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LOVE & Order - God's Sheriff!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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October 13, 2020 9:38 am

LOVE & Order - God's Sheriff!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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October 13, 2020 9:38 am

After Wednesday in the Word, Stu gets to sit down and chat with Sheriff Richie Simmons - a Christian since he was 17! 

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This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network I was sitting with the sheriff. That's right all along. Man this is really having friends. We just finished Wednesday in a word, it may be a little loud is what you guys praying with each other and fellowship. Being in awesome ministry in China dear guy just got back from Don I just talked to you and what their deal with, but amidst all the chaos and the excitement. There's a sheriff who loves Jesus sheriff Richie Simmons. Is it possible you sheriff love the Lord Jesus. At the same time explain that is an oxymoron know it's very easy so thank God got my attention young in life and the things that I did before. He's using them now. I became a Christian at 17 and up to that point I want to be a law enforcement officer, but I was doing everything in my power to give back to Satan and not you know not become the thing that God had created me to do it. Birth or before birth and and so I got into drinking in the seventh grade, so I used what what was bad. Once I became a Christian. Now we do a program called attainments in the middle school seventh grade. It's something very new that we brought all that God is in my heart. And then he gave that the resources to make this happen and people are taking the word of it.

Nothing is going pass across the nation don't know where you sheriff sheriff Richie Simmons what part your North Carolina right I am in Davidson County Central in North Carolina.

As you can get a biggest counties land wise landmass, wise Allstate. I believe right. It's a big swath away a good size were about them population for the for the state as well, so we're we're close to Forsyth, Winston-Salem, Guilford County, Greensboro, High Point in Charlotte. So where were very busy County really on the frontlines not just of law enforcement not just of on you know, dealing with the criminal element and things like that but you're also as a believer in Christ. How do you handle your note.

Bring your faith into that with you where you knows a lot of folks listen to to this show on our podcast or Truth Network lizards are fillies all over the country. The program are so grateful for them. One law enforcement out driving around to get you in the show, you know, looking for some encouragement, maybe struggle with the same thing like your IM Amanda God serving the Lord, but also public servant and a servant leader, and personally I don't know how you can be out here without a faith in God doing what we do because it is dangerous professionally and getting worse and and his people you know is the media says that people like this, which I don't believe that, but my faith is what gets me through the day. Only we we meet depression just like anybody else. We have remained just like you and only through God can we get through these moments, like anybody else see on you see unfolding on TVC a lot of awful riding in cities being burned.

People throwing bricks as he does law enforcement guys that their standard trying to like hold a shield trying to protects someone's home or someone's business and I just I don't know what goes through your mind and how can how do you even survive as a law enforcement person right now.

I say I mean if I didn't come to the Lord and his word first thing I get out of bed. That's what we do and and in a time of prayer and in family. I'm very fortunate all my family my kids my wife are also believers said so you know when I can get my cocoon of the home. God really just consistent and I recharge my batteries each day things day-to-day. Maybe, maybe a tough situation you have to name names are Gedney Kenneth legalities anything but take us into. Maybe like a tough situation that you go into are you been into where you had to trust the Lord as a believer you got your your sheriff at your Christian Abbott Yuri, as you said is funny, I was asked you how to describe you, and someone said he's a sheriff or God like that but tell us to maybe give us an example for listeners who are really trying to flesh out the Christian life and honor Christ that Wednesday is no average day but just put your faith in him every day. May we been in so many tough tough situations in the year nine months had the code that we've had all these demonstrations and stuff like this every day is a challenge, but with also had, you know some officer involved situations and shootings. One in particular out of a man had 50 being served on we had to move him out of his house because he is very dangerously. He had an acre 14 foot fence, with Constantine wire that he locked himself in everyday we brought him out of that situation is wife is in one day. He shows up cuts the lock off when she calls us in. It was about is about 10 o'clock in the morning when she rang out a call 911. He was company in he puts his own lock and chain around the fence so no one can get in and he's got an AK-47 in loads of ammunition and starts up after her amended up one of one of my deputies took around. We were in about 20 minutes. This is things that God and info these guys to go back out day in and day out for the great pay that law enforcement gets is a really thankless job and talking to you guys, but there's also I hear the sandlot.

There's also like any provision of this bad law enforcement to I guess in your you're trying to show the honor God and do it right yeah and that's what kills me, there isn't any fashion. I can name 1% and that's bad that deserve the next breath they give the day you know that there bad, they shouldn't be in law enforcement or anything, but I hate it when people group us all and that 1%. I spoke to a pastor and they they said you were talking about the bad up in Minnesota, Mr. Floyd, and I said you know that 1% shouldn't do what they do. But I remember back 1% of the of the priesthood that were molesting children and I said I would accept our 1%, but is not all of us in that group just like it's not for the pastors of the 1%, you know, just because 1% was molesting children that mean all pastors are like that law enforcement this is sheriff Richie Simmons. He said that sheriff of Davidson County and its honor. I don't know that I've ever interviewed a sheriff before on the stage program but I'm interviewing one now and I tell you I feel real safe right now.

This interview he's with us and he loves Jesus what your challenger went out there.

Honestly we we talk about a lot about prayer and the power perfect. We just talked with Lindsay and or dissuasive noise. By the way were in a restaurant called Dario. We just finished midweek Wednesday in the word time and word were much and messed up guys go to the Bible together. We talk about the power of prayer house prayer change like can you talk real quick about the importance of prayer and how specifically all of our list all aim everybody listen to pray for you, sheriff Simmons and then know what you tell us how you pray for you and for everybody and how important it is and that's what's really crazy as the prayer warriors that I have contact me on that one. Sit right beside me and he contacts me every day with the with the morning sword and probably everybody is Bowers every morning right on my phone is a Texas is really awesome is really texting God is God's work and that you know and I get it about 30 in the morning. Some days he wakes me up with that you know but but it doesn't.

It matters when I know that these people are out here. I've got a team Nathan. I knew that was one thing I wanted because I was had a fear of change and of becoming prideful with the position. I got so I keep it when I was running I had this team. Nathan will call me now and they can they can come in my secretary didn't announce them, they won't writing it and can stand outside my door and see what how mom talk is team Nathan Sosa men you put in your life you said I want you to hold me accountable.

Like the prophet Nathan went you're confronted David and me. He was the most powerful man in the world to King David in Houston you have a team Nathan, it doesn't. That's pretty clever.

Never heard that and that I like to say had the wisdom to want to have that team. But God showed me. I need that team when I was running for the office and in you know there's things that that are offered, you can get in so much trouble because of the power.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

And and one of my best lines. My favorite lines is not till other shares until other politicians until others because it's so easy to get corrupt when you think you are all that because in the flesh and blood. Just like anybody else. I'm in here because God put me here. I pray for the sheriff pray for your sheriff, your local sheriff and pray the best way to support your local sheriff. I can picture that sign all grown up on any provision of support or luxury is the pray form and pray for their families. Pray for their faith, pray, keep him humble, pray for them for safety me or taken gunshot he got people you got people high on stuff that you know it may take more than two of you to get someone to come often in them, but you're also that you also are trying to win souls and what you're doing so thank you God bless you for serving for me a servant leader in a public servant and in our prayers with the Shearson. Thank you for what you do and for such a wonderful prayer this morning that was really really good because I met Matt made and fixed everyday all of us to this is the Truth Network

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