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The Bitcoin Bride

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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November 6, 2021 12:34 pm

The Bitcoin Bride

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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November 6, 2021 12:34 pm

Robby is joined by the Author of "The Bitcoin Bride," Chris Brady to discuss what Bitcoin is all about. Plus, another exciting segment of God In Hollywood with Brad Silverman, Paul Long, and special guest, Joth Riggs.





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This is Sam from the masking journey podcast of our goal with the podcast is help you to try to find your way in this difficult world. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting just seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore welcome to kingdom pursuits.

Amazing people and today I'm really excited for those of you very little bit familiar with bitcoin. I'm really thinking this could be an exciting show because we have with us. The author of coin bride Chris Brady. So welcome to kingdom pursuits, Chris. How exciting.

So I'm sure our listeners are like me, I never thought of bitcoin and bride in the same sentence a little bit to try to teach people about meeting invention going and from what I understand from my friends do that. It's definitely done through a Christian perspective right talking about novel came out and non-fiction book that I've ever published before, but never published market like and the idea Robbie would like to help people understand about going on way people won't read story. Business book about bitcoin but my thought what might they might like story that'll teach him about bitcoin and upon fictional way and of course I love you and I want to be known and proclaimed around the world and like everything else I do. I tried my best to represent Christ properly in the book and show a Christian worldview.

That's that's awesome.

So speaking in a bitcoin and fun.

You can never listen to my show. Perhaps Chris that we always do Robbie's riddle so you know I have to do this if your dad jokes just to warm up anyway. Speaking a bitcoin right this Chris from understand Superman is useless. On Wednesday evenings because he goes to his weekly bitcoin meeting the understand rise useless. Carmen get that it's kryptonite every time right so like this when my New Year's resolution for 2021 by bitcoin in 2011, I went to bed's not right.

My goodness only done that so not allow for those of us in radio. We really like this new crypto currency that's come out is called decibel right you yelling your microphone and you get the money. It's a sound investment. Carmen as you follow crypto currencies out mirrors your listing today. But oh my goodness there's a new one that comes out almost every minute.

I think so. I wouldn't be a bit surprised that there actually is a decibel out there but anyway we got to get to the Bible riddle.

So here we go so I really think the Bible so the Bible gnashed his teeth right because of the buried coin. It was sort of a bit in the Bible, gnashed his teeth because of the coin.

It was sort of a buried coin, we would say that's a bitcoin. So anyway, Carmen Bacon, guess that hello give them time to think about it so there you go.

We have books and we might even end up with an bitcoin drive with all sorts of books and T-shirts all the stuff you just can't tell Carmen what you would like and we will get that out to you.

I got a Telesis who in the Bible gnashed their teeth because of the buried coin. It was sort of a bitcoin experience with Oak 8663 for 87884 is a number to call in when and we would love to hear from you and answer Chris getting back to bitcoin bride I get the bitcoin part.

But how does the bride fitting that a young man, bitcoin or the bitcoin mining company during college happened to be going right to private and make the first trip with her to Italy to meet her parent and being an American kid in the father for permission to marry the daughter is a formality and want to get permission to take the bride and proposed to what he finds out that father is not an evening nut to crack.

And there's a couple emotional moment in the book and that take place that I want I will boil by tell the mouth, but that this young man to have to explain bitcoin to potential father-in-law or never married the daughter yeah I did it and so within that, especially if he minds bitcoin right this is an interesting opportunity because I'll never forget the first time my sister and brother-in-law live in Rushville, Illinois and somebody came to town buying up all this land because they working to build a bit, bitcoin mind, my brothers, a CPA okay my brother and I wasn't CPA and he had no idea this was probably like 2013 2014 summer enter and so he studies up on this stuff and and I'll never forget.

I went up there to visit them and he showed me the facility where they were mining this bitcoin and explaining how much electricity they used in all the stuff that was going on in and it really I'm often thankful that he he shared that with me because it's really not easy stuff to understand yet.

Probably the most.

But when once you do you realize that man.

