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Fire in Ireland + Victory in the Netherlands?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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November 27, 2023 10:04 pm

Fire in Ireland + Victory in the Netherlands?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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November 27, 2023 10:04 pm

Over the weekend, Ireland broke out into civil unrest while Dutch Populists surged to a landslide anti-mass immigration victory. Eva Vlaadingerbroek joins the show to talk about everything happening in Europe, and Lara Logan stops by to discuss the J6 Tapes, and what we we’ve learned since their release.

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Email us as always, freedom at and get involved with Turning Point USA at Buckle up, everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy, his spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here.

Brought to you by the loan experts I trust, Andrew and Todd at Sierra Pacific mortgage at There was some shocking news from the Netherlands about this populist nationalist movement we saw at Argentina. Is it also happening in the Netherlands? Joining us now is Eva Vlad Dingerbroek.

Eva, welcome to the program. You've been covering the story for quite some time. Did the Netherlands shock the world?

Oh, yeah, absolutely. I mean, the Netherlands shocked the Netherlands, I guess, with this election result. Nobody saw it coming. It was an absolute landslide victory for Geert Wilders. And I cannot stress like how big this is for Dutch standards. He won by a large margin. We have a very scattered political landscape. And the PVV is, as you said, a nationalist populist right-wing party that has been, well, I mean, Geert Wilders has been a political outlier for as long as he's had this party, so for about 17 years. And they're labeled as far right, you know, fascist, Nazis, you know, the whole, you know, the whole spiel. And now one in four Dutch people went out to vote for the far right. So have we shocked the world?

Absolutely. So what do you think are the main factors driving this? I've known of Geert for quite some time, and they tried to put him into political irrelevancy for years.

He's too fringe, he's this, but he never gave up. So kind of walk us to the background and what are the events or the issues that contributed to this shock election? Well, the number one issue is immigration. So Geert Wilders is a staunch anti-immigration politician. He's taken the stance basically on his own for the past 20 years. He's criticized Islam heavily. He said that, well, the Netherlands, you know, should be Netherlands first and the Dutch should come first. And he's in favor of closing the borders.

He's in favor of the Dutch equivalent of Brexit, so our nexit. And he has really paid a very high price for his criticism on Islam specifically. He has bodyguards following around for, well, the entire day.

He can't go anywhere by himself. There have been multiple thought was issued against his life. So this is a man truly with skin in the game when it comes to his points of view on immigration. And I think that the majority of the Dutch people, you know, have had a more anti-immigration stance, I would say, than the VBD, the ruling party has had, and they've been in power for the past 30 years.

So it almost seemed like enough was enough, you know, and especially with the events of October 7th and all the rallies that we've seen in Europe where lots of people came out waving Taliban flags, waving Al Qaeda flags. I think that that has kind of like awoken the masses to the fact that this integration process that we had been promised for the longest time was actually a lie. Yeah. So did the Dutch farmer story contribute to this as well? Tell us about that, Eva, because you've been covering that extensively.

Yes, absolutely. So Harry Wilders and I shared a stage back in March when the farmers protests were going on. He's taken a stance against the expropriation of our farmers. He's vowed that he would go and get rid as well as he could of all the nitrogen policies, both on a national and an international level, because most of it's coming from the EU anyway.

And like I said, he's in favor of an exit, right? So again, Harry Wilders has really taken a stance for the Dutch farmers. And I know for a fact that that has played a huge role in his victory now. A lot of people really were done with Rutte, Mark Rutte, our former prime minister and his globalist agenda. And shared builders, a staunch nationalist, somebody who's really stood up for the ordinary Dutch citizen, so to say, and also for the farmers.

It has definitely, definitely contributed to his win. So there's it's an interesting deal, right? Because the Netherlands is is supposed to be kind of one of the ruling countries of the European project. You have the Hague, you have Amsterdam, which is the model city.

