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Antichrist Kingdom Rising (Part 1)

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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January 2, 2021 7:00 am

Antichrist Kingdom Rising (Part 1)

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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January 2, 2021 7:00 am

Jan Markell, Pastor Billy Crone, and Pastor Brandon Holthaus begin a two-part series exposing the agenda of the Great Reset of the World Economic Forum. This is paving the way for the kingdom of the Antichrist. How can we push back against this global tyranny? This scheme is hiding in plain sight.

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Have you heard of the great recent is hiding in plain sight so it will be important to understand that Biden and Harris get in to our presidency, then everything will go supersonic speed towards this globalism towards this great reset welcome to understanding the times radio with Jim Markel radio for the remnant plot to buy olive tree ministries Beijing begins a two-part series on what the world economic forum calls the brightly set as this have a biblical tie in with the Bible predicts for the last days dance guest include Pastor Brandon whole house and pastor Billy Crone here is today program.

We need to prepare as believers for what's coming because they presidency of Joe Biden and Kemal Harris will usher in the great reset.

Not that they are doing it specifically that they will allow it to happen to the United States because these globalists.

These international bankers. These leaders from around the world are wanting to do what they call a great reset.

The term great reset comes from the world economic forum and through what they want to do. They want to bring in global Imperial communalism. I'll explain that later what that means, basically, it's a global government, a global currency and not a currency that's gonna deal with claims or cash at a digital global currency and they want to usher in what we would call the old phrase, a new world order so glad you could join me for understanding the times radio wherever I travel at least online. I am reading about the great reset. In fact it's hiding in plain sight. This may be the biggest change agent in modern history, possibly in all of history and it's the work of the world economic forum and close Schwab. It's the blueprint for the new world order. To be blunt, for one world government, which, of course, the Bible outlines in Revelation 13 and it is the agency that I believe will install the Antichrist for the Christian, the great reset is the rapture of the church, the world economic forum plan is of Satan a last days debacle that the unbelieving world is deceived into believing is the answer to everything, and what is still on their agenda kinda gets down to one man, Donald J. Trump, and that's why such elaborate plans were installed to get rid of him here in the 2020 election now for those of us who say things like this are called conspiracy theorists. I hope in the next two weeks. Understand the times radio will debunk any conspiracy theories, but I'm going to do is I'm gonna play a short clip here produced by CBN news and then I'm gonna bring on my two guests and they include Pastor Brandon Holt house will give contact info a little bit later and pastor Billy Crone were going to talk about this topic for a couple of weeks and when play up a lot of clips to help you better understand what an earth is happening in this world economic forum and this great reset.

Here's a video of your future. Some people at the world economic forum get their way. They say hello nothing and be happy about energy will be green rash and inexpensive and travel will be restricted, even your diet will be controlled and currency will be digital.

This left-wing dystopian dream is called the great reset and you're supposed to be excited about the great reset has been labeled a conspiracy theory. It even sounds like a conspiracy theory that everything we know about. It comes from the global elites themselves who have been quite open about it.

This is not a conspiracy theory since a well documented movement among many of the world's most powerful people. Justin Haskins is a leading authority on the great reset fundamentally. This is a radical and complete transformation of everything that we do in our society to control people's behaviors to control businesses and to move society in the direction that you want to move it, it will change the way businesses are evaluated or worse businesses to pursue left-wing causes the great reset was unveiled at the world economic forum in Tahoe Switzerland where many of the world's most powerful people go to offer solutions to the world's problems in the world economic forum sees the coronavirus pandemic is a historic opportunity to change the way the world operates facing a crisis of international is going to have a long-term impact.

Their solution is essentially global socialism. Think of the green new deal, combined with the Cove igniting lockdown restrictions and throwing something called the fourth Industrial Revolution in which technology is supposed to radically change the way we live and work close Schwab is the founder of the world economic forum want to see we need is a few of all physical, habitual and all biological identities has the support not only of world leaders, but of global corporations like MasterCard and BP brought to you by people who think they know what's best for you by giving the elites technocrats in society. Most educated people, the ability to manipulate society, pull the levers in society and managing manipulate society so that it's in their minds perfect, but a Trump reelection would blow a massive hole in the great reset one week before the election. Italian Archbishop Carlo Maria Vega no wrote an open letter to the president warning him that the great reset is in human faceless tyranny that seeks to subdue all of humanity and the president Trump in the United States are the wall against the deep state the final assault of the children of darkness over the past four years Donald Trump has been the single greatest roadblock for people who are pushing this internationalist global assertive agenda. The elites of Davo's are now counting at a Biden victory for their great reset to go forward. The world economic forum in the Biden campaign even share the same slogan build back better the bill back better. It's also a phrase you've had in use by Justin Trudeau by the pipe by the Prince of Wales and by leaders around the world English journalist and author James dilling pole, you be amazed by how many world leaders are on board this globalists plan.

