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Pope Francis: The Vicar of the New World Order

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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February 20, 2021 7:00 am

Pope Francis: The Vicar of the New World Order

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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February 20, 2021 7:00 am

Jan Markell spends the hour with apologist Mike Gendron. Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope. He is apocalyptic, a uniter of religions, and leading many down a wide road to destruction. Is he or his office that of False Prophet? His popularity reflects today’s total death of discernment. Find the Terry James’ book in our online store.

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We are in a day of deception.

Thanks to the death of discernment. The one world religion will be formed by the union of non-Christian religions what all professing Christians who have never been born again that I hope you realize that there is a difference between professing Christians who have never experienced a second birth ML seven called out of the world, sealed and indwelt by the Holy Spirit looking to sign the radio with Jim Markel radio for the remnants brought to you by all of three ministries today. Jan spends the hour with apologist Mike Chandler, Jan and Mike consider the Vicar of the New World order (is there significance to the fact that he is the first Jesuit Pope, and why are evangelical leaders so supportive of Pope Francis in the agenda of wrong isn't he leaving the world to the one world religion.

Here is today's is the Pope, the false prophet.

I don't know that, but he gives us cause for alarm, and what is coming out of the Vatican is at least like a movie trailer.

A preview of coming attractions. As more churches degrade the message of God. Trying to conform God's word to that of a politically correct world. They lay the groundwork for a great worldwide delusion and that delusion will lead to the false prophet, the Antichrist, in a time of unprecedented destruction, and welcome to the front of Graham that was actually the voice of Pastor Tom Hughes is not my guesstimate introduced him in just a moment we look at one figure in this hour of a global phenomenon. He goes by many names. The one that intrigues me the most, I think, is the Vicar of the New World order. And, of course, that would be Pope Francis, and it would be an understatement to say that he is an unconventional Pope one creating a pathway I'm going to say of destruction and how is this possible. Perhaps he's not the holy man that many people think my guest for the hour is Mike Genter and he is a former Catholic, he's an evangelical apologist speaker, teacher, author Annie is a chapter in the book that we been promoting on air here for a few weeks and that would be the Terry James book lawless in times of war against the spirit of the antichrist.

My children's topic title is pontiff proclaims all go to heaven I'll actually the pontiff proclaims a lot of things and will talk about that this hour. What about the Pope's role in the forming of global government winning the minds and hearts of evangelicals.

We can talk about that about the apparitions of Mary in this day of deception.

The apparitions are intriguing and fascinating but oh so deceptive and a lot more Mike gender and welcome to the program character to be back on your program.

Thank you so much Mike you have an interesting story and we are a little short on time, but I don't want to take the time away from you telling my audience exactly how you came to faith in Jesus Christ and left the Catholic faith church that I was sharing up her promoting of God's amazing grace in my life. As you mentioned, I was a devout Roman Catholic for 35 years until I opened the Bible for the very first time and once I started reading the Bible.

I had a crisis of faith because I discovered the Roman Catholic plan of salvation oppose the glorious gospel of Christ; if it came down to should I trust Christ and his word for the traditions and teachings of my religion. I knew that it was impossible to believe those filling the process of reading the Bible, God granted my repentance. I ended up exchanging my religion for an eternal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ my Savior so I soon realized that the only two things on this earth that are eternal are the souls of man and the word of God. I left my corporate career to pursue studying the Bible so that I could invest the rest of my time on the two things that were last for all eternity. During my last semester at Dallas theological seminary, we began inviting Roman Catholics to our home to share gospel video and within three months we saw 17 Catholics exchange their religion for relationship with Christ. We never really set up to start a ministry vertically recognized the power of God's word and converting people and setting them free from religious deception. Now 30 years later the Lord is taken us all over the world several times and without the opportunity to speak at conferences and seminaries churches throughout the world equipping the body of Christ to reach out to what we consider the world's largest emotion recognition field maps 1.3 billion precious souls within the Catholic Church during our 30 year and five been able to develop some excellent resources to help people evangelize their Roman Catholic friends and loved ones, and really anyone who's lost in religious deception. So we provide books and gospel tracts and DVDs. Also, a website that not only have a lot of resources and articles that we also send out a monthly newsletter to anyone who wants to find out the match free pillar keeps people up-to-date as to what's going on with the ecumenical movement and everything is moving at a very rapid pace.

