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Free For All Friday 2/2/24

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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February 2, 2024 6:23 pm

Free For All Friday 2/2/24

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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February 2, 2024 6:23 pm

Tune in as Stu recaps everything we talked about over this week 


Never know what's going to happen on Free for All Friday on Truth Talk Live.

I'm Stu Epperson, and you are in for a treat. We had a special guest who was in New Hampshire, in Iowa, for the big caucuses, the big primaries, and he's going to weigh in on what he saw there, what the faith voters should be thinking. And he's going to weigh in on this illegal alien, this border crisis, and we really got into how should believers respond. At some point, how do you hold the law up, and how do you reach these folks coming in? With the good news, what's your idea for that? How can we reach them with Bibles and care kits and whatnot?

Or should we even do that if they're breaking the law? So tune in, enjoy, be encouraged, share our podcast channel with everyone. Just go to Truth Talk, our podcast channel, part of the Truth Network Podcast Network, and you have an awesome day. Thank you for listening, and here you go with this edition of this Free for All Friday of Truth Talk Live. And now, here's today's Truth Talk Live host. Free for All Friday on Truth Talk Live!

Wow! Hello, Pastor Sam, listening right now on the new 96.9 FM in Greenville, South Carolina. Longtime friend and mentor of this host, and he's got his ears on to the new station in the upstate carrying Truth Talk Live, the new Truth Network station.

Hope you're enjoying that station. You've already had a ton of response, a ton of callers. Pastor Doug is listening.

Hello, sir. Pastor Doug has got a nice little jump shot. Pastor in the upstate of South Carolina on 96.9 FM. And on this Free for All Friday, we recap all the shows. What shows have we done?

Oh my, oh me. We have talked about illegal immigration. We have talked about who sowed the Word of God into your life. We had a Monday missions moment that was intense with people calling in about how we can tell more people about Jesus. Like, if you are growing in the Lord, you will be sowing the Word of the Lord into other people's lives. It's who you are. When he said, You will be my witnesses, in Acts 1, verse 8, some of Christ's last words before he ascended, witness there is not a verb. We talk about going, witnessing, and that's not a bad thing to talk about. But it is an identity.

It is a noun. And so we've got a lot of topics, but today on Truth Talk Live, we are going to provide some spiritual solutions to the issue of illegal immigration. It's just something the Lord gave me early Wednesday morning. I woke up, I'm like, Yes.

Wow. And I want to bounce it off you, and I want your ideas, and I'm going to bring someone in today to jump in with me and ride shotgun with me all hour, because he's a legend, and he is a radio talk show host maven maverick guy for years. All over, and he does national radio, he's a correspondent for SRN, he was up in New Hampshire, he was up in Iowa, he was freezing his bones off up there in sub-zero weather, he's been on the radio in the upstate on a huge outlet there, and he is now behind the mic of Truth Talk Live in the upstate in South Carolina. How's the weather, brother? Joey Hudson, welcome! It is a beautiful sunny afternoon in upstate South Carolina, and it is a pleasure to be on with you, my friend. Blessings to you. What a wonderful afternoon we're having here. Well, we're going to have a free-for-all, and you don't even know the way I'm going, which is fun.

Isn't that what we love about Christian Talk Radio, brother Joey? We're going to jump in this together. We're going to just externally process this, and we're going to invite everyone to call in, whatever's on your mind. No question is a dumb question unless you don't ask it, and the number is 866-34-TRUTH. Toll-free 866-348-7884. My special guest co-host shotgun partner with me today has a lot better answers than I do to your questions, but we're going to go over all this stuff.

We had a constitutional lawyer on the show yesterday answering this dilemma, giving us some pretty cold hard facts about the truth about this United States government versus the state of Texas. And Joey, I'm also struggling because I'm sitting here with this delicious piece of Dad's Double Fudge Chocolate Pound Cake from Cupcake Cuties. And I know you're just salivating and you're mad at me now. I know you've got the FOMO going on. Well, you know I'm a recovering chocoholic, right? I'm telling you. I need to bring you something.