And this is not supposed to happen, right? Netherlands is supposed to sit down and obey and kind of just do the German guilt thing, right? Which is, you know, let our country be destroyed by a bunch of Middle Eastern Muslim Arabs. Kind of talk about the typical Dutch political temperament and how it changed with this last election. Because from my experience, this has been a series of elections over the last couple of decades where you've seen mass migration, you've seen some issues, but that kind of high society European sensibility is really hard to break through.

Walk through some of the psychology that played into this. Yeah, you're absolutely right. Specifically, like the Dutch landscape, we, like I said, have a very scattered political landscape. There are lots of small parties. One of the most used proverbs here in the Netherlands is, oh, just behave normally, then you're already acting crazy enough, you know, in that sense, we are nothing like the French, you know, we don't go out to protest every chance that we get, we are people that are very open to compromise. And I would say that that is, you know, in the in a functioning, healthy society in a homogenous society where people share the same values, the same culture, the same identity, the same religion, that is a good thing, you know, to be open to compromise on smaller details. But when you are being manipulated by people that you never elected, you know, the European Union produces the majority of our laws, and European law has supremacy over national laws in the Netherlands.

Well, then that, you know, that spirit of compromise is just one that is going to shoot you right in the foot, right? So I feel like the Dutch, having now gone out in these vast numbers and voting for a party that has been ridiculed, demonized, you know, smeared and labeled as far right is really, really big. It shows you that the intimidation game of calling us all of those things has lost its power. And I didn't see it coming, to be honest, you know, I really didn't think that we would win, or that this party would win by 37 seats. And the VVD has now gone down by more than 10 seats.

That's, you know, it's astonishing. And well, I guess it shows you that the silent majority is not so silent anymore. So if things can change in Holland, I think things can change everywhere. So it's a country of 17 million people walk through what portions of the country voted differently than they did in years past. I'm sure the countryside, the more rural areas were in favor of Geertz.

But where, where did you see things change? Was there some change in Rotterdam or Amsterdam, some of the excerpts? Where did you materially see some flipping?

And what do you think the driving of that flip was? The VVD won basically everywhere except for in Amsterdam, which is like not surprising. You know, I love Amsterdam.

I was born there. It's a wonderful city, but it's absolutely dominated by the communists, I would say. And, well, the fact that they won in all the other major cities, even in a city like Rotterdam, that is, well, has a very high population of people with an immigrant background, is something that the left is absolutely astonished by.

They're like, how on earth is this possible? How on earth did we have so many people with an immigration background actually vote for shared builders? Well, probably because they are seeing the same issues that we are seeing, you know, and even the people who've come here somewhat recently are not exactly happy with the fact that the borders have been wide, wide open, and they have noticed the neighborhoods becoming more and more unsafe, more and more dirty. And it's, it's something that we, again, didn't expect, but even in immigrant groups, shared builders is quite popular. So the, do you think there's actually a chance he'll become prime minister and he can form a government? Yeah, so this is a tricky part, always, because shared builders, his party has been excluded from coalition formation for the past 17 years. They only did it once with a minority coalition, because all the other moderate, quote, unquote, parties on the right always said that he was too far right. And so now the VVD, Mark Rutte's former party is again trying to obstruct efforts of creating a true right wing coalition against the will of their own voter base. They've said, well, we've lost so many votes this time, you know, it wouldn't be appropriate if we take a seat in government, which is a ridiculous lie. You know, they've, they've had previous elections where they lost a lot of votes, and they definitely did not shy away from ruling the country back then.

So it's again, just a way to obstruct shared builders. Will they get away with it this time? I'm not sure because even their own electorate wants them to rule with the PVP. So we'll have to see how this process goes. I mean, I do expect it to be dragged out for a long time. And I do expect them to take, well, again, a lot of steps to to try and obstruct every single effort they possibly can use to to to prevent a true right wing coalition from happening. But if they do that, let me put it diplomatically.

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Just think of all the Christmas mornings that you recorded, your family memories, save them forever on the cloud. slash Kirk, 65% off slash Kirk. It's amazing what is happening in the West right now. I don't, I guess Argentina's the West-ish, but Argentina, the Netherlands, and now Ireland. Eva Vlader-Dingerbroek continues with us. Eva, what's happening in Ireland?