Each month we have new stories to keep people informed. Thank you for sharing that. I'll give your website here throughout the program that's proclaiming the folks and I'll remind you that a couple of times in this hour. There's so many bullet points I want to hit on here in the program. That's actually on just under an hour long and I just can't change direction Mike in the last minute of my preparation in my notes in front of me and I decided to start the hour after you shared your testimony which is so uplifting and had the right to the issue of deception and of course the whole hour is about deception, but I don't know if something that's both intriguing but ultimate deception at the same time. Some listeners know about this and some don't, and that's these strange apparitions that are appearing literally all over the world fooling millions and millions of Catholic people for about 100 years. Now these apparitions of Mary and she's being called the Queen of heaven and I've seen the gym tent, low production, titled messages from heaven. We no longer carry it. You can find that on YouTube folks type in messages from heaven Mike talk to me a little bit about these apparitions that folks are seeing of Mary Chandler appearing at an exponential rate. More and more places throughout the world. As you mentioned the apparitions of Mary are really occurrences of the Blessed Virgin Mary and she brings both messages of salvation as well as judgment to the people of the world we got people of all religions throughout the world that are flocking to this apparition fights to receive a message from Mary. I was recently interviewed on the history Channel and the topic was the apparitions of Mary and I said it's mind-boggling to know that people will them thousands of dollars in travel thousands of miles to get a message from Mary when they can opener Bible right where they are and get a message from our Lord that we know from Scripture is the day of the Lord approaches we should not be surprised. Apparitions will continue to increase because God's word tells us with the coming of the lawless one is by the activity of Satan with all power and false signs and wonders through. I really believe that these apparitions that we are seeing throughout the world are really Satan disguising himself as an angel of light.

For the purpose of uniting all the religions of the world and I really believe the apparitions of Mary will one day be the catalyst to unite Islam in Roman Catholicism again because both religions of steam. Mary is the most revered woman who's ever lived and play a couple of real short clips from the tent. Lucille messages from heaven and this is just a gripping film showing people and their honor enthusiasm for Mary and they do think they are seeing may not keep in mind folks, this is some of the end time lying signs and wonders. The Lord talks about in Mark 1322 around the world. Reports of supernatural events are drawing millions to apparition sites where the Virgin Mary is said to be appearing thousands of visionaries from every conceivable background describe a beautiful young woman, glowing and radiant splendor building standing there a just suitably impressive. She even needed and includable in late 19 she appears as a living breathing three-dimensional leaving billeted exquisite light Sears when describing her admit that the queen of heaven transcends human prescription millions flock to apparition sites, hoping to encounter the Blessed Virgin Mary. Consider that 15 to 20 million Mary and followers is a single shrine in Guadalupe Mexico. Every single year.

The shrine is dedicated to our Lady of Guadalupe, who appeared in 1531 to see your Juan Diego.

Many of the pilgrims claim miracles are still occurring in Guadalupe today. The result of Mary's continued presence in war-torn Bosnia and estimated 30 million pilgrims had visited manager glory since the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary began in 1981. Besides the six visionaries who regularly receive messages from the Virgin thousands of pilgrims claim to see signs and wonders experience healing and hear the voice of Mary at manager glory. Unlike other alleged paranormal activities.

Evidence indicates that the apparitions of the Virgin Mary are of a supernatural origin and that her motives are pure frequent messages to pray turn to God and work toward peace indicate a benevolent agenda.

Also, the good fruits attributed to her appearances cannot be overstated. Many individuals claim that they have drawn closer to God. Since their encounter with the Virgin others testified to the many signs and wonders as evidence that God has sent Mary in these last days my children lying signs and wonders true.

In fact Gerard like to share one of the message of the Roman Catholic Church is actually approved as a valid message from Mary, and I quote Mary speaking and apparition of Mary. You thought hell where the foals of poor centers go in order to save them.

God wishes to establish devotion to my immaculate heart of the world. If people do what I have. Many souls will be saved and there will be peace. Only I can help you. My immaculate heart will be your refuge in the way that will lead you to God in the end my immaculate heart will triumph. Jan, how do we know whether or not that's truly a message for Mary what the Bible tells us in first out for one that we are to not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God. So the best way to test any apparition is to test the veracity of their message with the authority of God's word. When we do that we know that this is not a message from Mary for panic methods to divert people's attention away from Christ to Mary as a media after triple graces. So this is demonic is what you're saying, definitely, by the authority of Scripture in my reading and studying online pandemic apparently has even accelerated these visions of Mary, I assume because people are tearful and their seeking healing or seeking protection. This whole phenomenon is mushrooming here in 2021 fascinating to say that Muslims are flocking to apparition sites, especially in fact about which is a city named after Mohammed's first daughter are all looking for messages from Mary because the apparitions are saying that she is coming for all of her children. The apparitions of Mary are universal.

If they bring a message of universal salvation. When we look at this unity between Islam and Catholicism. We know that one day these two religions will merge because there will be a global religion.

I know you want to talk about that. Well, we can morph into that because I just think were seeing so many things for me, even as we speak. The one world religion is on its way across the true church is fit to be gone when this one word religion actually manifests itself and you suggest that the one world religion will be made up of lots of things liberal Protestants and Catholics learn not born again, perhaps more bends world religions will be represented in this one world religion and tolerance and compromise will be what unites the various members of this one world religion and they will give their worship to the antichrist. Interestingly, in the name of God is true. We say that in the book of Revelation chapter 13 all who dwell on the yard will work out letters.