I need to deliver something. I'm taking a bite right now. Because Brad and Christy and Heather and the amazing team at Cupcake Cuties said, you've got to take some of this on and you've got to give us a shout out.

And I've already blessed some colleagues here at the Truth Network. So that is me chewing more chocolate cake that I should be eating on a free-for-all Friday afternoon on Truth Talk Live. But here's the question.

Joey Hudson, I'm going to put you in the hot seat. You can put your fist through the TV screen when you watch 12,000 illegal immigrants come in our borders every day. You can get upset and cut the TV off when you see this illegal alien who, the day before, was kicking a police officer in the head. Two police officers kicked in the head, beaten to a pulp by about a gang of 12 or 15 illegal aliens, who, by the way, were paid, given food, given money, given food stamps, given cell phones, given, you know, our government gave them the luxury treatment, the red carpet, and they're kicking these police officers nearly to death.

The next day, they were all arraigned, no bail, let out. And this guy walked out of the courthouse and stuck his middle finger in the air at everybody. And as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, you're like, wow, you know what?

Your first thought is, man, I want to reach through the screen and do something I shouldn't do. But then, wait, God calls us to love, even love our enemies, and to reach folks. So here's the question.

How does a Christian respond? And I got two words for you, Joey Hudson, and it's what you're doing, by the way, with all these first responders. And I want you to talk about that. We'll have more time. This first segment's really quick.

But I want to use two words. Have you ever heard those words, when you move into a new neighborhood, called the welcome wagon? Yes.

Okay, and tell everyone a little bit about what that is. You just moved in. You know, you and Peg picked a nice place there at the lake, and the welcome wagon shows up with all kinds of welcome stuff, right?

That's right. They have a bag of goodies, things to welcome you to the neighborhood, yes. Yeah, so here's where you get your hair cut. Here's where you get your oil changed. You know, here's the local schools.

Here's the educational front. Here's where you shop, okay? All kinds of goodies. Here's gift cards, here's coupons, restaurants, all that. So why aren't believers? And how could believers create three million welcome wagons?

Little love kits, care kits. If 12,500 folks are going to come in our country illegally, they could be criminals. Some of them are good, sweet folks that got stuck in the wrong place or just wanted a new opportunity. What can Christians do akin to the welcome wagon to meet them, greet them, and give them a kit that has a Gideon Bible in it, that has a Christian networking, Christian businessman's network in it to get them connected to work? Because you can hire these folks now, even though it's illegal.

They're not checking anyone. In fact, a caller called yesterday and said her boss told her if she reported an illegal alien at their workplace that she'd get fired. I don't know if you heard the show yesterday, Joey, but a caller called in from Raleigh, North Carolina, telling us that. So what can Christians do similar to your first responders thing, which has gone crazy, that you and Gallagher's army have put together? We're going to talk about that all hour long. I've got Joey Hudson with me. I want to take your calls.

How can Christians biblically respond without being angry and bitter and mad at the government to this onslaught of illegal aliens coming in? Call us with your solution. We'll talk more about this. 866-34-TRUTH on Free For All Friday here on Truth Talk Live. Hang on. This is the Truth Network.

So what did I do? I mean, just look at the Welcome Wagon website. I mean, this is brilliant. I mean, this is a great—those of you who got this, Joey, you've heard of this thing.

I mean, look what happened. Stu Epperson here. It's Free For All Friday on Truth Talk Live.

What does this say? 85% of new movers use the first businesses that contact them. Oh, wow. New movers will spend more money in the first six months of a move than the average consumer will spend in three years. These people are coming to our country, Joey. They're coming in whether we like it or not. You can be mad at the government. The government is corrupt.

We established that yesterday. They are violating the law. They are breaking the law. They're not enforcing other laws. People that break the law get out. You know, someone shoplifted right in front of Governor Gavin Newsom yesterday, and he complained about it.

He wanted to report that employee for complaining about the fact that there's no restraint. People are just, walk in, you want something? Take it out. Go ahead.