Walk through the details. This was largely covered up in Western media unless you were on Telegram or social media. Yeah, I mean, again, something that we see all the time in Europe, to be honest. There was a migrant who went about and targeted women and children and stabbed a few and injured a young girl, I think of five years old.

It's very seriously, I think she's still fighting for her life. And this is something that is not new, you know, in Europe, you wouldn't ever hear about it in the media. But we see targeted stabbings, rapes, murders of young children, young girls, also elderly people by immigrant groups in Europe all the time. And the Irish have said enough, and they have gone out to protest in a, again, I think a very, you know, on European fashion, but I'm very, very happy to see that some people are finally standing up against the invasion of our continent, against the sacrifice, I guess, of our people on the altar of mass migration. And I mean, you have this one Irish prime minister who vowed to change a very white country. And so is it possible, Eva, that we're seeing in the Netherlands, in other countries, potentially even France as well? It looks as if, you know, that there's like a 40 to 45 percent populist nationalist contingent in France that just doesn't die. I mean, the the European story and Douglas Murray wrote a great book on this called The Strange Death of Europe is about 10 years ago, where he says post World War Two, that Europe was saddled with guilt and they had to try to figure this out.

So basically, the last 20 years, there's been this unprecedented mass Arab Muslim migration. And are we just finally starting to see the political response to that? But is it too late? Well, it is definitely too little.

If it is too late, I'm not sure. I mean, yes, Europe has been, I would say, invaded by hordes of migrants who do not respect our national identity, culture, religion, all of that, as I just said. And not just have they been invaded. They've been actively imported by our establishment.

Right. This was all done willfully, all done to destroy our social fabric. And now there is a large group that is finally waking up. And like I said, the intimidation game seems to have lost its power. You know, the the the white guilt, the the story of the Second World War being used against people who had nothing to do with that, you know, all of that has kind of lost its power. They've tried to label us as Nazis, fascists, you know, far right extremists for such a long time. But there is a point where you're thinking, okay, well, if I criticize the demographic change that we are seeing right now, if I criticize the fact that so many young kids, that so many women, that so many people are increasingly unsafe, are being stabbed in broad daylight in Europe, and that is not something that used to happen before, you know, we need to hold those people accountable.

Well, then I'll just I guess I'll just take the label far right. And I think that that is finally happening in Europe, because people cannot really unseen, you know, the consequences of mass migration anymore. A final question here, connect this to the Great Reset World Economic Forum. Davos is meeting soon. I think all of this is a people led response to the World Economic Forum. No carbon emissions, no fossil fuels, Brussels, the whole deal. Final thoughts, Eva?

Yes. Well, all of these unelected bureaucrats have opened our borders, and nobody ever wanted it. Nobody voted for it. And like I said, I think that was a willful decision to destroy the social fabric in Europe. If you can uproot a people, you know, if you can destroy their national identity, if you can flood their nations with immigrants, if you can change their demographics, to such an degree that they don't even recognize their own country anymore, what happens, people get confused, people get uprooted, you know, people are easy to control. And I think that that is exactly what the globalists have wanted to create, mindless consumers, you know, who have nothing, no landmarks, I guess, you know, to hold on to anymore. And I don't know if they're going to be successful at that, because I think there's still some fighting spirit left in Europe.

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That is slash Charlie, full endorsement, slash Charlie, or call 972-PATRIOT. Joining us now is Laura Logan. Laura, welcome back to the program. I know there's several items you want to cover here with your Truth in Media project.

Very, very important. But Laura, first I want to just begin by asking, has Speaker Johnson released all of the January 6 footage? What have we learned recently? Walk us through it. Well, in his initial statement, Charlie, he said that he was releasing everything except for 5%, which out of 44,000 hours ends up being around 4,000 hours.