Even people that claim to be conservative. This is West End Nazism. This is Weston communist Mrs. Weston fascism. These guys are planning on taking over the hall while will hear more about the great reset when the world economic forum meets again in January weather is in the White House or not Donald Trump is expected to be a force which could remain a problem for the hopeful backers of the great reset. I hope that clarify little bit for some of you may not even be familiar with this phenomenon want to bring on air now my two guests pastor Brandon Holt house.

Welcome back to the program. Thanks again for having me again and pastor Billy Crone. Glad you can be with me and it's always great Billy Crone the world and the world economic forum needed a crisis and in early 2020 in arrive a virus from which quite frankly, 99% people survive. Nonetheless, it is painted anyway as a earthshaking crisis. Not only that, but Donald J. Trump needed to be removed from the scene and pastor Crone, a climate of fear had to be installed. All of these things very successful. Janet opined that they been working on for quite some time. In fact that's been the methodology. At this stage of human history. And that is you create a crisis you can manage the outcome. In fact, we've even seen in the media or they say don't let this quote good crisis go to waste. Open the way they do that is because they know human nature. Unfortunately, we are more apt to surrender our freedoms in a time of fear than a time of peace to what you do you have to drum up here what you do is you create a problem and that problem will generate a reaction from that reaction you give the solution but it's all been smoke and mirrors you claim the whole thing been manipulated and that's what they freely admit that this covert, 19 was a manufactured crisis to create not just a problem but an overnight global problem so you could get a global reaction, i.e. constant fear and then while they seemingly over the weekend.

Apparently come up with a solution but that's a lie. This is a long-term plan solution that they want to bring in what the Bible warns about 2000 years ago, Brandon. This climate of fear.

You can't leave your room, you gotta be locked down businesses or centered shot all around the world, not just in New York and Los Angeles but all around the world. A dependency on government being formed friends and neighbors turning people in give me a break. Your thoughts. I think this is what we call the psychological operation of all of it there very good at manipulating and because of the psychological operation there working on people's minds to repair. As Billy said, and if you work through that operation of fear.

You can get pretty much anyone to do anything because they're more afraid of losing their life. Losing their health losing their kids health, our grandma, grandpa that had been an unusual fear that people are like, I'll do anything to save a life. Unfortunately it was drummed up its a lot of the lies that they perpetrated but if people don't have facts and evidence. They don't know how to stand against that, and that's been the problem in this psychological operation is they have hid the facts and evidence.

You really have to dig to get the information that accurate.

They said don't wear a mask.

Then they say wear a mask. What is it what works.

So it left people confused. That's part of the psychological manipulation then they were very good at it as I perceive that a totalitarian system, at least in their mind has to be conjured up here to fix this I'm speaking of is a the world economic forum close Schwab Prince Charles, the global elite. Let's just call them that the global elite, the thoughts of a totalitarian system had been around since Babel that we had a meeting event 201 in October 2019 over a year ago now, which seem to have put into practice the ideas were talking about in my right there that sort of the modern day time. That launch this absolutely evident 201 find that information on the Internet so they wargame this pandemic. I'll call it plan Dimmick New York with Bill Gates and John Hopkins and some other global elite people, even from our Pentagon wargame to how this pandemic would go about and what they would plan on doing to get control of things. They even came up with the term dark winter that Joe Biden x-rayed all that was planned.

Now if you pointed that and you say, look, here's what they said it. Here's what they plan to gain out stuffed animal coronavirus if they did, you have to see this. Folks if you watch her video version of the radio program will put pictures in it will show you the October 2019 meeting there handing out stuffed animals and stuff coronavirus is that what it was. Brandon coronavirus stuffed animal they planned it. They knew what they were doing.

We have all the signs that went down before it was introduced into society. All of a sudden in Europe hydroxychloroquine appears off-the-shelf.

You have all these other weird things happening that signal to us that they knew what they were doing and when they would introduce it.

We have the other issue of when Trump went to Davo's. He turned them down.

They offered the same thing.

They offer other world leaders be part of this and will help you Trump did a speech to Davo said America first is not globalism, not socialism, and he got on a plane and left at that point they knew they had a problem with him and they went after him, Billy Crone, the globalist elites promise the usual things, peace, prosperity for all. Just give them the power, your freedom, your money, so the great reset is a new social contract that ties every person to it through its their plans include an electronic ID link to your bank account your health records. A social credit ID that will end up dictating every facet of your life, and as explained in one report innocuous terms such as sustainable development have taken careful steps to conceal their true identity.

