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Racing Towards Tyranny

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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April 16, 2021 8:00 am

Racing Towards Tyranny

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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April 16, 2021 8:00 am

Satan, along with the World Economic Forum, are blinding many on the left as they rush to tyranny. Jan Markell and Curtis Bowers discuss how the woke movement has entered the church, Christian colleges and seminaries. Bowers concludes if Lenin were in the White House, he would be doing what the current administration is doing. We carry his DVD twin pack in our online store.


Can you say revolution that's in the making of God might be answering our prayers by lovely things to get a lot worse before they can get better by really letting people see we really are heading into 1984 early welcome to understanding the times radio Jim Markel radio for the remnant brought to you by all of tree ministries.

Today we get an update from Chris Bowers was monitored with a rush to Marxism in America and ultimately the rush to the one world system. What are we to make of our new administration. Where is it taking the US and the world. There is today's program in the cancel culture what they're doing is trying to silence anyone that doesn't agree will that's what Marxist regimes have always done usually got sent to the gulags you got a bullet in your head but they always silenced opposition. You are never allowed to speak freely in a totalitarian regime, even the book 1984 by George Orwell. You know they were always watching, always listening, always just everyone was in fear that they might say something they shouldn't they might be exposed, and then they're going to pay for that if they do me that's the world were entering in America, but here's a couple key things woke is him is a Marxist inspired movement that started off with well-intentioned people that wanted to stop racism and social injustice, and it is now morphed into a culture that seeks to silence all those that disagree just like I was saying at first using social humiliation number the videos of the people eating at restaurants in the crowd would come around the store just humiliating them because they didn't have their mask on. Or they wouldn't say black lives matter or whatever all these different things. It's a mob rule mentality but then we saw transition last summer from just being humiliation to being violent burning down buildings, killing people and teeth on black lives matter. Those riots welcome to understanding the times radio. We have watched Americana rush to socialism and ultimately to globalism now for some time, and most certainly since January 20 of this year I am reminded that I'm compelled to keep my audience apprised of our approaching loss of freedom, and quite frankly, the rush to tyranny that's going on and you may say this is sensationalism or even conspiracy theory. Well, I would disagree if you think that might be the case because I think they impact on the ground are pretty obvious. The one who interprets this perhaps best end with the biblical worldview as well is a frequent guest chair on understanding the times radio that would be Curtis Bowers and his producer of the agenda DVD that we have carried for years now.

I'm going to cover some topics found the agenda DVD but more specifically and more currently in his agenda weekly platform. I'll say more about that into the programming here that's an online video platform. I'll tell you how to sign up for that and encourage you to do that here as we move into the programming. This is a very serious hour again level of tyranny going on just extremely grave and I think the thing that shocked most of us is how fast it has happened. We talked a little bit about that last week even with pastor Jack Hibbs use of words. Suddenly, suddenly, in an end time context things are going to happen in the last days according to the Bible happen suddenly, Curtis Bowers, welcome back to the program. Thank you Jennifer at Miller in one of your updates you quote Trevor Lowden dear friend and I consider him a friend as well, saying that if Landon were in the White House he would do exactly what the Biden Harris team is doing and that includes dividing the enemy and the massive power grab that can never be overthrown.

What else do you see that Landon would be doing right now. He would be doing what Marxist always been one want to guarantee they can't lose power so that HR one against control election like stall and if it doesn't matter who vote. The matter who counts the poetry so if you get a system where you can be in control, that when you guarantee yourself long-term power. That's always a key strategy secondly want to silence opposition that HR five silencing the church and telling them they do not have a right to believe what they want to believe they must conform to the culture but must accept whatever they say is right, so we just feel all out attack just the way Marxist always do it and then subtly different things will talk about our show. That is the direction were heading yeah will you say courting you this is a communist revolution obviously is something you have documented in your films say more about that here a minute. But as you say, Marxism destroys so it can rebuild where watching that destruction process. This goes hand-in-hand with the cancel culture. The cancel culture silences anyone who disagrees and this is what I'm deducing from watching your various updates.

I think you think that the left today wants to create a Marxist utopia right yeah and that might sound extreme to some people. But here is how you do that if you study the last hundred years and look at all the totalitarian regimes you see how they did that one of the key things is you eliminate the freedom of speech, which of course that's what the local church is doing when you don't have the freedom to speak your beliefs, your opinion was that level of control is totalitarian and it's always the first step, what you can silence them then you can start to control them. I just studied for 2030 answers the left and I study what they did Romania and Poland and Hungary, and Russia, and what Hitler did and all these different regimes and that's how they all came about. They didn't start totalitarian at first but got the levers of power and then all of a sudden things started changing quickly. This is you talking about the 100 years of slowly getting into positions of influence and changing from within will.

