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Water is Life!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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September 1, 2021 1:00 am

Water is Life!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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September 1, 2021 1:00 am

Water is essential! Jerry Smith of Le Bleu joins Stu to talk about the ultra pure bottled water they sell, how water affects the human body, and how faith impacts business practices.

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Mrs. Joanne McNair with the podcast storytime Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God's chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds enjoying it, share it, but most of all thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network. It makes up 70% of your body makes up 70% of the world's service. While I talked about about about water and maybe the most knowledgeable people I know about water should we right now. He's been a great Christian reader/support a lot of organizations, but from a long time. His name is Jerry Smith. Jerry is good to finally have you on the program is good to see he also gives me a hard time looking like is urine here some stuff today that will shock you, which lost her surreal encouraging thing about health and is also one of the popular Christian business and trying to make a difference.

The rule with Christ and with business so Jerry broke with how long you been in the water business is 21 years or 20 years.

How did you get to the water business is because the environment years ago, one of the world and we have the same water now has creation. Not anymore. Not any less and the roughly 1% water available for human consumption is the water's motion ice caps while using this water over and over. The logical cycle through evaporation, patient all contaminants environment is then people from the purely water to survive in a healthy environment for their health and we developed a way through vapor compression/definitional water definitional waters loves is a hands-on, nothing more nothing less. That is pure water H2O rights to kill all these bottles water by the way I talk to my dad you… Before and drifted around and talk about how the older generation is still, laughing that people can put water in a bottle and sell it for five bucks is about the money. This phenomena a few decades ago was his big now it's everywhere. Jerry Thurston water bottles in your company is low blue LED LEU. The blue ultrapure bottled water and he started staying to address exactly said all people have good. But if bottled water was available.

100 years of hundred years ago when can a country store. People would purchase at that time while because it meets a basic human need is the one product on earth.

You can't live without that one and water have been available legacy of an old country store anywhere to zumba people would've purchased it over other product because water creates its own demand is you have to have this product water is life with a lot of life. We went to Sudan and we drilled wells with a prescription drug foundation you guys for that trip was reported that it really was amazing to see people who were drinking nasty dirty water from the White Nile River in south Sudan.

We drilled a well brought up for a change your life like they literally were about to bury their dead before we got there and so your your meeting a need suppressing but not all bottled water is created equal. Now it isn't. A lot of people think because the violence pure. That's far from the truth. There is some bottled waters out there that have nitrate some model waters has silica calving pronated things like that. Some bottled waters have our thinking to say wow I can't believe that that is true.

What a lot of people.

It just takes one gram-positive bottle that included a bottle what is it that ran as you know, what is the universal solvent is to dissolve anything in his path until it becomes habit saturated with them again and that's why we take all those things out of the water because we believe the body needs. The weaving that had not tells your water is addicted to the cell body all 32 trillion cells in the body while because every sales by water in the format of their water and thus far. People love water so much. We we get emails from all of the world is whether plant became the plant. St. Thomas and people go to these tourist towns are tourist dollars and the violent look John DeRosier dear Jerry, I just by the way just wasn't Stu Epperson Sigma Jerry Smith, longtime mentor of business in a Christian business owner low blue ultrapure bottled water. Many of you have heard me talk about his need to talk to someone about the Lord your testimony about really product it every one of us right now is my voice. Every one of his needs. Water is not a soul listing doesn't need it with that hot beautiful brutal human source. You need water you need to be stay hydrated. Jerry talk a lot about hydration of the PACU brochure Jerry Delhi's doctors. I'm talking ear nose and throat doctors and talking doctor that came pronounced or fielding of nutritionist and people that work in all kinds of allergens and stuff like that that are saying things like, I recommend the blue bottle water to all my patients with chemical allergies that talk about the importance of pure water and really that's a ministry himself getting in this bottled what you get in here, I see your trucks everywhere. A lot of existing like I don't have a loom running around listen to Drew talk will need to find a way to get everybody but it's if our body is the temple. Jerry you take this very seriously diligent in your plans and getting the right water for people to know which fundament appears best tasting water in the market. We believe we do this from consumers telling us that we spend a lot of money taking all these inorganic out of the water that we know are not beneficial to the human body because there in the extent she got. These people are claimed to have mineral water are this is a real big misnomer people. It's the disabled. Look at all the things are added vitamins in the synaptic. You can't really get that in the system the body. God made us to our bodies for pure H2O everything found in water is the comes out of the earth is in an organic stay is never gone through the process. All of these inorganic minerals that people talk about their outliving him again next day. They've never been thrust as they've never gone through the process of photosynthesis and osmosis. For example, if you take iron and water this like I am no, but if you take iron in your garden in your cabbage or lettuce or spinach through the osmosis in the photosynthesis process because organic yearly heaven that plants live to say you can take up white rock which is calcium carbonate which is in water to say nobody could assimilate that it's time everything was what you do to it to get it to pure H2O is a simple process but it's very important, since God's process distillation. That's God's chronological cycle through evaporation and precipitation. When the water comes out of the sky other than environmental contaminant it is. Possible plans writing, hydrogen, oxygen, something those clouds through the whole atmosphere. It comes right down the nest appears for water so the blue you're really trying to get that pure water, that's what you all do. Here is what you're getting out of your trucks, the 5 gallon service which we had our house at the radio station appeared seven beloved, and then also the bottles you know that you have it also. So I guess in retail and whatnot but not everyone hasn't yet grown our children together over a million people a day.