Take it off the shelf. And this is happening. And so we're on our way to a lawless society, but if we're believers and this country was founded on Christian values, and this country was founded on biblical principles of freedom and liberty, and these people are coming in anyway, why not meet them with a welcome wagon-type gospel kit, with a powerful kit that has all kinds of Gideon Bible and good news church networks? Here's where you get plugged in. Here's where your family gets discipled.

Here's the Crisis Pregnancy Center. Why are Christians not mobilizing? And Joey Hudson, I'm going to break your heart and blow your mind here. I just talked to someone deep inside the intelligence services and the government earlier today who told me that the Nation of Islam and Muslims are uniting, and they are renting out entire hotels and schools and farmland, and they are putting hundreds of refugees in these facilities and training them in Islam. They've already beat the Christians to it. Where are the Christians? Now, to your defense out there listening, maybe you're like, Stu, you're off your rocker. How dare you acknowledge this illegal activity?

I mean, tell me where I'm wrong. But if it's happening anyway, what can we do? I want your solution.

I want it right now. Are we going to continue to bemoan and be upset about the problem of this illegal immigration, which is wrong, it's illegal, that's why it's called that, or are we going to do something to reach these souls for Christ and then go back with them to their countries and reach the people back in their country for Christ and bring them into our churches? If they flooded your church on Sunday, would you call security? Or would you put them in Sunday school and feed them afterward and love on them? Where is the body of Christ, Joey Hudson?

Talk to me, man! Well, it's a real dilemma because there's so many facets to this issue. I was so surprised. You mentioned earlier that I was in New Hampshire covering the New Hampshire primary last week. And as I traveled around different parts of New Hampshire just talking with people, and keep in mind, New Hampshire is 1,901 miles away from Eagle Pass, Texas. Right. The number one issue among New Hampshire voters that I found was immigration. And so later, after the polls closed that evening, and some of the news organizations were talking about their exit polling, guess what the number one issue they came up with? Immigration.

Isn't that something? I was blown away that this state, 1,900 miles away from the border, that that was even above the economy. But the dilemma that they talked about was the fact that, how do we treat them? Because here's what I heard from a lot of people in New Hampshire, is, well, yes, I know that as a Christian that we should be praying for them and we should be helping them.

However, my family is struggling too. And their problem was that the illegals are taking resources away from them, and Americans who were born here taking resources away from them. It's a tough issue to come to terms with. Yeah, and there's an emotional side about that. I mean, what do you tell a mom whose kid died from a fentanyl deal that came through illegally?

Or someone that got murdered by the cartel or raped? I mean, it's bad, the stuff going on. And now these crimes are piling up, and it's almost like they're laughing at the White House. It's almost like the government's like, who cares? We're amassing an army of folks that are going to join us. We're bringing in illegal aliens. We're bringing in illegal voters. But there's a political response, I agree.

Which, by the way, more and more Republicans and more and more Democrats are actually coming together on this, weirdly enough. But there's a spiritual response, as the people of God. And I want to know, how do we respond as Christians who are called to reach people who need the Gospel? Which, by the way, if you call yourself a Christian, at one point in time, you needed the Gospel. And you still do.

You still need the grace of God every day of your life. So how dare me say, well, I want to reach everyone I'm comfortable with. But not them, because they don't talk like me, and they've got a thick accent. And they came in from Russia. I mean, they're interviewing people coming in. They're Russians, they're from Kazakhstan, they're from, of course, Central America and Mexico, but they're also from the Middle East. They're from China. Thousands of army-aged fighting men, males, are coming in from China.

No children, no women, just coming in. And there are, the Chinese have procured all kinds of facilities to hold them. And they've got a well-oiled, from American NGOs, which is a nonprofit organization that are supported by our government, have gone in when they come in on the other side of the border and given them all these kits, welcome wagon kits, like I'm talking about, that help guide them right through exactly where to go, and how to navigate, and how to come in illegally, and what paths to go through to get here. 866-34-TRUTH, what do we do? Joey Hudson's with me, I'm Stu Epperson, this is Truth Talk Live, and we'll go first to Ohio, and you can call in and tell us what's a biblical solution, and how can Christians start a flood of the Gospel to answer the flood of illegal immigrants coming in. That's all I'm asking.