The first phase everyone whose name has not been written in the Lamb's book of life, who has been flying on them. We see the false prophet. The second based causes the earth and those who dwell in to worship a false Christ for one of the Pope's perceptive strategies is using to unite the world into a global church is to declare that all religions and all phase lead to the same God. Another strategy that is been using recently is to declare that everyone is a child of God. So the Pope is drawing all the major religions, including Islam and Orthodox Christianity apostate Protestant Christianity and even IPOs to unite his brothers and sisters, Pope Francis has proclaimed that all law and the God of the Catholic Church part one on the same he said and I quote I grieved and cordially thanked all of you, dear friends, belonging to other religions, traditions, first of all the Muslims who worship the one God living a merciful and call upon him in prayer.

Jan, this is what really disturbs me, because the Pope is calling for unity was Muslims who, he says, worship the same God. And yet, at the Council of Trent. There is over 100 anathemas that come down born-again Christians because we worship the one true God, the Lord Jesus Christ and we believe that were saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone for over 100 times, working down but yet the Muslims are said to be part of God's plan of salvation enough even in the Catholic catechism. Paragraph 841.

The plan of salvation also includes the Muslims together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind's judge on the last day so you can see this global religion will include everybody.

As you mentioned, except born-again Christians when the rapture takes place them will say that the global religion will move forward with an unprecedented rate. You're listening to understanding the times radio jammer killing him on the line like gender and you can learn more and his website proclaiming the gospel down or Mike spoke at one of my understanding the times conferences here in the last several years and I'm basing my interview off of the chapter he has in the book aloneness end times war against the spirit of antichrist. Remember, there are 17 contributors to this book. Terry James general editor.

We got Wilford Hein Damon directly responded to me known my goodness, Nathan Jones had Strindberg Jonathan Brent in her Mike Tom Hughes Jim Fletcher Dave Ragan and others. You can find it in my online store and olive tree olive tree you can get my office a call or you can sign up for my various newsletters in the book is offered in those newsletters. Mike Shasta little diversion here. I'm not quite through with this rush to the one world religion but why is it so significant that Pope Francis is see I believe he's the first Jesuit Pope yeah you first Jesuit Pope. I'm glad that you brought that up because the Jesuits were actually formed at the counterreformation in the 16th century, and their goal was to eliminate all opposition to the Roman Catholic Church and they wanted to build a kingdom for the prophecy. Now 500 years later we have the first Jesuit pope, Pope Francis, and he's carrying out the Jesuit agenda to create this global religion and eliminate any opposition to the Roman Catholic Church and its agenda to unite the world. Interesting. I want to go back to this effort and a one world religion can actually do many many hours just on this topic alone. None of this would be possible if it works for today. The rise of the great apostasy. Of course it's all predicted in the Bible, which again is fueling a false unity and I'm get into in just a minute there effort to unify with evangelicals, but I'm not quite there yet. In other words, this one world religion wouldn't even be possible if it weren't for the death of discernment going on today in the church and including the evangelical church for your right Jan, in fact, the professing church as we know it today has really lost any opportunity to discern truth from error and much of the blame has to go on. Many pastors that are no longer teaching the whole counsel of God or executing the Bible verse by verse.

What's happening is when you don't get the word of God from the pulpit and the people in the pew were not receiving truth and when I don't have truth in the Discern what is false. With the great compromise going on.

We know from Scripture that the gospel of Jesus Christ is exclusive. The dearth of faith of Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. He said I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me so we can say that he is the way for those who are lost is true for those who are deceived and he's the life of those who regarding your sound. No one can come to the father except through Christ to live exclusive gospel, but unfortunately there are many pastors today that the desire to be more popular and gain more influence and so they're taking out the offense of the gospel in compromising out so they can draw a larger crowd indeed a D of incredible deception Roger Oakland commenting on that despite the evidence that the operations are a number of Christians are concerned that this phenomenon may be a grand deception.

The Scriptures warn us very clearly that Satan is a master deceiver and that Satan actually can appear as an angel of light that we know that the word of God is light, Satan can actually manifest himself in the form of the truth or appear to be true.

And yet be deceptive. Satan were told is like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Or as Paul writes, he is the one who schemes or plans to deceive the whole world is the God of this world who blinds the minds of the unbelieving, so that they might not see the light of the glorious gospel. He is a master plan to deceive and that's the theme of this particular hour. This incredible rampant day of deception talking to my gender in here Mike is a quote of yours I believe I took it out of the book aloneness you say if we are in this season of the Lord's return, we must consider the office of the papacy to be the false prophet he's using his office to establish a one world religion and a one world government. A lot of people I would say a majority of my listeners would agree with you and others are shocked to hear a statement like that that you might consider the office of the Pope to be the false prophet.