It's about getting rid of capitalism and free enterprise and it's obviously protecting the wealth of the global elites I say Billy Crone, the great reset is the tribulation, would I be far-fetched in saying that all not at all, just infectious terminology, and I'm fully convinced that what were Santos they can call the great reset only want really the biblical term for it is the antichrist kingdom. That's right, that will rise in the seven year tribulation. You compare the Scripture to the goals of what these people want three elements to the great reset and they pitch it is a utopia and that's what the antichrist is right. Revelation 6 verse 20 comes in on the white horse and he can do what nobody else can do it bring pain planet.

That's what they say listen to us allows you this great reset and work in ushering this utopia for mankind. The first leg of it if they want wealth redistribution. And that's another reason why America has to come down and they want to do that through taxation global tax was also called universal basic income that are pitching for any course you do that on a global basis by getting rid of cash going to cash was in tying it to the person, but that's just the first way that were all going to be treated equally and is not going to be any of these wealthy and important people just to distribute everybody that's flight number one. The second thing that they want to do is they know better than us how to live and they literally want to dictate every aspect of your life, not just your economic status.

This is nothing new for people familiar how long this is been going on. You have this going on ever since the aspect of agenda 21 course agenda 21.

They want to dictate. I'll just give you a couple things, whether not you can have livestock whether not you can plow the soil whether not he could build a fence bill be the ones in control. The food supply will be controlling the fossil fuels they don't want you to live in a big home.

They want to put your money's many houses you can have paved roads and railroads are there to be in charge of the technology and on and on and on it goes. This is nothing new. This is what they want to do because they believe that the elite.

They are the ones who can tell you what to do, your sins are going to do that how you do that what they're going to micromanage the planet with stage III is not just controlling Jan what they want to do the one world economy is what you want to create in a one world government to dictate people's lives in minute detail.

They admit that they want to bring in what's called with the so-called great reset is the fourth Industrial Revolution and that's a fancy word for same.

We want to try every individual on the planet in a way to merge man with machine with artificial intelligence, and that we will dictate every aspect of your life.

You can escape the system and that your specialty when talk about that little bit later when Pastor JD for him to lay in.

Here's just a short one minute clip. What I want to talk about is what I'm going to call the great setup. It's a great set up that is leading to the great reset which we talked about on many occasions prior namely from W EF the world economic forum, the great reset which is actually a misnomer is not really a reset. It's a transition and transformation to set up a global economy and everything now is being set up for that Bible prophecy tells us that this global economy will be controlled by none other than the antichrist.

During the seven year tribulation. However, in order for a new global economy to be established. The first has to be a controlled demolition of the current economy, and I'll explain what I mean by that. I truly believe that culvert 19 is the explosive being set up to take down the current economy fees of the a hyper inflationary trigger your listing to understanding the times radio and Jan Markel. I have on the line from Southern California.

Pastor Brandon Hotel's you can learn is Pastor from Carter to Bakersfield, California, and I also have on the line from Las Vegas.

Pastor Billy Crone, the pastor's sunrise Bible Church in Las Vegas.

We are discussing a shift probably concluded by now they great reset would appear that Mr. Biden is fully on board with the great reset as we've already referred the Biden presidential campaign shows as its official campaign slogan.

The seemingly innocuous phrase build back better, which happens also to be the slogan of the great reset coined by its originator and main advocate world economic forum founder Clouse Schwab the world economic forum meets January 21 this month and then again in late May 2021, and my goodness, the mischief that's going to go on this year is simply stunning. Brandon you've actually done some messages on this topic and I've actually caught them on air. It's a satanic plan. I think you and I would agree on that also includes reducing the population and installing the crazy things like the green new deal, etc. how do you see it playing out here in 2021 I see it playing out, going on a fast track it. Biden Harris get in not only Biden's cabinet was hand selected and a lot of his cabinet members including someone like John Kerry and John Kerry been involved in this world economic forum for nearly a decade.

So this cabinet by Biden had been hand selected to usher and the great reset to America and it's going to happen this year. Biden gets in. That's what they want, and that means many implications economically for the United States by reference back to what JD frog sit on that clip you played. The only way they can go to this new economic system is you have to destroy the dollar and you have to destroy free-market capitalism and that is exactly what they plan to do and they plan to do it through what they call modern monetary theory or stakeholder capitalism, in which you infuse into the system more money you just printed off the more you print the more the inflation goes up, they will say oh no, we can control the inflation but you can't more money into the system create hyperinflation and that's what will destroy the dollar. There is a prediction that this year the dollar will drop in value by 30%. You're not a lose the amount of money in your account you gonna lose the purchasing real right. They call this new system. They want to go to one thing burned down free-market capitalism stakeholder capitalism but is nothing more than Chinese capitalism or crony capitalism or collective capitalism, and that will be in which the government and the economic sector in the commercial sector and the businesses are merged together and that if you want to be a business in this system, you have to play by the rules of the world economic forum you have to go green. You have to be social justice. You have to share your profits if you want to play ball. The next economy you have to do what you're told to do this or Billy Crone.

