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The 10/40 Window

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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November 13, 2020 1:00 am

The 10/40 Window

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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November 13, 2020 1:00 am

Stu chats with Matt Willis, Associate Pastor of Missions & Evangelism at Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC, about the 10/40 window and ministering to the lost all over the world.

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This is Sam from asking Jenny podcast. Her goal with the podcasts is help you to try to find your way in this difficult world. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting just seconds.

Enjoy it shirt but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network mission should all start with missions with me as a mission specialist as a real bona fide I can talk to me is really right here in the studio missions pastor at a church in North Carolina and his name is Pastor Matt Willis.

Passionate think being honored and glad to be with the state and what your insured days away all of our folks can get involved and in North Carolina. In particular, they can attend other places. Maybe they can watch it or they can be familiar with it and be encouraged. What got you excited about missions on a back up and get your passion yeah so in answer to some your questions at the beginning as well to think about, you know, I am not from a Jewish background ethnically and I think maybe some of your listeners are, but probably the majority aren't and if we came from non-Jewish backgrounds. We all used to be long to in unreached people groups well someone you know from Jewish background had to cross over and deal with the heathens that our ancestors were to be able to share the gospel with with our people and so what a privilege it is for us to now go to the other unreached people groups of the world, engaging them with the love of Christ and the truth of the gospel is very fun because of what if those guys had stayed in Jerusalem where they had gone out to Philip and James that unit down there in the desert you know and ask what if Paul hadn't been converted and gone out to these missionary journeys were would be be today and this is so compelled you that you tell a neat like when I was first introduced you is our pastor mission to Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem and I was like okay who is this guy I don't know, but there was someone said, Holy Spirit 7+ years with his family in India.

Instantly, you have had your credit yet credibility with me because that's a pretty tall chore Third World country, lots of pain lots of lostness lots of violence so tell us a little bit about that.

Maybe Houck argues that to put the heart of a missions pastor and you yeah so my grandparents were missionaries to Indonesia and so my dad grew up in Indonesia and the mission organization that my grandparents with was that I am be the international mission board of the Southern Baptist convention but my dad was a businessman working for IBM is a little confusing sometimes. Okay, my granddad works for IMB my datalink for IBM. You know, it is great for me to have a model of a dad who's a Christian disciple as a businessman, then a grand that is also missionary an author and I got called me to be a missionary when I was 18 years old I knew is an 18-year-old that he won me to spend part of my life serving them internationally. I went on the mission trip to China which is how I met my wife sees American going on the same mission trip when we are in college and I went back the following summer and talk with people again and again asking them. Have you ever heard of Jesus. They said now I've never heard of him.

But if you keep going.

The next village is over they are unique and ask if they've heard of Jesus, but I don't know maybe lives over there.

I've never heard of him how his mother's aggression as a person yeah yeah's rights and for somebody that's right. Sometimes they're like now is Jesus your friend in America and just that question burdened me again and again that people didn't know the name of Jesus Christ. Not once had they ever heard in their 78 years old and so that got me on a path to India, which is the greatest concentration of lostness on earth right there and I will you tell one what the 1040 window is I was just in your office.

Not even an hour ago and you showed me a video of you explaining the 1040 window because I've had people asked me that before you.

What is the 1040 window. It sounds like a all for your car or a know it sounds like some puzzlers on the but can you explain what that is and why your heart for tickly beads for that area of the world be reached. Yeah so it's the lad latitudinal line on the globe of 10 north of the equator all the way up to the 40 north of the equator and it really starts for missions purposes in North Africa and then as it goes east through the Middle East through South Asia, central Asia, South Asia and then Southeast Asia in East Asia that represents the vast majority of the unreached people by the gospel to people who have heard little to nothing yet and still about Jesus.

Okay so it's and that's as many as a couple billion gambling tomorrow morning. More than a couple bill folks a different, never heard the gospel and breaks her heart. I heard you shared a video with me that I wanted to build our listeners from those guys that talk about how we spend more money on Halloween costumes for our pets in America than we do on reaching people that have never heard about Jesus, what's up with that talk about priorities, brother, and I want to be.

People often kill people but manners.

Something going on here. We need to wake up. Yeah, that's right, I think the statistic is to the 29% of the world.

That is the most unreached right that little bit of money gets to them in the video that I shot with you earlier today I talked about prey give go in lives and I think the most important one of all of that is live with the heart and mind on mission because if we fall more in love with Jesus and we obey his commands in Scripture working to pray Morgan to give more regular go more so is not in arm-twisting think God is on a mission in the move.