I mean, from my perspective and I should tell you I'm a big bitcoin Fannin into Stu may have known that when he set this up and in that I actually do invest in it pretty regularly and made some money is wonderful and it's really really neat because I see it is really a currency that kinda breaks this out of central banking system running right but it was really good quality every time you bitcoin your voting again make money Fiat money that the government seemed unable to stop printing job they gotten really really good at that. So I'm interested how I see you got this in this fictional story.

This amazing young man who is a minor himself is he is a bit busy putting a mine in Italy. No Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh at the computer.

I put together bitcoin mining company in the US girlfriend from Italy that I'll get over it like a court that makes it more fun to read about Italy and the culture and cuisine and everything to be listening to the show here waiting to get on with you at the top of the hour. There were a couple new bite and one of them was about the passage of the new trillion dollar infrastructure bill and the government doesn't have that trillion dollars going to have to borrow which means print and that in quite the dollar deal from everyone you have to take the value from dollars so the reason for bitcoin is to help protect against that bitcoin is an insurance policy against government spending.

It really is kind of cool in an absolutely brilliant but nobody knows right who invented the stuff yeah you know the really fun part of it to that habit. Invention back in late 2008 right on the heels of the financial Christ and you know the whoever that's why they kept themselves anonymously could be a man to be a woman. It could be a group of people nobody knows. They worked very hard to be anonymous and then after couple years of involvement in making sure the invention was going to fly. They just simply disappeared and and in that name that the person assigned to himself or herself, like toasting Okamoto writes well we got a very interesting show going and were to be back with Chris Brady.

We got Amy, with your guy got in Hollywood come up with John's rig so you know, stuff coming up today on getting the person's estate.

You're listening to the Truth Network and hear how things have right now we have Amy, with us she's the host of the cure coming up today at 1 o'clock and Amy got a great show lined up force problem have not gotten the wrong Chris Brady is filled financial system and a Amy coming on at 1 o'clock with the system is like oh my goodness, what an intriguing show and again I need to tell you that the Amy show is live at 1 o'clock seen call in with your thoughts, ideas, or whatever you got. I'm sure she would love to hear you and you got Boris on hand to write. I absolutely will. You don't want to miss it's coming up today at 1 o'clock on the Truth Network. Thank you Amy S. So getting back to Chris and the bitcoin bride and not to mention you can still call in the win at 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Who in the Bible, gnashed teeth because were buried coin really thought this was an easy one, like I thought they would be like that up and spam all sorts of books, T-shirts give way, we'd love to hear from you. 866-34-TRUTH 878847 Chris what is the message that that you're most excited about in your book that you command like God gave you this, and you really are excited that you get a chance to share all really good question Robbie.

I think that would be that you know a lot of times we hear the doom and gloom and we know you tune and all the national news. It seems like a lot of things are going again freedom they're going in the other direction and the message here is that bitcoin is something that an individual can do to reclaim a little bit of their political freedom, they're monetary or financial freedom, and it can't be stopped at decentralized, not under the control of anyone and it's available to everyone, and I think that there's just the understanding gap between where we are today and everybody understanding that that can really help them with their financial independent of the book help bridge that gap and and get a book and people who may not otherwise read about the subject because they're the ones that are having the value of their dollars: from them and I feel like this is a very important message to get out there for financial justice. But my friend Oren Woodward called the financial justice group, I can agree with you more, and it is really is fun to watch and somebody the technology that's out there these days on the different apps that you can get and I actually is a couple of them to buy crypto with and and it's it so easy and it's fun and and while you don't have to. You can view them but the nice thing about crypto's you can put five dollars in a $10 and it you know whatever you want to be careful because you want to put that you put more than ever. You know, and once you set up those accounts just sit back, you put $10 in it. See what happens in a week right and are two weeks or three weeks and yield all my goodness I have all these investments over here. They did make next to nothing in this over here you know I made 50 bucks and next to no time right Chris I tell people is little bit and computer help in the dark, to learn about it, follow it and understand it and some people may not even know that the price of a bitcoin right now is around $60,000 and they think well failed to late.

No no no early only 2.5% adoption rate around the world to work very very early and you can buy a partial bitcoin like you get that you could buy a dollars worth just to get started.

Put your toe in the dark to get involved and learn about science. It's it's really neat and it's fun.