This is pure speculation. The question I'm going to ask and I might throw it back in Brandon to depending on time here tell me of this that were laying out here is kind of a expos of what's coming down the pike that could be as soon as within the next few months. You think the church could say now here's my position.

The great reset is really the tribulation but for the Christian, the great reset is the rapture of the church were taken out here away from this insanity, but there could be a set up time here of months to even few years.

But let's speculate how much could the church say unfortunately I think most churches in the dark. And that's because Jan one thing that really opened my eyes with the election cycle that we've gone through is it's very blatant how the tech media, social media, the news and was guilty of censorship keeping the truth from people keeping them in the dark and feeding them up false narratives so that they will go along with what the big plan is again it wasn't just to get Trump out it was to do this great reset but believe it or not. Jim, there's been a censorship going on in the church for at least a good 30 years and that is the apostate church that refuses to teach in the Bible, let alone Bible prophecy right because as a Christian and a Christian church should be as a Christian Shepherd shut the you're supposed to teach the whole counsel of God's word which includes prophecy. If you were to do that the church could see this like what were talking about the St. the great reset. This is the antichrist ship, but the church I think is in the dark because the church has allowed hirelings in the pulpit who refused to teach the word of God and the doctoral grave they been censored from the truth. I think the book the church is to see this, Jan the saved members of the church are going to escape via the rapture of the church. I think my speculation is this is the set up here for the tribulation look as we speak.

Were seeing this empire be set up right before our eyes. Not only that had breakneck speed that old tachometer illustration. Everything is revving up in what I would say Jan is these are the birth pains and then I talked about. We know how birth pains go, we all believe in a pre-tribulation rapture were going to be rapture before the trip election start, but the rapture doesn't start the tribulation. If the covenant of the antichrist with Israel that starts the tribulation. What I would say to people when they asked me how much we going to see. I just saved the closer the rapture is to the tribulation, the more we will see the further away that the rapture is from the tribulation, the less we will see. So it all depends on the timing of the Lord. It's very possible we could see a lot of set up. If the raptors closer to the tribulation briefing a lot so far and I think that's my question is how much of the setup might the church see I think that's the key is the set up to the reset as the three of us are speaking we see it on a daily basis and we know now again it's all speculation. Bill Gates has said something very interesting. He said we won't be back to normal until 2022 by that he means small business.

Brace yourself, you're going to be shut down, perhaps for the entire new year of 2021 how these movers and shakers in these elitists can say this without a flinch is beyond my comprehension. They have no compassion for millions of people, their lives absolutely being destroyed. At least their businesses being destroyed right background embodies elite with a whole different way. If they do, literally, not just even economically. Of course Bill Gates you due to research. With his background about how could somebody be so callous you talk about something that's decimating people's lives. Millions and millions of people, not just economically but people dying and you seem to think it's a great thing, do the research we've exposed this before. Some of our other studies. And guess who his dad was ahead of it was one that hit the Planned Parenthood clear deal with population control people. It's not a conspiracy child on tape. These elitists are so satanically twisted in the brain is gone to their head that they think that they know better than us and they're going to rule over the planet that's made alive from Satan. They are creating a system of global system that will allow them to do that. I've said many times, listen, you don't understand we are working with. I.e. Satan, Jesus in John chapter is not just a liar and the father of lies. He's a murderer is been one from beginning and he may have been duping you to use you as a tool to help build the state for the antichrist kingdom and it got didn't come back. What is going to come back and put into this, but if he didn't understand we are in with you think you can decimate 90% of population increase this utopian whoever gets to live that you decide to serve you and you get to be these kings of the earth are you kidding me.

If God were to allow it to go to that extreme Satan would turn on you and kill you for two years. I want to talk about this when we get back at them to take my midpoint break those pirates. Eva said this paper Israel as well as his real national news carried a major story. This is in the last few weeks that says government won't force you to take a vaccine.

But Amazon will airlines will banks will and you won't be able to buy to sell or to trade without the vaccine I want to talk about that folks were currently doing two weeks on this topic. The world economic forum which is hiding in plain sight case we tried to make here in the first part of the program would have a little more encouraging news to that might have to wait until next week so I'm going back in just a couple of minutes don't go away. We love friendly feedback is through our website. Follow three views.old Archie, that's hollow tree views.poor color central time is 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 our mail when you write to Jan Markel and follow three ministries. Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311.

