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What Is Bitcoin?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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November 3, 2021 1:00 am

What Is Bitcoin?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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November 3, 2021 1:00 am

Stu joins author Chris Brady on his back porch for a conversation about his new book, "The Bitcoin Bride: A Rascal Money Story."

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This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network when I say the word bitcoin what comes to mind. What about crypto currency would let the block change to the size of times is the mark of the beast.

Well, I'm glad I'm sitting on the back porch of my friends house Chris Brady who is a major New York Times best-selling author.

He's the one of the leave the key leaders and awesome kingdom minded business called life leadership rascal radio there's a lot of brands associate with you Chris Brady you read a lot about you help a lot of people. You don't mentor me in business. And I'm so glad to have Jan and you are about one and only do I know brave enough to stick your toe in the waters of crypto currency. What are you thinking my friend. Well it's a long story how I got to the point in being interested in it.

I should've probably taken a deeper dive sooner than I did but I'm a hard money guys on the prima private investor, as well as some professional things you mentioned and I became a value investor where you actually analyze the fundamentals of the company you try to project forward cash flows and then calculate backwards through this against the discount rate throughout what you think the castles are going to be for a company over time, and you invest over the long term. You don't diversify very much. You have a few holdings in any going heavy and but to do that you need a sound money, you need a yardstick you can measure with that doesn't keep moving the US dollar is not a solid yardstick.

It changes all the time it gets it gets longer and longer letter shorter and shorter than I was right. You want take the analogy, but the US dollar is being inflated precipitously and that drove me to the gold so I became a gold bug and started investing in gold is a later freeze the fruit of my labor and not have it corrupted by money printing but then the next extension of that. That is when you realize this invention of bitcoin's decentralized money is the separation of money and state, and it has up preprogrammed preset finite amount that will ever be so its monetary policy.

Unlike the monetary policy. The US dollar was just keeps cranking out more and more all the time its monetary policies. Preset, which means that nobody can mess with nobody conflated you can't suck the value out of it and it's a safe store of value that talking to becoming unbelievable. Now everyone is listening to this interview.

This conversation really right here on the back porch with with actions on the back porch local Chris you all. Everyone knows you need a friend like Chris Brady who understood his agile stuff and can help you along.

Also loves Jesus and he's been a great friend and mentor. Now I'm holding in my hand a book he wrote to help people, especially people that are so financially savvy, like myself, understand the stuff in the title of this brand-new book is the bitcoin bride, and Orrin Woodward says what is your awesome business partner the best book for learning about bitcoin.

That's pretty good come from another New York Times best-selling author Ms. Roger Orrin Woodward. This is the bitcoin bride are rascal money story.

So tell us this year I started reading this book. It's a page turner because you're taking us into a practically engaged couples life, but there's a lot of align because they may not end up getting married if certain things don't happen.

I don't want to steal it but tell us a little bit about what led to this book.

Chris the bitcoin bride why I wrote the book to fill a need that I couldn't seem to fill any other way and I'll go back." Remember the old rock 'n' roll group kiss that was big when I was a kid growing up I heard him interviewed one time and one of them said we simply became the band.

We couldn't seem to find to watch in concert and what this book is. I wrote this book because people find out about bitcoin and asked me questions. We have great conversations about it and then as I walk away I feel like they need some follow-up that always they will work and learn. I more and there are some excellent books out there about bitcoin. There certainly are and I'm indebted to all of my read a bunch of learned a lot myself, but they're all expository serious business or finance books and many, many people will not ever really seriously approaching those books pick up and read it. Let's face it, lots of people to read it all, much less a serious business book so I wanted to do something that would fit the kind of people I been talking to basically say to me, well I've heard a lot about bitcoin, but I don't think I know enough about it or or they have some predispose notion about bitcoin that's incorrect based on not enough information so I thought what I need is something fun. It should be fun.

Bitcoin is fun and so I wanted something that was fun, approachable, easy, and I thought I know what I'll do, I'll write a fictional story that hopefully will have enough hooks and interest that people care about the characters that they want to turn the page and find out more, but build it into the story that the reader learns about bitcoin not just not the details of how it works or anything necessarily on its own. Although we do get to that, but to begin with, the why, what problem does it come to solve and just let me give you a thumbnail sketch on that one. Bitcoin is an insurance policy against government spending.

