immune response. That's what they say. But it's not actually a vaccine. There is no protection against COBIT and here we have people with my protein. There are studies that say their finding spike protein circulated throughout the body and in a regular vaccine. It all stays in the deltoid muscle in the body as an immune response in the immune response circulates but not the rest of it year, raising questions in people's minds.

Obviously, would it be okay for my audience if they need to ask your organization.

Questions on this. They can contact you sir CCH that's right. The email addresses they are the phone number is there as I can almost hear the wheels turning in a lot of minds. As were talking because some of this is new information to people.

Again I said earlier, some of had the injection, then maybe are regretting it. Others are planning on getting it here in the near future post. I have referenced this headline a couple of times previously.

It's worth referencing happens to be out of our roots shave of that's an Israeli newspaper. The headline reads, we won't force the vaccine.

But here's what we will do and then the sub headline, the issue of how to motivate vaccine compliance has generated increasing interest with commentators such as so-and-so writing government won't force you to take the vaccine. But Amazon will the airlines will banks will, you won't be able to buys sale or trade without the vaccine. Those aren't my words, that comes from our at Shiva in Israel. You won't be able to buys sale or trade without the vaccine narrowly saying this is the mark of the beast. Of course, were not saying that all were saying. His secular outfits are sounding very apocalyptic, whether they know it or not. It sounds like you're quoting the book of Revelation when they say you will be able to buy, sell or trade without the vaccine. Those are not my words do not Twyla's words, that's from the arm at Shiva newspaper, your thought on that says remind me. I think it's France who the government did come out and said, without proof of vaccination that you will not be able to get into bars and restaurants, shops no public establishment.

This is unheard of its complete line of freedom.

I have an email from someone who has parents in France and they're trying to make sure that those parents have access to vegetables or some kind of food because they may be denied entry into a grocery said I don't know what city folks, but it's an email from somebody who's in France, terrified that her elderly parents aren't even be able to get groceries.

If they don't all were saying is there is some strong arm tactics going on all over the world. That's why happened to read that headline one more time. I have read it before liberty counsels says employers can be held liable for adverse injuries and death that automate employers think 100 times over before they forces it ought to, but they're probably not listening to liberty, counsel, and they're not there listening to the government government thinking this is what we have to do we want our business back.

We went the government to be happy with us. We want our grants. Whatever it is I don't think that there listening to that, but individuals should listen to. That should hold their employers feet to the fire should bring in a note and ask the employer to sign it. Just put the pressure on the employer and I think everybody who doesn't want this injection needs to join together just like the protests in Europe. We all think were in the land of the free and the brave. But the free is going away and how we need to have the braver were going to lose the for we are at a tipping point ever going to end up with freedom are we going to end up with complete government control.

Very well stated.

I appreciate the way you said that I'm going back to something we referenced earlier and that is are we going to be in a permanent pandemic state. We don't know that we may be, but isn't this ultimately about power and control, not health, it's definitely ultimately about power and control. I don't know full ever get to the origins of where this came from but just listening to somebody who is very involved in the cult Peter designate St. back in 2015 that we have to get the public to realize there has to be a pan flu or pan coronavirus vaccine and we need the media to hype it and here we are. We are all seen this hype and were seeing the danger of everything being censored.

That doesn't have to do with that writing our organization has had one thing about Iver Mexican censored another thing about the vaccine sensory if you're not talking pro about the vaccine you're likely to be censored if you're talking pro about Iver Becton, you're likely to be since it's like this complete line of censorship.

The complete curtain over to real truth. Folks, this program will not be posted to YouTube it would last about 20 seconds.

So, I electronically will have it at rumble at my website. All of tree will have it at light source and it is channeled but we will not have it at YouTube because will get a strike and possibly have the entire channel taken down because what were talking about.

For some reason his verboten aunt talk about any of this spite of this Twyla 40% of the Marines have refused vaccination 62.5% of the staff at thousands of skilled nursing facilities have refused the injection. 60% of some 700 physicians who were surveyed are not vaccinated.

So automate the conclusion that everyone is going along with this is absolutely not the case may be just the opposite.

And I love the film and music artists now they're starting to stand up and I can't remember which artist it is that recently just said if you don't let the unvaccinated into this venue as well.

If you're only gonna let the vaccinated, and I am not playing this is very good to have this kind of pushback coming at that level and we need a lot more pushback. While this is going to say the number of people who have had the injection so Israel there's about 55% of the new code the cases which are from those who have had the injection.

So certainly that's not helping Massachusetts 5000 cases of COBIT and they're all injected people and 80 of them have died and I should say as well as apparently there's a new study. I haven't read it very closely, but the places that have the highest injection rate are now starting have the highest COBIT rates. Interesting.

I got a email Joel Rosenberg send it out to his big lists and he said 36 of us attended a retreat and said my son's wedding in Florida and we all contracted the covert, 19 virus.

Almost certainly, it was the Delta variant went on to say, three of these remain hospitalized to her under the age of 52 are senior citizens, a number of young people all under the age of 20 and all unvaccinated contracted covert, but he had been vaccinated in Israel. Joel had, I believe his wife had been vaccinated number in the party here were vaccinated either in Israel or in America, and yet 36 of the attendees that were attending various activities got it and get very very ill and spite of the vaccination so that came out as a mass email Joel sent out in the last day or two. Again, you can pick up Twyla's book big brother in the exam room. The dangerous truth about electronic health records.

We are down to a minute or two if you want to talk about your banquet one more time be my guess.

Yes, it is Thursday, September 9 in the Minneapolis area at the Golden Valley country club.

It is Scott Atlas MD and he was the special advisor and COBIT to Pres. Trump and the title of the event is called never give up speaking the truth and insiders fight against the COBIT 19 fiasco and those are his words that he actually told me in an email. We were like were in use those never give up speaking the truth.

So Thursday, September 9 is in the evening at the dinner. There are hotels near the vicinity.

If you'd like to, we would love to see Twyla thank you for coming into the studio initiated a lot appreciate what you're doing.

I think it's administrators for such a time as this. Just go out on the program saying we live in crazy times and is both a privilege and a challenge to be born for such a time as this, but what you say with the prophet Isaiah, but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.

They will fly up on wings like eagles, they will run and not be tired, they will walk the mill not be weary, and that's my parting wish for each listener here today that you will not feel the weariness of this generation that you will other fly up as though you are in the wings of Eagles I want to thank you for listening and we will talk to you again next week. Contact us through our website.

All of tree olive tree views.RG Colasanti time 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 meal when you write to all three ministries of John Marco's 1452 Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311.

All gifts are tax-deductible is both a privilege and a challenge to be born for such time as this blog. Always remember, God remains in control holds home of his hand.

Bible said the last days perilous and everything is falling towards

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