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Once we arrived our minds around the trees, not sign the target system vaccine and the vaccine instrument that they would use to literally hurt you with machine and artificial intelligence that will allow them to dictate your body.

We are so thankful for truth telling pastors today that we are privileged to feature two of them today.

Understanding the times radio. We know you lead busy lives and can always be via radio number that all programming in both its audio and video format is posted to our website. Follow three views God for that's all of tree format is also posted to our YouTube channel and also his channel Christian television.

Here are Jan energized for this slowly turn your attention now to an article found on the world economic forum that tells you that they just don't want the economic system to change to a digital currency may tell you all what they're planning to do in this global system is communal system is global Imperial communal system. The first thing they want is universal healthcare.

They talk about that and they say we need to realize that each of us is connected and it's everyone's responsibility to ensure everyone's access to basic healthcare. So basically the one universal healthcare folks understand that universal healthcare will kill people. It's soft euthanasia. Who's going to pay for this healthcare is not a right. It is a privilege, they want to give everybody on this planet free healthcare. So who's paying for this. We will be paying for and then when we run out of money, they will just print out money and then they're gonna run out of money and the whole system will collapse.

This is what happens when you have a Romans one mind you lose common sense.

You don't even think economically so they think this is one of the basic human rights is universal healthcare promised can't find it not happening then they want universal basic housing. What they want everyone in a sustainable way.

There's a term sustainable and equitable in alignment with our planet. They say I don't know why they can throw that raisin but it tells you they are into creation worship just like Romans one says when you don't worship the creator. You will worship the creation and so they say in alignment with our planets, our shared home. Everyone needs to have basic housing. How are you going to do that because no money, I give everyone on this planet.

Basic housing who determines the standards and who finds it. They're not thinking economically because in communism, social, and they just take from people and give to others how they want and they think they're being righteous. They think they're being fair.

They think they're being just in essence, there are evil because the steel in order to do that.

Welcome back.

And folks, the tribulation is rising is on the horizon now for the believer.

That's okay and they were going to be removed. The great escape. That's what's going to happen to the church. Unbelievers are going to go through an incredibly awful time will say more about these things as we move along redoing the two-part series on the great reset which is hiding in plain sight in at the world economic forum scheme that they're going to be implementing or at least further developing and January 21 this month and then again in late May 2021 just a couple of comments. We are very active on social media were trying to do a little bit more on parlor's lookup Jan Markel olive tree ministries were still on twitter but still on Instagram were still on Facebook, but trying to move over to eventually some more stable outlets were having some issues with Google and YouTube don't even know if this program will be remaining online but we do post the video version at our radio link to skilled olive tree olive tree and go to radio and you'll find all her audio and video posted there as well as his channel as well as the light now I want to quickly move here because we had so much to talk about want to say something about Pastor Billy Crone's products that were carrying will do that here before the hour gets away from us. Gentlemen, in a moment.

I do want to play Archbishop Megan L. Believe me in 20 years of ministry have never quoted a Catholic on here because having great disagreement with Catholicism, but the Archbishop is trying to send a warning is broken from the Pope, he gets it he understands this reset and he's trying to warn the world and warn the world frankly about the Pope as well. I will get to that in a moment. Brandon the great reset will remake the world and in Schwab's words to create a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable world going forward. Now their target is this agenda 2030.

That doesn't mean all of this is going to wait until 2030 know that with the long-term goal for them what they're saying now is there's no opposition, they have every sector of our society taken over education, entertainment, media, and the big tactic Corp. science medical now been taken over legal and now they've taken over the churches so they realize that they were very successful and now they can put this thing in light speed.

They're not in a hold back what you and I will be seeing this next year is an intrusion in our life in our government and our businesses from the UN and the world economic forum.

This is what I call the form of imperialism. This is what Daniel predicted why this last beast government with different than all others because it has imperialism. What you're going to see now is that businesses will be told by UN task force you either have to comply or you're not gonna be able to do business, don't comply. You won't be insured.

If you're not insured. You'll lose your license, you lose your license.

You can do business you're gonna see this.

Imperialism now and to our economy coming from outside entities not coming from the United States till he has severe implications for small businesses or incorporation. I would go back here just for a moment to Joe Biden who is fully on board with great reset and what that means to America into the world and the stunning fact that the campaign slogan for the Biden administration was built back better, which happens to be the slogan for the great reset coined by its originator in the main advocate for the world economic forum whose class Schwab and he's been the head of this forum for 50 years. I believe it was his idea and he's going to initiate this upon the whole globe. If he lasts that long and he probably will Billy Crone. Is it any wonder we can referred to this in the first half of the program that the pushback against Donald Trump was as it was for his entire first four years and then that the election again such passionate pushback against the one man standing in the way of implementing the New World order, and let me build premium stronger. It's why I believe that's true if you go back a little bit in history. This is nothing new.