I may have missed something over the holiday weekend where he released those additional hours, but I don't think so. And one of the things that has really come out of the footage is that there have been things that defense attorneys have had access to, which the general public has not seen. And I have to say one of them that stands out is the footage of Victoria White being beaten, because this is a woman that I have interviewed. I spent some time with her up in Minnesota, and you can see truly horrific footage of her in the tunnel where she is being beaten by not one Capitol Police officer, one Officer Bagshaw, but by a second officer as well. They're beating her with batons. And all this woman is doing, I mean, she's crushed by all these people in the tunnel. She can barely cover her face with her hands. She has blood pouring down her face from the wounds on her head. And when they lose the batons, they continue to hold her up with one hand and beat her in the face with their fists. So how did the January 6th commission, the committee, how did they miss footage like that?

And you want to know the worst part, Charlie? Victoria White was charged by the government. The DOJ went after her. The FBI went after her. These are people without conscience. I cannot say strongly enough.

If you are a good person inside any of these organizations, this is the moment for you to stand and to stand together, right? Because for you to come after a woman when you know that she was beaten almost to death and charge her with crimes, basically bring her to her knees, both physically and afterwards, force her. I mean, she, Victoria White has nothing. She's very, she doesn't come from any means, can't afford her own attorney.

She didn't go through a few attorneys, ended up with a public defender and pled guilty to obstructing police. This woman should be getting a multimillion dollar payout from the state for what they did to her. And that may still be coming. So there's, there's so many hours, Charlie. There's so many things.

I have been inundated all weekend with people sending me things that have come out from the footage. But one of the first things that you're going to see is that body camera footage from many of the Capitol police offices tells a very different story than the one told by the January 6th committee, than the one told by Mitch McConnell, than the one told by many Republican leaders, by the FBI, by the Department of Justice. And let us not forget, there are still today decent American citizens who are being hunted down and targeted by the Department of Justice and the FBI, not because they did anything wrong, but because there is a political witch hunt going on in this country. And this is political persecution. And these are political prisoners. And it is, among other things, designed to cover up a fraudulent election, and also to make sure that Donald Trump never, ever, ever runs for office again. Yeah. And I'm not one to overplay the police brutality card.

I mean, if a police officer makes a mistake, we should call him out on it. But Laura, isn't the whole media, but isn't the whole media currently designed on, you know, anti-police, anti-cops, BLM rioters and protesters that get massive payouts? By the way, introduce us to your friend here, Laura. I am sorry, but honey, it's just, this is my, this is honey. And she doesn't like to be far away from me.

She's been spoiled over the holidays because I've been home and she needs to sit down and be good. Well, you gotta, you gotta get your honey Rough Greens. I'll tell you about that later.

It's a great sponsor of the program, slash Kirk. So, but Laura, let me ask you that. I just want to, just so everyone's clear, we had BLM rioters that were paid money from New York and DC because of the police and all that.

Hopefully there could be some sort of restitution here, but I want to put that aside. I'm not that interested in that topic. I'm more interested in, do we have real evidence that people got violent because of the flashbangs or were they violent before the flashbangs?

And did the government incite a riot? I want to play cut 12 and then I'll have you answer the question, play cut 12 from your project. Hough showed us some of the footage Gateway Pundit has featured in its reporting. This is a slow motion of the actual flashbang grenades being fired into the crowd. Look at this. And these people have no idea that this is about to blow up in their face. They also don't seem to be doing anything but standing around. Can you, can you go back on that?

Sure. They're just standing around. They're not even looking at the police or anything. They're talking to each other.

They're conversing. They have no idea of what is about to happen to them. And they're not, they're not pummeling cops.

They're not spray painting buildings. Walk us through the details there. Okay. So Charlie, I'm really glad you asked this question. You have gone straight to the heart of the matter here. The reality is this was an information warfare operation, something that I have been studying for more than 20 years. I'm not by any means an expert, but I know how to recognize the signs. You know why? Because they're not that difficult to recognize.

So when you asked me that question, you had everything. You had people who were set up in advance amongst the protesters who were there to, uh, to cause trouble, right? Some of them were paid to be violent. You had people who were there to make sure that they removed all the barriers to entry so that those who came after them would not know that they were breaking the law. So if you, you know, I'm sure a lot of your audience have seen footage of people pulling barricades aside, but what they might not have seen, which was also in that episode, you just played an excerpt from, is the people who came up and removed those barricades from sight so that people coming afterwards not only did not see the barricades being removed, but never knew there were barricades there at all. So when you run an information warfare operation, you have many different compartments and there is a number of things that you need.