Whether or not working to join him and there should be an underlying this Eurocentric message in every message. Our pastor preaches they're here where we how are we taking this out there out like the church that has the amazing sign over their back door.

You are now entering the mission field you everywhere you go. Whether it's I IBM in that you know or IMB you're a missionary you have God in you, and there's people need to hear about him and that's why were still here we are. We are witnesses that say now, not a verb you got something really cool going on at your church tower Baptist Church in West Salem, North Carolina you're inviting people from all churches from all over. There may be a way for them to come in interactively on video to the RR couple yet coming in person or clear to faraway tell us about Nathan Shank tells about this really cool event. You have come in on its it's we you should be charging $20,000 ahead for this, but it's free to Leave and Matt tells Rupert about this event well timeout preach about missions. One of Nathan Shank's favorite verses is Romans 1523 so just a few verses before that is the apostle Paul's wife mission statement which resonates with me says it's always been my ambition to preach the gospel or Christ was not known so that I would not be building on someone else's foundation, but the verse 23 Paul says, there's no place left for me to work in these regions. I've proclaim the gospel fully from Jerusalem to Lyrica, which was about 25 million people in 15 years, and those three missionary journeys and asked how can Paul say that 25 million people have heard enough of the gospel are there only one or two generations removed from a Christian that he could say hey church at Rome. Please support my mission trip to Spain because the serious cover. There's enough Christian leaders multiply here I'm going on to Spain and so there is that a website that I would point your listeners to that's no place that encapsulates the idea behind that text and Nathan Shank is one of the main leaders and I consider him to be one of the greatest missionaries on the planet today no place ago that sidled tell us where we can take the gospel who hasn't imagined the thrill just just the intensity and just the joy of sharing God.

The gospel Jesus was someone who's never heard satellite and how can our listeners do that. Yeah well the Lord has brought the nations to us as well who are here in the United States, and so I feel like God can make it any easier for us is like. I brought them right here to you so last were needed on every drink of water, speak the languages go down to the market and there's a guy from India who's in America and believe in Christ so Rajesh is from India from Mumbai and he works at the Indian restaurant here in Winston-Salem and I was there, eating lunch, and I asked him like I do other waiters and waitresses. Hey were followers of Jesus were to pray for you before we eat. How can we best pray for you that led to the gospel conversation where he ended up saying can we exchange phone numbers because I have some more spiritual questions I'd like to ask, and a week later he accepted Christ in my living room.

Praise God.

How can we will come to this event. It's November 28 and 29th.

What is testimony man. November 28 and 29th of 2020, and we may play this program in 2021.2 is a best of it.

For those that are able to get to Northville at your big event at Calvary Baptist Church give us a quick close so the website to go to would be Calvary there are multiple events that are happening on that Saturday and Sunday.

There's actually one that you won't find on the webpage but I just want to come to give you a little taste of that for you listening that if you are a ministry leader.

If you are not complacent with the status quo. You say I want to see multiplication. I want to see a movement of God in my area of ministry. We have an event all day Saturday that's free would love for you to contact Calvary's missions office. You'll see our phone number on the website as well. Well Calvary meet Matt will is there.

Think of your ministry.

Thanks for serving as a pastor of missions. There is, there really is a pastor missions that you write. That's right Dawson were all to be missionaries. The right and it's not just just someone who's who's that the professional even though your your mentoring us.

You been mentoring me for some time encourage me on how I can be more effective with what I do. That's why we do what we do folks.

That's why God still left us on this planet to reach people with the good news of Christ while we still have time. Who are you sharing the gospel with today what your Indian friend at a restaurant like mad to share likely sure you could lead to Christ just to look at how can I prove you hard is that here's a little gospel track.

I'm too bashful about sharing his gospel track read it.

Watch what God does Matt think you so much man of rigid thinking. We need to pray the Lord to harvest to send out harvesters in his field and those harvesters are top your hear me him one. You're one of your list where you are, you know Christ you are here to make him known. Matt quickly those five things you said about missions. We can all do you love how you broke down so pray give go live and just unpack a little bit more.

Pray for our neighbors in the nations give to Christ because the church go share and show the gospel and live with the heart and mind on mission love it, pray give, go live go live like effective rights to that house like Newsnight is quick and intuitive to to remember you may think you listed. This is the Truth Network

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