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Get Locked Up For GOD!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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October 23, 2020 1:30 am

Get Locked Up For GOD!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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October 23, 2020 1:30 am

Stu chats it up with a Pastor who is willing to go to jail to have church.

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This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcasts where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network so Pastor have you ever gone to jail for reaching the gospel. Has your pastor ever been sued or had injunction against him simply because he said were have church were not open up were invited want to come over and preach what you do when you've got well you got the coronavirus you've got the politicians try to shut you down. Will Pastor McCoy did something little bit differently, and I like his spirit is not condemning other pastors with pastor Rob told everyone a little bit about what's happening California give us an update as we did for you if you want you. Thanks.

Do I as you know is a sitting city councilmember and I resign from my position because on April 4 we hosted communion at our church, which is his Palm Sunday. It's a holy week and communion is a sacrament, and we practice the first Sunday of the month and the governor said that the church was an essential although he said cannabis distributors, liquor stores, abortion clinics are all essential. Even if we follow the CDC standards. He said we couldn't open so we held communion as a result I need a counselor at the center me so I stepped down. Then we started to realize back then we did know the severity of the virus, but now we do. We been hundred and 80 Lifestream episodes with no less than 10 doctors to psychologist would look at the data intercounty the death rate is 1/100 of 1% and that's with people died with Covidien only two people died from covert in the whole county so we open the church wide open.

No social distancing no mass on May 31 and we been doing it ever since we we do ionization machines UV lights in hand sanitizer, but you can't worship muzzled and there's no community when you're 6 feet apart and since May 31. We haven't had one case a go of it, not one death will know pieces go but no deaths and had appropriate debts or other causes, and veto. No ever talked about by the way donor talks about strep throat in the common fluid and colds were bronchitis. Don't talk about that stuff anymore.

It's all about this one thing here writing the tragedies mission Californians for our young people. There's been more deaths from suicide and there's been from covert and and so we were wide open and the County put emergency restraining order on us telling us we had to shun and we violated that they named me in a thousand. Does which would be a visitors or congregants to the church and the day that we were in violation of the restraining order and a listen for churches showed up to surround our church to take those citations so that we can worship in peace. It was a great picture the body Christ. Other churches are not even on your membership exactly and our church went from 350 on a Sunday to now over 2000 and people you know liberty is not man's idea.

It's God's idea, second, second Corinthians 3 says where the spirit of the Lord is at liberty and were watching a tyrannical government with draconian measures destroy our economy keep our kids out of school because those who are being abused to be quarantined with their abusers family members to die alone without anyone by their bedside for a virus that we know now is not as severe as they said it would be and there there shutting churches and churches are silent but we are the ones that declare liberty and we need to stand and so were standing on behalf of our citizens. 65% of the restaurants in our county will never reopen the folks that run those restaurants of loss of life savings in a been destroyed or if you like to go to North Carolina whose whose crazy out-of-control activities of shut down Gov. Cooper's activities shut down all kinds, restaurants and businesses. The governor California governor New York Michigan they just dislike they don't care. It's like you're not smart enough to take precautions and so draconian is white. Quite an interesting word. But what about pastor Rob McCoy, a California pastor who stayed open during this crazy time. Willoughby will accuse you of being reckless. How dear you this Corona man it's scary how dare you stay open will you say to those accusations, which I know are many we get this accusations or even the first judge was political and predictable set on a scale of 1 to 10. He counts as a 10. As far as danger to the community.

Even though since May 31. Here we are in October.

We haven't had one case of coconut one, so I don't know how reckless that is. But I would also say some Christian brothers and sisters accuse us of violating Romans 13 and threatening the community and not adhering to the second greatest commandment to love your neighbor well first of all, Romans 13 submit to all authority. It's given by God. And that's true, but what they do understand that I do understand having help public office and swearing to defend the Constitution when I took that office. Is it the authority in America. In Romans 13 as we the people and they governed by our consent, and when they violate the Constitution. We as the authority. It's our right and our duty to push back when they usurp those inalienable rights. So I am in obedience to Romans 13 also. So it is is convenient when the government how they interpret for the people by the people of the people they don't like that when they try to destroy the people and they try to to to usurp immoral ungodly authority into the tell the church and John MacArthur. By the way he's been in a lot of heat for the same thing. He's a fellow Southern California pastor and he's taken a lot of the same grief is pastor John interestingly enough, early on, he he always needed look at our founders and there's some stuff that he sees put out there you can always look at our founders is amazing men and now he's quoting him and and you know it is mid to mid 80s. Here's a man that is standing firm and I don't understand what the rest of churches on open it it's grieving me, so let me applaud you for your courage. I look I got passion available broad-spectrum folk solicitors prop podcast broadcast truth talk all over the control of the world I would apply to that we can all agree wherever you come out and in a in you not shaman pastors are just meeting virtually what not what we can all agree that you have demonstrated the C word courage and we are grateful for that.