First of all, it's very easy to set the conditions for chaos, right? So number one, make sure you don't secure the Capitol, right? Which we know they did not secure the Capitol. A couple of cops behind a few biker racks or metal barricades, whatever you want to call them, that is not securing the Capitol. You want to see a secure Capitol? Look at the Capitol on January 7th. That's what a secure Capitol looks like, right?

But there's a whole lot of things they could have done in between that you didn't have to, you know, militarize the entire building. For example, what, you know, where were your mounted police officers? One mounted police officer is recognized by law enforcement as being worth 10 officers on the ground. DC has many mounted police officers. So where were they?

There were nowhere to be found. Then if you look very closely at the intelligence, right? So somehow you've got DHS saying, oh, we had intelligence. We knew there was going to be trouble, right? Well, then you've got joint terrorism task force saying the same thing. You've got the FBI saying the same thing. I mean, just, you know, run the gambit of the intelligence agencies and they all say they had intelligence that there was going to be trouble.

Except who didn't have that? Well, listen to Stephen Sund. He was head of the Capitol police and he says, but I didn't get any of this intelligence. Well, why not? Well, look at his intelligence department, which was run by a woman called Yagananda Pittman.

Okay. The reason I talk about Yagananda Pittman is you need people when you run an information warfare operation, you need people with placement and access, right? That means they're placed in the right position and they have access to the right information and the right operations, the right things that enable them to ensure that the plan is carried out accordingly. So Yagananda Pittman is head of intelligence and yet somehow her department makes sure that none of that intelligence that all the other agencies have ever reaches the chief of Capitol police. Wow.

That's a bit odd. Now he said that under oath, by the way, when he's testified and he's written about it in his book. So how is that possible? Well, one way it's possible is if you start to look at her department, Yagananda Pittman is, she's the anointed, right? She's one of these black female appointees who haven't, hasn't spent four and a half seconds being a real cop in her life, but she is untouchable because she has political masters that put her there. Then she puts in political operatives inside her intelligence department. And what do they do? They get rid of all the Trump employees.

And by the way, this is not my saying this. Look at Barry Lowdermilk, Congressman Barry Lowdermilk's committee and the research and the work that they've been doing. They will verify all of this. What does she do?

Julie Farnam is the woman she brings in and some guy, Tim. So they get rid of all the Trump appointees. They get rid of all the people that are getting, get in their way and report on actual intelligence, right? They say, now we're an intelligence collection. We are receiving, we receive intelligence.

We don't put intelligence products out, but somehow they don't receive any of the intelligence everybody else does. And then what else does she do? She moves half the staff into the analysis department. So now you have people that are producing the kind of analysis that, let me see, when Benghazi happened, do you remember when Mike Morell said, oh, we had an analyst who said that all this happened because of a bit of film that was made. Yeah, you can get an analyst to write exactly what you want. And that's what analysts do in these Intel departments now.

They don't actually do anything real anymore. And so you, you basically set it up. So you make sure there's no real security. You turn down every offer that Trump makes to send a national guard. You turn down every offer the head of Capitol Police, Steven Sun, makes in order to secure the Capitol properly, right?

So you set the conditions for chaos. Then you've got a few dirty cops here and there. Some of them in the Metropolitan Police Department, some of them in the Capitol Police.

You make sure you have ones that have placement and access. So then you get a whistleblower like Terry Johnson from the Capitol Police. He tells us all that he's screaming into the radio, right? This man spent 23 years in the Capitol Police. He's not just a beat cop, okay? He's the guy that evacuated the Senate chamber and then he evacuated the House.

He was considered that important that that responsibility was put in his hand. And when he's screaming for answers, what does he get, Charlie? Nothing. No answer. You know why?

Because Yogananda Pittman was in the chair. For years, we've been talking about how our nation's public schools have been captured by progressive ideologues. They teach things that directly contradict the values of millions of Americans.