Why don't you pack up what you're saying here. You have a course I don't like to give my opinion. I only got a sort of God's word and by the authority of Scripture, we can play the Pope Francis is now the most influential and effective false picture of the world because he is leaving multitudes down the wide road to destruction will fall from fatal gospel and according to God's word in Galatians 1629. Apostle Paul presented the gospel and he said if anyone comes teaching another gospel player could be anathema or condemned or turned over to God for destruction. And so when you look at the Roman Catholic gospel in order to be saved. Roman Catholic has to be baptized through good works to receive the sacraments and go to the weekly sacrifice of the mass to have their sins forgiven but must obey the law and this is clearly another gospel denies the sufficiency and the perfect finished work of Christ on the cross and the Roman Catholic Church continues the work of redemption on the altar and filled by the authority of Scripture, we can play with the Pope and all those who teach the Roman Catholic gospel are under divine condemnation. This is not my opinion, it according to the authoritative word of God, we have to warn people because there is an ecumenical movement going on the 60 unite Protestants and Catholics together, but we can never have unity with a apostate form of Christianity that denies the gospel to get to that unification, Protestants and Catholics of the probably the second half of the programming. Let me ask you this, the globalists knew they needed a globalist hope is that one of the reasons. Perhaps they had him installed in 2013. While I believe so that was really surprised people throughout the world flow loan manager Argentina rose to the C we know that that's been his agenda from the get-go is to have a global religion and to push the ecumenical agenda at a fast forward pace. We say that last year, Pope Francis made a strong push for globalism. He called for a supranational body to enforce United Nations sustainable development goals and to implement climate change policies so the Pope said alliance must be forged between the earth and habitants in our common home which is yours which we are to care for and respect. So he goes on to five of this alliance will generate peace, justice and hospitality among all nations of the human family as well as dialogue between world religions. Jan you can see that is tying in a global government with the unification of all religions so that we can sustain the Earth's climate.

If interesting to note that the Pope fully supports Joe Biden who happens to our second Catholic president, if interesting, because he overlooked Biden's pro-abortion and pro-homosexual positions because they both share the same socialist and Marxist agendas for globalism and am glad you were blunt enough here just to say I believe the Pope is Marxist.

I think it's kind of obvious stands may Mike that more Catholics don't see this that this man is a communist rodeos, but Catholics have been indoctrinated from the time they can play okay, remember I was one of them the power of indoctrination.

Jan is very powerful because the blind you from the truth, you end up having a fierce loyalty to the religion which they believe is the one true church are trusting their religion to get them to heaven and not trusting Jesus where loyalty is to the Pope doesn't matter what he says is you know we've made some very bizarre statements.

And yes, anyone with discernment would know that is a false prophet, but the power of indoctrination really is seen throughout the Roman Catholic Church and it's just heartbreaking. As we witness to Catholics how unwilling they are to consider the word of God, but rather embrace the words of the Pope staying in this theme here of the coming global religion.

Many remember that he met with the Muslim Imam that would have been in 2019. That would have been in the United Arab Emirates signed a document that all religions are a pathway to God that interfaces them will make the new world order possible. Again folks you're hearing the words of the ultimate globalists at least one of the globalist leaders. How can you be a globalist looking still be the head of the Roman Catholic Church. Well that's what happened in 2013 Mike it will scan mysteriously stepping down of Benedict and the installation of Pope Francis, that was very very strange ordeal that happened some years ago now almost on profit only happened one other time from what I know from the insiders work on the Vatican, Pope Benedict actually step down because he did not want to deal with the pedophile case is running rampant throughout the Catholic Church. When you look at the contrast between these two popes Pope Benedict and Pope Francis, Pope Benedict was a doctrinal group is the one that wrote the catechism of the Catholic Church stands now is the authority of the Catholic religion and you look at Pope Francis is more pastoral. The saved a lot of people into believing he is a humble man but yet he wears the titles Vicar of Christ and head of the church. So those are not humble position feels titles given to the Lord Jesus Christ and the triune God use what I wanted to know in part to my programming talking for the hour with Mike Hendren and you can learn check out his resources. There Mike is now an evangelical he's an apologist, speaker, teacher, author, and he has contributed to the book lawless, which I'll say more about as we close the program. Such an outstanding book. It's one of our most popular products. Perhaps we've had a number of years because of the 17 contributors Mike Chandra and is a contributor to the book and it's a chapter on you may have figured it out by now.

Pope Francis or I want a head in part two of my programming is what Calvin wrote is Pope Francis making with evangelicals you've heard us talking about making inroads with Muslims. Obviously the very deceptive apparitions of Mary might even play one more clip from Jim Catlett was film on that topic. If we have time but I really want to focus in part two on how the inroads are being made to the evangelical church who is Bishop Tony Palmer can play clip of him so you can get acquainted with him will do all of this I'm going away for just a couple minutes so I hope you don't go away because I'm coming right back. We hope you'll stay in touch with us online through politics large that's all of the trees you can follow central time at 763559444 476-559-4444 right us to mail all of three ministries and Jan Markel, PO Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible.

Check out all of our timely products in our online store all of three views God for more in the moment are you taking advantage of all of the platforms apology ministries provides. We are in unprecedented times. The Bible says in first Chronicles 12 God was pleased with her sons as a car understood times are you keeping up with the significant breaking stories today. If not, check our daily headlines posted on our website. Olive tree views God over large hollow tree repost other articles in various categories as well. What about the growing apostasy of the church.

