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A Business Man For JESUS!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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December 4, 2020 12:30 am

A Business Man For JESUS!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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December 4, 2020 12:30 am

Stu talks with entrepreneur Chris Brady, New York Times best selling author and CEO of Life. 

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Christmas gift, why not pick the one that she can have a couple chicken maybe it's not the get for your family but it is the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens and provide nourishment for family and they can sell those exit the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asia. 1% of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family of Jesus family this Christmas and give them six explanation see chickens and camping. This is probably doing more from a Christian, Diane King in pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth network. This is the Truth Network he's an entrepreneur is an author and he loves Jesus how can all this be in one package is Chris Brady, the CEO of a awesome company called life. Chris is good to have you join us today on this quick visit on truth talking victory in a friend and mentor to me all these years. Thank you like to be here. You are quite the guy you've written this list the name your books, your fasting and the first one I never saw coming a month in of Italy a month of Italy you. You've written a book launching the leadership revolution you've read a book called rascal which is going to be fun to talk about you written a book called pails subtitled 20 years from now. What will you wish you had done today but your you're quite the thinker idea guy did you pick up on this like curiosity early on. How did you find you are an entrepreneur what where that come from a security question.

I started out probably like a lot of listeners being taught that the key to financial success was the get good grades, go to college get a good degree.

Get a good job and then spend the rest your life. You know, just doing what the bosses tell you keep your nose clean going early stay late work through lunch learn learn all the buzz phrases help someone in a boardroom decision. Behind closed doors makes a great decision for your future advancement and didn't take too long been ended at having try to run that gamut of advice that I realize this wasn't what I was looking for. I don't think this is really going to blossom into the kind of fruit I felt called to try to deliver and I started looking around and realize that I missed out on part of the story that there's this beautiful world full of risk and reward and tumultuous journeys that is called entrepreneurship and decide to give it a whirl and give it a whirl.

You have you got these books only get back into that but tell us about your faith in Christ. How did you come to know the Lord and how is that impacted everything you're doing today. All courses impacted everything and informed everything that is happened since I was 10 years old little Baptist Church on Maple Rd. in Flint, MI. Flint Township actually and my parents were there. My grandparents were there and I remember very clearly for probably the first time hearing the message of salvation and right there in the pew said don't just realize that I was a sinner. Even at that young age, and that I was helpless to help myself out of that mess that was only getting worse and the pastor must done a great job open up the word in our member pray and then and feeling different. Tell Mike I was right in other fields right home in the front seat of my grandparents Buick looking at their compass up on the dashboard.

My grandpa always had and I was so excited to tell him the news and they were all rejoicing with me and now my family wasn't very active in church hardly ever went. My dad had a fight with some pastors and so we stopped going. So that was step one in a process that got a seen fit to do in my life and later on some girls from the neighborhood of my midteens started inviting me to their dad's church, and so it was there that I got baptized got my first Bible, and really took the Lord saw fit to continue the sanctification process there and move me yet another step further and then step three was when I met my wife.

She was one of the first real true most active Christians I've ever been around. Personally and it really convicted me in the art the Lord use that and then of course brought about the marriage came out of that is blessed us do that.

Ever since was encouraged to read. As you know you will unite me and you been a friend and mentor to me for many years now. It is so awesome because we get together on the auspice that were to talk business entrepreneurialism which we do with that Winnipeg went to Lorillard with what he's doing our lives in such a this is awesome to see talk about that balance you know between and how we can sometimes disable this is business I'm going to go there. You know churches Sunday that's my religious duty and then I'm but how you talk and how God and his kingdom is integrated into your life and how you bring that to bear even even the fact that a Christian entrepreneurial isn't an oxymoron. Absolutely not. And there is no balance. Christ infuses every part of your life. You either follow him or you don't trace any reinforcer against us and that and so it you know my friend and business partner Orrin Woodward says it really well.

He said a lot of people will will have a purpose to build a business and he said, but as Christians we build business on purpose and the purposes the Lord's will in our lives. In his leading and being obedient with the gift that is given out so that our our business fruits bear for him and give him glory. And so it's a marketplace ministry.

What we run were not a Christian company. Please don't get saved. There are no Christian companies, but as founders and entrepreneurs. Our hearts are, for the Lord and we know who we belong to. We know who every breath we draws by his grace and every step we take is for his glory and our business is that that's what it's for. And so at the base down below everything else at the foundation. Our business is meant to shine God's glory in a dark room and you really are living out these Judeo Christian ethics in our founders really incorporated in America and I know capitalism is gotten a bad word because there are crony capitalist, or scrub Was refuted that abuse and that the game the system and all the things like that but at the same time, there's business kindness tsunami wave in our country of of socialism, a politician saying hey we need to be socialistic. We need to be when you rob the foreign brought the rich and pay the poor you know this and that you talk about how you even the faith that the tenets of moving away from like a victimization. Our culture so victimized. Now here once a victim of this that moving to a more Victoire more pay nominal eyes. A free country on work hard and you know like Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court justice, United States African-American who worked hard to get there and yet understand he's attacked viciously by people on the left.