Blue bottle water somewhere in the home or office. We have about 60,005 down customers that that we deliver water to their homes and we don't worry about competition because we know we can't make a worry me better and I competition has two improved to be competitive from death very good. And in this is a company to that you really strive to put God first in everything from the health department honoring him with support of S agrees me to give Tom and Annette that this will just print out the goal that there absolutely no the body is 70% water know you as a consumer thing about this the buys over 70%. The brain is over 74%, 75 loans 86 liberty six. The kid is 82 muscle 75 the blood a set doesn't make her snap to put one of your body that doesn't have to deal with is inorganic minerals and inorganic chemicals that are hello mother bottled water out there and I truly believe the reason why everybody don't process to water the way we did is they don't want to spend the money to take that stuff out of the water.

When you take it out because we know is not good or with Jerry Smith after this quick break and also how did he come to the Lord with his personal testimony and how Christ changed his life and how that is woven into the whole the blue story and his waterways doing business to make a difference to hang on truth talk more, not Stu Epperson our special guest evidence. A rare visit with one of our longtime partners of tree talking Truth Network you heard me talk about these folks. What I love about these guys is they put their water with her mouth. Is he really believe in their product in and I take it we talk about our bodies, the temple, then we go eat certain ways can we drink certain things that even some wires out there are chock-full of sodium and other things that you would never want to put your body, but there's some folks have come with the water and talking to him right now. You've heard about him low blue Ellie BLU ultrapure bottled water. What's needed to talk to them about the bigger picture of the kingdom of Jericho. Meyer talk you when you talk about what God is doing in the world. These big picture things you know saving our country to get our country back to God, we talk more about that in the business lifetime.

So there's a effaced parking. Jerry and I came here one day's exactly what is happening. I said what you said. Well had a gentleman here who received Christ in the conference room, which were sitting here right now interviewing I'm Stu Epperson across the table with Jerry Smith to get a nice Mike Abu set up your Jerry tell us about your face like you said you been in the water business for about 41 years is a long time in the blue ultrapure bottled waters been God's blessing.

There's trucks all over the place. I can't leave a million people drink your water every day is critical absolute, but tells about how you came to the Lord I'm skipping the Lord is my Savior, years and years ago. It was quite an experience. I knew I was say.

I must say, and I and the Lord has blessed me.

I don't even know I'm not the smartest kid on the block, but I know the Lord blessed me abundantly in and keep thinking I wake up in the morning. Just this morning I walked outside and I'm just walking around and thinking why the Lord blessed me so you know I guess is, that bars will bless the nations it blessed by name and nations are made up of people that think that's why the Lord has blessed so while you are a football player grown up as I return my cochlear different story. But what blew me away and you don't have to talk about your book on the spot is you chose to ride or go a different way to go somewhere and everyone in that car that went died a horrible crash and even then you see God's hand in your life like you when you shouldn't be here today but the mercies of God, right now all I was blessed to be in that department, teammates, and for some reason I didn't get in the car and all five of Q on will run return time to relax and then new energy Ranger and tractor-trailer Hill had no in field of cash payments while I was supposed to be in there wasn't. But for some reason the Lord did when they get in there.