Well, you have Anna's in Lexington, North Carolina called in and around pursuits. Good morning good morning when you got for how I am wonderful and I'm excited that you're calling because I just don't get a lot of calls from Lexington but but I'm always glad when I get one because Hassan befriends them okay and like the parable where three and were given and cooling and no one there that he take care of it properly on ending and thinking was my on you take care of little trust you with much like the Lord that you could not be more right. You are exactly right is a winner and the poor guy that buried that coin in the ground right and here's the right right like it is even turning around $500 in your checking account and you not get any interest on it. You're essentially bearing your client, let me just make a suggestion go go by $20 for just $20 with a bitcoin or some other crypto currents of flip your fancy and see what happens in to three weeks and you go. Oh my goodness. If I just let the my checking account I have nothing but as it is partial yeah yeah it's really really easy like, but I would get some help from somebody that knows what would you suggest Chris for some of his wants to take their toll on the water you got a lot more expensive is that I do right by little bit, get involved and I strongly recommend bitcoin people would like to know will always think of the other crypto. Currently Dr. what's the difference between all of those and bitcoin. I very clearly in my book and I feel very strongly that bitcoin as the fundamental make it a really good long-term investment.

It certainly has the best rating but there are my favorite app to buy crypto on personally is is is called Sophia so FI they don't charge me anything like that and I and I was phthisis is simple and they don't seem to try to trick me into buying more than I want to buy like is it easy enough way to do it in theirs. When the user they don't charge any fees but it seems like hours want you to buy hundred and some odd dollars worth right. You know, I just want five or want and so so FI with one that I personally like, but that's you completely only my experience, I don't. I don't know anybody else that uses it. But I'm so grateful you called in today and a new one about which one to use Chris several but my favorite is called strike PRI KE oh download and they charge no fee and they only pass along just a little tiny I think it's like can be point that actually occurs on the trade on the block train so it by far the cheapest place. I found by bitcoin checked out strike is just like one strike community near in so I I am so grateful I really am for you step out there writing this book and bringing this to people's attention because when you really understand what's going on with the central banking system and all the evil that's been poured into that over the years like man. It's kind of nice to have some kind of currency out there that is got, you know a little bit integrity to the invention of bitcoin is II believe it will play out down overly dramatic, but I believe it will play out to be every bit as big of an invention and beginning and here's why bitcoin represent separation of money and state. It was an invention that would typically design try to get money out of the hands of government into the hands of the people, and it worked maybe but it's been around about 12 years and going strong market Is somewhere around trillion dollars now proven and you know there's really nothing that anyone can do to stop it, and it's available as a freedom play for everyone that I am right now, but I understand from the things I'm reading is a really really really good time to get in because the stockmarkets talking about doing something with it. If they open that up, but maybe you can explain it better than wow I mean it's gonna get bigger really quick. Yeah, I will be adoption like you say really taking off more and more hedge fund, big time investor, even institutional investors are starting to find ways to buy in and I have bought in an Wall Street Ct. will respond to that demand in the first ETF. The first exchange traded fund based on bitcoin futures was just approved two weeks ago that with you and the listeners will know that to bit there will only ever be 21 million but that the US dollar. There's no stealing how many they can print and there's no indication there stop overspending. The dollar and deflating it valued or devalued, but with bitcoin cannot be changed only ever be 21 million though it be invention of absolute scarcity. The only thing out there. The only thing outside of the kind that the Lord is given up the live boo.

Who among you by worrying can add even a day. Like the only thing outside of our personal human time, but does not respond in any way to an increase in demand and because of that they call it number go up. Technology you know how scared lakefront or oceanfront property in overtime goes up in value. The same thing with bitcoin to the invention of absolute gear so it doesn't have this tremendous lure for preserving the fruit of your hard-earned labor and the building well right right and that I would say is somewhat of a disclaimer, you can't go almost anywhere that they don't say no to currencies are volatile, something careful right now. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and realize that hey it doesn't hurt anything to just dip your toe in the water and get to know something you want to start investing.

You don't know so well Chris, I'm so grateful again. The book is calm bitcoin fry your listening to the truth and serving the Hollywood system. These insiders not The studios are now unashamed to live for Christ.

Right at the epicenter of the film and television industry is got in Hollywood. How fun, how fun I can't even how excited I am about God in Hollywood today as we are you guys.