Someone give me an answer, I want to hear from you. Or call and complain and yell some more, or let's do something kingdom-minded about it, to honor and glorify God and reach people with Christ, and imagine they get saved, they go back and lead their country to Christ. Bucksman, you're in Ohio, you're on the air on Truth Talk Live, jump on in here.

Thank you, Stu. Once again, I love the Truth Network, and I love this program. I'm going to have to lovingly push back, brother. When I think of the child's father and mother who lost their child due to an illegal Haitian in my area, I have to speak on their behalf that they do not want that border open, and I don't think the Haitians are coming in to hear the Gospel, Stu. No one's coming into the Gospel. Bucksman, you didn't want to hear the Gospel at some point in your life.

In fact, you were like, get this away from me, don't get this Christian, get this blathering preacher out of my pulpit, I don't want to hear that. But the fact is, that Haitian is evil, that as criminal as that was, do they not need the Lord, and how do we reach them? Because they're coming anyway. Whether you like it or not, they're coming in anyway.

So do we reach them, or do we just cuss them out like an unbeliever would do? They need the law first. They need the law first.

Our laws have to be abided by, Stu. And when they break the law, then correction comes. And then when enough correction comes, they realize they have to turn to somebody because they find out that they are a sinner. And then that's when the Christian says, I will show you Christ. Now, just like Paul taught, we need the schoolmaster. Those people need the law.

They need the schoolmaster. They don't get grace yet. Okay, they don't get grace yet, but would Bucksman share the Lord if that Haitian that did that crime was in front of him? Would you share the Lord with him? Would you reach him for Christ?

If I saw him, and I knew it was him, then I would have to say, do you know Jesus? Okay, 866-34-TRUTH. What about you? More coming up on Truth Talk Live.

Hang on. This is the Truth Network. Free for all Friday! Stu Epperson here on Truth Talk Live.

Toll free 866-348-7884. You don't want to miss Monday. We'll have a missions moment. Robbie Dilmore will be in the hot seat, and he will be talking about what happened this weekend when over 100 men were on their knees with tears in their eyes, worshiping God and repenting of their sin. You will want to be here Monday for Truth Talk Live, and all next week, some great shows. We did reparations, by the way.

What should Christians support? Reparations earlier this week on Tuesday. Joey Hudson, you missed that.

I wish you were here for that. But let me tell you, Joey, what happened. Mason Weaver, who's mad at the Democrat Party, and we tried to go beyond Democrat-Republican with him, but he basically gave us the history. He's like, because a caller called in and said, look, I'm a black Republican, but you can't deny the fact that there are all these southern Republicans that have the Confederate flags that are racist.

But, you know, racism goes both ways. But we asked him, well, give us the history. And he said the history—I know you're well familiar, you've talked about this a lot—is that when MLK Jr. was locked up in the jailhouse, and his dad, Dr. King Sr., basically said, okay, who's going to call?

Who's going to support us? The Republicans, who, by the way, were the party of freedom. It was Lincoln that set the slaves free. The Democrat Party—this is history—was the party of the KKK. The Democrat Party was the party of slavery. They all voted for slavery, okay?

The Republicans voted against it. But, in that moment, in the civil rights movement, Nixon was silent. He never called Sr. King, he never called MLK Jr., he never got behind him, but guess what? JFK did. And that night, all these people, that night, all of the Democrats said, he called all the African Americans, and they all said, we're going Democrat.

And that's when it changed. Now, why do I bring that up on this show where we're talking about illegal immigration? Because our last caller made a good point. And, of course, we're for the law. And, of course, we're against anyone breaking the law. But we've got 12,000 daily, 300-plus-thousand folks came in illegally in December, just a month ago. We've got 12,000 coming in daily, illegally.

And so they're here whether you like it or not. And crimes are going to be committed like you've never seen before. You think it's bad now, you just wait, because these are some criminal bad people. Because the cartel is not going to bring in good people. They're the ones ushering these folks in, Joey Hudson.

