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The View AGAIN From A Hearse

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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October 21, 2020 1:00 am

The View AGAIN From A Hearse

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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October 21, 2020 1:00 am

A  re-visit with a conversatation with Bruce Goddard

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

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So tell me who is the favorite speaker you've ever heard speak of all time you hear this guy or gal you walk out like wow I didn't pay enough to hear that inspiring message will guess what we got that person on the phone on the line right now on the show on truth talk I'm Stu Epperson and this guy not only speaks all over the country hundred times a year in some cases EC also has written some books tremendous books.

He also has some fascinating stories and Dante.

The name is Michael J a lot view from a hearse and anyone that can bring humor into situations around funerals and dying and bereavement is that you know is someone it's got high marks in my book in the more I read this man's books, the more I've talked to him. I got to know his son through social media. I just been so encouraged identity long overdue have this car the radio show Bruce Goddard. Welcome to truth talks are. Thank you.

Glad to be here to be anywhere my friend. Thank you. Well, it's just really good to have you and I is so funny.

This is a complete social media encounter how we met. Because your son is like a social media guru Luke Goddard. He's hilarious and I met him.

Another friend, a good friend of my daughter's sent me to point me to the page and we got connected and I tell you what, the more the more I watch him, the more I learn, where he got it from. I know I learned that that that was essay. The tree don't fall far from the acorn house. I go is way past me. You get a little world. Well you guys at you, but that the neat thing. The underlying thing I see in the there's a theme in the in the message in the in the in the legacy of the Goddard family that is appointing people to God but doing it through all kinds of different ways to stories to relationships and it all started in Reynolds Georgia and other two books in front of me first one is called a view from a hearse that your first book in their you are standing in front of a hearse with the Goddard funeral home name on this well shined, dapper hearse, you're in a suit and the, the, the sub title of the book is lightened up and then your SQL I guess you'd say it is called the legacy of you, Lynn Brown, which is really a fascinating story, but I have both books in my hand. Both are personally autographed by the author in I'm talking to the author right now. So start out by telling us who is Bruce Goddard, war in Christian I am a I was born at the right time in the right place by) and simply by the grace of God I had nothing to do with it.

I didn't keep up setting. Really almost didn't see Michael, my profession, God did it extended his dry skin, had a wonderful run almost 66 year low. So I been rather bushy time achievement about a wonderful situation a bit in the funeral business on the fourth generation director, and that I would say life would begin filling the most critical. Most people do with death when they're impacted by that, I get you would get everything in my life. Even now in a bigger way is not renting the house across the country. The grown-up additional small-scale. I began to realize that I see life in a different light. Because it is short and related in a lineup check I said way too seriously and that study who I am.

I'm a regular guy Monotype little Jordan to talk southern loves to go up north and talked a bit because they look at me funny and out of another listening to your funny right on. This is not catalytic so you are just a little guy and suddenly find yourself there is the Goddard family store in then in the back. There is the Goddard family funeral home and you find yourself packing shelves and next thing you know you find yourself in bombing or in the back of a hearse in your or or going with your daddy to talk to a family. What was that like is a little guy jumping into the family business. I mean, you were you were dying to get into that anything happened. The watch in my bed. Going to the places that where he knew everybody and everybody knew him.

Everybody loved you when I was a kid and he would tightly come 13 years old I started going with him of death tells Lily Woodward if I could pick up my side of the speculum that out when I watch and ability situations and I would see people's head lift up a little bit because he was there and he knew what he is doing a lot as an early age I knew I wanted to do my daily good memo away from them. Georgia and I knew when I got the motorist even going to come back to do my data is data opportunity to do that but yet with directly ago you probably read him a booking, when all it was quite a story about you.

Remember that when they yeah I do and goodness. I mean, they're just so in this molecular book there that these are quick to see stories when I flip the page and there's another chapter, and I really like that because I don't have a long attention span and all of these stories are in his book view from our hearse subtitle lightened up by the author Bruce Goddard donned his nice suit, a leaning, leaning a casually into beautiful sunlight against the Goddard funeral home hearse and then his SQL is the legacy of human Brown which were you tell more stories and I just got here even tell everybody about this sweet lady who kinda took care you guys and all ended up taking care of her and her family sweet lady in your home could to make some amazing food, but she got jet, is that telephone and because you had one telephone and if you missed the call, it could be trouble right is no question about women in bondage to the telephone. Think about being in a small town funeral home before funeral business before you were the phone and call forwarding program can actually see this. We got the first answer she never did, not counting and you needed six pallbearers get that thing in the house and we were glad I have a Dante that there was little freedom but yeah we would actually phone as a kid I was trying. We have found that one phone we had was in the hall of a house in the loop cubbyhole and all you remember that that he had one phone In the hall.

We had another phone on the desk on the block away. We had one phone number and I was trying to kid when it found that I had answered Goddard funeral home at home. If I say if I said hello. I get slapped remember vividly sitting on the floor on all of the floor target black rotary got telephone one day mama and daddy want lumbar strike account on the best-of-breed components about a 90 day it Lord have mercy. I can't target a phone so we can stay on the phone but yet we had yesterday was a night you wonderful wonderful lady I could talk all day about, but she could hear very good and she should but sometimes you actually phone and that I think the comedy store you talk about mom and David and nobody dinner with Dr. Watley and Rosemary live next door to her best friends and and daddy asked Ms. Jesse was. She actually phone and that and if she would something you write down the name of the crowding phone number and then come next door to the otherwise castigating I heard all that I was really young, but I knew I knew Paul writing down. I remember that she write anything down but Danny told the story she went next door to get that issue today at somebody's dated December did you get to see where the church is very upset if it would be. Did you get the name of God said no I'm sorry I wrote since it did you get the phone number should enter treatment I got upset I got upset you meet him in a semi-specialized unit, you become famous, phenomena come giddily to get the name or phone number.

She said it would even Dr. Whatley right here, some Iran has been lovesick. Oliphant you that amount of those stories will hold another story because we don't take a break of you hearse your get hearse from Bruce Goddard more stories blown away were take you inside the world of the funeral service and were talking to a Christian undertaker and no that's not in oxymoron. This guy loves Jesus and he speaks all of the curse he goes places that a preacher can even get into, and shares about Christ. He's got more stories. What about golf.

What about the family store what I speak in all of the country wait to hear more from Bruce Goddard's in a bizarre stories view from the hearse.

After this, hang on more truth talk is coming up. Don't forget about our true talk podcast learn all about us in following a social media at Stu Epperson Instagram. We got to Facebook on there to please reach out and you'll meet Brewster to could reload all this stuff up there so everyone could be encouraged to make sure you get a copy or multiple copies of of all of his books. This is the Truth Network

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