Let me just demonstrate that we can watch the premise that Scripture warns us about a 2000 years ago, one world government one world religion. One world economy that can attract cash flow should create a market-based system that will control buying and selling.

We saw in our lifetime. The pillars of that system being built over the last many decades we have all of our economies around the world.

They accomplish this all tied together economically and what one country does affects others and so were already tied together.

We've already seen also a massive major push for a cashless society, and you think about it I'm guilty of this. How often do I even use caching United States of America. So were not going cashless.

We've pretty much become cashless you pay cash for a car or help know it's been that way for well but in order to get everybody to submit to somebody ruling over that universal global economic system you have to get rid of individuality you have to get rid of which upset America first got a thing, global strike, the way you do that again as we open the program was to create a global crisis to get a manufacturer outcry peers were going with this. I believe that they've tried this earlier with the last global crisis. And that was the economic crash in 2008. In fact if you look at the quotes of the same entities back then they were hoping to pull it off them and you got people like the former prime minister in the UK. Gordon Brown even got Pres. George W. Bush you got European commission people you got the German Chancellor Angela Merkel China, Russia, United Nations banks have $20 quote but even the Pope that numbers man we need to use this economic crisis. The last crash in 2008 and we need to pull off a one world economy. This great reset will Obama got elected right after that and that's what he inherited from Bush and what happened. We didn't really see much of an economic recovery to prolonged for eight years with about I think of Hillary have gotten in, then it would been the nail in the coffin were they think they are now, but what messed it up jam Hillary did not get him. Trump got him. He comes in with this message is anti-globalist pro America America first and he began to do things that we thought was never gonna happen in our country to create an economic engine that brought us back in just a few years as the world economic power. So now the war zone and that's when they begin to see I think even as far back then, Trump has got to get out of the way, we have to take this guy out. He won't go along. He's completely and by everything to do and that's the mess that were in right now. You want away into the Brandon hotels. I think the evidence is very clear.

If anyone takes a rational look at what happened last year.

You can see how the plan Dimmick played into our election because they wanted him out so bad they were willing to commit fraud big thing that they wanted with these mail-in ballots. They had the dominion they had ballots showing up in different states in the middle of the night.

They were not going to allow him to get elected again. You can see how the shutdowns in the lockdowns played into it.

So now we're sitting here in America and 70 million people are wondering what happened. And then the Supreme Court that they don't want to insert and the media doesn't report on it. Jandy telegraphed back in August and September. They were saying what would go down that it appeared that Trump gonna win.

And then all of a sudden Biden gonna win overwhelmingly. They know that evil telegraphed what it has to do.

Unfortunately Billy's right this thing is been a long time coming and they had had enough and they were definitely gonna make sure Trump never got back in their so we have the biggest election fraud we've ever had in US history and no one to do anything about it said we had two people really speaking out about what were talking about like to think it was a very prominent evangelical leader happens to be a Catholic Archbishop and quite frankly Mormon Glenn Beck who are really trying to sound the warning here. Archbishop Carl Nagin now. Somehow, he is absolutely on top of all of this he's breaking from Pope Francis. He has sent a warning to Pres. Trump. This is a clip I'd like to play explaining what the Archbishop was trying to do upon seeing your call, Maria V. Cano held a senior position.

He was Secretary-General governing the Vatican City and up to 2016 was the Pope's ambassador to the United States, now 79 years old. He says that he wants to end his days with a clean conscience. He denounces what he has seen and disassociates himself from the Pope college Bishop Wegener published an open letter to Donald Trump on 25 October 2020 and it bemoans that the elites are preparing a will dictatorship the praises Trump for being the only one who confronts this form of globalization. It begins like this Mr. Pres., allow me to address you at this time in which the fate of the whole world is being threatened by global conspiracies against God and humanity to go to the mosque. If you cannot, let us remember that Vega know is a veteran diplomat for the Vatican at the highest. He knows many things, and in this letter. It is very clear that underline the global plan called the great reset is underway.

Its architect is a global elite that wants to subdue all of humanity imposing coercive measures with which to drastically limit individual freedoms behind the world leaders who are the accomplices and executives of this final project that unscrupulous characters to finance the world economic forum, we must explain here what rates reset and for economical the world economic forum together with the world monetary fund and the UN plan this great reset of about economy. I sit there that I just like when your phone is blocked and you have to restock it.

That is a reset. They say that we in an emergency situation because of global warming and the pandemic case and that it is urgent to restock the global economy. Another way in order to save the planet. This implies new agreements with the nations. They can cause in countries external debt in exchange for them accepting that weld authority and eliminating the emission of CO2 is young, but I mother what they have programs around event in the devil's form January 2021: great reset and bringing together top ranking world leaders of these organizations to iron out the details so they assure that this is purely to create a more sustainable United world.