They're able to pull that off because of what I talk about the agenda grinding America down the field. If you haven't seen you need to.

This is been 100 years of slowly getting into positions of influence to change the people from within.

That's what's happened so it takes a couple generations of being in control of education to slowly dump the system down with would accept something like that without going what are you talking about and to have trained enough teachers and the teachers colleges and things to buy into Marxist philosophy in this radicalization of everything to believe all that's what we should be about a dozen not reeducate the kids are not. We do need to teach them to be warriors to create a communist America, but that's how it happened, just it's taken decades to do this and it appears to be just jumping up in our face but that's not the case. It's been a slow slide down into the pit were finally arriving to go where are we, what kind of world are we living in Curtis Bowers. It seems like the root of the problem would be the American education system in my right that fundamental every totalitarian world history is always first sought to get the mind and heart and soul of the young people on their side at what Hitler did, he would not a radical first came to power he just said I want to be in charge of the curriculum. That's what they do and it makes it that's what the Bible says that the biblical principle that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. He wanted us to influence the next generation through the family and church so that crews would keep growing and growing. The once we started giving our children to the other side to raise, not realizing how they were painting the way they saw the world and destroying their biblical worldview that were awakened below what happened and that's where we are. You suggest that this is the new administration. I'm referring to. You suggest that they are extinguishing American by executive order. Let's look at that for a minute. This happens to be one of your presentations on the agenda. We clean folks. You can sign up for that and agenda that's five dollars a month. I just signed up correctors at five dollars a month and agenda you suggest that there extinguishing American by executive order, and you say that some of these policies are suicidal. Give us an example what policies are suicidal.

The climate policies where you get the immigration here in a minute, but let's hold off on that for a second what other ones are suicidal. One would be stopping your country from being energy independent think that where you have to be dependent not just on others, but your enemies for your energy which wrapped of energy to keep the whole system running in the in the schools teaching our children. The primary focus. Now the younger years is to teach them the reality they might not be a boy or girl like that thought they were they might be the opposite of that or something in between another's 550 different possibilities around they might be biologically that is self-destruction. Without the focus of what you're doing with your children. Yes. Also, making a sentence Third World country, but I want to talk for a minute here about immigration because immigration issues are about undermining our country and making it poor. They want him to say they want poor people because poor people. I can vote for leftist candidates. Let me just play another short clip of you here, you explain this immigration madness that's going on and you say it's about making our country for now. I think what it's about is Cloward and Piven.

These are two socialist communist from the 1960s who came up with the Cloward and Piven plan to overthrow the social welfare system and cause it to collapse and then therefore all collapse and socialism and then communism. This first issue, immigration by once amnesty for every single illegal in the country is stopping the travel dad from specific Muslim countries. It was to bring in as many as possible stop deportations. What is this all about. It's about undermining our country make it poor. What are the key goals of every policy also is poverty.

The poor people are, the more unlikely they are to rise up against you because there so worried about the day-to-day needs of what we can eat today what we can do and they usually are start to get dependent on the government because of the poverty so they can't rebel against the government that's feeding them or helping them be fed so just enslaves them and entitlements.

We just think for a minute stopping immigration enforcement stopping criminals from being removed from our country they're here illegally. Everyone is against that everyone is not a Democrat there. We don't yet that's a good thing. Besides the radical elites that try to make it seem like it's popular and everyone feels like there's no one wants the murderers of the rapist that are in our country right now illegally and have been convicted even to be able to stay in our country when their release from prison. Nobody wants that not one person except the elites and so you go okay. Why do they want something that doesn't make any sense it's because they have an agenda in its total destruction of our wonderful country all their policies are trying to get America to commit suicide, help us understand this Curtis Bowers because all of these politicians after they have kids and grandkids. I'm sure they'd like to have a future for these kids and grandkids and others in their life who are meaningful to them.

And yet, as you say they are conducting the suicide of a country knowingly and willingly. One of the many things we've already talked about energy were to lose our First Amendment rights here any day but this immigration helps understand this. I think the average Democratic politician more vote. So they're looking very shortsighted because I know 99% of those are good about Democratic Democrats are the one promising to give you a lot of stuff for free.

So they're looking so short-term and na´ve in thinking that it's not that I have longer term consequences. The elites that are behind the scenes they own the six companies that own 90% of all media.