Check out our spiritual deception category articles we have an online store with dozens of relevant books and DVDs take advantage of these products will help you grasp of current events and apologetics. Radio programs are all posted to our website both audio and video for and we offer a quick and easy newsletter sign-up at our website under resources.

All of three views.large will get through this new year together as we await his return for hearing all of our evangelical leaders began to compromise their taking out the offense of the gospel and making it more acceptable to all people are so many people don't know what the gospel is anymore.

We have watched the death of discernment for gains on sound doctrine and reckless teachers being celebrated into many of today's churches. This ministry tries to take a stand against such bearer here are my children and Jan Markel to wrap up today's the operation is also requested trying to be erected in her honor around the globe.

I ardently designed to here, but I can show my love, compassion and protection for merciful most of the apparitions asked for Sharon to be built in trying to build through thousands for the world and people come and kneel before Mary I've seen them walking on their knees blood he needs that factum and so forth. And they're doing this out of penance of trying to curry Mary's favor you have to do that for the more we don't need Mary's favor. We need price redemption is grace and mercy to cost us by grace is not of works, otherwise it would be grace so you can earn it.

Never ever did anyone in the Bible bow down before Mary even when Mary was there was at the birth of Jesus. It says they worshiped him they didn't bow down to Mary or to Joseph. That was the voice of the late Dave hunched friend of mine.

One of my conference features some years ago now if you'd like to watch that messages from heaven production. Again, go to YouTube and type in messages from heaven. It's a Jim Taft low production, and its stunning and encourage you to have Catholic friends, perhaps watch that little production online messages from heaven spending the hour with Mike Chandra and from proclaiming the ministry Mike. As you may have heard, introducing the program he gave about a five-minute testimony of his several decades as a Roman Catholic until he saw the truth then found the gospel and now proclaims the gospel. The fact that he spent over 30 years as a Catholic, now an evangelical Christian.

So we've been spending the first part of the program. Looking at deception. Actually, that's kind of the theme of the whole hour and the apparitions of Mary, the coming global religion part of the one world system to read about Revelation 13 of the places I said that I want to eventually get to the extremely important topic and how the Catholic Church is now making gigantic inroads into evangelicalism. That's right, can want to head now Mike Hendren.

Let me quote you here before we head into that topic you say. Pope Francis is attempting to rebuild the religious tower of Babel, he will stop at nothing to see that this happens in his lifetime what you mean by that, and I think part two of my question and I don't say this to be offensive. But Pope Francis is time is running out simply due to age. She is aging. Gentlemen, I question his role in end time events simply because he's a man in his mid-80s and Mike when you and I are 85 or so working a run out of energy to number one. What is this religious tower of Babel and number two how do you see him playing out the rest of his few years.

The question I referred to the religious tower Babel going back to Genesis where God dispersed the population of the earth because the rebilling power and Babel. Now we see the attempt to reunite the world not only globally, in a government but also globally. A religion on ultimately our global economy as well. This is all part of the pope's agenda to rebuild the tower. Babel, we need to realize that the Pope is a monarch arose over the Vatican City and not boast of being the headquarters of God's kingdom on earth felt Pope Francis, who sits on the throne and has great influence over the nations of the world.

Roman Catholics are scattered throughout the world and this pope is got this great control over many of the countries in the world because of his status as a monarch over God kingdom on earth. It's really interesting as we watch the Pope you did recognize that he is in his mid-80s, doesn't have much time left but yet he's doing everything he Is to bring about this agenda and one of the most effective ways is to build bridges under the Protestant church is made it clear that ecumenical unity among Protestants is his top priority and he's a successful is a very charismatic gentleman in a play, click here in just a moment of Tony Palmer and I think we need to explain just who Tony Palmer is will get to that in a minute. First of all, there are many Protestants now how many of them are evangelicals hard to say but many who do believe that the Pope is a brother in Christ, help me understand that I'm so glad you brought that up because the eight years of Pope has been in the office of the FAQs managed to seduce a large percentage of Protestant pastors into believing that he is the brother in Christ Jan I say this on the authority of a life where research say where they surveyed 1000 Protestant pastors in America and 63% for the delay. Pope Francis is a genuine Christian for someone who grew up in the Roman Catholic Church.

This is alarming is that of the reformers.

I called the Pope, the antichrist and here we are 500 years later pastors are calling them the brother in Christ so clearly as we mentioned earlier, there's a total lack of discernment among Protestant pastors.

We've got a gentleman, the late Tony Palmer, Anglican Bishop, who seemed to be even on the staff of the Vatican. I'm not quite sure about that goes as far as to say that the Protestant protest is over. He's going to say in this very short clip and then replay that we have the same gospel, he's clearly an apologist for the Vatican and in this clip he's addressing Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Copeland's audience is going to say were all Catholics again, we aren't protesting any longer that just a stunning clip because I think that the effect of this has been overwhelmingly successful and positive in a very tragic way brothers assistance late this protest is over Israel's end 1999. This was signed by the Lutheran Church.