What is biblical courage were not tight about being reckless, being foolish, being capricious and showing up at church. If you're sick and throwing up all everybody everywhere return about biblical courage, standing up even when times are tough. Standing with the conviction the gods put on your heart. Yeah, I many of the pastors in my community. We have a great relationship and they are in open they they support me quietly but in California you know we have some we stand to declare that what I'm doing is wrong and I'm not jumping on them, but they're jumping on me and I just ate all the shepherds out there.

Liberty is not man's idea. It's God's idea and and this is a tyrannical governor that is hurting the citizenry of our community. If you love your neighbor you get all of the ones who that the abuse had been sequestered with their abusers. You know that the two reporting mandated reporting agency schools and churches up and closed. These folks are abusing no one ago. People are dying along with other family members around them. We know the data. Early on we didn't. Now we do, and in silence in the face of tyranny is complicit with Tierney at this point were you have to declare when did we know what we know and why didn't we do what we were called to do so II would encourage pastors start to stand one final very light question pastor. Are you willing to go to jail for your belief to keep your church open container resort and my wife and I counted early on when you lose her house to get IRS audited at death threats.

You got your car. You see little slip of paper in your windshield wiper says good luck starting a car this morning some fun, but there's nothing that I won't give up for the great privilege and joy an gift of liberty for my kids and my grandkids. And if there's a bobble or trinket your holding onto weather at your building, your budgets are your baptisms. It it's it's time you realize that the next generation needs liberty are nobody's gonna be preaching the gospel list finish. On this note that the advance the gospel mobilizing people to go to all the world were talking about governor city of the gospel were talking about 2.5 billion people on our planet pastor who have never heard the good news the gospel take me into the missed theological agenda that you have of reaching the lost of discipling as Jesus. Jesus final words go and all world the ends of the earth. Yeah, you know, if the most important thing is preaching the gospel in which it is I do every Sunday and the second most important thing would be protecting the government to protect the preaching of the gospel. If you bind the strong man. You can rate his house less strong man is America $0.86 of every dollar evangelism country United States of America and I would say this when Jesus said to his disciples who do men say that I am and then Peter says you the Christ the son of the living God.

He says blessed are you, Simon bar Jonah flesh and blood as it revealed that you, but my father in heaven, he says upon this rock will build my and everyone says church is on the work.

Tyndale was burned at the stake for transiting a properly board's ecstasy means public square.

It means going out and not just making converts, making disciples that change your community when you look at putting up black tile and you think you've done your virtue, signaling by standing with BLM Inc. realizing their fascist and an communist in nature and that Planned Parenthood supports them in a 4% of the female black population of childbearing years is responsible for 40% of the abortions and Planned Parenthood supports BLM, Inc. that's a holocaust of the black community that is an absolute farce and you put your black tile up but here we have Amy Connie Barrett, we can see Roe V Wade Trippi changed where where are your voices now don't do it for convenience. Don't do it for popularity drive the culture save the community content in the public square. Do not be a twig on the banks of a mighty river going with the flow stand that's what God called you to do after Rob McCoy Southern California quickly the name of your church for one to look up and also the website for folks to hear your preaching and also to know how they can pray for you all think you it's God how to pray for me real simple wisdom. Please give me wisdom God and pray for me for that. Thank you pastor out where our prayers are will you think should we not ask your courage was continue to be courageous and stand up for Christ even when the days are tough and dark and let's spread the good news of Christ is. He's the owner can bring light and/or darkness. This is the Truth Network

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