They know will cause America to collapse and they see the big picture of the long-term picture and that's their goal talked about for 100 years yet. I've read so many books over the last hundred years, there were written talking about if we want world government. America has got trail we can have before you begin thinking there that just makes every other country look like all that's what we want to be like, they can have that there so that's why weathers the world economic forum plush wall with the reef, globalist groups, World Health Organization, all the other want. They're all focused on what can we do, we can America. What can we do to impoverish America. What can we do to put more regulations on America because they want world government. As you know that the product of your show talking about the biblical prophecies that are coming to pass from revelations as we speak with America. There, that's not possible. That's why it's so focused satanic going on that agenda and I think Satan has blinded many of them to how they're destroying themselves. It is a spiritual blindness could like you fit that was my first question, when I first started studying this years ago. Why would they want her to destroy the very country they live exactly that Seth had John Stormer over the wise man you know as well run a great book. He told me Curtis.

It is a spiritual blindness in the rebellion against God. He has blinded them to the obvious that they are destroying themselves.

Your listening, understanding the times radio and Jim Markel. I have on the line from the deep South Curtis Bowers. We've carried the agenda and twin pack DVD for years now and it's in our online store olive tree views.alert olive tree in my office a call get on our newsletter lists where we often offer these products. Curtis lowers this is a pretty blunt question booty you think is running the country.

I think we've watched Mr. Biden in some of his public appearances don't tape an extremely rare, we've watched him stumble. In some cases, literally, and I don't think that he's capable of running the country. Who do you think is many the elites, the people that have the money to put different people in power. They're the ones really calling the shots. Many behind-the-scenes people. I think Obama now is kind of a key player. He is not when he was in office and what else was calling the shots for him, but I think he is come up to speed a few cents a decade or more now inside the global network that seeks global government stilled the influence of the Rockefeller foundation: though indicates foundations at all these leaders. They are the ones pretty much always calling the shots. Most of the time with Biden which is obvious because really he is not enough there to try doing this but I think it's really been the case for decades or even the politicians that are mentally alert and they're getting a lot of direction from people that are far higher up in the global system that they are so it could be from out of the country, then Europe world economic forum closely, etc. yet and I think Oswald is really one of the top people that the be in the strategist of implementing the great reset in implementing a way of accomplishing their goals.

But there's many of the most were the behind-the-scenes people but it's the lot of the super rich families of the course we know about the George Soros is in some of those, but there's many of those type people most like to remain anonymous and behind-the-scenes.

That is who. If you study things the last 50 years. They are the ones the Rockefeller flavor. The most significant of really calling the shots of this is what is going on in the world I want to play a really troubling clip and have you come in on it.

It's Tucker Carlson Fox news. I play Tucker all the time. He analyzes things so dead right on that.

He interviewed recently, a restaurant owner from a communist country. She was from Poland and because she went on his program. She ended up not only be an arrested but hauled away in ankle shackles.

$35,000 fine, and apparently defiance is her real crime again. She's from Poland. She came on Tucker's program a month ago and gave a warning America. Please don't make the mistake Poland made my play this clip and will come back and talk about it nights ago I spoke to look call Melina Pappas Hackney. She's a restaurant owner from Michigan. She came on the show to tell us how authorities in Michigan govern the Atty. Gen. were trying to send her to jail for running her business and she warned us that Americans need to fight against authoritarianism like this where the United States will come to resemble a country she fled decades ago.

Communist Poland we the people, small business all around us. Like I told you we have to fight and I will fight for freedom are American people, and I incorrect.

Everyone business on there's other people stand up and fight for your freedom. We thought was going to be taking a way of an update for each, and that story and it's a sad one. Melina published Hackney is in jail. She was arrested very early this morning, before 6 AM by police taken away in ankle shackles and wrist cuffs. One of the few people in this country gets up really early to go to work because she really cares, trying her very hardest and the rapture and the central way for longer that people who commit gun crimes in Detroit get were told she will be in jail for 93 days unless she pays a $35,000 fine in the Michigan Board of Health deems it safe for her to be released Dr. to pay shouldn't pay Melina's restaurant is also been ordered closed until the Michigan state health department decides it can open again. But when this happened, the Atty. Gen. of Michigan is completely out-of-control and utterly political.

Dana nestle issued a press release bragging that she had been arrested like some dangerous felony. Been pulled off the street telling Judge. He did this Rosemarie Aquilino defended the arrest saying that Pappas Hackney quote has put the community at risk were in the middle of a pandemic. They presented zero evidence that she had any role in the pandemic.

None no scientific evidence whatsoever, but they want you know that defiance is the real crime so people can come here from foreign countries rush the border sent out with no penalty whatsoever, whether or not they have Cove.

It doesn't matter. Not even tested the go right into your neighbor. Nobody cares but if you try your level best your hardest to run a business and do the right thing. You go to jail. Melina Pat was Hackney.

Remember that and we wish her well. She gets out soon. Your thoughts, Curtis Bowers, I saw that I love that people that have already been there and done that would coming.