People say what he thinks the price a bit going to go up as he can hit $100,000 going fit in this Millie's question. I don't know nobody can predict the future but I can tell you with almost certainty that the US government will continue to spend money and overspend money and when they do that, it means they cause inflation which robs from everybody blindly so I'm sorry because with robs from everybody and visibly so this book was written to explain that, beginning with the why, what, what problem did bitcoin come to solve, and then it dives into how does it accomplish the solution to that problem. It follows on a fun little story of, as you said a young a young man who's trying to propose to the love of his life and her father is this Italian preacher in Italy is a evangelical minister in Italy and he's he's a pretty tough nut to crack. While in you is fasting is not just a journey into learning stuff about bitcoin I've Artie learned. Learning about fiat currencies and how all these governments collapsing is in you, you lose everything. Where is if you had this crypto currency, there is there is assurance against the crooked banks and things like that. Of these governments.

All that that kind of financial terrorism would not, but just the education I'm learning not just of the claim Chris from your book, but also about Italy and the beautiful Italian countryside in the culinary delights of Italy, all these things in. There's a question in the back of the book.

It takes you into the novel would what would you do if you had to explain bitcoin or lose the love of your life. So this is like a romance/little really travel guide culinary experience just to just a real refreshing look novel, but it the same time you're learning all about something that everyone's talking about, but there's also you mentioned Italian preacher of the gospel and here I'm encouragers as spiritual underlining ureters your heart to see people find the Lord's was a prophet of vanity games all the bitcoin will lose his own soul write a man. Yeah, I try to do this in all my writings and all my talks I give everywhere what I find is in the public sector, atheists, and people with false religious beliefs or error come to the table and they bring their entire worldview with them and they do it unashamedly and unabashedly and then many times it seems as if Christians go to play in those same areas and they leave their Christianity out on the doorstep and they don't bring it in and and I'll read books where the atheism or the disbelief or the rebellion against God is put across as the most natural normal intelligent thing in the world but yet Christians don't write the real truth that way and what they write.

So in this book. Yes, it's a bit of a Trojan horse where I'm trying to shuttle in a ring on an example of what a real Christian young man looks like one is trying to marry the woman of his dreams of what a Christian itinerant evangelical minister looks like we do in real ministry in the world and ministers woven through the story as though it's the most obvious wonderful truthful thing in the world because life because it is you even weave in the family dog who I just met a little bit ago come to your house. You may be based on a dog that I know very well. I tell you what. So really fascinating as Marcus gets to know the enchanting Italian countryside culture and cuisine will have to balance bitcoin explanations with romance in this whimsical book number one New York Times bestseller wrestling author Chris Brady shows that fun and finances can go together like marinara and mozzarella. I'm telling you in this is true, and I'm midway through and I'm enjoying every bit of it and I'm learning a lot about bitcoin. So what I can. It still is under Intel and will the ending but tell how they can get the book. The bitcoin bride, a rascal money story by Chris Brady author Chris Brady tells how our listeners can get this book. They need a reader right away and they'll now enjoy a good read, but learn a lot about this. This is a fast growing financial area of bitcoin crypto currency go to Chris as my website has everything about me there coursing on Amazon to get their tune anymore books are sold. Okay the bitcoin bride a really cool cover art. You told me little bit about that now that all came together really need really great writing and you love Italy so anything you can do that is centered around Italy. You've been there and you got another book about Italy. Tell everyone we all your butcher Chris it mentioned. Luckily real quick that applicants really because I came up by writing business books leadership books financial books and so that book was a memoir. It was really a love letter to Italy and I love the Italian people.

I love the history there we took a family vacation there and took a whole month sabbatical. One time, which is a luxury I never before had, and have never since John spent 11 years since relive that experience. I wrote that book about the book is called a month of Italy rediscovering the art of vacation and it was it was a fun fun book a circle so you'll learn more about Italy than you may know now by reading the bitcoin bride as well. Chris or were all fine books are sold.

Thank you Chris for sharing the gospel through this book and for educating a lot of people. I love the bitcoin is all about and will have to do a follow-up a little later on to a because I got a whole bunch more questions.

Sounds great to thank you this is the Truth Network

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