Others see it as yet another step toward the new world order giving a nice kitty. What Vega know has written is chilling. The purpose of the great reset is the imposition of a health dictatorship aiming at the imposition of ability. Cito measures hidden behind tempting promises of ensuring universal income counseling individual debt. The price of these concessions from the international monetary fund will be the renunciation of private property and not givens to a program of vaccination against COBIT 19 COBIT 21 got the letter continues, the imposition of the vaccination will be accompanied by the requirements of the health possible on the digital ID with the consequent contact tracing of the population of the entire world again just can affect and assist those who do not accept these measures will be confined in detention camps placed under house arrest and all their assets will be confiscated, amigos friends, the reality subprocess fiction. It is so inhumane that the mind rejects it, preferring not to believe it.

Besides, you will not see this in the news because the big media outlets cater to globalism to be honest with you I believe it because the Bible says it is the book of Revelation describes that future in a globalized world. Revelation 1316 to 17, and because it's all, both small and great, rich and whole free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand in their full heads, and that no man might buy or sell, save he that hath the mock up of any Revelation explains to us that in that situation.

Some will stand on their feet with conviction and courage holding fast against the current, defending that liberty. God is proud of that he loves them. He gives them sufficient strength. He gives them the victory got resolved and history ends up very well for them.

Read it, you can have some criticize Vega know because his current whereabouts are unknown. The website info ` holds him Archbishop on the run and others see it as very sensible, but he would want to protect himself. That is why vegan is incredible. He could keep quiet and live a comfortable retirement.

But he cannot remain quiet, he cannot be an accomplice to these dock plans stunning and never played a clip of the Catholic in 20 years, but this man is going forward. He knows what's going on. He's even quoting from Revelation 13 some contact here for my two guests reach Pastor Brandon hold rock You can contact Pastor Billy Cronin get a life get a life

We are caring some of faster Crohn's products, tribulation rising, the Jewish people and the antichrist which is believe attend DVD 20 lesson DVD set as well as hybrid super soldiers in the coming genetic apocalypse. We carry that again that's 20 teaching 10 DVD set and we carried the final countdown tribulation rising modern technology and I believe that is about 16 DVD teachings in the set find that in my store. Olive tree all those products, and olive tree or give my office a call. Your listing to understanding the times radio and Jan Markel. I think you can hear that my two guests are extremely articulate were trying to tackle a very sensitive problem because quite frankly, we see the tribulation rising right before our eyes. Billy Cronin did you want to respond to the Archbishop's comments, there but it was what he brings up what I will call the elephant in the room. He said there that come up global health. That's treatment see that the endgame of this great reset.

We talked about the problem reaction solution so they create a problem. The COBIT 19 so-called global crisis. And I agree with Pastor Brandon. It's not a pandemic at the pandemic, especially look at something Jan that you quoted that has, according to the CDC, but 99.998 survival rate per 70 and below and 95% survival rate Freeman about that. So the pandemic so that the problem the reaction was destroy America destroy the economy and destroy people's lives where they lose businesses a loser job but you gotta keep that going for a sufficient period of time. So, though not just be in a constant state of fear, but the bounty to the system because they don't have any else to turn and to look to them to take care of their economic needs. That's the solution that they want you to cry out for, but it's more than that. It's not just bounty need to a one world economy cashless system. It's about tying you into that system will have a good to do that. What did he say there's going to come with the system, a global health entity and you don't health who are they so concerned about health and even mention vaccination because here's what a lot of people aren't catching Jim how are you going to tie you to the system. If the vaccine and the vaccine is the instrument that they would use to literally merge you with machine and artificial intelligence that will allow them to dictate your body and some are even say not just your body with your biometrics and your heart rate and polls, but even your emotions, your activities, your nutrition, whether or not you been vaccinated. Whether or not you're doing what you're told, as well as it will give you an ID.

This goes back to what you mention are hybrid super soldiers coming genetic brain works. This is the trans-humanist dream. This is the endgame trim your right Billy Cronin.

He's absolutely right.

Humanism is the endgame, but I do want Brandon to be able to weigh in here going have Brandon Billy) vaccine theft. The tie-in and if you think about it, the government won't have to force you to do it, even though they might claim to do it they could tissues big businesses to make you do it you can't fly. If you have a digital passport you can't buy at Amazon. You can't go to the grocery store unless you have your digital passport that says you been vaccinated.