Brad just keep coming up with better and better. So today we have well I'll let you introduce them, especially since you guys have even worked together before some bread. Go ahead and I lifted the opening the audio opening daily writer back in the day you bring your Josh alive Sure, but I got a lot that Robbie don't cut you off some of you, so I know that got me up back at that Robbie got all and I vaguely decade the year in secular Hollywood day that I get the right thing. They felt but literally give or take. Like get Hollywood film and television work for every major studio working Middleburg company applicant. All it got to clean up but it guide you made it in the pointed. Say that get done with that, I just want to use all the skills and ability to serve God and you project that honor him. Unlike Paul and I John story had the unique training when you get it back but above all The good brand, yet we did work together nine years and with the birth and work together thing we We got a great friend and way beyond all that you dear dear brother in the Lord that we love a lot.thanks for coming with market thanks so much good. I was clunky and getting cut out into how to be due, entertaining, okay.

As I looked at it went you know you don't know Brad was the director and producer of grace unplugged and I hope you seen that movie, if you had me about all means to see it is an absolutely spectacular movie. But interestingly Josh was you were his assistant right I was director of yeah I coordinated and kept everything moving starting point got. I've never liked the idea under the title director feeling that general or like I never look at the Marshall director like you doing in India the same position is called a codirector so that some people think that it's similar to the directors assistant but it's not. It's more like Pres., Pres. but yet record is everything. A director should never have to think about that that the director can just focus on getting great performance from the actors and director handles all of the logistics to just make sure that the movie gets made while the director stays creative.

Yeah, I got a grotty brow you lifted the play got director really get everything moving really running the entire back and although it looked like Dr. thing, although it defined everything and we we would be well over budget bill over schedule without got EV get that general bill when he got Paul throw that in there that's really good and to say that he's worked on some blockbuster movies. I think everybody's scene is really an understatement. Like yeah whole God's not dead like we the people, even the new the new one that's out there awesome stop.

Yeah like you that thought that like you project right by getting happy .59 feet 50 feet project.

Luckily, the heart of what were doing in the got a Hollywood segment you got going in your life. But like 1015 years ago when you like you anymore. I just want to be project that that honor God. The first question is what brought you that was interesting, like the frog in a pot of boiling water. You know where I started off with all the best, noble intentions coming coming into the film industry out of film school. I started with Dr. Quinn medicine woman doctor. One of my very first project Come up to a pretty good start here but really it's an industry you know you doing up one job until it's done and then you have to do another and another and and because it was also of course how I provided for my family. I wasn't necessarily picking and choosing it and have that luxury. I found myself working more often on HBO shows in showtime and then rated R films and eventually I had a wake-up call actually had a lot to do with my with my hours. I was working which in this business are crazy. I was working about 80 hours a week and I wasn't seeing my kids. I had two little girls at the time and other much older and I wasn't seeing them in and one day have on my day off. My youngest ran and hid for me like I was a total stranger in the house and it broke my heart when I went back to the set on Monday I had a different feeling about me and I started looking around recognizing all the broken set on a broken family that and sort of seeing that the toll that the business was taking. And it just made me rethink my priorities. I realize how important my family was when I did that. It also may be recognized in a product that I was putting out the world and I said you know you really want to be the guy that's part of putting this sort of product out there, while also turning down my own family in the process and so I decided to take a break and when I took a break, I was able to read 20 my wife and I at the time were in a young married couples group and but because it met on Friday night. I was actually able to never there because we would always end up shooting that late, and I came back to the group and everybody like Matt so good to meet you and I like her a while but my wife would always go and represent and so when I reengage with my church friends and my family and my kids school. I was like okay I really have to rethink this whole thing and so I actually got out of the business) and Brad is you and I were sharing. I really wanted to do what we now call" faith-based stuff, but they didn't exist at the time because this was in the early 2000 was a really a thing is certainly no way to make a career out of it so I just started working in my own video productions than just doing wedding stuff like that just to stability control my life and be around my family and it wasn't until the. A few years later where I got a call to do a faith-based film for the first time, and initially turned it down to that. I didn't realize what was then family told me about it and I've always hold on, that's actually, like mission work for me though.