The Federation worldwide lights had about five years later the worldwide Methodist signed the same agreement, but as of today we still had no Protestant evangelical that will stand up and sign this agreement to agree with our brothers and sisters that we are saved by grace through faith to good works, and I believe that something that needs to be is a challenge for you so protest has been out of that 15 years and I get a bit cheeky As I challenge my Protestant pasta friends. If it is normal protest. How can they be a Protestant church. Maybe we know it all Catholics again, but we have reformed the Catholic and the universal sense when not protesting the doctrine of salvation by the Catholic Church anymore. We now preach the same gospel we now preach are saved by grace through faith alone in the woods alone was the argument for 500 that would alone is nay you can read it yourself. The protest is of the protest is over. Okay Mike Hendren help us understand what we just heard Tony Palmer again. Anglican Bishop recently passed away.

Here young man actually saying that Catholics and Protestants have the same gospel.

Give me a break. This is a blatant untruth.

Jan I want to take you back 500 years because the time of the Reformation Roman Catholic Church taught that you are saved by grace, plus merit pay plus works Christ" or mediators. According to Scripture plus Catholic tradition and all for the glory of God and Gloria Mary so is the reformers or came along and said no this is not right or saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. According to Scripture alone, all for the glory of Christ alone in the world alone is so important. Catholics believe are saved by grace through faith in Christ. It's what they've added to the gospel that keeps them lost from religious perfection but have to come to the cross of Christ with empty hands of faith they can bring nothing other than their sounds and I have to leave everything else behind.

And that's where the exclusivity of the gospel comes in. Tony Palmer is basically saying the Reformation was a mistake. We know that the reformers were brutally murdered and burned at the stake because they would not compromise the gospel. They knew from Scripture that salvation is definitely by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. He was giving a rather convincing presentation. Again, this is Sue Copeland's ministry a few years ago, the Copeland's not the only one who seems to be heaving to this I've heard Rick Warren make very positive comments about Pope Francis James Robison, but frankly, there are number of leaders who've done this and done this in a very proud manner, and I want to be hypercritical here, but I just question the discernment of some folks right now. We probably had a title for today's programming it might be the death of discernment for your rights. In fact, I used to do conferences with close Palau yes go down to South America to bring all of our gospel tracts for Roman Catholics that we had in Spanish because he knew the Roman Catholics needed to be evangelized and needed to hear the true gospel when Pope Francis, who is from the same place lose flowers from when he became Pope. This is what Luis Palau for Pope Francis is a very Bible centered in Jesus Christ centered man.

He's really centered on the pure gospel. He is a friend of evangelicals. So what happened to Luis Palau wanted to compromise. Do you have an answer to that. I think it's because he was a friend of the Pope and he wanted to win more people through his influence and popularity, rather than call Pope Francis the false prophet, he embraced him as a true brother in Christ of the gospel centered man Pope Francis doesn't know the gospel by his own words of his own theology.

He denies the gospel of Christ, so it's hard for me to understand how evangelists want to Luis Palau Confederate Pope Francis is a very Christ centered and Bible centered man profession that's going on in church today were hearing all of our evangelical leaders began to compromise their taking out the offense of the gospel and making it more acceptable to all people and so many people don't know what the gospel is anymore. Let's go back just for a minute here to 1994 ECT evangelicals and Catholics together. This is some years ago now major leaders said evangelicals and Catholics must come together. Let's spend just a moment on who was the inspiration behind that and does that document still circulate and have influence on leaders that we really have to go back a few years before evangelicals and Catholics together 1994 there was a Vatican Council. Of the Catholic Church issued a decree on ecumenism and that's what really got the ball rolling toward uniting all Protestants and Catholics together in 1994 was Chuck Colson and Richard John Neuhaus who came together and co-authored this record during the site. It was sure common faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ so didn't stop there. There was subsequent records and 94, 97, and then we had Catholics and Lutherans coming together fighting a joint declaration on the doctrine of justification course that was really puzzling because that was really the spark of the Reformation, the doctrine of justification is what divided the Roman Catholic religion from evangelical Christianity was Martin Luther who said if you get justification wrong you get the gospel wrong. Justification is a very hinge upon which the gates of heaven open or close. So for Lutherans to find the cord with Catholics on that. It's really mind-boggling.

But you and then we have the Manhattan vector lesson and that was brought forth from 2009 that one is been even more popular than the previous unity accords in one of the statements in the Manhattan declaration reads like this, and I quote, we are Christians who are joined together across historical lines of ecclesial differences. So what they're doing is basically saying the Reformation was a mistake.