What you're seeing is the enforcement is not necessarily gonna come from the government it's gonna cover big business that is the headline I read about 20 minutes ago and that's tomorrow and see that it's also from Israel national news. These articles are referring to Israel headline government won't force you to take the vaccine than the subtitle Amazon airlines and the banks will, you won't be able this is still the sub headline, you won't be able to buy, sell or trade without the vaccine that's from two Israeli newspapers. Go ahead Brandon so they have forced you into a corner. Yes, they say, will you have the freedom not to take it. But then I can't function in society. I can't go to the grocery store I can't go to the movies or I can go to a dinner or even buy tickets at Ticketmaster. They're saying until you have proof that you been vaccinated. They have figured out how to link big corporation with government and with the UN and world economic forum to say you big businesses are going to be our enforcer to what and when I do go off the grid.

What choice do I have, I would have to be up to go off the grid and sustain myself. They've got us in a corner and they know it. I'm not here today to be advocating for a vaccine or is to not take a vaccine that's not my role in life. I just don't know how safe this vaccine is. I watched the rollout of that this would've been a couple weeks ago on cable news and you would have thought the Messiah came back because everyone was so excited that it finally came, the vaccine is finally here by a couple concerns. One is only took months to create a medical product that normally these types of medications and vaccines take literally years under normal conditions. That makes me a little bit nervous.

Pastor Billy Cronin. I'm not advocating here we say yes take it. No, we don't take it that's not our role were ministry leaders. You gentlemen are pastors. How would you Billy Cronin advise your congregation from the pulpit.

Just bring up a fax to the Carnation as I feel, what to do as a shepherd to make up their own individual decision.

The fact that I'm prepared to bring to the church is. Here's what it is and this is implant. This is not a conspiracy theory is vaccines are like any normal vaccine, and these vaccines print since Madonna version there percent in the Pfizer and the other ones. It's called Modano because take the word mode and then RNA these modify your RNA physically fancy way of saying they modify your DNA, they are inserted into your body via the vaccine and it reads the code the new code they want their DNA to begin to replicate. It's really just genetically modification technology that's unheard of in vaccines and then you're right, Jim side effects and this is just imprint from the Durham. The high dose vaccine group got 100% side effects. The logos got 80% side effects and they know from into the same technology that they been using on plants and animals for years that they get side effects such as increased cancer rates, mutant genes, autoimmune reactions and etc., but this system that they have not only modifies your DNA.

As crazy as that sounds, they have a process where they say that their banking on this being a temporary modification or DNA, but studies are showing that it very well could be a permanent thing. Change of your DNA problem is there's no long-term studies is that Jim's been rushed out so they don't know. But there's two more elements I got bring out one this is some crazy folks but it's all imprint the next part of the delivery system on the vaccines is they have something called a luciferase enzyme. It's still just like the name Lucifer and a KFC luciferase and that speaks to of its bioluminescent qualities. Lucifer course means like mirror and believe it or not that will allow them to mark you. So with this bioluminescent qualities they will be able to know even with something as simple as a quote iPhone app whether or not you really did get vaccinated and then the fourth element is something that sounds crazy. It was developed by DARPA which stands for the Defense advanced research projects agency and is called hydrogel hydrogel is basically a fancy term for nanotechnology little teeny tiny microscopic little robots is crazy. That is that inside your body can assemble and disassemble like little machinery inside you that listen connects you wirelessly to artificial intelligence and this is back where the bishop says that there to create this health utopia.

And with this technology, all loaded into the vaccine.

They will be able to monitor your blood sugar, oxygen, blood pressure again your location you're not just identified with a marking device number device but they even say Janice crazy is this is Bill. Know your emotions will even know your thoughts.

This was some of the reports are coming out, but they picked elected the feet. That's where we come in DC when we see that you're experiencing negative emotions or your scared will quote fix that for you. It basically thought police. Total absolute control because people got set up, not just a bounty to an economic system but a system is passed. Brandon said forced you into getting tied into the system be the vaccines folks looking to continue our discussion next week and remember the great reset for the Christian is the rapture of the church, the Christian is not convinced he thing with some of the things were talking about here. We don't know the cut off point. Nor do we know how much we may have to go through but ultimately the great reset for the believer is the rapture of the church, but you do not want to be left behind folks for that time known as tribulation in the great tribulation. You need to get your eternal destination ready. Even today, and that is only possible by becoming a child of the King of Kings asked Jesus Christ to become your Lord and Savior today want to do that and know your eternity is sure because the Bible says that today is the day of salvation.

We are going to extend our discussion into next week with my two guests, Pastor Billy Cronin get a life and pastor Brandon hold house rock gentlemen, thank you for joining me will talk you all next week. In this new you write us through our website. Olive tree views.board that's all of tree call is central time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 male we write to John Martel and all tree ministries. Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311.

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