Have the courage to say no way to throw me in jail if you want I will not submit your Tierney, especially in America because you have no authority to do that. The fact that our government is saying what's essential and what's not.

The course the church is not everything on this business can be open to be Walmart with a thousand people in the time, but a little restaurant that has 20 people in the know you cannot. It shows he can clearly this is all part of their agenda to destroy small business which makes us poor as a people, small business provides over half of the jobs of all jobs in America. They want you working for big government, big business, so they have control over you because then they decide if you get a paycheck or not talking to Curtis Bowers. Learn more agenda

We carried the twin pack TV set called agenda say more about that as we go out of the program. Some new appointments.

Curtis never really troubling from the transgender who is in the Health and Human Services to, as you point out, Sec. of Interior Holland who was pushed by members of the Communist Party USA there only qualification. Apparently she's a Native American, guess that's all that matters. Talk to me about some other new appointments that you find very troubling. The new head of diversity in the military is a gentleman that if you go to his own twitter account. You see, he had pictures of Pres. Trump and Adolf Hitler the same position opened up a book I can like there the exact same thing.

He has radical black lives matter stuff and then a lot of vile stuff this guy is not the military. We think of honorable men fit toward leaders and that there doing what is right and you job now is cling to be just to make the military more diverse and more inclusive. It is going to destroy what is left of our wonderful military that's another one.

There's so many different positions that they are just putting people and they're not even qualified at the most fundamental level for these positions. There only qualification is that they have been radicals have been active on the left, working to grind America down that shocking. You're right it is either on the latent communist since you see taking leadership roles.

There's a lot of different appointees, different people in his cabinet.

If you study them individually. They have been involved in every router can cause movement that went to radical school to be liquid and emigrated from there. Clearly, eliminating anyone that even has a chance of being pro-American or traditional in any way shape or form. So it's gonna really fundamentally change things. Maybe not even immediately.

But as you take all the positions of power. Leaders that are against us and what makes America great things are to start reaping the whirlwind.

Because of that, I think we seen some fundamental change in just to three months. I think the shocking swiftness of this so far has thrown a lot of people have disturbing minutes coming at us from so many different angles or look at legislation.

They were looking at appointments or looking at executive orders and winds.

It is like this, overwhelmed, overwhelming war is a war against us. All of my audience right now is considered a domestic terrorist. I want to visit that in a moment or two as well. Here by our election system corrupted again. We made reference to this earlier HR one federal government now in charge of elections well you got an honest federal government but I don't know that we do right now. I think that's very very troubling and then the point, you've already referenced and that is Stalin's, and it doesn't matter who cast the votes anyway. It only matters who counts the votes you see that playing out in the future. Let's look and we only have minutes to do that, 20, 22, 20, 24. How do you see that playing out the one who's going to be counting the votes right now it looks like they are able to pass that. Don't be counting the votes and deciding how their task and who can cast them and we've only seen by reading the build it takes off all the safeguards to making sure it is a citizen of the United States that is registered to vote as voting and the only person that should be able to vote in their removing all safeguards to make sure that you cannot know if that's the case or not.

We know that yet to look toward 2022 or 22 is silly when you don't wait a minute. If we don't have a fundamental change in correcting what happened in 2020. Yes, that's foolish to Stephen on psycho up in two years will get over whatever I can anybody if that's the case, Curtis says that there are over 90 members of the House of Representatives tied to the Communist Party and I think what I wanted to Curtis when we get back into my part two of our programming.

I want to talk about that for a moment and how on earth that happened whether or not we try to name them. That's not my goal here that the fact that that many on the left are you saying that they would be members of the Communist Party or they just have leftists communist sympathy. They have connections not destroy members but there were connections through different groups. The Communist Party USA use in charge of the restarted and they're totally connected to those groups in a friendly manner, so you can see wow that's where they're getting their influence from and it's quite incredible that it's got to that stage. Let the American people elected them.

That's a little bit stunning is the general public, electing those on the left totally out to lunch when they're in the voting booth unfortunate I think so many people dear all, I see okay checking who is this person or that's a staggering number when you say over 90 members of the House of Representatives are tied to the Communist Party again. The American people elect these folks as Curtis has said our voters doing absolutely no investigation on who they're voting for. Apparently, or else half of America is corrupted with total leftists, values, and they're just fine with all of this and continue this discussion, I'm gonna take my midpoint break another issue.

Curtis Bowers addresses in his agenda. Weekly is how does the woke movement get into the church. I hope you know it's there and flourishing and it's one of the most troubling things we talk all the time about the rising apostasy in the church and its out-of-control these days. Some of it is from this woke movement to talk about. Then, without a lot more things to talk about what happened at Wheaton College recently little bit troubling. If you don't know and I'll probably apprise you here when we get back so don't go away.