But the question is, go back to that civil rights. Who is going to come to the aid and come to the help of and come to the side of with the Gospel and with the love of God to the illegal immigrant? Is it going to be the radical Muslims? Is it going to be the more racist folks that make up the party, you know, the partisan folks in America? Is it going to be the left? Or is it going to be born-again Christians, Joey Hudson, who come to them and say, come on in, we want to teach you about why this country is so great, and why so many people want to come here.

Because there's a God in heaven who loves you, and no matter where you're from, no matter what you've done, he can save you. I mean, Joey, you get my point. We could shift an entire—there could be 30 million illegal folks. Imagine the force they could be to share the Gospel with the world if they all came to the Lord.

Tell me where I'm all wet on this. Well, and there's two components to this, though, Stu. You mentioned earlier where some of these people are coming from. It's not necessarily the poor person from Mexico or South America who walked for thousands of miles to bring their family to a better life. You know, these Chinese people who are coming in, that's not the situation with them. They came from China to Mexico because they knew that was the easiest way to infiltrate our country.

So I think there's two levels here. It's one thing when it's a family just wanting a better life. It's another thing when you have Chinese Russians coming into our country to do what?

To harm us? So if you break it down—and your last caller made a good point from the Christian perspective. Yes, we need to be ministering to them. And the big question is, well, what would Jesus do? We know what Jesus would do.

He would show grace, and I think we have to do that. But your last caller asked the question, well, if they become believers, then won't they recognize that they're breaking the law? Romans talks about, in several places in Romans, it talks about our governing authorities and how we can't condone the violation of the law. So let's say they come in, they find Christ, then do they realize, well, I'm here illegally, I'm breaking the law, I should go back where I came from? Yeah, and by the way, to our caller, Bucksman from Ohio, great point, and he made some great points, and you can't disagree with him, but here's the thing.

What makes it harder, Joey Hudson, and all of our listeners, is our government is telling them to break the law. Our president said, come on in, everybody. He's invited them in. He sent invitations out.

It is documented. There are United States government invitations all over the world saying, come on in to our country. And so that makes it even harder. So I'm simply sitting back and saying, okay, you're coming. You're coming on illegal grounds, on illegal impetus and illegal basis. So as believers in the Lord, what do we do to reach them without neglecting or negating or dismissing the law? And that's where the rub comes, and that's where I know that, but I'm not saying, it's like people that misunderstand, thou shalt not kill.

In the Hebrew, that word is murder. You're not going to murder someone. Okay, so if the officer pulls his gun out of his holster because three crack addicts are coming to kill him, he better shoot the gun, right? He's carrying out the law. It's just defense.

That's my point. The law is critical, but at what point, if they're coming anyway, do we do to reach them? Now, you're doing something with First Responders, this amazing First Responders Bible. I want you to talk about that, Joey. I promise you we'll have room for that in the show, but we've got to go to the phone lines. 866-348-7884. Our promise to our listeners on Free for All Friday.

As anything goes, call in. Whatever's on your mind, we've talked about what Christians should do about reparations. We've talked about what the Bible, what the law, the law says with a constitutional lawyer just yesterday, what the law says about illegal immigration and what's really going on. We've talked about who sowed the Word of God into your life. If you want to give a shout out to someone on the air, we'll take it at 866-348-7884.

Stu Epperson and my buddy Joey Hudson from the upstate of South Carolina, the new 96.9 FM is with us also, riding co-pilot with me today. Jamal, you're on Truth Talk Live. Sir, jump on in here. Thanks for calling in.

Stu, thank you for taking my call, sir. I'm glad you're hitting these topics and it's given us Christians an opportunity to implement the gospel, to say what the Bible says and implement what the Bible says. So there's a good way to, I guess, mesh all of this together and not to belittle any topic at all, important topics. So to one call's point about saying, well, we got to, you know, enforce the law and make sure, you know, they come in legally, then to your point as well. And you also uphold the law. And I thank you for that. But you said, well, for those that are here, don't they need the gospel? Which is also true.