Yeah, sign me up with good and I went and did that and it was an eye-opening experience one because I just realized how much I love film production how much you really want to be involved in making films and to I also recognize that in that interim because this was in 2010.

In that interim there had finally been some faith-based films because by that point, the Kendrick had put out. For example, facing giant fire and I think you know what is actually good to be made on their the monitor. God I want to be part of that. While I had a break right now Brad we will be back tomorrow with Paul and Brad saw how exciting God in Hollywood today on state you're listening to the truth and serving the Hollywood system. These insiders at The studios are now unashamed to live for Christ. Right at the epicenter of the film and television industry is got in Hollywood.

Welcome back home long Brad Berman and John so Brad, this is really just really really cool thing that God is doing right and a lot of ruddy ware guy and women at different degrees are getting laid where my love waiting Forwardly. I like what I like my family I get you the content that got there, I can't be away from my family for giving only 80 hours a week, but could you be traveling all over the world and the family suffered when I met you got you were doing a local project and you get your memory better than mine were doing. I think Kevin Downs is directing it now with your brother arrowhead or something and you were trying yeah right before we did great on like and you and I will grappling with getting out of the directors and Robbie like to get into the union like a big deal. I got the people spend their careers trying to get to whether the act of Union screen actors Guild or directed union writer John is long-standing, expectable Hollywood director thing you ever wrestle with that.O for sure yeah because at the time that was in the Directors Guild of America and as a member of the Guild, you're not actually permitted to do films that are basically outside the Hollywood and as I was making the transition thing will look I'm either going to do it.

I'm not those, like Cortez were at the bar and the ships behind me today. I'm might going forward with it then. And the choice was yes. So I had to get out of the DTA in order to be able to pursue faith-based films now guys all know my Nehemiah the quick statement about the word working for the king was friends came and they came and gave report about the roof on the afternoon to the wall are broken down and the gates are burned with fire in the sky started away. They wept and mourned for day and they got a breaking point in my job. Looking back on family nothing wrong this whole thing is being burned with fire, and I need to do something different if I think that's a great picture of what Dr. Kelly how you can help things go.

I got a showing in Little Bay and the results of the current belt.Will look that you love a great picture and in Joplin about Marty.

You are you meeting you make a call to burn it on to you that all the time you burned constantly read the thing is what you did required to make your case that the gospel in the directors line, is unique. I love the major taken when there was no fate film industry to go to your faith and you don't like the truth of a major like I don't even know where I'm going to stop called by God to do that in the park really sorry about what happened after you get back you could make an Enron the project a minute rattle off, I need you done will be 50 project before making the debate project afterward the last day. 50 project document is meant to have done over hundred now yellow course great unplugged it.

To be honest with you is really a phenomenal one for me that with such a great solid family film. I remember specifically beating at the screening with my family and I literally had tears in my eyes as I was watching it knock that movie but because I realize I had been able to successfully because we make the transition into films where I had my two daughters sitting next to me in the theater for the first time. Done yelling something I had made that was really great moment, but yeah I have I have worked on several of the gods, not that movie. And do you believe in a movie called hearts of men. Princess cut series done lots of stuff, but I be film I've stayed really busy have been blessed. Report you very topically free in demand. What I quickly got you probably you probably think that to the heartbeat of God. Hollywood thing where people come to think you are like nudity industry, and God we have a similar pattern that we all have a lot of like long-standing Hollywood secular. That were now able to bring to the Christian film and television world may think that partly why would being an increase in quality of the critic. I think you got anything yeah that's something that I really been striving for. Because I did get a taste frankly of what real high value you know production should look like, and so I I'm trying to bring out on every project online trying to raise the bar as I say in all on on faith-based project understand a lot of the people in faith-based film come from outside the Hollywood system so they don't have that level of beer and using my very Korean and basically bring the level of the best thing that we know. I know I hate that music's coming on, because I would love love love love to hear a lot more but you project coming out in 2022 Baja for the holy trader held up because of the thank you Brad, thank you Paul, thank you Joplin. To do this again. Thank you guys are absolutely a blast so much truth, and it is encouraging prayer followed by Germany and Holland. This is the Truth Network

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