I'll be back in just a couple of minutes.

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We don't want anyone to look behind those who are these options are the very best. We hope you'll consider them as the end time clock is now 11:59 shift another social thing to make people feel good about them if you can teach them lie to them and tell them moral and it's good to not let people speak to disagree with what we say.

Then you could actually get do-gooders on your side think they're standing for what is right. Father working to silence others Bible said there were days coming that would be characterized by perilous times appreciate dollars for watchmen on the wall and help make sense of our times. Here are Jan Markel and Curtis Bowers to wrap up its as their own definition from John Brennan to remind you who he is. I know you know he's the former CIA director under Obama.

Please also demand that it permitted to having had been in the past a communist. He says I'm not be more but I was in the past. He literally voted in 1980 for the Communist Party USA against Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, and he was the head of the CIA under Obama, but he is now coming back into the limelight because Biden is pulling you back in a guy that hates America. But here's what he said. Under Biden, the intelligence agencies are moving in the laserlike fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about the program from insurgency that harbors religious extremist authoritarians fascist bigots racist, nativist, and even libertarians come in for everybody that is against them.

They're going to have a new patriot act 2.0 probably called something different but they are getting serious about finishing their hundred year agenda of taking America down and all the people are being put in place, probably almost every member. So far that's been put in to Biden's cabinet in key positions are CFR members. The counselor for relations started by the Rockefellers with the purpose of instituting world government. Welcome back, hope you heard that the goal is instituting world government what you think the Bible might talk about that somewhere. In fact, a good deal of revelation and book of Daniel, particularly Revelation 13 talks about that one world system global government like I don't know if these major players in Washington and around the world, world economic forum fully understand where this is ultimately heading here's what I wanted to do in the time that we have left. I kinda gave a tease going out of segment one indicating that I want to talk a little bit about how this woke movement get into the church, not just that sure some of you may know that Wheaton College chief all heard of it. Christian school in Illinois. Recently they removed the plaque commemorating the deaths of a group of martyred missionaries because the memorial use the word savage to describe the indigenous tribe who violently killed these missionaries.

This would've been back in the 50s college officials said that they will be commissioning a task force to review the language on the plaque which honor James Elliott and McCauley to missionaries who were part of a group working to spread the gospel to indigenous peoples in Ecuador some decades ago. Now this woke movement is absolutely blossoming in the church and Christian schools and other places similar to this spending the hour with Curtis Bowers because I've learned so much about the agenda. We even carry his DVD twin pack agenda grinding American down in part to his agenda to Masters of deceit hits in our online store.

All of olive trade give my office a call get on our newsletter list Curtis Bowers speak into this the situation here in the church and more specifically Wheaton College is a key goal but had they understood every radical left, especially communistic person that is atheistic in their worldview they know the church is their number one enemy go to Satan their commander-in-chief.

And so even whether you're looking at the goals they laid out in the 1950s. Goal 27 by the Communist Party USA was infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with social religion discredit the Bible.

They knew you got rid of the Bible, you gotta get rid of this gospel and turn it into a social religion. The woke movement shift another social thing to make people feel good about themselves. If you can teach them and lie to them and tell them it's moral and it's good to not let people speak that disagree with what we say.

Then you could actually get do-gooders on your side think they're standing for what is right while they're working to silence others, so they been getting into our seminary since the 1930s and their own writings. They said that became their main focus in the 30s and stick it into the Christian seminaries across America. Wheaton College. My sister went there in 19 8041 years ago after being her year she called my dad said I can't go here anymore been taught Bible we've been taught true.

She goes every class time in whether it's even math and things like that all the professor does the whole.

His cut on how evil Ronald Reagan really worked.

The course was for him.

But whether you like him or not, the fact that the focus of a Christian college and she said in all the professors are not pro-life. Their pro-choice.

She was really involved in the pro-life movement.

She was, we can get any professors hardly at all to be involved with the finish so that's 41 years ago. But what you brought up the plaque being removed. This is so significant.

Jim Elliott and if you people don't know who he is. You need to read through the gates of splendor, incredible story of his life that they went down there to talk Indians in Ecuador because they heard no one had gone to try to reach them in 200 years. Why, because the last people that he gone into try to reach them they had killed and eaten.

He was going to reach the savages of the plaque says. And guess what those people.

Now, many of which are Jamaica Elizabeth Elliott went back in there and they stayed there to share the gospel with them. They would say yes we were savages until we met Jesus Christ.

It's crazy what is going on but that's another sign of how those are the places Wheaton X milligrams school that raising our Christian youth.