So I say all that to say this. Yes, us as Christians, we can uphold the law. The Bible talks about upholding the law. While they're here, yeah, we can give them the gospel. Heck, that's what the Muslims are doing. And you're right to your point. They beat us too. We should have been there.

But then you go a point beyond that. As the Christian who's listening to this show, what are you doing to make sure that we plug the holes, to make sure we stop the flooding of the immigration committee and to stop the breaking of laws? Are you going to sit back and complain?

Are you going to do something about it? Because Jesus was a man of action. He talked to the governor, Pontius Pilate. So we can't say, well, I'm going to pray and let God take care of it. No, faith without works is dead.

So while you're sitting there talking about your faith, what are you doing to exercise your faith? Are you going to elect people in government? Are you going to elect officials? Are you going to run as an official? Are you going to have a guide always in the work group who's running for office?

That's what we need to do. You don't like how the government's run? You don't like how your local government's run? You don't like how you have these different policies in the schools? Do something about it.

When you sit back and complain, nothing gets done. So you as a Christian, you have the power of God behind you. You have God saying, get involved. Steve, nobody's talking about loving thy neighbor. So if you love thy neighbor, you need to get involved. And to your point, as a believer, I can't expect if you're out there in your right wing, completely against illegal immigration, but you don't know the Lord, I can't expect you to go evangelize people. If you are out here fully supporting our current evil regime of our country that's corrupt, that's inviting the illegal activity, I can't expect you to be that way. As a believer, I'm accountable, responsible for what I do with what God's given me, and he's given me the most incredible message about the most incredible Savior to share with our lost world.

But it doesn't mean I negate the law. I've got to walk in balance. Jamal, God bless you. Thanks for your call. We've got one line open at 866-348-7884. We're going to jump over to Joseph, a South Carolina caller, listening to us. Actually, in Durham.

Durham, North Carolina. 105.5 FM. Joseph, you're on Truth Talk Live with Stu and my buddy Joey Hudson. Jump on in here. Hey, how you doing, sir? Hey, fantastic. God bless you. All right. I got one simple thing.

I don't think the illegals want to hear the gospel, or else they wouldn't become an illegal. Let me develop that when we come back. We're right at a break. Coming right back after... This is the Truth Network. Okay, maybe the most exciting thing in the history of the show, our newest member of Truth Talk Live supporting cast is my grandson.

Grandson, put these headsets on, and he's going to say three words. You ready? Here we go.

You make a shot in your game. You're on your way to basketball practice, right? It's Free for All Friday, and you say glory to God. Can you say it to everyone? Oh, God.

All right, give me five. Now look, you get out the door, because your dad's right there, and they're going to be turning on our Winston-Salem affiliate, 97.7, a little bit of heaven on 97.7. People listening on 96.9 FM in Greenville, 106.5, Toledo, and Dayton, all over the country on the smartphone app.

Your smartphone is about to get smarter. Listen to the Truth Network app. It's free.

Just go Truth Network, Truth Radio, download it, and you can listen on your phone everywhere you go, which I love the Truth app. I listen to it all the time. Anyway, Stu Epperson here.

It's Free for All Friday. So good. Little Walker came in, and you heard the golden voice of Little Walker. Joey Hudson, callers are calling in. Joseph's got some pretty big issues.

He's like the little A-rant. These guys don't want to hear about the gospel, Joseph, but as believers, aren't we supposed to reach them? Well, I think that they're coming over here for two reasons. One reason is to take advantage of a broken system, because the magic word is they're illegal and they know it. And the other reason I think they're coming is to infiltrate our country and do what's in. I don't know. And they got negative and bad intentions when they're coming.

That's what I think. Okay. Or if they want to become illegal, they'll come the right way. Okay. I appreciate you weighing in on Free for All Friday. But I mean, even more of the reason to reach them, because, you know, before I came to Christ, Joey Hudson, I didn't have the best motives. I wasn't on the right track, right? Hey, the Apostle Paul was murdering Christians.