One of the Roman Catholic Church brutally tortured and burned Christians if we all share the common faith, but I need to share one other thing with you. The Manhattan declaration actually has a person who heads up this entire unity record over 600,000 evangelicals now find it stating that we all share common faith. The one who heads it up as a man by the name of your beautiful. It's amazing how that sounds so familiar with capsule because this was his quote. There are a number of ignorant angry rabble-rousers who regularly lie about us to serve their small twisted propagandist summer filled with hate those who don't comply with their version of Christianity. These fools harm and hinder the gospel so you can say that this is unity record and was really divided evangelical camp because this is the statement. People receive when I want to take their name off the Manhattan declaration. Pizzo believes their version of Christianity is wrong and causes fools because we hinder the gospel to get the Manhattan declaration actually hinders the gospel from going forth into the Roman Catholic mission field because of Catholics share common faith with evangelicals, the ones that find its way will they don't need to be evangelized. He teaches Chinese here listening to understanding the times radio Jan Markel have on the line from Texas Mike Jindra. You can learn he's got a chapter in the book that we carry in our store. Lawless end times war against the spirit of antichrist in the title of Mike's chapter is positive, proclaims all go to heaven and my goodness, the pontiff proclaims all sorts of things that are in some cases, almost bizarre. He said that the Lord has redeemed all of us with the blood of Christ, all of us and not just Catholics. Everyone even the atheists so he says said a lot of things. The magazine known as the advocate, which is a gay magazine declared him person of the year. Not too long ago course, the Pope won't call the homosexual community to any kind of repentance, so we been speaking here of this segment of the program heavily about Catholicism's inroads into the evangelical community which entity is quite stunning. Consider the ECT evangelicals and Catholics together the Manhattan declaration 2009, and then Mike, this is your statement. Frankly, this statement, I let her read from you could sum up our our you say people in the pew. That's my average listener people in the pew. Don't know if the Catholic represents a mission field that needs to be evangelized or a Christian denomination made up of brothers and sisters in Christ, and I think that's so true there's overwhelming ignorance going on but again contributing to that ignorance the Tony Palmer's the Kenneth Copeland's the Manhattan declarations of evangelical and Catholics together, we could probably go on and on a name a lot of contributors to the confusion brought so true. I just want your listening audience to know that there can never be unity between evangelical Christianity and Roman Catholicism because we are divided on the purity of the gospel were divided on how one is born again. The Catholic Church service through the sacrament of water baptism. We know it's the work of the Holy Spirit were divided on how one is justified.

Roman Catholic Church leisure justified by faith plus works and then I go and condemn anyone who believes or justified by faith alone were divided on how one is purified of sin.

We know it's the precious blood of Jesus around says notes through the fires of purgatory were divided on who mediates between God and man. We know there is only one man Christ Jesus. Rome has many other mediators including the priests and the Popes in the Phillips pediatrics called Mary Jan ultimately were divided on the efficacy of the sufficiency and the necessity of Jesus Christ.

So there can never ever be unity with the Roman Catholic Church. It is a huge mission field. It needs to be evangelized. So I hope your listeners will recognize with great compassion. Both are perishing because there deceived by a false religion that ultimately denies the gospel of Jesus Christ: click here today from Pope Francis that has people turning their heads a little bit on this wittily of the Catholic Church, suggesting that the Lord's prayer the best known player in Christianity which is paid by not thousands, as I said earlier that 2.2 billion people around the world. Name though. He says the phrase lead us not into temptation suggest that God induces temptation in his followers, and do not let us fall into temptation would be more acceptable and closer to the original meaning of the prayer merges highlighting some of the things from this unconventional Pope you want to come into that and all of my children, Jim, when you look at the eight years of Pope Francis being in the office of the prophecy is not only oppose the supreme authority of God's word is also contradicted infallible dogmas of historic Roman Catholicism. Some of his bizarre statements include, he denies the bodily resurrection of Jesus.

He denies that there is a hell and he says that APS can make it to heaven St. Clair Street theater, so these are obviously fallacious statements and I know Jan if you and I wrote church where the pastor said these things, we would get up and leave. Yes. So the question for any Roman Catholic conflict thing is, why don't you get up and leave because you're obviously sitting under a church that has a false prophet that's deceiving people with all these bizarre statements.

One who did you hear you say every small seed here ends up producing a large tree of heresy.

The deadliest errors are Satan's counterfeit plan of salvation. I think my tenderness there were a couple of themes of this hour.

Obviously, as I've said a couple times were in a day of deception in the death of discernment. That's only thing you can conclude when you hear some of the things we've covered here in just under an hour. But what we want. Some of the audience to take away particularly if they may be Roman Catholic. What wrong here in saying that some of what Pope Francis says actually goes against historical Roman Catholicism.