That's why the woke movement is taking such a route in our country inside the church because the seminaries been captured the Christian colleges have been captured with their now focused on the do-gooder things that the world says is do-gooder know what God says and they been sidetracked, which again is Marxist strategy waiting for an sidetrack, but that's was going on and it's hard to believe one of the things that I know that comes out in your DVD agenda grinding American down in Masters of deceit is that government must be God, and the fact that removing God and his influence from our culture is their number one goal. I'm just going to play a trailer to the agenda DVD that we carry again it's a twin pack that we carry. So it's actually two productions in one package. This is just a two minute 42nd trailer, and I think folks you get the idea that they are getting close to finishing America off this film will show that the brave new world. They see is nothing more than the failed policies and ideologies of the Communists that enslaved over third of the world's population during the 20th century, it will show that most people on the left, just the useful idiots. Lennon spoke being used to promote a socialist agenda which is the first and necessary step toward communism.

I think this is one of the most serious threats to our country. At the present time it will show they've done everything in their power to dumb down children and families rewrite our history and promote obscenity and immorality everywhere that they can walk home so as I understand it, but I don't want one shines through it brought every good and decent thing. We believe in because they have a vision for new society that must mean the replacement of the old society. This film will show why the ideas that now dominate her educational system are focused on removing God in his influence from every part of our culture tried to say that the state itself is no law hired hard. No appeal advanced training for the collective in a collective mindset and dependency mindset means that they can one all educated wards of the state government to provide everything that history has proven beyond any doubt that the free and applies that freedom produces provides more for anyone willing to work than any other system so why would the left still be pushing their socialist agenda on us. I mean it's really just microwave communism.

There's only two possibilities there either ignorant or the provide investigation over the last two years. What is causing America's drastic decline. Sorry to say. The left really use the card they left too much evidence of their agenda books, articles and speeches. No America has an enemy that is getting very close to accomplishing its plan of destroying the greatest country in all world history. There was a trailer to the twin pack that we carry grinding American down in agenda two Masters of deceit find in our online store olive or give my office a call or get on her newsletter lists Curtis you have any videos in the future. I know you're doing agenda weekly agenda it anything you going to make by way of DVD. I'd like to make agenda three final chapter of what is happening today because it is really coming together so you Lord willing I can get enough time. I would love to do that and what is your agenda weeklies that I watched I wouldn't miss these. If you're trying to understand their times and what's happened to our country. Here you are very hard on even the conservative media.

Obviously we know that the left is trying to eliminate some of the more conservative voices Fox News Newsmax one American news, various conservative platforms online are being harmed seriously.

I know WorldNetDaily being harmed by the left could give a whole lineup alphabetical online censorship is just horrific social media is horrific. If The YouTube censoring those kinds of things going on it and you recommend a number of things at pack times is very good new American magazine agenda weekly and some other things that you are critical, even of the Sean Hannity's in the Glenn Beck supply yes and they have some good stuff thing I've noticed this over my life watching things happen is too many times the people that are put up there to talk for us like a Sean Hannity nice guy I know he loves America, but he doesn't seem to have understanding of history to know what the battle we are in is all about and what were standing for, and I think sometimes were prone if we just watch those shows do think Republicans are the solution to the problem and it should not disperse the Democrats about the battle were in and that's not the battle were in the battle for truth that is all we are about waving your fly back and forth. That's not soon. Article patriotism standing for truth. That's patriotic as truth is what allows America to exist.

Truth is what has made the most blessed and wonderful country in the history of the world. And so we have to pull things out and then see the enemy for who they are. It's not the Democratic Party per se. If the Marxist debtor behind in the philosophies being taught in the school that a lot of times. So many of those guys that are nice to keep a sidetrack on just flag-waving, and then vote for the Republican type of thing and that's not the solution to our problem in sentence. What is the solution to the problem is to understand the time understand the Bible understand truth understand America how do we know what soma truly is patriotic or not, we won't know that if we don't know what America was founded on. Make it who she is, we don't know that we can be misled into thinking all the while moving this program so it understanding what were defending were defending truths of the Bible to be you bedrock there but finish looking.

What biblical principles made America this country that God blessed so tremendously right.

Anyone going against those principles. I don't care if they have the best part of the world there an enemy of our country and so I need to expose and try to educate them but if there blind and deaf and dumb and they will not listen then :-) hate not listen to that person. They do not understand the times just understanding truth and understand that's what America's greatness was that the only thing that made America great is the country that tried to do things God's way and God said, okay, waiting for that and that he blessed us for that.

So as we continue to turn were in trouble because we will lose his hand of blessing as we are because he's not going to put up with us teaching our children.

There is no God. And if it feels good do it you're listening to understanding the times radio and GMR killing him on the line.