I think you will I think about that late yesterday the low blue truck pulled into my driveway to bring her water and surveying of God had kept you alive there would be a little but also all the people you avoid all the folks you have licensees all over the place you world if you can generally tell me where the all Arkansas Philistine might be in a state that have the blue and there like you the object you given, people, opportunities, folks, this isn't bad. There's a good capitalism.

Okay, this is about give you an opportunity to create something brilliant, but the blue is still growing psychic plays a lot of places where places don't have a brilliant Jerry where are you worried try to go. We have five downlines in the in about 18 of them in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia were getting ready to start opening up door advantage relative. We also discussed an inquiry from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and eventually will we have 18 licensees.

Now we believe in over five years will have 100, 250 lines throughout the US because people really do demand their product after they drank their input. You drink a bottle of lube. The Bible says whatever you do with all your heart classes 323.

June is the Lord on the menu have made a water that is biblical because it curates to ally God made it, but you're also doing an excellent like your franchisees. They have this is a quality product, you will compromise idea, not only with water on the market today. We tell people all by bottle of your favorite water then bonbons of the blue and let your body make the choice you well and that your body tells the brain. Everything that that's what we tell. Let your body make that show so someone is looking for an opportunity. A young person, someone that's that's maybe wants to franchise outgrow.

They could be a low blue licensees that we call it health of Florida has yet to take this to me, that would be phenomenal in outlasting the Western states. I think of like you mentioned Georgia savanna with the listeners there listen to us on the truth but really I opportunity connect with the faith-based company to that's making a difference, and it's also try to get back in. You've done a lot of that your jury which are challenged to Christian owned businesses out there about honoring Christ and enjoy good business. The same can't leave the Lord, I believe the Lord your business you're in trouble if your essay he wants to be far better how you think you're doing how much money you're making a still cute first in his line and the animals to be dollars and I think this willingness… It was that the Lord writing down and gave him back and blessing them anytime I brought people out here interested in doing business with Jerry and the first thing you say is, tell me about God in your life you go, take the conversation to the higher level.

That's encouraging the younger guys like me to see that your fun hobbies regrets reposted and never met you for Jerry Smith you like to be on that tractor door to you like to work tell of the bit about your work in the field.

The mustard I you like a full round of the mustard. I greatly got ahold other thing we went anytime of that right now but that you're connected with itself. A lot of folks are helping talk about some of the hobbies like people, trying to my schedule and my track, expensive my closet and pay Jerry. We got it good after your 100 you're going back to would like another lot of farming in your background. A lot of hard work right. The young people about that jury about the importance of working so many people are getting paid by our government to stay home go to a restaurant you can't get service and for the poor restaurants of the appraiser then highly big to stick where I go now to talk to, especially young about a pleasant work ethic really didn't like, the day's work on time. I didn't know they were doing at the time, but if they got you now picking up sticks and gardens mowing the long try using your brain you use your brain smarter. They tell you, leaves you find it easier to get them leave the garden you will find a better way of the Asian way, your brand is given day is an account with a drink in the handheld and play videos anytime discriminators. Now that went by my nephew Wilson who you met the cost. Discrete natures and that something so using your brain you find yourself asking a 41 years ago you got in the water business. I guess a lot of this is you work hard you tried a lot of things and you would not a lot of doors to the medical community which I thought the note, if your start of bottle water company go to medical me. The doctors and table if you get a kidney infection or bladder infection is so amazing about Dr. use invention like that when you need to drink. Throughout the city to get back on my account, which makes Dennison for the sugar drinks are that there's a lot of the beverage industry is huge.

There's a whole lot of things we put our body that are helping the temple, Jerry Smith, thank you for visiting with me ~your testimony.

Thank you for all you done it for the blue ultrapure bottled water in a guessers website in there that we can go to did folks want to learn more about if they want to be a licensee if they want to find out having the stuff words is LE B water is life, and thank you to Jerry Smith in the Holstein for synagogue example in business interface. Here the blue ultrapure bottled water in its find it untrue. Talk to showcase Christian businesses and to tell their story and my little southern about nutrition which is a lot of his comments as an easier is because this is the Truth Network

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