Thank goodness for the witness of Stephen and others who brought him to Christ, Joey Hudson. But you're doing something with our first responders, which I love. You know, you could be angry at the PTSD.

You could be angry at all the stuff going on and all the evil people that are causing the crimes. But you're doing something. Tell everyone real quick about the First Responders Bible, and then we'll jump on with a couple other calls real quick.

And if you want to weigh in, it's 866-348-7884. What is a Christian's response? How can we tangibly share the gospel with those coming into our country? They're coming anyway. How can we love them in the name of Jesus? If they're coming illegally, we'll meet them with like a Christian version of the welcome wagon.

I'm open to any ideas you have. One thing Joey Hudson's doing with Gallagher and Gallagher's Army and Peg and all the wonderful team there is the First Responders Bible. Joey, quick, tell us about that, Willie. It's pretty awesome.

It is. And let me tell you about my day today. I've had a very special day, in addition to being your sidekick today. This morning I met with Oconee County, South Carolina, Sheriff Mike Crenshaw. Back in November, Corporal Lucas Watts, 27-year-old deputy with Oconee County Sheriff's Office, was shot in the head point blank, should not have survived. He is only here today through the grace of God. And hearing your grandchild, it was a big milestone for Corporal Watts last week when he was, for the first time since November, able to say the name of his young child, Eli. And this sheriff's office in Oconee County, they're hurting because one of their own is hurting. He's in a rehab center in Atlanta.

They had to do emergency surgery on him today. So Sheriff Crenshaw reached out to me because he was aware of our First Responder Bible program. And this morning I delivered about 100 Bibles to the Oconee County Sheriff's Office for them to distribute. We send out Bibles free of charge to any first responder, police officers, firefighters, EMTs, to get the Word of God out among our first responders because they keep us safe. They're an important part of our community.

You can go to,, check us out. We're also getting ready to launch our podcast below, Jesus is Coming. But our mission is to help first responders deal with the stress and, as you mentioned, PTSD, all the things that they deal with on a daily basis because they're out there protecting our communities. Hey, and the best protection is having Jesus Christ in your heart, and that's what we're trying to deliver. I love it, and I just love that idea.

Somewhere, someone said, I love the Lord, and Joey Hudson was right there with him and Mike Gallagher and your whole team, and they said, we want to touch these people. And their job, by the way, first responder's job in this country is about to get even more busy because there's more and more folks coming in, and they're coming in illegally. And so it's going to be really tough. We may run out of law enforcement. And there's these people talking about defunding the police and all that, so what's your spiritual solution?

What are your thoughts? And we are running out of time. The clock is ticking on Truth Talk Live.

I'm Stu Epperson. By the way, all these programs are podcasted. Just go to our Truth Talk podcast channel, just look up my name, look up Truth Talk, and you'll be able to listen to the whole hour of what if the government flagged you and traced you and tracked you for buying a Bible? What should a Christian do about reparations and that radical guest that we had on earlier this week? It's all there at Truth Talk at our podcast channel, so be sure you download and share it with some friends.

Toll Free 866-348-7884 is our toll-free number nationwide. If you want to weigh in right here, right now, on anything on your mind on Truth Talk Live, maybe you're against evangelizing those coming into our country illegally. But my thing is, if the Muslims can have a well-oiled plan to rent out entire hotels, just Google it, and to fill them with refugees, to indoctrinate them in Islam, where are the Christians renting out hotels?

Where are the Christian churches saying, come on into my gymnasium? And I know that's happening, and God bless those of you who are doing something about it. But these people are coming in anyway, so we can say, well, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, which we're good at doing, and we should object to illegal activity. Or we can object and then say, I'm going to go meet them at the border, and I'm going to go on a crusade to reach them with the good news of Jesus Christ while I'm protesting the immoral, illegal, corrupt government that is allowing all this for their selfish purposes. I'm going to do something about it.