Curtis the hours you can learn more in agenda and you can get his weekly online video for just five dollars a month. Well worth it. We carry the DVD twin pack and that's in my online store. I want to go back to the church for minutes. Here Curtis because I moved away from it to quickly if the listener is sitting there wondering. Well, I wonder if this woke movement has hit my church and I get the emails and they say my church was solid as a rock and then one Sunday. My pastor started. Everything was about race. I think we need to outline here is how could my listener determine if in fact the woke movement has hit their church. I just said race. I think that would be one thing that would suddenly be the new focus.

What else could they look for. They can look for the pastorate scared to speak from all of God's book from Genesis to Revelation. When you have a master won't address homosexuality won't address divorce one address abortion watered all the things that make the Bible relevant for today and you realize he has been influenced to be screeching to please man instead of God. He realized he might be the nicest man in the world but he is not a minister of God. He's a minister of men.

It's just discerning. Are they really sharing the gospel and in the right way for your talk about sin and hell and salvation through Christ alone. Death, burial and resurrection and faith in him. Are they really presenting the gospel that part of what the church is doing if it's not, it's not a healthy church over here to do is beautiful in the light and to stand up for the issues of the day. That's what happened in Nazi Germany. The church is all kinda capitulated. He is standing for life and for the Jewish people.

So then we saw what happened. The church is meant to be here in this battle all paid for another confined if your church is under attack. It's probably not a good one because it's Satan in this world that hates truth that hates God, they're going to be coming against your pastor and your church in some way. If you really standing for God lovingly of course I'm not saying been rude and nasty. The truth is what pierces them through the Bible is what pierces the conscience of the heart.

But we have to be speaking that because that's the most loving thing we can do that. How to really have a loving church of the church that stands for the truth, and the pastor is shepherding the fathers shepherd their families and then all of the sheep will go out into the world and spread the good news spend just a minute or two when we need to spend a few extra minutes on it that's fine at some of my audience will not even be aware of this. I'm not saying that critically. It's just you have to be visiting certain places, heavily online to even know it exists. And that's this Q1 on movement. Healing is supposedly some on line insider. Some felt he was an ultimate insider in the trump administration. Some within the Q1 on movement and they still exist, insist that former president trump is going to be back in office any day and some have it pinned down to something's going to happen. He's going to be back in office by August. It's a very real movement in many conservatives and many Christians have been sucked into this movement. It's somewhat conspiratorial.

Obviously please talk to me about an talk to my audience about it because I'm troubled that very good people are being lured into this. Obviously it's conspiratorial and I think you think that it could be rooted in some form of leftism talk to me please. What I meant when I first heard about it, 26, 2017 and started talk about that. We all had a hold that there really is a plan behind the scene and that there really is someone that's finally going to seek out and do justice against anything because these people to go to jail. So it's very appealing to us, which is understandable. Like anything else you like. The Bible talks about profit when they tell you these things and they tell you these things and they don't ever come to pass euros.

Wait a minute, and the false prophet. That's not some of the really good habits inside scoop. He was just telling a narrative that sounds very appealing and very hopeful so we grabbed a hold of it that we realize he didn't have any inside information with Simon Parks in different when I think I realize now I listen to several other think of that. Okay, I'm open to hear anybody but there was no nothing is happening.

Like they said and they keep dragging it out. Then as I study little more of the Bolshevik revolution. I realized back in 1921, the Bolsheviks, which was a communist that took over Russia and started the Soviet Union. They had a propaganda line that they would push as if it wasn't from them. It was from opposition to them to the people they were trying to take over there saying what trust the plan and they would push that out there as if someone secret was saying that to the people wouldn't resist them because no trust, the plan it can be okay there not to take you over, I realized all this is trust. The plan with a lot of people would ask, why do they do that will because when you're trusting the plan, you think something is going to happen. You're very prone not to do anything at all because you think there get ready to do this great thing unless people thrown into jail that have been doing bad things. So you're just sitting there, it's just biding your time and not actively standing against them. So it's a great way to silence opposition and I believe that's all this is been trump is not coming back in office.

Maybe in 2024 God work that out somehow. But if you believe the plan to be fighting gets HR one and HR five and standing for the truth and educating others because you think you know any day now going to happen. So that's what we have to be careful as we discern the times that's what I truly believe about that move but it was probably either the KGB and CIA KGB or CIA. That's what I would guess KGB is famous for this information to just get control of things. But the CIA as we know now has almost the same agenda that they turn their back trying to attack her present the last four years and have begun everything to protect those who have done evil and to come against those who are doing what is right there. An enemy of our country to. It was probably one of those organizations lug insults part of this just give it some thought. Here what Curtis is saying basically you think that the cueing on movement then is rooted in some form of leftism yet I believe it's a deception again if I'm wrong at some of the future will be the first that I was wrong. They've been telling us very specific things for years now, and none of it happened.