Yet he was successful. Ben Carson leading one of the top brain surgeons in the Navy. The most sophisticated accomplished brain surgeon in the end he is mock, but he's African-American. Instead of saying I'm a victim is horrible what happened to me.

He's these dozen can you speak to that and not just across the racialized would just about how the gospel empowers that to and in how it's important for young people to know the difference between capitalism and socialism in the in the fruits of both, yet I never ceases to amaze me how how college professors that some of these institutions can can espouse socialistic ideals as though their good ideas and they haven't been tried everywhere. Socialism has been attempted. It results in force over freedom. The only way people will stay under socialism is by force. You have to build the Iron Curtain's to keep people in to enjoy the benefits of a defunct, broken, bankrupt system that just doesn't work. Socialism leads to human suffering that's that's exactly where it goes.

It's a it's a dead-end road to human suffering. Every time and everywhere it's ever been tried and if if you if you believe the Bible and you understand freedom in Christ and then panic about things that you see politically the world because you understand that you know all things come through God's hands and and we don't exist to try to make the world heaven on earth. We are to we are to bring salvation to those who are were passing through and where to shine.

God's light to point them to salvation through Christ. So you can't get all these things out of balance, either freak out because you see socialism in the ascendancy are people espousing those ideas, but you just don't understand economics. You understand human nature. If you think these things are going to work babe not work they resulted in millions of human deaths and is just aggravating to see them gaining traction in the ivory towers of academia where the impressionable young minds of students go and they swallow the stuff hook line and sinker and it's just wrong. It's tragic you and Orrin Woodward your partner. You guys are great tandem to him telling you and you guys are legendary and you've written written some of these books together. I guess no one on leadership in what is been the key along the same in the same kind of tone of of good kinda capitalism how if you all with with with this company life that's really awesome what you're doing.

The more you tell me about them or try to get how are you all using this company to make your life better. Tell us a little bit. The essence of what you all do there. An example for people out there entrepreneurs other listing of of of good. Even Bible-based principles and run your company or one of the purest forms. Capitalism is entrepreneurship and small businesses where people come up with an idea on how to build a better mousetrap to use the phrase, and any partner, blood sweat and toil in tears and money into it to try to become something better. In order to serve the customer.

When you serve the customer better than someone else. You deservedly then gain market share and I read a great statistic the other day it was, it would not really statistic but to quote the guy was saying that you know entrepreneurs take all the risk and they pass all the value to the customer and indicate three or 4% of it as profits and that's what I really like that accounting of the process because you do the business owner. The small start up person risks everything to make something work and Emily do almost all value goes, the customer makes the world a better place to those products and services so at life. What we do is to fold number one. Our main product is called the super app and through that super wrapped customers can enjoy cashback at merchants over 300 merchants in the United states and a bunch Canada. They can earn our virtual currency called dibs they can use 350,000 aggregated coupons that we have with group on fully integrated into our app we have financial fitness educational training. We have leadership develop training a whole assortment of value all in one simple to use, convenient, smart phone apps with mobile is global and so that's our product and and we have thousands of products but that's our flagship product you have done a lot for the kingdom, brother, and I'm grateful for that in your your company or your advancing or helping people you're helping people help people, which I love that nest of the egg.

Again, that's part of the whole biblical principle. You figure you are an entrepreneur word that come from the security question. I started out probably like a lot of listeners being taught that the key to financial success was the get good grades, go to college get a good degree. Get a good job and then spend the rest your life. You know, just doing what the bosses tell you keep your nose clean going early stay late work through lunch learn learn all the buzz phrases and hope someone in a boardroom decision. Behind closed doors makes a great decision for your future advancement and it didn't take too long been into that having try to run that gamut of advice that I realize this wasn't what I was looking for. I didn't think this is really going to blossom into the kind of fruit I felt called to try to deliver and I started looking around and realize that I missed out on part of the story that there is this beautiful world full of risk and reward and tumultuous journeys that is called entrepreneurship and decide to give it a whirl. She is Chris Brady, the CEO of a awesome company called life.

We help people gain financial ascendancy and what my buddy Warren calls the financial matrix. This this construct.

What were people of thought that sometimes people can get this feeling that you know the world, seems to be stacked against me financially.

I feel like I'm getting ripped off and Warren's answer is you are there is there are things that are kinda rigged against you.