Joey Hudson, that's exactly what you've done with this First Responders Bible, obviously a different application, but a wonderful, wonderful movement of God, and we're so excited about that. Joey, you were in New Hampshire, you were up there, and you were on this show, live nationally, reporting. Give us a real quick, just kind of bird's eye view, I know it was a lot colder in New Hampshire and in Iowa than it is right now where you are sitting in the upstate of Greenville, South Carolina. It's nice and sunny here in the upstate of South Carolina, listening to 96.9 on the Truth Network. But yeah, it's interesting to talk with people. You and I both, we love meeting new people and talking with people, and both in Iowa and in New Hampshire, they're just hardworking Americans who want to see a change in our country. And the question I always ask to them, well, why are you here? Why are you at your caucus? Why are you showing up at your polling place today to vote? And every time the answer was, because I want our country to turn around.

I want to take our country back again. And so many of them expressed the faith component of that as well, that our country, we have a lot of sin in the country, of course, and when you have people, of course, we're all humans and we sin. But they feel like that our government is corrupt and that we've got to reintroduce God into every aspect of our country and how it's run. And they just believe that the current administration is not that administration.

Yeah, wow. And of course, you're a South Carolina guy, Nikki Haley has been your governor, and of course, her and Donald Trump are going toe-to-toe, that's just in a primary. That doesn't even mention who's going to be the front-runner, is it going to be President Newsom, whoever on the other side.

So you were right in the throes of that. What do you say to believers out there who are like, well, how should I vote? I'm a Christian, I'm in the world, not of it, but I'm here, and God's given me the stewardship of voting.

What do you say to them? What's your wisdom, what's the pulse up there among the faith community in those areas as we get into these primaries that are coming to South Carolina soon and other places? Well, if you look at some of the polls, and one of the latest ones released just this week, it shows that former President Donald Trump presently has 85% of white evangelicals. He won the nomination two different times because of the faith community. Now, a lot of people would say, well, you know, he's not exactly, you know, he's done some things in the past. He tends to be mean, he tends to be heavy-handed, and tends to kind of be a bit loquacious, and his speech is a bit angry.

I mean, how do you overcome that? How do you reconcile that? But the faith community came out in strong support of him, and the current polls are showing that again. Well, our position at Truth Talk Live is ultimately, beyond the candidate, is you vote for policy, not for personality.

Because typically, most candidates are going to be vulgar, corrupt, whatever, but you vote for policy. Who's going to stand with the unborn who can't defend themselves? Who's going to stand with protecting our country from the criminality and the fentanyl and the trafficking that's coming in, in the border? Who's going to stand, and they may not be nice, or, you know, they may not be polished, and they may not, you know, we're not electing a pastor, right, Joe Hudson? That's right. Exactly.

Now look, I'm going to be, yeah, go ahead. If you look right at policy, as you were saying, the reason that Roe v. Wade was overturned was because Donald Trump appointed conservatives to the U.S. Supreme Court. Yeah, so that's right. And so again, that goes back to, you don't vote necessarily for a personality, but you're voting for whoever's closer to what's true, what's right, what's going to honor God. And of course, not putting all our eggs in that basket, because we serve one king, and his name's Jesus. Amen? Exactly.

Amen. Give the number, by the way, I'll be hopefully in the upstate sometime next week, Joey, so we've got to get coffee, and I've got to bring you some of this vine-tastic. Thank you to Mighty Muscatine. As a wrap of the show, information is found at their website, They're new, no sugar, no calories, and they offered a beverage that has no artificial sweeteners and no carbohydrates.

It's called Vine-tastic. And it's just a delicious, refreshing beverage from the folks at Le Bleu Ultra Pure Bottle Water and Mighty Muscatine with all the antioxidants of the muscatine grape. So thank you to them for sponsoring the show. I've got to bring some to Joey Hudson, and bless him for being on today. Joey, give that first responder's shout-out one more time on your website. I want folks to get a part of your ministry. Shout it out real quick as we get out of here on this free-for-all Friday of Truth Talk Live. All right, God bless you all, all the awesome callers, and Joey Hudson from the upstate of South Carolina, a legend in broadcasting. Great to share the air with him today. Another program powered by the Truth Network.
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