A man has to share the photos he has this executive historic Roman Catholicism and feathers actually divide going on in the Catholic chance today because there's some conservative Catholic cardinals that are opposed to what the Pope's teaching now and there's a real dilemma here because the poker so to be infallible. Whatever is involved type of morals there is split the Catholic Church today will have to wait for what to explain thing to spend a couple minutes here talking to any Catholic who might be listening again. I take away from this hour on here. Here is the importance of where we spend eternity because eternity in the wrong places unthinkable because eternity is a very long time. I know I have some Catholic listeners as matter fact I get an email from them now and then and probably will get quite a few that the end of this program but I want you to take up to five minutes if you'd like and talk to a Catholic who may be listening but let's zero in on the importance of salvation and not the way the Catholic Church is teaching salvation just to echo what we can be wrong about a lot of things in this life and still survive for long about what were trusting for eternity. We will pay for that mistake forever and ever felt so important right now that we search for the truth and I often ask people what is your authority for truth. How do you know where to find truth and it's amazing some of the answers we get rid of four Roman Catholic divorcing today. I would say that the supreme authority for knowing truth is the infallible and errant inspired word of God. That has to be our supreme authority over all the teachings of Mme. the Bible even encourages us to test every man's teaching with the word of God as we see in acts 1711.

We also see one of the authorities of the Catholic churches are sacred traditions and yet in Mark seven. The Lord Jesus really opposed the apostate Jewish leaders because they nullified the word of God for the sake of their tradition so we need to encourage Catholics not to believe their tradition, but to believe the word of God that is there supreme authority. The second thing I would encourage Roman Catholics to consider is that the Lord Jesus Christ is are all sufficient Savior. His work on the cross was perfect. It was finished and it was all sufficient to face centers completely and forever enough why salvation is offered by grace alone. We cannot do anything to a the Lord Jesus Christ and his work of redemption.

In fact, if we were to suggest that we could do something to add to the work of Christ, that would be an unfilled to the Lord Jesus Christ because he did everything so we need to put all of our trust and hope and faith in Christ alone and that would mean to repent of anything else were trusting in in order to go to heaven. That's Christ alone, so I would encourage anyone else listening to consider the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We know from the Bible that God is a holy and righteous judge, and that he must punish every sin that is ever been committed by every man and woman that's ever lived. Divine justice must be satisfied in order to escape the wrath of God. And that's why the Lord Jesus came to this earth, he came to satisfy divine justice for all those who would put their trust in him. He bore the wrath of God so that we would not have to be punished in the eternal lake of fire. So anyone who puts their trust in Christ alone. Divine justice will be satisfied by Christ on Calvary's cross is anyone who rejects the Lord Jesus Christ by adding anything to his finished work they will meet the Lord Jesus Christ with the great white throne judgment in their divine justice will be satisfied when they hear the most terrifying words anyone could ever hear the part for me. I never knew you were cast into the eternal lake of fire. So it's so important for Roman Catholics to recognize it is Christ alone. That's the only way to be saved and if you have anything to grace.

Paul says you've nullify the grace of God.

So salvation by grace means you must repent of anything you're doing wherever gospel track entitled man can never do what Christ is done and it really destroys the idea of a works righteousness, salvation. We cannot do anything because Christ is done everything so that's my encouragement to Roman Catholic federal listening not to take my word but to go to the word of God, because ultimately the word of God is the and perishable food that brings forth life to those who hear it and believe it, so there's no greater joy as an evangelist for those who are dead in this fan come alive in Christ by believing the word of God so that would be my hope and prayer for any Roman Catholic.

This listing I would also pray for your evangelical audience would recognize the Catholic Church as a mission field and to engage Roman Catholics about the gospel of Christ, you know, Mike.

It may sound like we were a bit harsh on some of the things that we shared. Not true at all.

I can hear your heart.

I hear your love to the unsaved Catholic that your reaching out to on a daily basis. That's what motivates may interact. There's no greater joy than to see people exchange the religion for relationship with Christ and for 30 with have the opportunity not only to see it firsthand, but also to receive emails and phone calls and letters from people who have used our resources to come to know the Christ of her all sufficient Savior. Jesus said, unless you believe I am who I claim the day you'll die in your sins. And he is the all sufficient Savior, and therefore we must embrace him as Mike has a chapter in the new book that were carrying lawless end times war against the spirit of the antichrist. The chapter is about Pope Francis in Catholicism is one of 17 chapters in the book. I have a chapter contributed to this book as well yeah I want to commend you for your chapter of the book lawless because it really laid the foundation for all the other authors to build upon. Good job and thank you so much for the work that you doing praise God for your ministry think you make so much taken out in my online store. Olive trees in my office a call.

We get on our newsletter lists and you can find out more information about Mike

Let me go out of the program this with a couple of sentences here because I think one of the most stern warnings, Jesus gave his when he says in Matthew 24. See that no one deceives you. And Jesus warned his disciples about deception three times in 20 verses and he was saying it's going to be so widespread and convincing that even the elect could be taken by it.

So we are in a day of deception, where in an hour of deception I would say is unparalleled in church history. Would you be a truth seeker and a discerner of our times, as we await his return.

I want to thank you for listening folks and we will talk to you again next week by. We welcome your feedback when you write us at Olive tree ministries and Jan Martel all of three that's all of three simple time. 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 get our mail when you write to us at Fox 1452 Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible. We know our times can be discouraging.

It is tempting to unplug from dark news headlines. God knew exactly where we would be at this point in time in the beginning of time. Yes, everything under control yes engraved you on the palms of his hand.

Everything is falling and deflects

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