The big financial system is is helps the rich get richer and the poor get poorer politicians to have some of that right and up buddy, but what we teach is through through the are super app we can help customers profit financially. I get cashback on purchases writing and Artie going to make, but further they can gain a financial education and really learn about money and unplugged from the financial matrix because when you reference to the 1999 movie the matrix were people were trapped in a computer program, a false reality. They realize it, that's our money system works today or is in the process written a great book about that come out in the spring but anyway so by helping people free themselves from the debt cycle because when you're in debt, you are someone else's asset and you become your own liability and so we first we help people. We give them tools to our super app to get more cashback on stuff there Artie going to buy and then built into that super app we give him financial education, training so that they can subtract themselves from the financial matrix. At least they can stop being take advantage of by the big-money powers then beyond that pen for those that are interested.

We teach them to be entrepreneurs building businesses selling our super app and its subscription and then we really help them prosper financially. That's the plan, we will grow in a course in advising them all along the way about how to use God's resources to bless others to give to serve in all that real quick. You got for, but yet a bunch of books before the count of the ones that stuck out.

If you would give me a quick once in this description, see the name of the book and then give me a one sin is kind of description of your passion behind this book.

Okay, let's start with I think maybe want your personal favorites because you love to travel. You love this culture a month in Italy a month of Italy. That book was never planned and it was written without an audience in mind. It was just a love letter to a place that I so enjoy and now have so many friends and wonderful experiences and memories, and support a very good ministry over there called Italy for Christ of my dear friend guy so tela and that book came about as a result of some very funny things and to be quite honest on one of those family vacations that we took to Italy I just realized this was a give one sentence answer, but this is going to go along Keego hear your role that you have. I got very annoyed that most travelogues, most books about travel experiences are written by nonbelievers and the date put forth their atheism as though it's the most logical intelligent way to be in this world is just not in so I wanted to put a book out there that was a fun travelogue written by Christian written by believer okay book number two.

Now I want to write my bags.

One statement I don't want to pack my bags to go to Italy now well and I know a lot you're getting a lot of feedback. A lot of our listeners lose all of the miss you logical pointed at about your open support administrator of Italy for Christ book number two of the forwarded touch will really get all of them but launching the leadership revolution. This was a fun fun project with my buddy Warren Woodward and we realize through working with hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs that there was one common attribute that high achievers all shared, and we put the secret to that in that book that's a teaser figurehead teaser there you have it right there that's a book written by Chris break Brady with his partner in crime or in Woodward launching the leadership revolution or rascal.

I know this is this is going to get a smile on you because this is this is your passion about this.

This book is for anyone who's ever felt that they were out of sorts with the crowd and they didn't want to run with the herd anymore and they wanted to find the courage to be an original character. I love it and then finally pales in the subtitle that is 20 years from now. What will you wish you had done today pales for any young person heading into adulthood and trying to figure out the path that he or she should take. This book was written for them and then many people find themselves in what secular society calls midlife crises in all these kind of self inflection point for the think they are after upset their entire life. This book was also written for them to keep them on track with God's purpose is author business leader and man of God Chris Brady and by the way, we are outside one of our favorite spots to get lunch in Cary, North Carolina crossed the street from an awesome Church of the Manna guide you know about Stephen Davey in the Bible teaching there. Don't absolutely am so blessed to sit under his ministry's visa great Bible teacher and we had a great lunch and then I have been trying to catch up you forever. So it's a beautiful day here beautiful sunny day were under the shade of a tree on a bench right outside this red restaurant called ruckus that if your Kerry person, you probably know about that and were talking about with Chris about his testimony in about his passion for both business and for Christ and how those two are are interwoven and how God has given him so much of hope and really you've touched a lot of people through this company called life. Give us the maybe the website or how folks can learn. Maybe more about you what's the best way to connect maybe to find out about these books that we talked about the best way to go to Chris CHR ISV RAD and everything flows from their go there check it out and check out that cool app, it is a good app I'm telling you, you didn't. Two minutes into our first conversation about it. You had I had on my phone and had to use it. You can use it. All these places main to find out about the super okay awesome God bless you Chris Brady.

Your challenge out there right now to people in business seeing their business. Seeing their work is worship.

Can you type closes out with a challenge below to see your work as worship, our privileges are not for our pleasure. Therefore, our purpose. Great work Chris Brady this is true talk. I'm Stu Epperson will take a little picture and will put it on my Twitter my Instagram Instagram. Sometimes I jokingly call that or Facebook. Of course this guy's got a bigger presence on all of those but if you want you want to meet a real star you go to Chris and again I just love having conversations with people that inspire others to greatness and of course the greatest inspiration is to turn point people to Jesus Christ and thanks remain thanks for using your business or platform to lead people to Christ payments the toy this is the Truth Network

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