That's especially true if you are a Christian family. For those of you worried about the best educational path for your kids and grandkids, I'm pleased to announce our new partnership with the folks at the Herzog Foundation. They are the trusted source on American K-12 private education with a remarkable suite of resources for parents and grandparents thinking about making the switch from public schools to a Christian education and for those already in Christian schools too. From their online publication, The Lion, to their new podcast, Making the Leap, the Herzog Foundation offers a wide range of advice and information for Christian parents to make the best education decisions for your kids. To learn more about how your family, faith, and community can flourish through a quality Christian education, go to That is The Herzog Foundation offers a wide range of advice and information for you. Go to That is They're the trusted source of American K-12 private education and they also partner with us at Turning Point Academy. So check it out right now. Laura, sorry I cut you off. Continue please. So Charlie, this is something really important for people to understand. The Capitol Police has a chief, Stephen Sund, and he has two deputies, okay, and one of those deputies is the Chief of Intelligence, Yogananda Fitman, but the other deputy, I believe his name is Chad Thomas, is in charge of operations. Well, for some inexplicable reason, on January 6th, when you've got somebody like Tariq Johnson, right, 23 years in the Capitol Police, he's calling into his radio asking for direction and he's getting nothing back.

And you know why? Because it wasn't the Chief of Operations who was sitting in the seat in the operations room. It was Yogananda Fitman who had no business being there because that's not her job and not her experience.

And I said earlier, you know, this is somebody who barely spent five seconds on the beat. You know, if you'd had somebody like Carmen Best, if you remember her, she was the Chief of Police in Portland, Seattle. If you'd had a cop like that who's well respected, who has an extraordinary career, who would have known exactly what to do, then it would have been a different scenario.

But they put someone there who either didn't know what to do, she certainly wasn't qualified for the position, and she certainly wasn't giving any instructions. So when you have that happening, right, you've now set further conditions for chaos because your police officers on the ground are not getting the direction they deserve. Then you compare that with some of the videos that have come out where you have black police officers, not one, not two, not three, but at least ten that I know of saying, we are being set up.

We have been set up. They know perfectly well, this should not be happening, that should not be there, and so on and so on. You have police officers on the day who were set up. So if you're going to do an information warfare operation, what you're going to do is set up both sides because when one police officer sees another police officer under attack, what's going to happen?

He's going to escalate. Even though their job is to de-escalate. And on the same side, on the other side where you have protesters, when you see women being punched in the face or hit in the face, when you are standing around innocently, you have no idea what is happening way up ahead.

You have no idea that there are paid provocateurs in the crowd who are picking a fight with police. And out of nowhere, you're being hit with flashbangs and all kinds of munitions that cause real damage. And these are called less than lethal munitions. And they're called that for a reason.

They're not called non-lethal, Charlie, because they become lethal when used in certain circumstances. So when you look at that west tunnel where so much of the violence happened, when those munitions are used in that environment, which is a confined space where nobody can go, the police are pushing from one side and there were people whose job was to push from the other side to capture people in between. What they're doing is they're hoping that people get injured and they're hoping that people get killed because that feeds the narrative. So an information warfare operation has many different compartments, but most importantly, the Ray Epps is on the ground.

The officer back shores is beaten living hell out of Victoria White. They're just foolish, foolish foot soldiers who are being used. Who's pulling the strings? Who's behind them commanding that operation? And who's behind them ordering that operation? Those are the most powerful people in America. Those are the ones that want people like me silenced. Those are the ones that want people like you silenced.

And for the record, I know that neither of us are suicidal. Laura Logan, excellent courage. Everyone should check out where can they find all of your reporting? Laura, where do you want to point them to? You can find it on X on my handle at Laura Logan, or you can find it on Truth in Media, either or truthinmedia on X. Laura, thank you so much.

Talk to you soon. Thank you. Thank you, Charlie. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us as always. Freedom at Thanks so much for listening. God bless. It's time to grow up and get back to work. Introducing the number one woke free job board in America, red balloon dot work.
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