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The Power of Christian Camp

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 4, 2021 1:00 am

The Power of Christian Camp

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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June 4, 2021 1:00 am

Pack your bags...and let's go to camp! Stu is with Jen de Ridder, the Executive Director of YMCA Camp Hanes, discussing how Christian camp blesses youth and how anyone can financially or prayerfully support campers who desire to go - as well as encouraging campers to come out after a hard year.

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This is Robby Dilmore from the Christian car guy and King in pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth network. This is the Truth Network time to go to camp pile on the bus gets closer sleeping bag, the flashlight, the bug spray and the disinfectant and your all of your Covidien protecting on because camp was guilty to a generator with campaigns.

Jen, this is been a crazy couple years, but you guys are jumping in a Christian camp in North Carolina.

In this segment here is to encourage campers everywhere. It is still go to Christian camp. Yet another stuff that you don't have it in such a great opportunity at the time to really realize how blessed we are and provide kids a safe, positive value focused environment to help kids be their best selves in a really difficult time being outside so much of the main camping always nature is great during this time that is been extra blessing and provided an extra safe environment is in place, it never hurts to wash her hands and camp outside dirty place that we can wash her hands and great hygiene be with our friends in a positive place into cubes are have a real opportunity to help kids out right now.

Loving the way you guys put the whole line of the body and the soul in the spirit of taking care of the whole person. The worship time to the songs the fun song for the worship songs. The devotions I've been up many times in the devotions.

Jen, what is been the toughest part tells you a quick show with you also get people to pray for you and your really represent all the camp directors all over the country over the world who have, I have no idea how you do have no idea how educators do it you know all of you know our friends in Christian education. Just battling you could come in one day and say hey work class #class over two weeks were going back to so what is been the toughest thing and then coming out of that we can talk about cynical opportunities does open door for the hardest thing for the keeping industry is figuring out learning and we continue to learn how to figure out what the best practices are something that changes be honored to get to this process and were trying to train young adults to take care kids trying to have the most information that we can provides that were making the best decisions we know camp is a great place. We know it's a safe place. We know it's a fun place to make the best decisions we can hear how versus where we were year ago because so much more knowledgeable and able to provide a great experience and I tell you what, even our counselors. Those young adults. I need you to pray for them as well and they need your support because they also remarkable young people rising stars of Christian colleges agricultural replace and they say I want to dedicate a summer not get paid much in his reported kids to love and believe in Christ.

To pray with them.

Some kids, this is the only spiritual up with a good maybe you don't come from a faith-based home. But you know somewhere some mom some dad thinks you realizes they needed they need. They need encouragement, they make the sacrifice parents do for the kid ago and that of course Jen your team but you know a couple years ago you and I were interviewing you are say well we don't watch out casino poison ivy or or maybe someone falls and breaks in armor.

Or maybe someone has a real bad allergy. We don't know about.

No one ever saw the world some pandemic would be our concern antibacterial and things of that nature wearing a mask so God bless you and in the Lord for getting you guys through this and for staying the course you want times been tough. Now you have all just onslaught Coming like their common use in a week or two there going to be coming to campaigns and other camps across the country that are still open. How can we be praying for you and what is kids facing today in oh really want to activate our prayer warriors listening to the Truth Network dollar awesome village Garcia foreign everywhere. One of the kids facing out. We pray for you for them and also there's other ways people can support there's kids need a scholarship that can't afford to come.

Not sure how to get a pay for camp.

So this one. Yes, financially, and you can go visit camps, you know, whatever. Keep your supporting like visiting our website and will let you know how to support us and our funding asthma schemes goes straight to sending kids to camp because directly to you that even the smallest amount helps the kid can't provide clothing that they need materials that they need and meals. You know everything that that child needs to be set up for success that something on my the thing is that kids emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, need support. They are in top places. It is been a hard year for that everybody but I think kids and you mentioned schools and teachers. Blessings to teachers for summer camps take over for a little bit so they can renew their spirit and we are so thankful for them in the great work they do. You just pray for the social, emotional, mental health and spiritual health of kids. Pray for that because they are struggling and working to provide the best place you can also ask you to provide prayers for our staff as we provide that for kids you're some tough things this year so we need strength we need strength so we can be there for the kids tremendous YMCA campaigns.

One of many Christian camps across the country were sitting outside the Truth Network on the back porch.

I got my portable handy-dandy recorder because they're working on the studio in there right now on a new station. The Truth Network is trying to log so thank you for coming out your sexy, nice outside and speaking of outside bring the camper out of all of us real quick by telling us about some of the amazing activities, campaigns and visit people could experience from the blob to other things.

So sweetly been watching kids church group that hearing kids good on a giant water supply or be launched from blob on paddle boards or climbing or climbing law.

There's so many things to be outside archery issues. We offer so many activities for every kid. Every kid has activities they love to camp medicine so you really try to keep them active enforcement will sleep a lot better night to write a call that that little bug and they get right back out the morning and then you're also I guess do as well as they succumb to keep everyone safe and protected without or with, you know, the environment oriented to satisfy all of the regulations that you guys have to face. There's a lot that goes into it, the inside certifications, you know, looking for you're looking for people to maybe fork up more counselors maybe looking for a CDL driver correct. Ever looking for a little staff counts as a bus driver. All of our staff go through extensive training guards and ropes course training, CPR, first aid all the safety requirements. We do several weeks of training to make sure that were having a great, safe, fun program and provide as resources for the young adults which teaches them great life skills we send these kids out to the world and their amazing people when they finish working at camp so lots of good things that happened not only on the camper level but on the staff level as well, so be at least two good work overall tremendous a while. She campaigns June temperature Telus real quick.

The way people get involved financially supported docents in a few hundred bucks double to go to care of and other ways through.

This is the website it was the biggest, the best way to connect online website which is there's a button on our website to get to online giving to give you all the contact information, so again worsened in North Carolina. Your campus finish maybe 40 minutes from here, maybe 30, depending on who's driving in which way they go because as you start with zigzagging through keying North Carolina and all those parts of theory can be hanging rock is not for clear Telus where it is how you describe the location for folks that Connor try to get a picture with posters all over the country all over the world. It was in our podcast network. So campaigns is blessed to sit at the bottom of sorrow at town Mountain, which is part of that the foot hills area, branches off a little bit from the Appalachian Mountains and so right going up into Virginia and so we sit at the base of the mountain must penis want to sit near as pilot Mountain and hanging rock state parks pilot is that area which is based may vary on so we got back in our backyard that we sit at the base of the mountain so we get to hike that mountain climb that mountain and it's beautiful God's beauty is all around us out is correct HAL US and Jim and our prayers are with you and your staff, your team at all those kids praying right now is critical. Know your role call your counselor praying for the kids are coming, even by name. God will open their hearts to the gospel in this is a great opportunity to I was.

My life was changed to Christian Growing up got out of the house got out of the crazy coded everything like got a got got to a place, a quiet place to got to hear the word of God and God use those moments will never forget.

So I'm 100% behind all these Christian camps and thank you for all your doing things really appreciate it and we are blessed by all your prayers. Thank you also learn more at campaigns.Oregon meet the team and check out the facility.

Watch single videos to call the room from the ropes course of the archery all the collectivities and try to get your kid in.

If you can't get your get some sponsorship to get some money to help them.

It's a nonprofit donation.

The people to write a check to it'll the sale or other taxes, but could even save a life even better. Yes, this is the Truth Network

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