They keep coming up with a new story as soon as their thing doesn't happen on January 20 comes going to be put in there that that happened. And then they come up with a new story. And so it's people that didn't really have an insight anything they said this is going to happen with the military or that's going to happen in the end of it ever did. Once someone has proven to be a false prophet to be very thoughtful and listening to them. I agree. Let's just say a word here about the event that happened January 6 because it's made all of us on the right domestic terrorists 75 million trump voters now are dangerous folks on the left look right past what happened last summer. 237 cities including my hometown, Neapolis, Minnesota what happened at the capital was according to them on the left, the most evil act in our entire history. Even though very few people were actually involved in some of the destruction you say this is what communists do and they define your enemy as criminals. Well, you're right because all of us are now criminals because of that very tragic event to January 6 at the capital trigon if you look at the event. There were deftly some things that happened that weren't good. I was there telling there was a million people there. We are all there for only one reason is to hear our president talk and support him by our presence being there.

We know now from the timeline that the stuff that was bad was happening at the capital 20 minutes before he was done speaking, which means they have Frank left where he was speaking 20 minutes before that because it's a long walk down there so you wait a minute. If the only reason you came to DC to hear the president talk and that's true that's why all of us were there, we were excited to be there and to encourage him by saying they were behind you so no one went there for the right reason of supporting their president and hearing him speak would've left early left before even started talking when you come all the way across the country waited.

I've stood in one spot for six hours waiting with my family.

That's what we are, therefore, so it started before that the party line has been turned.

Could you see some of the videos of yes there were some radicals are I have home videos on my phone. I took a hole in chief of brigades walking past us somewhere filming them on our iPhones go look at these people there there all dressed in black and do their stuff been infiltrated. Clearly, that doesn't get enough credit but even with all the happened here's the reality. Now that it's been investigated once in an armed insurrection like they said yes that there was no weapons. It's an armed instruction, no wasn't means was even insurrection because you would not ever doing insurrection not being armed with people getting hyped up some good people with some bad people, which is very common in how, but that wasn't the fact that the five people were killed, will now we know that's not true.

One person was killed.

It was a 14 year Air Force veteran lady who was unarmed and shot while private security person by one of the senators is way in which shot out the window. You don't shoot out the window when there's lots of people in the building. That's crazy and kill her.

She was a trump supporter source. I didn't kill anybody they like you said of the million people there a couple hundred. When inside so you're talking about thousandth of 1% of people even when we were there we didn't know anything was going on inside the building. As we walked down there.

I told my son that was something is going on because there was no security. I've been to the capital 20 times in my life at least. And there's always such tight security, even when the rotting session is tight security. Today they had the house the Senate and the vice president of the United States, and there's no security. It was clearly a set up. I told my boy that before we knew anything that it never happened outside it was something going on here. This is not normal and they were making us walk behind the building normally are not allowed on the grass you have to walk around the sidewalks, but they had the block where you had to walk on the graph next to the building and I said this is where the member commented to my sons right as we were going. I don't know what they're doing and then later we heard what happened.

We got all that was set up is a clear set of no security there forcing people close to the building so the more prone to get excited and start climbing up and then the doors people can walk and if she is there so much of it is a total lie for what we've been told that our site even half the Republicans are still talking the party line was armed insurrection in five people were killed and it's not true close you can keep up to date on things like this that are happening to help you understand the signs contend for the faith become a watchman on the wall and agenda and spent the hour with Curtis Bowers we carry the agenda twin pack grinding America down and agenda to masters of deceit. It's in my store. Give my office a call. Sadly, I am just out of time. I could spend hours talking on here here with Curtis. I'm just going to go out of the program here at the site a couple of Bible verses. You've heard me do it before. By the way, Curtis thank you for all you do. It's deeply appreciated by those who love our country and 89.9% is not 100% of my audience loves our country so much appreciates what you do in revealing the truth as you do go out here with couple of verses one is from the Psalms.

I like to use it. I trust in you overlord our times are in your hands and the other is from Isaiah 33 words states that only God is the stability of our times, and we have perfect government coming the government will be upon his shoulders. That is the king of kings and the Lord of lords. Jesus Christ, I say bring it on any day. I want to thank you for listening and we will talk to you next week. If you can't be via radio for understanding the times radio. Remember, all programming is posted to our website in both its audio and video format that all of the go to our radio category will confirm receipt to follow through the that's all of trees simple time at 763-559-4440 476-355-4444 get our mail when you write to John Martel and elephant industries. Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Road, MN 55311.

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God wants us to trust him even in times of distress and uncertainty to be assured that everything is falling into place

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